Chapter 1.3 – Here comes trouble

Hello everyone and welcome back to another chapter of Berries of Insanity. Last time Pep married Ivan (who actually happens to be awesome around the house) after previously having trouble tracking him down. We ended last chapter with Pep unveiling her pregnancy so hopefully this time we’ll get to see some baby/ies.

Pep: Must…burn…off….baby….fat

You haven’t even had the baby yet

Pep: It’s…never…too…early

*sigh* Why must you be so weird?

Pep: So, it turns out I’m pregnant

Ivan: Awesome, who’s the dad?

*facepalm* She is so going to kill you!

Told ya

Pep: I’ll teach you to question my loyalty Angry smile

After being thoroughly punished by his wife Ivan then came in and started autonomously reading a pregnancy book. Much better!

I think someone is really trying to prove his usefulness around here.

Pep: This show’s a pain in the back

I’m pretty sure the expression is pain in the neck dear

Pep: Doesn’t matter, I don’t like it

Suck it up Cupcake, you’ll be watching it almost exclusively from now until you go into labour (I know I’m insane going from multiples the first time but no one ever accused me of being sensible Winking smile)

Pep: My puppy Sad smile

I’m sorry, she just seems to prefer Ivan.

D’aww they are still precious

Uh Pep, I’m not so sure that’s a good idea at your stage of pregnancy

Ivan: She’s fine

See, I told you!

Ivan: Crap, crap , crap, what have I done?!

Pep: Shut up both of you and get me to the damn hospital!!!

Unfortunately it was too late to take her to the hospital and she gave birth soon after.

This little man is Ayden Holly and his traits are *checks hastily written notes* Excitable and Evil. Oh, sound fun!

He wasn’t the only one born though and this little one is his twin sister Alyssa Holly who was born a Disciplined Slob. I’m not sure how those two go together but okay then. Technically Pep didn’t give birth to Alyssa, she just appeared on the floor. I think it’s a glitch or something because it happens to me all the time.

Pep I’m pretty sure that’s not how you carry a baby

Pep: Shhh, I know what I’m doing

Okay then, carry on. No wonder he was born evil with a mother like that.

Damn, you really don’t stop do you?

Pep: Gotta stay fit, y’know

O.O You literally just gave birth to TWO babies, you should be exhausted. Sim logic at it’s finest.

Ivan on the other hand proves to me that he is much more mentally sound than his wife by instantly taking care of his kids as soon as they need anything.

Ivan: Daddy wuvs his nooboos

Not that Peppermint every shows her appreciation.

Pep: Quick, run faster! If you so much as slow down we’re getting a divorce.

WTH Pep!

Pep: It’s called incentive

No it’s called being downright cruel

Pep: Someone shut this brat up!!

Dude, it’s not like you’re their mother or anything. You do something about her.

Pep: Oh dear Plumbob, I sacrifice this child to you. Please take her!

What are you doing with that poor infant?!

Pep: I’m doing something with her like you said

I didn’t mean that O.o

Ivan is always better than his wife, even with his slightly creepy smile.

They both manage to get back to bed without any fails. I feel like their dreams kind of sums up their entire personalities lately.

Aww, I guess Pep can be a good mum when she isn’t woken up in the middle of the night

She even takes the time to swap babies before she goes to talk to her husband.

Ivan: I saw you go all ape last night at Alyssa, pretty funny stuff

Pep: Yeah, funny *fake laugh*

As soon as Pep puts him down Ivan comes and scoops poor Ayden up again. I’m pretty sure he was exhausted at this point. Oh well, I’m just glad Ivan’s still helping out.

Alyssa’s up next it seems. I’m definitely sensing a pattern here.

Ivan: zzz Baseball’s are awesome zzz

I’m pretty sure you’re missing work bud

Ivan: *springs out of bed* Crap I am, gtg

Bye Ivan, see you later, hope you can nab yourself another promotion Open-mouthed smile

Nothing important must’ve happened whilst Ivan was away because the next picture I have is of these two.

Pep: C’mere baby, let’s try that thing we did when we made the kids

Ivan: Oh the thing where you put…

TMI TMI I’m gonna go before I hear something I don’t need to.

After their little rendezvous it was time to age up the babies to slightly bigger babies.

You better not fail on me Ivan, I swear!

Here’s Ayden in all his unrivalled adorableness Red heart (who said I’ve already got a favourite. Not me, no siree)


Of course, Alyssa was up next because Ivan wouldn’t take her so they could age up at the same time.

Okay, Alyssa’s a cutie too.

And they finally sleep through the night too which means no more getting on mommy’s bad side Party smile

As a side note I absolutely adore Alyssa’s kitty jammies.

Alyssa: I hungy *pout*

Someone please feed this child before I die from the cute

Daddy to the rescue again!

Cat: My family! Death’s not taking any of them

Aww, you’re so sweet Cat but don’t worry, Death hopefully won’t be coming for a long time yet. Red heart

Pep: C’mon Liss, say ‘Car’ for mummy.

Alyssa: No

Pep: *sigh* At least it’s a word

Ivan is finally able to get back to his favourite pastime too after he feeds his son.

Wait a sec…Cat you are so in for it! I liked that rug.

Next up, potty training for our little princess which didn’t go any easier than the talking. I’m pretty sure she’s just being stubborn because it’s not her daddy teaching her.

Pep: So…crepes, their awesome, huh?

Poor Pep, she’s running on empty. I feel kind of bad because it’s my fault she had twins.

She did get a little break when her friend Tatiana walked by. If you can’t tell Tatiana is pregnant.

Pep: Teddy bears, I love them. I should really get some for my brats…uh…kids.

Nice save there, genius *eyeroll*

Pep: Let’s play rock, paper, scissors if I win you have to take my place and look after my kids.

Tatiana: That doesn’t seem fair

Pep: Tough, it’s a deal

Thankfully Pep lost, although she wasn’t a good sport about it.

Pep: Wait, you’re pregnant? I just thought you were fat.

Tatiana: …

Pep: Are you sure you’re pregnant? Let me listen to be sure. Oh, the baby says you’re pregnant and fat.

How do you even have friends in the first place Disappointed smile Suffice to say, Tatiana left shortly after that. Pep you seriously suck around people.

Ivan: Who’s daddies little angel?

Alyssa: ‘Liss is

Ivan: Yes she is *tickles*

Alyssa: The yellow shape is a triangle and the triangle goes…it goes in my mouth *noms*

Somehow Peppermint hasn’t scared Ivan off yet like she does with everyone else, even though she chose to make out with him near a toilet that looks about to start it’s own ecosystem.

Ah, true love, able to see past the most disgusting things.

I’ll leave you guys with this picture. I really hope this doesn’t accidently end up in a lullaby.


Self wetting
For each sim failing school
For every game induced visit from a police officer, firefighter or babysitter (when you don’t call them but the game makes them come)
Passing Out
Accidental Deaths
Social Worker Visit

Every Birth
Every Twin Birth (1) +10
Every Triplet Birth
Fulfilling LTW
For each Sim that gets on the honor roll
Randomizing every LTW choice and trait for a whole generation of children
Not using spares Happiness points for a generation
Every 100,000 dollars

Painting of Torch holder somewhere in the house

Total points: 10

Yes, we’re finally in the positives I wonder how long that’ll last.


9 thoughts on “Chapter 1.3 – Here comes trouble

  1. Two babbies and another on the way! Whee!

    I love Ayden’s hair. The red and white is just fantastic with that hairstyle.

    I just downloaded the other Good Girl hair for my game during this week’s intense toddler hair overhaul 🙂 :). I didn’t realize you were the same simmer who did all those retextures.


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