Hi everyone, Chazy here and welcome to the Holly ISBI aka Berries of Insanity.If youโ€™re a new reader, then I just want to say thanks for checking my legacy out and I hope you enjoy it!

Most people (if any) know me from either my tumblr, winchestersims, my hair retexture blog, chazybazzy, or my story legacy, Shattered Wings.

Currently we’re on Generation Nine with our Heir Arrow Holly. Yes! Weโ€™ve finally gotten past the seventh generation which is an achievement since I’ve never gotten that far in a documented legacy before.

Disclaimer before we begin: I have never played an ISBI before because I am a complete control freak and like to micromanage my Sims entire lives, so this should be fun *eyeroll*.I’ve also never really documented a non story legacy before either so I guess this will just learn as I go type of thing.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy this attempt at a legacy and feel free to comment on anything that I’ve done wrong or anything you like, I guess.


11 thoughts on “~Welcome~

  1. Hi, so I just spent roughly the last 24 hours binge reading your legacy and I just felt the need to say that I really love it and your sims. I’m also a really big fan of your retextures. When I saw that you had an ISBI I kinda freaked out a bit XD
    Anyway, I hope you’re doing well!


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