Chapter 4.4 – Baby Bump Time

Hey guys, I’ve not got a fancy intro this time so let’s just jump right into this chapter.

Baby bump!

I think she is around 3 days here. Her bump is so tiny.

I notice Rodney Holden-Limb walking past the house (a lot of Grace’s ex’s and potential future boyfriends do this) and since I’d already planned for him to be the next boyfriend I sent her out to meet him.

Grace: I should probably tell you that I’m pregnant

Rodney: I can’t be-leaf it.

I know, I’m terrible.

And boyfriend No7 is officially confirmed.

I still can’t get over how weirdly werewolves eat. It just looks really silly.

Correct me if I’m wrong here but I think this is the first time ever that Grace has had a man sleep in her bed with her.

Rodney: I could really make myself at home here.

Don’t think so Mister, as soon as your usefulness is up you’re gone.

He must’ve heard what I said to him because the next morning he gets up, changes into his graduation robes (he graduated ages ago) and walks out.

Rodney: Good job tracking me down to break up with me, Sucker!

Not long after he leaves this happens.

Grace: Okay, I think you need to be a bit more clear on what’s happening because I don’t see anything.

Wait a few seconds, you’ll soon figure it out.

Grace: What the…


Figured it out yet?

Grace: You *pant* suck *pant*. Couldn’t you have *pant* told me what was happening?!

I could’ve but I didn’t feel like it Nyah-Nyah

She gives birth to our K baby, a baby girl names Kamille.

She is just a genie (boo, no hybrid!) but she did get a couple hidden traits so that’s cool.

Fun fact: I changed her name a bunch of times before I decided on Kamille because I couldn’t find any name I liked.

As soon as she gives birth Grace wishes to get married so I figure that’s a sign to get on with her LTW so she can actually get married. It seems that she agrees with me.

So it’s on to tracking down Rodney.

Grace: Hey Rodney, it’s Grace

Grace: You’re meeting up with me today. No, you can say no but then I’ll have to waste me time and track you down so I’d just go where I said.

Grace: Okay, I’ll see you there

Rodney: You got that diamond you promised me for coming here?

Grace: Have some respect, my dog just died.

Rodney: The diamond?

Grace: I have something better for you…

Aww, what a sweet couple!

Rodney: What about my diamond?

Hush Rodney, you’re ruining the moment.

There is something deeply wrong with this picture  (hint: it’s not Grace’s sim butt)

Still not sure what it is?

It’s Rodney’s swim trunks. I’ve had them in my game for a while and can’t seem to get rid of the glitched up swim trunks that only show up when they’re naked.

After some woohoo Grace decides it’s time to end things with Rodney.

Rodney: How dare you dump me? Do you know who I am? Where is my Diamond?


After leaving Rodney Grace then goes and tracks down her next conquest, Gill Pham, who you may remember she had a date with when she was a teen.

They were already friends so she easily lands him as boyfriend No8.

We are so close to completing this LTW now. Woo!

Aww, so sweet.

A little watch the stars and then a little woohoo to complete Grace’s wishes before the inevitable has to happen.

You guys all knew this was coming, right?

At the same time Grace is getting rid of BF No8 Indie is giving birth to the third baby of Gen5, a baby girl named Beth Ann. Right now it is looking like Gen 5 will be all girls, although that might change when more kids are born.


Kami: Not a boy but okay then.

Grace: *Burgh* Not again

Mwhahahah Devil

Some mummy/daughter bonding time Red heart

I have literally run out of eligible males in this town since everyone is married now so I threw 2 of my Sims from my bin into the lot across the road from the Holly’s.

The blue and white sim is Nevada Thatch and the formal sim in the back is Devan Hill.

Grace is sent over straight away to introduce herself before they get snapped up by SP.

When she gets there she finds Nevada booing Devan.

Grace heartfarts both of the new boys. Awesome!

Soon after Grace’s arrival Nevada runs off so she spends the whole afternoon getting to know Devan.

Devan: A pleasure to meet you, Miss.

Grace: *To self* Oh My Watcher, he’s perfect!

Of course after hours of progress my game crashes, forcing me to start again.

Thankfully I’d saved just after I’d placed the boys so I didn’t have to replay much.

This time I get Grace to use a couple of the friendship elixirs that I had lying about the house from Cai’s time as heir.

Also this time she focuses on Nevada first before he can run away.

Devan receives a friendship elixir too before Grace returns her affections to Nevada.

Devan: My word! This is going to ruin the suede of my shoes.

Grace begins the flirting dance with Nevada while Devan stands in the background being the biggest 3rd wheel of all 3rd wheels.

Devan: I’m not a third wheel, I’m just standing here reading my book while making sure they keep things PG.

Yes, and that’s not being a third wheel I don't know smile

Grace gets the player rep from flirting with Nevada.

Boom! Boyfriend No9 is officially confirmed.

Devan: Hello fellow Formal Geeks, I am happy to report that they kept things PG for the duration of their interactions. I will keep watching and let you know of the outcome of these interactions.

Devan, I seriously love you Red heart

Grace: You’re just too much of a jerk for my tastes. You’d probably get on well with my mum though.

Nevada: I’m not sure what I was expecting but this isn’t it.

Grace: Goodbye you weird Pokémon imitation.

(Inside joke: Nevada was based on the Pokémon Absol)

In true Grace style 2 seconds after breaking up with Nevada she moves right onto Devan before SP can snap him up.

Nevada: Boo you suck Grace! How dare you move on to that clown?

First kiss Red heart

Devan soon becomes boyfriend No10, although her LTW doesn’t fulfil for some weird reason.

Grace: Hey Dev, do you want to come over to my house? Your roommate is too annoying for my tastes.

Devan: Of course Grace, that would be a wonderful idea.

The whole time Grace and Devan were interacting with each other Nevada was constantly booing them in the background so I had her invite him over to her house.

Once at home Devan initiates some autonomous woohoo.

For whatever reason her LTW decided to complete after that woohoo. Weird but anyway +40

Meanwhile in the other room, Cai has discovered her newest granddaughter (not that she’s ever actually seen her other 2 granddaughters but that’s not the point).

Cai: Aw, who’s the sweetest little baby…well, apart from when I was a baby of course.

*eyeroll* Of course you would bring it back to yourself

Cai: Why wouldn’t I? I’m amazing!

This picture is so ironic to me for some reason. Maybe it’s because the first thing Devan did after the woohoo was introduce himself to Mattie and in a little while he’s gonna be like them.

Devan: I’m gonna be a dog?

Close but not quite.

After meeting Mattie Devan goes to get himself a drink from the keg outside, showing that he fits in perfectly with this family.

Devan: ‘Tis my 3rd drink

Shouldn’t you slow down a bit?

Devan: I’m having fun though

Carry on then.

Somehow it’s Mattie’s elder birthday already. I didn’t even realize she was so old.

Mattie: So, how’d I look?

Pretty much the same tbh

Mattie: But I wanted to be a dapper silver fox

I saw this and got confused for a second ‘cause I knew exactly where Grace and Devan were…

That confused soon died away when these two popped out from under the sheets.

Of course it would be them. I see Cai still has a thing for woohooing in this room.

I told you Devan would soon be becoming like the dogs.

Grace throws the last werewolf elixir at him, cementing his place as the final baby daddy of this Gen.

Devan: Why does she keep throwing glass jars at my feet?

Unfortunately that’s just how this family are. It also makes my life so much easier.

Devan: Oh, carry on then.

Cai: Mwhaha, no one will ever know I took this

Don’t you dare!

Cai: Try stopping me

Cai: This is the sweetest treat I’ve ever had because I stole it

What about your poor grandkid? How will she feel that you stole her lolly?

Cai: She doesn’t care, she’s just a dumb baby.

Grace pops with baby L (or baby No2 if you prefer).

Now the only question is who is the daddy? You probably already know but I thought I’d ask anyway.

Of all the people she could chose to announce her pregnancy to she choses Cai.

Grace: Mum you’re gonna be a granny again

Cai: *Sigh* Have one of your sisters gotten knocked up again?

Grace: Not exactly…

Grace: I’m pregnant!

Cai: Not another one

Cai: Why couldn’t you have been the only baby in the house?

Kami: Don’t ask me, I don’t make the decisions here.

What did you expect Cai, this is a legacy after all; We needed an heir and a spare.

Cai: It still sucks major ass.

Cai: This is the only baby I will ever want or need. When I’m fed up with it I can just stuff it in my inventory.

That’s terrible.

Casifer: But oh so true.

I had to lighten this picture a lot so Casifer would show up cause he’s black but I can still barely see him. Also, hi Ghost!Belle.

Welp, that’s it for this chapter. Join us next time for Kamille’s birthday, the birth of baby L and the puppies birthdays too!


Self wetting (7) -35
For each sim failing school (1) -5
For every game induced visit from a police officer, firefighter or babysitter (when you don’t call them but the game makes them come)  (1) -5
Passing Out (13) -65
Accidental Deaths
Social Worker Visit

Every Birth (7) +35
Every Twin Birth (3) +30
Every Triplet Birth
Fulfilling LTW (5) +200
For each Sim that gets on the honor roll (9) +45
Randomizing every LTW choice and trait for a whole generation of children (2) +20
Not using spares Happiness points for a generation (3) +30
Every 100,000 dollars (1) +20

Every sim to master a skill (9) +45

Every sim to max their career (2) 20

Painting of Torch holder somewhere in the house (0)

Total points: 330


2 thoughts on “Chapter 4.4 – Baby Bump Time

  1. I like your baby skin, looks like Kamille got Ced’s red hair! Have fun with that, you’ll never get rid of it 😛 I’m 3 gens past it (and no heirs have had it), and it’s still popping up. So impressed Kamille got so many hidden traits! Immune to Fire would be really handy! Not sure how burglar would help though…maybe it would help them get arrested less in the Criminal career?


    • Thanks, I can’t even remember what skin it is now, I’ve had it for that long.
      Yep, Kami’s definitely got Ced’s hair. I guess it depends on who’s heir for next generation for her hair to pass on though but poor you being stuck with it for so long.
      I love all her hidden traits and I love how the pass on genetically too.
      I’ve never thought about that, maybe that’s the trait Cai should’ve had haha


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