Chapter 2.9 – So Many Birthdays

Last time (which was literally yesterday) the C twins aged into teens and Cai got even cockier than ever and poor, ignored, Elijah aged into a child.

I figured what better way to start a new chapter than a twin birthday.

Dahlia steps up first even though Daryl was technically born first.

Blame his slow ghostiness for that.

Daryl goes up next.

Dahlia: Stupid brother cancelled my birthday

Yep, I’ve been having this problem for about a year now, every time I try to age up a sim at the same time another sim ages up it cancels the interaction.

Dahlia: I’m never gonna be able to age up am I?

Of course you will Sunshine, even if I have to reload my game all night until you do.

I finally came to the realization that my aging problem was caused by something in my merged CC so I’ve removed some for the time being to help solve my problem.

After around 10 frustration filled times of reloading my game Dahlia finally aged up.

It was so worth it though, she is absolutely freakin’ gorgeous.

She rolls the Lucky trait.

Daryl continues to be a problem for me as his cake catches the table on fire.

Get away from the fire you idiots!

Although Dahlia does look oddly pretty in the glow of the fire.

Envy: Awesome, it’s a fire!

Envy you really are a genius, did anyone ever tell you that?

Envy: Why thank you


Ayden: Why is it always me who has to deal with these fires?

It is becoming a recurring theme, isn’t it?

Take two for Daryl. Hopefully he doesn’t set another fire.

On the second turn Daryl ages up with no problem. He rolls the Daredevil trait.

He is another kid that I hope grows into his jaw but overall he looks okay-ish.

Clara: Dude, she means you look ugly

Daryl: At least I’m not a clone!

Cai: Mwahaha, I’m one step closer to becoming heir!

Seriously, enough with the heir thing. You’re worse than your dad ever was.

This family may not be the most functional but at least they can bond over their mutual love of cake.

Daryl: Hey dad, it’s my birthday today.

Ayden: Really, I was wondering why we had cake

Daryl: Sad smile

After being rejected by his father Daryl goes and works on the car.

I’m not sure what’s up with Ayden he loved (most of) the kids as toddlers but as they got older he picked a favourite and spends zero time with the rest.

I haven’t ever seen this interaction before but then again I’ve not really played with ghosts for years. Whatever it was they both got a positive relationship boost so I’m thinking it’s kind of like the fairy interaction that came with Supernatural.

Milo is gradually taking over everything that used to be Cat’s which makes me a little sad.

I still miss Cat and look forward to her hauntings.

Envy: How dare you set a booby trap? Did you think you’d get away with it?!

Cai: Woah, chill out mum! Daddy tell her it was a joke.

Ayden: Sorry Princess, I need some food so you’re on your own.

Cai: I swear, when I’m heir I’m gonna blow this place up.

Disappointed smile But if you blow up the house then you’ll have no where to live.

Cai: Fine, I’ll just ship mum and the kids off to live as far away from me as possible.

Elijah: Hi doggy. You’ll be my friend won’t you?

Milo: You smell like flowers little human. I like flowers.

How sad is it that the only person Elijah considers his friend is the dog

Dahlia: Listen Cai I know you dream of world domination but maybe you can free the world instead?

Cai: I am seriously re-thinking this second in command thing.

Dahlia: Sad smile

For some reason Frieda Salas and her toddler daughter Camille randomly turned up on our front lawn. I only found out when I found Elijah showing off his ballet moves to Frieda.

I think this is the first time I’ve ever seen the four oldest kids together.

Clara: This heir thing is complete trash, let’s revolt!

Cai: *is smug* That’s only ‘cause you know you have no chance of winning.

The younger twins wisely stay out of this discussion.

Bad Daryl, you know better than to feed Milo scraps from the table I don't know smile

Dahlia may have grown up physically but she still loves playing in the frozen sand pit.

Envy: Why are you taking a picture of me on the toilet? You should be more concerned by the broken computer.

I’m just making sure you’re still not failing me.

In real talk though I actually feel like I haven’t had a fail for ages. Is that weird?

My Sims are starting to bore me a little so in hopes that they’d start amusing me again I added some skilly/fun type things to the extra space in the basement.

*sigh* When will this car be done so they can move onto something else?

Mags is still around and still tiny. I think she has actually got more days as a kitten because of Ayden’s longer animal lifespan reward.

Cai: When I’m heir you’re getting shipped out of this house for good!

Envy: Geez Cai, why are you so mean?

Cai: Duh, I’m Evil!

Cai ran away to scare someone else which left Envy to take her frustrations out on the MA stick.

Envy: Take that, stupid, ungrateful, daughter.

I’m not sure when Cai and Mags became friends but apparently Cai can now pick Mags up.

Elijah is still working away on his ballet barre. He is literally the only one to touch it now.

*Wolf whistles at naked Ayden in the mirror*

Yippee, someone found the new stuff I put in downstairs!

Clara: Do you mind keeping it down, I’m trying to concentrate.

Geez, artistic types

I really love when Ayden autonomously takes time from everything I have him doing to spend time with Milo since I got Milo with Ayden in mind, hence the spiked collar.

After school these two do their homework, Cai in her quite bedroom like a smart person and Clara in the busy living room. They are actually doing pretty well in school so far. Oh, and see the chair that Cai’s sitting in, yeah, my little sister wouldn’t let me finish decorating the twins room until I put it in.

I see you there trying to be sneaky Daryl!

Daryl: Shut it or I’m gonna get caught *sneaky smirk*

You kids never learn SMH

Daryl does eventually knuckle down and do his homework.

Envy: Take this you little brat!

Cai: Hit me if you can!

Such love

Ayden finally gets the promotion he needs to pick his branch of the career. Of course in accordance with his LTW I chose the Evil branch.

Elijah: Hi ho Silver, away!

Stay sweet my darling baby boy Red heart

Ayden wished to level up in logic as soon as he got promoted so I sent him to do that.

Maybe he thinks he’ll level up quicker in his new career outfit.

I completely forgot it was prom time for the teens.

Nothing terribly exciting happened so I never took pictures of the pop-ups.

Here’s the main things that happened:

Clara was named prom Queen and Daryl was King. Awkward.

Cai got into several fights which I totally expected.
Daryl asked a guy out but was rejected (does that mean he’s gay? I’ll have to get Ayden to find out).

Cai also came away from prom with a romantic interest by the name of Eugene Salas. He’s the son of the MH townie Sandra Salas. I’m not sure if that will go anywhere if she’s heir though.

Mags: Dis is mine, all mine! *stretches all over the rug*

After the prom incident I had Ayden go around and get the gender preferences from the D twins.

Dahlia is straight and Daryl is gay (as I thought).

Ayden wished to become best friends with Dahlia when she was a child but he’s just now getting time to actually spend time with her. Right now it seems that Cai and Dahlia are his favourites.

Pep: Eww, a ghost!

Cai: Right back at you, you old spook!

Ayden manages to get himself another promotion. He’s actually getting better at his job instead of getting arrested everyday.

I swear, these are the last birthdays of the chapter.

It’s time for ignored Elijah to join his siblings in becoming a teen and time for the TH and his spouse to become fully mature adults (they’re only getting cakes ‘cause Elijah is).

Your Elijah is evolving…

…Your Elijah evolved into TeenElijah

E is pretty damn adorable but I’m afraid he may be a face clone of Envy.

Bahahaha! Rolling on the floor laughing

Ayden: You better fix this right now! Devil


Ayden: Much better, I’m sexy again

In your dreams *eyeroll*

Envy: What’s this feeling, it feels super weird?

Well that’ll be because you’ve never aged before.

Envy is still really pretty as an adult. She actually doesn’t look much different.

Looking at her CAS picture I’ve realized that none of the kids inherited her eyes shape, which is a real shame ‘cause I kind of like the shape.

Let’s end the chapter here shall we? I’ll post up the heir poll soon.


Self wetting (3) -15
For each sim failing school (1) -5
For every game induced visit from a police officer, firefighter or babysitter (when you don’t call them but the game makes them come)
Passing Out (3) -15
Accidental Deaths
Social Worker Visit

Every Birth (1) +5
Every Twin Birth (3) +30
Every Triplet Birth
Fulfilling LTW (1) +40
For each Sim that gets on the honor roll (4) +20
Randomizing every LTW choice and trait for a whole generation of children (1) +10
Not using spares Happiness points for a generation
Every 100,000 dollars

Every sim to master a skill (6) +30

Every sim to max their career (2) 20

Painting of Torch holder somewhere in the house

Total points: 120 (No change this time)


5 thoughts on “Chapter 2.9 – So Many Birthdays

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  2. Ooh, Dahlia is absolutely gorgeous. And I didn’t realise Clara was a clone, annoying.

    All the kids are teens, now we have the fun part of trying to find spouses for them all. Assuming your game is keeping up with your active family, that is; in my ISBI there are only 2 other children in the entire neighborhood! Might have to go kill some elders to make room for new babies…


    • Yeah Clara is the only 100% clone this gen which is kind of sad. I literally love Dahlia’s looks.
      I may have to do that actually because the few teens in game are all paired up right now. I need fresh blood.


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