Hi everyone, Chazy here and welcome to the Holly ISBI aka Berries of Insanity.If you’re a new reader, then I just want to say thanks for checking my legacy out and I hope you enjoy it!

Most people (if any) know me from either my tumblr, winchestersims, my hair retexture blog, chazybazzy, or my story legacy, Shattered Wings.

Gen 5

Currently we’re on Generation Five with our Heirs Marissa and Niska Holly but I’m hoping to make it to at least generation 7 (since I’ve never gotten that far in a documented legacy before).

Disclaimer before we begin: I have never played an ISBI before because I am a complete control freak and like to micromanage my Sims entire lives, so this should be fun *eyeroll*.I’ve also never really documented a non story legacy before either so I guess this will just learn as I go type of thing.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy this attempt at a legacy and feel free to comment on anything that I’ve done wrong or anything you like, I guess.


9 thoughts on “~Welcome~

  1. Hi, so I just spent roughly the last 24 hours binge reading your legacy and I just felt the need to say that I really love it and your sims. I’m also a really big fan of your retextures. When I saw that you had an ISBI I kinda freaked out a bit XD
    Anyway, I hope you’re doing well!


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