Chapter 1.8 – The End of an Era

Hello everyone and welcome back to Berries of Insanity. Last time we had the generation 2 heir poll which somehow got 18 votes (well technically 17 since one of those was my little sisters). I didn’t even know I had that many readers so thank you for taking the time to vote and I hope you guys are happy with who was voted heir, even if it wasn’t who you voted for.

Let’s start with Mr Stinky finally taking a shower.

He went nearly a whole day with a stink trail before he decided to take this shower.

At some point during the last chapter Alyssa broke the computer so Pep’s now tasked with fixing it.

Uh…Pep love, I’m not sure using a screwdriver is the right way to fix the problem

Pep: I don’t tell you how to play us so don’t tell me how to fix the computer

I think someone’s a little sour about me moving on to Generation 2

Damn it Ivan, why do you hate your kids so much?! Steaming mad

He rolled this as soon as Bay aged up.

Speaking of Bay, she is peacefully oblivious as to how much of a jackass her dad is.

Bay: Oh, I know, I’m just choosing to ignore him

Um…good luck with that then

Peppermint also managed to finally find someone who was as interested in the rain as she is.

Bay: How’s life?

Pep: It’s fantastic, soon I’ll be free and then I can spend all my time playing in the rain.

Bay: Oh, I love the rain

Of course it would be Pep’s mini me that shares her interests

Bay does eventually prove that she’s not entirely the same as Pep by finally figuring out that she can listen to tabcasts on her tablet.

I think she was listening to the writing one here.

Bay also shows me how awesome she can really be by skilling up in 2 things at once (writing by tabcast and logic by chess table).

This chapter is turning out very Bay-centric so lets see what else is happening

The resident ghost family is having another kid. I think they have already got 4 not including this one

but I also don’t know if I have ghost aging on or off so they might just keep having kids all through

the generations.

Yay! The twins are doing me proud and getting me points by being on the honor roll +10

Gerald Sung-Lau (Alyssa’s prom date/boyfriend) came home from school with Alyssa .

He’s kind of cute although not quite as cute as his dad Young Jae Sung.

Regardless if he’s cute or not instead of spending time with his girlfriend like I thought he would’ve

Gerald decided that doing his homework on the front lawn was much more important.

Bad Gerald!

Gerald being around did give Bay some ideas though and she immediately heartfarted these two.

The ghost is Cal Salas, one of Tatiana and Jay’s many kids, and the human is Aden Ziggfield.

I’m not sure which one I prefer for her honestly so I think I’ll let her decide.

Ayden: Don’t look so glum little sis. I’m sure story progression will hook you up with someone once I’m heir Angry smile

What makes you so sure you’re heir?

Ayden: Look at me. People would be stupid not to vote for me.

Someone’s ego needs to be taken down a peg or 2 I’d say

After that exhilarating pep talk from her brother Bay then heads inside to do her favourite pastime.

Seriously though, she is on this time almost all the time ‘trolling teh forums’. It’s getting ridiculous.

Pep: Listen Mr I’m perfectly content with my marriage, I don’t need a date with someone else.

You get ‘em told sweetie.

She gets these calls quite often. I’m surprised she’s still being patient enough to say no nicely.

Since I didn’t show the twins prom pictures last time here they are. Just as I thought Frieda didn’t show up which is a real shame. I’m still not sure if she’s the right one for Ayden or not but I do like the idea of him being with a ghost so we shall see.

Oh, you’re still here Gerald? He must’ve come inside at some point without me realizing.

He is also the first person to touch the piano I put in a while ago.

Peppermint caught Ayden trying to set a booby trap. Suffice to say she was not happy in the slightest.

Pep: What have I told you about doing crap like that around my house?

Ayden: That I’ve to keep it for people I don’t like?

Pep: Damn straight

Wow, harsh dude! All she did was give you a row.

Pep takes her frustrations out on innocent bystander Gerald.

He doesn’t look too happy but he stands and takes it anyway. He fled this mad house soon after.

Hey look, I got my first ever, in the entire history of me playing Sims 3, gnome. It’s seriously creepy.

His name is Stan and I’m sure he’ll be around to creep me out.

Ayden: What’s 19 x 5?

Bay: Um…82

Ayden you’re meant to be the smart one, don’t make your little sister give you the (wrong) answers.

What’s it with everyone being mean in the house today? Poor Pep looks seriously fed up.

Pep is back at work she only saves this one guy on land while a random stray dog watches before she heads home again. She’s never gonna complete her LTW before the new heir takes over *sigh*

Back at home I finally catch Pep doing this. She’s done animal imitations before but I’ve never been fast enough to get a picture.

Pep: Miao?

Pep: Okay son, this is how you give mouth to mouth. It could save someone’s life someday.

Uh…Pep if I was you I’d be more worried about the fact that your flooring has partially eaten your son.

Pep: He’s fine. Okay, back to the lesson.

This was completely autonomous. I didn’t even know that was an interaction until it happened. I need to play with the different EP stuff more often.

Hiya Rylee, what’cha doing out here?

Rylee: Miao

If you guys can’t remember this is Rylee Cho and she was the cat Alyssa played with the one and only time she got invited over to someone’s house after school.

Pep immediately ran outside to make friends with the little cat.

The animal lover trait is strong in this one.

Pep played with Rylee for a couple hours before going back inside. I watched Rylee though and noticed that she had fleas. She also wouldn’t budge of the front lawn so I may have taken pity on her and ‘adopted’ her (a.k.a I stole her from the Cho’s). I think she’ll be happier with the Holly’s, even if they are a little crazy.

See, she’s already much cleaner and happier.

(I used Cat’s spare LTH points for this contraption).

D’aww look who found her new cat condo

So cute Red heart

Oh, so now you realize how to properly use your bunk ladder

Ayden: I’ve always known, I just did it to mess with you, duh


I wonder who could be saying such horrid things Sarcastic smile

(My money’s on Ayden)

Ivan finally realized he was being a massive ass so he’s making it up to his wife.

Damn right he’s going. Frieda didn’t bother showing up to prom so I need to scout my options for Ayden.

Ada is naturally very pretty (although I may have tweaked her eyes slightly).

Ada and Ayden enjoyed a nice pleasant chat before she had to run off to work.

I’m a little disappointed that no flirting went on between them but there was nothing I could do.

Meanwhile back at home Ivan has fallen prey to Alyssa’s shower prank. I’m honestly surprised it was him but I still had a good laugh about it.

Nice hair *snicker*

Ivan: What the? Why is my hair pink?

Technically you’re hair is always pink

Ivan: Not the point

Don’t worry, it’ll wash out (probably) Shifty

Ivan: *panics*

Spoiler: It washed out

It’s about time you two met. I can’t believe that Cat is actually smaller than the cat (that is gonna get so confusing).

They sniffed each other inside before running outside to properly introduce themselves.

Cat: I’m Cat

Rylee: You’re not a cat

Cat: Am so

Rylee: I iz confused

Welcome to the nut house sweetie

A nice cuddle from mama Pep makes Rylee feel much better.

Pep really does love her new kitty to pieces.

Yay, someone found the violin! I’ve never used it before so it was nice to watch. It sounded awful though.

Someone’s started taking a liking to the newest family member. He really does take after Pep in regards to the animals. He’s a big softie around them.

I love this interaction (mainly ‘cause my oldest cat does this IRL).

Just because she has a new pet doesn’t mean Pep spends any less time with Cat.

Pep: Who’s mama’s number one girl? Cat is, yes she is *baby talk*

Uh oh, Ivan’s on the warpath again.

Ivan: How dare you skip school? Wait until your mother hears about this!

Ayden: Cool it dad, mum already knows.

I highly doubt that Ayden but good luck trying to get that one to fly.

See, I told you she wouldn’t be okay with you skipping.

Pep: This’ll teach you to skip school and get caught

Ayden: Is this really necessary?

Did anyone ever tell you that you have a very unusual way of punishing people Peppermint?

Ayden rolled this whilst Pep forced him to work out. I’d been expecting it so I locked it in.

And with Ivan’s latest promotion he has reached his LTW. +40

He still has one level to go to top his career though. He’s done really well on his own.

Dang it, I can’t believe I forgot Rylee’s birthday. Even as an elder Rylee is still adorable, albeit a little more grey.

What do you have against Rylee Bay? Stupid inappropriate trait *grumble*

Ayden: Raaaah, you suck and you’ll never be any good

Ivan: Nooo *clutches chest in panic*

Ayden: That’s what he gets for shouting at me earlier

I’m gonna miss Ayden’s antics if he isn’t heir.

After scaring the crap out of his dad Ayden then goes and start a pillow fight with Pep.

On a side note: I feel like the only person who hasn’t had any face time this chapter is Alyssa.

It’s official, you suck Ivan. –5

Pep is back at work again and she managed to save 3 people out of the water (she couldn’t save the blonde because the old guy with green shorts needed CPR after he got out of the water). This brings her LTW to 12/50. There is no way in hell she’ll make it to 50 now. I may try this LTW again in the future with a male heir though (since they don’t need maternity leave).

She did manage to run into her old friend Tatiana Salas after her shift finished. I left them chatting for a little while I checked on the other Sims around the beach and I came back to this. Are they kissing or is she just demonstrating the mouth to mouth thing she did with Ayden?

Okay, that definitely wasn’t what she showed Ayden. WTF is going on here?




Pep: What are you screaming about now?

You just kissed someone who is not your husband, someone who is also a girl and your friend. What happened to being happily married?

Pep: This is just for fun, Ivan doesn’t need to know


Pep: He doesn’t need to know

O_o  I guess it turns out she’s bisexual too.

On a less weird note Cat maxed her hunting skill. I don’t think it counts towards my point because her fails don’t either.

Ayden: Happy birthday sis

Alyssa: Really, already?

Ayden: Yup, how exciting is it to finally be allowed out of here?

Alyssa: I can’t wait

Wow guys, try not to act too excited about maybe moving out. I’ll miss you Red heart

For the first time in forever I actually decided to throw a birthday party. I figured the twins deserved it.

Frieda Salas, who is newly aged up into a YA, was the first person to arrive.

Followed swiftly by, also newly aged up, Ada Winchester. I still can’t decided who I like better out of the two of them although it does look like Ada’s tweaking didn’t stick (her eyes also changed from white-ish grey to dark blue for some reason).

Ada gets on my good side by making friends with Peppermint whilst I’m busy setting up the party.

My babies are all growing up *sniffle* I’m not ready

Pep: Hey, that’s my line *pouts in the background*

Alyssa goes first.

Because I had both of the twins skip school to have the birthday party they didn’t get to roll traits but Loves the Outdoors is an okay trait.

This is Alyssa pre-makeover. I guess I forgot to get an after picture. Next time I’m in game I promise I will.

I can say this right now that with only 11% of the votes Alyssa is not the Generation 2 heir.

Alyssa: Thank god, now when can I get out of this nut house?!

You can leave soon enough but first you should wait for your brother to finish his birthday.

Naturally Ayden goes next. He doesn’t look so enthused about it.

Ayden gets the Great Kisser trait which isn’t that bad either.

Rolling on the floor laughingRolling on the floor laughingNyah-Nyah

What is with you and that hair? You aged into a teenager with it too.

Ayden: Fix it fix it fix it

Alright, give me a minute *muffled laughter*

*wolfwistles* Looking good handsome Flirt male

Ladies an gentlemen with a whopping 61% of the vote let me introduce you to our newest heir.

Ayden: Damn it, that means I can’t leave

Sorry buttercup but it looks like you’re stuck with me for life *evil laugh*

Join us next time to see how Ayden’s reign will begin.


Self wetting (2) -10
For each sim failing school (1) -5
For every game induced visit from a police officer, firefighter or babysitter (when you don’t call them but the game makes them come)
Passing Out (1) -5
Accidental Deaths
Social Worker Visit

Every Birth (1) +5
Every Twin Birth (1) +10
Every Triplet Birth
Fulfilling LTW (1) +40
For each Sim that gets on the honor roll (3) +15
Randomizing every LTW choice and trait for a whole generation of children
Not using spares Happiness points for a generation
Every 100,000 dollars

Every sim to master a skill (2) +10

Every sim to max their career (1) +10

Painting of Torch holder somewhere in the house

Total points: 70


4 thoughts on “Chapter 1.8 – The End of an Era

  1. Such gorgeous kids, especially Ayden. Love that pouty mouth and the purple eyes! So glad he got heir… looking forward to seeing who you choose. Ada is indeed gorgeous, but she has red hair too, and we’ve had a lot of that already. But then the ghostie left him alone at prom, so…

    As annoying as the laughing is, I do like Bay’s inappropriate trait, it makes her do fun things. And also productive things, tabcast and logic, well done!


    • I was really glad Ayden got chosen as heir, I really don’t know what I would’ve done if one of the girls had been chosen. As for Ada I actually agree with you about the red hair (I’ll be glad when it’s gone lol).
      I actually like inappropriate sims, it’s just the birthday laughing that sort of bugs me. Bay’s actually the first sim I’ve ever had listen to a tabcast and skill on something else too so she’s pretty awesome 🙂


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