Chapter 5.15 – Fuck You Marissa

Hey guys, 2 things:

1st: I know I said I’d have this chapter up last Saturday but apparently when I say ‘tomorrow’ I mean nearly a week later.

2nd: Sorry for the swearing in the title but you’ll see why I was so mad later in this chapter.

With that out of the way let’s jump straight into the chapter.

Persi and Quinn’s birthday party from the last chapter is still in full swing, and, even though I exclusively invited teenagers, Oriana’s child-aged son Stacey turned up too.

He is all his mum except the eye colour. I am very disappointed in the genetic variety that my game is throwing out right now.

And what is Marissa doing whilst her eldest daughter has her birthday? Working out surrounded by teen boys. Sounds about right for her.

Nolan: Wow Mrs H, you’re kind of hot.

Missy: Thanks random kid who’s somehow my daughters boyfriend, I’m flattered.

You might recognise the pink haired girl from the heir poll.

Well that’s because this party is where most of the kids picked their potential spouses.

Quinn: You’re so hot Ernest

Ernest: Right back at ‘ya babe

Quinn: He’s dreamy, can I have him?

No! He’s waaayy too old for you, also I think he’s with someone.

Quinn: But I want him.

Well you’re not going to get him.

Quinn: Damn it!

Yep, more of the kids finding themselves romantic interests.

I wonder if the full moon as something to do with all the autonomous romance going on?

FYI, the boy Rio is hugging is Joey Skipton, eldest son of Katherine Skipton and Cameron Idanezy.

It’s your birthday, what do you have to feel so glum about?

Persi: Everyone is with someone but I can’t be with my boyfriend ‘cause I’m too old now

Don’t worry, you’ll be together as soon as he’s old enough.

Persi: *Goes and cries in a corner*

Rae is also getting in on the romantic action happening tonight.

I am so glad that the girls (apart from Quinn) took the future spouse decision out of my hands this Gen.

Demir: Oh my goodness! My wife is a monster.

And you’re just realizing that? She’s a horrid person…oh, you’re talking about her being a werewolf.

According to my notes Rio is passed out here after witnessing Marissa and Niska turn into their werewolf forms.

These two as well which is weird since they’ve seen the werewolves turn before without fainting.

I think I’ll just turn the full moon off for now to stop this.

With the full moon off the party end and Shiloh, Rosa and Persi settle down to play their favourite video game.

Rosa: Duck, duck you idiot! Do you want to get us killed?

Shiloh: I know what I’m doing. I play this more than you do.

Persi: Can’t you two just get along and…haha suckers, you’re both dead!

Sabine also settles down to do something she enjoys.

Wait, is that Yoda?

And the rest of the family are hanging out in the hallway, doing their own things.

Holy crap, it was Yoda!

Sabine: Brilliant I am

Yes you are and that painting is going straight on the wall.

It seems like just yesterday we got Tiff as a puppy but at 47 days on a 46 day lifespan it’s her time to go.

Everyone is sad about Tiff’s passing except Marissa and Demir.

In fact the are so not sad that they run straight outside to the outdoor shower and woohoo while Grim is still collecting Tiff.

That was annoying as it was but, get this, their god damn woohoo resulted in a baby jingle. I’m not even kidding. Those goddamn assholes somehow managed to get pregnant again which shouldn’t be possible with my settings. I don’t even know how this is possible but I am absolutely fuming.

Look at that smug bastard.

He knows exactly what he’s done.

Rosa: You two aren’t going to go have another baby too, right?

Niska: No, I just love my wife.

Rosa (and me): Phew *wipes brow*

See, this is why Niska will always be my favourite Gen 5 heir, she goes and skills instead of giving me more unwanted possible multiples.

Zen: ~Oops, I did it again | I played with your heart~

Missy: Screw you!

No, screw you Marissa. I really wish I could send you out into the land of cruel SP.

Look at Zen’s snazzy new work outfit.

Can you tell I haven’t really paid much attention to work outfits in the past, ‘cause I really haven’t.

These older girls are so boring while the younger ones are at school.

They just cry or cook more crappy food when they already have a crap ton in the fridge.

Not you guys too.

I can’t wait until you all move out and give me peace!

Missy: Do you think I should buy some building blocks for my new babies?

Sabine: I ain’t getting involved with this one.

I hate you Marissa!

Missy: Aww, nooboo.

Fuck you Marissa! I hate you so much right now that I’m not even going to change your maternity clothes.

Zen comes home with her 6th promotion. At least there’s some good news this chapter.

Finally! I never thought this day would come.

I was sad at first about losing them all but now I’m just glad they will be gone and the house will be emptier.

They all take their sweet ass time blowing out their candles.

Can you hurry it up already so I can kick you out?

Rio: Rude!

Marissa look alike Rosa had a B in school so didn’t get to roll her trait. She got Supernatural Skeptic which is seriously ironic since she’s an alien. She also rolled the Pervasive Private Eye LTW.

Rio did get to roll her trait and rolled Dramatic which is so fitting with her personality. She rolled the Superstar Actor LTW which fits in well with her traits I think. She is also the make-over I enjoyed doing the most.

Roux also got to roll his trait. He rolled socially awkward which also fits his personality. His LTW is (as expected) One Sim Band.

Wow, so I guess Rosa was the only one of the quads not to do well in school ‘cause Rae gets to roll her trait too. She rolls commitment issues which isn’t what I expected for her but it’ll do, I guess. Her LTW is Descendant of da Vinci.

Now onto my hands-down favourite kids of this generation; the twins.

Sabine rolls Workaholic and gets the Fashion Phenomenon LTW which also fits in perfectly with her personality.

And finally, the baby of this generation, Shiloh.

Shiloh rolled Star Quality and nabbed the Lifestyle of the Rich and Famous LTW. It isn’t exactly what I’d thought he’d get but thinking about it, it kind of fits him.

Bye bye Quads.

I didn’t hate you but for the most part your lack of genetic diversity really let you down.

Man, Shiloh and Sabine are really the best looking kids this generation.

Luckily I will be able to stare at their pretty faces for a while longer.

No, this is not a dual generation again but since Shiloh won I figured why not keep his twin around too.

G6 Poll Results1

These are the heir poll results for any of you who wanted to see just how much of a lead Shiloh had. There was never any competition really, he’d been in the lead since the end of day 1.


I’m sorry this wasn’t a proper chapter. I played it a long time before I posted the heir poll and it was just meant to be a bridge between the last chapter and the next generation. I’m also sorry if I let my annoyance colour this chapter. I’ve been putting off posting it for exactly that reason. Anyway, I’ll see you guys in the next generation.


Self wetting (14) -70
For each sim failing school (1) -5
For every game induced visit from a police officer, firefighter or babysitter (when you don’t call them but the game makes them come)  (1) -5
Passing Out (36) -180
Accidental Deaths (1) -10
Social Worker Visit

Every Birth (18) +90
Every Twin Birth (4) +40
Every Triplet Birth
Fulfilling LTW (8) +320
For each Sim that gets on the honor roll (13) +65
Randomizing every LTW choice and trait for a whole generation of children (3) +30
Not using spares Happiness points for a generation (4) +40
Every 100,000 dollars (6) +120

Every sim to master a skill (15) +75

Every sim to max their career (5) +50

Painting of Torch holder somewhere in the house (0)

Total points: 545 (No change this time)


4 thoughts on “Chapter 5.15 – Fuck You Marissa

  1. Wow, good one Marissa. I thought only Jenn’s sims hated her that much. My sims have snuck TFBs when I click on a Strained/Stressed moodlet, maybe Missy did that to you? Oh well, let’s hope she at least produces some diverse genetics this time? Third time is the charm.

    Yay, Shiloh won! I can’t remember who I voted for, but definitely happy it was one of the twins. I really love the hair you chose for him, too, brings out the multi-colours nicely.


    • I really don’t know how it happened. I never touched anything and my setting should’ve made it impossible. That’s never happened to me before.
      As for genetic diversity, apparently Marissa doesn’t know what that is 😀
      I was really glad Shiloh won too, he (and Sabine) were definitely my favourite this generation.


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