Chapter 5.8 – Mistakes Have Been Made!

*Wipes brow* Phew, we are finally here; the last chapter.

The last chapter of my 3 month old backlog that is, not the last chapter of the legacy.

I can’t be bothered recapping this time so we’ll just start this chapter.

Do you see what I do?

Can you feel the terror that I do? Probably not but man, am I going to be busy from now on.

Ah, look at little Persi, so blissfully unaware of the sheet hell her mum and aunt have just bestowed upon this house (and me).

If you didn’t count the babies in the first picture try counting the cribs with me now

1 2 3 4 5 6.

Yep, I knew I was going to regret giving everyone the fertility treatment LTR and boy am I ever!

The R quads are Marissa and Demir’s and the S twins are Niska and Zen’s.

Weird fact, even though I took these stat pictures, I thought the quads were all girls. It wasn’t until they aged up that I realized Roux was a boy.

BTW, if you haven’t through this through we now have 8 baby/toddlers in the house. Someone send help ASAP!

Rio is a alien/genie and Shiloh is an alien/werewolf  but the rest of the kids are just pure aliens.

Crap, something’s happened to Zen, she’s completely invisible.

Zen: I’m in stealth mode

Niska: Why is a plumbob talking to me?

I may have cheated slightly by sending her for a shower since I’ve heard that can fix invisible Sims.

I don’t really count it as cheating though since I was fixing a glitch.

Devan: Thank you for giving me so many wonderful grandchildren that I can dote on

Missy: No problem wise old elf, anything I can do to help

Dev: What is wrong with her?

I think her brain shrivelled away when she realized how many kids she has.

Not surprisingly Devan is the first to rush to the babies aide. I think this is Roux (possibly).

Damn, calm it Devan! Aren’t 8 grandkids enough?

Dev: No, it needs to be double figures!

Fine, I’ll lock it in just in case Oriana ever has any kids ‘cause Missy and Niska are DONE!

It’s never ending in this house now, the minute one of the kids is settled a bunch more start crying for things. Is it too late to just go back to just Quinn and Persi?

Niska: Don’t you ever…

I kid, I kid (maybe).

It’s complete madness! At least the idiots are being useful and helping with the kids when they need something.

I’d have been so screwed if it had just been Marissa and Niska dealing with all 8 of the kids.

Demir: My small human

Devan: No mine! Go find your own, there’s enough of them to go around.

Luckily the older girls are much easier to take care of than the babies. It also doesn’t hurt that Devan is very attached to the girls and tends to their every need without fail.

The kids are screaming bloody murder next door, why aren’t you taking care of them?

Zen: I needed to get started on my skilling again.

Demir: This sound…it’s so enchanting. It takes me back to my home planet.

Useless, both of you!

Not you too Devan, I had faith in you.

Devan: Hush that racket up, I’m trying to get the babies to sleep.

Oh, so you weren’t just here to be annoyingly unhelpful. Oops, my bad.

Finally, they start paying attention to the kids.

Devan: Give me the baby, I need to care for her.

Demir: If my calculations are correct there are 7 more small humans needing assistance

Devan: But I wanted that one *pouts*

It took him a while but Devan did finally make his way to one of the other kids in need.

The guys did an ok job but now that Niska and Marissa are awake the kids are all sorted within no time.

Missy: What can I say except “you’re welcome”?

I’m so sorry, I haven’t even seen that movie but my little sisters sing the songs constantly.

Demir: Reach for the stars small human, one day if you are incredibly lucky you will reach the homeworld

You do realize she’s not your kid and since Zen was born on earth she is on her homeworld

Demir: All aliens have a homeworld

I…I’m not even going to argue anymore

Finally, the moment we were all waiting on from the moment the kids were born. I don’t think I can express how much I dislike the ‘infant’ stage.

Anyway here’s Rosa (Orange), Rio (Black), Roux (Blue) and Rae (Aqua). I’m so sad none of the kids got Demir’s alien skin but they are cute nonetheless.

One more thing, Rio glitched so I had to remove her genie occult to fix her. I guess aliens can’t be hybrids.

Obviously if the quads aged up then the twins had to go next.

I know I really shouldn’t have favourites but I can’t help it. These two are so precious (even if Shiloh’s alien eyes have gone missing).

Oh, Shiloh also had the glitch that Rio had so now he’s only an alien too. Because his alien eyes are missing I can see that he has Devan’s pale blue eyes which is cool and he also has Zen’s human dad Equinox’s hair. He’s all about grandparent genetics, this one is.

Hahaha, nope!

The immense task of toddler training 6 kids starts right away(both autonomous and non).

Quinn: Luv you mummy

Niska: I love you too my sweet little pumpkin

Pumpkin and Bean? What’s with your sudden food obsession?

Niska: Shut up!

At this point the idiots are actually doing more good for these kids than my heirs are. Why is that? I blame it on having 8 kids and only 2 heirs.

The kids do manage to occupy themselves when they aren’t being skilled though so in that regard it is easier now than it was when they were infants.

Rio: My bwock!

Don’t you want to share with your sibling/cousins?

Rio: No, my bwock!

Ok then *backs away slowly*

Rio: You ‘tay ‘way from my bwock

Persi: I don’t want your stupid block, I have my foot to keep me occupied

Rio: Good, keep it tat way!

Man, this kid really doesn’t want to share her blocks.

Shiloh: Mama the ‘puter’s broke

Niska: I know, I’ll get aunt Missy to fix it

Missy: If she even asks I will send her to an early grave

Ah, that’s where Rio gets it from

I’m having a really hard time remembering which kid is which. I really shouldn’t be with this one since she’s the only one wearing glasses but I am. *checks earlier in the chapter* Rae, aqua is Rae.

Rae: At least horsy loves me ‘nough to ‘member my name.

Niska: This is my own personal version of hell

Wow Niska, you better watch it; you’re starting to sound an awful lot like Marissa.

Niska: It’s Rio’s fault. She’s rubbing off on me.

Dev: Don’t blame her, she’s just a baby

Niska: You know nothing

Rio: You all stink!

The end of the first day with 8 toddlers with only Marissa and Niska in my control and they are all green and in bed. I’d call that a massive success. Hopefully I can get them all trained before Niska heads back to work in 3 days.

That’s not to say the uncontrollables aren’t a massive help (especially Devan) because they are.

I said it earlier but these kids probably would’ve been taken by the social worker by now if it wasn’t for Devan’s* help.

*The others helped out too but mostly it was Devan.

Since Rosa is the only toddler awake I have Niska take advantage of that to begin teaching Rosa her toddler skills. She manages to learn them all before Niska has to head to bed. Yay, 1 down 5 more to go.

Sabine’s the next tot to start her training. She learns all her skills thanks to Marissa.

It isn’t all toddler training, ok mostly it is, but there are quick sweet moments like this too.

Zen: Here comes the tickle monster, coming to eat you all up

Zen sweetie, I don’t think that’s exactly how the tickle monster works

Shiloh: *giggles anyway*

Not to be left out of the mad skilling action the 2 aliens get involved too.

Rae: Are you and mummy married daddy?

Demir: On earth they call it marriage yes but on my planet they call it the unsacred ritual.

Rae: I prefer mummy’s world

Demir: But…my culture

With Sabine’s training finished Missy moves onto Roux.

Roux: Higher mummy higher

Missy: You’re meant to be learning to walk not having fun

Roux: But I wuv you

Missy: Damn, he knows I can’t resist his cute little face!

Speaking of cute little faces. I see your eyes have returned Shiloh.

Shiloh: Is a miwacle

And with the picture of Rae and Rio learning to walk all the kids are officially all toddler trained. Yay!

I never thought it would actually get done before their birthdays. I deserve some brownie points for this.

I swear, next generation is only going to have 2 kids maximum! This was way too much hard work.

Demir: Rezdak look this way

Roux: *ignores*

Demir: Why won’t he look at me?

Maybe because you’re calling him by the wrong name?

Demir: But Roux is not an alien name. Rezdak is his alien name.

No it is not. You are on earth now so you go by earth customs and traditions; meaning his name is ROUX.

Ah, the sweet bliss of children not screaming.

The tots really are a lot less annoying now that they are all trained up and ready to age.

Well that didn’t last long. I guess Devan won’t be getting those other 2 grandkids he so badly wants.

Devan off-screen: *sobs*

And, just to end this chapter on a good note, I give you the birthdays of the eldest kids.

Both girls are still super cute but (maybe it’s just me) weirdly the look a lot alike which is super odd since Niska and Missy don’t really resemble each other and neither do Zen or Demir. Maybe they will change when they get older.

Anyway, that’s it for this chapter. I don’t know when the next chapter will be out since I still have to play it but until then I’ll leave you with the townie updates for this chapter.

Townie Updates:

Yay, I hoped these two would stay together.

Quit stealing my Sims names!

Katana: Don’t blame me, Tyce is obsessed with him. It’s rather unhealthy actually.

I am loving all these townie babies being born/on the way.

This town is going to be filled with the most amazing Sims by the end of this generation. I can just tell.


Self wetting (11) -55
For each sim failing school (1) -5
For every game induced visit from a police officer, firefighter or babysitter (when you don’t call them but the game makes them come)  (1) -5
Passing Out (34) -170
Accidental Deaths (1) -10
Social Worker Visit

Every Birth (18) +90
Every Twin Birth (4) +40
Every Triplet Birth
Fulfilling LTW (8) +320
For each Sim that gets on the honor roll (11) +55
Randomizing every LTW choice and trait for a whole generation of children (3) +30
Not using spares Happiness points for a generation (4) +40
Every 100,000 dollars (2) +40

Every sim to master a skill (12) +60

Every sim to max their career (5) +50

Painting of Torch holder somewhere in the house (0)

Total points: 465

Chapter 5.7 – The Confused Aliens

3 chapters in 4 days? Yep, I was serious when I said I wanted to get these chapters out of the way so I could start playing again.

Hey Casifer, long time no see

Casifer: You’d see me more often if you didn’t keep forgetting about me.

Duly noted. And with that Casifer, the mighty dragon baby, was stuffed into the family inventory never to be heard from again.

Casifer: You suck!

Niska: Why didn’t I know about this before? This waterfall is glorious.

Maybe because you hardly go outside?

Niska: I resent that, I do to go outside…sometimes

A legacy heir’s work is never done even when that legacy heir is pregnant.

Missy: You make that kind of joke again and I will hurt you!

Ori and Max are engaged now. Yay, now go have a litter of adorable werewolf pups.


It’s official, even the dog has lost it.

Missy: I hate my life

But Missy you’re the only one who can do this

Missy: just because none of the others have handiness skills doesn’t mean I have to be stuck upgrading everything.

Yeah, it kind of does ‘cause everything breaking all the time is infinitely annoying.

Face1 Zombie1: Do you think they would let us eat their juicy brains?

Face1 Zombie2: Yeah, lets go knock on their door and ask shall we? I’m sure they’ll eagerly hand over their brains to be eaten.

F1Z1: That’s exactly what I was thinking. Let’s go ask them!

F1Z2: I don’t know why I even bother

I officially dislike you Oriana

Since the heirs popped at the same time it’s only logical that they go into labour at the same time too.

Demir: i do not understand what is happening here

Zen: Just keep freaking out, I’m sure it’s helping

Missy: Why did I ever marry such an imbecile?!

Niska: I think we have bigger problems than idiot spouses, don’t you?

This synchronizing is actually pretty funny.

Missy: Say that when you have to go through this

Yeah, never gonna happen.

After hours of pain and insults both Niska and Marissa popped out a single girl each +10

The pictures are slightly backwards but Persephone is Missy’s daughter and Quinn is Niska’s.

I was so sure they were going to have multiples. What does this family have against giving me multiples?!

Even after giving birth to their respective babies the heiress stayed in sync. That is so cool and something I’ve never actually seen in my game before.

This is the last in sync picture, I swear.

Not to be left out of the baby action Kami drops her latest baby right after Missy and Niska.

I want at least 1 set of multiples this generation and I don’t want a massive age gap between the kids so both couples are set to trying for a baby almost immediately after the babies were born. I’ll probably live to regret it but I also gave Demir, Zen and the heirs the Fertility treatment LTR to boost the chances of multiples.

Missy: If you weren’t so darn cute you’d so be in trouble for how you acted when I was in labour.

Demir: I did something wrong?

Missy: Just kiss me you idiot

I think the aliens are confused whose child is whose since they each went for the opposite child instead of their own.

Finally, I didn’t ever think I’d catch you doing it.

This is actually the first time I’ve seen Zen even try to restore her brain power since moving in.

Demir: This small human is very small and fragile

Surely you had children on your planet?

Demir: No, my species are grown as adults


Demir: This is the kid of thing these ‘children’ like, right?

Maybe when she’s older

Demir: But…I thought

Poor Demir, still so clueless.

Niska: Why did you have to put me through this again?

Because I want multiples again, damn it!

And technically Missy is having a worse time than Niska this time around with her pregnancy.

Are you sure that’s the best place to be kicking a ball around? All that glass.

Dev: Don’t distract me, I’m on a roll here! 200, 201, 202

I’ll leave you to it…just, don’t break anything

Dev: i make no promises

Demir: I do not understand these things called ‘children’ so I will just stay here and guard them.

Aw, how sweet.

*rubs eyes* I’m seeing things, right? Zen’s actually discovered her own daughter for the first time?

Zen: I knew the other child wasn’t mine but Demir is useless so she needed help.

Ah, gotcha

Ah, I see the baby conga line has started.

You make a really great parent/aunt Zen.

Zen: I do have experience. I helped raise my younger siblings.

Oh yeah, so you did. I totally forgot about that.

Demir: Here simGod, I give you this baby if you will give me the earth knowledge I lack.

We’ll be here for a long time then…I mean, that’s terrible! Put the baby back where you found her.

Persephone: I have foreseen my death

Missy: You need to change me. Like now!

Haha, you’re mum popped into that outfit when she was pregnant with Kami.

Missy: File that under facts I didn’t need to know. Now change me. OR ELSE!


Missy: Much

Ah, I see Niska has popped too.

Niska: I love you little Beany.


Niska: Yes, she is a Bean and she will stay a bean forever more.

Wow, I think pregnancy has gone to your head this time around.

See, she even wished for a girl. She still has the wish from her last pregnancy for a boy so either way she’ll win. Zen also wished for a girl this time around.

Missy and Demir haven’t wished for either so either they don’t care or they’ll be happy with either?

Zen has officially taken over the role of family chef since no one else will.

Also, birthday cakes in the background for Persi*,Quinn and Devan.

*Yes I am shortening her name to Persi ‘cause there is no way I am typing out Persephone every time.

Demir: I do not know what is going on here but woo, go family!

Missy: Just shut up and blow your horn like I told you too!

I don’t know about you guys but I can’t wait to see the girls aged up.

I’ve been waiting on this moment for so long now.

Of course Devan has to go first because why the hell not.

Damn Devan how do you keep doing that?

Apart from the whiter hair you still look the same as you did as a YA. What is this sorcery and where can I find it IRL?

I can’t tell if these 2 are cute or creepy right now. Maybe it’s the iris-less eyes?

Either way so far neither of them look much like their alien parents but maybe that will change when they get older?

My sleeping princess’s (in the wrong cribs of course).

Zen comes home from work (music career which she had when she moved in) with her first promotion.

Demir: Can this small human please be quiet? Her screams are affecting my ears terribly.

Maybe you should feed her and she wouldn’t be screaming anymore?

Demir: Oh…

Demir: Like this, right? They drink this white liquid for sustenance?

Geez, thank goodness that he didn’t have to actually make the bottle or we’d all be in trouble.

Not to be left out Persi gets a bottle too.

Ok, I have to admit, she is kind of cute.

Quinn: Waaaaaahhhhhh!

Why? Why the constant crying, all your needs are full.

Quinn: ‘Cause I feel like it.

I can already tell you’re going to be a terror.

See, look at that face. That face is the face of evil. Evil I tell ya!

Don’t you start too.

Persi: Don’t be mean to Quinn then and I’ll stop

Fine, fine, I’ll stop being mean to Quinn. Happy now?

Persi: Absolutely.

Zen: Did you know you’re dad’s people are descended from tree dwellers?

Persi: *Ignores*

Zen: Say something Persephone

Persi: Nope

Zen: Yay, you said your first word!

Demir: I do not understand this child. My scans show there is nothing wrong with her so why is she screaming?

She’s just weird like that. It’s probably best to just ignore her for now.

Demir: Should I start screaming with her?

No, definitely don’t do that. One screaming baby in the house is enough, I don’t need 2.

Oh look, a picture of Quinn where she isn’t screaming her head off. It has to be some kind of miracle.

Wow, it only took Oriana a few days to get over her broken engagement and snare another guy into her trap. Poor Hawk.

With Quinn getting potty trained and Persi learning to walk the girls have learnt all their toddler skills.

That was surprisingly easier than I thought it would have been.

With the basic skills out of the way and the parents off doing who knows what Quinn has moved onto the xylophone to occupy herself.

Quinn: I is like when the bars go ping

At least you’re not crying anymore.

Ah, this is where the parents are; getting some last minutes skilling in before the new babies are born.

Is it that time again already?

Missy: Don’t just stand there and make annoying comments, do something!

Ok Marissa, pack up your stuff and head to the hospital. You can have your kid there this time.

Niska: What about me?

You’re not currently screaming at me so you can stay at home, ok? Awesome ‘cause that’s what’s happening.

I think this is where I’m going to leave it for this chapter. I know, I’m incredibly mean leaving it on a cliffhanger like this but knowing the rate I’m going with these chapters the next one should be out really soon. Until then I’ll leave you with the townie updates for this chapter.

Townie Updates:

Well that relationship didn’t last too long.

This relationship on the other hand is going from strength to strength.

I also can’t wait to see what baby Jalen will look like.

Oh, yet another relationship for Billy. I wonder if this one will stick.

Yay, more townie babies!


Self wetting (11) -55
For each sim failing school (1) -5
For every game induced visit from a police officer, firefighter or babysitter (when you don’t call them but the game makes them come)  (1) -5
Passing Out (34) -170
Accidental Deaths (1) -10
Social Worker Visit

Every Birth (14) +70
Every Twin Birth (3) +30
Every Triplet Birth
Fulfilling LTW (8) +320
For each Sim that gets on the honor roll (11) +55
Randomizing every LTW choice and trait for a whole generation of children (3) +30
Not using spares Happiness points for a generation (4) +40
Every 100,000 dollars (2) +40

Every sim to master a skill (12) +60

Every sim to max their career (5) +50

Painting of Torch holder somewhere in the house (0)

Total points: 435

Chapter 5.6 – Hey Grim, Leave Our Dogs Alone!

*Waves* Hi guys. It’s literally been 2 days since I last posted a chapter so hopefully I won’t need to recap what happened last time. Anyway, you might’ve noticed that this generation is kind of going nowhere quickly so I really want to get a move on with it. I have 2 chapters after this one left to post then I can start playing these guys again. I can’t wait! I haven’t been able to play them in about 3 months because I was so far behind so I can’t wait to get back to them. I’m rambling now, I tend to ramble when I’m tired, so…uh…yeah, let’s see if I can get this chapter posted before I fall asleep.

The wedding party is still going strong.

I figured since everyone was still here it was as good a time as any to take a look at Kami’s son, Virgil. He looks a lot like his dad but with Kami’s hair and lip shape.

Now that Demir and Zen are official ‘Holly’s’ I figured I should make a info card thing for them (never mind that I’ve never done that with any of the other spouses or even the heirs). Anyway, I think they have a good mix of traits to keep things interesting and they are also likely to complete their LTW’s so yay!

Missy: Look out, the tickle monster’s coming to get you

Demir: What? No, I haven’t…*giggles*

Nice face there Zen.

No seriously.

Zen: This is my intense concentration face

Is it too late to change you as spouse?

Zen *Sad face*

Niska *of screen* Don’t listen to her, she’s just a meanie!

Demir: I’m a Barbie girl, in a Barbie world | Life in plastic, it’s fantastic | You can brush my hair, undress me everywhere | Imagination, life is your creation

Wow…just wow

Demir: Is this not the anthem of Marissa’s people? She told me it was.

Oh you poor, poor sucker.

Demir: Come on Barbie, let’s go party!

Zen: He’s a sweet talkin’ sugar coated candy man | A sweet talkin’ sugar coated candy man

Thistle: This is one of the weirdest experiences in my life

Kami: Unfortunately this isn’t actually the worst thing that’s happened in this family.

Soon after the weird alien duet Kami ran off. I guess she wanted to announce her 3rd pregnancy in private.

What? No! You’re here for one of the guests, right? They died in the pool, right?

Grim: Afraid not toots

But…but he’s literally only 1 day over his lifespan


D’aww, why does it have to be you Moon? It doesn’t seem like he’s been here long enough.

Heck, his dad is still alive and kicking.

Speaking of said dad, Oreo comes out just in time to see Grim take his son.

Seriously Oreo is 18 days over and Moon was just 1 day over.

At the same time that Moon is headed to the great beyond Devan is found passed out outside of his work –5

We were doing so well with not losing points too.

Virgil: Aunt Marissa, now that mummy’s having a new baby can I come live with you?

Missy: Yeah, how ‘bout no. I’m gonna be having my own kids soon and I don’t want anymore mouths to feed.

Wow, harsh Marissa.

Oh look, Mr Stinky managed to find his way home and into the bathtub. Well done, Devan.

Dev: I feel like you’re incredibly being sarcastic

No shit Sherlock

Ugh, not you again!

Grim: Oreo Holly, it is your time. You’re wife and son are waiting on you

Stop stealing all of my dogs!

Grim: No chance, it is his time and nothing will change that.

Couldn’t you have at least waited more than 2 hours after collecting Moon to take him?

Grim: I repeat my last statement.

Oreo: Take me to my family, I’m so tired.

Grim: Don’t worry, it will be over soon.

I know I said Oreo was old but after a quick check I’ve realized just how old he was. He’s been around longer than Kami who is the eldest of Gen5. Wow, he’s the oldest pet I’ve ever had in this game.

Devan: No, Oreo why did you have to go? Why does everything I love keep dying on me?

Grim: Lol, you’re such a cry-baby.

Missy: Kindly get your ass out of my house now or you’re going to need reaped

Grim *Gulps* Yes ma’am.

Missy: Hey, just ignore that imbecile. He won’t show his boney old face around here again if he knows what’s good for him.

Dev: It’s not fair, everyone keeps dying.

Missy: Don’t cry dad, I promise I won’t die. I’ll always be here for you.

Devan: Promise?

Missy: Absolutely I promise.

Aww, I feel so sad for Devan. I know he’s just pixels but it seems he just keeps getting the crappy end of the stick first with Grace then he befriends the dogs only to lose them too.

You’re not going to start playing random tunes from the 90s at me, are you?

Zen: Nope, that’s more Demir’s thing because Marissa thinks it’s funny to mess with you.

Of course she does.

And you Demir, you’re not going to spend the whole night playing whatever American football game you’re playing, right?

Demir: I do not ever have to sleep so I do not see why not.

Can’t you at least do something productive with your time?

Demir: But this is serious. I could win the championship against these humans*

*I don’t actually know if that’s how those games actually work so if I got it wrong sorry.

Demir: These things the humans call video games are marvellous, aren’t they?

Zen: I don’t really share your enthusiasm but it’s good to see you so happy about something other than Marissa.

See, even Zen knows you have a problem.

Demir: This is how you make human sustenance, right?

Food Demir, it’s called food.

Demir: This is how you make human sustenance food, right?

It’s not…oh you know what, yeah sure it is.

Wow, that’s some sorcery.

Both heirs pop with their pregnancies at the exact same time.

And I mean exactly the same time.

Woo, Gen 6 is finally on the way! Join the hype train guys! This moment has been a long time in coming.

Poor Niska though. This whole pregnancy thing isn’t agreeing with her in the slightest. For some reason she’s almost constantly being sick whilst Marissa is just fine.

Niska: I take it back, if this is what it takes to be heir then I don’t want it.

Sorry sweetie but you are stuck with it now whether you like it or not.

The two non-pregnant parents are blissfully playing chess together, unaware that they each have a baby on the way.

Zen: I have a what on the where?

Demir: Keep playing, I think I am about to, what do the humans call it, win. Yes, I am about to win.

Whoa, calm down there Niska, it’s not gonna run away from you.

Niska: My pizza, no one else’s.

Ok then *backs away slowly*

I know that Marissa has completed the important charisma skill challenges already but it drives my OCD wild that she hasn’t actually mastered the skill yet so that’s what she’s doing.

Well colour me surprised. I had no idea that dogs could swim in pools.


I guess now that Grace is no longer alive Devan no longer counts as a relation but still *shivers*

I got this pop-up literally seconds after I refused her date request with Devan.

Linden: I’m showing him what he’s missing.

Eww, it’s never going to happen so…just…stop.

I can’t tell if this painting is super cute or super creepy. Either way good job Niska, I guess.

It’s fairly boring but most of Niska and Marissa’s pregnancies are spent in the hallway skilling.

Demir please stop. Can’t you help eat the leftovers in the fridge instead of adding to them?

Demir: I do not understand the concept of ‘leftovers’. On my planet we have fresh sustenance every sun up.

Well we are on earth now and on earth we eat leftovers.

Nice, Zen’s finally taken notice of her fancy custom guitar.

Zen: I’m a badass and you know it.

Uh, I guess. You’d look more badass without the duck face though.

Woo, go Ori. Maybe Max will actually be able to deal with her. Or, at least, they can be annoying werewolves together?

Demir: Why? Why is the earth god so cruel as to make me eat these ‘leftovers’?

Zen: Just do what I do and you’ll soon forget about your home planet.

Encouraging alcoholism isn’t exactly the best option

Zen: Well it works for me *gulps down drink*

Ok so we have an alcoholic alien and an alien who doesn’t understand earth. What great parents these 2 are going to make *eyeroll*

Yeah, this isn’t surprising in the slightest.

This, however, is.

Ori: He can’t get away with breaking up with my big sister

She broke up with him after getting with him ‘cause she couldn’t have your dad.

Ori: Eww, gross. From now on you’re on your own Linden.


Are we 100% sure you’re not the childish one?

I may have forced these 2 together but they have proven me right by being absolutely precious together.

Missy: Demir you need to put your hand on my stomach.

Demir: Oh, what is that? It’s moving!

Missy: yeah, i should probably mention I’m having a baby…

Demir: You mean you are growing a child in there?

Missy: Duh! You’re also the father btw.

With Oreo and Moon gone and Devan being useless ‘cause he’s constantly crying the remaining 2 dogs have decided Zen is their new caretaker.

This is only day 2 of the pregnancy but Niska is already massive. Multiples maybe?

Actually now that I look Marissa is pretty big too. Double multiples?

Missy: Hey Zen, After you’ve finished cleaning the toilet can you come clean this too?

Zen: Why can’t you do it?

Missy: I’m already repairing it also I’m pregnant.


OMG, it’s a miracle! Devan’s actually being useful again.

For the first time since the dogs died he’s doing something other than crying in a corner.

Damn it! I spoke too soon. I miss Oreo too but damn, I can’t wait until this moodlet runs out.

Welp that’s it for this chapter (except townie updates obviously). It still feels like it’s moving to slowly but boy will it kick up about 10 gears in the next 2 chapters. I’ll hopefully have those chapters up soon so I can get back to playing but until then I’ll leave you with the townie updates for this chapter.

Townie Updates

Yay, Sam and Azure have made it official.

As have Cameron and Katherine.

Man, it must just be the season for steady relationships in this town.

And finally, doing something they never managed to in the old town, Frank and Dory are giving me, hopefully, a future spouse prospect for the next gen.


Self wetting (11) -55
For each sim failing school (1) -5
For every game induced visit from a police officer, firefighter or babysitter (when you don’t call them but the game makes them come)  (1) -5
Passing Out (34) -170
Accidental Deaths (1) -10
Social Worker Visit

Every Birth (12) +60
Every Twin Birth (3) +30
Every Triplet Birth
Fulfilling LTW (8) +320
For each Sim that gets on the honor roll (11) +55
Randomizing every LTW choice and trait for a whole generation of children (3) +30
Not using spares Happiness points for a generation (4) +40
Every 100,000 dollars (2) +40

Every sim to master a skill (12) +60

Every sim to max their career (5) +50

Painting of Torch holder somewhere in the house (0)

Total points: 425

Chapter 5.5 – Here We Go Again.

Hello everyone, welcome back to the Holly ISBI.

Last time Marissa was a terrible flirt but she did manage to complete 2 of the charisma skill challenges. Uno was also named as dog heir and Devan maxed his career thus completing his LTW. I think that’s about all that happened so with that out of the way it’s time to jump into this chapter.

The first thing you might notice is that the house has been moved from the old beach lot. Well there is a very good explanation for that, Legacy Island 3 was causing my game to lag something fierce. It’s kind of sad ‘cause I really liked that town but the Holly’s had to be packed up and moved to a blank Storybrook County.

Also, since there was so many Sims in the old world I just popped down a fresh set instead of packing everyone up (except the main family and the spares who obviously were packed and moved).

Now that everything seems to be working properly again (and now that Marissa is no longer attached to Hoyt Bedlam) I figure it’s about time that we meet the spouse I have planned for Marissa.

Marissa: I don’t like him,. Where’s Hoyt?

Sorry Missy but he will be your spouse no matter what you say.

Marissa: I hate being heir!

I know but just give him a chance, I’m sure you’ll like him.

Marissa: *Sigh* Fine

Marissa: Hello future spouse, I’m Marisa Holly.

Demir: Pleasure to meet you Miss Holly. Might I say you are very beautiful.

Marissa: Watcher, you were right, I do like him.

Demir: That is fantastic news, I shall radio my people right away and say that the most beautiful girl on this planet has agreed to be mine.

Missy: Whoa, hold it right there! I said I liked you that’s all. You need to slow down.

Demir: You do not want to be mine?

Missy: I didn’t say that

Demir: Human people confuse me

Don’t worry, they still confuse me too.

Also, I should probably introduce him, huh? He is Demir Matzan and he is an alien (obviously). That’s pretty much all there is to know about him since his traits and stuff will be revealed when they get married.

Damn it! I thought these skill challenged were permanent so why does moving town get rid of them?

Screw it, I don’t care if it’s cheating I’m fixing everyone’s relationships with Marissa via MC since I did all the work in the old town anyway.

Since Missy is out wooing her future spouse (ok, maybe wooing isn’t quite the right word there) Niska’s future spouse is invited over.

You might notice Zen looks a little different, funny story while saving Zen for the move I realized she has the exact same hair colour as Niska and Marissa so that had to be changed right away for genetic diversity. I don’t think it looks too different and actually I think it suits her better than her old hair colour anyway.

As soon as Zen is on the lot Niska runs over to her to kiss her but Zen is having none of it.

Weird, they have a really high relationship and are girlfriends.

Whatever Zen’s problem was it got sorted out really quickly and Niska was finally able to kiss her girlfriend.

Niska: I missed you Zen

Zen: I missed you too Nis

I really love these 2 as a couple.

I’ve had Zen lying in my saved Sims folder for a few years now and I never thought I’d find anyone for her so I’m glad I did.

See! I told you they were perfect together.

Niska: Zen I know I don’t have anything to offer you apart from my heart but even then will you do me the honour of becoming my wife?

Zen: Of course I will Niska, I don’t need anything else as long as I have you

Niska: Wait…really?

Zen: Of course you goofball, now put that ring on my finger before I change my mind.

With Niska and Zen sorted it’s time to work on Missy and Demir’s relationship. They are found in Grace and Devan’s old room pillow-fighting.

One of these couples are doing romance right and the other…not so much but as long as they are happy I guess.

Missy: You are now under my spell, you will do my bidding.

Demir: Is this how all courting works on Earth?

Nope, you just got lucky to be landed with Marissa.

Demir: Yes, I did indeed get lucky.

I was being sarcasm…y’know what, it doesn’t matter.

Marissa: You’re gonna be my alien boyfriend, right?

Demir: I do not understand that term

Marissa: Just smile and nod.

Demir: Ok *smiles and nods*

I’m not sure why I have 2 Missy/Demir kissing pictures in a row but they are both sweet so they stay.

Demir: Oh my stars, that is the shiniest rock I have ever seen!

Missy: You’re totally down for this, right?

Demir: What do you mean my love?

Missy: You and me forever, yes?

Demir: Of course, you will be mine forever and I will be yours.

Missy: Awesome, glad that’s out of the way.

Missy: Oh, before I forget, you must wear this ring

Demir: Earth customs are so strange.

Missy: Get used to it ‘cause you’re stuck here forever now.

Are you happy now?

Missy: Of course I am, I have a hot alien boy who’ll do anything I ask. What more could a girl want.

Uh that’s not…I mean as long as you and he are happy, I guess.

Oh look, my normal couple, doing normal couple-y things.

Niska: You need to jump up then go right or they are gonna get you

Zen: Thanks love, now pay attention to your own game or your gonna get vaporized.

Oh look, Demir is childish just like Azlan. Just don’t start going around scaring people and we’re good, ok?

Demir: I promise

Is it bad that I can’t remember if this is Oreo or Moon? ‘Cause I really can’t anymore.

Either way, it’s good to see the dogs getting some much needed love.

Niska: Listen Mr, you will treat my big sister as if she were a princess, got it?

Demir: I do not understand, to me Marissa is a princess.

Niska: Good, keep it that way or you’ll have me to deal with.

Both new couples have their very first woohoo the night before their big wedding party (yes, I’m doing a double wedding). Was there a lullaby? I don’t know because I normally play with my sound off.

While his daughters get on with their lives Devan has basically relegated himself to just taking care of the dogs (which is totally fine since someone needs to do it anyway).

I didn’t realize that Zen was musically inclined so I was surprised when she went to the bass and started jamming with Missy.

Missy: You can do better than that. You’re totally off key.

Zen: That’s because you’re playing the wrong notes to this song.

Isn’t it a little early for drinks?

Zen: You’d be driven to drink too if you had to play ‘Highway to Hell’ to the tune of ‘Don’t Stop Believing’.

Zen: *Tries to drown herself in alcohol*

Just…don’t get to drunk. You don’t want to be hungover for your wedding tomorrow.

Missy: Hey party planners, I need you to set up a kickass double wedding party for my sister and me.

Planners: You’re marrying your sister?

Missy: No, don’t be stupid. I’m getting married and my sister is getting married, you idiots!

Yep, I’m actually throwing a party for once which means Missy and Niska will be the first ever Holly’s not to be married privately (or in the bathroom).

Niska: Can you really believe we’re both getting married today?

Missy: Obviously, I arranged the party *eyeroll*

Niska: But isn’t it great? By the end of the day we’ll both be married women.

Missy: So?

Niska: But…

Missy: Go do something to amuse yourself until the party starts.

Huh, that actually worked.

Niska: It still smells like Zen

Ok, starting to get a bit creepy there Niska

Niska: Sorry, I’m just so excited. I’ve waited for this day since I first met Zen.

All the guest have started to arrive.

Hoyt: Don’t I know you from somewhere?

Marissa: Nope, never seen you before.

Everyone is into music today it seems.

I may have invited too many people for this wedding, I think.

Most of the guest: You’re ruining the party Thistle, just go home.


Demir: Why are all these people staring at us, my love?

Missy: They are watching us get married so give me your hand so I can shove this ring on it.

Demir: Anything for you.

Missy: This isn’t going to work unless you come closer to me.

Demir: But people are watching…

Missy: You really are hopeless

Most of the guests: Aww, what a sweet wedding.

Ledyba and Amber: We are one

Ok, that’s really creepy, please go somewhere else with your nonsense.

Missy: I’m so tired of this wedding crap, can’t it be over yet?

That’s not fair, Niska watched your wedding so you have to at least watch hers.

Missy: Ugh, I hate being a big sister so much!

Ledyba and Leedle: Boo, go home Thistle, you’re not welcome here!

Missy: Can everyone just leave, they are giving me such a headache.

Why does everyone suddenly hate Thistle, it’s so weird.

Niska: I’m so ready for this *cracks knuckles*

Zen: I love you and all but can we hurry up a little because I’m starving.

Ambers face: *photobombs*

Zen: I love you Niska and I always will. I am happy that we get to spend the rest of our lives together.

Niska: Me too Zen. I can’t wait to live out my whole life with you.

Aww, aren’t they the cutest Red heart

And with that the youngest of my heirs has married the woman she loves.

The whole wedding was a disaster to set up since neither of the couples would go to the arch when directed but I’m glad I did it anyway.

Unfortunately I didn’t check work times so the moment Niska is married she has to rush off to work.

I think with the weddings done I’m going to move onto the townie updates and then end the chapter. I know not much happened in this chapter but this needed to be done so the girls can begin to have kids and stuff.

Townie Updates:

Aww, it’s so sweet the fresh versions of Dory and Frank have fallen for each other again.

Hopefully Billy can stay with this girl for longer than a couple of days.

I am loving all these new couplings.

I guess now that Marissa is off the market Hoyt has decided to give a relationship with his roommate a go. Awesome, I hope they stay together and make cute, redheaded babies.

And finally, Stewie’s gonna be a daddy! Stewie was always my favourite from Insanity Doesn’t Compare so I hope his baby is cute so one of the next generation can maybe marry them.


Self wetting (11) -55
For each sim failing school (1) -5
For every game induced visit from a police officer, firefighter or babysitter (when you don’t call them but the game makes them come)  (1) -5
Passing Out (33) -165
Accidental Deaths (1) -10
Social Worker Visit

Every Birth (12) +60
Every Twin Birth (3) +30
Every Triplet Birth
Fulfilling LTW (8) +320
For each Sim that gets on the honor roll (11) +55
Randomizing every LTW choice and trait for a whole generation of children (3) +30
Not using spares Happiness points for a generation (4) +40
Every 100,000 dollars (2) +40

Every sim to master a skill (12) +60

Every sim to max their career (5) +50

Painting of Torch holder somewhere in the house (0)

Total points: 430 (No change this time)

Chapter 5.4 – Where Are All My Friends?

Hey guys!

I planned to post this chapter yesterday but I was ever so slightly hung-over so…yeah. Last time Grace died what should’ve been an impossible death for her, Marissa completed her LTW and Tiff gave us 3 adorable puppies to fawn over. With the recap out of the way I think it’s time to start this new chapter.

Damn it Uno! We’ve only just started and you’re destroying stuff.

Uno: But this bed is ruining the flow of this room.

Everyone’s a critic

Despite Uno being a complete monster his siblings prove that puppies can be well behaved.

Dos: My brother is full of trash.

And thus, this once great legacy (haha, yeah right) is brought down by the siren call of the rocking chair.

Niska: Get your ass up Missy, it’s my turn with Rocky.

Missy: Zzzz…get your own…zzz

Apparently when Uno isn’t being a destructive little monster he is all kinds of adorable.

Uno: I do my best to please

He’s also apparently got a massive ego to go along with his cuteness

Uno: Who needs an ego when you look this adorable.

Okay, you need to stop. Right now!

Uno: Mum?

Tiff: Yes Uno?

Uno: I need you to prepare my bed with the comfiest cushions you can find

Tiff: *Weary sigh*

Huh, I guess Tiff chose not to give into Uno’s demands after all.

Moon: Man, am I glad I don’t have to deal with Uno’s demands like you do

Tiff: Boy, I will paw slap you into next year.

Moon: Sorry ma’am, it will never happen again.

I’m really worried Oreo’s gonna die soon. He’s already 14 days past the end of his lifebar.

This is the first time I’ve caught a rainbow over the town.

Actually, I think this is only the second time I’ve actually seen one in all my time playing TS3.

Missy is sent to the festival again to make some more friends via guitar playing but as soon as she gets there she wished to have her face painted. She got a cute little pumpkin on her cheek.

With no time like the present she immediately begins playing her guitar outside the face-paint stand-thing.

Tyce Skipton and Katana Langurd are the first 2 suckers I mean people to be lured in.

They are soon joined by Endive Parker, Cleopatra Steel, Frank Rourke and Kami’s husband Brendan.

Missy seems to have everything under control here so I’m gonna check in on the rest of the family.

Out of all the pups Tres is definitely mummy Tiff’s favourite so far. Maybe it’s ‘cause she’s the only girl. Actually, now that I think about it, she’s the only girl born in the whole 5 generations of this dog legacy.

Now that Devan’s heartbroken moodlet is away he’s back to being useful again instead of standing around crying all the time.

Dev: Got to keep busy, make the pain go away

Broken heart

Devan you are making it really hard for me to forget about Grace’s death.

Seriously, instead of sleeping in his and Grace’s old bed he now sleeps in one of the spare beds I’d placed out for when the future kids come.

Dev: It just isn’t the same without her *cries*

After crying to himself all night Devan still manages to get up in the morning and make green scrubs look good. I think when he gets him final promotion I’ll customize his work outfit with a funk pattern or something.

Niska’s taking to painting a lot lately (when she’s not working out of course).

Niska: I’m not just a one trick pony, you know!

Niska: This bathroom is filthy. How can anyone even think of using it in this state?

There are literally only 3 of you living here now, how can you make such a big mess?

Niska: I don’t know but now I’m stuck cleaning it up *sigh*

Awesome, keep up the good work.

Missy has had the wish to go on a date with Hoyt for a while now. I don’t really see the harm in letting her right now so I let her call him. She also had a wish to go to the theatre so we’re killing 2 birds with 1 stone here.

Aw man, aren’t you guys expecting a baby together? That’s pretty sad.

Hoyt (in his werewolf form) is already at the theatre when Marissa arrives.

He looks pretty pissed but I don’t know why.

Hoyt: They cancelled my favourite video game series

I feel you there. I’d be pissed about that too.

Missy: Does this make you feel better my special wolf-man?

Hoyt: It sure does. It would feel much better a little lower though


After that brief moment of perversion Hoyt runs off to unknown places, leaving Marissa on her own.

Instead of chasing after him I have her play her guitar for the people crowded outside the theatre.

The whole date-thing was a bust but the little trip to the theatre did let Missy complete the charisma celebrity skill challenge.

After completing that challenge Missy is sent straight to the gym to test out it’s effects. The first person she runs into is Ernest Shepherd.

Ernest: You’re smoking hot girl

Missy: Awesome, we should go get dinner sometime.

Enough random flirting Missy, you’re here on a specific mission!

I was eventually able to tear Missy away from Ernest long enough for her to make friends with Katherine Skipton

and a very pregnant Thistle Tart.

Friendship goes up so easily now that Missy’s done with the celeb skill challenge.

Apparently she just couldn’t keep herself away from Ernest because as soon as she’d made friends with Thistle she ran straight back to him.

You have no shame Marissa, no shame. Hoyt’s literally right there.

Missy: What was that Watcher, I didn’t hear you over the hot guy dancing with me.

I…I give up. You’re worse than your mother!

Niska comes home from work with yet another promotion. I think this is Lv4 now.

She’s zooming through this career.

One last look at the Gen5 pups as pups before they age up.

They all look pretty similar but Uno has a little more of Tiff  in him than the other 2.

I really wanted to make Tres heir because she was female and we haven’t had a female dog heir but Uno just had the best genetic mix so I had to pick him. Since they weren’t heir Dos and Tres were promptly moved in with Linden and her Cat Azrael on her houseboat.

He’s only been an adult dog for about 2 minutes but already Uno has set himself the task of charming the random night visitors we have.

Every picture I take of Oreo feels like it’s gonna be his last. He’s been around for so long now (the longest pet I’ve ever had in this game actually) and I’m really gonna miss him when he does go.

Anyway, enough of the sad stuff, the next day (after coming home to sleep and eat) Missy is shipped back off to the gym to make more friends. The first person she runs into this time is Billy Rourke, Linden’s ex.

Billy: You and I should totally get together

Missy: Ew, no way! You should totally get back with my big sister Linden though.

Cleopatra Steel is the next person Missy comes across.

Missy: Bam, instant friends

Cleo: What the…oh, I get it now.

Niska came along this time too because I missed seeing her around but of course she didn’t bother to make friends, no she just wanted to work out before she ran off to work.

Cameron: I hear you have a thing for animals. Will it impress you if I act like a dog?

Missy: Uh…you’ve got the wrong sister, it’s Niska that loves animals.

Cameron: Damn it, I thought I was in with a shot there!

Missy: You’re not gonna go all weird on me, are you?

Ledyba: It depends on what you mean by weird. My dad’s sister was obsessed with him so in my family weird is subjective.

Missy: Why can’t I just find someone normal to talk to?!

Missy: You’re normal, right?

Antebellum: Do you even need to ask that to know the answer is no?

Missy: I figured I might as well try.

Okay, moving swiftly on.

Missy: I’m gonna try this one last time before I give up. You are normal, right? Please say you are.

Irma: I am. Fortunately I wasn’t born into a legacy so didn’t get infected by ‘legacy madness’.

Missy: Irma I think we’re gonna be the best of friends.

Woo, go Devan!

Whilst Missy is out at the gym Devan gets his last promotion at work thus completing his LTW and topping his career all in 1 +50

After a long day of making friends Missy is forced to come home for something to eat and some sleep. She’ll be back to friend making tomorrow though.

They may be broken up now but Billy and Linden welcome their little girl Nathalie into the world.

I hope they get back together.

I’m tired and can’t be bothered captioning these pictures individually but the next day Marissa was sent out to the festival to make more friends. The Sims she met and befriended were Clementine Pixel, Jenn’s simself, Jax’s Simself and Taylor Secksie who she turned in the first chapter of this gen.

This picture is getting captioned individually because 1)it wasn’t at the same place as the others and 2)befriending Crash Langurd was a very special event for Marissa.

Befriending him gave Marissa her first celeb star and also completed the super friendly skill challenge.

Yay, that means I don’t actual have to try and get her to befriend anyone else and I can get on with this generation.

Marissa: Thanks Crash for helping me out. You’ll always be special to me for it.

Crash: I could think of a few ways you could repay me.

Missy: Ew, way to ruin a nice moment Crash.

And just before we get on with the townie updates for this chapter I’d like to mention that Devan maxed out Logic. He’s been super productive this chapter. Every point earned this chapter was singlehandedly earned by him +5

Townie Updates:

Missingno and Clementine had their baby.

Lori Gordon and Crash Langurd also had a baby. Lori now has a baby with Crash and with Hawk Cabernet.

Thistle (who you guys seen in this chapter) also had her baby.

I guess Leedle decided not to pursue a relationship with Tess and instead went after a simself.

Aw, sweet. I’m so glad these two stuck together. Now go make cute babies.


Self wetting (11) -55
For each sim failing school (1) -5
For every game induced visit from a police officer, firefighter or babysitter (when you don’t call them but the game makes them come)  (1) -5
Passing Out (33) -165
Accidental Deaths (1) -10
Social Worker Visit

Every Birth (12) +60
Every Twin Birth (3) +30
Every Triplet Birth
Fulfilling LTW (8) +320
For each Sim that gets on the honor roll (11) +55
Randomizing every LTW choice and trait for a whole generation of children (3) +30
Not using spares Happiness points for a generation (4) +40
Every 100,000 dollars (2) +40

Every sim to master a skill (12) +60

Every sim to max their career (5) +50

Painting of Torch holder somewhere in the house (0)

Total points: 430

Chapter 5.3 – Swings and Roundabouts

Hey guys!

It’s been exactly a month since the last chapter was posted here but if you’ve read this chapter of my 100 Baby Legacy you’ll already know why it took so long but I’ll quickly recap it here; I moved house and was without internet for a couple weeks and then I went on holiday.

Anyway, with that out of the way let’s get started with the new chapter.

Hey Missy, long time no see.

Missy: Don’t distract me, I need to…


Ow, that looks like it hurts.

Missy: You think? It’s your fault for distracting me.

Missy: Oh, shiny fire

Could you sound anymore like a caveman right now? Put it out you idiot!

Missy: Fine! Geez, you ruin all the fun.

Ghost!Pep: Yeah girl, you show that stupid dishwasher who’s boss.

Missy: Thanks Great-great-grandma Peppermint but you’re really not helping right now.

Pep: Hmph, that’s what i get for trying to be supportive. Young people these days, no respect!

Why can’t you just eat the leftovers in the fridge?

Grace: I don’t want to and you can’t make me!

Why is it none of my Sims will eat the leftovers in the fridge anymore? It’s so annoying.

Grace’s grumpy trait is showing through a whole lot now that’s she’s older.

Oh hey, I didn’t completely forget about the dogs in this chapter. Yay me!

Ah, I see why I didn’t forget them this time; because it’s clearly time for puppy-making attempts to begin.

Tiff: Wait, you mean I have to have babies? Actual babies?

Moon: That’s kind of the whole point of a legacy, Babe.

You seriously didn’t just call her that.

Moon: I can get away with it because I’m so gosh-darn adorable.

Yay, Devan now only has 1 promotion to go to reach his LTW.

Marissa is still working away on that pesky charisma skill.

It’s pretty much the only thing I have her doing recently ‘cause the skill seems to build so slowly.

Grace is suddenly super obsessed with eating from the Jelly Bean bush. No one bothered with it before that darn paparazzi last chapter but now Grace can’t get enough. This isn’t gonna end well, I can already tell.

Wait, wth?! I expected negative side affects from it but fire, really? She has the immune to fire hidden trait from being a genie. This shouldn’t be happening right now.

We interrupted this pure insanity for a weird SP pop-up regarding Zen.

I wonder which lifestyle choices it’s referring to since she’s an alien and he’s a ghost.

Okay, this is really not happening right now. How are you even on fire right now?

Grace: Hell if I know

Well put yourself out then, the shower is right there.

Grace: Nah, I think I’d rather stand around screaming and then die.

Damn you Grace, I really hate you right now!

Grim: It is I THE GRIM REAPER come to collect your soul Grace Holly.

Could you be anymore dramatic?

Grim: Well I do try

Grim: Are you ready to come with me and join your ancestors in ISBI hell.?

Grace: I mean if it’s my time…wait, what was that last part?

Grace: Please Almighty Prince of Darkness don’t make me go live with my ancestors, they suck.

Grim: You chose your fate by being a complete moron so get in the urn.

Grace: But I don’t want to.


And with Grace’s untimely death we have our first accidental death of this ISBI –10

I guess Grim is OCD when it comes to cleaning ‘cause as soon as he was finished with reaping Grace’s soul he rushed straight in to make her unmade bed.

He also manages to snag Missy for a quick make-out session before disappearing.

Damn Grim, if you’re gonna do that at least stick around long enough for me to get a reaper baby out of it.

Her mother may be dead now but it’s back to business for Marissa since she’s so close to completing her LTW.

Missy: Way to be insensitive

Hey, it’s her own fault for being an idiot.

Mostly I’m just mad that Grace went and stupidly killed herself but I do feel really bad when I see how badly Devan’s taking his wife’s death.

With the collection part of her LTW out of the way, since she finished that earlier, Missy goes on the hunt for that 1 last sim to turn. She ends up in the house of Max Dewdrop but he’s already a werewolf so no luck there.

Luckily he’s also roommates with a very human Hoyt Bedlam.

Marissa Holly! That is not why you are here!

Missy: But he’s so cute

Yes he is but I already have your spouse all picked out

Missy: Cool video, right? It makes the original look so much dumber.

Hoyt: It is pretty awesome

Missy: It’s just not fair Hoyt, why did they have to end The Vampire Diaries?

Hoyt: It really wasn’t that good of a show anyway

Missy: But Damon was the only person I’ve ever loved.

Hoyt: You do realize he’s not real, right?

Seriously Missy? What about the word ‘NO’ do you not understand?

Although, if she really wants it that much I guess there’s no harm in letting her have some fun before I introduce her future spouse.

You might’ve noticed but Missy isn’t really shy at going after what she wants.

Luckily Hoyt is receptive to her advances.

Missy: I need to post this in SimBook asap.

Max: Damn, that could’ve been me.

After wooing Hoyt for most of the night she then decides he’s her last victim to turn thus completing her LTW +40

After being viciously attacked I mean turned Hoyt heads to bed, leaving Marissa downstairs to have some werewolf bonding time with Max. A little werewolf fighting later and those 2 become friends like Missy wished for.

Hoyt isn’t the only other sim that stays with Max. Jenna Young, her dog, and a couple other legacy Sims also live with him.

For charisma reasons I have Marissa become friends with Jenna.

They end up water balloon fighting on the deck out back. Leedle Derpington and Tess Young (Jenna’s sister) also start their own game.

After their water balloon fight Leedle and Tess start flirting with each other.

Yay, I love it when legacy Sims get together.

I go to check on the rest of the family and find Devan passed out in front of the hospital -5

1 1/2 days of being away at Max’s with Marissa and apparently all Niska’s done is play with the VR headset.

Devan: Why did you have to go and leave me, my love? *sobs*

Because she’s an idiot who didn’t know how to use a shower?

Devan: *Sobs harder*

Missy wishes to write a love letter to Hoyt so I let her. She does so in front of her grieving father *facepalm*

Doesn’t Devan look like he’s given up. His face is so blank, it’s kind of eerie.

After causing her dad to have a mental breakdown Marissa takes her guitar out into the back yard to play it.

Damn it, why does she keep doing that? I guess it is pretty scenery though so I can’t be too mad.

Damn, I missed Tiff going into labour. She had 3 pups, 2 boys and a girl.

Their names are Uno, Dos and Tres (yes, I’m rapidly running out of dog names. Is it that obvious).

Tiff: I can’t believe that you’re mine, you’re almost as big as I am!

Uno (I think): You are super weird mummy.

One of these guys is Uno and the other is Dos but I can’t remember which since this played so long ago.

Niska is tasked with helping Devan with his logic so Missy can safely leave the house to play guitar at the park. Tres is also assisting by being adorable.

3 generations of dogs in 1 picture.

I never thought that would ever happen (especially as Oreo has been past the end of his lifebar for a while now).

Niska: C’mon dad, you are smarter than this.

Devan: I don’t want to though

Niska: Damn it dad, you better light a fire under your ass and soon or I swear to God!

Like I mentioned earlier Marissa was sent to the park to play guitar.

I think my reason for doing this was to get her to make more friends through her guitar playing.

It was also apparently the fall festival so, since I’ve never done it before, Marissa is sent into the haunted house.

Marissa: This will be easy. Nothing ever really happens in a haunted house.

Missy: I take back everything I said before, that was the creepiest place I’ve ever been in.

Hahaha Laughing out loud

Yay, Linden and Billy are having a baby. I was hoping they would since their baby will probably be pretty cute.

Missy:  Barefoot on the grass, listening to our favourite song |When you said you looked a mess, I whispered underneath my breath| But you heard it, darling, you look perfect tonight

Townie Updates:

Endive and Ledyba had their baby.

Clementine Pixel and Missingno Kanto are also having a baby together.

As are  Ivysaur Kanto and Dionysus Chimeree.

Damn, I thought these 2 would really stay together.

Oh well, at least Cornflower Chimeree and Azure Studio Mist seem to be happy together.

Well I think it’s about time to call it for this chapter since it’s my 21st birthday and I’m going out to celebrate. I’ll see you guys next time and hopefully it won’t take me a month to get the next chapter up.


Self wetting (11) -55
For each sim failing school (1) -5
For every game induced visit from a police officer, firefighter or babysitter (when you don’t call them but the game makes them come)  (1) -5
Passing Out (33) -165
Accidental Deaths (1) -10
Social Worker Visit

Every Birth (12) +60
Every Twin Birth (3) +30
Every Triplet Birth
Fulfilling LTW (7) +280
For each Sim that gets on the honor roll (11) +55
Randomizing every LTW choice and trait for a whole generation of children (3) +30
Not using spares Happiness points for a generation (4) +40
Every 100,000 dollars (2) +40

Every sim to master a skill (11) +55

Every sim to max their career (4) +40

Painting of Torch holder somewhere in the house (0)

Total points: 375

Chapter 5.2 – Way To Be Boring!

Hi guys, welcome back to the Holly ISBI.

Last time Marissa took over as heir and moved the family to Legacy Island 3 where it was announced that Niska would co-heir this generation with Marissa. A bunch of legacy Sims and Simselves were also dumped into the town but I think that’s about all that happened so onwards with this chapter!

Marissa is still hard at work on her LTW. I think at this point she is only roughly £10,000 and 1 werewolf bite away from completing it.

After looking back on the last chapter I’ve realized I must’ve played this save without taking any pictures ‘cause in the last chapter she only turned 3 people so I’m missing a bunch of hunting and the other person she turned.

Talking about the other sim Missy turned; she runs past the house whilst Missy is out hunting.

I can’t remember exactly who she is ‘cause I played this chapter (and the next 5) a while ago but she has pink hair and lives beside the main house.

Devan: I could really go for a hot cup of tea right now.

Niska: Focus on getting your next skill point and I’ll bring you as much tea as you could ever drink.

Devan: Deal

At this point Niska is almost exclusively used to help Devan with his logic skills since she keeps rolling wishes to level up in it anyway.

Grace is still bumming around, being completely useless and boring.

Grace: Go take your negativity somewhere else; the cowplant and I are bonding.

It’s not even a real cowplant, you idiot!

Missy: i can’t believe Sky died. She never even got to see Moon give her grandpups and now Moon’s gonna die too and I’m never gonna get any new pups.

I get it, I get it! No need to be so dramatic.

Missy: Hey shelter man, the Watcher has given me the go ahead to get another dog so bring one ‘round.

Shelter man: *grumbles* Stupid crazy legacy Sims.

Grace: You’re not just a werewolf you know, you’re a genie too. You should’ve picked a genie LTW.

Missy: Geez mum, the last time I checked there wasn’t even a genie LTW.

Grace: You are dishonouring me and your grandpa Azlan with your terrible life choices.

Missy: Whatever, being a werewolf is so much cooler anyway.

Grace: Blasphemy! How dare you? I will have your head for this!

Missy: You are so boring, can I go now?

See Grace, even your kids think you’re boring.

Grace: But genies…

No buts, go annoy someone else.

See, Grace is the only non-entertaining sim in this house.

Devan: I’d much rather be playing baseball.

Niska: Tough, we’re skilling right now.

Oh, floating baker’s station.

Which ghost is this then since none of them have been out in the new town yet.

Huh, I guess it was Milo.

I didn’t even know that ghost pets could haunt stuff like ghost Sims could. Colour me surprised.

He popped out at the same time as the newest family member was being dropped off.

The family welcomes Tiff, the Papillon puppy. She looks a little glitchy but still so adorable.

Niska: So, do you have my puppy?

Shelter lady: Yeah, I left her up on the road. Your dad’s hot btw.

Niska: You are a terrible person and you should be ashamed of yourself.

Shelter lady: But hot men are more important.

Niska: Get out of my house and go find yourself a new job where you aren’t responsible for precious lives.

Thankfully Tiff did make it into the legacy house with no problem but her glitchy coat was bugging me so she was aged up to see if that fixed the problem.


She is so precious in her non-glitchy self. I absolutely adore her.

So far Moon seems unaware of the new addition to the house.

Marissa has a wish to learn the bladder flow potion so she gets to work on that.

I personally don’t think a werewolf playing with dangerous chemicals is a good idea but Marissa proves me wrong by discovering a potion (the wrong potion mind you) without blowing herself up. After all the times Grace blew herself up doing the same thing I’d say this was a definite win.

Since Niska is now Co-heir, I figured she should have her own room.

The nursery was cut in half to allow this so hopefully there aren’t a lot of kids this generation.

I just realized this squeaky toy-bone thing has a smiley face on it.

Weird that I’ve been playing with dogs so long in the game now and I never noticed that until now.

Moon: Someone who isn’t me is eating from my food bowl! Help, help, we’re being stolen from!

Tiff: Calm it, I’m just eating.

Moon: Oh, another dog. Come play with me, c’mon, c’mon, c’mon!

Tiff: Yeah, still eating so…no.

I can’t even remember buying a VR device but apparently I did because Niska is never off the damn thing.

She does sometimes play an awesome air guitar whilst on it though so I guess she is forgiven. For now.

Tiff: If I give you some attention will you leave me in peace to finish eating?

Moon: I…I guess so…but you need to come play with me first.

Tiff: Before here I lived in a barn with a blind horse. She was cool but kept trying to eat me.

Moon: I think I’d be more worried about an eagle swooping down to eat me but a horse is scary too.

Oh my gosh! Tiff’s ears move when she does and it is so adorable!

Did I already mention that I love her because I really, really do.

Just because Moon is getting attention from Tiff doesn’t mean Oreo is left out.

For once Grace is actually being useful and spending some time with him. It must be a miracle!

Tiff: I miss my old horse friend.

Moon: I knew what will cheer you up; if I put on a funny mask.

Devan: Oh Sky, why did you have to die before you could see this?

Hey look, Niska got her first promotion at work.

This career should be super easy for her since she maxed athletics when she was a teenager.

Marissa is hunting almost constantly to get that last £10,000.

Wouldn’t it be marvellous if she got this LTW out of the way before any kids are born? I think so anyway.

Grace is still trying to prove to me that she isn’t useless and boring. It’s not working.

Linden: Hi

Grace: Sorry, I don’t speak to telemarketers

Linden: Mum it’s me, Linden you’re second oldest.

Grace: Ah, Linden. I remember you.

Linden: You really should, I only moved out about a week ago.

Missy: Daddy can you every forgive me for becoming a werewolf?

Devan: Uh…what?

My sentiments exactly Devan.

This was completely autonomous btw. She just went up to him and apologized for becoming a werewolf which makes no sense since she was born as one and it was passed down from him. Stupid game!

Even on autonomy Grace and Devan still somehow manage to be cute together.

Grace may annoy the hell out of me but I’ll always love her and Devan (mostly Devan though).

Niska wishes to level up her painting skill so she’s put onto that whilst Missy is out hunting.

Aww, synchronised dreams. How cute is that?

Damn it Grace, just when I was starting to like you again, you have to go be an ass by sleeping in your daughters bed instead of your own perfectly good one.

Some random guy comes to the legacy house just to steal our jelly beans. Nothing happens to him though.

Hi Linden *waves*

Linden: Hi Watcher, long time no hear from you.

How the heck did you get a houseboat and why are you driving it past the legacy house?

Linden: That’s for me to know and you to never find out *creepy laugh*

I don’t like the sound of that one bit.

After reading a bunch of legacies recently I’ve realized that charisma helps build relationships quicker so Marissa is put onto that when she’s not out hunting.

Ok, so I was checking through everyone in the house to make sure where they were like I often do and apparently Grace, who was meant to be at work, is sitting in a dive bar in town on her tablet.

Maybe it’s because she’s a main house member but as soon as I zoomed over to see what she was up to a bunch of legacy Sims started showing up. The first to show his face is Frank Rourke.

Frank was quickly followed by Dory Terrey, Cornflower and Dionysus Chimeree and Missingno Kanto.

And what does Grace do with all these fine young legacy Sims around?

Why of course she finds the dog, that purple shirt lady in the background randomly brought to the bar, and spends time with him.

She then leaves said bar to go have a phone chat with Kamille. I mean it’s nice she’s talking to her kids but legacy Sims are more important. I am very disappointed Grace.

After Grace left I hung around for a little while longer and watched more legacy Sims arrive.

I can’t tell exactly who they are from this picture however and I only wrote in my notes that they were legacy Sims. Darn it.

Way to be impressive Niska, 2 promotions in one chapter! She’ll have this career finished in no time at this rate.

And just to round out this chapter I’m starting a new thing since I now have legacy townies, I’m gonna be posting updates on them at the end of each chapter.

Townie Updates:

Ledyba Kanto (Legacy linked with her son Missingno above) and Endive Parker (From one of Jenn’s legacies that I can’t find the link to) got together and engaged but split as soon as they found out they were expecting.

Lori Gordon and Hawk Cabernet (who I mentioned last chapter) had their baby.

Ivysaur Kanto (also linked above with Missingno) and Dionysus Chimeree (linked above) are expecting too.

Katherine Skipton has started dating townie, Enrique Berrios.

Katana Langurd has started dating Tyce Skipton.

Cameron Idanezy has started dating one of the Simselves; Jax who writes Insanity Doesn’t Compare which is awesome btw)

Antebellum Secksie has started dating Stewie Terrey (again from Insanity Doesn’t Compare)

And finally Hawk Cabernet has started dating Mooncake Tart. I guess he and Lori split up without me realizing.

Those aren’t the only legacy Sims I have in town but they are the only ones who are doing anything right now. Also, I’m only gonna be legacy linking once per sim but you guys probably already know who most of these Sims are anyway.

Anyway, that’s it for this chapter. I’ve played up to chapter 8 already so I’m quite far ahead but I’m also moving house in the next couple of weeks so I don’t know when I’ll have the time to write another chapter.


Self wetting (11) -55
For each sim failing school (1) -5
For every game induced visit from a police officer, firefighter or babysitter (when you don’t call them but the game makes them come)  (1) -5
Passing Out (32) -160
Accidental Deaths
Social Worker Visit

Every Birth (12) +60
Every Twin Birth (3) +30
Every Triplet Birth
Fulfilling LTW (6) +240
For each Sim that gets on the honor roll (11) +55
Randomizing every LTW choice and trait for a whole generation of children (3) +30
Not using spares Happiness points for a generation (4) +40
Every 100,000 dollars (2) +40

Every sim to master a skill (11) +55

Every sim to max their career (4) +40

Painting of Torch holder somewhere in the house (0)

Total points: 350 (No change this time)