Chapter 3.12 – The Most Boring Chapter

Hey guys, it’s been about a week since I closed the heir poll so I figured it’s about time to end Cai’s generation.

Also, I’ve played through half of the next generation already so I want to get it posted.

Grace: Uh guys…I think something’s happened to dad

Az: This is just an elaborate disguise. It’s part of being a super spy!

Super spy? You’re barely a lieutenant.

Az: *Sigh* Is this better?

Um…I guess so. I just wish you’d have put some clothes on.

Grace: Catch the piggy Belle, c’mon catch it.

Belle: Do I look like an angry bird to you, Human?

Night: I can’t watch this train wreck

How’s it going girls?

Indie: How’s it look like it’s going

Couldn’t you have done your homework at the table?

Hayl: Nope, I’m a rebel for life, yo!

Indie: Hayl, tell me the answer to question 5

Hayl: You’re actually doing the questions? I’m just doodling in the margins.

Jace: Aren’t teddy bears the best? They make me smile.

Hayl: What the heck has that got to do with…damn it, now I’m drawing teddies!

Az: I may have, possibly, gotten a promotion.

Cai: That’s great, come back when you’ve done anything interesting.

Az: *Sad face*

Sorry, but every time I see this interaction it just seems so sarcastic to me.

I can’t remember turning autonomous woohoo back on but I must have at some point.

Cai and Az are the first to take advantage of that.


Jace: It’s how I keep fit.

Cake for breakfast, Cai?

Cai: I’m celebrating! My freedom is so close, I can almost taste it.

I’ll leave you to it then.

Cai: Yeah, you go ahead and do that.

I must’ve left the game late at night last time because everyone is soon in their beds except Hayl and Grace.

Grace soon retreats to her bed too, leaving Hayl alone with her reading.

I swear, this family is gonna turn into cake if they keep going.

It’s like the only thing they eat now.

Hayl: Leave me and my cake in peace. We’re having a moment here.

Envy: What a good doggy

Night: Food! Food! Is she gonna give me food?

Why, Ayden, why?

Ayden: zzz…Ced’s an asshole…zzz…poisoned me.

Yeah, right then, you just went to work without any sleep -5

Ayden: Soooo tired

Go home and go to bed!

Ayden: Nope, I don’t think I will.

Ayden: This is my new bed now.

Fair enough, at least you’re not passing out anymore. Although why you went across town to sleep on a bench instead of coming home to your bed, I’ll never know.

Having fun playing on your lonesome?

Freya: Everyone else is too boring to come play with me.

I can wholeheartedly agree with that, everyone is so boring this chapter.

Az: Vroom vroom

Nessie goes vroom?

Az: Maybe Secret telling smile

Jace: Watcher move the window, it’s blocking the toilet!

Seriously? I thought you were smarter than that.

Jace: Please, I really need to pee


Indie: WTH, who would put something like that on the computer?!

Booby trap?

Indie: Don’t look at me, I didn’t do it.

Looking through the teen’s moodlets I discovered Grace to be the pranker. I’m surprised because she doesn’t seem the type.

Grace’s pure gorgeousness appreciation Red heart

This is genuinely the first time I’ve realized how pretty Grace actually is.

Grace: WTH is that thing?

‘That thing’ is your brother.

Grace: Eww, can I get rid of him?

Nope, you’re stuck with him (at least for a little while longer).

Not you too Freya, I had so much hopes for you.

Freya: You know ‘nuthin’ ‘bout my life

You guys are gross.

Cai: Can’t hear you, I’m too busy f…

No, no, no, I don’t even want to hear the rest of that sentence.

No, Ayden, don’t!

Ayden: Why not, it’s my bed

I’m not even sure you wanna know.

Ayden: Well, if you’re not gonna tell me then I’m gonna go to my bed.

Cai: Why is she on my ballet barre? It’s for my use only!

Freya: Get off your high horse, it’s for everyone!

Cai: But it’s mine

Cai: Stupid daughter taking my things, it’s no wonder I drink.

That’s a bit of an over reaction, don’t you think?

Cai: Definitely not.

No exaggeration here but as soon as Freya left the ballet barre Cai ran straight back inside to it.

Cai: Oh yeah, who’s the best? That’s right, I am!

I’m beginning to think the dogs are secretly trying to kill my Sims since them sleeping in front of the fridge is happening more often.

Milo: If I can’t have the chicken leg then neither can the humans.

I haven’t really played with the Loser trait a lot so this is new for me.

Poor Jace though.

It’s at this point that I realize the family now has over £100,000 in the bank +20

Grace: Why is homework so hard?

Jace: It isn’t, you’re just looking at it wrong

Grace: Grandpa is the Emperor of Evil, why doesn’t he just do away with it?

Because he actually likes torturing people?

There is constantly a queue for the beer keg now.

This family is turning into a bunch of alcoholics.

Ayden: Someone help, I can’t get my cake cause the dogs in the way.

There is more than enough space to pull the chair out to get to your cake.

Ayden: But the dog…

I’m sure Ayden is getting defective in his old age.

Ouch, that looks sore.

Jace: You think! My shoulder’s been stuck like this for 2 hours now!

Grace: Hey, I think you’re a werewolf.

Freya: Is she serious right now?

Unfortunately so.

So that’s where all the puddles in the house are coming from.

Night: This is a good place to pee, I think.

Cai: I don’t get paid enough to be doing this.

You don’t get paid at all.

Cai: My point exactly

The day I’ve been dreading has finally arrived.

At exactly 40 days on a 40 day lifespan Milo dies.

Grim: It’s time to come with me, Puppy.

Milo: Don’t even think of trying anything funny, I’ve got my eye on you.

Grim: Up you go, Milo Holly.

The whole family was there to mourn Milo’s passing, except Cai and Ayden who were at work.

It feels like Milo has been part of this family for ages so I’m really gonna miss him.

Milo’s grave is put outside beside the remains of the first generation and their pets.

Just as Milo is dying I get a pop-up that Daryl’s twins, Joanna and Roswell, have aged up. I was really curios to see what they looked like cause Daryl kind of looks weird to me so I wanted to see if they were the same.

I was so wrong. They are absolutely adorable and I might just have to save them for future use.

While checking out the twins I find Night’s litter mate Day. This is the first time I’ve seen him since he was a pup. He aged up exactly how I thought he would and I’m glad I picked Night as dog heir.

Az: Are you making breakfast?

Freya: Yeah cause there’s no leftovers left

Az: I bet you wish you’d had some of Envy’s delicious food before I finished it all.

Cai’s evilness is really starting to rub off on you Azlan.

Freya: Darn it!

What else did you expect, you literally have no cooking skill at all.

Cai: Daddy why did he have to go and die?

Ayden: That’s just the way the world works, everything dies no matter what.

Cai: Not you though, you’ll live forever, won’t you daddy?

Ayden: Sure I will Sweetie.

I really don’t see Ayden keeping that promise since his life bar is officially full now.

After all the sadness is past Cai and Ayden play Frisbee behind their work.

Back home Cai autonomously baths Night for the first time ever.

She must be taking Milo’s death really hard.

Milo: Let’s just shake myself off here.

Really Night, is it not enough that you’re peeing everywhere but now you’re making puddles from this too!

Spare babies! I honestly can’t wait to see what an Elijah/Winchester baby will look like.

This is Dahlia’s 2nd kid and Elijah’s first. Dahlia has only boys so far.

Hayl: Why did I ever agree to tag along with them, this is so boring!

Indie: Go home then if it’s so boring.

Grace: Shhh, I’m trying to read this pregnancy book without any interruptions.

Pregnancy book? Where they heck did you get that?

Grace: The bookcase at home, duh.

Fair enough.

I literally have no idea why they are outside a restaurant instead of at school but there you go.

Uh Cai…do you mind not point that at me?

Cai: But that would ruin it. I wanna see if there’s any way to hit you with the arrow.

Yeah, no, that’s never gonna happen.

OMG, one of you are actually cleaning without me making you! I’m completely shocked right now.

Grace: This thing was growing it’s own ecosystem here, of course it needed cleaning.

Awesome, keep it up.


Milo: This family is still complete trash.

Freya has her first werewolf transformation since becoming a YA.

Freya: Grrrr

Oh, so scary Eye rolling smile

Ayden and Az: Oh Milo, why did you have to leave us.

Guys he’s literally sleeping outside.

Freya: Don’t even think about sitting there! That’s my seat.

But you’re sitting down already.

Freya: It’s still my seat, it has my markings on it.

Freya: Stupid Grandma, taking my seat. I’ll just mark another seat for my own.

At this rate you’ll have marked up all the furniture in the house by the time you’re kicked out.

Ever since Milo’s death Cai has been spending more time autonomously with the dogs.

It’s kind of adorable.

In fact she spends so much time with them that she doesn’t take care of her own needs -5

It’s kind of disappointing since Cai’s the only one I’m able to take care of and yet she still fails Laughing out loud

Azlan comes home with a shiny new promotion. Maybe he will make his LTW after all.

With his new promotion Az needs more athletic skill so it’s up to Cai to train him.

Cai: Run faster you worthless maggot!

Az: I’m running as fast as I can

Cai: it’s not fast enough

Randomly, since I didn’t even know Grace knew this kid, Gill Pham asks Grace out on a date.

He’s pretty cute.

He’s the son of Young Jae Sung (Dahlia’s husband) and Trang Pham (a MH Townie).

Whilst on the date I get a pop-up that Gill’s mum has passed away. I knew she was old but I didn’t think she was that old. It doesn’t seem to be bothering Gill at least.

Part way through the date I get dragged back to the house for Cai’s adult birthday.

Cai: Woo, I’m getting old…actually I don’t think I’m too keep on this idea now.

Tough, there’s no going back now.

Okay I know what you’re thinking, that I turned Cai into a human like I did with Envy, but that isn’t the case.

Thanks to The Dysfunkshinal Legacy and A Little Pizzaz I’ve finally realized how to use DebugEnablers Deghostify option.

I also used it on Freya because I was seriously tired of not being able to see the ghosts faces.

Because of Cai’s birthday by the time I get back to Grace’s date Gill’s left and Grace is on her way home.

When she gets home she goes straight to bed.

Freya: Mum, do you feel different now?

Cai: Nope, must just be you

I’ve never been more happy with a decision than I am right now.

Now I can actually see Freya’s pretty face.

Another day and Cai sets Azlan and Freya to working out before she starts logic training with Ayden.

It’s all about the skilling in this house.

Thanks to that little workout session Freya has maxed the Athletic skill +5

She got all that skill (apart from the last little bit) on her own so I’m so proud of her.

It’s almost time for the next heir to take over so I have Cai whip up some elixirs to make next generations spouse into a werewolf since that’s the supernatural state I rolled for next generation (yes, I have all the supernatural life states on a randomiser app for this generation and generations to come).

It doesn’t seem like long ago Dahlia gave birth to her 2nd kid but she’s now pregnant with her 3rd.

And now, the moment I’ve been looking forward to but also dreading all chapter, Grace’s birthday.

Everyone is there to watch the newest Holly heir grow up and take over the reigns of the legacy.

She rolls the Proper trait to round off her traits. They are okay traits and I can definitely work with them.

She also rolls the Heartbreaker LTW which I haven’t done in ages so that’s awesome.

Since you guys now know the results of the heir poll I figured I’d show you exactly how close the race was.

Poor Indie didn’t get any votes but Jace and Hayl did pretty well for a while. Thanks guys to everyone who voted.

That’s it for this chapter, join us next time for the start of Grace’s reign as heir.


Self wetting (7) -35
For each sim failing school (1) -5
For every game induced visit from a police officer, firefighter or babysitter (when you don’t call them but the game makes them come)  (1) -5
Passing Out (12) -60
Accidental Deaths
Social Worker Visit

Every Birth (7) +35
Every Twin Birth (3) +30
Every Triplet Birth
Fulfilling LTW (4) +160
For each Sim that gets on the honor roll (9) +45
Randomizing every LTW choice and trait for a whole generation of children (1) +10
Not using spares Happiness points for a generation (2) +20
Every 100,000 dollars (1) +20

Every sim to master a skill (9) +45

Every sim to max their career (2) 20

Painting of Torch holder somewhere in the house (0)

Total points: 275


Generation 4 Heir Poll

Hi guys, it’s that time again. Yep, heir poll time. I probably should’ve reached this point before now but…well I don’t really have any excuses on why I haven’t finished this by now but oh well, on with the poll.

Freya: Werewolf/Ghost Hybrid
Traits: Athletic, Brave, Hydrophobic, Brooding, Born Saleswoman.
LTW: Firefighter Superhero
Gender Preference: Straight
Potential Spouses: Marcus Holden-Limb or Omen Langurd
Days ’till YA: 0
Genetics: She is pretty much all Cai, although she may have Midori’s jawline and lip shape. She has Envy’s skin, Ayden’s hair and Midori or Envy’s eyes (I can’t remember which).

Grace: Genie

Traits: Genius, Grumpy, Supernatural Fan, Flirty, Pyromaniac (Hidden) and Immune to Fire (Hidden).
LTW: None yet
Gender Preference: Straight
Potential Spouses: Possibly a werewolf (I want hybrid babies)
Days ’till YA: 5
Genetics: Like Freya she is also mostly Cai, although looking at her now I can see Azlan’s eye shape so not as much of a clone as I thought. She has Azlan’s skin and eyes and Envy’s hair.

Hayl: Human

Loves the Heat, Brave, Loner, Bot Fan, Pyromaniac (Hidden)
Ltw: None yet
Gender Preference: Straight
Potential Spouses: None yet (may open up viewer spouseship for her and Indie).
Days ’till YA: 7
Genetics: Hayl is pretty much the stand out genetics-wise of her sisters since she takes after Azlan more than she does Cai. She has Cai’s skin, Envy’s eyes and Azlan’s hair.

Indie: Human

Slob, Easily Impressed, No Sense of Humour, Computer Whiz, Pyromaniac (Hidden).
Ltw: None yet
Gender Preference: Straight
Potential Spouses: ?
Days ’till YA: 10
Genetics: Indie is even more of a clone of Cai than even Freya is. The only good thing going for her is her bright colour scheme since Azlan was on the rainbow slider. She has Azlan’s skin (only a different position on the slider), Envy’s eyes and Azlan’s hair.

Jace: Genie

Neurotic, Couch Potato, Neat, Loser, Pyromaniac (Hidden), Immune to Fire (Hidden).
Ltw: None yet
Gender Preference: Straight
Potential Spouses: a really cute sim that I have from another legacy of mine but her identity will remain a secret for now.
Days ’till YA: 14
Genetics: Whereas his sisters are mostly clones of Cai (except Hayl) Jace is a complete clone of Azlan. The only difference between them is the eye colour which is Cai’s and the skin which I think is also Cai’s.


Side Note: I do have my favourites this generation but I’ll keep that to myself so I don’t influence your vote. I really don’t mind who you guys pick though and if you are unsure who to pick make sure to read the past 2 chapters where there characters all shine through.

Chapter 3.11 – Rise of the Werewolves

Hi Guys, welcome back to the Holly ISBI.

Last time the kids characters really started shining through and some birthdays were had.

I know this is a kind of weird place to start a chapter but I finally got around to getting Cai to ask the girls their gender preferences. Surprisingly they are all straight.

Do you guys remember the kid Dahlia had last chapter. Well he’s now a toddler and looks a lot more like his dad than his mum. Also, somehow he managed to get yellow skin and orange eyes.

Speaking of spares babies Clara has just given birth to her 3rd. Another little boy named Darrell (not to be mistaken for her brother Daryl of course).

It seems to be a theme this generation that I keep forgetting birthdays, especially the pets birthdays.

It doesn’t seem that long ago for me that Belle joined the family so it’s a little weird that she’s an elder now but she doesn’t look too different, just a little greyer around the face.

Hayl doesn’t have many friends in the house but she talks to internet friends all the time.

H4Ylst0n3sftw: OMG, I can’t believe that really happened

B3rryB0nes: You should’ve been there, it was awesome!

No you see that? Or well, not see it, I guess.

Yep, There’s no skill bar above Cai’s head anymore which means she’s maxed the Athletic skill +5

Since she herself is finished skilling it’s back to helping her dad with his skills.

Ayden: So I put this piece here?

Cai: No dad, you move it this way and then you move that other one and boom, you win.

Ayden: That doesn’t seem right

Cai: Don’t disagree with me, I’ve got a higher skill than you ergo I’m right.

What are you doing, Grace?

Grace: I’m hungry so I’m making breakfast

But there are plenty of leftovers in the fridge

Grace: But that isn’t the same. I want my own cooking.

I hope you enjoy the making part of your cooking because you’re not gonna be able to finish it cause the school bus is here.

Grace: Damn it!

Did you just…?

Envy: Absolutely not, I threw her inferior pancakes out and started making fresh waffles.

Why didn’t you just finish hers off for her?

Envy: There can only be one cook in this house and as long as I’m alive that will be me!

Waffle face!

I’ve never actually seen my Sims make this face before in the whole time I’ve played the game but it is so adorable!

And here we find Jace acting like the doting son and making his parents bed for them. So much for your ‘reputation’ huh?

Jace: This room is calming and peaceful, the cold dreary feeling of it makes my soul soar.

Okay, that’s just…idek what that is I don't know smile

Again Cai, seriously?! You were literally seconds away from finishing work and you get arrested again.

Cai: What can I say? The cops love me.

Has anyone ever told you that you really suck at your job?

All the girls except Freya are headed out to Prom.

Grace: Step on it driver…before Freya can catch up.

Freya did eventually turn up to prom and these were the highlights on the night.

None of the girls came home with Romantic Interest though so no potential spouses yet.

Oblivious to his sisters antics at prom our lovable little emo is sitting at home, making friends with the dogs.

Freya’s prom was tragically cut short because it was a full moon.

Freya wasn’t the only one to turn that night, fellow classmate Katrina Flynn (Daughter of Maggie Flynn who Cai turned into a werewolf when they were teens) also turned so I managed to get this cool picture.

Freya and Katrina *Synchronised howling*

I can seriously see these two being there own little pack if Freya becomes heir.

Cai: Timber -5

Cai: What? No way!

What? What am I missing here?

Cai: Dahlia is throwing a party for her adult birthday in a few days. She’s invited me but I’m busy so…hah.

She’s gonna be a an adult already? How is that when you haven’t even aged yet?


You refuse to be an normal child, don’t you?

Jace: The loneliness out here soothes the aching in my soul.

I don't know smile

Freya gets some attention from Azlan since her social has tanked recently.

Freya: C’mon dad, say you’ll convince mum to make me heir

Az: I’m not promising anything

One of these things are not like the other.

Azlan: Is it me?


Have you ever noticed that when a werewolf works out their skill bar goes up super quickly?

Freya gained like half a skill in a couple of minutes.

Freya: That’s why werewolves are the best and I should be heir!

Not to be outdone by her sister Grace puts in some skilling too.

Grace: Where does mum get that you move this piece there? That’s utter nonsense.

What is it with you Clara and Cai always going after each other’s men? First Cai with Midori and now Clara with Azlan.

Cai off screen: Who’s going after Azlan?! He’s mine and anyone who protests that might wind up missing.

Don’t worry Cai, I said no anyway.

Cai: That’s right you did. He’s mine!

Envy: how can you be so brainless? If Cai ever found out that Clara wanted to date you I’d be down a daughter!

Az: How dare you call me brainless, I didn’t make the stupid phone call.

Jace: I wonder if I could meld with this dishwasher and escape this insanity?

Freya: Who’s a pretty dragon? Casifer is.

How the heck did you get the dragon, Freya?

Freya: he chose me, simple. Which means that I’m the new heir; the dragon has spoken!

The dragon’s word counts for nothing and I really need to find a way to get him back to Cai.

Envy: Haha, you really thought I’d gotten past my addiction to this stuff, think again.


Jace: This puddle is like my soul, so empty and…

and about to be mopped up?

Jace: Quit ruining my angstDevil

Speaking of angst.

Having fun there Freya?

Freya: The trashcan hissed at me so I kicked it as payback.

Are you sure you’re not insane?

Azlan doesn’t really do much when he’s not at work so it was good to see him find a new hobby, even if it is just the trampoline.

Jace: Ah, the computer so broken and empty like my…

If you say soul again I will delete you

Jace: Eep!

Ayden: The computer is broken though

Indie: It wasn’t meShifty

Yeah, right then.

Indie: Daddy, someone broke the computer and they are all blaming me for it.

Az: *To self* Just keep smiling and nodding then maybe she will go away.

It was definitely Indie who broke the computer and since she was the one whining about it the most I used her teen action to fix it.

Hayl: Haha, serves you right.

How have you still got Casifer?

Freya: he’s my dragon now and no one will ever part us.

Casifer: She feeds me so I’m cool with this.

Can I just say Yay!

I never thought that Elijah would ever get anyone apart from Daryl’s Ex so I’m so happy to see him with Odessa. Also I really love the Winchesters (both of the Supernatural and Midnight Hollow variety) so that doesn’t hurt Laughing out loud

Indie: On average, 100 people choke to death on ballpoint pens every year.

Belle: Someone kill me right now

I do seem to be noticing a pattern when it comes to the dogs, they all seem to prefer Belle to the other two which is a little sad.

Cai: Y’know, I can’t wait until I’m not heir anymore. Then I won’t have to do crap like this anymore!

You know I can hear you, right?

Cai: That’s the point, I wanted you to hear

Crying face

I don’t know if you guys will remember (since I had trouble remembering myself) but this is Clara’s eldest son, Lawrence. He’s just turned into a teenager. He’s still a disappointing clone of his mum and he seems to have lost the glow on his eyes from being a werewolf (which actually might be from my no glow vampire mod).

What’cha up to Hayl?

Hayl: I’m trying to beat Grandma Pep’s high score on Freezer Bunny.

How’s that going for you?

Hayl: Not well, Grandma is the Boss at this.

I have no idea what these two were even fighting about here since they have literally spent no time together to my recollection.

Daryl and his on-again-off-again girlfriend Kara Carter have a set of mixed twins.

Freya: Oh Time, thou art a cruel mistress indeed

You’ve been spending too much time with Jace, haven’t you?

Freya: No…uh…shut up!

I see you’re back to human form now too?

Freya: Yeah, it happened a while ago, you were just to occupied to notice.

Az: Oh yeah, I’ve still got it

Jace: Yeah, if it is utter boringness

Az: How could you said that about me? I am your father.

Jace: You are an embarrassment.

Harsh Jace, real harsh.

I got a pop up saying that Clara’s youngest child Darrell was a toddler so I took the opportunity to track down him and Clara’s middle child, Al, who I haven’t seen yet. For once I can’t tell who they look like but they are both cuties.

Grace: How can you still listen to CD’s? Digital music is where it’s at nowadays.

Ayden: Wow, take a chill pill, I only asked you if you wanted to listen to some music. Geez!

Cai and Azlan have their first woohoo since Jace was born since I turned autonomous off for a while to stop unwanted pregnancies.

It was around this point when my game crashed and I had to reply 2 sim days.

In the replay Freya is still in werewolf form and for some reason she’s taking her frustrations out on the bedroom rug in Grace’s room.

Also in the replay Cai got Casifer back.

Cai: Hah, shows Freya what she knows, this dragon is mine!

Freya: Wow, this always feels really trippy

Envy: Can you take your shedding somewhere else, I’m trying to eat here.

Cai and Azlan are very lovey-dovey in the replay . It’s nice to see them like this since they are normally too busy.

Freya: And 1, 2 ,3…pull. C’mon you wimp, strengthen those muscles!

Nice little pep talk.

Freya: Leave…huff…me…huff…alone!

Even though Milo’s very near the end of his life bar he still goes out hunting everyday.

I’m seriously gonna miss him when he’s goneCrying face

It seems I’m not the only one that feels that way.

Indie: How are you still alive, you’re older than me?

Milo: Sims logic

That and my jacked up age settings.

2.30 am and Freya and Ayden are sharing a workout session in the front yard.

Yay, Elijah and Odessa get married. I guess that means that they are in it for the long haul.

This picture is so pretty.

Belle: I’ve never noticed before but your eyes are so creepy, Purple Human.

Grace: I can always kick you out, you know!

Way to ruin the nice moment you two.

Freya: Can’t a girl get a little privacy in this house?

Sorry but I just discovered the cute little puppy gnome on the side of the bathtub.

Freya: Right, you’ve seen it now so get out.

Jace leaves it a little late but he manages to snag a place on the honor roll on his birthday +5

Jace isn’t the only one whose birthday it is today so he has to share. I’m sure he’s loving that.

Jace: Just leave me and my soul to celebrate in solitude

Freya: Why did I have to share a birthday with this total downer?

Just the luck of the draw, I guess.

Freya: You got first then so the spotlight can be totally on me when your gone.

Jace: You’ll pay for your words.

Jace: I told you you’d pay….Ooooh, those flames are so pretty. they are the perfect compliment to my ice cold soul.

Freya: If this ruins my birthday I swear I will stick you in these flames and watch you burn. I wonder if that will melt your ‘soul’.

Jace: I don’t wanna be set on fire. Watcher, don’t let her burn me!

Hush now, let me get this fire sorted.

While everyone at home is trying to put the fire out Cai gets her 2nd promotion and Freya continues on with her birthday unperturbed.

Ayden: Woo, no one died at this stupid unwanted party!

Grace: Can we just get on with this so I can get back to more interesting things?!

Obviously because of the fire and Jace having to redo his birthday Freya aged up first.

Freya: That little shit done this deliberately so he’s centre of attention!

Because of her ‘B’ Grade she grew up with the Born Saleswoman trait locked in. Sucky trait but it has a funny idle is I remember rightly. She also rolls the Firefighter Super Hero LTW which could be interesting to play in an ISBI if she’s heir.

Jace takes his sweet time to finally start aging up.

Jace: My soul needed time to prepare for this momentous occasion.

Would you shut up about your soul already?!

LMAO, of course he’d roll the Loser trait.

His makeover was fun to do though, I thought that lens-less glasses fit in well with his emo thing so that’s why he’s suddenly got glasses.

Just before we end this chapter I’m gonna stick his gender preference in here so you guys know for the heir poll.

Join us next time for the heir poll (which should be posted at some point tonight) since I can’t play anymore until I know the results.


Self wetting (7) -35
For each sim failing school (1) -5
For every game induced visit from a police officer, firefighter or babysitter (when you don’t call them but the game makes them come)  (1) -5
Passing Out (10) -50
Accidental Deaths
Social Worker Visit

Every Birth (7) +35
Every Twin Birth (3) +30
Every Triplet Birth
Fulfilling LTW (4) +160
For each Sim that gets on the honor roll (9) +45
Randomizing every LTW choice and trait for a whole generation of children (1) +10
Not using spares Happiness points for a generation (2) +20
Every 100,000 dollars

Every sim to master a skill (8) +40

Every sim to max their career (2) 20

Painting of Torch holder somewhere in the house (0)

Total points: 260

Chapter 3.10 – So Many Fails

Hey guys, this chapters taken me a lot longer than I expected it too so instead of a long intro I’m just gonna jump right in.

Jace: How am I meant to know what bed is mine now, it’s too confusing!

Ayden: Listen kid, just pick a random bed and go to sleep.

And as easy as that Jace finds a bed and claims it as his own.

Why couldn’t Ayden have had this chat with the rest of the kids?!

Ayden: You are in so much trouble right now!

Freya: What’s your deal, Old man?

Ayden: How dare you?! Not only do you bring home a ‘D’ grade but then you go and insult me. You’re GROUNDED!

Azlan comes home with his second promotion whereas at the other side of town Cai has gotten herself arrested

while she was at work.

Holy crap, you actually know how to do homework, Freya? Surprised smile

Freya: Do you always have to be so condescending all the time?

I’m just gonna let these pictures speak for themselves.

FYI this isn’t even our cat, it just randomly walked by and attacked Indie.

Freya: Grams grandpa changed his mind about grounding me so I can go out again, right?

Envy: I guess I don’t see anything wrong with that.

OMG, I can’t believe you actually got away with that.

Freya: Get to know me, I’m amazing!

With so many Sims in the house I didn’t even realize that Hayl hadn’t come home from school until I went looking

for her. Apparently she prefers freezing her butt of in the snow to  coming home to her madhouse.

I don’t really blame her tbh.

What is why you kids refusing to come home from school today?

Grace: It’s the snow, it helps me concentrate.

And you’re meant to be the genius *eyeroll*

*Starts humming ‘Do you wanna build a snowman’*

Freya: Do you mind?

Sorry, I can’t help it. That song just seems to creep up on me whenever I see a snowman.

Way to phone it in Freya! Couldn’t you have at least made a cool snowman instead of the boring default?

Freya: Don’t stifle my creativity! Devil

You didn’t think it would be better to celebrate your birthday at home with your family?

Hayl: Woooo, sweet, sweet freedom! No one’s gonna be able to tell me what to do now.

She didn’t exactly have a stellar grade at school (mostly cause she never did her homework) so her new trait was

locked in. I’ve never really played with the Bot Fan trait before so I’m not sure what it does exactly.

Hayl as a teen is so pretty and so different from the rest of her sister. Also, most of the clothes she aged up in

I kept and just recoloured in her favourite colour cause they looked awesome.

Freya: *Sports commentator voice* Will she make this basket and win the game for her team?

Freya lives up to her athletic trait more than any other sim I’ve ever had. She’s constantly doing sporty things.

Sadly she isn’t as good at the arcade version as she is on the actual court in the front yard.

Freya: Your commentating certainly didn’t help my concentration any

Yeah, yeah whatever Eye rolling smile

According to my notes (since I literally can’t remember) this is Clara and Midori’s 3rd child.

Unlike with her Athletic trait Freya hardly ever lives up to her Brooding trait. This is one of the very rare times

I’ve actually caught her brooding.

According to my notes someone built an igloo outside and Jace has basically taken to living in it. This is one of

the few times he’s came inside since. Unfortunately he was too late and didn’t quite make the toilet –5

Jace: Do you think we could be the bestest of friends?

Hayl: Eww, you stink, why would I want to be friends with you?

Jace: *Sad face*

Why would you do that Hayl? How can you turn him down? He’s so adorable!

Hayl: Ugh, just leave me alone, both of you!

Jace: All around me are familiar faces, Worn out places, worn out faces

Wow, way to bring the tone downDisappointed smile

Jace: Leave me to my misery

Aren’t you a little young to be going emo on me?

Jace: You’re never to young to express your emotions

Okay, I’ll just leave you to it you little weirdo Who me?

Grace: Come on Milo, catch the piggy!

Milo: Can’t you leave this old man in peace? These old bones don’t move the way they used to

Envy: I never expected you of all the kids to skip school. You are in big trouble Mister.

Jace: You don’t understand me. You don’t know what I’m going through!

Jace: *Sigh* Just another sorrow to add to my growing pile.

Belle: This kid is a serious bummer, can we trade him for someone more upbeat?

Unfortunately not Belle, we’re stuck with him for now.

I literally have no clue why I have so many pictures of Jace. Maybe it’s because his character is kind of fascinating.

Ewww, that’s so gross.

True story; I’ve never seen a dog do this in the game before. I’ve seen cats playing in the toilet but not the dogs.

Jace somehow does his homework even though he’s never been to school before.

Jace: Indie promised to be my friend if I did her homework for her.

My poor little Lamb Crying face

I guess Jace’s help on her homework worked since Indie manages to get herself on the honor roll +5

Just a small, adorable, reminder that Night is still around since he’s not been seen this chapter.

Actually, speaking of Night, ever since Envy became an elder she spends all her time play-chasing him around

the house.

Envy: You’ll never catch me Night

Night: I can catch you in my sleep, Old Woman.

Night: I caught you so now you need to play my game

Envy: Here Night, catch the rope, c’mon, catch the rope!

It’s been a while since she started at work but Cai finally got her first promotion.

Freya: You know you’re never gonna be heir, right?

Grace: Whatever, it’s not always gonna be the oldest as heir y’know.

Freya: Maybe not but you’re too boring to ever lead this family.

Ayden: *To self* Close your eyes and escape to your happy place Ayden, it’ll all be better there.

Oh, we’ve got a dragon!

I completely forgot about that.

Cai: I’m so offended right now.

Why, I didn’t forget about your existence

Cai: I’m offended on his behalf. My poor dragon baby deserves better.

What’s his name again?

Cai: Uh…um…shut up!

I don’t know if you can see, what with him blending in with the trees in the background, but Cai’s giving her

precious some exercise in the yard.

Cai: Who’s mummy’s favourite baby? You are, yes you are.

Aw, how sweet.

Ayden’s taken to using the board breaker a lot lately. He only seems to break space rocks so we have a lot of

gems littering the yard. I guess that’ll come in handy if we’re ever broke.

While her husband is providing for the future of this family Envy is steadily heading towards alcoholism.

Envy: What can i say; it fits me like a glove.

Freya: What is the main theme of the TV Show Supernatural?

Hayl: The overwhelming co-dependency issues between Sam and Dean?

Grace: The inability for them to make a single good decision when it comes to the world vs. each other?

Freya: So what is it then? I can’t fit both answers in here.

Um…go with Hayl’s answer, it sounds better.

Indie: Only one book has been distributed in more copies then the Bible; The IKEA catalog

Freya: *To self* This is so boring. *To Indie* And I care why?

Indie: In 1998, Sony accidently sold 700,000 camcorders that had the technology to see through people’s clothes

Freya: zzz So many boring facts zzz

I’d just like to point out that this isn’t a pass out, Indie actually used the ‘bore to death’ interaction which

caused Freya to pass out. I’m sure that interaction is part of the No sense of humour trait.

Not satisfied with boring Freya, Indie moves on to the only other unoccupied person in the room; Hayl.

Indie: In just about every species of mammal, the female lives longer than the male

Hayl: I regret every life choice I have ever made up to this point

Indie: More people in China speak English than in the United States

And another one succumbs to the utter boredom that is Indie’s useless facts.

Dahlia gives birth to a baby boy named Ian.

Correct me if I’m misremembering but I think this is Dahlia’s first child.

Cai: If I sit here with the dog and don’t make a scene maybe the Watcher will mistake me for Freya and leave

me alone.

Not likely but nice plan

Cai: Damn it!

Indie: If I brush you nicely then you’ll listen to my facts, right Night?

Night: Ruh-roh, here she goes

Indie: The Canary Islands were not named after a bird called the canary. They were named after a breed of dogs!

Night: So tired…must sleep now

Damn it Indie leave everyone alone!

Is that a smile I see?

Jace: Tell anyone about this and I’ll deny it. I’ve got a reputation to uphold.

As if to prove his point Jace ran inside and started talking about urns with his mum.

Jace: Isn’t it cool that we just have a bunch of urns in the backyard.

Cai: Listen kid, I’m pretty sure this is the first time I’ve actually spoken to you and I now realize why, you suck!

Jace: But…but mummy Crying face

Now this is new. I’ve never had a sim haver this skill before (hunting?). I guess from the picture it has something

to do with werewolves.

When I go looking for her I find her just of the lot and she is indeed hunting. She ended up coming home with

only a cockroach but that’s okay, it’s still cool.

My whole little doggy family all in one picture. I can almost guarantee that this will be the first and only family

picture I’ll get of them ‘cause Milo’s life bar is nearly full Crying faceCrying face

Cai’s been working out a lot on the ballet barre to raise her athletic skill for her job so that’s why she’s not

really been around much.

Cai: I’d do this for a million years if it kept me away from you.

We’re out of food so Envy makes some mac and cheese. She’s the families residential cook and I’m not sure

what they’ll do when she’s gone.

Envy: I’m not dead yet you know!

Azlan comes home with another promotion. I think he’s level 4 now.

Grace: *Imitating Indie* Did you know I’m a big stupid know-it-all?

Jace: *Trying to stop laughing* Stop it, you’re ruining my precious reputation.

Belle: Left a bit, up a bit…ahh, just the spot

Grace: how did I get roped into this again?

The combined powers of persuasion and adorableness?

Grace: That sounds about right.

Aren’t you a little old to be playing on a jungle gym?

Hayl: Not playing just thinking

About what, may I ask?

Hayl: Just stuff

Okay, I’m gonna go before you get even weirder.

Inside the fun room Cai has discovered the crane machine and won herself an adorable mummy teddy.

I wish she’d win one of those awesome ghost gnomes but a teddy’s cool too I guess.

Indie: Panophobia is the fear of everything.

What does that have to do with you peeing yourself, especially on your birthday? -5

Indie: Little and less but I wanted to tell someone.

I also wanted to add that she’s exhausted too so she’ll probably pass out after school.

You have got to be kidding me. I didn’t even know these two were back together let alone having a kid.

These two take every opportunity they can to spend time together. It’s so precious.

Ayden: Can you take your fawning somewhere else, it’s seriously distracting!

Nailed it!

Literal seconds after the school day ended Indie passed out -5

Surprisingly, since this almost never happens in my game, 3 of the girls brought home a friend from school.

Top is Jessie Pham, middle is Lysette Stewart and the child is Velma Lau-Simon.

Freya is really good friends with Lysette.

After her pass out incident Indie came straight home from school and went to bed so she is left to age up

without a cake or any celebration.

All I see when looking at Indie now is Cai (minus the colouring of course). She is a total clone.

She rolls Computer Whiz as her teen trait and since this chapter is getting kind of long I’m gonna end it here.

Join us next time for the last chapter before the heir poll!


Self wetting (7) -35
For each sim failing school (1) -5
For every game induced visit from a police officer, firefighter or babysitter (when you don’t call them but the game makes them come)  (1) -5
Passing Out (9) -45
Accidental Deaths
Social Worker Visit

Every Birth (7) +35
Every Twin Birth (3) +30
Every Triplet Birth
Fulfilling LTW (4) +160
For each Sim that gets on the honor roll (8) +40
Randomizing every LTW choice and trait for a whole generation of children (1) +10
Not using spares Happiness points for a generation (2) +20
Every 100,000 dollars

Every sim to master a skill (7) +35

Every sim to max their career (2) 20

Painting of Torch holder somewhere in the house (0)

Total points: 255

Chapter 3.9 – Party Poopers

Hey guys, 2 things, first I’m a couple days late but this legacy is now 1 year old. I honestly thought I’d have been farther on by now but I’m happy with where I am right now, and second I’m sorry about the wait between the last chapter and this one. I’ve honestly been so preoccupied by going out and playing Pokémon Go everyday and when I’m not out I’ve been reading The Game of Thrones books or playing Sims2 which hasn’t left me with any free time. Anyway, with that out of the way let’s get on with the chapter.

The adults are still away from last chapter so Freya takes it upon herself to teach her baby brother to walk.

Freya: Just a little bit farther Jace

Jace: That’s easy for you to say!

Hayl: What’s it like being a kid so far?

Indie: It’s alright, I guess, I can’t wait to try whole food instead of baby mush now!

Hayl: You should start with a chicken leg, that is the best food ever!

Indie: *Person Person Plus*

Who’s got two thumbs and completely forgot it was their sim!dogs elder birthday?

This simmer right here *facepalm*

My poor Milo looks so old now Crying face

Milo: I still look sexy, right Belle?

Belle: Yeah, sure you do *doggy eyeroll*

I think the younger two kids are determined to get Freya in trouble with the adults when they come home.

Either that or they’re trying to lose me points.

They stayed up all night playing on the various toys lying around the house instead of going to bed like everyone else.

Speaking of the adults; they’re back home!

Luckily the youngsters don’t pass out before they have to go to school and their parents come home.

Sadly the vacation wiped out the adults wish panels so Ayden lost his wish to see Cai become a Criminal

Mastermind. She’s still gonna do it though.

Is anyone really surprised by this pop-up? Can Daryl even have a lasting relationship?

We shall probably never know.

Cai: This sucks ass! I wanna be free again!

Suck it up, you’ve just been away on a vacation now it’s time for your work to begin again.

Cai: Couldn’t you have at least made me do something interesting?

Nope, both your father and your husband need logic for their jobs so since you’re the only one I control it’s

your job that they learn it.

Cai: I hate my life!

Freya: I’m free!

Don’t sound so happy about it

Freya: I said I’m FREEParty smile

Cai: Take that, you mortal!

Envy: What the…

Funny story, I keep getting confused by all the ghosts in the house so there are time where I *almost* think

Envy and Freya are Cai which nearly screws up my whole ISBI thing so to partially remedy this situation Cai

is tasked with making her mum human. If Freya isn’t heir she will be turned human before she leaves too.

Envy is really pretty as a human but a part of me instantly regretted making her human. It soon passed though.

Az: What does our Watcher and this toilet have in common?

Envy: They both stink?

Az: Hey! You stole my joke.

Envy may be a human now but she’s still as klutzy as ever. I can’t even count how many times she’s broken this

sink now.

For some reason or another I was randomly going through relationship panels and I came across this in Ayden’s.

I’m not sure how he’s completely in the red with Azlan and Envy or why he dislikes Midori either since he’s

never had any mean interactions with any of them (apart from the odd scare here and there).

How’s it going Ind?

Indie: Arya!

This again? Okay then, what is young Arya up to today, may I ask?

Indie: You may, I’m currently crushing all my foes with one fell swoop. Then there’ll be no one to oppose me.

O.o You are nuts!

In less weird news, Dahlia and Young Jae are going to bring me adorable babies!

Cai: And my kids aren’t adorable?!

It’s not the same thing and you know it.

Cai: And then she said that our kids weren’t cute enough…

Az: Do not worry My Love, I will deal with this insolent Watcher for you.

You are such a liar Cai *eyeroll*

Please tell me this isn’t how you play to deal with me Azlan?

Az: Shhh, I’m hiding from Cai so she will not know I failed to deal with you like I said.

Stellar plan that is.

Watch out Az.

Az: It’s Cai isn’t it? I’m so sorry My Love, I didn’t mean to.

Ayden: Raaaaaaaaghhhhhhhh

Az: *almost jumps out of his skin*

Not cool Ayden, not cool!

Ayden: …and then you jump up and roar a mighty roar. That will scare even the fiercest sim.

Jace: Wow Gwampa, that’s coowl. Roar

WTH is wrong with you Ayden?!

Still loving the freedom, I see.

Freya: I am never coming back inside!

Good luck with that, just don’t get frostbite and die on me before the heir pool kthxbye

Damn it Azlan. –5

Az: Too many scary people in this house

You’re a GENIE! Man up or something!

Az: I’m good sleeping on the floor here thanks.

Ayden: AAAAAAAAhh someone help me!

You okay there Ayden?

Ayden: If I was okay I wouldn’t be screaming for help, would I? This thing is a death trap, I could’ve broken something.

I somehow doubt that.

Ayden: What was that?

Nothing, would you like me to to sell it and buy a normal shower instead?

Ayden: What do you think?!Steaming mad

Someone how Ayden was able to regain his composure enough to join his granddaughters birthday.

Ayden: Dad move your ghostly ass out of my way, I can’t see my favourite granddaughter age up!

Ivan: *Pretends not to hear and continues cheering for Grace*

Ayden and Ivan: Woo, go Grace!

Grace: Jeez guys, can’t a girl age up in peace?

She is soooooooooo pretty! I Red heart her!

She rolled Flirty as her teen trait.

Cai: I hate you! I’m your HEIR, I shouldn’t have to work!

At least you get to go to work in style.

Cai: That’s the only good thing that came out of this farce.

Looking fierce Envy. Any particular reason you’re standing there?

Envy: I’m protecting the dishwasher from getting broken.

Let’s not tell her that she’s the only one that breaks stuff in this house.

Grace may be a teenager now but she’s still as addicted to playing chess on the PC as she was as a kid.

Grace: Can you take your narrating somewhere else, I’m about to beat this loser into oblivion.

*Sigh* Fine, i can see where I’m not wanted!

Hi Freya, you want me around, don’t you?

Freya: Not really…

Tough luck, you’re stuck with me!

Freya: C’mon Jace, let’s leave her and her crazy alone.

I love my new computer, my Sims do some much stuff now e.g Envy breaking space rocks on the board breaker.

Jace is either on his own or with his older siblings, none of the adults really bother with him too much but he

doesn’t seem to care either way.

Jace: *Plays this tune on the xylophone*

Freya: Kid, can I ask you to do something for me and I’ll be in your debt forever?

Hayl: Depends what it is you want

Freya: I just want you to do my homework for me until I graduate.

Hayl: I…I don’t think so. Maybe you should ask Grace, she’s really smart.

Freya: But I don’t wanna

Hayl: I think I’m just gonna take my cake and go somewhere less weird.

Belle: You are the dog of the house now Night, it is up to you to care for us lesser canines now.

Night: But dad…

Belle: Your father is too old, it is your job now so find yourself a mate and give us grandpups

Night: Okay mum Sad smile

Grace teaches little Jace to talk.

Jace: I is orphan?

Grace: No you’re not. Your parent’s are just lazy bums!

Speaking of said lazy bums.

Cai: No more clocking in for work, I quit!

Az: You are king, Oh Great and Powerful Night, save us from this destruction!

What is this you see? Nope, it’s not some trick. Hayl is actually playing the piano thanks to these mods.

I love these mods so much and imo they’ve just fixed something that should’ve been in the game from the beginning.

Envy: It’s okay Milo, I still love you even if no one else does *scratches Milo’s belly*

I love you too Milo and I hope you live for ages cause I don’t want you to die Crying face

I really need to to put my no listening to instruments mod back in cause everyone keeps watching Hayl play

the piano instead of doing anything interesting themselves.

The rest of the family might be being boring but Hayl getting her first skill point in Piano as a child is pretty

impressive to me.

Hayl: You know it, I’m the awesomest!

Freya: Don’t push it.

Grace: Who does she think she is? I’m much more awesome than her

Sure you are Grace, sure you are

Grace: I am too!



You okay there Grace?

Grace: Leave me be, can’t you see I’m busy eating my feelings?!

At some point Clara gave birth to her and Midori’s second child, another little boy, named Al.

Hopefully this one looks more like Midori.

What’cha up to Indie?

Indie: Just making sure Grandma’s arrows don’t go astray.

Aren’t you facing the wrong way then?

Indie: *Gets flustered* That was on purpose!

Ayden: Up you go little man!

Jace: Ugh, Gwampa I’m gonna be sick.

On Ayden’s request earlier I replaced the sonic shower with an all-in-one bathroom.

Cai’s the first to try it out.

Freya: If I make this basket then I’m free for good and won’t have to be heir.

Yeah, you keep telling yourself that but you can make as many baskets as you want and still win the heir poll.

Freya: Damn it all!

Freya: Who’s a pretty doggy? Belle is, yes she is.

Belle: Just give me the treat Human.

Freya: Does the pretty doggy wanna come with me when I move out. You can join my pack.

You still don’t know you’re moving out yet.

Freya: A girl can wish, can’t she?!

Grace: What is even the point of being a ghost? You are literally dead and you can’t do anything special so

what’s the point?

Freya: You seem to forget that I’m a werewolf too and could rip your heart out whenever I want to.

Grace: Yeah right, I’d like to see you try. I could use my awesome genie powers to banish you for good.

Freya: Do you wanna take that bet? *growls*

Girls, girls, stop fighting! This is getting slightly ridiculous.

Cai: Nice work dissing Freya like that, you’ve done me proud!

Grace: *to self* She’s talking to me, she’s actually talking to me.

I don’t recall Cai throwing a party but apparently she did and her invited guests were too busy to turn up.

Oh well, our imaginary party was to good for them anyway Laughing out loud

Freya and Hayl: *Plays rock, paper, scissors loudly*

Grace: Do you mind, I’m trying to win here!

Freya: Oh I’m sorry ‘your highness’ *starts shouting rock, paper, scissors louder*

Freya: Am I doing anything? Nah, I can talk.

Grace: *aggravated sigh*

Hayl: This is too much for me, I’m outta here.

This chapter should really be called the chapter with all the forgotten birthdays for all the birthday’s I’ve missed.

First Milo and now Envy. At least it wasn’t anyone important.

Envy: It’s nice to see I’m not important to you.

You’ve done your job and your time has now passed so no you’re not important anymore.

Az: Wow, that’s harsh.

You hush or you can be made equally as unimportant. I’ve had your genes so I don’t need you anymore either.

Hayl: Going down -5

Freya: Sucker!

I seem to recall you failing a bunch when you were a kid too so I wouldn’t be so cocky if I was you.

Ayden: Ooga Booga!


Grandpa Ayden has a new favourite in Baby Jace. Cai isn’t gonna be happy when she finds out.

I worry for poor Jake’s future with a mentor like Ayden.

My youngest baby from last generation has finally moved on from his brothers ex onto Odessa Winchester.

I wholeheartedly approve. Now go make pretty Winchester-Holly babies!

Indie: Do you think if I took up sculpting it would make me more popular with the Watcher?

Envy: I highly doubt it , you just aren’t that interesting and you never will be.

Indie: I will have all your heads for this!

Az: Just a thought but maybe if you dropped the weird GoT persona thing the Watcher would like you better?

Indie: Never I tell you, never!

With all the older kids away at school and half of the adults away to work I’m only left with Jace and the elders

to entertain me. Suffice to say Jace’s cuteness was enough to entertain me for a while.

With everyone being out it falls to the grandparents to celebrate Jace’s birthday.

I don’t count this as an actual action for Ayden since I didn’t send him to do it. I just clicked on the cake.

Even derping out Jace is a cutie!

Of course he had to go roll a useful trait to put himself firmly back in the running for my favourite this Gen.

Since I love you all here’s a non-derpy picture of Jace for you. He looks so different from his sisters which I adore.

Join us next time (hopefully no more than a couple weeks away) for more birthdays, more fails and the general

craziness that is the Holly’s.


Self wetting (5) -25
For each sim failing school (1) -5
For every game induced visit from a police officer, firefighter or babysitter (when you don’t call them but the game makes them come)  (1) -5
Passing Out (8) -40
Accidental Deaths
Social Worker Visit

Every Birth (7) +35
Every Twin Birth (3) +30
Every Triplet Birth
Fulfilling LTW (4) +160
For each Sim that gets on the honor roll (7) +35
Randomizing every LTW choice and trait for a whole generation of children (1) +10
Not using spares Happiness points for a generation (2) +20
Every 100,000 dollars

Every sim to master a skill (7) +35

Every sim to max their career (2) 20

Painting of Torch holder somewhere in the house (0)

Total points: 265

Chapter 3.8 – Adulting is Hard!

Hey Guys, so this chapter was meant to be posted a couple weeks ago but I never got around to writing it before I went on holiday.

Anyway, this is the first time I’ve played Sims on my new laptop so lets see what’s changed.

Hi Cai!!!

Cai: Oh, so nice of you to remember who I am

Okay then, Mrs Sarcastic, I’ll just leave you with your screaming new-born!

Freya doesn’t seem to be having much better luck with the younger members of the family.

Indie: Waahhh, I look like an NPC

Freya: You think you’ve got problems, Kid, at least you got to keep your hair.

So I seem to have lost some of my CC in the move, it’s nothing major though so it’s fine.

Freya: Here, maybe some mushfood will make you forget about the crimes against fashion you are currently committing.

Indie: Mmmm, blended werewolf brains, my favourite.

Ayden, I think we have a problem here.

Ayden: I don’t see anything wrong

Do you have a serious attachment to that hair or something cause it makes you look weird.

Hayl: Move Old Man, you’re in my way

Ayden: I’m literally 2 rooms awayEye rolling smile

It would seem that Indie’s outfit and Freya’s hair aren’t the only CC that went missing when I changed computers, Azlan’s hair is also long lost.

Az: I don’t like it, change it back!

Sorry bub but your old hair is long lost so you’re stuck with this one.

Az: But it’s not fair!!

Cai, are you aware your husband is a massive baby?

Cai: Why do you think I’m freezing my butt off out here for a drink

Seconds after drinking herself into oblivion Cai get this opportunity. On a whim I clicked yes.

I’ve never let my Sims go away before so this should be fun.

Grace: You’re a traitor Hayl! How can you sit beside her, she’s the enemy!

Hayl: Why can’t you guys just get along?


Oh guys, I should probably tell you that your parents are away so Freya is in charge for a couple of days.

Freya: Ha-ha, suck it Grace!

Night: No more crying babies, please!

Thus the life of being part of a legacy unfortunately.

Indie: ~My bonnie lies over the ocean, my bonnie lies over the sea~

Ayden: See ‘Ya Sucker! I am out of here!

Sorry to break it to you but you’ll be back in a few days

Ayden: A man can dream, can’t he?

Cause the older kids are in school and the adults are away the game sends over a babysitter to take care of Indie and Jace -5

The babysitter, Lonnie Isnard, isn’t actually that bad at his job for an NPC.

Indie: Ride horsie, ride!

Indie: I am never leaving here again

Lonnie: Time’s up, sweet princess

Indie: I said Never!

Lonnie: At least you can’t sass me yet

Jace: Wanna bet?

Lonnie: Disappointed smile

What can I say, he’s a Holly and they learn young.

Indie: Stay, my precious direwolf


Indie: Yes, I am Arya Stark of Winterfell!

You’re a little young aren’t you? Who’s been reading you that kind of stuff anyway?

Indie: *Shifty look* Was Freya

Babysitter Lonnie may be amazing with the kids but he isn’t exactly the brightest bulb in the box.

Milo: Stupid Human’s gonna freeze

I know Milo, I know.

Freya’s home from school. She must’ve changed back to human at school and, as I’d suspected, her missing hair was to do with her werewolf transformation and not missing CC.

Everyone is obsessed with the sonic shower. Maybe I should switch it for a normal one.

Freya might not get on the well with Grace but she is a really good caretaker for the really young kids.

Freya: Hush little Stark, you shall be in Winterfell again soon.

Again with the GoT references Freya?

Freya: What can I say, I found a new favourite TV show when you were away.

Grace: Please don’t say I’m gonna be stuck under Freya’s ‘rules’ forever. I beg you, say it isn’t so.

There really isn’t any love lost between these two.

Hayl: What’s up with you? I just wanted to pet you

Belle: Back away peasant if you want to keep all your limbs in tact.

Freya you gonna step in here? Your little sister’s gonna end up losing her hand.

Freya: Nah, she’ll have to learn sometime. Best she gets a head start.

Freya: Goodnight Arya, I’ll see you once I’ve stormed Kings Landing

Enough with the GoT references already

Freya: *Sulks* Fine but you are on my shit list for life

Indie: Bitch I am Arya Stark no matter what anyone says

Freya: I feel like I’m being watched

You created this monster, it’s up to you to deal with her

Freya: Nah, it’s more fun this way


For once Freya’s actually gone to her bed.

Unlike someone else I could name who stayed up all night on the damned rocking horse.

Hayl: Freya lied to me, this isn’t fun it’s terrifying.

What are you up to now instead of going to bed like a normal person?

Hayl: I’m checking under the bed for monsters, duh

Under your grandparents bed?

Hayl: Yeah, my bed’s too high for monsters but theirs isn’t.

Hayl: AHHHHHHHH!!!!!

What’s going on now?

Hayl: There are monsters!

What else did you expect? You did go looking for them.

Indie: Someone tend me now! I need sustenance or I shall perish!

Freya: Seriously Indie? Why can’t you let me sleep?!

Indie: I am Arya Stark

Freya: Shut up Indie

Indie: Arya

Freya: Fine, Arya! Now can you let me sleep.

Synchronized dreams FTW!

Milo and Belle: Roast chicken with all the trimmings *drools*

Indie: Did you want to go back to bed Freya? Tough luck, you’re stuck up all night with meAngry smile

Freya: I hate you more than I hate Grace right now

Indie: Boo hoo for you

Freya: You suck!

Hayl: I’m just…so tired

Go to bed then!

Hayl: But it’s so much fun stressing you out with the threat of fails

You are an truly evil child.

After completely stressing me out for a couple hours Hayl wisely decided to go to bed.

Just look at her smug smile, she knows exactly what she’s doing.

Freya: You are my last hope for a likeable sibling Jace, please don’t blow it.

No more GoT references?

Freya: No, I’ve learnt my lesson and won’t be making that mistake again.

Grace what are you doing out in the snow at 3 in the morning?


You too Freya?

Freya: Indie won’t let me sleep so I need something to occupy myself.

Baby no.2 is on the way for Clara and Midori. I hope this one takes after Midori at least a little bit.

I sense trouble brewing.

Night fell asleep right in front of the fridge meaning no one can get any food until he moves.

Grace continues to prove that’s she’s the smartest person in this house. She can’t get into the fridge for some food so what does she do, she makes herself a muffin with the kids oven that no-one’s ever touched.

Grace: *Is smug*

Grace: No, no, no, no, no!

What happened Sweetie?

Grace: This oven is defective, I demand a new one!

I’m pretty sure it’s not defective; you’re just a really bad cook.

She burnt the muffin to a crisp but she still eats it anyway.

Grace: This sucks but it’s better than starving

Grace: *Quickly pretends the muffin is the best thing she’s ever tasted*

Freya *Is completely oblivious*

Grace: Mmmm, are you jealous Freya? I bet you are because I’ve got food and you don’t!

Freya: I’m a ghost, I don’t need food.

Grace: Damn it!

Ohhh, would you look at that, Night’s finally moved his butt from in front of the fridge.

Milo: Son, there is a lesson in this; you don’t block the humans food source. It will make them very angry.

What happened to ghost’s not needing food?

Freya: I just said that to save face in front of Grace. Don’t you know that you never show weakness in front of the enemy?

She is your sister!

Freya: She may be my blood but she is still my sworn enemy.

I’m in shock, you’re actually doing your homework?

Grace: Don’t be silly, I’m trying to figure out how I can snatch this heir thing out from under Freya’s nose.

I…I seriously give up with you two.

6.50 and Freya finally wanders to her bed, on a school day no less. This doesn’t bode well.

How was your 10 minute sleep?

Freya: I am so not in the mood.

Grace: Sweet Rags, you are the only true friend I have. Once I am heir we shall rule together.

Sorry to break it to you Grace but no sim of mine will ever marry a face 1 and all IF’s are face 1.

Grace: Oh well, it was nice while it lasted

Rags: *Le gasp* But my love, we are meant to be.

Grace: That’s just getting creepy

Now you understand. Let’s throw him out with the trash.

Grace: I’ll think about it.

I guess we’ve finally run out of leftovers since Hayl is stuck eating bread and Jam for breakfast.

To bad Envy’s not here to whip up some proper food for her family.

Instead of going to school Freya stays home to look after the babies and catch up on her sleep.

I don’t see her ever having a good grade at this rate.

It’s kind of weird having no controllable sim in the house. I never thought I’d say this but I miss Cai.

While Grace and Hayl are at school Freya is tasked with helping Indie and Jace have their birthdays.

Indie goes up first because she’s older.

Indie: Watch out, here comes a flying Stark!

Can you drop the act now?

Indie: Never!

Indie rolls No sense of Humour (that should be fun Eye rolling smile)

Facially she is all Cai, she even has Cai’s weird jawline too.

Genetic diversity, what is this?!

Jace is up next.

Fingers crossed he is a good mix of his parents since he is my last chance at genetic diversity this generation.

OMG, he is so adorable! He has Cai’s skin and eyes and Azlan’s hair colour.

I’m not sure about facial features yet though.

That’s it for this chapter I’m afraid. Join us next time for the adults return, more birthdays and other legacy shenanigans.


Self wetting (5) -25
For each sim failing school (1) -5
For every game induced visit from a police officer, firefighter or babysitter (when you don’t call them but the game makes them come)  (1) -5
Passing Out (6) -30
Accidental Deaths
Social Worker Visit

Every Birth (7) +35
Every Twin Birth (3) +30
Every Triplet Birth
Fulfilling LTW (4) +160
For each Sim that gets on the honor roll (7) +35
Randomizing every LTW choice and trait for a whole generation of children (1) +10
Not using spares Happiness points for a generation (2) +20
Every 100,000 dollars

Every sim to master a skill (7) +35

Every sim to max their career (2) 20

Painting of Torch holder somewhere in the house (0)

Total points: 275

Chapter 3.7 – And Baby Boy Makes 5

Hi Guys.

I know I just posted a new chapter yesterday but I’m hoping by posting this one so soon it’ll make up for the 2

month gap between the last 2. Either way this is the last of the pictures I took on my old laptop so after this I’ll

hopefully get to actually play them again. Yay!

Night: Is this how adulting works?

Milo: No son, it’s not

Even the dogs are joining in on the stupidity around here.

Night: We are one

Milo: No we are not, so can you please move?

Hey look, Freya’s actually not passing out on me. It’s only napping but it’s better than nothing.

Az: Come to daddy, baby girl

Are you gonna finish teaching this one unlike last time?

Az: I might

I’m so proud of Grace. She’s reading, which none of the Holly’s have done ever.

Grace: There’s nothing wrong with literacy

You might just be the smartest member of your family.

A fire starts on the lot (caused by lightning I think) and destroys one of Cat’s collectables out front.

That’s the first time I’ve had lighting strike my lot. It’s kind of cool (minus the fire I guess).

Belle: The shooting star causes all this. It turned into fire and attacked the earth.

Night: We had a deal Reaper, you weren’t meant to attack my humans until it was time.

Belle: Run son, I’ll protect you!

What do you do when there is a fire?

According to the Hollys you run towards it and panic until someone else deals with it *facepalm*

My sims have been having this problem of standing around and doing nothing so it was pretty awesome to see

Grace actually doing something, even if it is just video gaming on the computer.

Azlan rolled a wish for another kid which is good enough for me tbh since I wanted more genetic diversity anyway.

Grace is a real little bookworm, always reading.

Whenever I try to look for her I always find her tucked up somewhere with a book.

Indie: Mallet go *ping*

Uh…sure it does Indie

Indie: Why you lie?

It seems Daryl has finally given up on his ex and has moved on Samantha Nguyen (I wonder how long that’ll last).

In other news Dahlia and Young Jae get engaged. Make cute babies you guys!

That cushion looks so much smaller now that Night is a big dog.

He’s still as adorable as ever though

What are you two doing outside on your own?

Az: Playing tag

As long as it’s nothing more than that

Freya is still addicted to the rocking horse. I’m soooo glad she’s aging up in 1day.

Freya: You will never separate Muffin and me!

Cai: You will be my newest minion from now on dog, otherwise you’ll be sorry.

Milo: Whatever you say Master

Cai: Good, now go collect me some rare gems so I can sell them and become rich.

Good news, Envy finally reached LV10 in Martial Arts thus completing her LTW and mastering the skill +45

I keep forgetting Grace is a genie until she does neat things like this.

Belle: Outta my way, floatie person, I needs me my food

Grace: But I’m being AWESOME here

Freya (in the background): You’ll never be as good as me, I’m a hybrid!

Grace: Maybe if I clean up I’ll be as awesome as Freya someday

Don’t let her put you down, I think you’re awesome Red heart

Grace: You don’t count

Crying face

Cai: I’m super busy Midori, what do you want?

Cai: No she’s fine and you missed your chance with me so please stop calling

It’s kind of cute that Midori calls Cai everyday. I like to think he’s keeping tabs on Freya.

Speaking of Midori and Freya, this is Lawrence Holly (Midori and Clara’s son).

He’s actually a little disappointing. The only thing he seems to have inherited from Midori is the werewolfism.

Freya still refuses to go to her bloody bed and now Grace is threatening to pass out on me now too.

Grace: It’s not my fault, you forgot to set me a bed.

There are like 4 spare beds around the house, go pick one!

Taking my advice Grace picks Cai’s old bed. Some new sheets and the beds all hers now.

Grace: zzz So much better than Freya zzz

Envy breaks the sink for the millionth time.

It needed replacing so I did that instead of wasting  Cai’s time in fixing it.

Looking very dapper Azlan.


Ayden: Say exercise is great

Indie: Is he serious? Exercise sucks!

Ayden: *Sad face*

Where’ve you been all chapter Hayl?

Hayl: Imma Ninja!

Baby J is confirmed.

Cai: I swear to all that is evil, this better be the last kid or I’m throwing a strike against you!

I’m determined to get multiples this time so Cai is glued to the kids channel and radio stations.

I may end up regretting this but I want at least one set of multiples this generations.

Freya continues to act (and eat) like a wolf. She hasn’t changed back since that time she passed out.

Cai: I am disappoint

Freya: Same to you mother

My little genius gets some skilling in before she has to leave for school.

There’s a real chess set in the skill room you know?

Grace: I know, I just prefer taking up the computer so no-one else can use it.

Grace: One day someone’s gonna mistake you for an actual wolf and hunt you down if you don’t change back

Freya: Yeah well, one days someone’s gonna shove you back in a lamp where you belong.

Sibling rivalry, don’t you just love it

Cai: Come here, littlest offspring

She has a name you know

Cai: There are too many, I forget their names

Quality parenting there folks

Hayl (In background): Mommy I’m lonely, please spend some time with meCrying face

Hayl: Please mommy

Cai (off screen): Can it, other offspring, I’m busy right now!

Cai: There! Are you happy now? I’m spending time with you.

Hayl: It’s my birthday so this doesn’t count

Cai: Damn it!

You can’t really tell ‘cause of the hair and the face she’s pulling but Hayl is really cute.

She also learnt all her toddler skills so she got to roll a trait.

Of course she rolls loner after complaining about attention 5 minutes ago.

Ayden is next on the birthday list.

Ayden: Ow, my aching back

If I was you Ayden I’d be more worried about the hole in your next but whatever (stupid slider glitches).

Unlike her two older sisters Hayl finds her new bed with no problems.

This is the first time Ayden’s been to work since getting promoted.

Ironically he goes to work in a limo which is literally the flashiest mode of transport ever.

If I was emperor of evil I wouldn’t be showing off so much but I guess Ayden doesn’t care.

Freya’s birthday was also today but she didn’t get to celebrate it until everyone (apart from Grace) was in bed

because she didn’t come home from school straight away.

Grace: Woo, go Freya! Let’s see if you actually turn into an actual wolf now.

Freya: you are so dead when I’m done here Genie.

Wow! Freya is a complete stunner! She is still pretty much a clone of her mum but I love her anyway.

She didn’t fail school but she did end up with a ‘D’ so her trait was locked in.

Yay, Dahlia and Young Jae get married! I love it when spares have good lives in SP.

Freya: *practises duck face*

Cai: Why are all my kids so weird?

Freya: I can’t hear you over how awesome I am

Freya: If I show I can take care of the younger kids I’ll be a shoe in for heir

It’s a little early to be thinking about that, isn’t it?

Freya: It’s never to early to secure my rightful place as heir

Indie: Is she serious? Punk

Ayden may be a grump old man now but that’s not gonna stop him from working out constantly.

Ayden rolled a high paying wish to see Cai become a criminal mastermind.
He may not be around to see it but I don’t see why I can’t try it? I’ve never seen a wish pay out so much LTH points.

Grace: Why are you yelling at me?

Cai: Because your granddad rolled a wish and now I have to get a job!

Grace: What’s that got to do with me?

Cai: You’re the smallest person around that I can yell at!

All that yelling must’ve send Cai into labour.

Grace (of screen): Serves you right

Cai: Just you wait until I’m finished!

Grace: Crap…uh, I mean I’ll go get help

Damn! Damn! Damn!

Even after all the kids music, TV and fertility treatment she still ends up with a single baby, a boy named Jace +5

Jace is a Genie like his father and big sister Grace. He also has the hidden Pyro and Immune to Fire Traits.

Jace will most likely be Cai’s last kid (unless SHE wishes for more) because the house is pretty overcrowded.

As I said earlier this is the last of the pictures from my old laptop so I’m not sure what’ll happen next time but feel

free to join us and find out.


Self wetting (5) -25
For each sim failing school (1) -5
For every game induced visit from a police officer, firefighter or babysitter (when you don’t call them but the game makes them come)
Passing Out (6) -30
Accidental Deaths
Social Worker Visit

Every Birth (7) +35
Every Twin Birth (3) +30
Every Triplet Birth
Fulfilling LTW (4) +160
For each Sim that gets on the honor roll (7) +35
Randomizing every LTW choice and trait for a whole generation of children (1) +10
Not using spares Happiness points for a generation
Every 100,000 dollars

Every sim to master a skill (7) +35

Every sim to max their career (2) 20

Painting of Torch holder somewhere in the house (0)

Total points: 260