Generation One – Peppermint Holly

Chapter Zero – Hello World

Chapter One – Love Lorn

Chapter Two – Let’s Celebrate!

Chapter Three – Here comes Trouble

Chapter Four – Hello Nooboo

Chapter Five – Blueberry Ayden

Chapter Six – Teenage Dreams

Chapter Seven – Prom

Chapter Eight – The End of an Era


Generation Two – Ayden Holly

Chapter One – Puppy Love

Chapter Two – University, Here We Come

Chapter Three – Homeward Bound

Chapter Four – Don’t Fear the Reaper

Chapter Five – This is Insane

Chapter Six – Well, That Was Unexpected

Chapter Seven – Three Deaths and a Promotion

Chapter Eight – Why Won’t He Love Me?

Chapter Nine – So Many Birthdays

Chapter Ten – Spring Fever


Generation Three – Cai Holly

Chapter One – Long Live The Queen

Chapter Two – Hungry Like The Wolf

Chapter Three – Enter The Dragon

Chapter Four – Enter the Cute!

Chapter Five – This Family Has Issues

Chapter Six – The One Where I Forget What’s Going On

Chapter Seven – And Baby Boy Makes 5

Chapter Eight – Adulting is Hard!

Chapter Nine – Party Poopers

Chapter Ten – So Many Fails

Chapter Eleven – Rise of the Werewolves

Chapter Twelve – The Most Boring Chapter

Grace 6

Generation Four – Grace Holly

Chapter One – Down with Computers!

Chapter Two – Room to Grow

Chapter Three – Puppies Here, Puppies There, Puppies Everywhere!

Chapter Four – Baby Bump Time

Chapter Five – All Hail Oreo

Chapter Six – The Third Wheel to End All Third Wheels

Chapter Seven – Sun and Moon, Here We Come!

Chapter Eight – Where Oh Where Has Chazy Gone

Chapter Nine – Wow, Sarcasm! That’s Original!

Chapter Ten – The Dapper Werewolf

Chapter Eleven – Bring It On!

Chapter Twelve – Hotter Than Hell

Chapter Thirteen – You’ve Got To Be Kidding Me!

Gen 5

Generation Five – Marissa and Niska Holly

Chapter One – Something Different, This Way Comes

Chapter Two – Way To Be Boring!

Chapter Three – Swings and Roundabouts

Chapter Four – Where Are All My Friends?

Chapter Five – Here We Go Again.

Chapter Six – Hey Grim, Leave Our Dogs Alone!

Chapter Seven – The Confused Aliens

Chapter Eight – Mistakes Have Been Made!

Chapter Nine – The Madness Continues

Chapter Ten – Why Are You All So Boring

Chapter Eleven – Burnt Waffles

Chapter Twelve – Crashes and Errors

Chapter Thirteen – The Alien Pandemic

Chapter Fourteen – Everybody Hates Shiloh

Chapter Fifteen – Fuck You Marissa


Generation Six – Shiloh Holly

Chapter One – What a Skeeze

Chapter Two – Love is an Open Door

Chapter Three – The Being of Knowledge

Chapter Four – Can You Just Die Already?!

Chapter Five – My Sanity *Cries*

Chapter Six – Homewrecker

Chapter Seven – Voodoo Magic

Chapter Eight – Holy Brightness, Batman!

Chapter Nine – Birthday Inferno

Chapter Ten – Bye Bye Birdie

Chapter Eleven – Times 2

Chapter Twelve – Ding Dong the Witch is Dead!

Generation Seven – Wren Holly

Chapter One – Bad at Love

Chapter Two – WTF?!

Chapter Three – The Alien and the Imaginary Friend

Chapter Four – Special Kind of Torture

Chapter Five – The Bloody Rose

Chapter Six – Red, Blue and Yellow

Chapter Seven – Sims 3 Has Stopped Working

Chapter Eight – Holy Smokes

Chapter Nine – This is How I Die

Chapter Ten – True Colours


Generation Eight – Yuki and Zero Holly

Chapter One – Really?! Really?!

Chapter Two – Just Kiss Him Already!

Chapter Three – Uni Misadventures

Chapter Four – Why Do We Have A Castle?

Chapter Five – C’mon, Really?!

Chapter Six – Too Little Too Late

Chapter Seven – A Cinderella Story

Chapter  Eight – Attack of the Clones

Generation Nine – Arrow Holly

Chapter One *Coming Soon*


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