Welcome to the first post of the new year! I hope you guys had a good one.

I’m determined to finish this legacy this year since I have an idea for another legacy for the Holly’s afterwards. Anyway, we need to finish up this legacy first before anything so let’s get on with it.

What’s up with you?

Wren: Nyx is cheating on me

Where do you get that idea from?

Xanthe: Definitely wasn’t me *shifty eyes*

I mean, it’s not as if Xanthe was completely wrong…

Blake Greyson: Hey big boy, do you wanna have a good time?

Nyx: I’d rather not

Blake: Fine, your loss

Wren: You’re lucky it’s your birthday or you’d be paying for your comments about Nyx

Xanthe: Love you too mum

Xanthe: Uh…is it to late to change my mind about this aging thing?

Yep, far too late

Xanthe: But I don’t want to be a grownup

Xhasca: Get over yourself Xanthe, it’ll be fun…and we can finally move out.

Shiloh *stops mid blow* You’re doing what now?!

Both girls grew up really pretty as I’d expected but I don’t think I’ll miss them all that much since I never grew attached to them the way I did with the younger 3.

Xanthe rolled the Master Romancer LTW and with only 2 votes she is not the new heir.

Xhasca rolled the Hit Movie Composer LTW and with only 1 vote she is not the new heir either.

Wren: Finally! The unworthy ones will be gone and only my true children will remain.

Is it really any wonder Xhasca can’t wait to be gone with an attitude like that?

Wren: I’m only saying what is true.


Xhasca: Yeah, Realtor guy, I need a new house asap.

Xhasca: I don’t care what it looks like. Just get me out of here. Now!

And with that the twins move out.

You’re welcome to come around any time you want.

Xanthe: Yeah…not gonna happen.

Shiloh: I can’t believe the only people who cared about me have moved out!

Wren cares about you…

Shiloh: It’s not the same, she has the vampire, she doesn’t need me.

The dogs still need you.

Shiloh: *Cries more*

Nyx doesn’t come home all night and ends up passing out from sun exposure -5.

He does finally comes home once he wakes up.

What the…why are you all burnt?

Zero: That’s my business


NO, NO, NO, NO, NO, NO! I refuse to believe this!

Why can’t he live happily in any universe?! 😦 -10

Shiloh: Now who’s the loser?

Zero: Really grandpa, my dad is dying and you’re gloating?

Shiloh: Damn straight, I hated the leech!

Nyx: You’ll pay for your words in the afterlife, Old Man.

Nyx: Don’t make me leave my children. They need me.

Grim: I am truly sorry but I’m only doing my job.

Nyx: Can’t you just bend the rules this once?

Grim: Unfortunately not

Grim: Anyway, you wouldn’t want to disappoint the young lady waiting for you, would you?

Nyx: Young lady?

Grim: She said her name was Niva…

Nyx: Take me to her now!

And with that my baby boy passes on. I swear this almost hurt worse than when he died in his original story.

Yuki is by far the worst hit by Nyx’s death.

Yuki: He can’t be dead grandpa! Not my daddy!

Shiloh: To be fair, he is better off dead

Yuki: How dare you?! It should’ve been you who died, not him!

Shiloh: I’m just telling the truth

Yuki: Screw you, Old man! Now I understand why my dad hated you.

I’ve got to admit I may have had a mini panic attack when Zuko started eating the Jelly Beans since the last Holly to touch this plant (Grace) died.

Oh for Pete’s sake… Just when I say don’t die Zuko’s jelly bean sets him on fire.

Whilst her youngest son is on fire Wren is getting a promotion at work.

Luckily Yuki’s around to put out her little brother before we lose another family member.

It came right down to the last few minutes on the moodlet. I honestly thought he would die.

Zuko: Why couldn’t she have saved me before I got all burnt?

Yuki(Off screen): You’re just lucky I saved you at all, you ungrateful brat!

*Sigh*  Even after nearly dying that still doesn’t stop Zuko from eating from the jelly bean bush.

This boy is just asking to die, isn’t he?

Yep, he gets electrocuted after a few beans.

At this point I’m destined to lose all my Holly’s, aren’t I?

Shiloh is still taking care of the dogs since no one else does.

Red: Lower…lower….Ah, just the right spot. Thank you Minion

Shiloh: I hate my life!

Speaking of Minions; Zuko briefly turns into one after eating yet more jelly beans.

I haven’t seen a sim this obsessed with the jelly bean bush since Balboa Langurd.

Zuko did take a brief reprieve from bean eating to work out.

Zuko: Can’t have all those beans going to my hips now, can we?

I…suppose not I don't know smile

I looks like Zuko isn’t the only one who’s taken to working out.

Zero: Can’t have my usurping little brother looking better than me.

Yuki: …and then I went to grandpa but he said dad was better off dead

Zero: What did you expect? They hated each other

Yuki: I know…I just…I just wanted some compassion, that’s all.

Zero: Don’t cry Yuki, dad wouldn’t want you to be upset.

Yuki: You’re right, daddy would want me to be happy. I just miss him so much!

Zero: I know, I do too

Zero: *Broods for hours on what happens in the afterlife*

Wren: Dad Nyx hasn’t been home in a few days. Have you seen him?

Shiloh: I don’t know how to tell you this darling…

Yuki: Oh, now you act compassionate *rolls eyes*

Shiloh:…He’s dead.

Yuki: And you couldn’t be happier about it

Wren: He’s lying. Nyx will be home any minute now, I know it.

Hamilton (Tyene’s son): Trick or treat!

Yuki: Isn’t it a little early for Halloween?

Hamilton: It’s never too early for Halloween

Yuki: Fair enough *gives out  eons old candy*

At the same time I get a pop-up that Minerva (Visenya’s eldest) is now a YA.

She is very pretty although she does tend to favour Visenya quite a bit.

She is given a quick make-over and saved so that she can be uploaded when the rest of her sibling as YA’s.

Shiloh: Do you know how famous I was? I demand respect!

Shiloh: What do you mean I am a ‘washed up has-been’? I will not tolerate this!

To take her mind of Nyx death I’m making Wren play the guitar since she’s almost maxed it.

Also, I hate it when a spouse dies and all the other does is cry. It makes me sad so this way I won’t have to see that.

Some good news in this otherwise dreary chapter; Zero gets himself a spot on the honor roll +5

Zuko: Hey dog, can you help me with my homework?

Voodoo: Sorry, I don’t speak moron

Zuko: Yuki can you help me with my homework?

Yuki: Sure, I ca…

Zero: Say yes and I will disown you as my sister

Yuki: Sorry little bro, you’ll have to figure this one out on your own

Zuko: Why won’t anyone help me?!

Yuki: What’s the deal with you and Zuko?

Zero: He tried to usurp my place as dad’s favourite boy

Yuki: Dad’s not here anymore

Zero: That may be true but the hatred still remains

Zero: *Imagines basketball hoop as Zuko’s face* This is for trying to take my dads love

It was his dad too

Zero: Shut up and let me be mad!

See, I told you that Wren was super close to maxing the guitar skill +5

Shiloh: Xhasca! I’m so glad you called me, I’ve been so lonely since you and Xanthe left.

Xhasca: Uh…sorry grandpa, I dialled the wrong number

Shiloh: *Sad face* Why doesn’t anyone want to talk to me anymore?

Moving on from the sadness that is Shiloh’s life to something much brighter; it’s time for Yuki’s birthday!

Wren: *Sniff* My baby girl is all grown up

Shiloh: Woo, go Yuki!! *to self* Maybe if I cheer load enough she’ll like me again

Yuki: You’re still not forgiven, Shiloh

Shiloh: Drats!

Just when I thought Yuki couldn’t get any more gorgeous, she goes and proves me completely wrong.

She rolled the International Super Spy LTW which is a little disappointing but whatever.

Her outfits as a teen were kind of monochromatic so I tried to add some colour to her new wardrobe.

The family has their first ever family meal together to celebrate Yuki’s birthday.

Suffice to say, it didn’t last long.

Yuki: I am not sitting beside this insensitive jerk!

Wren: What’s he done this time?

Yuki: He…

Zero: Nothing mum. It’s nothing important, Yuki’s just overreacting as usual.

Yuki: Don’t make me start hating you too Zero!

I think I’m going to leave them to their family squabbles. See you guys next time.




















Haha, did you guys really think I would leave you without the results of the heir poll?

As you can see Dual Heirship won by more than half the votes so next chapter will be the beginning of Yuki and Zero’s reign.

Townie Updates:

Xanthe didn’t take long in getting herself a job after moving out.

Some of the Holly cousins got themselves into relationships.

As did Xhasca which I highly disapprove of since her new BF is Tyene’s son making them related. Ew, gross.

This is even more gross!

At least they finally came to their senses, even if they do have a kid on the way.


Self wetting (17) -85
For each sim failing school (1) -5
For every game induced visit from a police officer, firefighter or babysitter (when you don’t call them but the game makes them come)  (1) -5
Passing Out (45) -225
Accidental Deaths (3) -30
Social Worker Visit (0)

Every Birth (24) +120
Every Twin Birth (6) +60
Every Triplet Birth (0)
Fulfilling LTW (12) +480
For each Sim that gets on the honor roll (19) +95
Randomizing every LTW choice and trait for a whole generation of children (6) +60
Not using spares Happiness points for a generation (6) +50
Every 100,000 dollars (6) +120

Every sim to master a skill (30) +150

Every sim to max their career (10) +100

Painting of Torch holder somewhere in the house (0)

Total points: 880


2 thoughts on “Chapter 7.11 – NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!

  1. Yay, double heirs! Yuki is so freaking gorgeous, cannot wait to see how she breeds (that would sound *so* weird if it was anything but sims…)

    OMG, Nyx, you stupid stupid vampire. I have seen other vampires in ISBIs die of thirst – pretty sure it’s EA’s stupid coding that makes them autonomously eat food that does nothing for their thirst.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Add that to the list of things that would sound weird if it wasn’t Sims haha
      It wasn’t even that he was eating human food though, he’d been pretty good at drinking the plasma packs. It was actually the sun that killed him, or rather the sun depleting his needs super quickly.
      *Spoiler* I almost lost Zero in exactly the same way since my daywalkers mod no longer works.

      Liked by 1 person

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