Chapter 4.5 – All Hail Oreo

Hey guys, I know this chapter is a day late but I seriously couldn’t be bothered going on my computer last night.

Anyway, this is the last chapter I have (I’m all caught up now!) so I can’t wait to be able to play again.

It’s a little redundant since she’s already read both pregnancy books but when Grace rolls a wish to read one again I let her. I guess she’s really taking this pregnancy seriously.

Devan still hasn’t gone home and when Cai goes to talk to him they both heartfart each other.

Nope, never gonna happen as long as I can help it!

Cai: But he can warm my ice cold body

*Cocks imaginary shotgun* Put your hands where I can see them and step away from your daughters boyfriend!

Almost as if sensing the heartfart Grace rushes to the room and dip kisses Devan.

Cai: It’s cool, I’m happy being the ghost in the room.

Go away Cai, you’re not funny.

Grace: Hey Ind, I’m having a party for Kami and everyone is invited

Grace: What do you mean you’re busy today? I don’t care, get your ass here or else Steaming mad

Indie must’ve gotten the message around because guests soon start arriving.

From left to right we have Beatrice Winchester (Odessa’s eldest daughter), Midori (Freya’s dad), Indie and behind Indie is Young Jae (Dahlia’s husband).

Young Jae: Hi *waves*

For an EA Premade you are so adorable.

Young Jae: Why thank you very much

I kind of wish you hadn’t married Dahlia now so I could marry you in and use your genetics. Oh well.

Grace: Okay you can stop paying attention to my uncle and start paying attention to the birthday of my firstborn.

Az: Yay, my first grandbaby is going to be less boring now!

I’m pretty sure she isn’t your first grandbaby but okay then

Az: I haven’t met any the rest so as far as I know she’s my first.


*sparkle time*

Indie: it was nice knowing you but this is too boring, C’yah when you get more exciting

Grace: Now I know why I don’t like you

Oh My Precious! Red heartRed heartRed heart

Just as somebodysangel13 predicted last chapter little Kami has inherited Ced’s vibrant red hair. She also got his white-ish eyes paired with Grace’s pinky-purple skin.

Never one to leave the limelight to someone else Oreo and Biscuit immediately steal Kamille’s thunder by having their birthdays too.

They are both small dogs and are both adorable but Oreo has the edge since he is less ‘templately’ than his littermate. Oreo will stay with us and be our doggy heir and Biscuit will be moving out into Freya’s house.

It’s a little late since the party is pretty much over and nearly everyone is gone but Cedrick still turns up with a pizza in hand.

Cedrick: It’s called being fashionably late.

It’s called missing your only child’s birthday

Cedrick: My what?

Elijah also turns up fashionably late and decides it’s a good idea to dance on the kitchen counters at a child’s birthday. This is actually the first time I’ve ever seen a sim in my game do this so that was pretty cool.

Elijah: Woo, party time!

Not that type of party I’m afraid

Elijah: Sad smile

It seems Day was waiting for his brother to have pups first before having his own. This is his first litter.

Indie? Where did you come from? I thought you’d gone home.

Indie: Nah, I just like winding Grace up, also I wanted to see my niece all grown up.


Even with Cedrick here (the guy I’d thought Grace would spend the rest of her life with after her LTW was completed) Grace is still constantly rolling wishes for Devan and autonomously being romantic with him.

Between that and her both parents wishes to see her get married I have her propose to Devan.

She doesn’t seem to upset about it so I think it’s okay.

Grace: Listen Devan, you and I both know what this is and what it could lead to so just say you’ll marry me so I can get up.

Devan: Oh my Watcher *girly squeal*

Devan: Of course I’ll marry you

Grace: Thank the Watcher that’s over with.

Way to ruin the romantic moment Grace *eyeroll*

Seriously guys?! Why do people keep thinking it’s okay to woohoo in Grace’s bed?

I tell you what, following in Jenn’s footsteps with the Pizzaz’s, the next time anyone woohoo’s in the family beds they are getting knocked up.

Elijah eventually gets over his weird gravitation to the kitchen counters.

He gets down and immediately starts trying to teach Kami to walk which is so freaking adorable!

Elijah: Come to Uncle Elijah little baby

Kami: Who are you again?

Elijah: Wait…am I her Uncle or her Great-Uncle?

Actually you are both since you are Cai’s brother and also Kami’s aunt Odessa’s husband.

Elijah: Ced, you take over, my brain hurts now.

Ced: Hi little baby, I’m your daddy Cedrick

Kami: Why do all these weird people keep touching me?

Ced: Broken heart

Cedrick left not long after that. I haven’t noted it down but I think he actually finished the walking skill with her.

Elijah stuck around for a while after the party and helped clean up the mess left behind.

I still love him as much as I did when he was a baby and miss having him around.

Az: Goodnight sweet Grandchild

Kami: But I want out

Az: Tough, it’s bedtime

Kami: That’s what you think

What the? How did you get out?

Kami: I tricked mummy into letting me out

Your plan really worked out well, huh, seeing as you went from one trap straight into another

Kami: I’m not…damn it!

Oh no Broken heart

Grim: Night Holly your time has come

Night: You’ll make sure they look after my pups, right?

Grim: Yeah, sure I will

Night: You better or I’ll chase your ass in the underworld

Oreo appears just in time to see his dad disappear into the underworld.

Night lived long enough to see his pups into adulthood but finally passed out at 42 days (which is 2 or 3 days past the end of his lifebar).

Cai: Meet me in Grace’s bed in 10 minutes

Az: But I wanted to go now

Kami: Tough luck Sucker, she’s mine right now

WTH Grace?

Grace: Leave me, I’m eating my feelings.

Better be careful there, your feelings might just end up chocking you.

For some reason Grace seems the most affected by Night’s death. She’s always crying and making sad faces.

To make herself feel better she uses her powers to clean the house (A.K.A I wanted to see what it would do. Just a bunch of sparkles around the house and a fancy moodlet).


Grace: Wow mum, way to show appreciation for me cleaning up the house.

I’ve just noticed that Oreo is slightly bigger than Mattie. I didn’t even realize that could happen.

He also doesn’t have hers or Night’s coat shapes which is a little weird.

While I’m realizing the differences between the dogs Grace has sat herself down in the nursery to teach Kami to talk.

Grace: Say evil soul sucking mechanical device

Kami: Uh….

Grace: I mean, say laptop

Kami: What does she think I am, a parrot?

Just say something for her, it might cheer her up.


Grace: What about a spa day? Mummy needs a break, I think.

Kami: Yeah, mummy definitely needs a face mask. You look old.

Grace: Crying face

Don’t feel so bad, you’ll still be a YA when she becomes one.

Grace kept wishing to ‘magically clean’ Kamille. I thought it was just gonna be another of those wishes that couldn’t be fulfilled until the kid was a teenager but apparently it works with toddler too. Cool.

Peek-a-boo Kami

Kami: Dino say ‘eh-oh’ *giggles*

It seems Oreo has taken up Belle’s old spot on Cai’s lap.

Oreo: What is this thing?


Oreo: No, the thing she’s playing with

Oh, don’t worry, it’s not staying long term.

Oreo: Few, it’s creepy and I don’t like it.

Nice outfit Az Laughing out loud

Az: I was investigating a science lab today. It kind of blew up in my face.

You can say that again Rolling on the floor laughing

Devan turned up at the door on his own. It isn’t that much of an effort when you think of it since he stays straight across the road but it’s still sweet. Grace is sent to invite him in.

Because I didn’t want another party and because there is no time like the present I have them have a private wedding.

Of course because she’s a Holly she has to get married in the bathroom like all the generation before her.

The newest Mr and Mrs Holly Red heart

As soon as Grace is married she rolls a wish to be worth more than 300,000 meaning she must have over 200,000 already which I didn’t realize +20

I think Azlan’s crazy hair has gone to his head.

Why else would he be trying to bath a visiting ghost!Belle.

Is it that time already? Is it bad that a little part of me forgot that she was even pregnant? ‘Cause yeah, I totally didn’t do that *shifty eyes*

Grace: A little help here!

If I was you I’d be more worried about the bedside table trying to eat your leg.

She gives birth to another little girl. Baby Linden is our first Genie/Werewolf hybrid of this generation +5

She also has 3 hidden traits, one of which is the opposite of her older sisters (Can Apprehend Burglar where Kami has the Burglar trait. That should be fun).

Grace: Ugh! Can’t he get out of his bed and help me? I’ve just had a kid and he’s asleep in bed!

It’s Sims, he couldn’t help you anyway so get over it.

Whilst Grace is giving birth in the bedroom Devan has disappeared into the skill room and has taken up the piano skill. Smart guy, I’d want to stay away from Grace when she’s in that kind of mood too Laughing out loud

Kami: Can someone feed me?

Hopefully someone will notice you…sooner or later

Kami: But I’m hungry now Crying face

Woohoo is the easiest way to get non-controllable Sims to bed so Grace is tasked with bringing Devan to bed for his first night as a member of the Holly house.

It seems all the Gen 4 kids are determined to have kids early instead of leaving it late *cough*Like Elijah*cough*

This time it’s Hayl’s turn to announce her pregnancy to Landen Doe.

I seen Devan found baby Linden.

Devan: Baby tired…baby need bed

In that case you better carry on.

Devan: What just…what just happened to me?

Aw, it seems Devan can’t quite control his werewolf-ism yet.

Devan: My what?!!

I’ll let you find that out on your own, Buddy.

I can’t even remember why I took this picture. All I have in my notes is that Grace levels Devan up in logic. Why I have no idea since I played this ages ago. Maybe he has a job related LTW?

Devan is a really good step-dad to Linden and Kamille, I just haven’t had a chance to get any pictures of him with Kami yet. I sort of love Devan, he is so good around the house and completely adorable.

Cai has a snazzy new outfit for work since she’s now level 9.

Some mummy/baby bonding time. I can’t wait to see what Linden looks like as a toddler. I think it’s pretty obvious from this picture that she’s already inherited Rodney’s black hair and Grace’s pinky-purple skin but the rest is a mystery.

Ayden comes for a visit and spends all night on the ballet barre. When did you become such a bore?

Ayden: Some time after Grim made me the evil emperor of the underworld.

Awesome! What’s that all about?

Ayden: I get to laze about then when we get newbies I get to scare then until I get bored.

It’s just up your alley then.

Ayden: Absolutely Devil

Cai: Why can’t you clean up all the dishes in this room instead of leaving them lying?

Devan: Those are not even my dishes but I will clean them if it makes my new family happy.

*SMH* At least these two aren’t flirting which is all I can hope for really.

I must’ve missed the pop-up that Indie was pregnant because she gives birth to a little girl named Haley.

I swear, this generation really is gonna be all girls at this rate.

It’s finally time for Linden’s toddler birthday. I feel a little bad that Kami got a party and she didn’t but I really didn’t want another party so she’ll just have to deal.

Lin: Why you no love me? Sad smile

Damn it! The kids this generation will be the death of me with their never-ending cuteness.

It also appears that Lin has inherited Rodney’s eyes as well as his hair meaning I’ve got the same combo for both girls right now.

Kami: This is too hard

Maybe you should move back a little. It might make it easier.

Kami: But that defeats the whole purpose.

Lin: Boats boats boats

No, never again

Lin: But it’s funny

Nope, I refuse to acknowledge HIMYM after how it ended.

Lin: *Whispers* Boats

You didn’t!

Grace: So what if I did

Well you’ll be the one stuck with 3 toddlers

Grace: I…I did not think this all the way through

Well that’s all for now. As I said at the beginning I’m all caught up now so I’m not sure what will happen next or when the next chapter will be out since I need to find time to play again. Until then, bye guys.


Self wetting (7) -35
For each sim failing school (1) -5
For every game induced visit from a police officer, firefighter or babysitter (when you don’t call them but the game makes them come)  (1) -5
Passing Out (13) -65
Accidental Deaths
Social Worker Visit

Every Birth (9) +45
Every Twin Birth (3) +30
Every Triplet Birth
Fulfilling LTW (5) +200
For each Sim that gets on the honor roll (9) +45
Randomizing every LTW choice and trait for a whole generation of children (2) +20
Not using spares Happiness points for a generation (3) +30
Every 100,000 dollars (2) +40

Every sim to master a skill (9) +45

Every sim to max their career (2) +20

Painting of Torch holder somewhere in the house (0)

Total points: 360


4 thoughts on “Chapter 4.5 – All Hail Oreo

  1. Haha. Yes, that red hair of Cedrick’s is strong. I think it lasted for 3 generations for me.
    Also, woo, I love torturing sims with pollination when they abuse the party for woohoo.
    I have never had a sim dance on the counter! Elijah, is of course, completely adorable as are all the toddlers.


  2. Haha, I just finished reading Jenn’s Pizzaz posts, great idea! I’ve only seen it happen once in my game though. My simmies aren’t as sex-mad as yours and Jenn’s apparently 😛

    LMAO, Magically cleaning the toddler. That’s one way to avoid diaper changes, I guess! Kami is too cute, I freaking love those kitty slippers! Ooh, but Linden is also adorable, her dress is really cute.

    LOL, more nooboos already? Grace definitely didn’t think it through. Yay for good idiot dads, though.


    • My sims aren’t normally sex-mad either, it’s just this family apparently.
      Both Linden and Kami are so cute, I can’t wait to show them as YA!
      Grace reminds me of a person I know IRL who keeps having kids as soon as their other kids aren’t babies anymore lol. She certainly didn’t think it through.


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