Chapter 1.7 – Prom

Hello everyone and welcome to another chapter of Berries of Insanity. I was serious last chapter when I said I wanted to get onto Gen 2 before December so I’m trying to play as much as I can. Actually the heir poll will be posted right after this chapter so if you haven’t quite decided who you want to be heir then that should be a little help. Oh, side note, this is a long chapter (around 100 pictures).

Let’s begin with a promotion shall we. Pep is now at level 9

Also, I am the only one seeing the misspelled ‘literal’ in the pop-up. Smh EAxis Disappointed smile

Alyssa, I expected more from you

Alyssa: It wasn’t me, it was Bay

Yeah, sure it was *eyeroll*

Speaking of Bay, I found her at the block table, breaking her neck to speak to thin air. Seriously, there is no one in that direction.

Ayden never came home after asking Frieda Salas to prom so I went to check on him.

I found him at the museum (I think) with Tatiana and Sandra Salas (Frieda’s mum and older sister).

Ayden: Can I help you?

I enjoy your face Red heart

I eventually gave in and made a stinky Peppermint call Ayden home.

Pep: Ayden Holly get your butt home or so help me…

Not quite what I was meaning Pep but at least he’s coming home.

Immediately after calling Ayden home Pep rolled this. I somehow don’t think that’s happening.

Pep: I’m too old for this s…

Pep there may be kids reading this

Pep: I was gonna say STUFF

If you say so

Aww, some daddy/daughter bonding. These two rarely hang out so it’s sweet to see them together.

Or not

This was literally the next thing they did after making faces at each other. No wonder Ivan’s not friends with a single one of his kids if this is how he acts.

Alyssa: You only have half a brain old man, even a monkey is smarter.

Ivan: What did you say?!

This is the face Alyssa made after walking away from her dad.

Ivan: I’ll show her half a brain *derp*

Yup Ivan, I’m sure that showed her.

After recovering from Alyssa’s insult Ivan then goes and takes out his frustrations on Ayden who’s just getting home.

No offence but Ivan’s kind of a jerk.

Ignoring the picturesque scenery Ivan put Ayden in time-out.

I feel so bad for him. Stupid Ivan.

After disciplining his son (who’d done nothing wrong) jerkface…uh I mean Ivan decided he wanted to sleep in the igloo again.

Okay, I can’t grumble too much about Ivan when he’s bringing in money like this.

Ayden still like to keep the house in order.

But apparently he’s got some kind of beef with Cat.

Alyssa Holly!

I swear, you are turning into your brother. I’d expect stuff like that from him, not from you.

Alyssa: *not a care given*

Are you sure you haven’t gotten a hidden evil trait?

Alyssa: Buzz off

0.o All that time you’ve been spending with Ayden has been a bad influence on you.

Alyssa: Oh gosh, I can’t believe the stereo’s broken.

How mercurial are you today? Confused smile

Mood swing apparently over Alyssa then goes to make herself an igloo.

Alyssa: *hums let it go*

There was literally no point in you building another one but whatever makes you happy, I suppose.

I was getting fed up with everyone complaining about the busted stereo so I send Pep to fix it.

Pep: I can’t get to it, there’s air in the way.

*headdesk* Of course you can’t. Stupid simlogic!

Bay is taking a page out of her brothers book and cleaning up before I have to make Peppermint do it.

The puddle isn’t from a fail btw, the shower is on the fritz again.

Ayden: Ew, I’m sitting beside a nerd

Alyssa: *to self* Just ignore him

Talk about pot calling the kettle black.

Ayden: What’cha talking about? I’m playing Need for Speed, nothing nerdy about that *shifty eyes*

You’re relationship confused me.

Ayden: Ooof, what are these pillows made of?

Alyssa: Good question, not that I’m gonna tell you Angry smile *Smacks Ayden again*

They look like they are having so much fun Red heart

Hi Pep *excitedly waves*

Pep: Oh you finally decided to take notice of me? It’s not like I’m your founder or anything

Okay, moving on then

I’ve never really used the tablets from the store before so I thought I’d get the kids one each. This is the first time any of them have used them.

That’s a good boy Ayden, get yourself back on the honor roll and get me more points.

Ayden: I’m not doing homework you simpleton, I’m checking Tumblr.

Oh, well you and I have something in common then.

Alyssa: Watches TV obliviously

Hi Bay, I for an outfit my little sister picked I actually like your outfit.

Bay: Just my outfit? *sad eyes*

Um…no, of course not, I like you too.

Back inside Alyssa gets a call from her prom date Gerald Sung-Lau. Yay, I’m a good matchmaker *pats self on back*

Bay continues to clean up after her family. Between Bay and Ayden the house is never dirty for long.

Underneath that evil facade Ayden is such a teddy bear

Ivan sometimes gets along with his kids.

But he much prefers his dolls.

Ayden: You’re so stupid, you haven’t got a brain

Alyssa: Wow bro, chill out

Sometimes, like this for instance, I remember why I liked Ivan to begin with.

Back at work with Peppermint and her first rescue is Nadia Cho. I still can’t get over how pretty the water is in winter.

Pep has 3 more rescues during her work house.

Top if elderfied Lucian Hyde, second is Nathan Watts (a pudding face) and the ghost getting CPR in the snow is Sandra Salas.

Whilst at work Pep maxed Athletics and reached level 10 of her career.

Back at home Ayden finally gets a call from his prom date Frieda Salas. I was starting to think their relationship was a non starter since she doesn’t even show up in his relationship panel. It may be a ghost thing though ‘cause Frieda’s mum Tatiana doesn’t show up in Peppermint’s relationship panel either even though they are best friends.

Just what I like to see; Mr tough guy and his kid sister doing their homework together.

Ayden is still doing his homework by the time Bay finishes and moves seats to make space for Alyssa.

So much for being on the honor roll if even your kid sister can beat you.

Bay: You should get a job

Ayden: Never in your life, Squirt

We’ll see about that (especially if you’re TH Angry smile).

Such disappointment. It’s so sad none of them were able to do any other types of snowmen.

This is Cat’s collection so far. I’m very proud of her but I can’t bring myself to sell any of them yet.

Ivan is glued to the new ballet barre. He’s the only one who’s ever even looked at it never mind used it.

Overnight Mr Frosty the 2nd melts. Oh well, I’m pretty sure I’ll see more of you next winter.

More homework time for my favourite twins. These kids are so productive, I love it Red heart

Alyssa: Imma tickle you Cat

Cat: Silly human

Alyssa: I wuv you puppy

Awww, someone’s dog person trait is really showing through.

Dang it Bay, if we get aliens I’m blaming you!

I really don’t want any small nosed freaky alien spawn.

Oh, now I see why Bay is occupying herself; it’s prom time for the twins.

Here’s Ayden looking dapper in his all black suit.

I don’t usually use all one colour in my sims clothes but I thought it suited Ayden.

And here’s Alyssa in her prom wear. I like it but not as much as I like Ayden’s suit.

Alyssa’s date, Gerald, turned up and got in the limo with them but there was no sign of Frieda.

These are Alyssa’s prom pop-ups. She and Gerald are so cute together but who the heck is Ethan?

I’ve checked in town and there is no-one by that name.

I can totally imagine Ayden bullying his way to prom king, it seems like something he’d do, also getting into fights is also something he’d do.

I also wonder if this means he’s bisexual since he asked a guy to dance. I’m so disappointed that Frieda wasn’t there. Maybe its another ghost thing.

While Ayden and Alyssa were at prom this random paparazzi lady died on the front lawn nearly giving me a heart attack. She greeted Death with grace though. Oh she was only there ‘cause Ivan’s a 2 star celeb now, I’m not sure if I mentioned that before.

Just before the twins came back from prom I grabbed up the old ladies ashes and took them down to the awesome cemetery. I love how creepy and gothic it looks.

Death made himself at home after reaping the paparazzi. This is the first time in years that’s happened. Normally he just leaves after reaping.

Of course Ayden would be happy about having Death in the house.

Ayden: Hello Sir, Ayden Holly, big fan *internal fangirling*

Death: It’s always nice to meet a fan

Ayden: You should totally make my dad your next reaping

Death: I’m not making an promises but I’ll see what I can do since you’re such a big fan of mine.

And on that note Death disappeared into a cloud of black smoke.

This creepy, non alien eyed, alien also decided to visit later that night. Is it just a night for being harassed by the supernatural or what? At least it wasn’t an abduction.

I’m not sure why I skipped to the next day but apparently according to my notes this was Pep’s one and only rescue for the day. It’s kind of fitting that it was Olive Specter of all people.

Ayden: I’m so tired, I really shouldn’t have stayed up all night.

No you really shouldn’t have

Ayden: Thanks for the lecture MUM

Never mind the sarcasm, if you fail on me I stg

The genius somehow managed to find his bed after bitching about it for ages.

Bay wishes ages ago to become friends with Ivan which I locked in in hopes that she would fulfil it herself. This is the first time she’s spoken to Ivan since.

Bay: Hey daddy, snowmen are scary, am I rite?

Ivan: Whatever kid, I’ve got to take this call

Bay: Never mind I’m tired anyway.

Poor baby just wants attention from her daddy but he’s being a jerk again.

Alyssa surprises me by rolling this. I’ve never seen a teen roll a wish like this. It’s so adorable though Red heart

I told you Ivan is glued to this thing. He’s always on it. He’s actually gotten quite good at it too.

I didn’t even know this was a thing. Did it come with the barre?

I’ve grown to like your face Alyssa, even when she’s eating grilled cheese for breakfast.

Monkey boy is at it again. I’m starting to think that he’s immune to gravity now.

Pep: These are so pretty, can I keep them?

Look at the flowers Pep

(If anyone gets that reference I will love you forever)

Pep: Please don’t kill me, I don’t wanna be a ghost.

Ivan’s been at the barre all night so now he stinks. Of course, Ivan being Ivan, means he isn’t going to go for a shower any time soon.

Alyssa finally does something useful and plays chess to gain some logic.

Alyssa: I can’t just be a pretty face y’know

Oh great, and she’s got a big head too

Ivan: I can’t move, Ayden’s in my way *stomps feet*

You really bring a new meaning to the word idiot *facepalm*

You can sneak about all you want but you are never gonna trick anyone.

Or maybe you will (although I’m not sure if your idiot father counts).

Ayden: Bah, the lightbulbs are gonna rise up and eat you

Ivan: Not the lightbulbs, I trusted them.

Idiots I don't know smile

Pep: So how ‘bout last nights rain?

Ayden: *to self* This conversation is so boring I wonder if I could sneak off to see a movie?

Before Ayden could put his theory into practice it’s time for another birthday.

Everyone: Happy birthday Bay! *excited cheers*

Obligatory sparkle shot

Pep: Oh my god, I’m the mother of 3 teenagers. I’m not old enough!

You keep telling yourself that honey

Alyssa: Oh my god, she’s prettier than me

And finally we have the newly aged up Bay who is sporting her mother’s skin. I guess it doesn’t kick in until they become teenager’s?

The heir vote will be up momentarily. I can’t wait to see who you guys pick.


Self wetting (2) -10
For each sim failing school (1) -5
For every game induced visit from a police officer, firefighter or babysitter (when you don’t call them but the game makes them come)
Passing Out
Accidental Deaths
Social Worker Visit

Every Birth (1) +5
Every Twin Birth (1) +10
Every Triplet Birth
Fulfilling LTW
For each Sim that gets on the honor roll (1) +5
Randomizing every LTW choice and trait for a whole generation of children
Not using spares Happiness points for a generation
Every 100,000 dollars

Every sim to master a skill (2) +10

Every sim to max their career (1) +10

Painting of Torch holder somewhere in the house

Total points: 25

Side note: I decided I was gonna count mastering skills and maxing careers towards points.


3 thoughts on “Chapter 1.7 – Prom

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  2. Whoa, how muscled is Ayden? That gaming photo really shows off his guns, ironically. I’m guessing that’s the skin you use…or did he inherit maxed muscles from Ivan? Not even sure if that’s possible.

    Haha, the teens on mood swings are so much fun on free will. Much more fun than the stupid Mid Life Crises the adults get. But I still love Generations, it’s brilliant.

    The Dancing skill did come with the barre, but it builds *so* slowly. I had a sim glued to the barre pretty much her whole teenhood, she maxed the athletic skill and everything, and her dancing skill only got to L3.


    • Yeah Ayden really is muscled. Ironically he (and Alyssa) use one of EA’s skin ramps so he must’ve inherited the muscle definition from Ivan. It hasn’t happened a whole bunch but I have had it happen before.
      I never really play with mood swings or mid life crisis’ but so far they’ve been fun and make this challenge so worth it.
      Thanks for letting me know I’m not crazy about not knowing there was a dancing skill. Ivan already maxed athletics so I’m guessing that’s why he’s drawn to it 😀 It sucks that it takes that long for the skill to build though.


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