Chapter 2.5 – This is Insane

Hey everyone, I’m sorry this chapter took so long to get out. I honestly meant to get it out a day or two after the last one but RL family stuff got in the way. Anyway I think I’ve kept you all in suspense long enough so I’ll get on with the chapter.

Of course I had to start the chapter off with the twins age up photo’s.

Facially so far Cai seems to be a good mix of her parents (although she got all Ayden’s colouring)

Whereas Clara is her dad’s double with most of Envy’s colouring.

I’m pretty please with the twins genetics so far, even if Clara is a clone.

As soon as their birthday was over the twins headed straight back to bed. It must be tiring being a newly aged up toddler Laughing out loud

Aww, poor baby Ayden is still crying over Cat’s death last chapter.

I’m sorry Bud but she was older than you. What did you expect?

Ayden: Shut up and let me grieve

Fine Mr Grumpy-pants. I swear, your mood swings are worse than Pep’s.

Speaking of Pep, I found her trying to teach Clara to walk* in the nude. Poor Clara looks terrified.

Pep: Come to grandma Sweetie

Clara: Nooooo

I don’t blame her, if my gran had done that I wouldn’t have gone to her either.

*I have a mod that lets Sims teach toddlers their skills autonomously.

Righty: Imma coming to get you Lefty

Lefty: Come ahead

Um…Ivan what’cha doing?

Ivan: I’m watching Left and Righty fight for my heart

Oh, carry on then (weirdo)

After being scarred for life by her grandmother hides away with her blocks.

Clara: If I stay quiet enough she won’t find me.

I feel so bad for these kids already

Eating your feeling there Envy?

Envy: Remind me why I married into this mad house!

‘Cause you love Ayden

Envy: I do but I didn’t agree to take on his nutty parents

That’s just how a legacy works unfortunately.

Geez Pep, wasn’t it enough to scar one of your grandkids, now you’re scarring the other too?

Pep: I don’t no what you’re talking about, I’m just teaching little Catie to walk


Pep: What?

Her name is Cai, not Catie *SMH* You are definitely going senile.

Clara: Must not look at naked grandma

Envy: Just ignore her, she’ll go away soon enough

Clara: I hope so

Envy: If she doesn’t go away we could always box her

Clara: Really mummy?

I’m not really sure that’s the best lesson to be teaching her Envy.

Envy: It’s effective isn’t it?

I…You’ve got me there

Someone’s been taking tips from her sister after escaping Pep.

Cai: Scarred4Lyfe

Bump watch. She’s pretty close to giving birth at this point.

Cai managed to evade her grandma so now she’s sweetly playing with with the little block table.

Cai: Must eat block

Or, y’know, not so sweetly.

Her little bit of peace and quiet was eventually disrupted by Envy who tried to teach her how to talk.

Envy: Fire is a good means of getting what you want

Wow, hold on there you little pyromaniac! Someone get this precious baby away from all these idiots.

So she can be a good mum when she isn’t talking about fighting and fire.

Clara: Please don’t let her drop me

Ayden is sooooo close to maxing Martial Arts here. I think it’s only a tiny sliver away. Same for Pep teaching Clara how to walk (in the nude again). I swear she refuses to get dressed anymore.


Ivan: What do I do? What do I do?

Calm it Ivan, it’s not like you’ve never been through this before!

Ivan: I didn’t know what to do then either *panics*

And where was Ayden whilst Envy was in labour I hear you ask, well of course he was on his way to work. I’m beginning to sense a pattern here. Oh well, at least he’s graduated from the graduation robes.

Ivan eventually gets tired of panicking and goes to find one of the twins. This is actually the first time I’ve seen him interact with either of them. Either way he finishes up teaching Clara to talk.

Ivan: If you believe really hard then the magical unicorn will come.

Clara: Unicorns are real?

Ivan: Absolutely

Meanwhile Envy gives birth in the main room to a little ghost boy who we name Daryl.

He is named after this handsome devil, Daryl Dixon, who is one of my favourite characters from The Walking Dead.

But of course Envy couldn’t just finish there. No she had to give me another human girl who we *eventually* name Dahlia. The same thing happened as happened with Clara, I wasn’t expecting twins so I didn’t have a name prepared hence the crappy photoshop edit. +10

Dahlia was named after The Originals aunt Dahlia from Season 2 of The Originals.

At this point I took a break from playing for a couple of days. I hadn’t expected twins again since neither Envy nor Ayden have fertility treatment and no kids TV or music was on during either pregnancy. I’m not complaining ‘cause I did plan for this generation to be a big one but I didn’t want all the kids at once.


********************AFTER A FEW DAYS BREAK***************************

I came back into game and found newly born Dahlia floating in the air.

This next segment is brought to you by Ivan being an incredibly caring grandpa and taking care of the kids instead of tending to his own needs.

/End segment

He does manage to find his bed instead of failing on me.

Maybe he’s trying to earn my love back?

Ivan: Is it working?

Sort of Embarrassed smile

Hey look, Pep found Daryl and she’s got close on to boot! Party smile

Envy however isn’t adjusting as well to being a mother of 4.

Envy: Can I please put it back?

Try actually tending to her and you’ll find she’ll stop crying.

Ayden: *grumble grumble*

What’s up?

Ayden: Being TH sucks ass!

I’m sorry Sweetie but it’s your job until one of your kids is old enough to take over.

Ayden: I can’t wait until that day!

Hell must’ve officially frozen over. I can’t believe Pep is finally wearing clothes whilst spending time with her grandkids.

Pep: If you work really hard you can be a doctor and save my life when I die.

Cai: No wanna doctor

Pep: You’ll do what I say!

Pep: Come here little one, grandma wants a cuddle

Envy: I wanted that baby Peppermint!

There are 3 more, pick one and move on.

Talking about the other kids in the house; Clara is now walking around the house on her own.

My 4 year old little sister actually picked her outfit and I think it’s super cute.

Too late again Envy. Ayden scooped up his one and only little boy just before she could.

Ayden: You’re daddies special little man, aren’t you Daryl?

You seem to have gone soft in your old age Ayden.

Ayden: Shove it, I’m allowed to be nice to my kids.

The only skill I haven’t seen the other adults attempt to teach the twins yet is potty training so Ayden is tasked with that job.

Ayden: You really hate me don’t you?

Just look at that little face and tell me you won’t do it

Ayden: *heart melts* I…I can’t.

I finally got pictures of Alyssa’s boys. Austin (child) is the double of his mum (and the Holly’s so far) and Caiden (toddler) is the double of his dad. C’mon game, where’s the genetic diversity?!

The paparazzi is still coming around frequently. I’m surprised Sweetpea isn’t on maternity leave, I guess pap’s don’t get it, either way I can’t wait to see this kid.

Oh, I guess Ayden needed more than a sliver earlier. It doesn’t really matter since this sparring match pushed him up to level 10. +5

Looking snazzy Winking smile

Ayden: The claw is coming to get you

Cai: *is unimpressed*

Cai: Nooo daddy stop it *giggles*

Ayden: *wishes to see Cai grow up Evil*

Well that’s a new one, I’ve never had that wish before.

After spending some quality time with his daughter Ayden is also tasked with potty training her.

Ayden: Please let this be as easy as it was with Clara.

Cai: Yes daddy *learns to potty seriously quick*

Like seriously, she learned in half the time it took with Clara.

Last minute cuddles with daddy Ayden and his little boy before the second twins birthdays.

Yep, it’s the second set of twins birthdays.

Sparkle shots

These two kill me with their intense cuteness. I love that Dahlia got Envy’s eyes and Daryl got Peppermint’s. I was more than a little sad to see that none of them got Ivan’s hair though.

Of course it would be Ayden who picked Daryl up straight after his birthday. I can say without a doubt that Ayden’s favourite kids are the ghost ones.

Ayden: Hey, that’s not true

Why do you spend most of your free time with them them?

Ayden: …

See you can’t answer Nerd smile

I learned my lesson about teaching the kids to potty train early so I got Ayden to train Daryl straight away.

Oh my gosh! This little girl is so precious. I just love her cute little face Red heart

Dahlia: You wuv me?

I do sweetheart

I may be insane but this pregnancy is my fault. I wanted as much genetic diversity as possible this generation so that means as many babies as possible. I swear this is the last pregnancy though so I really hope it isn’t multiples again.

It’s good to see Alyssa’s relationship is still going so well. This is her third kid with Gerald. They still aren’t married yet.

Ayden: I want that baby

Ivan: Tough luck, she’s hungry and I’m feeding her

I know Ayden, just let him feed her

Ayden: But I’m trying to prove I’m a good dad to my human kids too *diva strop*

Just go to bed!

He listened! This is the first time Ayden and Envy have been in bed together for aged since they are on different schedules normally.

I have nothing to say here apart from Dahlia is adorable!

Dahlia: You know it

And she’s inherited Ayden’s ego too.

Ayden: When you’re older you’re gonna be a heartthrob son. Can you say heartthrob?

Daryl: Heartbreaker

Ayden: Eh, close enough

Dahlia get’s some of mummy’s attention while daddy is busy with her twin.

Envy: C’mon Dahl, as soon as you can walk I can get back to eating cake.

I guess that’s her pregnancy go to food, either that or there is too much in the fridge.

I literally panicked for a moment that he’d actually peed himself but the moodlet said he was falsely accused *few*

So you managed to pry Ayden away from Daryl?

Ivan: Only ‘cause he’s busy with Dahlia

Oh, that actually makes more sense

Ayden: This house is trash

Hey, I’m not a builder but I tried my hardest!

Dahlia: I wike dis house

Thank you sweetie

It seems Bay is doing really well in her career as a ghost hunter. Maybe we shouldn’t inviter her over though, I don’t want her hunting my ghosts.

It looks like the napping bug has caught on as Pep succumbs to it.

Another maxed skill from Ayden all thanks to the tabcast +5

A quick HOTM kiss for these two before Ayden has to run out to work. I feel bad that they don’t get to spend as much time together as Pep and Ivan but with 4 toddlers and another on the way there just isn’t any time.

Ayden got arrested yet again and somehow he managed to get his first celeb star whilst in jail. I wonder who he ran into in there that got him his newfound status.

While Ayden’s in the jail gaining celebrity friends Clara is at home starving ‘cause no one else is awake.

Clara: Someone feed me please *puppy eyes*

Sorry sweetie, you’ll have to wait until someone wake up

In other news, Bay adopted herself a tiny kitty. She still hasn’t found a partner or had kids yet though.

Peppermint does finally wake up (after 3 or 4 hours of Clara screaming bloody murder) but of course she decides to feed the wrong toddler *headdesk*

Straight after getting out of jail Ayden gives me my first fail in a while 5

This house is utter chaos with 4 toddlers. I can’t wait until they grow up (which for the older twins is very soon).

Told you it was very soon. This is actually a couple of sim days after the last picture but the house was too hectic for picture taking.

*sparkle sparkle*

Cai aged up first. She she knew all her toddler skills she  got to roll her trait.

Clara was second and she too got to roll her trait. They are both really pretty and I’m glad I its not up to me to choose the heir.

I think this is as good a place as any to end this chapter. Join us next time to see the birth of the newest baby/ies and whatever else these idiots get up too.


Self wetting (2) -10
For each sim failing school (1) -5
For every game induced visit from a police officer, firefighter or babysitter (when you don’t call them but the game makes them come)
Passing Out (2) -10
Accidental Deaths
Social Worker Visit

Every Birth (1) +5
Every Twin Birth (3) +30
Every Triplet Birth
Fulfilling LTW (1) +40
For each Sim that gets on the honor roll (4) +20
Randomizing every LTW choice and trait for a whole generation of children (1) +10
Not using spares Happiness points for a generation
Every 100,000 dollars

Every sim to master a skill (6) +30

Every sim to max their career (2) 20

Painting of Torch holder somewhere in the house

Total points: 130


4 thoughts on “Chapter 2.5 – This is Insane

  1. I *love* Clara’s outfit, with the mouth on the butt. Too cute, where did you get it?

    Dahlia, however, it my favourite at the moment. She is so adorable, and possibly I have a bias towards green eyes. We’ll see how they act when they grow up…


    • Clara’s outfit really is adorable. I searched for it but I can’t find where I got it (I even checked in my mods folder but couldn’t find it).
      I hate to say it but it really is between Dahlia and a child that you guys haven’t seen yet that is my favourite so far.
      I do love all the kids this gen though.


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