Chapter 3.4 – Enter the Cute!

Hey guys, welcome back to the Holly ISBI.

Last time we got a cute little dragon and an even cuter hybrid baby. That’s pretty much all so let’s jump in shall we?

And we start with a very shirtless Elijah being a cutie in the front yard.

(If my pictures look different it’s ‘cause I changed the way I’m editing them)

Inside Dahlia and Azlan are found sitting awkwardly around the ice table while Milo growl at a dirty plate. I seriously wish there was a mod that stopped dogs from freaking out whenever there is dirty plates or the TV is left on.

Ayden and Envy soon join in, easing the awkwardness or creating more, depending on your point of view.

Ayden: Dahlia, I hope you know that the watcher is watching you both very carefully

Dahlia: Don’t worry, I’d never betray Cai *looks directly at Azlan*

Azlan: *Stares straight ahead awkwardly*

Cai: Come to mummy, Frey

Freya: *starts wobbling towards her before falling on her butt*

Cai: Silly baby, let’s try this again

I’m surprised Cai’s being so nice nowadays, it’s actually kind of weird.

Cai: ‘Course I’m being nice to her…

‘Cause she’s your daughter, right?

Cai: ‘Cause she’s a hybrid and you never piss them off unless you want to end up dead.

Good point Thinking smile

Cai: That’s right little girl isn’t it? Mummy loves you so you won’t kill me in my sleep

Wow, self preservation at it’s finest *eyeroll*

Actually…your already dead so why’re you worried?

Cai: I really don’t want to be any deader than I am, thanks

At least someone likes to spend time with Freya without being afraid of her

Elijah: Someone needs to save her from the craziness of this house

I was getting sick of all the clashing, overly bright, colours in the nursery so I redecorated. I like it a lot better now.

Belle: Someone…Anyone…some help here

Belle: It’s cool, I just pushed 2 massive puppies out. I’m feeling fine.

Yep, the highly anticipated (by me at least) puppies are finally here.

She had 2 of them.

Both are little boys with identical markings.

The skinny one if Day and the fluffier one is Night. I can’t wait to see what they get up to.

Night: Hey mum, mum, mum, you look like a mini horse

Belle: That’s nice, dear, incredibly wrong, but nice.

The random EA brown splotches on both pups really annoyed me so I removed them and now they look much better imo. Oh, I also think that their eyes are from Milo since Belle’s are brown.

Aww, no matter reality or Sims, sleepy puppies are always adorable Red heart

See, told ya.

While his brother is sleeping Day is out in the living room goofing around with his dad.

Belle: Oh great, I now have 3 children *doggy facepalm*

Ayden: C’mon sweetie, can you say computer?

Freya: …

Ayden: What about fishes? Werewolves like fish, don’t they?

Freya: NO

Ayden: YAY, I got you to say your first word!

Is it just me or does Ayden look a little creepy in this picture?

Azlan: Uh huh, creepy grandpa said what?

Freya: *baby babble*

Azlan: Poor, poor Freya

Az, you understand baby talk?

Azlan: All genies do

Well add that to the list of fact I didn’t know

Fun fact, every night Milo sleeps beside a different bed. This night it was Ayden and Envy’s bed he chose. Day chose to sleep near his dad which is super sweet.

Talking about super sweet, Freya here is the embodiment of that.

Well, except when she’s sticking a wooden mallet through her face.

He hasn’t had a single negative reaction until now from the betrayed moodlet he got last chapter. I guess a hug from his wife just pushed him over the edge

At least Cai’s parents have a more functional relationship than she currently does.

Az: Vroom vroom

What’ch up to Az?

Az: Hiding from my wife in case she tries some sort of revenge thing.

I’m not sure playing with the kids toys in the next room over is your safest bet but good luck.

I can’t get over how absolutely adorable these puppies are. I Red heart them.

Day: Mum, mum, mummy, mom!

Belle: Do you mind, I’m trying to get the humans to throw some scraps down for me

Day: But you need to pay attention to me!!!!!!!

Belle: Honestly, children these days

Somehow Cai, Dahlia and Elijah have their graduation on the same day.
Cai doesn’t actually go to the ceremony though and graduates in the house. I didn’t get a picture though.

Dahlia, drop that child immediately!

Dahlia: But she wants to go see her auntie graduate

Just drop the baby and back away slowly

Damn it Dahlia!

Plus side, Ayden’s looking very dapper in his all black suit.

Cai graduates with Most likely to never leave the house (accurate since she’s in my game)

Dahlia graduates with highest honors but no Most likely award.

And Elijah, he seriously must’ve bribed someone ‘cause he got Most popular Rolling on the floor laughingRolling on the floor laughing

While the whole family (except Cai and the dogs) are out at graduation I stay home with Cai.

I found this gnome outside. I’ve never had a dog gnome before, it’s kind of cute.

I named him Sammy after Sam Winchester from Supernatural.

Day: Dad? Uh, dad…are you alright?

Wow, Milo’s really jacked himself up hasn’t he?

See what I mean about the dog reactions to simple things.

It’s cute in pictures but in game it is super annoying.

Cai: Here, doggy, doggy, doggy. Come get the treat.

That hardly seems fair, how’s a teensy pup like that meant to reach up there?

Cai: That’s my point *evil laugh*

I think I took way to much pictures of the dogs, maybe even more than the actual Sims this chapter.

Aww, looks like someone’s making up for being an ass a couple of minutes ago.

How un-evil does holding a puppy make Cai look though? It makes her look almost…sweet.

I decided I should probably check up on the family. Look who I found standing around with them. I wonder if he came to see his daughter?

I kind of need to stop with the puppy pictures now, don’t I?

I can’t though, it’s just too cute to stop Red heart

Finally the family comes home, towing a very tired and grumpy Freya.

Azlan doesn’t seem to know what to do with her.

Thankfully, at some point he realized that she needed her bed.

Cai’s getting to that stage in her pregnancy where all she wants to eat is ice cream.

Cai being Cai doesn’t clean up after herself though. Nope, she has minions to do that for her.

Dahlia: Why do I always get stuck with the crappy jobs?

Thus the life of a spare I’m afraid, Sweetie.

Cai gets an opportunity to gain athletic for cash so she works out on the  ballet barre.

Her bump looks massive and oddly shaped in that top.

I think Azlan has gotten tired of having no proper food in the house so he sets about making the family a salad.

Even though I’m not counting pets in the actual ISBI I thought I’d record my first ever pet pass out. I didn’t even know that could happen.

It feels like Cai’s been pregnant forEVER so I was super glad when she went into labour.

Lets just say Cai wasn’t as pleased.

Cai: You think?!

Cai: Someone get this thing out of me!

Everyone around: Crap , what do we do!

Well, you guys are no help at all *smh*

Freya: Mummy! Mummy, come feed meeeeee!

Your mum’s a little busy having your little sibling right now.

Freya: What new baby, I’M the baby!

Not anymore, you’re not

Freya *starts screaming even worse than before*

Meanwhile, back in the living room Cai gives birth to a little girl named Grace, after her grandma (If you can’t remember Envy’s middle name is Grace). Grace is a genie like her dad and so far I can tell she has Azlan’s skin and Envy’s hair.

I love Dahlia and Elijah to pieces but to open up more space for future kids I have to move them out. The house is pretty full and super laggy so they also take Day with them too, meaning Night is the doggy heir this Gen.

Elijah hasn’t even stepped one foot out of the legacy house before I get a pop up saying he’s joined the criminal career. It’s pretty sad that he’s still trying to impress his dad after all this time.

I swear, the moment she wasn’t pregnant anymore Cai goes and gets herself knocked up again. This is gonna be a big generation, I can feel it!

After Grace’s birth both Ayden and Envy rolled this wish. I locked it in for them ‘cause it’s actually highly possible that it’ll happen with Cai alone, never mind the other kids.


Self wetting (5) -25
For each sim failing school (1) -5
For every game induced visit from a police officer, firefighter or babysitter (when you don’t call them but the game makes them come)
Passing Out (4) -20
Accidental Deaths
Social Worker Visit

Every Birth (4) +20
Every Twin Birth (3) +30
Every Triplet Birth
Fulfilling LTW (2) +80
For each Sim that gets on the honor roll (7) +35
Randomizing every LTW choice and trait for a whole generation of children (1) +10
Not using spares Happiness points for a generation
Every 100,000 dollars

Every sim to master a skill (6) +30

Every sim to max their career (2) 20

Painting of Torch holder somewhere in the house

Total points: 170


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