Chapter 3.10 – So Many Fails

Hey guys, this chapters taken me a lot longer than I expected it too so instead of a long intro I’m just gonna jump right in.

Jace: How am I meant to know what bed is mine now, it’s too confusing!

Ayden: Listen kid, just pick a random bed and go to sleep.

And as easy as that Jace finds a bed and claims it as his own.

Why couldn’t Ayden have had this chat with the rest of the kids?!

Ayden: You are in so much trouble right now!

Freya: What’s your deal, Old man?

Ayden: How dare you?! Not only do you bring home a ‘D’ grade but then you go and insult me. You’re GROUNDED!

Azlan comes home with his second promotion whereas at the other side of town Cai has gotten herself arrested

while she was at work.

Holy crap, you actually know how to do homework, Freya? Surprised smile

Freya: Do you always have to be so condescending all the time?

I’m just gonna let these pictures speak for themselves.

FYI this isn’t even our cat, it just randomly walked by and attacked Indie.

Freya: Grams grandpa changed his mind about grounding me so I can go out again, right?

Envy: I guess I don’t see anything wrong with that.

OMG, I can’t believe you actually got away with that.

Freya: Get to know me, I’m amazing!

With so many Sims in the house I didn’t even realize that Hayl hadn’t come home from school until I went looking

for her. Apparently she prefers freezing her butt of in the snow to  coming home to her madhouse.

I don’t really blame her tbh.

What is why you kids refusing to come home from school today?

Grace: It’s the snow, it helps me concentrate.

And you’re meant to be the genius *eyeroll*

*Starts humming ‘Do you wanna build a snowman’*

Freya: Do you mind?

Sorry, I can’t help it. That song just seems to creep up on me whenever I see a snowman.

Way to phone it in Freya! Couldn’t you have at least made a cool snowman instead of the boring default?

Freya: Don’t stifle my creativity! Devil

You didn’t think it would be better to celebrate your birthday at home with your family?

Hayl: Woooo, sweet, sweet freedom! No one’s gonna be able to tell me what to do now.

She didn’t exactly have a stellar grade at school (mostly cause she never did her homework) so her new trait was

locked in. I’ve never really played with the Bot Fan trait before so I’m not sure what it does exactly.

Hayl as a teen is so pretty and so different from the rest of her sister. Also, most of the clothes she aged up in

I kept and just recoloured in her favourite colour cause they looked awesome.

Freya: *Sports commentator voice* Will she make this basket and win the game for her team?

Freya lives up to her athletic trait more than any other sim I’ve ever had. She’s constantly doing sporty things.

Sadly she isn’t as good at the arcade version as she is on the actual court in the front yard.

Freya: Your commentating certainly didn’t help my concentration any

Yeah, yeah whatever Eye rolling smile

According to my notes (since I literally can’t remember) this is Clara and Midori’s 3rd child.

Unlike with her Athletic trait Freya hardly ever lives up to her Brooding trait. This is one of the very rare times

I’ve actually caught her brooding.

According to my notes someone built an igloo outside and Jace has basically taken to living in it. This is one of

the few times he’s came inside since. Unfortunately he was too late and didn’t quite make the toilet –5

Jace: Do you think we could be the bestest of friends?

Hayl: Eww, you stink, why would I want to be friends with you?

Jace: *Sad face*

Why would you do that Hayl? How can you turn him down? He’s so adorable!

Hayl: Ugh, just leave me alone, both of you!

Jace: All around me are familiar faces, Worn out places, worn out faces

Wow, way to bring the tone downDisappointed smile

Jace: Leave me to my misery

Aren’t you a little young to be going emo on me?

Jace: You’re never to young to express your emotions

Okay, I’ll just leave you to it you little weirdo Who me?

Grace: Come on Milo, catch the piggy!

Milo: Can’t you leave this old man in peace? These old bones don’t move the way they used to

Envy: I never expected you of all the kids to skip school. You are in big trouble Mister.

Jace: You don’t understand me. You don’t know what I’m going through!

Jace: *Sigh* Just another sorrow to add to my growing pile.

Belle: This kid is a serious bummer, can we trade him for someone more upbeat?

Unfortunately not Belle, we’re stuck with him for now.

I literally have no clue why I have so many pictures of Jace. Maybe it’s because his character is kind of fascinating.

Ewww, that’s so gross.

True story; I’ve never seen a dog do this in the game before. I’ve seen cats playing in the toilet but not the dogs.

Jace somehow does his homework even though he’s never been to school before.

Jace: Indie promised to be my friend if I did her homework for her.

My poor little Lamb Crying face

I guess Jace’s help on her homework worked since Indie manages to get herself on the honor roll +5

Just a small, adorable, reminder that Night is still around since he’s not been seen this chapter.

Actually, speaking of Night, ever since Envy became an elder she spends all her time play-chasing him around

the house.

Envy: You’ll never catch me Night

Night: I can catch you in my sleep, Old Woman.

Night: I caught you so now you need to play my game

Envy: Here Night, catch the rope, c’mon, catch the rope!

It’s been a while since she started at work but Cai finally got her first promotion.

Freya: You know you’re never gonna be heir, right?

Grace: Whatever, it’s not always gonna be the oldest as heir y’know.

Freya: Maybe not but you’re too boring to ever lead this family.

Ayden: *To self* Close your eyes and escape to your happy place Ayden, it’ll all be better there.

Oh, we’ve got a dragon!

I completely forgot about that.

Cai: I’m so offended right now.

Why, I didn’t forget about your existence

Cai: I’m offended on his behalf. My poor dragon baby deserves better.

What’s his name again?

Cai: Uh…um…shut up!

I don’t know if you can see, what with him blending in with the trees in the background, but Cai’s giving her

precious some exercise in the yard.

Cai: Who’s mummy’s favourite baby? You are, yes you are.

Aw, how sweet.

Ayden’s taken to using the board breaker a lot lately. He only seems to break space rocks so we have a lot of

gems littering the yard. I guess that’ll come in handy if we’re ever broke.

While her husband is providing for the future of this family Envy is steadily heading towards alcoholism.

Envy: What can i say; it fits me like a glove.

Freya: What is the main theme of the TV Show Supernatural?

Hayl: The overwhelming co-dependency issues between Sam and Dean?

Grace: The inability for them to make a single good decision when it comes to the world vs. each other?

Freya: So what is it then? I can’t fit both answers in here.

Um…go with Hayl’s answer, it sounds better.

Indie: Only one book has been distributed in more copies then the Bible; The IKEA catalog

Freya: *To self* This is so boring. *To Indie* And I care why?

Indie: In 1998, Sony accidently sold 700,000 camcorders that had the technology to see through people’s clothes

Freya: zzz So many boring facts zzz

I’d just like to point out that this isn’t a pass out, Indie actually used the ‘bore to death’ interaction which

caused Freya to pass out. I’m sure that interaction is part of the No sense of humour trait.

Not satisfied with boring Freya, Indie moves on to the only other unoccupied person in the room; Hayl.

Indie: In just about every species of mammal, the female lives longer than the male

Hayl: I regret every life choice I have ever made up to this point

Indie: More people in China speak English than in the United States

And another one succumbs to the utter boredom that is Indie’s useless facts.

Dahlia gives birth to a baby boy named Ian.

Correct me if I’m misremembering but I think this is Dahlia’s first child.

Cai: If I sit here with the dog and don’t make a scene maybe the Watcher will mistake me for Freya and leave

me alone.

Not likely but nice plan

Cai: Damn it!

Indie: If I brush you nicely then you’ll listen to my facts, right Night?

Night: Ruh-roh, here she goes

Indie: The Canary Islands were not named after a bird called the canary. They were named after a breed of dogs!

Night: So tired…must sleep now

Damn it Indie leave everyone alone!

Is that a smile I see?

Jace: Tell anyone about this and I’ll deny it. I’ve got a reputation to uphold.

As if to prove his point Jace ran inside and started talking about urns with his mum.

Jace: Isn’t it cool that we just have a bunch of urns in the backyard.

Cai: Listen kid, I’m pretty sure this is the first time I’ve actually spoken to you and I now realize why, you suck!

Jace: But…but mummy Crying face

Now this is new. I’ve never had a sim haver this skill before (hunting?). I guess from the picture it has something

to do with werewolves.

When I go looking for her I find her just of the lot and she is indeed hunting. She ended up coming home with

only a cockroach but that’s okay, it’s still cool.

My whole little doggy family all in one picture. I can almost guarantee that this will be the first and only family

picture I’ll get of them ‘cause Milo’s life bar is nearly full Crying faceCrying face

Cai’s been working out a lot on the ballet barre to raise her athletic skill for her job so that’s why she’s not

really been around much.

Cai: I’d do this for a million years if it kept me away from you.

We’re out of food so Envy makes some mac and cheese. She’s the families residential cook and I’m not sure

what they’ll do when she’s gone.

Envy: I’m not dead yet you know!

Azlan comes home with another promotion. I think he’s level 4 now.

Grace: *Imitating Indie* Did you know I’m a big stupid know-it-all?

Jace: *Trying to stop laughing* Stop it, you’re ruining my precious reputation.

Belle: Left a bit, up a bit…ahh, just the spot

Grace: how did I get roped into this again?

The combined powers of persuasion and adorableness?

Grace: That sounds about right.

Aren’t you a little old to be playing on a jungle gym?

Hayl: Not playing just thinking

About what, may I ask?

Hayl: Just stuff

Okay, I’m gonna go before you get even weirder.

Inside the fun room Cai has discovered the crane machine and won herself an adorable mummy teddy.

I wish she’d win one of those awesome ghost gnomes but a teddy’s cool too I guess.

Indie: Panophobia is the fear of everything.

What does that have to do with you peeing yourself, especially on your birthday? -5

Indie: Little and less but I wanted to tell someone.

I also wanted to add that she’s exhausted too so she’ll probably pass out after school.

You have got to be kidding me. I didn’t even know these two were back together let alone having a kid.

These two take every opportunity they can to spend time together. It’s so precious.

Ayden: Can you take your fawning somewhere else, it’s seriously distracting!

Nailed it!

Literal seconds after the school day ended Indie passed out -5

Surprisingly, since this almost never happens in my game, 3 of the girls brought home a friend from school.

Top is Jessie Pham, middle is Lysette Stewart and the child is Velma Lau-Simon.

Freya is really good friends with Lysette.

After her pass out incident Indie came straight home from school and went to bed so she is left to age up

without a cake or any celebration.

All I see when looking at Indie now is Cai (minus the colouring of course). She is a total clone.

She rolls Computer Whiz as her teen trait and since this chapter is getting kind of long I’m gonna end it here.

Join us next time for the last chapter before the heir poll!


Self wetting (7) -35
For each sim failing school (1) -5
For every game induced visit from a police officer, firefighter or babysitter (when you don’t call them but the game makes them come)  (1) -5
Passing Out (9) -45
Accidental Deaths
Social Worker Visit

Every Birth (7) +35
Every Twin Birth (3) +30
Every Triplet Birth
Fulfilling LTW (4) +160
For each Sim that gets on the honor roll (8) +40
Randomizing every LTW choice and trait for a whole generation of children (1) +10
Not using spares Happiness points for a generation (2) +20
Every 100,000 dollars

Every sim to master a skill (7) +35

Every sim to max their career (2) 20

Painting of Torch holder somewhere in the house (0)

Total points: 255


2 thoughts on “Chapter 3.10 – So Many Fails

  1. Hayl is indeed very different from her sisters, I love her look. And she chose awesome clothes for herself, well done!

    Though I also love Jace and his aodrable baby brother vibe.

    LOL, I have had sims with No sense of humor before, but haven’t seen the Bore to Death interaction. Too funny!


    • Yeah, that’s really the first time any sim of mine has been able to pick nice clothes for themselves.
      That’s the first time I’ve seen the bore to death interaction too. It’s pretty weird but super funny 😀


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