Chapter 4.3 – Puppies Here, Puppies There, Puppies Everywhere!

1 down 2 more to go before I’m all caught up so lets get too it.

First thing to say is that Cai managed to get another promotion. Yay, go Cai!

She’s actually doing pretty well at not getting arrested nowadays. Ayden would be so proud Laughing out loud

My ghosts don’t really follow a pattern so they are out and about at random times. This is one of those times.

It turns out to be Rylee (Pep’s cat that she stole at the beginning of the legacy if you couldn’t remember).

Jace, like many Holly’s before him, has gone into the Criminal career. He’s third generation criminal now.

On the other hand, Indie goes completely against her criminal heritage and goes into the Police.

Cai off screen: That’s no daughter of mine!

Grace: Why. Won’t. You. Die. You. Stupid. Clown!

Having fun there?

Grace: Just passing time until Cedrick’s free from work.

Carry on then.

I can’t remember if I posted about it but Freya got pregnant to Todd Landgraab at some point last chapter.

She gives birth to a little girl named Laureen. I haven’t seen her yet so I have no clue if she’s supernatural or not.

Since no one if using the room anymore, i made over Ayden and Envy’s old room in hot pink for Grace.

From now on she will be moving into this room.

I also gave the living room a slight make-over too because it was too bright before.

It looks much better now, I think.

No Az, I know this family is nuts but you don’t have to drown yourself!

Az: What the heck?! I wasn’t trying to drown myself, I was washing my glorious hair!

Oops, sorry about that Embarrassed smile

Indie has started dating Marcus Holden-Limb so I guess that puts him squarely on Grace’s ‘Do Not Touch’ list. It’s a good thing he has an adorable brother to take his place.


How you holding up there, Champ?

Night: Not well I’m afraid, not well at all.

With Cai’s newest promotion she has a new work outfit.

It’s…um…very revealing shall we say.

This picture makes me a little sad because I don’t think I’ll get the chance to take many more of them with Night being so old now.

Grace: What’s with the purple flowers?

They were meant to be pink but I kind of got distracted by things

Grace: Can you fix it? It bugs me.

I will if I ever remember too.

I had some free in-game time while waiting on Cedrick’s schedule freeing up so I decided it was about time I caught up with the spares kids.

These three are Clara and Midori’s sons, Lawrence, Al and Darrell. Al is so cute! I might save him for something in the future. All three of these kids are werewolves like their dad.

The second bunch of kids are Ian, Ron and Brenna (Dahlia and Young Jae’s kids).

Ian and Ron look barely anything like the Holly side of the family but Brenna is all Dahlia so far.

Ian and Brenna are both vampires like their dad and Brenna is human like Dahlia.

And lastly, we have Daryl’s twins with Kara Carter, Joanna and Roswell, and Elijah and Odessa Winchester’s only child, Polly. Why is it that the spares have to have the cutest kids when I can’t use their genetics?!

All of these three are human since all of their parents are too.

I’m not sure who looks outside to the pouring rain and thinks to themselves ‘Let’s have a water balloon fight’ but apparently that’s what Cai and Grace decided was a good idea.

Suffice to say Grace sucked and ended up on her ass in her best dress.

Grace: I’m never going to get the stains out of this dress!


What’s going on Mattie is that your long awaited puppies are finally here!

Two little boys, like last generation, one fluffy and one not so fluffy.

They are both identical apart from fur size. Fluffy pup is Oreo and non fluffy pup is Biscuit (yeah, I suck at names).

Biscuit: Daddy!

Night: What the hell is this thing? Is it a new toy?

Belle very quickly chose her favourite grandpup out of the two.

Belle: Let me tell you exactly how the world works

Oreo: I’m literally 2 seconds old, I really don’t care.

Night: I can be a pup too! See!

Grace: Night, drop the damn rope, I need it for…something.

Please excuse the puppy spam, I just love these little ones (also I’m looking into getting my own pup soon so I’m kind of obsessed with puppies lately).

At 104 days old Envy finally kicks the bucket (for the second time I guess ‘cause she was already a ghost before).

Az: Oh, my love, don’t die on me Broken heart

Cut it out before your wife finds out Azlan!

Grim: Envy Grace Holly, your time has come. Into the urn with you.

Envy: Please don’t take me. I have so much more flirting with Azlan to do.


Grace: Hello Grim, thank you for taking my pain in the neck Grandma.

Grim: No problem, Sweetheart.

Nope, this is not happening. You are not getting romantically attached to Death. We’ll never be able to have you break up with him so it’s not happening.

Grace: Calm yourself! I was just trying to prove how utterly flawless I was. Even Grim wants a piece of me.

Wow, your ego is ridiculous.

Oreo: Oh, Squeaky. My squeaky!

How precious is he? I wuv him to pieces.

Biscuit finds the little hammock bed in Grace’s old room. This just reminds me that I still haven’t gotten rid of the cat furniture yet. I really should though.

No matter how many times I see this interaction I will never stop loving it.

Also, on another note, i had no idea that small dogs were able to do this too. I thought only large dogs could.

Az: What shall I do now that my heart and soul is no longer on this earth?

Your being a little dramatic, aren’t you? Your wife is literally next door, go spend some time with her.

Biscuit: Daddy is this how you bite they toy?

Night: No son, you grab it like this then bit it like this.

Mattie: Don’t listen to your father Biscuit, you’re doing just fine.

Biscuit: Watch out, coming through!

Mattie: Boys!

Oreo and Biscuit: Sorry mum

Mattie: I had a good life with the Lau’s before I got stolen to be a puppy maker!

Oreo: Wow, calm down. I wasn’t even apart of that decision.

Grace: Hey Ced, you’re free now, right?

Grace: Good, I’ll meet you at the pool.

Jeez, Grace really must’ve missed Cedrick. She literally jumped on him as soon as he turned up on the lot.

Grace: Why do you have to make me do this?

It’s your LTW!

Grace: But it’s so painful.

Tough luck, get to it.

Grace: I’m so sorry Cedrick but we’re over.

Cedrick: I don’t understand, you love me.

Grace: *Internally screams* Get over it, we’re done!

Aww, how sad.

As soon as Grace broke up with Cedrick she immediately rolled this wish.

They are already friends so it’s kind of redundant but it’s still so sad.

Cedrick: Why did you do this to me Grace? You have broken my heart.

Don’t now, you’re gonna make me feel so bad about the whole situation.

I really, really want this LTW out of the way since it’s starting to make me feel bad so Grace came home and called up her next potential boyfriend/

Potential BF no5 is Bruno Flynn-Doe. He didn’t turn up with Grace called him so she had to track him down.

He is putty in her more than capable hands.

I’m not sure who Bruno’s parents are but it turns out he’s a vampire/werewolf hybrid. My first hybrid townie. Awesome!

Even with his hybrid status Grace still breaks up with him after becoming his girlfriend.


Grace: This sucks so bad

Yay, Gen 5 is officially on the way!

Grace: I’m so glad you’re enjoying my suffering so much.

Cai finally gets the promotion where she has to pick her branch. She rolled a wish a while ago to join the evil branch so that’s what she choses.

It didn’t take Indie long to get pregnant at all. Why can’t all spares be this good at procreating?

Grace: This day has been so emotionally draining, I just want it to be over.

Keep your chin up, tomorrow will be another day.

Grace: Goodnight Watcher

Goodnight Grace

Az: This salad is so fresh.

Doesn’t it look like he’s eating the flowers from this angle?

Grace is still very much a bookworm at heart, she just hasn’t had much time for her books recently because of boyfriend chasing.

While going after Grace’s next target, Drake Lau-Yates, I discover a cat colony in his house.

I’m not sure if they all belong to him or not but it’s pretty weird seeing them all at once.

Grace: Why do I have to keep doing this? I just want to be in a steady relationship.

You chose this wish.

Grace: I’m starting to deeply regret that decision.

Tough, we’re seeing it through to the end.

Grace: This rain is so soothing, it’s as sad and lonely as my broken soul.

Don’t you start Jace’s emo thing.

Grace: I’m allowed to be sad you know.


OMG, that is literally the funniest maternity wear I’ve ever seen in the game yet.

Grace: Fix it, fix it, fix it!

Is that better?

Grace: Much, thank you.

Grace: Here, take my flowers as a sign of my impatience to get this over with.

Drake: Wow, thank you, they smell really angsty.

Grace: Please let this work

Drake: She’s actually kissing me

Drake: How dare you just kiss me like that?

Grace: But I thought…

Drake: Never do that again!

For hours Drake played hard to get with Grace, for so long that I even missed Belle’s death, until he was hit by lightning. After that he was pretty receptive to Grace’s advances.

Grace: Be my boyfriend, now or I’ll make sure you keep getting struck by lightning.

Drake: Of course I’ll be your boyfriend, just keep the lightning away!

Grace wasn’t exactly pleased when she came inside and found out that she’d missed Belle’s death because of Drake’s games.

Grace: You made me miss my dogs death! We can’t be together after something like that.

Drake: Fine, whatever. You’re weird anyway.

Wow, way to be sensitive Drake.

I had a panicky moment when I couldn’t find Belle’s grave but after looking around the whole lot I found it.

Now she is with the rest of the graves. I’ve just realized there are 2 generations of Sims and pets out there now.

That’s everything for this chapter, I’ll see you guys on Sunday with the next chapter.


Self wetting (7) -35
For each sim failing school (1) -5
For every game induced visit from a police officer, firefighter or babysitter (when you don’t call them but the game makes them come)  (1) -5
Passing Out (13) -65
Accidental Deaths
Social Worker Visit

Every Birth (7) +35
Every Twin Birth (3) +30
Every Triplet Birth
Fulfilling LTW (4) +160
For each Sim that gets on the honor roll (9) +45
Randomizing every LTW choice and trait for a whole generation of children (2) +20
Not using spares Happiness points for a generation (3) +30
Every 100,000 dollars (1) +20

Every sim to master a skill (9) +45

Every sim to max their career (2) 20

Painting of Torch holder somewhere in the house (0)

Total points: 290


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