Chapter 4.11 – Bring It On!

Hey guys, I know this chapter was meant to be posted on Wednesday but I was bored and I’m always super busy on a Wednesday so this was easier for me.

Also, this chapter is slightly longer because I wanted to get to the point I could post the heir poll.

With that being said, let’s get started.

I figured we should start this chapter of with Marissa’s first transformation into her werewolf self since she became a teen.  She looks really strange and I might need to tweak her werewolf face a little to make her look better.

Poor Oreo kept getting shooed off the multiple beds he chose to sleep on.

I guess he just decided to give up on bed sleeping for now since he’s been sleeping on the unused egg chair in Kami and Linden’s room a lot lately.

Linden: Let’s fight

Marissa: Bring it on

Linden: You’re going down

Marissa: You wish it was that easy

I hate to break it to you Missy but she’s kind of right.

In the end Linden did win but that shouldn’t be surprising since she’s got the higher athletic skill.

Also, I think this is a werewolf thing because it put their relationship up not down which I’ve never seen before.

Dev: See the cake? You stick your face right into it and start eating as fast as you can.

Niska: Like this daddy?

Devan: Perfect

After her fight with Linden Missy gets in a quick game of hoops with Ori before heading off to school with the rest of her sisters.

Missy: I’ll show her. I’ll get my athletic skill way up and the next time we fight I’ll be the winner.

I hate to say it but Grace is boring me a little because I really don’t have anything to do with her anymore so on a whim I got her a job in the business career ’cause I figured it suited her Formal trait. I’ll probably live to regret this decision but for now it keeps her busy.

There is only one flaw with that plan. Her new boss is one of her old enemies from when she was doing her LTW. She is quickly set to rectifying that since her promotion depends on her relationship with her boss.

Grace: *eyeroll* It’s not my fault he obviously preferred me to you, you should’ve learnt how to keep your man safely netted.

You’re never gonna get promoted if you keep going like that

Grace: Ok boss, I’m sorry I said that. I was horrible and I’ve learnt from my errors in judgement in the past.

Much better.

Missy: I wish this homework was more about working out. That would’ve been so much better than stupid Maths.

Niska: Is that all you care about now?

Missy: I’m going to beat Linden even if it kills me.

Niska: You are so dumb

Ori discovers the jungle gym and spends most of the night playing on it instead of going to bed like a sane person.

Kami: They’ll never know it was me who set this trap.

Yeah, you’re doing it out in the open without even trying to hide it but sure, they’ll never know.

Ori rediscovers her IF as a child. Hopefully she doesn’t put it down to make it come to life.

Kami tries out the sketching table for the first time. She is the first of this whole legacy to touch it.
She ends up drawing a random half arm thing.

Believe it or not but these two are both watching the TV but apparently Marissa decided it was better to watch it from way over to the side instead of on the sofa right in from of it. Sims logic.

Niska: Hey, this athletic thing isn’t actually that bad. Marissa might’ve been onto something.

Man, this generation really is into sports.

Ori out of the blue takes an interest in Sky. Isn’t it strange how it’s always Sky who gets the attention in this house? I feel kind of bad for the other dogs ‘cause they are mostly ignored.

Elderly Az sets of Kami’s earlier booby trap.

Az: Who would do such a thing? My poor heart can’t take that kind of shock!

Thank goodness, Grace finally wished for something useful (she wished to learn to paint).

I was randomly checking where Azlan was and discovered that he is barely friends with Cai anymore for no reason I can think of. That’s pretty sad since they used to be all over each other.

Marissa is still trying to boost her athletic skill.

Missy: Ugh, this is a lot harder than it looks.

She is getting better the more time she spends out there though.

Missy: She shoot, she scores!

This just made me laugh so much since they are both formal but their whole relationship has the gender roles reversed.

It’s Niska’s birthday.

Some of the family turn up to help her celebrate but everyone else apparently had better things to do.

Wow, she is so pretty and so unique too.

I can’t say enough how much I love the genetic diversity this generation.

Niska’s animal lover trait really shines through straight away, and what would you know, it isn’t Sky that gets her attention.

Linden: I am the alpha werewolf in this house and you better all get used to it.

Kami and Ori: She is so fully of herself.

Cai: Your kids are so weird

Grace: I know, right?

Ori: I can hear you, you know

Grace: *whispers* Still so weird.

Are you gonna be attached to the dogs from now on Niska?

Niska: Someone needs to make sure they are taken care of

Niska is the most recent of the kids to take up the basketball arcade game.

Kami: Boo Niska, you suck!

That’s not very nice

Kami: Come on, she can’t even make the shot

Some people haven’t been playing the game since they could walk, like you.

Kami: Well she could still try harder.

Ori shouldn’t you be going to bed?

Ori: Nope, I can stay up as long as I wanna. I’m the King of my domain!

Shouldn’t that be Queen?

Ori: Whatever. I can be King or Queen, it doesn’t change anything.

Devan: Boo, Cai’s the most evil person in the world

Cai: Why thank you, it’s not often I get such wonderful compliments

What’s with everyone booing everyone else today?

Missy: Listen Kami, you need to train me to beat Linden. It’s really bugging me.

Kami: Sorry but I’m not a werewolf so I can’t help you. You should try SimTube though, there’s some killer video’s on there.

Missy: Eureka, Kami was right, this is how I’ll finally beat Linden!

Marissa please never put that face again, it’s super unnerving.

Niska: My new room looks freakin’ awesome, thanks mum

Grace: No problem

It’s surprising how much a different wallpaper can totally change a room.

Grace heads out on her first day of work.

Grace: This better be worth it

It’s worth it for you to be doing something productive for once.

Before her first day is even over Grace is offered to switch into politics but since she won’t heir soon and charisma is pretty hard to get on her own I keep her in business instead.

Kami comes out of school and passes out –5

Marissa: Please don’t let anyone I know walk by and see this.

Niska: Just pretend you don’t know her, that’s what I’m gonna do.

Marissa and Niska do their homework in the small school courtyard (or whatever it’s called) after watching Kami pass out.

Because she never slept the night before Ori was forced into her werewolf transformation after school because of low mood but she’s smart enough to nap on the bench outside of school instead of passing out.

Instead of going home to sleep like a normal person, Kami goes on a date with Rowley Flynn-Carter (who is dating Dahlia’s youngest daughter Brenna). I can’t see this ending well.

Jake Carter (Kami’s date from the last chapter) also shows up and Kami seems to prefer him to Rowley.

Kami has another pass out while out on her date –5

How is it that my actual werewolves, who’s energy bars don’t really fill, are able to not fail but my genie, who has no problem with her energy bar refilling, is causing me the most fails?

I was dragged back to the house (I panicked cause I though Cai was dying) but it’s only for Oreo’s elder birthday.

He’s a little greyer around the face but that’s the only difference.

It was also Sky’s birthday too but she didn’t change at all.

I can’t remember if I mentioned it before but for a while I was finding vomit piles outside the front door but I wasn’t sure which dog was leaving them. Well, I’ve finally found out it was Moon. I should’ve guessed with him having the piggy trait but I didn’t think.

I have no idea how Linden got out the house but she was found half way across town, fishing in a creepy pond.

Kami eventually makes her way home and into a bed (not her own bed but I can overlook that cause she’s not failing for once).

Oriana also makes it home and into her own bed without failing.

I’m really starting to hate when the kids moods drop low because it forces them to instantly change form.

Poor Niska is forced to nap on the sofa because Kami stole her bed (even though Kami’s bed is now free).

Her napping doesn’t last long before she gets up and runs out of the house to go hunting.

Marissa has a very, very, pretty face Red heart

I must’ve missed the pop-up that Jace was having a baby but apparently he had one with Lysette Stewart, making him the last of Gen 4 to have a kid.

Also, how funny is it that Elijah managed to finally outshine his older sister. I bet Ayden would finally be proud of him.

Ori passes out after coming out from her school field trip to the theatre -5

It doubly sucks cause it’s also her birthday.

She comes home from her pass out and blows out her candles.

Ori: Hmm, what should I wish for? Maybe a unicorn? Or maybe I’ll wish to be free of these idiots?

Can you hurry it up a bit before you lose me more points?

Ori: Alright, alright, I wish to grow up really pretty

Wish granted.

She looks so dark and mysterious and I just love her, also, doesn’t the diva trait just suit her so much?

Ori: I am so tired, I could drop right here.

I think I’m going to end it right here ‘cause I don’t want anymore fails.


Self wetting (7) -35
For each sim failing school (1) -5
For every game induced visit from a police officer, firefighter or babysitter (when you don’t call them but the game makes them come)  (1) -5
Passing Out (23) -115
Accidental Deaths
Social Worker Visit

Every Birth (12) +60
Every Twin Birth (3) +30
Every Triplet Birth
Fulfilling LTW (6) +240
For each Sim that gets on the honor roll (9) +45
Randomizing every LTW choice and trait for a whole generation of children (2) +20
Not using spares Happiness points for a generation (3) +30
Every 100,000 dollars (2) +40

Every sim to master a skill (9) +45

Every sim to max their career (4) +40

Painting of Torch holder somewhere in the house (0)

Total points: 385


2 thoughts on “Chapter 4.11 – Bring It On!

  1. OMG, all the werewolves! So impressed you haven’t had more fails; I think the werewolf form causes their energy to drop slower as well as increase slower, maybe that’s why the girls haven’t failed more?
    Damn, but this heir poll is going to be such a tough choice! I was all set to pick Cami, but now the younger girls are out-shining her!

    Did Cai get to Emperor of Evil? The red glow that comes with that brings down the relationship with all non-evil sims, especially Good ones. It happened in a fun save of mine, really annoying.


    • Yeah, maybe that’s why they aren’t failing so much.
      I know, right? I am so glad I don’t have to pick the heirs because I’d never be able to make up my mind.
      Oh yeah, I completely forgot about her reaching Emperor of Evil. I remember that happened with Ayden too.


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