Chapter 5.15 – Fuck You Marissa

Hey guys, 2 things:

1st: I know I said I’d have this chapter up last Saturday but apparently when I say ‘tomorrow’ I mean nearly a week later.

2nd: Sorry for the swearing in the title but you’ll see why I was so mad later in this chapter.

With that out of the way let’s jump straight into the chapter.

Persi and Quinn’s birthday party from the last chapter is still in full swing, and, even though I exclusively invited teenagers, Oriana’s child-aged son Stacey turned up too.

He is all his mum except the eye colour. I am very disappointed in the genetic variety that my game is throwing out right now.

And what is Marissa doing whilst her eldest daughter has her birthday? Working out surrounded by teen boys. Sounds about right for her.

Nolan: Wow Mrs H, you’re kind of hot.

Missy: Thanks random kid who’s somehow my daughters boyfriend, I’m flattered.

You might recognise the pink haired girl from the heir poll.

Well that’s because this party is where most of the kids picked their potential spouses.

Quinn: You’re so hot Ernest

Ernest: Right back at ‘ya babe

Quinn: He’s dreamy, can I have him?

No! He’s waaayy too old for you, also I think he’s with someone.

Quinn: But I want him.

Well you’re not going to get him.

Quinn: Damn it!

Yep, more of the kids finding themselves romantic interests.

I wonder if the full moon as something to do with all the autonomous romance going on?

FYI, the boy Rio is hugging is Joey Skipton, eldest son of Katherine Skipton and Cameron Idanezy.

It’s your birthday, what do you have to feel so glum about?

Persi: Everyone is with someone but I can’t be with my boyfriend ‘cause I’m too old now

Don’t worry, you’ll be together as soon as he’s old enough.

Persi: *Goes and cries in a corner*

Rae is also getting in on the romantic action happening tonight.

I am so glad that the girls (apart from Quinn) took the future spouse decision out of my hands this Gen.

Demir: Oh my goodness! My wife is a monster.

And you’re just realizing that? She’s a horrid person…oh, you’re talking about her being a werewolf.

According to my notes Rio is passed out here after witnessing Marissa and Niska turn into their werewolf forms.

These two as well which is weird since they’ve seen the werewolves turn before without fainting.

I think I’ll just turn the full moon off for now to stop this.

With the full moon off the party end and Shiloh, Rosa and Persi settle down to play their favourite video game.

Rosa: Duck, duck you idiot! Do you want to get us killed?

Shiloh: I know what I’m doing. I play this more than you do.

Persi: Can’t you two just get along and…haha suckers, you’re both dead!

Sabine also settles down to do something she enjoys.

Wait, is that Yoda?

And the rest of the family are hanging out in the hallway, doing their own things.

Holy crap, it was Yoda!

Sabine: Brilliant I am

Yes you are and that painting is going straight on the wall.

It seems like just yesterday we got Tiff as a puppy but at 47 days on a 46 day lifespan it’s her time to go.

Everyone is sad about Tiff’s passing except Marissa and Demir.

In fact the are so not sad that they run straight outside to the outdoor shower and woohoo while Grim is still collecting Tiff.

That was annoying as it was but, get this, their god damn woohoo resulted in a baby jingle. I’m not even kidding. Those goddamn assholes somehow managed to get pregnant again which shouldn’t be possible with my settings. I don’t even know how this is possible but I am absolutely fuming.

Look at that smug bastard.

He knows exactly what he’s done.

Rosa: You two aren’t going to go have another baby too, right?

Niska: No, I just love my wife.

Rosa (and me): Phew *wipes brow*

See, this is why Niska will always be my favourite Gen 5 heir, she goes and skills instead of giving me more unwanted possible multiples.

Zen: ~Oops, I did it again | I played with your heart~

Missy: Screw you!

No, screw you Marissa. I really wish I could send you out into the land of cruel SP.

Look at Zen’s snazzy new work outfit.

Can you tell I haven’t really paid much attention to work outfits in the past, ‘cause I really haven’t.

These older girls are so boring while the younger ones are at school.

They just cry or cook more crappy food when they already have a crap ton in the fridge.

Not you guys too.

I can’t wait until you all move out and give me peace!

Missy: Do you think I should buy some building blocks for my new babies?

Sabine: I ain’t getting involved with this one.

I hate you Marissa!

Missy: Aww, nooboo.

Fuck you Marissa! I hate you so much right now that I’m not even going to change your maternity clothes.

Zen comes home with her 6th promotion. At least there’s some good news this chapter.

Finally! I never thought this day would come.

I was sad at first about losing them all but now I’m just glad they will be gone and the house will be emptier.

They all take their sweet ass time blowing out their candles.

Can you hurry it up already so I can kick you out?

Rio: Rude!

Marissa look alike Rosa had a B in school so didn’t get to roll her trait. She got Supernatural Skeptic which is seriously ironic since she’s an alien. She also rolled the Pervasive Private Eye LTW.

Rio did get to roll her trait and rolled Dramatic which is so fitting with her personality. She rolled the Superstar Actor LTW which fits in well with her traits I think. She is also the make-over I enjoyed doing the most.

Roux also got to roll his trait. He rolled socially awkward which also fits his personality. His LTW is (as expected) One Sim Band.

Wow, so I guess Rosa was the only one of the quads not to do well in school ‘cause Rae gets to roll her trait too. She rolls commitment issues which isn’t what I expected for her but it’ll do, I guess. Her LTW is Descendant of da Vinci.

Now onto my hands-down favourite kids of this generation; the twins.

Sabine rolls Workaholic and gets the Fashion Phenomenon LTW which also fits in perfectly with her personality.

And finally, the baby of this generation, Shiloh.

Shiloh rolled Star Quality and nabbed the Lifestyle of the Rich and Famous LTW. It isn’t exactly what I’d thought he’d get but thinking about it, it kind of fits him.

Bye bye Quads.

I didn’t hate you but for the most part your lack of genetic diversity really let you down.

Man, Shiloh and Sabine are really the best looking kids this generation.

Luckily I will be able to stare at their pretty faces for a while longer.

No, this is not a dual generation again but since Shiloh won I figured why not keep his twin around too.

G6 Poll Results1

These are the heir poll results for any of you who wanted to see just how much of a lead Shiloh had. There was never any competition really, he’d been in the lead since the end of day 1.


I’m sorry this wasn’t a proper chapter. I played it a long time before I posted the heir poll and it was just meant to be a bridge between the last chapter and the next generation. I’m also sorry if I let my annoyance colour this chapter. I’ve been putting off posting it for exactly that reason. Anyway, I’ll see you guys in the next generation.


Self wetting (14) -70
For each sim failing school (1) -5
For every game induced visit from a police officer, firefighter or babysitter (when you don’t call them but the game makes them come)  (1) -5
Passing Out (36) -180
Accidental Deaths (1) -10
Social Worker Visit

Every Birth (18) +90
Every Twin Birth (4) +40
Every Triplet Birth
Fulfilling LTW (8) +320
For each Sim that gets on the honor roll (13) +65
Randomizing every LTW choice and trait for a whole generation of children (3) +30
Not using spares Happiness points for a generation (4) +40
Every 100,000 dollars (6) +120

Every sim to master a skill (15) +75

Every sim to max their career (5) +50

Painting of Torch holder somewhere in the house (0)

Total points: 545 (No change this time)


Generation 6 Heir Poll

Ok guys, here’s the deal with this heir poll. I’ve decided to let 8 kids run this time ‘cause I’d already planned to do that in the first place before I knew there were 4 Marissa clones but in future if there is a clone then it will be excluded from the heir poll.

Being super honest here I’d rather one of the clones wasn’t the heir since I’ve already planed through Marissa but if one of the clones are voted heir then I will accept that and play them as I would play any heir. With that in mind let’s get started.

Also, I’m doing this heir poll slightly different with more pictures and stuff instead of me having to fail at descriptions. Let me know if you prefer this way or the old way.

Persephone: Alien  –  Eldest Child of Marissa and Demir. Likes to paint but rolled an athletic LTW.
Traits: Pyro (H), Immune to Fire (H), Flirty, Neurotic, Good, Loves the Cold, Artistic.
LTW: Master Acrobat
Gender Preference: Straight
Potential Spouses: Nolan Terrey-Rourke

Days ’til YA: 0
Genetics: For this part I’ve decided to just put the kids pictures side by side with their parents and you guys can see the genetic comparison for yourself. Also, for the girls I’ve made Demir into a girl for better comparison and for Roux and Shiloh I have made the mums into guys for the same reason. Also, I should mention that the kids with pure alien eyes have Marissa/Devan’s blue eyes underneath.

Next up is Quinn.

Quinn: Alien  –  Eldest Child of Niska and Zen. She hasn’t really developed a taste for any specific skill.
Traits: Pyro (H), Can Salute (H), Night Owl, Genius, Heavy Sleeper, Friendly, Computer Whiz.
LTW: Forensic Specialist: Dynamic DNA Profiler.
Gender Preference: Straight
Potential Spouses: None as of yet. She is the only one of the kids where I just couldn’t find a spouse that fit so if she’s heir it will be spouse hunting for her.
Days ’til YA: 0

With the elder girls out of the way it’s time to move onto Marissa’s Quads.

Rosa: Alien  –  Second Eldest Child of Marissa and Demir and Eldest of the Quads. Marissa’s favourite.
Traits: Pyro (H), Hates the Outdoors, Neurotic, Over-Emotional, Perceptive.
LTW: None yet
Gender Preference: Bisexual
Potential Spouses: Olivia Cote

Days ’til YA: 3


Rio: Alien  –  Third Eldest Child of Marissa and Demir and Second Eldest of the Quads. A non rebellious rebel.
Traits: Pyro (H), Loves to Swim, Slob, Rebellious, Eccentric.
LTW: None yet
Gender Preference: Straight
Potential Spouses: Joey Skipton

Days ’til YA: 3


Roux: Alien  –  Second Youngest Child of Marissa and Demir and Second Youngest of the Quads. Loves playing with the instruments.
Traits: Pyro (H), SPN Fan, Couch Potato, Virtuoso, Dog Person.
LTW: None yet but I foresee him rolling One Sim Band.
Gender Preference: Straight
Potential Spouses: Pagan Ross (Cousin to Rhaenys -Shiloh’s potential spouse- and also a Reaper baby). She and her cousin aren’t townies but Sims born into one of my undocumented legacy challenges.

Days ’til YA: 3


Rae: Alien  –  Youngest born to Marissa and Demir and Youngest of the Quads. She is very into Chess and Painting and has a very geeky personality in my head.
Traits: Pyro (H), Immune to Fire (H), Bookworm, Genius, Family-Oriented, Artistic.
LTW: None yet
Gender Preference: Straight
Potential Spouses: Jalen Vanillabeam

Days ’til YA: 3

And finally, with the Quads out of the way it is time for the youngest of this Gen.

Sabine: Alien  –  Middle Child of Niska and Zen and Eldest of the Twins. Very creative minded, into things like painting and sculpting.
Traits: Pyro (H), Can Salute (H), Genius, Artistic, Easily Impressed, Computer Whiz.
LTW: None yet
Gender Preference: Straight
Potential Spouses: Les Ellis-Terrey

Days ’til YA: 3


Shiloh: Alien  –  Youngest Child of Niska and Zen and Youngest of the Twins. He hasn’t really shown any interest in any specific skills yet.
Traits: Pyro (H), Can Salute (H), Neurotic, Slob, Adventurous, Irresistible.
LTW: None yet
Gender Preference: Bisexual
Potential Spouses: Rhaenys Ross-Snow (5th Gen heir from my undocumented MidnightSun Challenge and Cousin to Pagan)

Days ’til YA: 3

And that’s it for this heir poll. Choose carefully because there are so many options this generation (which is why I added the spousal options this time to make the decision easier).

Good luck with the vote because I definitely couldn’t make this decision.

The Poll will run from today until Friday 4th Aug because I’m going away to Spain in 2 days for a week.

Chapter 5.14 – Everybody Hates Shiloh

Today’s the day (well not really since this chapter was meant to be posted tomorrow but I had some free time so let’s just pretend that it was always meant to be posted today, k?)

Anyway, today’s the day; the last chapter before the Gen 6 Heir Poll. Are you excited? I’m sure as hell not.

Let’s start this chapter off with…wait? Why aren’t you with Nolan?

Persi: He left me so I’m getting a drink.

Healthy. Also illegal.

Persi: Tell that to Roux when he’s drinking at home.

Uh…you’ve got a point there.

Persi: Oh, also I peed myself

When did this happen?

Persi: When you were busy monologueing at the beginning

*SMH* -5

Bartender: Aren’t you a little young, and stinky, to be drinking in here?

Persi: You just pour my drink and let me deal with my own issues.

Ori: Damn gurl, what kind of kids are my big sisters raising in that legacy house of theirs?

Persi: None of your business Random Legacy Spare No.5

Ori: I hate my life!

Shiloh no…just no. Please stop.

Shiloh: But I’m making pizza…

Just stop Shiloh, you look all kinds of creepy.

Shiloh: This better?

Much, thank you.

Missy: Hi

What exactly are you up to now Marissa?

Missy: With the heir poll coming up I’m trying to prove I’m still awesome and needed around here.

Don’t worry about that, I don’t think anyone could ever replace you.

Devan doesn’t really do anything but go to work and sleep in the rocker anymore.

He’s also 100 on a 95 day lifespan. I’m really beginning to worry that he might pass away any day now.

Zen: Hello my old friend, it has been a while

Hi Zen I’ve missed you too…

Zen: Not you, I was talking to my keyboard!

Well that is all sorts of creepy, moving on.

Missy: ~ I’m too sexy for my love | Too sexy for my love | Love’s going to leave me~

Rio: I hate this song but I can’t stop listening

Persi: Just give in, it’s easier

Me IRL whenever a catchy song I hate comes on.

No! No, no, no, no, no, no, no!

I know he was old but damn it, he was my favourite sim from this whole legacy (so far).

Grim: It’s your time now Mr Holly. Your wife is waiting on you.

Dev: That’s good, I’ve been so tired for so long now. It’ll be good to rest.

What’s that in my eyes? Nope, definitely not tears. Not at all.

Everyone: *Cries*

Niska, Demir, Zen and Shiloh: You know what would be a good idea? Resurrecting him.

No, that had never been a good idea. I loved him too but he was old and had a good life. He doesn’t need another.

Shiloh: Oh, it hurts so much. I loved grandpa so much, why can’t he come back?

Sabine: You lie, I love grandpa more. He was my favourite person not yours.

Guys quit it, you both loved him, get over it.

As much as I would’ve liked to resurrect Devan I just can’t so he is laid to rest beside his wife and the rest of her ancestors.

Woo, somehow Persi manages to prove that my Sims don’t always stop functioning when they are in mourning +5

What the heck are you doing?

Shiloh: I’m on the lookout for a prom date

But prom’s already done

Shiloh: Think again

You have got to be kidding me!

Quinn: Hey, any opportunity for a party is A-okay with me

Well I definitely wasn’t expecting this but I am going to make the most of it this time by potential spouse hunting.

Red hair is Bethany Overton, a townie generated from my sim bin. I wonder if that’s why she looks so much like Peppermint. She is definitely out of the running then.

Orange hair is Les Ellis-Terrey, who Rae met a couple of chapters ago. He is the son of Stewie Terrey and his wife.

Devan lookalike is Phoenix Overton, Bethany’s brother. He is also out of the running since he’s a Devan clone.

Purple hair is Orion Kinney, another townie generated from my sim bin.

Pink hair is Olivia Cote, another sim bin generated sim.

Brown hair is Rick Bathory-Tart, eldest son of Castiel Bathory and Jazzberry Mist Tart.

and finally blonde hair is Jalen Vanillabeam, only child of Jenn’s simself and Leedle Derpington.

They were the only non-faceone Sims I saw entering the school so for now they are my spousal options.

I didn’t bother taking lots of pictures of the prom updates this time since this is their second time at prom but I did get the 3 important ones. That being Persi and Nolan going steady, Rosa becoming romantically involved with Olivia Cote and Sabine becoming romantically involved with Les Ellis-Terrey.

How much food do you guys really need?

Rosa: Stay out of this, we’re having a competition to see who can make the best food.

Rae: It’s totally gonna be me, you have no chance

Rosa: Like hell it will be, the victory will be mine!

To be honest I didn’t really pay much attention to this when it popped up so when Niska got sick ‘cause I made her drink it I wasn’t really that surprised.

Niska: There’s a special place in hell reserved just for you.

Awesome, I’ll see you there.

Roux: Can someone feed me? I feel like I’m dying here!

I’m sure if you go into the kitchen your 2 loving sisters will give you some of the spoils of their competition.

Roux: They’re having a cooking competition again? Awesome, I’ll eat like a king tonight!

I’m seriously running out of songs to caption these pictures so just pretend I had an awesome one for this, k?

Zen: I think our Watcher is getting lazy

Missy: Haha, she’s been lazy since my great-grandpa’s generation.

Hey! I object to that, I didn’t start getting lazy with this legacy until Cai’s generation.

Shiloh: Here Tiff, come get the piggy

Tiff: Where did it go? I can’t find it.

Shiloh: It’s up here Tiff…up here.

Tiff: Nope, I can’t find it so I’m out.

WTH Zen? Why are you dumpster diving?

Zen: I got bored

Well I guess it’s better than doing nothing.

Aww, Rae paints the cutest Winnie the pooh painting.

It’s so going up in the old nursery.

Hmm, I wonder who the odd one out in the picture is.

Tiff: It sure ain’t me, I’m just a dog looking for her chew toy.

Rae: Not me

Sabine and Quinn: Not me

Roux: Damn it, why is it always me

Roux: Get out of my way loser, I need to use the toilet!

Shiloh: Get over yourself, there is another bathroom across the hallway.

Roux: I don’t care, I want this one.

Out of all the kids only Roux and Shiloh don’t really get along.

Quinn: Can you just move your big, ugly, face out of my way?

Shiloh: Why is it always me? Why does everyone hate me?

Apparently I was wrong; Quinn also doesn’t get along with Shiloh. Poor baby Shiloh.

Wow, that’s one creepy painting.

Rae: I know, that creepy girl is gonna come out and suck all the energy from my brain.

Whatever gets you through the night.

Quinn: Really?

Rae: It’s not my fault, the painting made me do it -5

*Headdesk* *Sells painting* Happy now?

Rae: Not really, you just got rid of my most valuable painting.

Wow, this must be the first time in your entire life that you’ve actually done something even remotely rebellious, and even then you were beaten to it by Roux and Persi.

Rio: I ain’t drinking ‘cause it’s rebellious, I’m drinking ‘cause I want to. Also I’m being rebellious by not being rebellious. I’m rebelling against my very nature.

Wow, so edgy. Watch you don’t cut yourself with that edge *eyeroll*

Woo, go Marissa! All that guitar playing has finally paid off +5

These kids are really doing me proud this generation +5

Roux: Mum said Sabine might win the heir poll now that she got on the honor roll.

Quinn: You can’t be serious

Roux: Deadly, she takes this stuff seriously.

Rosa: Oh crap, I getting straight B’s. I’ll never get onto the honor roll and make mum proud.

Well at least some of the kids managed it after their talk.

Quinn, Shiloh, Roux and Rio all managed to get onto it the next day. +20

Only Rosa and Rae haven’t quite managed it yet.

Missy: Listen, I want the best possible party that you can plan for tomorrow. I might get an heir out of this so it has to be the greatest.

Quinn: I really think that Nolan guy is dreamy. I wonder if I should ask him out.

Missy: Sorry party guy I hate to interrupt but my niece if trying to hit on my daughter’s boyfriend and it isn’t happening!

Quinn: Sorry Aunt Missy, it’ll never happen again.

Add this to the pile of things that isn’t happening.

Niska: But I only got 3 kids and Missy got 5

Tough. It’s your fault you only had twins when she had quads.

Nothing much happened between Marissa calling the party people and the actual party so let’s just jump right to the actual party.

Of course I forgot to mention before but it’s a party for Persi and Quinn’s YA birthdays.

Of course the eligible kids in town were invited so that I could do more spouse hunting.

I really need to tone it down on this spouse hunting thing but I normally make the spouses so this is new for me.

Anyway, this is the eldest girls all grown up in their YA glory.

Persi rolled the Loves the Cold trait and gained the Master Acrobat LTW.

Quinn rolled the Computer Whiz trait and gained the Forensic Specialist: Dynamic DNA Profiler LTW.

And just for the hell of it before I end of this chapter with townie updates I figured I should let you guys know all the kids gender preferences. It might help with the heir poll which will be coming shortly after this chapter is posted.

Townie Updates:

This Townie curse just isn’t giving me a break.

At least these two are happy enough together to give me another kid to fawn over.


Why, game, why?

Please stay together, please.

This would be Les’ youngest and only brother. They now have 2 boys and a girl.

Yay, more townie babies to fawn over.

I have no idea who Spirit is but she has a cool name.

Please stay together guys, you would make the most adorable babies ever.

No, not you two. You’ve been together since the very beginning of this town. I hate this townie curse!

And with that ends this chapter. It skipped around a bit because I kind of sped through it so I could get to the heir poll, which will be up next btw so look out for that.


Self wetting (14) -70
For each sim failing school (1) -5
For every game induced visit from a police officer, firefighter or babysitter (when you don’t call them but the game makes them come)  (1) -5
Passing Out (36) -180
Accidental Deaths (1) -10
Social Worker Visit

Every Birth (18) +90
Every Twin Birth (4) +40
Every Triplet Birth
Fulfilling LTW (8) +320
For each Sim that gets on the honor roll (13) +65
Randomizing every LTW choice and trait for a whole generation of children (3) +30
Not using spares Happiness points for a generation (4) +40
Every 100,000 dollars (6) +120

Every sim to master a skill (15) +75

Every sim to max their career (5) +50

Painting of Torch holder somewhere in the house (0)

Total points: 545

Chapter 5.13 – The Alien Pandemic

Hey guys, so already I am failing in my schedule for these last few posts before the heir poll since I meant to get this chapter up yesterday but I’m only a day late so that’s not too bad, right? Right? Anyway, let’s get on with the chapter.

Out of the 13 people living in the Holly household right now only 3 of them actually sleep anymore so get used to this sight because it tends to happen a lot.

I haven’t really been keeping track of the family funds since these guys hit 200,000 so I’m majorly behind in points for it +80

I can’t remember if I’ve mentioned it before but I absolutely love Persi’s paintings.

She paints so many unique paintings that I’ve never seen in game before which is awesome.

Do you guys remember Caesar from a couple of chapters ago? Well, like his cousins, is now a teenager and, unlike his cousins, has started dating. I hope he doesn’t get affected by the ‘townie curse’ since most of my townies in this town won’t stay together.

Roux: ~Mary had a little lamb, little lamb, little lamb~

Still with the kids songs, huh?

Roux: You don’t know me! You don’t know my life!

I don’t know about any of you but the thought of playing in sand and snow at the same time grosses me out.

Persi: Well it’s a good things you ain’t the only playing in it then

It was at this point my game decided to start playing up. It threw out an error 12 when I tried to save and then it crashed on me. I’m starting to think it may be this save, since I don’t have any of these problems with any other save I have, and I might have to move the family again. I don’t want to but if this keeps happening I will have to.

*Takes a couple days break to try and fix the game*

I fiddled about with the game for a bit and I think I’ve sorted the problems I was having.

You have no idea how much I just want to say ‘screw it’ and let Marissa go but I love Demir to make her do that to him.

So instead of going on a date Missy gets to fix the broken dishwasher for the thousandth time.

Missy: My life sucks! I could be on a hot date right now but I’m stuck cleaning up this mess! This is a disgrace! A disgrace I tell you!

Hush and hurry up with that repair.

Sabine: Do…

If you ask me if I want to build a snowman you are dead to me

Sabine: Jeez, I was just gonna ask if you wanna get my stupid brother to help me with this.

Rio: Any bets she’s gonna make an alien snowman

Roux: You’re on. £100 says she’ll make a classic snowman instead

Rio: Make it £200 and we’re on

Roux: Deal

Sabine: I’m done!

Rio: YES! I was right so pay up!

Roux: Uh, will you take weekly payments?

Rio: Nope, you have until tomorrow to pay up or I’m telling mum you’re making bets that you can’t pay.

Demir: I love you Marissa

Missy: I love you too and totally wasn’t contemplating going on a date with another guy earlier

Persi: Ugh, can you guys get a room. All your grossness is distracting me from my game!

Shiloh: You act like you’re the smartest of us all but your not. You’re just as dumb as the rest of us.

Rae: How dare you? That is totally uncalled for.

Roux: He’s kind of right though

Rae: Don’t you start too or I’ll get Rio to you

Roux: Shutting up now

This is like the 3rd or 4th instrument that Roux has taken to autonomously.

At this point he’s got more musical skill than Zen does.

Roux: That’s cause I’m the Boss!

Yeah, you keep telling yourself that

Niska: Isn’t the weather so cold outside?

Missy: As much as I’m enjoying this conversation I told Rosa I’d play video games with her, right Rosa?

Rosa: Wait…what?

Missy: *Whispers* Just play along until she’s gone

A wild dog appears

Quinn used brush

It’s super effective

Tiff: I’d be pissed you’re comparing me to a Pokémon but I feel way too relaxed right now.

This is how most of the Holly’s spends most of their time, tucked away somewhere in their own little cliques.

Quinn does break from the norm for a few minutes to start listening to a writing tabcast on her tablet but she goes right back the moment that’s done.

Just from talking to Zen for 5 minutes Persi manages to get her first celeb point.

I don’t know when it happened but Zen must’ve become a celeb at some point.

Rosa: Mum you know this is actually quite creepy.

Missy: I have no idea what you mean

Quinn: I’m trying to bathe Aunt Missy, can you get out?

Missy: We were here first

Rosa: See mum, this is why no one likes us, you are way too creepy.

I don’t know if any of you have actually listened to the songs that get played when Sims play this thing but I did for the first time and it turns out Roux really was playing ‘Mary had a little lamb’.

Roux: What? I like that song.

You be you my little dude. You be you.

It’s prom time for the 8 teenagers but because it’s winter they don’t get to wear the pretty formal wear I spent so much time creating for them (Nope, I’m not annoyed at that at all).

Rio: Driver drive before the rest of these losers get in and ruin my street cred.

Rae: That’s mean

Persi: She is kind of right. You’re just lucky that you were here first or you would be out there with them too.

Rio: I have never loved you more than I do now Persephone.

Nothing really exciting happened for Missy’s 5 kids apart from Rae and Persi getting a RI.

Shiloh also managed to snag himself a RI and Sabine got prom queen. Quinn weirdly didn’t get a single pop-up.

I’ve never heard of Stewart, Brock or Amber before so I’m pretty sure they are just face one townies which will end up deleted in my next sweep of the town.

Whilst the kids were out at prom Demir came home with his 3rd promotion.

Don’t you think you’re a little young to be drinking?

Roux: Give me a break *hic* Prom sucked and *hic* I couldn’t get a date

Still no reason to get drunk

Roux: Mum said it was ok

*Sigh* Marissa is turning out to be an even worse parent than I thought.

Speaking of Marissa, she has now completed all the Handiness skill challenges which is a first for any of my Sims since I don’t normally bother with the skill challenges.

Missy: ~ I’ll seek you out | Flay you alive | One more word and you won’t survive~

What is with you and super weird song lyrics?

Missy: I’ve recently been informed that I am the queen of weirdness so I’m fully embracing it.

I don’t know if I should be worried or proud.

Why do all of my aliens only want to recharge their brain power out in the snow.

Sabine: It’s where we can see the stars best, duh!

Persi: I’m starving!

Rae: Why don’t you just go get something to eat?

Persi: Nope, I’m not leaving this spot until you stop using MY easel.

Rae: There’s another in the living room

Persi: No! This one, and only this one, is mine!

Shiloh: Man, I am so hungry right now

Quinn: I’m making fresh mac & cheese. I’ll be done in 20 minutes.

Shiloh: But I wanted it now *cries*

Quinn: Jeez, you’re such a baby.

Missy: ~Don’t you want me, baby? | Don’t you want me, ohh?~

Roux: ~Twinkle, twinkle, little star | How I wonder what you are~

With their vastly different styles you wouldn’t think these two would gel well but apparently that’s just what happens when you put 2 weirdo’s together.

Roux: Hey! We’re not weirdo’s we’re just different

Oh look, the only time Zen actually does something to get any camera time.

Zen: I like being in the background, it takes the pressure off.

Dev: What did you think of Guardians of the Galaxy Vol.2? Wasn’t it an awesome film?

Shiloh: Yeah…uh, that Spiderman guy was pretty cool *awkward laugh*

Sabine: *Shouts* He doesn’t know what you’re talking about grandpa!

Demir: Zen I may be going insane but I feel a presence watching me.

Zen: Just ignore her and she will go away

Creeper: Lovely alien, you will be mine

Niska: None of my kids want to learn from me so you’re next on my list Rio

Rio: Whatever, I wanted to learn logic anyway.

Sabine is the latest kid to take up the painting mantle.

Sabine: It helps me forget that I am living amongst utter chaos for a few hours.

Whatever helps you cope, I guess.

Niska: OMG, I have so many wrinkles now. I’m so ugly *cries*

Zen: ~Hey, did you happen to see the most beautiful girl in the world~

Niska: I love you Zen Red heart

What the heck?

Missy: I’m fixing the TV

Since when did fixing the TV involve you sticking your head through it?

Missy: Since I said it does! It helps me get to know the TV so I can help it properly.


Can I just say that Sabine is absolutely gorgeous.

Sabine: I nearly burnt my eyebrows off and you’re going on about how pretty I look?

This place is an utter madhouse normally but it’s doubly so at dinner times.

Everyone is crowded in this room trying to get into 1 fridge. You see where it gets so crazy?

Rosa: You’re face is pretty ugly btw, you should hide it with a trash bag.

Sabine: How can you say that? He’s my brother, does that mean I need a trash bag too?

Rosa: Yeah, you should totally hide your face too.

I can definitely see why Rosa has always been Marissa’s favourite now.

Moving away from the family drama in the kitchen Persi gets asked out on a date by Nolan Terrey-Rourke.

Of course I just at the chance to let her go. I need as many spouse options as I can get, damn it!

Apparently outside a club is the perfect place for a date since the club isn’t even open yet.

Persi: Is this my date?

Don’t worry, I’ll fix his hair.

Wow, he looks so cute!

It really is a shame that he seems to be a clone of his mum though since he is Frank and Dory’s only child.

Persi: My dad is from space, did you know that?

Nolan: Your eyes are a dead giveaway if I didn’t.

Persi: Here, take a snowball

Nolan: *Girly scream* No, not my best sweater. My mum will go nuts if I ruin it.

Persi: I’m sorry, I didn’t know it was your favourite shirt.

Nolan: It’s cool, just don’t do it again, thanks.

This was all autonomous btw.

Also I should mention that Persi gained the Naughty rep from that kiss ‘cause of her RI from prom.

And just as Persi’s date was starting to get interesting I get pulled back to the house.

For a panic-filled second I thought that it was someone dying but it turns out it was just Uno’s elder birthday. I didn’t think it had been that long but I guess it has been.

Townie Updates:

The Townie curse strikes again.

I think this is their 2nd child (although I might be wrong about that)

This actually popped up before he asked Missy on a date so bad Hoyt!

Yay! More townie babies is always a good thing.

I had no idea Linden’s ex had moved onto Katana but their newfound relationship also falls to the townie curse.

Yet another couple doomed from the start because of the townie curse.

Any bets that the Townie curse will strike these two?

Oh, also, when did Kami’s second eldest become a YA? Must’ve been during this chapter since I can’t remember seeing it before.

Anyway, that’s it for this chapter. I should have the next chapter and the heir poll up on Tuesday (maybe) so until then I hope you all have a good weekend.


Self wetting (12) -60
For each sim failing school (1) -5
For every game induced visit from a police officer, firefighter or babysitter (when you don’t call them but the game makes them come)  (1) -5
Passing Out (36) -180
Accidental Deaths (1) -10
Social Worker Visit

Every Birth (18) +90
Every Twin Birth (4) +40
Every Triplet Birth
Fulfilling LTW (8) +320
For each Sim that gets on the honor roll (11) +55
Randomizing every LTW choice and trait for a whole generation of children (3) +30
Not using spares Happiness points for a generation (4) +40
Every 100,000 dollars (6) +120

Every sim to master a skill (14) +70

Every sim to max their career (5) +50

Painting of Torch holder somewhere in the house (0)

Total points: 540

Chapter 5.12 – Crashes and Errors

Hey guys, I have a plan. I have 3 chapters left to post before the heir poll for this generation which actually isn’t that much so I am planning to get them all up by next Wednesday because I am leaving for Spain for a weeks holiday. I am planning on leaving the poll to run for that week when I’m away so hopefully I can stick to getting all these chapters posted before then.

Anyway, on with the chapter.

Kid: Can you let me in?

Which kid are you again, I get so confused with all of you.

Kid: I ain’t any ‘Legacy’ kid. I am The Stewart Edgar, bringer of doom.

If you aren’t a Holly then you don’t get in the house. Sorry, not sorry.

Ah, this is definitely one of the Holly kids.

Roux: I’d be annoyed with your lack of memory if I wasn’t having so much fun right now.

Wait…Rae where are you?

Rae: At my friends house, duh!

Oh yeah *checks notes* That little boy is Les Ellis-Terrey, son of Stewie Terrey and his wife (whose name I can’t remember).

Whilst Rae was outside with Les I took a look around their house and found Cara, Les’ little sister.

They are both so cute but I wish they took after Stewie a little more because right now they are almost clones of their mum.

Coincidentally whilst I was looking at Cara another townie kid came to the Ellis-Terrey door.

This kid, contrary to his outfit and hair, is Nolan Terrey-Rourke, son of Dory Terrey and Frank Rourke. He is another kid that looks just like his mum.

Quinn: Crap, I am so dead. Aunt Missy is gonna be so disappointed.

What have you done this time?

Quinn: I missed curfew

Wow, I think even Niska would be disappointed in you now never mind Marissa, but not for the reason you think.

Quinn: See ya suckers later, I gotta go before the cops show up.

Jacqueline (Linden’s daughter): Yeah, and don’t think about coming back either!

What is it with the cousins not getting along with the main family kids this generation?

Either way this gave me a chance to check out Oriana’s new husband because somehow in the dead of night he is in Linden’s house. He’s not bad looking and neither is she so I hope their kid looks cool.

Cop: Get in the car, you delinquent.

Quinn: But I was just going home…

Cop: Get in the car before I call your home

Quinn: NO! I’ll go with you, just don’t call my house.

Quinn: This sucks major ass!

Cop: What was that?

Quinn: Nothing, ma’am.

Cop: That’s what I thought

Why aren’t you getting in trouble for breaking curfew?

Quinn: Shh, if I’m quiet enough they won’t even know.

Good luck with that

Yay, Linden is engaged now.

I still haven’t seen Linden’s fiancé yet, I should really get around to that at some point.

Rio as Mrs Red: Shall we begin

Rio as Mr Green: Woo, go Dany!

Shouldn’t you head to bed Rio?

Rio: Hush, I’m in the middle of my interpretation of the season 7 premiere of Game of Thrones.

Don’t hush me, you shouldn’t even be watching that show

Rio: Mum let me

Damn it Marissa!

In her free time (aka most nights) Persi has taken up sketching. She’s like level 6 in painting now since that’s mostly all she does.

Shiloh: This is not fair! Why isn’t there any food for me?

Sabine: Cool it bro, just grab some out of the fridge

Shiloh: But I wanted fresh food…

Rae: Boo Niska, your son sucks. He’s a whiny pain in the butt who can’t even get food for himself.

Wow harsh! What’s up with you today?

Rae: Mummy says that’s how I should treat my cousins. She says one of us are the rightful heir not them.

I really should be having a word with your mummy about that but it’s kid of fun to watch it play out.

Who says I don’t know how to make a good segue.

I am the master of having things make sense (yeah, right Laughing out loud)

Why Demir is going first instead of Marissa who is older I have no idea but whatever.

Missy: Mmm, that’s my alien.

Yes, yes it is.

Zen is the next to celebrate her birthday.

Zen: What is there to celebrate? I am old now…

Well, i didn’t want to say anything but you did age a lot worse than Demir did.

Zen: *Cries*

Game: I see you haven’t saved in a while *Crashes*

Damn it all!

Luckily I had only saved a few sim hours before so I didn’t lose much. This time around though there was one big change.

Zen: It wasn’t me, I swear!

Roux: You dirty rotten liar

Zen: It was Marissa, honestly. She’s trying to set me up.

Sorry Zen but the moodlets don’t lie -5

Zen and Demir’s birthdays went the same way as the first time so we move onto our 2 heirs.

I see Niska’s inherited Devan’s knack of barely looking any older.

Niska: Really? I don’t look any older?

Definitely, you look exactly the same as before, minus the more mature make-over, of course.

Marissa too got a slight wardrobe make-over upon aging.

Both she and Niska got MLC but the aliens did not.

That’s it, Sabine you are my new favourite just for the fact that you are the first sim I’ve ever had in my game to autonomously sculpt.

Sabine: Thanks a bunch, now scram while I concentrate on this.

Roux: Omnonnom I bet you want a taste of this dog, tough it’s far too good for dogs.

Uno: Get over yourself you stupid boy. Your food tastes like trash.

Sorry for the walls down but this is what these two spend the majority of their time doing. I don’t know whether to be proud of them for skilling or disappointed that they are not being more exciting.

Persi: Aunt Zen I think we should team up and make a group just for us.

Zen: That sounds like a marvellous idea.

Quinn: Why are you acting so childish? Leave my mum alone.

Persi: You leave mine and I’ll leave yours

Not you two, the rest can fight and argue but I thought you two would stay best friends.

Persi: We are, I just don’t want her hanging around my mum all the time.

Persi has had a wish to attend a writing class since she was a child so I used her one teen action to let her do that. I hope you enjoy your class ‘cause it will be your last.

Persi: Don’t worry about it, I will.

Niska manages to get herself the eternally faithful rep. Zen also got it but I forgot to get a picture.

Enjoy this one last picture of my small babies because they are about to be not so small anymore.

Missy: Woo, go my kids, boo Niska’s.

I’ve heard of sibling rivalry before but damn Marissa, you take things too far.

Missy: I tell you now my kids will be the winners or my name isn’t Cersei Lannister Marissa Holly.

Damn it Rae, this is why we can’t have nice things!

Rae: What do I do? What do I do?

Missy: Getting out of the way would be a good start you idiot.

Rae: But mummy…

Missy: Move it unless you want to be sacrificed to the Lord of Light

(Ok,  I’ll stop with the GOT references now, I’m just pumped for Season 7).

Sabine: Way to steal the show little bro

Shiloh: *Gives no fucks*

Missy: Man, I wish I was that cool

What was that Marissa?

Missy: Nothing! Nothing at all.

Eventually the fire was put out and the rest of the kids were able to age up too.

As I’d initially thought 3 out of the 4 quads are Missy clones and Rio is a Demir clone. I am so disappointed right now.

Also, since the trait screenshots for Rio and Rae aren’t too clear Rio for Rebellious on aging and Rae got Bookworm.

The twins on the other hand are a lot more genetically diverse which I love (can you see why I love them so much now?)

As with Rio and Rae’s trait screenshot Sabine’s isn’t exactly clear so she got Computer Whiz as her teen trait.

Weirdly, the only kid out of the 6 that was allowed to roll a trait was Rosa.

It takes me nearly 24 hours IRL to get the kids make-overs done with all the crashes and error 12’s that the game kept throwing at me. This has reinforced my self-imposed rule to only have 2 kids next generation.

Rio: What do you want, mother?

Missy: I want to know why you don’t look like me

Rio: Who the hell knows

Missy: You may not look like me but you act like me and that’s enough for me. I’m so proud of you!

Becoming best friends with Rio has helped Marissa complete yet another Charisma skill challenge.

I swear, that girl doesn’t do anything unless she gets something out of it in return.

Missy: What’s wrong with that?


Well that’s different.

The only snowman I normally get is the classic one so an alien one is a nice change, albeit an expected one since an alien built it.

Persi: Grandpa, I’m pretty sure I know more about differential calculus than you do

Dev: No, no, no. I can almost guarantee you didn’t know Egypt is a part of Africa.

Persi: There are two things wrong with what you just said 1) that’s geography and 2) I already knew that.

Dev: *sad face*

This was all autonomous btw. I didn’t even know tutoring was an autonomous action.

What the actual hell happened to my sofa?! No really? I didn’t do that.

Quinn: There’s something different with the sofa?

You are rather dense sometimes, aren’t you?

I have no idea what happened but whatever it was is fixed right now and now the sofa is a more normal black leather colour.

Quinn: The sofa is suddenly a lot warmer under my butt

*Throws hands up* I give up, how can you be so unaware of your surroundings?

*Sigh* Why can’t you ever make a relationship last, Linden?

Oh well, at least I won’t have to track him down to see what he looks like anymore.

Roux: *Plays teletubbies theme tune*

Rio: Woo, that’s my jam

Really Rio?

Rio: You tell anyone and I will hunt you down.

Fine, i won’t tell anyone, Jeez!

What the heck happened to your face?

Zen: Brain…not work…good

Go recharge your brain before it stops working altogether.

I’ve probably said this before but Shiloh is very pretty, especially in the light of the fire.

Shiloh: I wonder if I put my hand into the flames what it would feel like

Sabine: Yeah, you do that little bro, tell me the results when it’s done

He’s not the brightest bulb though.

Townie Updates:

This couple from last chapter is still going strong which is a feat in itself in this town.

See, most couples can’t even stay together for one update.

Here’s hoping this is another couple who can defeat the odds and stay together.

Well that’s it for this chapter. Apart from a ton of birthdays not a lot happened unfortunately but hopefully more will happen in the next few chapters. Anyway, i should see you all soon when the next chapter is posted.


Self wetting (12) -60
For each sim failing school (1) -5
For every game induced visit from a police officer, firefighter or babysitter (when you don’t call them but the game makes them come)  (1) -5
Passing Out (36) -180
Accidental Deaths (1) -10
Social Worker Visit

Every Birth (18) +90
Every Twin Birth (4) +40
Every Triplet Birth
Fulfilling LTW (8) +320
For each Sim that gets on the honor roll (11) +55
Randomizing every LTW choice and trait for a whole generation of children (3) +30
Not using spares Happiness points for a generation (4) +40
Every 100,000 dollars (2) +40

Every sim to master a skill (14) +70

Every sim to max their career (5) +50

Painting of Torch holder somewhere in the house (0)

Total points: 460

Chapter 5.11 – Burnt Waffles

Hey guys, this chapter was originally meant to be posted last Saturday but I kept getting distracted and never got around to writing it. Anyway, it’s here now so please tolerate enjoy this mess.

Um…Marissa are you alright?

Missy: Perfectly fine, why do you ask?

Oh no reason…except it looks like you’ve broke your freaking wrist!

Missy: Oh that, it’s nothing.

Rae: Wow, someone’s in denial.

Meanwhile Devan is still keeping up his legacy of playing football in the house. Thankfully there’s nothing breakable sight.

Dev: Being a doctor is great, isn’t it? I’ve saved several lives on my own this week.

Zen: *Yawn* Come talk to me when you have something interesting to say.

Dev: *Sad face*

Poor Devan, no one wants to talk to him anymore.

Rosa: Watcher, I can’t get through the door because of Shiloh and his big butt!

Shiloh: Pot meet kettle

Why are you starting yet another painting Persi?

Persi: It’s a little thing called free will. I can do whatever I want and nobody can stop me.

Glad one of you has finally came to that realization.

Rae, taking after her big sister, has also taken to painting.

It’s pretty boring in the house now with all the kids at school and all the adults (except Missy) at work so Missy is set to upgrading all the appliances in the house in the meantime.

Missy: This is completely unfair. Someone as awesome as me shouldn’t have to do manual labour!

Thems the breaks until you get a job like the others

Missy: *Mutters* I think I’ll stick to the manual labour

I don’t really know why Zen came home from work singed but here she is.

Tiff: Can I eat this charred flesh? It smells delicious!

Zen: Try it dog and you’ll be back in the pound before you can even blink.

Shiloh: Don’t you dare turn my mummy into a ghost, dog.

Quinn: Calm it Shiloh. Mum’s not that great, her music sucks. Leave the dog alone.

Shiloh: But mummy…

Quinn: Drop it!

I’m going to admit that I didn’t really like Roux all that much because he was a complete clone of Missy but he’s slowly starting to grow on me because of his affinity for learning skills autonomously.

Uno: Let’s put our paws together and give the boy a round of applause.

I honestly can’t even tell if you’re being sarcastic or not anymore.

All that upgrading has really paid off and Marissa has maxed yet another skill +5

Missy: So am I finished with this upgrading crap now?

Nope, get back to work *cracks whip*

Oh, who are you?

*Checks notes* Ah, you’re Caesar, Kamille’s youngest. I really should’ve known that since he’s a complete face clone of her.

Out of all 8 children Rio is probably the last one I would’ve expected to actually sit down and do her homework. I don’t know why but she just seems like a rebel to me

Rio: You don’t know anything about me!

See, doesn’t she just scream ‘rebel’?

I’ve got a feeling that this isn’t the first time these kids are going to disappoint me -5

Caesar: Can’t you just see it, little cuz, a world without school. That would be so awesome!

Roux: No, no, no! We need school to function. It’s like having a painting palate without red in it.

Caesar: You are so lame, I wish you weren’t my cousin.

Roux: Feeling’s mutual!

Roux: Woo hoo, the loser finally went home so I don’t have to deal with him anymore!

That’s not very nice, he’s your cousin.

Roux: I have enough cousins thank you very much, I don’t need any extras!

Woo, go Niska!

This is her 4th promotion. She’s not doing as well as I’d initially hoped but she’s not doing terrible either so I guess I can’t complain.

Zen sweetie…I think you might have a slight problem.

Zen: No, my life is perfectly normal and well adjusted

You keep telling yourself that

Shiloh: It’s been days now mummy. We’re all worried about you.

Zen: I don’t know what you’re talking about son, I’m perfectly fine.

Shiloh: You haven’t had a shower in days.

Zen: It’s fine, I’m fine.

This chapters title really should’ve been the chapter of denial.

Shiloh: Mum there’s something wrong with mummy

Niska: I know darling but you must finish your homework first

Persi: Can I help you?

Random Paparazzi: I want to know everything about your family.

Persi: Uh…sorry but I’m not allowed to talk to strangers, especially strangers in their underwear.

Roux: Mum? Mum? Mummy? Mom?

Missy: Go away Roux, mummy’s busy right now.

Roux: But…

Missy: Beat it kid!

You know you really shouldn’t be out in public like that, right?

Zen: I really don’t know what you are talking about.

The denial is strong in this one.

Rosa: My teacher looks suspiciously like Professor Xavier

Shiloh: No way

Rosa: I’m deadly serious! He’s going to give me my letter to Hogwarts any day now, I can feel it!

Shiloh: You are so wrong there. Professor X is from X-Men not Harry Potter, sorry Rosa.

Rosa: Thanks for ruining all my dreams you loser!

Quinn: You are both losers now get over here and help me make these cakes!

Rosa: Not now Quinn, I’m having a debate with your baby brother

Quinn: *Whispers* Yeah, a debate that you’re never gonna win

Shiloh: Hey, I’m not a baby!

Rosa: Are too

Shiloh: Am not!

Rio: Can you believe Rosa’s going around saying she’s going to Hogwarts?

Rae: I know, right. She’s such a dork.

Rio: We should totally write a fake letter just to mess with her.

Rae: Isn’t that going a little too far?

Rio: Nope, it’s just far enough for my liking.

Man, the sibling rivalry between these kids this generation is real.

Now that all the kids are *mostly* grown and able to fend for themselves Devan has been rendered useless again. He spends most of his time hanging out in that rocking chair.

Oh look, the dogs are still around and Tiff is having her birthday.

I still sometimes forget about them entirely. My bad.

Tiff: my whole life is one epic failure.

Well I can’t really argue about that.

Persi: For all those suckers that say console games are better they are totally wrong.

Rae: How can you say that. Have you even tried to play Crash on the PS4? You can’t beat it.

Persi: No thanks, I’d rather play Life is Strange on my trusty computer. It’s so much better.

Rae: You lie!

Girls, girls, both platforms have their merits.

Persi and Rae: But…

No buts!

Persi and Rae: Fine

Persi: *Under breath* But PC is still better

*Throws hands up* I officially give up

A still unwashed Zen comes home from work with her 3rd promotion.

Devan: When I was a werewolf I once caught a fish thiiiiiiiiissssss big.

Rio: Wow, so impressive. Can I go now?

Dev: But bonding…

Rio: Another time old man

Dev: *Sad face* Why does no-one want to spend time with me?

OMG, it’s a freaking miracle! Zen’s finally having a wash. For a while I didn’t think this would ever happen.

Zen: My boss told me I can’t come back into work until I have a bath so I’ve no choice.

Thank you Zen’s boss for finally talking some sense into her.

Well that’s…interesting.

Persi: Don’t. Just don’t. Dad made me paint it for him. Said it reminded him of his homeworld or something.

Dev: You really shouldn’t eat cake for breakfast young one.

Persi: You’re really one to talk, you’re doing the exact same thing.

Dev: But…my medical opinion.

Persi: Yeah, sorry, don’t take lifestyle advice from hypocrites.

Roux: *Plays Oracion*

I really can’t remember but I’m starting to think Roux might be a virtuoso. He flits between all the instruments constantly.

Missy: I made breakfast

Missy: I’m starving but even I wouldn’t eat this trash.

Aha, I was right!

Missy: You heard nothing

Oh well, at least Missy won’t have to go hungry for too long since there will be an over abundance of cake in a few minutes.

Rosa: Can you hurry up, I want some cake!

Quinn: Cool it Rosa or you won’t get any.

Persi: Just give me a few minutes. I have to decide whether I want to be pretty or not.

Rosa: You’re already pretty…now move and give me cake!

Well Rosa was right about Persi being pretty. Unfortunately she seems to be a complete face clone of Marissa.

Quinn on the other hand is a nice, unique, mix of both of her parents.

No joke but Demir’s career is going so slowly. I don’t know if that’s just how the fortune teller career goes or not because I’ve never played it before but it is taking forever. This is only his 2nd promotion whilst Niska and Zen are on their 3rd and 4th.

No, no, no, no! Go away creepy mascot man!

CMM: I just came to recruit more lost souls kids for college

Not from this house you won’t.

Wow, harsh Marissa. Why do you keep wishing to send all your kids to boarding school.

Missy: Simple, I don’t want to have to deal with them, duh.

Persi: Love you too mum

Now that the older girls only need brain power instead of sleep they spend their nights skilling. Persi has also started painting some of the nicest paintings I’ve ever seen in my game.

I think that will be it for this trainwreck of a chapter. It sucked but I hoped you enjoyed it nonetheless. Until next time I’ll leave you with the townie updates.

Townie Updates:

That’s one relationship I didn’t see coming.

No, not you two. I wanted you to make cute babies together. Why can’t any of my townie couples stay together?

Ah, I see now why Ernest and Mooncake broke up, it’s because he wanted to be with Livy.

Please stay together and make cute babies for future spouse options.

Oh, I’ll need to watch out for this kid when she gets older to see if she could be a spousal prospect (when I say it like that it just sounds creepy but you know what I mean).


Self wetting (11) -55
For each sim failing school (1) -5
For every game induced visit from a police officer, firefighter or babysitter (when you don’t call them but the game makes them come)  (1) -5
Passing Out (36) -180
Accidental Deaths (1) -10
Social Worker Visit

Every Birth (18) +90
Every Twin Birth (4) +40
Every Triplet Birth
Fulfilling LTW (8) +320
For each Sim that gets on the honor roll (11) +55
Randomizing every LTW choice and trait for a whole generation of children (3) +30
Not using spares Happiness points for a generation (4) +40
Every 100,000 dollars (2) +40

Every sim to master a skill (14) +70

Every sim to max their career (5) +50

Painting of Torch holder somewhere in the house (0)

Total points: 465 (No change this time)

Chapter 5.10 – Why Are You All So Boring?

Hey guys, I don’t really have an intro this time since the last chapter was posted yesterday but I’m going away for a week tomorrow and in that time I’m getting a new tattoo on my hand so I probably won’t be able to post for a week or 2. Since I also had like 5 chapters worth of pictures ready to post I figured now would be as good a time as any to get this one out.

We start of with Quinn finally discovering her baby sister.

Quinn: If I close my eyes I can just pretend I’m an only child again.

Sabine: I wuv you sissy *giggles*

Quinn: Awesome, I have my very own minion now.

Why does this family love that deck chair so much? Someone is constantly out there.

Persi: It give me the quiet solitude that I so desperately crave.

Okay, carry on then you little weirdo

Quinn: Aunt Marissa can you teach me how to fix the computer like you?

Missy: Bug off kid, I’ve got better stuff to do.

Persi: Can I borrow some of your comics auntie Zen?


Persi: I take that as a no then?

Zen: No one must have the precious

On a side note I’m seriously starting to think the older girls prefer their aunts to their actual parents. They are always hanging around the opposite parents.

Quinn: Can you help me with this supernatural quiz

Missy: Only if you shut your sister up

Quinn: For good?

Missy: Maybe


Missy: I mean definitely not

That’s better

Missy: *whispers* We’ll talk later kid


Whilst her mum is busy filling her Quinn’s head with nonsense Persi has discovered that she can swim in the pool she often sits beside.

As you can see from the change in lighting she stayed in the pool all day.

Persi: And I’m never coming out ever again

You do that

Quinn: So if I move this one here then I can do a clean sweep and win this hands down?

Win what?

Quinn: This so called legacy. Aunt Missy’s been teaching me how to be a winner.

That’s nice but I wouldn’t listen to her if I was you.

Quinn: Why? She won didn’t she?

…You’ve got me there kid

Missy: I’m the greatest | the greatest| there’s no one better than me

Conceited much

Get out of the pool and go get something to eat or something.

Persi: Nope. Told you I wasn’t ever leaving this pool.

Leave right now or I’m demolishing the whole pool with you in it.

Persi *exaggerated sigh* Fine

Oh look Ori’s gotten herself someone new.

Hopefully this one works out and she can give Devan the last 2 grandkids that he so desperately wants.

Why are you painting on Niska’s easel without finishing your other painting?

Persi: You said I was to leave the pool but you didn’t say what I could do afterwards

Why you little…

Well this a new development. I didn’t think Marissa had it in her to be nice to kids.

Missy: What can I say, I’ve should be focusing on helping my own child win heirship not my sisters.

It’s way to early for talk of heirship

Missy: It’s never too early to raise a winner.

At least the girls are blissfully unaware of the rivalry Marissa is trying to create between then, for now at least.

It’s the moment I’ve been dreading since the youngest kids were born; their child birthdays. The only people not at work are Missy and Devan so the birthdays go 1by1 which is so slow and tedious.

Rosa being the eldest ages up first, naturally.

Straight after aging up Rosa went for a nap so I wasn’t able to get a better picture of her.

Rosa is up next being the second eldest of the quads.

She is so cute. She also seems to be the only one out of all Missy’s kids to take after Demir even slightly.

Roux is next (can’t you just tell how eager I am for all these birthdays to be over with?)

He is pretty cute looking too but I’m pretty sure he is just a male version of Marissa (I may have stared at Missy’s face for far to long to figure that one out).

Missy: Can you put that child down now so I can take her to her cake and get this nightmare over with

Devan: What, this child?

Missy: Yes dad, the child you currently have in your arms. Put her down, now.

Rae: Oops, too late

Missy: Damn it dad!

Yep, the birthdays went on for so long that half the kids ended up missing their cake.

Hi mini-Marissa I mean Rae.

*Cries in a corner* Where has all my genetic diversity gone this generation?

Shiloh was the next to age up. He was another of the kids to not get a cake because the time ran out.

Shiloh: Watch me sparkle

I love you Shiloh Red heart

Ah, there’s the return of my genetic diversity.

I haven’t showed you guys Zen’s human dad but damn, does Shiloh look like his double (colouring aside).

And finally, the youngest out of all the kids, Sabine has her birthday moments before midnight.

Ok, maybe I was mistaken when I said Shiloh was my favourite this generation.

Shiloh: I heard that

Sorry baby, I still love you but…just look at Sabine. She is so cute!

Nice way to start out Missy. All her kids hadn’t even finished aging up when she rolled this. She also wished to send away Roux and Rae but didn’t roll the same wish for Rosa. I guess we know her favourite now.

The first thing Rae does though is take up the logic skill. Cool.

She might be a Marissa clone but at least she’s matching the character I had in my head for her.

Missy: Why did you have to be such a disappointment?

Persi: But mum…

Missy: You could’ve continued this line of greatness but instead one of Niska’s brats are gonna take over

Persi: Well maybe if I had a decent mother I wouldn’t be such a disappointment.

Missy: *Gasps* You don’t mean that

Persi: Oh, don’t I?

Ok, stop it you guys. You both want to be best friends with each other and this is not the way to go about it.

Missy: For once the Watcher is actually right about something. You are my eldest daughter and we should be close so that we can both rule side by side when you come of age.

Persi: Your apology sounds super fake but I like the sentiment.

Not exactly what I meant but apparently this ‘apology’ got them to best friends so whatever.

Rosa: She floated towards you, intent on her pale face…

Zen and Quinn: *Nervous gasps*

Rosa: She look you up and down, eyes flickering all over you. Finally she said…

Quinn: What did she say? You can’t leave us hanging like this!

Rosa: She said ‘YOU ARE NOT THE ONE’ before floating away into the elevator and disappearing completely.

If anyone knows where that story is from I will love you forever.

Hey look, Oriana actually managed to stick with a guy long enough to produce a kid. Good for her (finally).

3 out of the 6 new kids find their new colour-coded beds. The other 3 sleep in the treehouse.

Missy: I’m free| I don’t have to care for snot-nosed brats anymore| I’m free

I suppose that’s one way to celebrate the house finally being a toddler free zone.

Rae: You’re my bestest friend in the world Quinn

Quinn: Yeah, yeah, you’re my friend too

I had no idea how Quinn and Rae are friends but they actually are best friends.

Quinn: It’s something Aunt Missy taught me ‘Keep your friends close but keep your enemies closer’

*Headdesk* She’s your little cousin, not your enemy

Zen: Do you think you can keep up father Devan?

Dev: I’ll show you how it’s done young whippersnapper, I was taught by the master after all.

Demir: You, being the closest to me genetically, will travel with me back to my homeworld when our people come back for me?

Rio: They’re not coming back for you daddy

Demir: They will. You’ll see. Then you can be my heir.

Rio: Whatever you say daddy *whispers* he’s officially gone crazy.

Rio: Did you hear that daddy wants to take you back to his homeworld Rosa?

Rosa: Oh really? I always wanted to be daddy’s favourite. Do you think I will need my parasol on the homeworld?

Rio: Nah, you’ll be fine.

Sabine: That is so cruel Rio, how can you lie to her like that?

Rio: She’ll get over it…eventually.

Niska: Can you swim little doggy? See, like this.

Tiff: I will only swim in a beautiful lake with serene surroundings.

Niska: Such high demands for such a teensy dog.

Rio: Can you move, I’m about to kick this guys ass!

Sabine: Why is there never anything good on this stupid TV?

That’s a question I’ve been asking myself for years now.

At least she’s finishing her painting instead of starting another (not that she had a choice with both easels being full of her unfinished paintings Rolling on the floor laughing )

See what I mean about all these kids being obsessed with these deckchair lounger things.

At the moment these things are worse than the rocking chair in the nursery.

Oh my actual god! She actually did it! She tied herself down with her baby daddy. I never thought I’d see the day. Now we just need Linden to get married and then all the kids this Gen have settled down with someone.

Have the kids driven you to drink already Dem?

Demir: No, I communicated with my people and they have told me they are not coming back for me. I am to live out the rest of my days down here with these puny humans. That is enough to drive anyone to this alcoholic substance.

Well with that I think I’m going to end it it here. I’ll leave you guys with the townie updates and I’ll see you in the next chapter (whenever that is).

Townie Updates:

Well that’s a pairing I never thought I’d see.

Yay, this is their second baby, I’m sure.

Ah Cara is who they were expecting last chapter. Right, so she’s the second baby for these two.

I guess Custard wasn’t that into Amber because he moved straight on to Jenn almost as soon as he and Amber broke up.

This is either going to be the cutest or weirdest looking sim ever. Either way I’m excited to find out.

This one I know for sure will be adorable.

As will this one.


Self wetting (11) -55
For each sim failing school (1) -5
For every game induced visit from a police officer, firefighter or babysitter (when you don’t call them but the game makes them come)  (1) -5
Passing Out (35) -175
Accidental Deaths (1) -10
Social Worker Visit

Every Birth (18) +90
Every Twin Birth (4) +40
Every Triplet Birth
Fulfilling LTW (8) +320
For each Sim that gets on the honor roll (11) +55
Randomizing every LTW choice and trait for a whole generation of children (3) +30
Not using spares Happiness points for a generation (4) +40
Every 100,000 dollars (2) +40

Every sim to master a skill (13) +65

Every sim to max their career (5) +50

Painting of Torch holder somewhere in the house (0)

Total points: 465 (No change this time)