Chapter 3.1 – Long Live The Queen

Hey guys, I can’t believe it’s been *goes to check* nearly 3 months since I last posted a chapter. I finished Ayden’s generation in less than that time! I’m not gonna make up excuses but I’m not sure how much more chapters this computer has in it. It’s been so slow and laggy lately that I can barely do anything on it let alone play Sims. Thankfully I’m expecting to get a new computer in a month or 2. I’m also gonna get this out of the way first by saying that Cai didn’t get accepted to adopt so all the kids this generation will be birthed by Cai. Anyway, on with the chapter Open-mouthed smile

I’m gonna start this off by showing that I finally dug into the old save and rescued Pep and Ivan’s graves.

I also got Cat and Rylee’s graves too since it only seemed fitting.

Dahlia: Can you get that camera out of my face?!

But your face is so pretty Red heart

Dahlia: Now!

Okay, okay, let’s go see what the heir is doing

Hai Cai!

Cai: Oh Watcher, you again

Nice to see you haven’t changed *smh*

I figured I better get started on Cai’s LTW so I bought her a couple of bee boxes.

As I expected she dives straight in. I see a lot of bad things coming from this, which should be fun.

Ayden: Hey pretty lady, wanna see my duck?

How is that even remotely sexy?

Ayden: Shut it, I’m the one that’s married not you!

*facepalm* I really wish I could leave you holding that cutesy duck for the rest of your life.

How did that even work?

Ayden: *muffled noises* Told ‘ya it would!

Dahlia: Ohhh, pretty bees

Cai: She touches my bees I’m gonna feed her to them Angry smile

Dahlia: *Takes a massive step backwards*

In an evil scheme to get Dahlia away from her precious bees Cai takes her to play hopscotch.

In a weird turn of events ‘Lia actually manages to beat her big sister.

Cai wasn’t happy about that result in the slightest.

The family was boring me so I threw some activity items down to make them more amusing.

Of course Ayden is the first to find the first of the items, a football while Elijah rages in the background.

Ayden: *to self* just ignore the weird kid in the background

I feel like I haven’t spent much time with the pets so here’s a cutesy picture of …Mags

(is it bad that I had to go look up her name there?)

I kind of want Cai to finished of her LTW before she starts having kids so I’ve set her to work.


She quickly learns the the recipe for 2 elixirs. I can’t remember which ones though.

If I can’t find Elijah around it’s because he’s outside playing on the basketball court.

Clara: Here kitty, kitty, kitty.

Mags: Who is this peasant?

Seriously Cai, I can’t leave you on your own for 2 minutes without you slaking Annoyed

Cai: Shhh, my shows starting

Milo: You better let madam Cai watch her show or she’ll turn you into a dog like she did me.

You’ve always been a dog Milo *SMH*

Milo: Don’t tell madam Cai that

I gave Cai 1 sim hour with her precious TV before I sent her back to her LTW.

While Cai’s busy again I used Clara’s one YA action to sign her up for a job in politics. Since her LTW is to top that career.

Ayden and Envy are complete horn dogs on free will. They only leave each other alone to eat and sleep.

Elijah is the first of the kids to find the archery range.



Clara doesn’t often live up to her brooding trait but when she does she sits on the front lawn for hours ‘contemplating the emptiness of life’

The happy couple are still at it and this time they are blocking Dahlia from getting a well needed shower.

Dahlia: Stupid happy in love parents *grumblegrumble*

Cai’s back to the daily grind.

She’s slowly levelling up her alchemy skill.

Milo continues to be Elijah’s only friend.

After many days of practising her alchemy Cai finally gets her chance to throw her first elixir.

Naturally the honors go to Daryl since he’s her worst relationship in the house.

I’m sure Daryl is a glutton for punishment. Cai’s sound asleep on the bottom bed and Daryl decided it was a good idea to take the bunk above. I’m pretty sure it’s Elijah’s fault though since he stole Daryl’s bed in the first place.

I can’t remember why I took this picture. Maybe it was to show that Clara’s still around?

I can’t see this ending well!

Cai: They won’t hurt me, I’m their master.

So much for being their master, huh?

Cai: Cease this nonsense at once! I am your master, you will listen to me!

See that puddle in the middle of the floor there?

Yeah, that’s from Cai peeing herself. She literally only stopped to pee herself then went straight

back to work. –5

Her poor mum is stuck with the task of cleaning up after her.

It wasn’t all bad though because due to her frantic skilling Cai’s reached the halfway point in her Alchemy skill.

I haven’t really played much with the alchemy station so I was pretty shocked when Cai got sick from it.

Milo gets himself stuck partway through the living room wall. I ended up having to reset him.

Since I can’t control anyone to cook anymore Cai is made to live off salad.

Cai: C’mon Milo, I need that tooth for my elixir.

You are seriously terrible Cai! Poor baby Milo Crying face

Surprisingly Envy continues her MA Skill without Ayden’s assistance.

Let’s see if she can reach her LTW on her own.

Daryl does his homework on the farthest corner of the lot he can.

I’m sure he’s trying to get as far from Cai as possible.

It’s becoming a thing in this house where people are continually stealing Daryl’s bed.

Tonight it’s Clara’s turn.

Since we moved town we now have spawners on the home lot so Cai doesn’t have to go far to collect ingredients for her elixirs.

Cai then throws a jar of bliss at Dahlia.

Which Dahlia really doesn’t appreciate at all.

She did get a nifty little moodlet from it and a personperson plus with Cai.

Cai hasn’t had time to go for a shower since the pee incident the other day so I finally let her off the hook to go for one.

Elijah: Hey Milo, Milo, Milo…my workout skills are awesome…RIght? RIGHT?

It’s really sad that you want to impress the dog so much Elijah.

Envy: My son is a weirdo *Spits salad*

Don’t worry about it Sweetie, you’re all weirdo’s in this house Laughing out loud

Cai doesn’t get much of a reprieve from her skilling.

Can you tell I just want to get this LTW out of the way ASAP.

I really need to remember to set these beds again ‘cause they must’ve rest with the move.

Cai: That b*tch is dead for taking my bed Devil

Don’t sweat it, you’re not going to bed tonight anyway.

I think Ayden is going a little soft in his old age.

He rolled wishes for both the D twins to age up well and, the one that shocked me the most, was his wish to see Elijah get on the honor roll.

Ghost!Pep: Damn Son, he’s hot!

Peppermint Holly, that is your son!

Ghost!Pep: S’not what it says on my family tree.

Damn, I must’ve forgot to fix the family connections! I’ve fixed it now though.

Cai’s the second one to find and use the archery range.

She didn’t do as well as Elijah did but she still did well. I sent her back to the alchemy station as

soon as she finished.

To take out her frustrations at being chained to the alchemy station 24/7 Cai throws some more bees at Daryl. At this point I can see Cai going through the 50 elixirs on her brother alone.

It’s Clara’s first day at her new job and let’s just say she’s got a very ‘interesting’ work outfit.

It’s getting pretty boring watch Cai constantly on the alchemy station but she keeps learning new elixirs so that’s something.

Daryl thought it would be a good idea to skip school while the whole house was awake.

Stupid idea that he quickly gets scolded for by Envy.

Followed straight after by a jar full of bees from Cai.

I bet Daryl can’t wait to be out of this house now.

Ayden: I don’t know what’s better, that my daughter is a badass or that my son is leaving soon!

Daryl: Why does this always happen to me?! *girly scream*

This is just to show that Cai does actually know how to use the toilet when she gets the chance too.

This picture is so nice (if you ignore the walls down in the corner.

Daryl is still up to his old tricks.

Dahlia isn’t the only one he torments but she’s the only photo I got.

It’s the full moon for the first time in like ever in my game since I don’t usually allow it so that means zombie time!

You fail at being a zombie random zombie chick!

She seriously spent all night playing basketball with Daryl.

Clara comes home from work with her first promotion. I’m so proud of her!

It’s been a pretty productive day for the Holly’s.

Not only did Clara get a promotion but Dahlia and Elijah both got on the honor roll.

I’m sure they’ve already been on it as teens so I’m not counting the points.

Daryl: I’m getting to old for this.

You’re 18!

Daryl: Still too old for this Annoyed

I’m actually surprised that it took Ayden this long to go back to his teenage scaring ways.

Elijah: This bites, I want my seat!

Cai: You snooze, you lose baby bro

I forgot it was the D twins birthdays so they get a quick impromptu party in the front yard (like most of the Holly’s so far). Dahlia goes up first.

She ages up without a single problem and rolls the Over-emotional trait.

Just another reason she is one of my favourites of this generation.

I may be biased but I think Dahlia is the prettiest kid from this generation. I just love her so much Red heart

Naturally Daryl follows his twin into Young Adult-hood.

He too ages up without a problem but he didn’t do as well in school so his trait was locked in.

He also got the Firefighter Super Hero LTW.

He aged up okay but he didn’t really grow into his jawline the way I’d hoped he would.

He just looks slightly odd facially to me.

I normally would end the chapter here but Cai’s got a special surprise before I do.

Whilst Daryl is having his birthday Cai discovers a certain potion on the alchemy station.

Cai: C’mon, c’mon, where’s that damn recipe.

She isn’t shy in using Daryl as her guinea pig.

Cai: Happy birthday little brother, now get out of my house!

For you who didn’t guess the elixir that Cai threw at Daryl was the potent cure, which she just learned.

As soon as he was newly human I used his one YA action to move him out with Clara and Mags.

C’ya at family parties Daryl but I’m kind of glad your gone now.


Self wetting (4) -20
For each sim failing school (1) -5
For every game induced visit from a police officer, firefighter or babysitter (when you don’t call them but the game makes them come)
Passing Out (3) -15
Accidental Deaths
Social Worker Visit

Every Birth (1) +5
Every Twin Birth (3) +30
Every Triplet Birth
Fulfilling LTW (1) +40
For each Sim that gets on the honor roll (7) +35
Randomizing every LTW choice and trait for a whole generation of children (1) +10
Not using spares Happiness points for a generation
Every 100,000 dollars

Every sim to master a skill (6) +30

Every sim to max their career (2) 20

Painting of Torch holder somewhere in the house

Total points: 130


6 thoughts on “Chapter 3.1 – Long Live The Queen

  1. I agree with you, Dahlia is the prettiest of the gen 3 kids. But Darryl is pretty damn hot – I like that you cured the ghostism, so we can see the purty.

    Looking forward to seeing who Cai chooses as her spouse.


    • I know, I absolutely love her ❤
      I'm glad you like Daryl, I wasn't sure about his face 🙂
      Curing Daryl seemed like something Cai would do so I just rolled with it lol
      I can't wait until you guys see who she chooses!


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