Chapter 8.8 – Attack of the Clones

It’s here: the last day of September which means this is the last chapter of generation 9.

I’m so happy I was able to get this generation finished in a month because I can’t wait to start playing the next generation!

It’s Rune’s birthday very shortly and I’m both excited and sad that she’s growing up.

Part of me wants her to stay like this forever but another part can’t wait to see what she looks like when she grows up.

I’m ashamed to admit it but after playing this game for nearly 9 years I’ve just now figured out how to get my Sims to paint decent portraits of other Sims.

To commemorate this I had Yuki use puppy Rune as a test subject before she ages up.

I’m not ready

Holy crap, she’s amazing!

Look at her

I have to say that already she is by far my favourite dog to ever be born in this legacy.

You might also have noticed that upon aging Rune gained an orange collar to match Arrow.

Whilst Rune is growing up Arrow is found talking to herself.

Yuki: Should I…should I talk to her about this?

Nah, she’s not doing any harm. Leave her be.

Yuki then offers to teach Soliera to drive since she’s the only one who doesn’t know yet.

Arrow and Zossie were quick in learning but Soliera blew both of them out the water.

Soliera maxes it before the house is even out of sight.

It’s spooky day again and Xhasca’s eldest son, Tristen, comes trick or treating.

He’s kind of cute but is mostly a Xhasca clone from what I can tell.

Arrow is back to playing the bass in her down time.

Aw, I love this so much

I could possibly be biased though since I love when pets sleep on your bed with you in real life.

I know I wanted a big dog as heir for generations now but Rune is massive, even compared to Delgado.

Her mum was pretty big too if I can remember rightly so maybe that’s why?

Maybe it’s because she’s a vampire but not even halfway through her teen stage Arrow maxes painting +5

Apart from this being a pretty picture its also proof that I really don’t pay enough attention to this game since I’ve never seen a dog drink from a pond before (that I can remember).

Soliera: Uh…uncle Zero why is this mangy mutt growling at me?

Zero: Get used to it, that dog doesn’t like anyone who isn’t Arrow

Soliera: *Grumbles* Stupid no good Arrow…thinks she’s so special

Rune: *Growls louder*

I take far to many pictures of Rune but I can’t help it because she’s so adorable!

Soliera: Yeah, you always take pictures of Cinderella and her mangy mutt

And your point is?

Soliera: Where’s my time in the spotlight?

Do something interesting and maybe you’ll be in more pictures ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Soliera: And then she had the audacity to call me boring…

Soliera: I knew you wouldn’t agree with her Stefan

Soliera: I know, I love you too

Soliera: No, it’s just me Zossie’s not around.

Soliera: Ok, bye

(Stefan is Soliera and Zossie’s RI from prom btw)

Since I now know how to have Sims paint portraits of others I had Yuki paint an heir picture of Arrow and Rune.

I’ll have to remember to get Arrow to paint Yuki and Zero when she takes over.

Yuki gets another promotion.

She is so close to maxing her career and completing her LTW now!

Wait…when did I put down one of these fixer-upper cars?

I really need to stop playing so far ahead ‘cause I’ve got the memory of a goldfish.

Arrow: Watcher get out of here, I don’t want you to have to see this

What the…?

Arrow: You’ll never take me alive Lefty

Lefty: We’ll see about that

Righty: You’ll never make it out alive

Arrow: *Gasp* Not you too Righty, I trusted you

It seems her new insane trait has hit our young heiress hard

Zossie has been spending most of her time dancing at the ballet bar so that’s why she’s not in many pictures.

All things considered, the twins are pretty boring.

Zero gets himself another promotion at work.

He’s lv 7 now.

I then decided Yuki and Zero have been YA’s long enough (around 30 days plus 2 weeks at Uni so it’s time for their birthday). I was in 2 minds whether to age them or not but I don’t want them to hang around forever so it’s happening.

Zero is given a beard for his new adult look but apart from that he is pretty much the same.

Unsurprisingly he ends up getting a MLC.

Zero: Did you really expect anything different?

No but I sure did hope

Yuki gets a new hairstyle and a new wardrobe to suit a more mature look since she’s now an Adult.

She also gets a MLC which I was more surprised about.

Arrow is always doing something. She never sticks to the one thing for more than a few hours.

Her latest thing is looking out across the beautiful snow-covered scenery from the back yard with the telescope.

Arrow and Rune are very close autonomously and, even now, it’s making me want to write a new story just for them.

Must. Resist. Temptation.

I’ve already got far to many projects that I’ve abandoned, I don’t need any more.

Aw, but look at them.

I love them both so much Red heart

Soliera is not very smart.

Instead of coming home and going to bed she naps outside on a bench in the snow.

Don’t ask me why Arrow is randomly throwing up because even at the time it happened I really didn’t know.

If you’re wondering why you haven’t seen Yuki recently it’s because she rolled a wish to paint something worth £2500 so she’s chained to the easel until she gets it.

Yuki: Don’t look, it’s not valuable enough

Best try again then

I feel bad that I haven’t really kept up with Xhasca and Xanthe’s kids so I’ve gone and taken pictures of all the kids. Xanthe’s kids are all with her husband Hau.

From L-R: Hala, Sydney, and twins Arnie and Eva.

All the kids (apart from Sydney) seem to take more after Xanthe.

All but Xhasca’s eldest son are with boyfriend Calem.

From L-R: Tristen, twins Randy and Christopher and youngest Lorrin.

Tristen is definitely a Xhasca clone but I’m not sure about the other kids yet.

Back with the main family and the twins both get on the honor roll +10

TBH I thought Silvally was already an elder so it was a surprise when he has his birthday.

He looks just the same.

Rune: You’re on my bed

Soliera: How do we get rid of her?

Zossie: Just ignore her and I’m sure she’ll get bored eventually

Zossie: See, told you

Rune: I won’t forget this

Yuki: Oh no, my beautiful face is all wrinkly now

Don’t talk nonsense; you’re still as beautiful as you always were.

This dog has captured my soul with how gorgeous she is.

I want a dog like this in real life tbh.

Yuki got her painting wish so now I’m just having her read random skill books.

Zero I’m pretty much leaving to his own devices.

Yuki: Like that’s not what you’ve been doing with him all this time

Shh you, no one needs to know that.

Every time Gladion pops out (which is extremely rare) Zero is all over him.

I’m still so sad that Gladion died.

Look at these two together you can definitely see some of Silvally’s markings in Rune’s coat.

As heiress Yuki is tasked with triggering all the booby traps that Arrow has set around the house.

Yuki: Did I ever say how much I hated this whole heirship thing?

Several times

Yuki: Well I’m gonna say it again; being heir sucks ass

Yuki: Not my hair, anything but that

I’m sure it will wash out…

Yuki: I don’t care if it washes out, no one touches my hair and gets away with it!

Technically you did this to yourself by triggering the trap

Yuki: That’s so not the point!

I catch Rune swimming in the pool for the first time.

The pool looks so small with her in it.

Zero gets a promotion and with the promotion he needs the writing skill so his freedom is gone now while he works on that.

Arrow touches the sculpting station for the first time despite having lv 6 in the skill from art club.

This whole vampire skill gain is insane.

Both my heirs are pretty much skilling full time now when they’re not at work.

All that skilling pays off as Yuki maxes cooking +5

Soliera: I’ll show the Watcher that Arrow isn’t the only one who can befriend a dog

Delgado: I don’t know what your game is but I’m not interested

Soliera: C’mon, I need to outdo that kiss-ass cousin of mine

Speaking of certain cousins; Arrow has gone back to painting, whilst Rune snoozes on the sofa nearby.

Since my heirs are constantly busy now the cleaning up on wet dog puddles falls to Soliera.

Soliera: Mum’s right, this really does suck. Arrow is welcome to be heir if this is what her life will be like.

What the actual hell!

The camera panned on Zero and I honestly thought he was dying.

It turns out he’s actually pregnant.

He and Gladion must’ve snuck in a Risky Woohoo the last time Gladion was out (since I have that on autonomous).

Rune: Just because he’s pregnant don’t even think about replacing my Arrow

I wouldn’t dream of it

Rune: Good because you wouldn’t like the result if you did

Geez, chill out would you

Just because Zero’s pregnant now doesn’t mean he gets to stop skilling.

Zero: This is slave labour

Shut up and keep writing!

Yuki gets an opportunity to learn martial arts for work so she’s set to work on that when she comes home.

Because of her vampire powers she gets to the orange belt (lv3 within a few hours).

The twins are good kids but they are so boring.

They do nothing interesting at all (especially Zossie).

Also, apparently Rune is an A+ photo-bomber

Zero: Can you stop taking pictures of me while I’m so fat?

You know your pregnant, right?

Zero: No I’m not, I’m just fat

Yeah, cause denial is definitely gonna make this go away :/

Rune: Don’t worry Arrow, I won’t ever let anyone replace you

Arrow: You’re my hero!

Zossie skips school and since Zero is the only adult still in the house he is the one to tell her off.

Zero: How dare you skip school and make me have to get up and yell at you

Zossie: No offence Uncle Zero but you really don’t have any right to tell me off

Zero: Well I’m the only adult in this house so I’m all you’ve got

Zossie: Sure, whatever. Can this be over now?

Zero: Um…is that how it’s meant to go?

Well that definitely paid off.

After getting scolded Zossie spends the day playing games on her laptop instead of going off to school like Zero wanted her to.

Yuki get her final promotion which maxes her career and completes her LTW +50

Zossie: Mama, why did you never get married?

Yuki: Marriage isn’t for everyone

Zossie: But don’t you think being alone all the time is kind of garbage?

Yuki: Not really, I like my own company…and I’m not really alone, I have you girls to keep me company.

Tracie (One of Draco and Lillie’s kids) comes home with Arrow but only stays for a few seconds before running off.

Aren’t you a little young to be drinking coffee?

Arrow: it’s hot chocolate actually

How can anyone look that pissed off when they are about to drink hot chocolate?

Arrow: Soli and Zossie went off to prom without me…again

Didn’t they just have prom?

Arrow: Apparently they have another

Zossie: Hurry up Soli, before Arrow realises we’re out here

Soliera: I’m coming as fast as I can in these heels!

Yuki has officially gotten far enough in the Martial Arts skill to meditate.

She’s definitely going to need that ability to keep calm very shortly

And by very shortly I mean literally a few minutes later as Zero goes into labour which, ironically, lands on one of the rare occasions Gladion is out.

Both Gladion and Zero autonomously decide to go to the hospital to have this baby.

Ok then.

Gladion: To the hospital, stat

Cabbie: I shouldn’t have had those drinks before my shift, now I’m seeing ghosts and pregnant men.

Zero: We don’t have time for your existential crisis right now. I’m going to have this baby in your car if you don’t hurry up!

Of course this wouldn’t be Arrow’s life without her new siblings birth landing on her own birthday.

That girl has literally been cursed with the worst luck since birth.

Zero: It’s good, everything is fine

Why don’t I believe that for a minute?

God freaking damn it!

Isn’t it bad enough to give me 1 unexpected kid let alone 2.

Yuki: I can’t believe my dumbass brother went and had more kids when he couldn’t even look after the one he already had!

Baby: *Baby babbles*

Yuki: I can’t deny that you are pretty adorable though

Zero gave birth to mixed gender twins named Kaskara and Dagger (can anyone guess the naming theme for Zero and Gladion’s kids yet?)

Both kids are ghosts and Kaskara is also a vampire.

Since the twins are pretty much ruled out for heir-ship at this point they were aged up immediately.

This is what the newest twins look like in human form.

So far they are pretty much identical except for their eye colours (Kaskara got Zero’s and Dagger got Wren’s).

Whilst her dad is busy adding to the family Arrow is out back obliviously hacking away at a block of ice with a chainsaw.

Zossie decides to be useful for once and teaches Dagger to walk autonomously.

Arrow’s birthday also falls upon us and I can’t hold it off any longer.

She get to the cake just in time before it triggers.

Arrow: I wish to be a better parent to my kids when I have them than my dad was to me

That really shouldn’t be that hard at all

Zero off screen: *Sad face*

Holy Smokes, she is beautiful.

I choose the Paranormal Profiteer LTW since I haven’t done that LTW in a long time and I think it suits her.

Arrow is the heir but I want the older twins out of the house before I start her generation so she’ll remain uncontrollable for the next 2 days until their birthday.

Arrow: Here you go little one

Kaskara: *Baby babbles*

Arrow: You just let me know if dad’s as crap with you as he was with me and I’ll go kick his ass for you, ok?

Kaskara: *Continues to baby babble obliviously*

Um…Arrow…Sweetie, I don’t think that’s how you’re meant to sculpt.

Arrow: I have no idea what you mean, this is how all sculptors connect with their work

This picture is completely beautiful.

I’m not even sure why I just love everything about it.

Zero maxes out the writing skill +5

Soliera teaches Kaskara to talk.

She then teaches Dagger. Go Soli!

Tbh she is the last sim I expected to help out with the twins so I’m pleasantly surprised.

Zossie also gets in on the action and teaches Kaskara to walk.

With the twins taking on the brunt of toddler skilling I only have to get Yuki/Zero to teach the tots to potty since that isn’t autonomous for some reason.

(This was all done within a day of the twins becoming toddler btw)

I still haven’t seen Zero near the twins yet but at least this time it’s a lot easier since the older twins are there to help Yuki out.

I’m not gonna lie, it’s pretty entertaining to watch Arrow gravitate from instrument to instrument on autonomy.

Zero manages to max one last skill before Arrow takes over as heir.

Yuki also manages to max her last skill (Martial Arts) before her time is up +10

No, no, not again!

Move Arrow, unless you want to end up like your dad!

Luckily Zero is a lot more useful this time and is able to put out the fire before anyone dies.

I was so stressed the whole time that this was playing out that I was going to lose my new heir before she could even take over.

After the whole fire debacle it’s time for Soliera and Zossie’s birthday.

Wow, Soliera is almost a clone of her mum. In fact, give me a minute, that gives me an idea.

Oh, also, Soliera rolled the Fashion Phenomenon LTW and Zossie rolled Martial Arts Master LTW.


Seeing Soliera as a YA made me curious how similar the girls looked to their parents.

Normally I’d see when I did the heir poll but since there isn’t an heir poll this time I’m having to do this here.

First up is Arrow.

Of course she is beautiful but seeing her side to side with both of her parents makes me realise that she’s a complete Zero clone with Gladion’s colouring and Wren’s skin which is a bit disappointing to say the least.

Next up is Soliera, the eldest of Yuki’s twins.

Just like her cousin Soliera is a complete clone of her Holly parent with Guzma’s hair and skin.

And finally, Zossie, the youngest of Yuki’s twins.

Zossie is pretty much identical facially to her twin apart from the different jawlines. Whereas Soliera has Yuki’s jawline Zossie has Guzma’s. Zossie also got Yuki’s skin and grandpa Nyx’s hair.

The spouses really didn’t contribute to this generation as much as I’d hoped but oh well, it’s done now.

And that’s it for generation 8. It’s been a fun ride, even if it took far too long for me to actually post any of it. I haven’t gotten around to playing any of Arrow’s generation yet so who knows what will happen next.

I do have one last question before I finish this up though; do you guys prefer the longer chapters from this generation or the shorter ones of the generations before? Let me know so I can sort out lengths for when I play Arrow’s generation.

Townie Update:

It was a slow couple of weeks for the town apparently, with the baby boom coming to an end and more distant Holly relations trying to get together. I really need to figure out how to stop this from happening.


Self wetting (18) -90
For each sim failing school (1) -5
For every game induced visit from a police officer, firefighter or babysitter (when you don’t call them but the game makes them come)  (2) -10
Passing Out (52) -260
Accidental Deaths (5) -50
Social Worker Visit (0)

Every Birth (25) +125
Every Twin Birth (8) +80
Every Triplet Birth (0)
Fulfilling LTW (15) +600
For each Sim that gets on the honor roll (24) +120
Randomizing every LTW choice and trait for a whole generation of children (8) +80
Not using spares Happiness points for a generation (8) +80
Every 100,000 dollars (6) +120

Every sim to master a skill (42) +210

Every sim to max their career (12) +120

Painting of Torch holder somewhere in the house (1)

Total points: 1,120 (Holy crap, I passed the 1,000 mark!)


Chapter 8.7 – A Cinderella Story

I was originally meant to post this chapter yesterday but I’ve been putting off writing it because I’m pretty sure it’s going to be the longest chapter in this legacies history and if you guys know anything about me it’s that I really dislike captioning longer chapters. Oh well, not much to be done about it now except to get it over with.

Lets start this shit show with Wren being uncharacteristically nice.

Seems as good a place as any to start, right?

I’ll let you into a secret right now, this family are utter pigs.

They are constantly leaving their dirty dishes lying behind them and poor Arrow is left to clean them up.

Arrow is also the first of the kids to autonomously use the skilling equipment upstairs.

I actually thought that the stairs were broken before she went up there.

Soliera: Look at this cool thing my friend showed me at school

Yuki: Am I doing it right?

Soliera: Ugh, you’re almost as embarrassing as Arroser.

Yuki: Don’t be mean about your cousin

Soliera: Why? Everyone else is.

Aww, my poor baby.

Yuki gets another promotion and gets to choose which branch she follows.

She picks Special Agent as per her LTW.

Zero: Listen Yuki I…uh…I wanted to apologize to you about…about everything really

Yuki: Do you really think an apology is gonna cut it?

Zero: No. I know what I did was disgraceful but I just couldn’t live without him.

Yuki: Apology accept little brother but I’ll tell you now that if anything like this ever happens again I won’t be responsible for my actions!

Zero: Don’t worry. I’m better now, I promise.

These two seem a lot more tolerant of one another now that they’ve sorted out their problems.

And Zero even managed to max out his logic skill +5

Why do I get a distinctly Cinderella vibe from these 3 kids?

Soliera: You did not just call me an ugly step-sister

Out of the 3 kids this generation Zossie is the first to fail on me.

There goes Zero’s skill points -5

This is Pax and, funny story, she was walking by the house while I was playing and I instantly knew I wanted her to be the next dog spouse (or at least contribute to the next generation).

I completely forgot that Silvally was a boy dog so I have to move Pax in for the next generation to be born.
She is just moved in temporarily though until the pups are born and then she can be given back to her owners.

Pax’s first action after joining the house is to knock over the trash can and eat the garbage.

I didn’t even know dogs could do that in this game.

Look at how well Delgado is behaving…

…Why oh why can’t Pax behave that well?

Pax: I’ll show you bad behaviour

*Sigh* I literally can’t wait until Pax gives birth to her pup and moves out.

The furniture can’t take much more of this.

I missed the pop-up but all 3 girls got on the honor roll +15

Yuki: Not to be picky or anything but why is there suddenly a random dog in the house

Don’t worry, it’s temporary

Yuki: That’s a relief

Pax: *Does not compute*

Zero’s had this job since coming home from Uni but somehow this is only his first promotion.

Zero: Give me a break, I’ve been going through a lot

You can’t use that as an excuse forever

Soliera: If you don’t get rid of these stinking mutts right now I’m going to pass out and make you lose your precious point

No! Not my points Sad smile

Silvally: That’s for telling the Watcher to get rid of us

Damn it Soliera!!!!! -5

Soliera: I did warn you

Wren gets her last promotion and tops her second career +10

Way to go Wren, I’m so proud!

The next morning it’s Arrow’s birthday!

Don’t grow up yet, I’m not ready.

It seems like just yesterday you were a toddler.

Well that’s definitely…something.

I don’t know if I explained this when I first started this ISBI but I decided when I started that I wasn’t going to follow the family trait rule but instead any kid that rolled Insane would be automatically heir. That means since Arrow rolled the trait she is the heir for the next generation (Unless of course any of the other girls roll the trait too then it would be a vote between them). This is literally the first time this has happened in this ISBI.

To celebrate Arrow’s birthday and the fact that’s she’s instant heir I have Yuki take everyone out to the summer festival which I haven’t done in forever in this game.

Yuki sets some fireworks off upon getting to the festival.

So pretty!

I don’t play with the smaller mechanics of this game enough.

Zero talks to Arrow for the first time since giving birth to her but unsurprisingly it doesn’t go well.

Zero: Uh…hello Arrow…I’m…uh…your dad

Arrow: I know who you are Zero

After talking to Arrow Zero wishes to send Arrow to boarding school. Not going to happen Zero.

I usually would’ve done it since an heir rolled for it but since Arrow’s going to be heir I didn’t want to.

Do something interesting already

Soliera: No thanks, I’ve finally gotten onto the next level of candy crush

Zero: Can I get out of here yet?

What happened to making amends?

Zero: It’s too awkward

Arrow: That’s what happens when you pretend I don’t exist for 14 years.

Zossie and Yuki do get themselves into a hotdog eating contest with townie Gary Shue.

Gary is with one of Visenya’s twins if I remember rightly.

Gary wins the contest.

Gary: All that practice with Ariana really paid off

I…don’t even want to know

Instead of joining in on the festivities Zero hides away in a corner and broods.

Why does that fit his character so well?

Wow Soliera is actually doing something that isn’t on her tablet. Someone call the news and let them know of this momentous event.

Soliera: I’m the only smartass that’s allowed around here.

Yuki ducks out of the festival early to teach Arrow how to drive since she rolled the wish as soon as Arrow aged up.

Everyone else had run how by this point, leaving Zossie alone at the festival.

Random Guy: Hey little girl, wanna play?

Ew, even in the Sims that seems sketch as hell.  Run Zossie, run!

Zossie does run but only to the skating rink where she remains skating, even when it starts raining.

Arrow takes up the bass now that she’s a teenager.

It’s midnight and everyone has left but Zossie is still skating at the festival. Go home and get to bed girl!

Zossie: I’m finally free, why would I ever go home?

Pax has started sleeping on the spare side of Arrow’s bed. So cute!

Oh look, the wandering princess has finally decided to come home. It’s like 3am btw.

Zossie: Woo! I’m back to these same 4 crappy walls.

Zero: Sarcasm really doesn’t suit you

Finally! This felt like it took forever, especially with Pax’s bad behaviour.

Pax gives birth to a single female puppy named Rune.

With the birth of the pup that means Pax has to go home to her original home.

Bye Pax, hopefully Rune isn’t a clone of Silvally.

Aw, but look at her.

I can’t express how much I absolutely adore her already.

It seems I’m not the only one with a soft spot for the new pupper.

Arrow: Soft Kitty, Warm Kitty, Little Ball of Fur, Happy Kitty, Sleepy Kitty, Purr Purr Purr

Uh…wrong animal but cute nonetheless

After meeting Arrow Rune meets her dog family, starting with grandpa Delgado

And then moving onto her dad Silvally

Even after coming home Zossie refuses to go to bed so ends up passing out -5

It seems like anything ‘artsy’ Arrow is drawn to at the moment.

She spends most of her time since aging up either at one of the easels, one of the instruments or the sketch table.

Soliera doesn’t really do much apart from playing on the rocking horse so that’s why she’s not pictured that much.

I think I much prefer Soliera’s boringness to Zossie’s fails though -5

Hmm, so he can actually get promoted without taking literal years between them.

Oh no, I’m not ready for him to be an elder yet.

Delgado: You’re not ready, how do you think I feel?

Look at my baby boy.

He looks so grey now.

Fucking finally!

I honestly expected her to keep passing out all night.

Arrow: Aunt Yuki, did you know the moon landings were completely faked?

Yuki: Um…I’m sure that’s not true baby girl

Arrow: But it is. Why won’t anyone believe me?

Yuki: I do believe you

Arrow: You do?

Yuki: I would never doubt you baby girl

Aww, Rune sleeps in the unused nursery which I think is adorable since she’s a puppy/baby.

I completely forgot I’d even put this in the backyard.

Trust Zero to be the one who reminds me about it.

Zero: Uh…Watcher, I think this thing is defective

Nope, that’s just you

Zero: See, there’s nothing in there

He’s definitely braver than I’d ever be. I’d never stick my hand into a pitch black basket, snake or no snake.

Zero: You’re worrying about nothing. It’s completely empty.

Huh, I guess it really was defective.

Yuki paints a really cool painting which I’m thinking of keeping.

Huh, I guess artsy things aren’t the only things Arrow is into.

Arrow: Of course not. I told you; I want to be just like aunt Yuki.

Gross Delgado, why do you have to go play in the pee puddles?

Yuki snags another promotion at work.

How is it my Sims are so productive yet so boring at the same time.

And just as I’m saying that Arrow goes and proves me wrong.

Apparently not only did she go to school in her bathing suit she also didn’t get any sleep the night before so passes out as soon as school finishes -5

Someone help me, I can’t stop taking pictures of Rune Red heart

Zero gets promoted again and gets to pick which branch he wants to follow.

He chooses Engineer since he’d already maxed out logic which is needed for that branch.

On her way home from school Soliera passes out -5

I’m starting to think this is the most fails I’ve ever had in 1 chapter. We’re at 5 so far.

Oh, this is going to be fun.

Let’s see if they’ll cause any more fails before their birthday is through.

Soliera: That floor is looking mighty comfy right about now

Don’t you dare!

The grew up pretty much how I expected them to and, as I suspected, the only different between them (apart from colouring) is their jawlines.

Great, you’ve aged up now can you please go to bed before you lose me any more points?

That’s definitely not your bed.

Zossie: Screw you, my athletic trait is to strong to resist.

Seriously?! What was I even thinking making Yuki teach her to drive while she’s about to pass out?

They get out the car part way through and start walking but the skill still goes up.


And that is how Zossie learned to drive…by walking.

With Arrow being Insane there isn’t really much of a chance to see her everyday outfit.

Which is a shame because it looks awesome.

Yuki: So Arrow…the…uh…Watcher wants me to ask what kind of sim you’re into.

Arrow: I’m into girls if that’s what you’re asking

Yuki: Uh…yeah…good talk

Just for the sake of being thorough I have her ask the other 2 girls as well. Both girls are straight.

Zossie: Mum’s not here,  you can stop trying to be such a suck up

Arrow: I don’t know what you mean

Zossie: Just ‘cause you don’t have your own mum stop trying to steal mine!

Woo, Zero is on fire with these promotions this chapter

Arrow: You don’t hate me or think that I’m a suck up, do you Rune?

Rune: *Confused* Arf

Soliera start sketching at the sketching table which is oddly something I could actually see her character in my head doing.

Yuki: I heard you were mean to your cousin

Zossie: She started it mama

Yuki: Yeah, sure she did

Zossie: I swear she did

Yuki: Either way you should be nicer to her, she’s family.

Zossie: Yes mama

I literally have no idea why Wren was out of the house but it’s nice that she ran into Xhasca…

Wren: Nice outfit, did you get dressed in the dark

…Or at least it was until Wren ruined it, as per usual. No wonder the twins don’t come to visit.

With the promotions Yuki has been getting she is getting a little behind in athletic skill so she’s levelling up in it while she has nothing else to do.

Out of all the kids so far Zossie is the only one who drinks plasma packs consistently (Soliera has only ever had one and Arrow hasn’t had any).

Zossie is also the only kids to do her homework normally (the other 2 use the tablets I gave them all).

Zossie: I’ll show mama that I’m better than that stupid kiss-ass

All that working out must’ve paid off because Yuki comes home with another promotion.

Zero also gets his 4th promotion of the chapter. The Game developer career is so easy.

Arrow: Hey, so plasma packs…there awesome, right?

How would you know, you’ve never even had one?

Arrow: Shh, it’s making her like me

You sweet, naive child

Just some homework time for the girls.

It’s pretty much the first thing they do when they come home from school now.

No, I wasn’t ready!

She was 96 which is just 1 day over the end of the lifebar.

She hasn’t been around much since becoming an elder but I still wasn’t ready.

Zossie: Grandma no! Who am I going to bitch about Arrow with now?

Zero: Mum?

Zossie: Grandma come back!

Wren: Get me out of here now!

Grim: Deal, all these crying people make me uncomfortable anyway

Isn’t that kind of part of your job?

Grim: Doesn’t mean I have to get used to it

Would you look at that, it only took the death of her grandmother to make Zossie do something other than working out or sleeping (although I guess Martial Arts counts as working out…but still!).

It seems like forever ago that Yuki started working on her athletic skill but finally she’s maxed it.

Zero also maxes his cooking skill at around the same time +10

Great that should help with some of the points I lost with all the kids fails this chapter.

Hmm, maybe I’m not the only one getting Cinderella vibes from Arrow. Maybe she’s realized herself?

Arrow: What do you mean, I just thought it looked pretty

Sure you did Sweetie

The inevitable prom time then happens for the teens but for some reason only the twins go (in their everyday wear btw).

Interesting story, this was happening at exactly the same time as Arrow painted the Cinderella painting.

The only interesting thing that happened at prom was both girls coming away with the same romantic interest. I didn’t even know that was possible.

And with that I think it’s about time I wrap up this chapter. It’s been quite long enough, don’t you think? Anyway, with one day left in September I only have 1 last chapter to post of this generation so I’ll try my best to get that posted tomorrow.

Townie Updates:

I think this is baby 3 and 4 for this pair.

This is this pairs for kids together but Xhasca’s 2nd and 3rd in total.

I should’ve seen this coming with Wren’s death but it still made me sad.

Damn, you two really don’t slow down, do you?

At least this time Xhasca’s staying with the father of her child.

Baby 4 for Xhasca is born and the couples 3rd child together.

I’m pretty sure this is Lillie and Draco’s first child together.

I can’t wait to see what she looks like.

It seems Ariana is pregnant with her second child.

Not to be outdone by her twin Luna gives birth to her first child (I think).

She’s with Gary’s adopted brother Dany.

Can I just say, I’m loving the baby boom in town right now.


Self wetting (18) -90
For each sim failing school (1) -5
For every game induced visit from a police officer, firefighter or babysitter (when you don’t call them but the game makes them come)  (2) -10
Passing Out (52) -260
Accidental Deaths (5) -50
Social Worker Visit (0)

Every Birth (25) +125
Every Twin Birth (7) +70
Every Triplet Birth (0)
Fulfilling LTW (14) +560
For each Sim that gets on the honor roll (22) +110
Randomizing every LTW choice and trait for a whole generation of children (6) +60
Not using spares Happiness points for a generation (6) +50
Every 100,000 dollars (6) +120

Every sim to master a skill (37) +185

Every sim to max their career (11) +110

Painting of Torch holder somewhere in the house (0)

Total points: 970

Chapter 8.6 – Too Little Too Late

Just a quick warning before this chapter begins, it’s fairly long (like over 100 pictures long)

So buckle yourself in because you’ll be here for a while haha

To start this behemoth (at least by my standards) chapter we have Arrow continuing to be the most adorable thing ever.

Wren: Maybe I’m not the best person to be saying this but shouldn’t you go and spend some time with your daughter?

Zero: You’re right, you’re not the best person to say anything like that to me so keep your nose out.

Wren: I’m just trying to help. With Gladion gone she needs you…

Zero: Butt out! You’re only here to play chess with me not stick your nose into my business.

At least one of my heirs is being a good parent.

I think at this point I decided that the twins would be the last kids of this generation, mostly ’cause my original plan was for both heirs to have 2 kids each and since Zero’s spouse is dead I think 3 kids are just fine (Although you’ll see in 2 chapters why that doesn’t exactly work out). That still gives us 3 options for heir.

To make mine, and Yuki’s, lives easier I set Yuki to teaching the twins their toddler skills right away.
She manages to get Zossie all skilled up (and Arrow’s training is already finished) so it’s just Soliera to go.

I really like how small this generation is.

It’s a nice change from the last time I had dual heirs.

Yuki: You need to go spend time with your daughter

Zero: Gah, not you too. I’ve already had this from mum.

Yuki: Well get your head out of your ass and go spend time with her.

Zero: I haven’t got time to spend with her…

Yuki: Arrow. Her name is Arrow and she’s your daughter.

Zero: Just leave me alone.

Yuki: This is so unfair. He’s heir too but I’m the one singlehandedly stuck cleaning up all the messes around here and taking care of the kids while he gets to do whatever the fuck he wants!!

I haven’t forgotten about the dogs, they just spend their days doing boring stuff (like Silvally swimming in the pool)

All the little bubs are in bed sleeping at the same time for once…

…which gives Yuki a much needed break to get some painting done.

I didn’t even realize you could fish in the pond in the backyard until Wren autonomously did it.

Out of all the hobbies she could’ve picked up this was not one I would’ve  considered for her.

Another day brings more toddler care for Yuki.

The sofas have basically just turned into glorified dog beds at this point.

Zossie: Mummy stop paying attention to stinky Arrow and pay attention to me!!

Oh, it would seem someone’s a little jealous

Zossie: But she’s my mummy *screams*

With the new day it’s time for Soliera’s toddler skilling.

It would appear that Soli is much more stubborn that her twin or her cousin.

Yuki: Can’t you just give me a break?

Soliera: …No…

Arrow: I’m good, aren’t I Aunt Yuki?

Yuki: Yes you are baby girl and that’s why I love you so much

Arrow: I love you too

Awww Red heart

Soliera: What should we do about Arrow?

Zossie: She’s taking all mummy’s time.

Soliera: Stupid Arrow should be spending time with her daddy not our mummy.

Please girls, be nice to your cousin.

Soli and Zossie: We make no promises.

It’s rare for Yuki to get any down time because she’s always looking after the girls but with them all being trained up she has some free time to get some skilling done. She starts dancing at the ballet bar ’cause I remembered that she needed the athletic skill for her career.

The kids really don’t leave the nursery.

Oh well, it makes it easier for me to keep an eye on them.

I never realizes how sly Silvally looks until I saw Wren holding him.

Just look at that face.

Doesn’t he look like he’s plotting something?

Apparently Wren is still the designated dog carer.

It’s Yuki’s first day back at work since getting pregnant.

Here’s hoping the kids will be ok without her.

The first thing Wren does as soon as Yuki’s gone is steal candy from Soliera.

So we’re off to a good start then.

Luckily Wren has to run off to work soon after so no more candy was stolen.

Wren: I’ll make up for it later

Luckily the kids mostly take care of themselves whilst Yuki and Wren are away.

That’s good ’cause Zero definitely won’t.

Yuki does manage to snag herself a promotion on her first day back. Good job!

Well crap. This was exactly what I was hoping to avoid.

Arrow: Please Sir, can I have some food? Even a scrap of food will do.

Zero: Can someone shut that kid up?!

Maybe if you actually got off your ass and fed her she’d be quiet, just a suggestion.

Zero: I don’t have time for that crap.

Hurry up and get home Yuki

Yuki does get home a little while later and promptly gets all the kids fed.

Arrow: Yay, finally some food

Yuki: Don’t worry baby girl, this will never happen again

Soliera: Please don’t leave us with that mean old man again mummy

Yuki: Don’t worry mummy’s going to have a stern talk with Uncle Zero.

Yuki: How dare you leave them in that state! You could’ve at least handed them a bottle, is that really too much to ask?

Zero: This isn’t my problem

Yuki: It damn well is. One of those kids is YOU’RE daughter. I don’t expect you to take care of my girls but you need to at least step up for Arrow!

Zero: Chill out, it’s not like she was going to die or anything.

Yuki: You stupid sonovabitch, you left her to starve! All she wants is her daddy and all you do is disappoint her over and over again. I’m sick of it!

Yuki: Mum, I need help with Zero. This can’t go on.

Wren: He’s still grieving, loosing the love of your life is not something you just get over.

Yuki: I know that mum but he’s got a toddler who desperately needs her daddy.

Wren: Just leave him be Yuki. You’ll only make things worse if you don’t.

Zero: Yuki’s right, I know that, this can’t go on much longer, but how can I escape this heartbreak?

I don’t think you can Zero, you just have to find a way to live with it.

Zero: But how can I live with it when I know I’ll see him in her every time I look at her?

I really don’t know.

After a long time with his thoughts in the bathroom Zero comes out and picks up Zossie.

It’s the wrong child but baby steps.

Yuki: Just because he picks up my daughter one time does not make up for the years of shitty behaviour.

Give him a chance, he’s trying.

Yuki: It’s too little too late

It does seem that it is a little too late as Arrow’s birthday is now upon us.

OMG, on the same day that Arrow’s having her birthday Gladion makes his first ever appearance as a ghost.

That is both the sweetest and saddest thing at the same time.

Zero runs straight into Gladion’s arms as soon as he sees him.

I’m still not over Gladion’s death.

Gah, I miss those 2 together so much (but the Oh My Ghost Opportunity won’t come up Crying face)

At least both of Arrow’s daddies are there to help her celebrate (even if Gladion will soon disappear again. Damn, I made myself sad again).

Yuki: Make a wish baby girl

Arrow: I wish everyone was happy instead of being sad all the time.

Unsurprisingly Arrow is still completely adorable as a child.

Of course she would roll Loser though, it just fits with her tragic backstory, doesn’t it?

To top off her bad luck at some point during her growing up Gladion disappeared. Oh well, at least he was there for part of it.

Zero: Happy Birthday!

Arrow: Nice try but you mean nothing to me.

Zero: *to self* Keep cheering like you’re not dying inside

Since there is only 3 kids this generation and a bunch of unused rooms Arrow gets to move out of the nursery and get her own big girl room.

Arrow is quick to find her new bedroom.

Arrow: Hi Grandma

Zossie: Arrow save me, she’s going to steal my candy. I can feel it.

I can’t even remember why I took this picture.

Arrow takes to painting like her aunt Yuki.

Arrow: Of course I did. She’s my hero, I want to be just like her when I grow up.

Aw, that so sweet.

The twins are still around too, terrorising the dolls in the dollhouse.

I’m pretty sure they will be aging up shortly too since they weren’t born long after Arrow was.

It’s so sweet watching these two paint together.

The twins have somehow got IF’s now and apparently since they’re vampires they like to bite the IF’s necks.

Nice touch EA.

If this shows anything it’s that I don’t play with the supernatural elements of this game nearly enough.

Wren gets promoted to lv9 in her job.

She’s 1 level away from topping her second career now!

Arrow: Aunt Yuki, what’s an Ooga Booga?

Yuki: It’s a mask that will help you get through the level. Why do you ask?

Arrow: I just got one and it stopped me from dying.

Yuki: That’s great baby girl, keep up the good work.

Arrow: Aunt Yuki, is the world made up of different colour candy flosses?

Yuki: The world can be made up of whatever you want it to be.

Arrow: Really?

Yuki: Definitely

I haven’t been spending much attention on the twins since Arrow aged up so have a cute picture of Soliera.

The attention quickly turns back to Arrow though since she’s so adorable!

Wren acts all nice and grandmotherly with Soliera which is highly suspicious…

…only to turn around and think about nukes whilst staring at her.

I really don’t like that she’s thinking about that whilst staring at her grandchild.

I told you I didn’t like it as she goes and steals candy from poor Soliera seconds later.

Arrow: Ahhh, I’m all wet. Thanks you stupid dog!

Zossie: *Cries* Mummy get rid of those dogs.

Guys isn’t this a bit of an overreaction? None of the dogs are even in the room.

Since growing up Arrow spends most of her time painting.

Have a random picture of Zossie that I completely forgot why I took it. (Does that sentence even make sense? I really shouldn’t be writing these chapters at midnight but here I am anyway with only a cup of lukewarm tea to energise me)

Zero heads to his first day at work ever (since he got time off to have Arrow and then time off when he got married).

And yes, his work outfit somehow defaulted to his formal wear so he goes to work dressed as Cupid.

Enjoy one last look at the twins as toddlers because today is their birthday.

They have to wait until Yuki comes home from work to blow out their candles though because apparently none of the other adults in this house are capable.

*Sparkle butt*

They are very pretty but did anyone really expect anything else with them being Yuki’s daughters?

They are also surprisingly similar facially. I think Zossie has a different jawline from her twin but apart from that they are identical.

Just like their cousin the twins get their own room.

I’ll have you know this is the most effort I’ve ever put into making over a kids room before.

Normally they stay in the nursery until they move out/become YA.

Soliera is quick to find and play with one of the rocking horses.

There is a small playground outside the school in town and Arrow is often found there after school instead of coming home.

Zossie eats some burnt food whilst her mum recharges her brain power.

Yuki: Don’t let Grandma see you eating burnt food. She’ll throw a fit.

Zossie: Don’t worry Mum, she’s at work.

Soliera goes looking for monsters underneath Zero and Gladion’s old bed.

Soliera: That is the scariest thing I’ve ever seen!

You went looking for monsters. What exactly were you expecting to find under there?

Soliera: Not that anyway!

Zero proves that at least the computer under Zossie’s bed works (unfortunately the ballet bar does not).

Soli’s embracing her vampire side already by having a plasma pack as her first meal.

Soliera: Got to get used to it at some point, right?

I swapped the teddy and the ballet bar around and now it works. Yay!

Soliera: Your turns done now Zossie. It’s my go.

Zossie: Out of my way peasant before I have Patches run you down.

Soliera: Her name isn’t Patches it’s Buttermilk and it’s my turn on her!

Girls it’s 3am, go to bed!

Since I don’t think I’ve done it in this legacy Yuki is sent to the computer to sign up the 3 girls for after school clubs. Arrow is put into the art club, Soliera is put into scouts and Zossie is put into ballet.

It’s 4 in the morning and instead of being in bed Arrow is still up.

She doesn’t go to bed so I’m foreseeing a fail when she comes home from school.

Red: A little further up…

Yuki: Is that good?

Red: Ah, that’s the spot

With the kids now at school all day and no one left to steal candy from Wren has taken to spending her days in the pool.

The dogs sometimes join her but more often than not she’s on her own out there.

Wren: And that’s how I like it. I can’t stand the stench of wet dog!

Yuki get’s herself another promotion.

Silvally: Um…a little help here…I think I’m having a malfunction

Yuki: if I don’t turn around and look at it it will go away

Silvally: You keep telling yourself that but I’m here to stay

Yuki: *shivers* This is why I prefer cats

Silvally: That’s hurtful

I am so proud of Arrow, instead of failing she comes home from school and goes straight to bed.

Once she wakes up Yuki autonomously helps her with her homework.

I absolutely adore how close these two are.

Arrow then goes and paints an awesome painting that goes with the colour scheme of her room so that’s where it’s placed.

Arrow isn’t the only one who gets attention from Yuki though; Zossie gets to play a game of chess with her before school.

I have no idea what this was about.

Arrow: It bit me!

That’s not the best way to make a first impression, is it Red.

Red: *Grumbles* Stupid Human, I was only trying to lick you.

Wren: Hey Soli, I know I was kind of mean when you were younger but to make it up to you I want to read you a bedtime story.

Soliera: Seriously? No tricks?

Wren: No tricks, I promise.

Soliera: Ok then

Wren: And the evil warlock slaughtered the whole village to save his true beloved.

Soliera: You tell the best stories Grandma

Wren: I know, right

Wren: Sweet dreams Soli

Well, that’s different. Who are you and what have you done with the real Wren?

Wren: I do have a softer side, you know

Softer side my ass. You’re still refusing to acknowledge the existence of your 2 eldest children.

Wren: Ok, I have a softer side when it comes to my true descendants.

… I have no words

I actually forgot we had a washing machine since the last time anyone used it was Gladion before he died.

Zero: Did you have to mention his name?

Oop, sorry

Anyway, I think this is as good a time as any to wrap up this chapter. 2 down 2 to go. I’m really starting to think I can get this generation done before the end of this month.

Townie Updates:

I didn’t even know that Severus was with someone let alone having a kid.

Yay, I’m so glad these two couples got married.

All I can say is halleluiah that these two broke up.

Now go find someone who isn’t related to you Xhasca.

This is her third child, I think.

This is their third child too.

Damn, cousin Minerva’s is going to adopt the whole town before long.

This is her fourth adopted child. No biological children as of yet though.

Finally, someone she isn’t related too. Please stay together for the sake of my sanity.

Also, I guess I was wrong when I thought they were together last chapter. Oops.


Self wetting (18) -90
For each sim failing school (1) -5
For every game induced visit from a police officer, firefighter or babysitter (when you don’t call them but the game makes them come)  (2) -10
Passing Out (47) -235
Accidental Deaths (5) -50
Social Worker Visit (0)

Every Birth (25) +125
Every Twin Birth (7) +70
Every Triplet Birth (0)
Fulfilling LTW (14) +560
For each Sim that gets on the honor roll (19) +95
Randomizing every LTW choice and trait for a whole generation of children (6) +60
Not using spares Happiness points for a generation (6) +50
Every 100,000 dollars (6) +120

Every sim to master a skill (34) +170

Every sim to max their career (10) +100

Painting of Torch holder somewhere in the house (0)

Total points: 955 (No change this time)

Chapter 8.5 – C’mon, really?!

We’re in the home stretch of SimNaNoWriMo and I’m more determined than ever to get the last 4 chapters of this generation out before it’s done (Now that I’ve said that watch me completely drop the ball and fail to post even one more chapter after this one).

Even if that’s true at least I’ve got one down by posting this chapter. Just 3 more to go after this.

It’s a little late in his pregnancy but Zero is plunked down in front of the TV watching the kids channel (since I’m a complete idiot and forgot about it earlier). There’s also kids music playing in the background so hopefully it’s not too late for multiples.

Gladion is a caring husband though and endures it all with Zero.

Zero: This music is driving me crazy.

Gladion: Just a few more hours and you’ll never have to listen to it again

While her son is being tortured in the living room Wren is out earning herself a promotion.

I think she’s lv8 now if I’m not mistaken.

Just as Gladion said, a few short hours later and Zero goes into labour.

Zero: This is the worst pain I have ever felt in my life!

Yuki: Suck it up, it can’t be that bad

Zero: Just you wait until it’s you!

Zero: This better be more than one kid because am I fuck going through this again!

Damn it all!

He gives birth to a single baby girl named Arrow. I guess I really was to late to induce multiples +5

Arrow is a vampire with 0 alien DNA (the first Holly in 3 generations to be born without alien DNA)

After giving birth Zero reverts to a Sims1 sim.

Zero: Help me please

At the the same time as Zero’s gave birth to Arrow I got a pop-up that Xanthe’s son Hala had aged up.

He’s pretty adorable but I can’t quite tell who he looks like more at the moment!

Back with the main family and Delgado is proving himself a nuisance to Yuki.

Yuki: Move your furry ass out of the way so I can get some food!

Delgado: But the floor is so comfy…

Yuki: I will skin you in your sleep you mangy mutt, don’t test me!!!


Yuki: Much

After Arrow’s birth Wren rolls the wish to have 5 grandchildren.

She may not count the twins kids but the game does so she already has 3/5 that definitely seems manageable.

Yuki: Hi Arrow, I’m your aunt Yuki and I’m gonna protect you, I promise.

Huh, you don’t really strike me as the nurturing type Yuki

Yuki: I need to get some practise in for my own kids, don’t I?

Gladion: Uh…a little help here…

How the hell did you manage to set yourself on fire, you dumbass?

Gladion: Someone put me out!!!

Zero: Give me a minute honey, the fire is blocking my way.

Someone do something!!!!!

You’re fucking kidding me right now

Zero: Don’t worry Gladion, I’m here to put you out

You a bit late for that, idiot.

This is the 3rd accidental death I’ve had in the past generation –10

First Nyx then Zuko and now Gladion. Why can’t I have any luck in this game?

I’m so sick of all my Sims dying!

Grim: Gladion Holly, your time has come

Gladion: But my daughter…my husband…

Grim: Both will be cared for

Gladion: Can’t you just let me stay?

Grim: Sorry

Gladion: Just make it quick…

Zero: Gladion…

My heart Broken heart

And to make things worse the insurance company only pays out £60, as if that’s going to pay for Gladion’s death.

Gladion’s urn is placed in the bedroom that he and Zero shared because I couldn’t bare for them to be apart.

Yuki has to clean up all the mess made by the fire.

By the time she’s done it’s almost like Gladion or the first never happened…almost.

Zero: He’s going to come back to me, I know it.

Yuki: Oh Zero…

Zero: He’s gone, he’s really and truly gone *sobs*

Wren: I’m so sorry. This is the worst thing that can happen to anyone, trust me I know.

Zero: How did you cope when dad…?

Wren: I had to, there was no other choice.

Of course Wren can’t be nice for more than 5 minutes before going and spoiling it.

As soon as she’s done with Zero she goes and steals Arrow’s candy.

I hope you’re proud of yourself

Wren: Mmm, very

Poor baby, first she loses one of her dads and now she’s lost her candy too.

I can already tell this kids life is going to be tough (and she hasn’t even been born a full day yet).

Zero takes all his frustrations at life out on the toilet.

Zero: Stupid fire…stupid Grim…Stupid Gladion for leaving me…

In less depressing news Yuki paints a cute picture that I think I ended up hanging in the nursery.

Hmm, maybe I was wrong about Yuki not being maternal, she’s constantly with Arrow.

It’s kind of adorable.

Yuki’s baby bump is still so teeny tiny.

Nothing interesting must’ve happened after Gladion’s death because it’s Arrow’s birthday now.

She is the most precious thing I have ever seen!

So far from what I can tell she had Gladion’s hair and eye colour.

Apart from colouring I think she looks mostly like Zero though.

I might be wrong about that, I’ll have to do a comparison when she’s older.

Wren is the first to find newly toddlerified Arrow.

Wren: Who’s Grandma’s favourite baby girl?

Arrow: Please get this hateful woman away from me, I’m begging you

Yuki: Don’t worry baby girl, I’m here to protect you

Wren: Pft, protect her from what? I’m her grandmother!

Yuki: She doesn’t like you

Wren: Oh well, can’t say I didn’t at least try.

All that pent up frustration that Zero’s been taking out on the appliances has finally paid off +5

How could anyone look at this child and not love her?

Zero hasn’t been near Arrow since Gladion’s death so it falls down to Yuki to teach Arrow her toddler skills.

Arrow: Love you Aunt Yuki

Yuki: Aunt Yuki loves you too baby girl

As expected Zero is really taking Gladion’s death hard.

Zero: Why did you have to go and leave me?!

It’s time for Wren’s birthday.

Like the rest of my elders I’m just gonna let it go until it automatically triggers.

Yuki is in the middle of teach Arrow her last toddler skill when she’s suddenly distracted…

…by the pains of labour.

Yuki: Damn it, that no good brother of mine was telling the truth when he said this was the worst pain ever!

Completely oblivious to what is happening around her my little nugget sneaks away to play with the dollhouse.

Arrow: Mr Daddy Doll why won’t you come back and make other Mr Daddy Doll smile again?

Crying faceCrying faceCrying faceCrying faceCrying faceCrying faceCrying faceCrying face

Yuki: Can’t this kid be out of me yet? I’m so over this pain!

It’ll be over soon, I promise.

Yuki: It had better be…and you can think again if you think I’m going through this ever again because I’m not!!

Yuki: *Is delirious with the pain* It’s finally over!

Yes, and you did the one thing your brother could not

Yuki: And what’s that?

You gave me multiples +10

Yuki: *Still delirious with the pain* Yay me!

Yep, Yuki gave birth to twin girls named Soliera and Zossie, both named after the female members of the Ultra Recon Squad from Pokémon USUM (Yes, that’s how long ago I played through this).

Both girls, like their cousin Arrow, are vampires with 0 alien DNA.

Yuki is such a good mum to the twins, which isn’t as surprising as it once would’ve been after how she’s been with Arrow.

Wren: Hey, I finally found a grandkid that actually likes me

And who’s fault is it that Arrow doesn’t like you?

Wren: It’s Gladion’s. He poisoned her mind against me

How the…He didn’t even meet her…You know what, I give up with you!

Oh look, Wren’s birthday finally triggered.

Just like her mum before her she makes a cute elder.

Wren: You say that but it’s not you who’s all wrinkly now.

Oh, get over yourself already

Huh, I guess potty training wasn’t the last skill Arrow had to learn after all.

I really am so bad at remembering this stuff.

Wren: Hi Sweetie, look what grandma’s got for you

Arrow: Lolly?

Yuki: Don’t you even think about it

Arrow: What have I ever done to you?

How could anyone ever deliberately upset the precious little bean?

Wren: Mmm, taste so much better drenched in children’s tears

You’re a monster!

Wren: Is that meant to offend me?

To end the chapter off we have the twins birthdays.

Both Soliera and Zossie are super cute (but that’s so be expected coming from Yuki). I do have a sneaking suspicion that Soliera (I think it’s Soliera. I can’t remember which twin is which) is a face clone of Yuki although I might be wrong.

I’m just glad neither of them inherited Guzma’s nose. That is one nose that doesn’t look great on females. I should know, I tested it before using him as a spouse.

I think this is where I’m going to leave it for this chapter. It’s quite a bit shorter than the last chapter since this wasn’t one of the merged chapters. The next 3 chapters however are all over 100 pictures each so wish me luck getting them out.

Townie Updates:

Not too many townie updates this time around.

Cousin Minerva did adopt her second child.

And her younger brother Draco got engaged to Gladion’s little sister Lillie. Yay.


Self wetting (18) -90
For each sim failing school (1) -5
For every game induced visit from a police officer, firefighter or babysitter (when you don’t call them but the game makes them come)  (2) -10
Passing Out (47) -235
Accidental Deaths (5) -50
Social Worker Visit (0)

Every Birth (25) +125
Every Twin Birth (7) +70
Every Triplet Birth (0)
Fulfilling LTW (14) +560
For each Sim that gets on the honor roll (19) +95
Randomizing every LTW choice and trait for a whole generation of children (6) +60
Not using spares Happiness points for a generation (6) +50
Every 100,000 dollars (6) +120

Every sim to master a skill (34) +170

Every sim to max their career (10) +100

Painting of Torch holder somewhere in the house (0)

Total points: 955

Chapter 8.4 – Why Do We Have a Castle?

I’ve literally sat down and tried to write this chapter about 20 times in the past week or 2 but keep getting distracted. Tbh it’s probably because I merged a few chapters together for this generation so instead of my usual 50 or 60 pictures per chapter most of the remaining chapters have well over 100 pictures each. I now remember why I started splitting them up into smaller chapters to begin with haha. Oh well, it’s done now so I’ll just have to deal with it.

Of course we have to kick off with our heirs (and Gladion) glitching after coming home from Uni.

Zero: I’ve never felt closer to either of you than I do now

Yuki: Bite me!

Also, according to my notes, after coming back Gladion gets a job as a politician according to his new degree and Zero gets a job as a video game developer.

The dogs are waiting not-so-patiently for the heirs to return

Silvally: We haven’t been fed in weeks

Red: Someone please feed us!

Seconds after returning home their whole home is demolished for a new house since the lighting issues in the old one bothered me.
I didn’t build the new house (since I can’t build at all), I downloaded it. It is one of the Chimeree Legacy houses that I redecorated.

House Tour

Zero and Gladion’s new bedroom

One of the four bathrooms in the house

The kitchen area which has a dining area just behind the where the camera is.

The nursery.

For once I actually tried to go all out with the nursery.

The living area/assorted skilling area

The attic which also doubles as another assorted skilling area.

And finally the backyard complete with small pond and love heart shaped pool.

I literally love this house so much.

There is so much space and there are even a few more rooms that I didn’t make over because Yuki and Wren don’t need rooms.

Zero: Why do we have a CASTLE?!

Because I was feeling generous, now enjoy before I change me mind.

Silvally: This is cold Papa, are you sure we’re doing this right?

Delgado: Yes little one, stay still enough and we will eventually become one with the snow.

Instead of going inside to check out the new house Yuki and Gladion have a snowball fight.

Gladion: Geez, for a girl you really don’t throw like a girl

Yuki: Yeah but you do

Wren doesn’t go inside either, instead staying outside to build a snowman.

Damn it, why won’t anyone go inside and check out the new house!

Unsurprisingly she builds an alien snowman.

Wren does eventually go inside once her snowman’s complete.

Wren: Nice house

Zero: Thanks, it was all Yuki’s idea to remodel the house

Wren: Of course it was

Zero continues his sketching career from when he was a teen.

I can vaguely remember that it didn’t go anywhere.

Wren: Move out of the way dog!

Red: I’ll move when you stop standing on my son

Wait…what? Wren get off that poor puppy now!

Wren: You’re all such worry warts

Silvally: I feel like I missed something important

Don’t worry about it Sweetie

Delgado’s new preferred sleeping spot is the bench by the pond in the backyard in the snow.

It’s a good thing that dogs can only die of old age in this game or Delgado would probably be dead from the cold by now.

Zero: C’mon Yuki, I was gonna play chess with you.

Yuki: You snooze you lose slow coach

Zero: It’s not fair!!

Zero *Continues to complain in the background*

Yuki: God, he’s so damn annoying

Wren: Just ignore him, it’s what I usually do

Wren then leaves to clean up the laundry.

She looks at Gladion kind of creepily while she’s doing it though.

Wren: I’ve got my eye on you boy and if you ever hurt my son you will be begging for death.

Gladion: *Shivers in his sleep*

In less creepy news Yuki maxed out her logic skill +5

Zero refuses to do anything interesting whilst Yuki’s at work.

Gladion makes an ‘evil’ snowman outside of his work.

Yuki’s decided that her little brothers room is a good place to restore her brain power.

At least she’s not outside in the snow like everyone else apparently.

Zero’s new favourite place to brood is the main bathroom.

Zero: It brings me peace

Sitting next to a dirty toilet brings you peace? Gross!

Suffice to say, I made him clean it once he was done brooding.

It’s good to see that Wren didn’t do any permanent damage to Silvally after stepping on him.

The 3 youngest kids of Visenya and Winter are now YA so they get pictures and will be uploaded once this chapter is done.

Luna and Ariana are still identical and Draco is still my favourite out of all the kids born this generation.

Red: Help mummy celebrate her birthday Silv’

Silvally: Nah, birthday’s are lame.

Poor Red having to age up on her own.

Apart from the little bit of grey on her red side she doesn’t look any different.

Zero plays chess with his mum.

He is then super adorable with Gladion.

I think it was about this point that I really started loving them as a couple.

Just a normal breakfast time for my new favourite couple.

Wren is still determined to freshly make every meal she eats (which seems like a wasted effort since only half the people in this house actually eat but whatever).

Yuki is the first to discover the new heart shaped pool in the backyard.

Wren corners Zero in the bathroom and yells at him about being a sorry excuse for a vampire.

Wren: You’re love for that boy has made you soft

Zero: I’m sorry I’m not as good of a vampire as dad was

Wren: Don’t worry, no one will ever be as good of a vampire as your father.

Yuki paints a pretty awesome picture that is instantly hung up in the attic skill room.

Zero gives Gladion a romantic massage on their new massage table before Gladion has to head off to work.

Both Gladion and Yuki get a promotion at work.

Yuki gets asked out on a date by Hamilton Holly-Shute (Tyene’s son). That’s gotta be a definite no.

Yuki: Look creep you’re related to me and you’ve also got a kid with my sister. In what universe do you think I’d ever date you? *Hangs up*

After work Zero is the one to get the message.

You can see 1 of the 2 tattoos I gave him too.

Here’s a better look at both tattoos.

He has a G on his chest for Gladion and a rose on his shoulder because the character he was named after had a gun called the bloody rose.

The massage sets the mood and the pair end the night with a risky woohoo.

Will this woohoo result in a pregnancy. Knowing my Sims probably.

After Gladion goes to bed Zero lounges in the swimming pool in the snow. Stupid Sims.

Him floating in the pool and recharging his brain does make a pretty neat picture though.

It’s baby Silvally’s birthday.

Finally! It feels like this dog has been around forever now.

Ok, word of warning, never play with the Nraas play with genetics option with dogs or you’ll end up with this monstrosity.

Silvally was basically a body clone of Red which is why I tried playing with his genetics.

I guess we’re stuck with another small dog as heir then since Red is to old to have more pups now.

Gladion: Thanks for the food Mrs Holly. It is amazing.

Wren: No matter how many times you try to kiss my ass you still aren’t gonna be good enough for my Zero.

Gladion: God damn it! What do I need to do to get you to like me?!

Wren: Leave and don’t come back.

Damn Wren, you really are just like your dad, aren’t you?

Since Zero hasn’t had to go to work yet he’s put on upgrading all the new appliances in the house, starting with one of the bathrooms.

After the awkward meal with his future mother-in-law Gladion let’s off some steam by playing video games.

Gladion: Die you old crone. Die!

I’m not sure that’s the healthiest way of dealing with your frustrations

Gladion: It’s better than doing it in real life

Gladion: I’ll have to call you back Lil, I think I’m hallucinating.

Random Horse: Don’t mind me, just passing through.

Zero: Why the hell is there a horse in my hallway?

Horse: It’s my house now, bitch

Horse: Out of my way peasants, I’m off to go claim by sleeping chambers

Oh no you’re not *Reset sim* And don’t come back!

Yuki: One of these things is not like the other

Random cat: Act like a dog and she won’t notice you

What the hell? Is it just the day for random strays to be invading my house? I don’t even know how they got in.

Wren: I’ve got to admit boy that you’re pretty great at this game

Gladion: *Grumbles* I’ve had a lot of practise

Zero: I don’t feel so great

I honestly can’t remember if this if due to him eating meat/human blood since he’s vegetarian or if he’s pregnant.

Zero: I’m going to die in a ditch with no one around who cares about me

What the heck are you on about now?

Zero: This sickness. It’s gonna be how I die, isn’t it?

I’m pretty sure you’ll be fine.

I’ve said it before and will probably say it again; Sims 3 is weird.
Case in point; Yuki and Zero are only now getting their high school graduation after graduating Uni.

Zero’s award thing sounds pretty accurate but I’m not so sure about Yuki’s.

Aww, look at the two love birds in their formal clothes.

Yes, I gave Zero wings. Problem?

Gladion takes up sketching for all of 5 minutes.

Yuki: Hello, who’s this?

Guzma: It’s your boy Guzma

Yuki: Oh, it’s you

Is it bad that I’d almost forgotten about him.

Yuki: What did you want?

Guzma: I want to see you babe

Yuki: I’ll think about it and get back to you *under breath* Not

Huh, I guess Zero was pregnant after all.

He immediately rolled a wish for a girl so hopefully he gets his wish.

At the same time as Zero’s popping Yuki maxes the painting skill +5

She’s being pretty productive since this is the second skill she’s maxed in this chapter alone.

Even pregnant Zero is still tasked with upgrading the household appliances.

He’s moved onto another of the bathrooms now.

Zero: This is tedious. I have a much better idea to use my time on.

Oh, what’s that then?

Zero: I want to marry Gladion.

Never let it be said that I don’t give my Sims what they want.

Zero: Will you, Gladion Aether, make our growing family complete and marry me.

Gladion: Oh my, that rock is huge!

Zero: So is that a yes?

Wren: You’re making a huge mistake Zero

Zero: It’s my life so butt out

Gladion: Of course it’s a yes.

According to my notes my game was crashing every time I attempted to throw a wedding party for this pair so they get married right there in the kitchen.

Allow me to introduce Mr and Mr Holly, the first ever M/M couple in this legacy surprisingly.

Yuki: Congrats on the wedding baby brother

Zero: Enough of the ‘baby brother’ crap. I’m a married man now.

Yuki: You’ll always be baby brother to me.

Zero: So what about you? You got any plans to tie yourself down?

Yuki: Don’t you start. I get enough of that from Mum.

Zero: You should really consider it, it’s the best feeling in the world.

Yuki: Never gonna happen baby bro

After the marriage Wren instantly wishes to become a grandparent (forgetting the fact that she’s already a grandparent 2 times over with Xanthe and Xhasca’s sons).

Wren: You know, I might hate your brothers chosen partner but at least he’s not going to die old and alone like you.

Yuki: *Tries to ignore her mothers meddling*

Wren: When are you going to find yourself a nice man and give me some grandkids?

Yuki: *Continues to ignore her mother*

Yuki: Answer the damn phone!

Who you calling?

Yuki: Guzma. It’s about time I get my family off my back for good.

Guzma: Yo, what’s up?

Yuki: Get your ass over to my place right now if you value your life!

Yuki: So you do value your life, smart boy.

Guzma: We gonna get on with this or what? I ain’t got all day.

I didn’t even have to do anything to get Yuki to jump into bed with Guzma.

That’s literally the first thing she did when he came over. Oh well, it makes my job easier.

Guzma: Thanks for the memories. Call me any time you want a repeat.

Yuki: Ew

I really hope that she got pregnant from that woohoo because as soon as it’s done Guzma runs home.

Yuki: Ugh, why does my stomach feeling like it’s trying to rip itself apart in an effort to get me to throw up the contents of my lunch?

I don’t have a clue Winking smile

Just an average day for the heirs, Zero upgrades the appliances and Yuki cleans up whatever mess he makes in doing so.

Gladion’s old roommate Calem drops by.

Calem: Hey man, I haven’t seen you in ages.

Gladion: Been busy getting married and stuff.

Calem: Haven’t you heard the stories about this family, man? You should get out before your found in a locked freezer at the bottom of a ravine.

Gladion: *Rolls eyes* I think I’ll be just fine.

Calem: I don’t know, this family is pretty scary.

Gladion: I think you’ll change your mind after meeting my sister-in-law

Calem: Which one, I’m already dating one of them.

Gladion: That explains so much. Just come meet her.

Gladion: Yuki this is my old roommate Calem. Calem this is my sister-in-law Yuki.

Yuki: Oh, you’re cute.

Calem: It’s uh…nice to meet you…you’re not going to eat me, are you?

Yuki: What? Of course not.

Gladion: My job here is done, I’m away to bed for some well earned rest.

Calem: So…uh…if I said you were hot you wouldn’t…uh…tell Xhasca, would you?

Yuki: Who’s that again?

Calem: Your sister?

Yuki: Oh, yeah, I forgot about her. Nah, we’re cool.

Calem: Phew

Wren has turned into the new dog guardian since there is no one else for the job.

Why is it always the oldest sim in the house who the dogs flock to?

Of course we all knew that Yuki was pregnant so it’s not surprising when she pops with her pregnancy.

And with that I think this chapter is officially long enough so I’m gonna end it here.

Join us next time for the births of at least the first 2 babies of generation 9.

Townie Updates:

If I remember rightly this is their first or second pregnancy.

It doesn’t really surprise me that Guzma’s getting thrown out now that Gladion’s not there to protect him.

Aw, I was actually sad about this break-up (at least for a little while)

Especially when this happened.

My only thought was please don’t let Xhasca and Hamilton get back together.

Aw, why do all my Sims keep breaking up?

Ok, so this is their second pregnancy since I definitely remember Hala being their first born.

God damn it Xhasca!

If you don’t remember Jamison is Hamilton’s younger brother.

Visenya’s eldest Minerva has adopted her first child (I say first because I’m pretty sure this is the first of many).

I was deliriously happy when these two got together.

I can’t even remember these two getting together but yay, more cute babies for me to fawn over.


Self wetting (18) -90
For each sim failing school (1) -5
For every game induced visit from a police officer, firefighter or babysitter (when you don’t call them but the game makes them come)  (2) -10
Passing Out (47) -235
Accidental Deaths (4) -40
Social Worker Visit (0)

Every Birth (24) +120
Every Twin Birth (6) +60
Every Triplet Birth (0)
Fulfilling LTW (14) +560
For each Sim that gets on the honor roll (19) +95
Randomizing every LTW choice and trait for a whole generation of children (6) +60
Not using spares Happiness points for a generation (6) +50
Every 100,000 dollars (6) +120

Every sim to master a skill (33) +165

Every sim to max their career (10) +100

Painting of Torch holder somewhere in the house (0)

Total points: 945

Chapter 8.3 – Uni Misadventures

Another day another update for these idiots.

How’s it going people of the interwebs?

Hope you’re all ready to read about 3 doofus’ at uni because that’s all this chapter is pretty much.

Oh well, the quicker we can get this over with the quicker we can get onto the important things like babies (only in the Sims will that ever be appropriate to say haha)

Of course said doofus’ aren’t at uni yet. They are enjoying some chill time before all the hard work starts.

Wren: Good luck at Uni, you’re going to need it Bitch

Gladion: Whatever, at least I know I won’t end up a bitter, lonely old woman

Zero: *Sigh* Do I really need to referee you two again?

You might wonder why there’s some random baby plopped into this chapter. The answer is simple.

This is Tristen, the baby Xhasca had last chapter. I got a pop-up he’d aged and was curious what he looked like.

He’s kind of cute for an incest baby (not a sentence I ever thought I’d have to say).

Yuki: I need to book a moving truck ASAP

Wait, you’re telling me the actual uni part of this uni chapter is about to start?

Yuki: No need to be a smartass

As you can see Yuki couldn’t wait to leave her ancestral home. Zero on the other hand was far less eager.

Yuki: Zero, Gladion, hurry both you’re asses up or I’m leaving without you!

Zero: But mum…

Yuki: 3…2…1

Zero: Fine, we’re coming

I don’t know why but I always seem to dump my Sims into the exact same dorm.

Yuki, Zero and Gladion were no exception to that.

Zero’s first action upon arriving was to introduce himself to his first roommate, Tiffany Angles.

Zero: Hi, I’m Zero Holly and I’ll be your roommate for the next 2 weeks

Tiffany: Hi legacy sim, I’m just an NPC and will probably not be seen again on your stay here

Zero: 0.o

Of course they go to the mandatory meet and greet as expected and Yuki grabs herself some free stuff.

Yuki: Hmm, let me grab some of these candy bars

You don’t even eat!

Yuki: So. You never know what dumbasses I’ll have as roommates. I could make some money by selling these gross candy bars to them.

Whilst Yuki is doing that Zero does exactly what he does at home; finds an arcade machine to play.

At least the other 2 are sticking to character.

Mr Loner here actively went out of his way to corner this girl and start a game of table tennis with her.

Gladion: What? I promised Lillie I’d get the full Uni experience whilst I was here.

As soon as Gladion is finished Zero takes over with another nameless uni student.

Yuki also finds an easel to paint on.

What’s the point in being at Uni if you’re just gonna do what you did at home?

Yuki: Bite me

Yuki: …And that is why cats will always be better than dogs

Don’t you own 3 dogs?

Yuki:…Shut up

Zero: She does have a point

Yuki: Don’t you start *Grumble*

They do eventually all go home just in time for Gladion (and the human dormies) to head to bed.

The aliens stay up at night on the computers.

First day of classes for all of them.
I forgot to say but Yuki is doing Technology, Zero is Physical education and Gladion is Communication.

While everyone is at class the stove catches fire.

One of the dormies must’ve left some food cooking when class started.

Since no one was around to put out the fire a fire-fighter was called -5

Fire-fighter: Stupid party kids, should turn the oven off when they go out *grumble*

When Gladion comes he home makes some hotdogs for dinner. Please don’t set the kitchen on fire again!

Gladion: How exactly do you suppose I set the kitchen on fire with a microwave?

I don’t know, just don’t!

Yuki sneaks some study time in in the morning before class.

Yuki: I already know all the crap, why am I even bothering?

Maybe there’s stuff you don’t know?

Yuki: Nope, I should be the teacher if this is all they’re gonna give me.

I mean…at least the girl knows how to go after what she wants. Amirite?

Meanwhile Zero goes to his first outdoors class.

Please don’t stay out in the sun too long

Zero: Don’t worry, I got this

Why doesn’t that make me feel any better

After she’d finished teaching her class Yuki hurries off to join her outside class too.

After Nyx I am seriously paranoid any time my vampires are out in the sun.

Luckily neither of my heirs died (this time at least).

In his down time Zero has done quite a bit of social climbing (playing video games basically) since being at Uni and manages to snag a new trait.

Zero slept through his first lecture which was pretty funny to me since he doesn’t sleep through being an alien.

Zero: Zzzz…Shh, they don’t know that…zzzz

Are the lectures really that boring?

Zero: Zzzz…I’d rather be dead…zzzz

Gladion on the other hand has turned to alcohol from the stress of Uni life.

Gladion: This whole mingling this is much harder than Lillie made it out to be

You’re telling me

Gladion: Isss tat a new Pokémans? I shood tell Kukui

Uni Guy: Nah man, its the social bunny

Gladion: Wassa Social Bunny?

That’s enough Gladion, I think you’re a bit drunk

Gladion: Am not

Gladion: Little genie men live in clouds. Iss terri-scary, right?

You’re wasted Gladion, go to bed

Gladion: Make me

At the end of the first week all 3 pass their exams with flying colours. All 3 also get on the Dean’s list.

I’m only controlling Zero and Yuki so it’s surprising that Gladion is doing so well on his own.

To celebrate ending their first term successfully Zero and Gladion have their first ever woohoo together since Zero’s had 2 wishes for it since Gladion moved in.

Straight afterwards Gladion gets out of bed to pass out beside it 5

Yuki: I don’t even want to know what’s going on here

That’s probably for the best tbh

What you up to Yuki?

Yuki: It’s the weekend so I’m throwing the biggest kegger this campus has ever seen

You are?

Yuki: Damn straight I am

Gladion: I heard there was beer

The party hasn’t even started yet

Gladion: Doesn’t matter, I have beer

Yuki: This party is gonna be hella lit

Some random faceone crashed the party but she brought chocolate gnomes so for the she can stay.

Yuki: Higher Gladion, I’m not getting enough beer

Gladion: You’re still helping me next, right?

Yuki: Yeah, sure

Gladion: That doesn’t sound very sincere

Yuki: Shut up and lift

Hey look, Tiffany, the girl Zero first talked to when he arrived at uni, was actually seen again.

Tiffany does eventually put her clothes back on but not before 2 others decided to copy her.

I’m not sure what’s different in this picture but I really love how Yuki looks.

Maybe it’s the slightly bluer tint to her skin?

Yuki: Or maybe I’m just naturally this gorgeous?

I can’t argue with you there

The party was pretty good as a whole, nothing too interesting happened apart from the streakers.

Zero: This is going straight on SimBook

Gladion: *Literally too drunk to care*

I love how in love these two are, it’s adorable.

Is that really a good idea in your condition?

Gladion: What do you mean? I can see fine…why are there three white balls on the table.

Yeah, you definitely can see fine

Damn it! I was too busy watching Gladion and his antics with the pool table that I didn’t notice Yuki needed to pee -5

Yuki: Yeah, it’s definitely your fault this happened

After her little accident Yuki goes to find her brother.

Yuki: How’s uni going for you?

Zero: it’s wonderful Yuki. I love it here.

Yuki: Ok, who are you and what have you done with my constantly in a bad mood little brother?

Yuki: No seriously, what have you done with him. Let me just examine your brain for a sec.

Zero: It’s still me

Yuki: God damn, it really is

It’s the first day back at classes for the kiddos after their weekend off.

Zero: Nooo! Why can’t the other Zero take my classes for me?

Yuki: There’s no other Zero you dumbass

I regret buying the keg now since Yuki’s obsessed with it, even with classes in a few hours.

I sometimes regret marrying a vampire into the family because look at how much fun Gladion is having playing outside in the leaves

whilst his boyfriend has passed out because of too much sun exposure -5.

Please don’t die on me Zero.

I think this is about the point that I installed a daywalkers mod so that Yuki and Zero wouldn’t die since they have classes outside so often but it didn’t work and they were still passing out left and right.

Damn it Yuki, stop flirting with the plantsim, you have a boyfriend!

Yuki: I told you before, I don’t have a boyfriend I have a complication. I made no commitments.

Gladion eats chocolate with a fork. The savage!

Gladion: I’m no savage, I’m just far more technologically advanced than you are

Yeah, sure, cause a fork is the height of technological advancement.

Professor: …So in conclusion there are 9 planets in our current solar system

Yuki: Ugh, why is everyone around here so stupid? Everyone knows there’s only 8 planets in the solar system!

Nope, there’s no way I’m starting that argument up again. I’ve had enough of that with my little sister.

Purple haired girl: Woohoo before marriage is not tolerated around here. it is wrong!

Yuki: Shit Gladion, do you think she knows about you and Zero?

Gladion: Just shut your big mouth and keep walking.

Last exams go passed and they all pass with flying colours again.
To celebrate the end of term this time they all go bowling since I’ve never done that in game before.

Whilst they are bowling the boys complete their LTW’s +80

What’s the mega creepy smile for?

Yuki: I got an A! That’s got to show those shitty professors that I’m better than them!

They are literally the ones that gave you that grade dingus

Yuki: Silence!

Surprisingly all 3 managed to get A’s.

I was pleasantly surprised about Gladion results since he was completely on his own.

Before they leave the uni campus Yuki paints a really cute painting that I think I ended up taking home and putting up.

Yuki: Wooo! No more school for me!

All 3 get a new trait from graduating.

Zero gets Hopeless Romantic.

Yuki somehow rolls Commitment Issues which is a glitch since it conflicts with her Hopeless romantic trait so the trait disappears. That’s a shame. What I’m going to do though since she technically rolled the trait is swap out her hopeless romantic trait for the commitment issues one since she’s obviously trying to tell me something. This will change my plans for her and Guzma but it’s fine. I can work around that.
Gladion gets Night Owl as his new trait.

Since all 3 will be heading home now I think it’s best to end the chapter here. See you all in the next one ❤

Oh, I should probably mention that I have uploaded Xanthe, Xhasca, Yuki, Zero and Zuko along with Visenya’s kids Minerva and Severus on the download page so go grab some idiots.

Townie Update:

The only update we have from town this time is Winter and Visenya finally tying the knot. It’s about time. They’ve literally been together since the beginning of generation 7 and have 5 kid together. The only surprise is this didn’t happen sooner.


Self wetting (18) -90
For each sim failing school (1) -5
For every game induced visit from a police officer, firefighter or babysitter (when you don’t call them but the game makes them come)  (2) -10
Passing Out (47) -235
Accidental Deaths (4) -40
Social Worker Visit (0)

Every Birth (24) +120
Every Twin Birth (6) +60
Every Triplet Birth (0)
Fulfilling LTW (14) +560
For each Sim that gets on the honor roll (19) +95
Randomizing every LTW choice and trait for a whole generation of children (6) +60
Not using spares Happiness points for a generation (6) +50
Every 100,000 dollars (6) +120

Every sim to master a skill (31) +155

Every sim to max their career (10) +100

Painting of Torch holder somewhere in the house (0)

Total points: 935

Chapter 8.2 – Just Kiss Him Already!

Day 2 Update 2 of SimNaNoWriMo, nothing more to say than that.

What the heck happened to you?

Zero: Don’t look at me, I’m hideous!

Hmm, that strange that Zero’s skin’s messed up and Yuki’s isn’t.

Yuki: Why does all the cool stuff always happen to Zero?

This is the view from the backyard (if I remember correctly). So pretty!

Whilst I was trying to fix Zero’s skin issues (because it started to bother me) Severus (Visenya’s son) aged up and according to my notes he was saved like his sister to be uploaded with the rest of his siblings.

Okay so I tried everything I could think of to fix Zero’s wacky skin, even going back to an earlier save where he was working fine but as soon as he aged up he had the same issue.

Just as I was about to say screw it and leave Zero as he was his skin mysteriously fixed itself. Weird. I am so done trying to understand this game at this point.

After all the hassle with his skin Zero goes and immediately spends some quality time with the new dog.

He’s a good boy really.

Yuki is busy painting so I decided it’s time to work on Zero’s part of the generation.

I almost missed it whilst out looking for Gladion but Red gives birth to a single male pup named Silvally (really what else could I  have called him when one of the spouses this Gen is Gladion).

Welcome Gen 8 (I think) of the dog legacy!

Gladion is finally found at the cemetery flirting with Avery Holly (Sabine’s son).

That can’t happen so I quickly sent Zero to break it up.

Zero: Alright, where’s this guy I’m meant to woo?

You doofus they’re behind you!

Zero: Hi! You’re gonna be my husband one day!

Tactful Zero, very tactful

Zero: What can I say, he’s hot!

Avery: What about me, am I hot Zero?

Ew, why is this family determined to be filled with incest now? Gross.

Well at least that worked out.

Zero: Sorry about being so forward earlier, I just really like you

Gladion: Uh huh

Zero: Why do I get the feeling that I’m being watched?

Gladion: That’s just my little sister Lillie. She’s determined to watch out for me.

Lillie: I got your back big brother

Gladion: Do you want to head somewhere else? It’s kind of weird thinking about flirting while my sister is watching

Zero: You’re thinking about flirting with me?

Lillie: If you go anywhere near my brother with your jellyfish I will find you

Zero: I think you’re right about needing to get out of here. Let’s go back to mine, now!

Zero: *To self* Please don’t let my family embarrass me in front of him

Gladion: Nice uh…house you have here

Zero: *Blurts out* I love you!

You really are a train wreck, aren’t you?

Silvally: I hope I’m not as much of a mess as he is when I’m older

Hush up, his bumbling ways are endearing

Silvally: If you say so

Don’t you sass me!

Gladion: Did you really mean it when you said you loved me?

Zero: Yeah…I mean…no…I mean…what do you think?

Gladion: You’re cute

Zero: *To self* He thinks I’m cute! He really thinks I’m cute!

Gladion: What the hell do you think you’re doing?!

Zero: I just thought…

Gladion: I said you’re cute. That doesn’t mean I want you to kiss me!

Zero: I’m so sorry. I’ve never done anything like this before

Gladion: I can definitely tell

Zero: Does that mean you forgive me?

Gladion: I guess *Hugs*

After a few more hours of flirting I’m finally able to get Gladion to go steady with Zero.

This pair haven’t shared any kisses yet but they are a couple and that’s all I care about.

I think it’s even at this point that I moved Gladion in so he didn’t go ruining my plans again.

Zero: To celebrate you deciding to spend the rest of your life with me can I…can I drink from you?

Gladion: I guess so, just make it quick

Zero: Anything for you, my love

Gladion: I’m seriously beginning to regret this already


If he has dark hair, blue eyes and his name is Damon Salvatore I wholeheartedly agree

Still to this day I love this character more than I should but that’s enough about me

Moving swiftly on we find Zero upchucking the entire contents of his stomach.

For a minute this really confused me cause I remember he wasn’t pregnant yet.

Once again my notes have the answer and his throwing up is a result of him drinking human blood when he’s a vegetarian.

I completely forgot he even had that trait.

Another reason I moved Gladion in earlier than Guzma is because I didn’t want Zero going to uni on his own.

It turns out Gladion also has the same LTW as Zero so that worked out perfectly (I honestly forgot I’d given Gladion that LTW when I made him).

I should also mention that Gladion moved in with maxed charisma skill so I don’t get confused later.

As soon as Zero started working on his aptitude test Yuki rolled the wish to go to Uni too so I let her fill out a test too.

Only Yuki gets a partial scholarship so I decided that they needed a little more skilling before they head off so I can finish it up in one go because no way was I sending them back once they come home.

Yuki’s going for technology so she’s working on logic. Zero’s going for physical ed so he’s working out.

While the heirs are skilling Gladion is napping in the old kids room with Delgado.

Maybe it’s just me but it kind of feels like Wren hasn’t really been around this chapter. It’s mostly cause she’s always working.

Wren: That and I hate you

Aw, look at Delgado being a good daddy and playing with his son Red heart

While Zero and Yuki are busy working hard on their skills Gladion is enjoying his freedom by building an igloo.

Gladion: Ah solitude, my oldest friend

That peace doesn’t last for long though as Wren soon tracks down the new addition.

Wren: You’re the kid my son’s dating, right?

Gladion: Might be

Wren: Let me warn you right now, you hurt him and I will introduce you to a world of pain the likes you have never known

Gladion: *Gulps* Duly noted ma’am

Gladion: Listen Mrs Holly, I would never hurt your son. He’s amazing.

Wren: Then you have nothing to fear from me

Red: Stand still Silvally, you’re a mess


Wren nabs herself another well deserved promotion at work.

Gladion is being a good autonomous sim and takes out the trash.

Although saying that, it might just be Zuko’s remains.

I’m so glad that Yuki still has the power to fix broken things with her mind since she’s barely got any alien DNA. It’s a power that I so often forget about.

I quickly re-did some of the old rooms in the house for Yuki, Zero and their new partners.

Wren: So when are you moving your boyfriend in?

Yuki: I don’t have a boyfriend, I have a complication

Zero maxes athletics so they are now officially ready for Uni +5

Damn it Delgado, stop destroying the furniture!

Zero: Destroy my furniture again and I will build you a nice little doghouse out in the yard

Delgado: Y…yes sir, it won’t happen again

Before they head off to Uni Yuki is able to get get first promotion at work.

Speaking of firsts it took days of them living together but finally Zero is able to get his first kiss from Gladion.

I think this is as good a time as any to stop so I’ll see you in the next update.

Townie Updates:

Xhasca apparently gave birth to her incest baby.

And straight after got into a more normal relationship with someone who isn’t related to her (no matter how distantly).

Gladion’s sister Lillie is left to pick up the pieces that Xhasca left behind.

Here’s hoping their new relationships work out and they don’t get back together.


Self wetting (17) -85
For each sim failing school (1) -5
For every game induced visit from a police officer, firefighter or babysitter (when you don’t call them but the game makes them come)  (1) -5
Passing Out (45) -225
Accidental Deaths (4) -40
Social Worker Visit (0)

Every Birth (24) +120
Every Twin Birth (6) +60
Every Triplet Birth (0)
Fulfilling LTW (12) +480
For each Sim that gets on the honor roll (19) +95
Randomizing every LTW choice and trait for a whole generation of children (6) +60
Not using spares Happiness points for a generation (6) +50
Every 100,000 dollars (6) +120

Every sim to master a skill (31) +155

Every sim to max their career (10) +100

Painting of Torch holder somewhere in the house (0)

Total points: 875