Chapter 8.6 – Too Little Too Late

Just a quick warning before this chapter begins, it’s fairly long (like over 100 pictures long)

So buckle yourself in because you’ll be here for a while haha

To start this behemoth (at least by my standards) chapter we have Arrow continuing to be the most adorable thing ever.

Wren: Maybe I’m not the best person to be saying this but shouldn’t you go and spend some time with your daughter?

Zero: You’re right, you’re not the best person to say anything like that to me so keep your nose out.

Wren: I’m just trying to help. With Gladion gone she needs you…

Zero: Butt out! You’re only here to play chess with me not stick your nose into my business.

At least one of my heirs is being a good parent.

I think at this point I decided that the twins would be the last kids of this generation, mostly ’cause my original plan was for both heirs to have 2 kids each and since Zero’s spouse is dead I think 3 kids are just fine (Although you’ll see in 2 chapters why that doesn’t exactly work out). That still gives us 3 options for heir.

To make mine, and Yuki’s, lives easier I set Yuki to teaching the twins their toddler skills right away.
She manages to get Zossie all skilled up (and Arrow’s training is already finished) so it’s just Soliera to go.

I really like how small this generation is.

It’s a nice change from the last time I had dual heirs.

Yuki: You need to go spend time with your daughter

Zero: Gah, not you too. I’ve already had this from mum.

Yuki: Well get your head out of your ass and go spend time with her.

Zero: I haven’t got time to spend with her…

Yuki: Arrow. Her name is Arrow and she’s your daughter.

Zero: Just leave me alone.

Yuki: This is so unfair. He’s heir too but I’m the one singlehandedly stuck cleaning up all the messes around here and taking care of the kids while he gets to do whatever the fuck he wants!!

I haven’t forgotten about the dogs, they just spend their days doing boring stuff (like Silvally swimming in the pool)

All the little bubs are in bed sleeping at the same time for once…

…which gives Yuki a much needed break to get some painting done.

I didn’t even realize you could fish in the pond in the backyard until Wren autonomously did it.

Out of all the hobbies she could’ve picked up this was not one I would’ve  considered for her.

Another day brings more toddler care for Yuki.

The sofas have basically just turned into glorified dog beds at this point.

Zossie: Mummy stop paying attention to stinky Arrow and pay attention to me!!

Oh, it would seem someone’s a little jealous

Zossie: But she’s my mummy *screams*

With the new day it’s time for Soliera’s toddler skilling.

It would appear that Soli is much more stubborn that her twin or her cousin.

Yuki: Can’t you just give me a break?

Soliera: …No…

Arrow: I’m good, aren’t I Aunt Yuki?

Yuki: Yes you are baby girl and that’s why I love you so much

Arrow: I love you too

Awww Red heart

Soliera: What should we do about Arrow?

Zossie: She’s taking all mummy’s time.

Soliera: Stupid Arrow should be spending time with her daddy not our mummy.

Please girls, be nice to your cousin.

Soli and Zossie: We make no promises.

It’s rare for Yuki to get any down time because she’s always looking after the girls but with them all being trained up she has some free time to get some skilling done. She starts dancing at the ballet bar ’cause I remembered that she needed the athletic skill for her career.

The kids really don’t leave the nursery.

Oh well, it makes it easier for me to keep an eye on them.

I never realizes how sly Silvally looks until I saw Wren holding him.

Just look at that face.

Doesn’t he look like he’s plotting something?

Apparently Wren is still the designated dog carer.

It’s Yuki’s first day back at work since getting pregnant.

Here’s hoping the kids will be ok without her.

The first thing Wren does as soon as Yuki’s gone is steal candy from Soliera.

So we’re off to a good start then.

Luckily Wren has to run off to work soon after so no more candy was stolen.

Wren: I’ll make up for it later

Luckily the kids mostly take care of themselves whilst Yuki and Wren are away.

That’s good ’cause Zero definitely won’t.

Yuki does manage to snag herself a promotion on her first day back. Good job!

Well crap. This was exactly what I was hoping to avoid.

Arrow: Please Sir, can I have some food? Even a scrap of food will do.

Zero: Can someone shut that kid up?!

Maybe if you actually got off your ass and fed her she’d be quiet, just a suggestion.

Zero: I don’t have time for that crap.

Hurry up and get home Yuki

Yuki does get home a little while later and promptly gets all the kids fed.

Arrow: Yay, finally some food

Yuki: Don’t worry baby girl, this will never happen again

Soliera: Please don’t leave us with that mean old man again mummy

Yuki: Don’t worry mummy’s going to have a stern talk with Uncle Zero.

Yuki: How dare you leave them in that state! You could’ve at least handed them a bottle, is that really too much to ask?

Zero: This isn’t my problem

Yuki: It damn well is. One of those kids is YOU’RE daughter. I don’t expect you to take care of my girls but you need to at least step up for Arrow!

Zero: Chill out, it’s not like she was going to die or anything.

Yuki: You stupid sonovabitch, you left her to starve! All she wants is her daddy and all you do is disappoint her over and over again. I’m sick of it!

Yuki: Mum, I need help with Zero. This can’t go on.

Wren: He’s still grieving, loosing the love of your life is not something you just get over.

Yuki: I know that mum but he’s got a toddler who desperately needs her daddy.

Wren: Just leave him be Yuki. You’ll only make things worse if you don’t.

Zero: Yuki’s right, I know that, this can’t go on much longer, but how can I escape this heartbreak?

I don’t think you can Zero, you just have to find a way to live with it.

Zero: But how can I live with it when I know I’ll see him in her every time I look at her?

I really don’t know.

After a long time with his thoughts in the bathroom Zero comes out and picks up Zossie.

It’s the wrong child but baby steps.

Yuki: Just because he picks up my daughter one time does not make up for the years of shitty behaviour.

Give him a chance, he’s trying.

Yuki: It’s too little too late

It does seem that it is a little too late as Arrow’s birthday is now upon us.

OMG, on the same day that Arrow’s having her birthday Gladion makes his first ever appearance as a ghost.

That is both the sweetest and saddest thing at the same time.

Zero runs straight into Gladion’s arms as soon as he sees him.

I’m still not over Gladion’s death.

Gah, I miss those 2 together so much (but the Oh My Ghost Opportunity won’t come up Crying face)

At least both of Arrow’s daddies are there to help her celebrate (even if Gladion will soon disappear again. Damn, I made myself sad again).

Yuki: Make a wish baby girl

Arrow: I wish everyone was happy instead of being sad all the time.

Unsurprisingly Arrow is still completely adorable as a child.

Of course she would roll Loser though, it just fits with her tragic backstory, doesn’t it?

To top off her bad luck at some point during her growing up Gladion disappeared. Oh well, at least he was there for part of it.

Zero: Happy Birthday!

Arrow: Nice try but you mean nothing to me.

Zero: *to self* Keep cheering like you’re not dying inside

Since there is only 3 kids this generation and a bunch of unused rooms Arrow gets to move out of the nursery and get her own big girl room.

Arrow is quick to find her new bedroom.

Arrow: Hi Grandma

Zossie: Arrow save me, she’s going to steal my candy. I can feel it.

I can’t even remember why I took this picture.

Arrow takes to painting like her aunt Yuki.

Arrow: Of course I did. She’s my hero, I want to be just like her when I grow up.

Aw, that so sweet.

The twins are still around too, terrorising the dolls in the dollhouse.

I’m pretty sure they will be aging up shortly too since they weren’t born long after Arrow was.

It’s so sweet watching these two paint together.

The twins have somehow got IF’s now and apparently since they’re vampires they like to bite the IF’s necks.

Nice touch EA.

If this shows anything it’s that I don’t play with the supernatural elements of this game nearly enough.

Wren gets promoted to lv9 in her job.

She’s 1 level away from topping her second career now!

Arrow: Aunt Yuki, what’s an Ooga Booga?

Yuki: It’s a mask that will help you get through the level. Why do you ask?

Arrow: I just got one and it stopped me from dying.

Yuki: That’s great baby girl, keep up the good work.

Arrow: Aunt Yuki, is the world made up of different colour candy flosses?

Yuki: The world can be made up of whatever you want it to be.

Arrow: Really?

Yuki: Definitely

I haven’t been spending much attention on the twins since Arrow aged up so have a cute picture of Soliera.

The attention quickly turns back to Arrow though since she’s so adorable!

Wren acts all nice and grandmotherly with Soliera which is highly suspicious…

…only to turn around and think about nukes whilst staring at her.

I really don’t like that she’s thinking about that whilst staring at her grandchild.

I told you I didn’t like it as she goes and steals candy from poor Soliera seconds later.

Arrow: Ahhh, I’m all wet. Thanks you stupid dog!

Zossie: *Cries* Mummy get rid of those dogs.

Guys isn’t this a bit of an overreaction? None of the dogs are even in the room.

Since growing up Arrow spends most of her time painting.

Have a random picture of Zossie that I completely forgot why I took it. (Does that sentence even make sense? I really shouldn’t be writing these chapters at midnight but here I am anyway with only a cup of lukewarm tea to energise me)

Zero heads to his first day at work ever (since he got time off to have Arrow and then time off when he got married).

And yes, his work outfit somehow defaulted to his formal wear so he goes to work dressed as Cupid.

Enjoy one last look at the twins as toddlers because today is their birthday.

They have to wait until Yuki comes home from work to blow out their candles though because apparently none of the other adults in this house are capable.

*Sparkle butt*

They are very pretty but did anyone really expect anything else with them being Yuki’s daughters?

They are also surprisingly similar facially. I think Zossie has a different jawline from her twin but apart from that they are identical.

Just like their cousin the twins get their own room.

I’ll have you know this is the most effort I’ve ever put into making over a kids room before.

Normally they stay in the nursery until they move out/become YA.

Soliera is quick to find and play with one of the rocking horses.

There is a small playground outside the school in town and Arrow is often found there after school instead of coming home.

Zossie eats some burnt food whilst her mum recharges her brain power.

Yuki: Don’t let Grandma see you eating burnt food. She’ll throw a fit.

Zossie: Don’t worry Mum, she’s at work.

Soliera goes looking for monsters underneath Zero and Gladion’s old bed.

Soliera: That is the scariest thing I’ve ever seen!

You went looking for monsters. What exactly were you expecting to find under there?

Soliera: Not that anyway!

Zero proves that at least the computer under Zossie’s bed works (unfortunately the ballet bar does not).

Soli’s embracing her vampire side already by having a plasma pack as her first meal.

Soliera: Got to get used to it at some point, right?

I swapped the teddy and the ballet bar around and now it works. Yay!

Soliera: Your turns done now Zossie. It’s my go.

Zossie: Out of my way peasant before I have Patches run you down.

Soliera: Her name isn’t Patches it’s Buttermilk and it’s my turn on her!

Girls it’s 3am, go to bed!

Since I don’t think I’ve done it in this legacy Yuki is sent to the computer to sign up the 3 girls for after school clubs. Arrow is put into the art club, Soliera is put into scouts and Zossie is put into ballet.

It’s 4 in the morning and instead of being in bed Arrow is still up.

She doesn’t go to bed so I’m foreseeing a fail when she comes home from school.

Red: A little further up…

Yuki: Is that good?

Red: Ah, that’s the spot

With the kids now at school all day and no one left to steal candy from Wren has taken to spending her days in the pool.

The dogs sometimes join her but more often than not she’s on her own out there.

Wren: And that’s how I like it. I can’t stand the stench of wet dog!

Yuki get’s herself another promotion.

Silvally: Um…a little help here…I think I’m having a malfunction

Yuki: if I don’t turn around and look at it it will go away

Silvally: You keep telling yourself that but I’m here to stay

Yuki: *shivers* This is why I prefer cats

Silvally: That’s hurtful

I am so proud of Arrow, instead of failing she comes home from school and goes straight to bed.

Once she wakes up Yuki autonomously helps her with her homework.

I absolutely adore how close these two are.

Arrow then goes and paints an awesome painting that goes with the colour scheme of her room so that’s where it’s placed.

Arrow isn’t the only one who gets attention from Yuki though; Zossie gets to play a game of chess with her before school.

I have no idea what this was about.

Arrow: It bit me!

That’s not the best way to make a first impression, is it Red.

Red: *Grumbles* Stupid Human, I was only trying to lick you.

Wren: Hey Soli, I know I was kind of mean when you were younger but to make it up to you I want to read you a bedtime story.

Soliera: Seriously? No tricks?

Wren: No tricks, I promise.

Soliera: Ok then

Wren: And the evil warlock slaughtered the whole village to save his true beloved.

Soliera: You tell the best stories Grandma

Wren: I know, right

Wren: Sweet dreams Soli

Well, that’s different. Who are you and what have you done with the real Wren?

Wren: I do have a softer side, you know

Softer side my ass. You’re still refusing to acknowledge the existence of your 2 eldest children.

Wren: Ok, I have a softer side when it comes to my true descendants.

… I have no words

I actually forgot we had a washing machine since the last time anyone used it was Gladion before he died.

Zero: Did you have to mention his name?

Oop, sorry

Anyway, I think this is as good a time as any to wrap up this chapter. 2 down 2 to go. I’m really starting to think I can get this generation done before the end of this month.

Townie Updates:

I didn’t even know that Severus was with someone let alone having a kid.

Yay, I’m so glad these two couples got married.

All I can say is halleluiah that these two broke up.

Now go find someone who isn’t related to you Xhasca.

This is her third child, I think.

This is their third child too.

Damn, cousin Minerva’s is going to adopt the whole town before long.

This is her fourth adopted child. No biological children as of yet though.

Finally, someone she isn’t related too. Please stay together for the sake of my sanity.

Also, I guess I was wrong when I thought they were together last chapter. Oops.


Self wetting (18) -90
For each sim failing school (1) -5
For every game induced visit from a police officer, firefighter or babysitter (when you don’t call them but the game makes them come)  (2) -10
Passing Out (47) -235
Accidental Deaths (5) -50
Social Worker Visit (0)

Every Birth (25) +125
Every Twin Birth (7) +70
Every Triplet Birth (0)
Fulfilling LTW (14) +560
For each Sim that gets on the honor roll (19) +95
Randomizing every LTW choice and trait for a whole generation of children (6) +60
Not using spares Happiness points for a generation (6) +50
Every 100,000 dollars (6) +120

Every sim to master a skill (34) +170

Every sim to max their career (10) +100

Painting of Torch holder somewhere in the house (0)

Total points: 955 (No change this time)


2 thoughts on “Chapter 8.6 – Too Little Too Late

  1. Yuki is officially my favorite heiress/heir, hands down. She’s such an awesome mom and aunt.
    I adore her so much!
    I feel bad for Zero, but..he really just didn’t try with Arrow. It makes me sad. I hope Gladion can come back.


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