Chapter 8.7 – A Cinderella Story

I was originally meant to post this chapter yesterday but I’ve been putting off writing it because I’m pretty sure it’s going to be the longest chapter in this legacies history and if you guys know anything about me it’s that I really dislike captioning longer chapters. Oh well, not much to be done about it now except to get it over with.

Lets start this shit show with Wren being uncharacteristically nice.

Seems as good a place as any to start, right?

I’ll let you into a secret right now, this family are utter pigs.

They are constantly leaving their dirty dishes lying behind them and poor Arrow is left to clean them up.

Arrow is also the first of the kids to autonomously use the skilling equipment upstairs.

I actually thought that the stairs were broken before she went up there.

Soliera: Look at this cool thing my friend showed me at school

Yuki: Am I doing it right?

Soliera: Ugh, you’re almost as embarrassing as Arroser.

Yuki: Don’t be mean about your cousin

Soliera: Why? Everyone else is.

Aww, my poor baby.

Yuki gets another promotion and gets to choose which branch she follows.

She picks Special Agent as per her LTW.

Zero: Listen Yuki I…uh…I wanted to apologize to you about…about everything really

Yuki: Do you really think an apology is gonna cut it?

Zero: No. I know what I did was disgraceful but I just couldn’t live without him.

Yuki: Apology accept little brother but I’ll tell you now that if anything like this ever happens again I won’t be responsible for my actions!

Zero: Don’t worry. I’m better now, I promise.

These two seem a lot more tolerant of one another now that they’ve sorted out their problems.

And Zero even managed to max out his logic skill +5

Why do I get a distinctly Cinderella vibe from these 3 kids?

Soliera: You did not just call me an ugly step-sister

Out of the 3 kids this generation Zossie is the first to fail on me.

There goes Zero’s skill points -5

This is Pax and, funny story, she was walking by the house while I was playing and I instantly knew I wanted her to be the next dog spouse (or at least contribute to the next generation).

I completely forgot that Silvally was a boy dog so I have to move Pax in for the next generation to be born.
She is just moved in temporarily though until the pups are born and then she can be given back to her owners.

Pax’s first action after joining the house is to knock over the trash can and eat the garbage.

I didn’t even know dogs could do that in this game.

Look at how well Delgado is behaving…

…Why oh why can’t Pax behave that well?

Pax: I’ll show you bad behaviour

*Sigh* I literally can’t wait until Pax gives birth to her pup and moves out.

The furniture can’t take much more of this.

I missed the pop-up but all 3 girls got on the honor roll +15

Yuki: Not to be picky or anything but why is there suddenly a random dog in the house

Don’t worry, it’s temporary

Yuki: That’s a relief

Pax: *Does not compute*

Zero’s had this job since coming home from Uni but somehow this is only his first promotion.

Zero: Give me a break, I’ve been going through a lot

You can’t use that as an excuse forever

Soliera: If you don’t get rid of these stinking mutts right now I’m going to pass out and make you lose your precious point

No! Not my points Sad smile

Silvally: That’s for telling the Watcher to get rid of us

Damn it Soliera!!!!! -5

Soliera: I did warn you

Wren gets her last promotion and tops her second career +10

Way to go Wren, I’m so proud!

The next morning it’s Arrow’s birthday!

Don’t grow up yet, I’m not ready.

It seems like just yesterday you were a toddler.

Well that’s definitely…something.

I don’t know if I explained this when I first started this ISBI but I decided when I started that I wasn’t going to follow the family trait rule but instead any kid that rolled Insane would be automatically heir. That means since Arrow rolled the trait she is the heir for the next generation (Unless of course any of the other girls roll the trait too then it would be a vote between them). This is literally the first time this has happened in this ISBI.

To celebrate Arrow’s birthday and the fact that’s she’s instant heir I have Yuki take everyone out to the summer festival which I haven’t done in forever in this game.

Yuki sets some fireworks off upon getting to the festival.

So pretty!

I don’t play with the smaller mechanics of this game enough.

Zero talks to Arrow for the first time since giving birth to her but unsurprisingly it doesn’t go well.

Zero: Uh…hello Arrow…I’m…uh…your dad

Arrow: I know who you are Zero

After talking to Arrow Zero wishes to send Arrow to boarding school. Not going to happen Zero.

I usually would’ve done it since an heir rolled for it but since Arrow’s going to be heir I didn’t want to.

Do something interesting already

Soliera: No thanks, I’ve finally gotten onto the next level of candy crush

Zero: Can I get out of here yet?

What happened to making amends?

Zero: It’s too awkward

Arrow: That’s what happens when you pretend I don’t exist for 14 years.

Zossie and Yuki do get themselves into a hotdog eating contest with townie Gary Shue.

Gary is with one of Visenya’s twins if I remember rightly.

Gary wins the contest.

Gary: All that practice with Ariana really paid off

I…don’t even want to know

Instead of joining in on the festivities Zero hides away in a corner and broods.

Why does that fit his character so well?

Wow Soliera is actually doing something that isn’t on her tablet. Someone call the news and let them know of this momentous event.

Soliera: I’m the only smartass that’s allowed around here.

Yuki ducks out of the festival early to teach Arrow how to drive since she rolled the wish as soon as Arrow aged up.

Everyone else had run how by this point, leaving Zossie alone at the festival.

Random Guy: Hey little girl, wanna play?

Ew, even in the Sims that seems sketch as hell.  Run Zossie, run!

Zossie does run but only to the skating rink where she remains skating, even when it starts raining.

Arrow takes up the bass now that she’s a teenager.

It’s midnight and everyone has left but Zossie is still skating at the festival. Go home and get to bed girl!

Zossie: I’m finally free, why would I ever go home?

Pax has started sleeping on the spare side of Arrow’s bed. So cute!

Oh look, the wandering princess has finally decided to come home. It’s like 3am btw.

Zossie: Woo! I’m back to these same 4 crappy walls.

Zero: Sarcasm really doesn’t suit you

Finally! This felt like it took forever, especially with Pax’s bad behaviour.

Pax gives birth to a single female puppy named Rune.

With the birth of the pup that means Pax has to go home to her original home.

Bye Pax, hopefully Rune isn’t a clone of Silvally.

Aw, but look at her.

I can’t express how much I absolutely adore her already.

It seems I’m not the only one with a soft spot for the new pupper.

Arrow: Soft Kitty, Warm Kitty, Little Ball of Fur, Happy Kitty, Sleepy Kitty, Purr Purr Purr

Uh…wrong animal but cute nonetheless

After meeting Arrow Rune meets her dog family, starting with grandpa Delgado

And then moving onto her dad Silvally

Even after coming home Zossie refuses to go to bed so ends up passing out -5

It seems like anything ‘artsy’ Arrow is drawn to at the moment.

She spends most of her time since aging up either at one of the easels, one of the instruments or the sketch table.

Soliera doesn’t really do much apart from playing on the rocking horse so that’s why she’s not pictured that much.

I think I much prefer Soliera’s boringness to Zossie’s fails though -5

Hmm, so he can actually get promoted without taking literal years between them.

Oh no, I’m not ready for him to be an elder yet.

Delgado: You’re not ready, how do you think I feel?

Look at my baby boy.

He looks so grey now.

Fucking finally!

I honestly expected her to keep passing out all night.

Arrow: Aunt Yuki, did you know the moon landings were completely faked?

Yuki: Um…I’m sure that’s not true baby girl

Arrow: But it is. Why won’t anyone believe me?

Yuki: I do believe you

Arrow: You do?

Yuki: I would never doubt you baby girl

Aww, Rune sleeps in the unused nursery which I think is adorable since she’s a puppy/baby.

I completely forgot I’d even put this in the backyard.

Trust Zero to be the one who reminds me about it.

Zero: Uh…Watcher, I think this thing is defective

Nope, that’s just you

Zero: See, there’s nothing in there

He’s definitely braver than I’d ever be. I’d never stick my hand into a pitch black basket, snake or no snake.

Zero: You’re worrying about nothing. It’s completely empty.

Huh, I guess it really was defective.

Yuki paints a really cool painting which I’m thinking of keeping.

Huh, I guess artsy things aren’t the only things Arrow is into.

Arrow: Of course not. I told you; I want to be just like aunt Yuki.

Gross Delgado, why do you have to go play in the pee puddles?

Yuki snags another promotion at work.

How is it my Sims are so productive yet so boring at the same time.

And just as I’m saying that Arrow goes and proves me wrong.

Apparently not only did she go to school in her bathing suit she also didn’t get any sleep the night before so passes out as soon as school finishes -5

Someone help me, I can’t stop taking pictures of Rune Red heart

Zero gets promoted again and gets to pick which branch he wants to follow.

He chooses Engineer since he’d already maxed out logic which is needed for that branch.

On her way home from school Soliera passes out -5

I’m starting to think this is the most fails I’ve ever had in 1 chapter. We’re at 5 so far.

Oh, this is going to be fun.

Let’s see if they’ll cause any more fails before their birthday is through.

Soliera: That floor is looking mighty comfy right about now

Don’t you dare!

The grew up pretty much how I expected them to and, as I suspected, the only different between them (apart from colouring) is their jawlines.

Great, you’ve aged up now can you please go to bed before you lose me any more points?

That’s definitely not your bed.

Zossie: Screw you, my athletic trait is to strong to resist.

Seriously?! What was I even thinking making Yuki teach her to drive while she’s about to pass out?

They get out the car part way through and start walking but the skill still goes up.


And that is how Zossie learned to drive…by walking.

With Arrow being Insane there isn’t really much of a chance to see her everyday outfit.

Which is a shame because it looks awesome.

Yuki: So Arrow…the…uh…Watcher wants me to ask what kind of sim you’re into.

Arrow: I’m into girls if that’s what you’re asking

Yuki: Uh…yeah…good talk

Just for the sake of being thorough I have her ask the other 2 girls as well. Both girls are straight.

Zossie: Mum’s not here,  you can stop trying to be such a suck up

Arrow: I don’t know what you mean

Zossie: Just ‘cause you don’t have your own mum stop trying to steal mine!

Woo, Zero is on fire with these promotions this chapter

Arrow: You don’t hate me or think that I’m a suck up, do you Rune?

Rune: *Confused* Arf

Soliera start sketching at the sketching table which is oddly something I could actually see her character in my head doing.

Yuki: I heard you were mean to your cousin

Zossie: She started it mama

Yuki: Yeah, sure she did

Zossie: I swear she did

Yuki: Either way you should be nicer to her, she’s family.

Zossie: Yes mama

I literally have no idea why Wren was out of the house but it’s nice that she ran into Xhasca…

Wren: Nice outfit, did you get dressed in the dark

…Or at least it was until Wren ruined it, as per usual. No wonder the twins don’t come to visit.

With the promotions Yuki has been getting she is getting a little behind in athletic skill so she’s levelling up in it while she has nothing else to do.

Out of all the kids so far Zossie is the only one who drinks plasma packs consistently (Soliera has only ever had one and Arrow hasn’t had any).

Zossie is also the only kids to do her homework normally (the other 2 use the tablets I gave them all).

Zossie: I’ll show mama that I’m better than that stupid kiss-ass

All that working out must’ve paid off because Yuki comes home with another promotion.

Zero also gets his 4th promotion of the chapter. The Game developer career is so easy.

Arrow: Hey, so plasma packs…there awesome, right?

How would you know, you’ve never even had one?

Arrow: Shh, it’s making her like me

You sweet, naive child

Just some homework time for the girls.

It’s pretty much the first thing they do when they come home from school now.

No, I wasn’t ready!

She was 96 which is just 1 day over the end of the lifebar.

She hasn’t been around much since becoming an elder but I still wasn’t ready.

Zossie: Grandma no! Who am I going to bitch about Arrow with now?

Zero: Mum?

Zossie: Grandma come back!

Wren: Get me out of here now!

Grim: Deal, all these crying people make me uncomfortable anyway

Isn’t that kind of part of your job?

Grim: Doesn’t mean I have to get used to it

Would you look at that, it only took the death of her grandmother to make Zossie do something other than working out or sleeping (although I guess Martial Arts counts as working out…but still!).

It seems like forever ago that Yuki started working on her athletic skill but finally she’s maxed it.

Zero also maxes his cooking skill at around the same time +10

Great that should help with some of the points I lost with all the kids fails this chapter.

Hmm, maybe I’m not the only one getting Cinderella vibes from Arrow. Maybe she’s realized herself?

Arrow: What do you mean, I just thought it looked pretty

Sure you did Sweetie

The inevitable prom time then happens for the teens but for some reason only the twins go (in their everyday wear btw).

Interesting story, this was happening at exactly the same time as Arrow painted the Cinderella painting.

The only interesting thing that happened at prom was both girls coming away with the same romantic interest. I didn’t even know that was possible.

And with that I think it’s about time I wrap up this chapter. It’s been quite long enough, don’t you think? Anyway, with one day left in September I only have 1 last chapter to post of this generation so I’ll try my best to get that posted tomorrow.

Townie Updates:

I think this is baby 3 and 4 for this pair.

This is this pairs for kids together but Xhasca’s 2nd and 3rd in total.

I should’ve seen this coming with Wren’s death but it still made me sad.

Damn, you two really don’t slow down, do you?

At least this time Xhasca’s staying with the father of her child.

Baby 4 for Xhasca is born and the couples 3rd child together.

I’m pretty sure this is Lillie and Draco’s first child together.

I can’t wait to see what she looks like.

It seems Ariana is pregnant with her second child.

Not to be outdone by her twin Luna gives birth to her first child (I think).

She’s with Gary’s adopted brother Dany.

Can I just say, I’m loving the baby boom in town right now.


Self wetting (18) -90
For each sim failing school (1) -5
For every game induced visit from a police officer, firefighter or babysitter (when you don’t call them but the game makes them come)  (2) -10
Passing Out (52) -260
Accidental Deaths (5) -50
Social Worker Visit (0)

Every Birth (25) +125
Every Twin Birth (7) +70
Every Triplet Birth (0)
Fulfilling LTW (14) +560
For each Sim that gets on the honor roll (22) +110
Randomizing every LTW choice and trait for a whole generation of children (6) +60
Not using spares Happiness points for a generation (6) +50
Every 100,000 dollars (6) +120

Every sim to master a skill (37) +185

Every sim to max their career (11) +110

Painting of Torch holder somewhere in the house (0)

Total points: 970


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