Chapter 8.8 – Attack of the Clones

It’s here: the last day of September which means this is the last chapter of generation 9.

I’m so happy I was able to get this generation finished in a month because I can’t wait to start playing the next generation!

It’s Rune’s birthday very shortly and I’m both excited and sad that she’s growing up.

Part of me wants her to stay like this forever but another part can’t wait to see what she looks like when she grows up.

I’m ashamed to admit it but after playing this game for nearly 9 years I’ve just now figured out how to get my Sims to paint decent portraits of other Sims.

To commemorate this I had Yuki use puppy Rune as a test subject before she ages up.

I’m not ready

Holy crap, she’s amazing!

Look at her

I have to say that already she is by far my favourite dog to ever be born in this legacy.

You might also have noticed that upon aging Rune gained an orange collar to match Arrow.

Whilst Rune is growing up Arrow is found talking to herself.

Yuki: Should I…should I talk to her about this?

Nah, she’s not doing any harm. Leave her be.

Yuki then offers to teach Soliera to drive since she’s the only one who doesn’t know yet.

Arrow and Zossie were quick in learning but Soliera blew both of them out the water.

Soliera maxes it before the house is even out of sight.

It’s spooky day again and Xhasca’s eldest son, Tristen, comes trick or treating.

He’s kind of cute but is mostly a Xhasca clone from what I can tell.

Arrow is back to playing the bass in her down time.

Aw, I love this so much

I could possibly be biased though since I love when pets sleep on your bed with you in real life.

I know I wanted a big dog as heir for generations now but Rune is massive, even compared to Delgado.

Her mum was pretty big too if I can remember rightly so maybe that’s why?

Maybe it’s because she’s a vampire but not even halfway through her teen stage Arrow maxes painting +5

Apart from this being a pretty picture its also proof that I really don’t pay enough attention to this game since I’ve never seen a dog drink from a pond before (that I can remember).

Soliera: Uh…uncle Zero why is this mangy mutt growling at me?

Zero: Get used to it, that dog doesn’t like anyone who isn’t Arrow

Soliera: *Grumbles* Stupid no good Arrow…thinks she’s so special

Rune: *Growls louder*

I take far to many pictures of Rune but I can’t help it because she’s so adorable!

Soliera: Yeah, you always take pictures of Cinderella and her mangy mutt

And your point is?

Soliera: Where’s my time in the spotlight?

Do something interesting and maybe you’ll be in more pictures ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Soliera: And then she had the audacity to call me boring…

Soliera: I knew you wouldn’t agree with her Stefan

Soliera: I know, I love you too

Soliera: No, it’s just me Zossie’s not around.

Soliera: Ok, bye

(Stefan is Soliera and Zossie’s RI from prom btw)

Since I now know how to have Sims paint portraits of others I had Yuki paint an heir picture of Arrow and Rune.

I’ll have to remember to get Arrow to paint Yuki and Zero when she takes over.

Yuki gets another promotion.

She is so close to maxing her career and completing her LTW now!

Wait…when did I put down one of these fixer-upper cars?

I really need to stop playing so far ahead ‘cause I’ve got the memory of a goldfish.

Arrow: Watcher get out of here, I don’t want you to have to see this

What the…?

Arrow: You’ll never take me alive Lefty

Lefty: We’ll see about that

Righty: You’ll never make it out alive

Arrow: *Gasp* Not you too Righty, I trusted you

It seems her new insane trait has hit our young heiress hard

Zossie has been spending most of her time dancing at the ballet bar so that’s why she’s not in many pictures.

All things considered, the twins are pretty boring.

Zero gets himself another promotion at work.

He’s lv 7 now.

I then decided Yuki and Zero have been YA’s long enough (around 30 days plus 2 weeks at Uni so it’s time for their birthday). I was in 2 minds whether to age them or not but I don’t want them to hang around forever so it’s happening.

Zero is given a beard for his new adult look but apart from that he is pretty much the same.

Unsurprisingly he ends up getting a MLC.

Zero: Did you really expect anything different?

No but I sure did hope

Yuki gets a new hairstyle and a new wardrobe to suit a more mature look since she’s now an Adult.

She also gets a MLC which I was more surprised about.

Arrow is always doing something. She never sticks to the one thing for more than a few hours.

Her latest thing is looking out across the beautiful snow-covered scenery from the back yard with the telescope.

Arrow and Rune are very close autonomously and, even now, it’s making me want to write a new story just for them.

Must. Resist. Temptation.

I’ve already got far to many projects that I’ve abandoned, I don’t need any more.

Aw, but look at them.

I love them both so much Red heart

Soliera is not very smart.

Instead of coming home and going to bed she naps outside on a bench in the snow.

Don’t ask me why Arrow is randomly throwing up because even at the time it happened I really didn’t know.

If you’re wondering why you haven’t seen Yuki recently it’s because she rolled a wish to paint something worth £2500 so she’s chained to the easel until she gets it.

Yuki: Don’t look, it’s not valuable enough

Best try again then

I feel bad that I haven’t really kept up with Xhasca and Xanthe’s kids so I’ve gone and taken pictures of all the kids. Xanthe’s kids are all with her husband Hau.

From L-R: Hala, Sydney, and twins Arnie and Eva.

All the kids (apart from Sydney) seem to take more after Xanthe.

All but Xhasca’s eldest son are with boyfriend Calem.

From L-R: Tristen, twins Randy and Christopher and youngest Lorrin.

Tristen is definitely a Xhasca clone but I’m not sure about the other kids yet.

Back with the main family and the twins both get on the honor roll +10

TBH I thought Silvally was already an elder so it was a surprise when he has his birthday.

He looks just the same.

Rune: You’re on my bed

Soliera: How do we get rid of her?

Zossie: Just ignore her and I’m sure she’ll get bored eventually

Zossie: See, told you

Rune: I won’t forget this

Yuki: Oh no, my beautiful face is all wrinkly now

Don’t talk nonsense; you’re still as beautiful as you always were.

This dog has captured my soul with how gorgeous she is.

I want a dog like this in real life tbh.

Yuki got her painting wish so now I’m just having her read random skill books.

Zero I’m pretty much leaving to his own devices.

Yuki: Like that’s not what you’ve been doing with him all this time

Shh you, no one needs to know that.

Every time Gladion pops out (which is extremely rare) Zero is all over him.

I’m still so sad that Gladion died.

Look at these two together you can definitely see some of Silvally’s markings in Rune’s coat.

As heiress Yuki is tasked with triggering all the booby traps that Arrow has set around the house.

Yuki: Did I ever say how much I hated this whole heirship thing?

Several times

Yuki: Well I’m gonna say it again; being heir sucks ass

Yuki: Not my hair, anything but that

I’m sure it will wash out…

Yuki: I don’t care if it washes out, no one touches my hair and gets away with it!

Technically you did this to yourself by triggering the trap

Yuki: That’s so not the point!

I catch Rune swimming in the pool for the first time.

The pool looks so small with her in it.

Zero gets a promotion and with the promotion he needs the writing skill so his freedom is gone now while he works on that.

Arrow touches the sculpting station for the first time despite having lv 6 in the skill from art club.

This whole vampire skill gain is insane.

Both my heirs are pretty much skilling full time now when they’re not at work.

All that skilling pays off as Yuki maxes cooking +5

Soliera: I’ll show the Watcher that Arrow isn’t the only one who can befriend a dog

Delgado: I don’t know what your game is but I’m not interested

Soliera: C’mon, I need to outdo that kiss-ass cousin of mine

Speaking of certain cousins; Arrow has gone back to painting, whilst Rune snoozes on the sofa nearby.

Since my heirs are constantly busy now the cleaning up on wet dog puddles falls to Soliera.

Soliera: Mum’s right, this really does suck. Arrow is welcome to be heir if this is what her life will be like.

What the actual hell!

The camera panned on Zero and I honestly thought he was dying.

It turns out he’s actually pregnant.

He and Gladion must’ve snuck in a Risky Woohoo the last time Gladion was out (since I have that on autonomous).

Rune: Just because he’s pregnant don’t even think about replacing my Arrow

I wouldn’t dream of it

Rune: Good because you wouldn’t like the result if you did

Geez, chill out would you

Just because Zero’s pregnant now doesn’t mean he gets to stop skilling.

Zero: This is slave labour

Shut up and keep writing!

Yuki gets an opportunity to learn martial arts for work so she’s set to work on that when she comes home.

Because of her vampire powers she gets to the orange belt (lv3 within a few hours).

The twins are good kids but they are so boring.

They do nothing interesting at all (especially Zossie).

Also, apparently Rune is an A+ photo-bomber

Zero: Can you stop taking pictures of me while I’m so fat?

You know your pregnant, right?

Zero: No I’m not, I’m just fat

Yeah, cause denial is definitely gonna make this go away :/

Rune: Don’t worry Arrow, I won’t ever let anyone replace you

Arrow: You’re my hero!

Zossie skips school and since Zero is the only adult still in the house he is the one to tell her off.

Zero: How dare you skip school and make me have to get up and yell at you

Zossie: No offence Uncle Zero but you really don’t have any right to tell me off

Zero: Well I’m the only adult in this house so I’m all you’ve got

Zossie: Sure, whatever. Can this be over now?

Zero: Um…is that how it’s meant to go?

Well that definitely paid off.

After getting scolded Zossie spends the day playing games on her laptop instead of going off to school like Zero wanted her to.

Yuki get her final promotion which maxes her career and completes her LTW +50

Zossie: Mama, why did you never get married?

Yuki: Marriage isn’t for everyone

Zossie: But don’t you think being alone all the time is kind of garbage?

Yuki: Not really, I like my own company…and I’m not really alone, I have you girls to keep me company.

Tracie (One of Draco and Lillie’s kids) comes home with Arrow but only stays for a few seconds before running off.

Aren’t you a little young to be drinking coffee?

Arrow: it’s hot chocolate actually

How can anyone look that pissed off when they are about to drink hot chocolate?

Arrow: Soli and Zossie went off to prom without me…again

Didn’t they just have prom?

Arrow: Apparently they have another

Zossie: Hurry up Soli, before Arrow realises we’re out here

Soliera: I’m coming as fast as I can in these heels!

Yuki has officially gotten far enough in the Martial Arts skill to meditate.

She’s definitely going to need that ability to keep calm very shortly

And by very shortly I mean literally a few minutes later as Zero goes into labour which, ironically, lands on one of the rare occasions Gladion is out.

Both Gladion and Zero autonomously decide to go to the hospital to have this baby.

Ok then.

Gladion: To the hospital, stat

Cabbie: I shouldn’t have had those drinks before my shift, now I’m seeing ghosts and pregnant men.

Zero: We don’t have time for your existential crisis right now. I’m going to have this baby in your car if you don’t hurry up!

Of course this wouldn’t be Arrow’s life without her new siblings birth landing on her own birthday.

That girl has literally been cursed with the worst luck since birth.

Zero: It’s good, everything is fine

Why don’t I believe that for a minute?

God freaking damn it!

Isn’t it bad enough to give me 1 unexpected kid let alone 2.

Yuki: I can’t believe my dumbass brother went and had more kids when he couldn’t even look after the one he already had!

Baby: *Baby babbles*

Yuki: I can’t deny that you are pretty adorable though

Zero gave birth to mixed gender twins named Kaskara and Dagger (can anyone guess the naming theme for Zero and Gladion’s kids yet?)

Both kids are ghosts and Kaskara is also a vampire.

Since the twins are pretty much ruled out for heir-ship at this point they were aged up immediately.

This is what the newest twins look like in human form.

So far they are pretty much identical except for their eye colours (Kaskara got Zero’s and Dagger got Wren’s).

Whilst her dad is busy adding to the family Arrow is out back obliviously hacking away at a block of ice with a chainsaw.

Zossie decides to be useful for once and teaches Dagger to walk autonomously.

Arrow’s birthday also falls upon us and I can’t hold it off any longer.

She get to the cake just in time before it triggers.

Arrow: I wish to be a better parent to my kids when I have them than my dad was to me

That really shouldn’t be that hard at all

Zero off screen: *Sad face*

Holy Smokes, she is beautiful.

I choose the Paranormal Profiteer LTW since I haven’t done that LTW in a long time and I think it suits her.

Arrow is the heir but I want the older twins out of the house before I start her generation so she’ll remain uncontrollable for the next 2 days until their birthday.

Arrow: Here you go little one

Kaskara: *Baby babbles*

Arrow: You just let me know if dad’s as crap with you as he was with me and I’ll go kick his ass for you, ok?

Kaskara: *Continues to baby babble obliviously*

Um…Arrow…Sweetie, I don’t think that’s how you’re meant to sculpt.

Arrow: I have no idea what you mean, this is how all sculptors connect with their work

This picture is completely beautiful.

I’m not even sure why I just love everything about it.

Zero maxes out the writing skill +5

Soliera teaches Kaskara to talk.

She then teaches Dagger. Go Soli!

Tbh she is the last sim I expected to help out with the twins so I’m pleasantly surprised.

Zossie also gets in on the action and teaches Kaskara to walk.

With the twins taking on the brunt of toddler skilling I only have to get Yuki/Zero to teach the tots to potty since that isn’t autonomous for some reason.

(This was all done within a day of the twins becoming toddler btw)

I still haven’t seen Zero near the twins yet but at least this time it’s a lot easier since the older twins are there to help Yuki out.

I’m not gonna lie, it’s pretty entertaining to watch Arrow gravitate from instrument to instrument on autonomy.

Zero manages to max one last skill before Arrow takes over as heir.

Yuki also manages to max her last skill (Martial Arts) before her time is up +10

No, no, not again!

Move Arrow, unless you want to end up like your dad!

Luckily Zero is a lot more useful this time and is able to put out the fire before anyone dies.

I was so stressed the whole time that this was playing out that I was going to lose my new heir before she could even take over.

After the whole fire debacle it’s time for Soliera and Zossie’s birthday.

Wow, Soliera is almost a clone of her mum. In fact, give me a minute, that gives me an idea.

Oh, also, Soliera rolled the Fashion Phenomenon LTW and Zossie rolled Martial Arts Master LTW.


Seeing Soliera as a YA made me curious how similar the girls looked to their parents.

Normally I’d see when I did the heir poll but since there isn’t an heir poll this time I’m having to do this here.

First up is Arrow.

Of course she is beautiful but seeing her side to side with both of her parents makes me realise that she’s a complete Zero clone with Gladion’s colouring and Wren’s skin which is a bit disappointing to say the least.

Next up is Soliera, the eldest of Yuki’s twins.

Just like her cousin Soliera is a complete clone of her Holly parent with Guzma’s hair and skin.

And finally, Zossie, the youngest of Yuki’s twins.

Zossie is pretty much identical facially to her twin apart from the different jawlines. Whereas Soliera has Yuki’s jawline Zossie has Guzma’s. Zossie also got Yuki’s skin and grandpa Nyx’s hair.

The spouses really didn’t contribute to this generation as much as I’d hoped but oh well, it’s done now.

And that’s it for generation 8. It’s been a fun ride, even if it took far too long for me to actually post any of it. I haven’t gotten around to playing any of Arrow’s generation yet so who knows what will happen next.

I do have one last question before I finish this up though; do you guys prefer the longer chapters from this generation or the shorter ones of the generations before? Let me know so I can sort out lengths for when I play Arrow’s generation.

Townie Update:

It was a slow couple of weeks for the town apparently, with the baby boom coming to an end and more distant Holly relations trying to get together. I really need to figure out how to stop this from happening.


Self wetting (18) -90
For each sim failing school (1) -5
For every game induced visit from a police officer, firefighter or babysitter (when you don’t call them but the game makes them come)  (2) -10
Passing Out (52) -260
Accidental Deaths (5) -50
Social Worker Visit (0)

Every Birth (25) +125
Every Twin Birth (8) +80
Every Triplet Birth (0)
Fulfilling LTW (15) +600
For each Sim that gets on the honor roll (24) +120
Randomizing every LTW choice and trait for a whole generation of children (8) +80
Not using spares Happiness points for a generation (8) +80
Every 100,000 dollars (6) +120

Every sim to master a skill (42) +210

Every sim to max their career (12) +120

Painting of Torch holder somewhere in the house (1)

Total points: 1,120 (Holy crap, I passed the 1,000 mark!)


One thought on “Chapter 8.8 – Attack of the Clones

  1. Aw, sucks that you got so many clones. But at least Arrow is the opposite gender to Zero, so she doesn’t LOOK so much like a clone? I still thinks she’s gorgeous, and very entertaining on free will. Looking forward to seeing who you choose as her spouse.

    As for the chapter lengths, it depends on which is easier for you – I’d prefer more frequent, shorter chapters than infrequent, long ones.


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