Chapter 5.4 – Where Are All My Friends?

Hey guys!

I planned to post this chapter yesterday but I was ever so slightly hung-over so…yeah. Last time Grace died what should’ve been an impossible death for her, Marissa completed her LTW and Tiff gave us 3 adorable puppies to fawn over. With the recap out of the way I think it’s time to start this new chapter.

Damn it Uno! We’ve only just started and you’re destroying stuff.

Uno: But this bed is ruining the flow of this room.

Everyone’s a critic

Despite Uno being a complete monster his siblings prove that puppies can be well behaved.

Dos: My brother is full of trash.

And thus, this once great legacy (haha, yeah right) is brought down by the siren call of the rocking chair.

Niska: Get your ass up Missy, it’s my turn with Rocky.

Missy: Zzzz…get your own…zzz

Apparently when Uno isn’t being a destructive little monster he is all kinds of adorable.

Uno: I do my best to please

He’s also apparently got a massive ego to go along with his cuteness

Uno: Who needs an ego when you look this adorable.

Okay, you need to stop. Right now!

Uno: Mum?

Tiff: Yes Uno?

Uno: I need you to prepare my bed with the comfiest cushions you can find

Tiff: *Weary sigh*

Huh, I guess Tiff chose not to give into Uno’s demands after all.

Moon: Man, am I glad I don’t have to deal with Uno’s demands like you do

Tiff: Boy, I will paw slap you into next year.

Moon: Sorry ma’am, it will never happen again.

I’m really worried Oreo’s gonna die soon. He’s already 14 days past the end of his lifebar.

This is the first time I’ve caught a rainbow over the town.

Actually, I think this is only the second time I’ve actually seen one in all my time playing TS3.

Missy is sent to the festival again to make some more friends via guitar playing but as soon as she gets there she wished to have her face painted. She got a cute little pumpkin on her cheek.

With no time like the present she immediately begins playing her guitar outside the face-paint stand-thing.

Tyce Skipton and Katana Langurd are the first 2 suckers I mean people to be lured in.

They are soon joined by Endive Parker, Cleopatra Steel, Frank Rourke and Kami’s husband Brendan.

Missy seems to have everything under control here so I’m gonna check in on the rest of the family.

Out of all the pups Tres is definitely mummy Tiff’s favourite so far. Maybe it’s ‘cause she’s the only girl. Actually, now that I think about it, she’s the only girl born in the whole 5 generations of this dog legacy.

Now that Devan’s heartbroken moodlet is away he’s back to being useful again instead of standing around crying all the time.

Dev: Got to keep busy, make the pain go away

Broken heart

Devan you are making it really hard for me to forget about Grace’s death.

Seriously, instead of sleeping in his and Grace’s old bed he now sleeps in one of the spare beds I’d placed out for when the future kids come.

Dev: It just isn’t the same without her *cries*

After crying to himself all night Devan still manages to get up in the morning and make green scrubs look good. I think when he gets him final promotion I’ll customize his work outfit with a funk pattern or something.

Niska’s taking to painting a lot lately (when she’s not working out of course).

Niska: I’m not just a one trick pony, you know!

Niska: This bathroom is filthy. How can anyone even think of using it in this state?

There are literally only 3 of you living here now, how can you make such a big mess?

Niska: I don’t know but now I’m stuck cleaning it up *sigh*

Awesome, keep up the good work.

Missy has had the wish to go on a date with Hoyt for a while now. I don’t really see the harm in letting her right now so I let her call him. She also had a wish to go to the theatre so we’re killing 2 birds with 1 stone here.

Aw man, aren’t you guys expecting a baby together? That’s pretty sad.

Hoyt (in his werewolf form) is already at the theatre when Marissa arrives.

He looks pretty pissed but I don’t know why.

Hoyt: They cancelled my favourite video game series

I feel you there. I’d be pissed about that too.

Missy: Does this make you feel better my special wolf-man?

Hoyt: It sure does. It would feel much better a little lower though


After that brief moment of perversion Hoyt runs off to unknown places, leaving Marissa on her own.

Instead of chasing after him I have her play her guitar for the people crowded outside the theatre.

The whole date-thing was a bust but the little trip to the theatre did let Missy complete the charisma celebrity skill challenge.

After completing that challenge Missy is sent straight to the gym to test out it’s effects. The first person she runs into is Ernest Shepherd.

Ernest: You’re smoking hot girl

Missy: Awesome, we should go get dinner sometime.

Enough random flirting Missy, you’re here on a specific mission!

I was eventually able to tear Missy away from Ernest long enough for her to make friends with Katherine Skipton

and a very pregnant Thistle Tart.

Friendship goes up so easily now that Missy’s done with the celeb skill challenge.

Apparently she just couldn’t keep herself away from Ernest because as soon as she’d made friends with Thistle she ran straight back to him.

You have no shame Marissa, no shame. Hoyt’s literally right there.

Missy: What was that Watcher, I didn’t hear you over the hot guy dancing with me.

I…I give up. You’re worse than your mother!

Niska comes home from work with yet another promotion. I think this is Lv4 now.

She’s zooming through this career.

One last look at the Gen5 pups as pups before they age up.

They all look pretty similar but Uno has a little more of Tiff  in him than the other 2.

I really wanted to make Tres heir because she was female and we haven’t had a female dog heir but Uno just had the best genetic mix so I had to pick him. Since they weren’t heir Dos and Tres were promptly moved in with Linden and her Cat Azrael on her houseboat.

He’s only been an adult dog for about 2 minutes but already Uno has set himself the task of charming the random night visitors we have.

Every picture I take of Oreo feels like it’s gonna be his last. He’s been around for so long now (the longest pet I’ve ever had in this game actually) and I’m really gonna miss him when he does go.

Anyway, enough of the sad stuff, the next day (after coming home to sleep and eat) Missy is shipped back off to the gym to make more friends. The first person she runs into this time is Billy Rourke, Linden’s ex.

Billy: You and I should totally get together

Missy: Ew, no way! You should totally get back with my big sister Linden though.

Cleopatra Steel is the next person Missy comes across.

Missy: Bam, instant friends

Cleo: What the…oh, I get it now.

Niska came along this time too because I missed seeing her around but of course she didn’t bother to make friends, no she just wanted to work out before she ran off to work.

Cameron: I hear you have a thing for animals. Will it impress you if I act like a dog?

Missy: Uh…you’ve got the wrong sister, it’s Niska that loves animals.

Cameron: Damn it, I thought I was in with a shot there!

Missy: You’re not gonna go all weird on me, are you?

Ledyba: It depends on what you mean by weird. My dad’s sister was obsessed with him so in my family weird is subjective.

Missy: Why can’t I just find someone normal to talk to?!

Missy: You’re normal, right?

Antebellum: Do you even need to ask that to know the answer is no?

Missy: I figured I might as well try.

Okay, moving swiftly on.

Missy: I’m gonna try this one last time before I give up. You are normal, right? Please say you are.

Irma: I am. Fortunately I wasn’t born into a legacy so didn’t get infected by ‘legacy madness’.

Missy: Irma I think we’re gonna be the best of friends.

Woo, go Devan!

Whilst Missy is out at the gym Devan gets his last promotion at work thus completing his LTW and topping his career all in 1 +50

After a long day of making friends Missy is forced to come home for something to eat and some sleep. She’ll be back to friend making tomorrow though.

They may be broken up now but Billy and Linden welcome their little girl Nathalie into the world.

I hope they get back together.

I’m tired and can’t be bothered captioning these pictures individually but the next day Marissa was sent out to the festival to make more friends. The Sims she met and befriended were Clementine Pixel, Jenn’s simself, Jax’s Simself and Taylor Secksie who she turned in the first chapter of this gen.

This picture is getting captioned individually because 1)it wasn’t at the same place as the others and 2)befriending Crash Langurd was a very special event for Marissa.

Befriending him gave Marissa her first celeb star and also completed the super friendly skill challenge.

Yay, that means I don’t actual have to try and get her to befriend anyone else and I can get on with this generation.

Marissa: Thanks Crash for helping me out. You’ll always be special to me for it.

Crash: I could think of a few ways you could repay me.

Missy: Ew, way to ruin a nice moment Crash.

And just before we get on with the townie updates for this chapter I’d like to mention that Devan maxed out Logic. He’s been super productive this chapter. Every point earned this chapter was singlehandedly earned by him +5

Townie Updates:

Missingno and Clementine had their baby.

Lori Gordon and Crash Langurd also had a baby. Lori now has a baby with Crash and with Hawk Cabernet.

Thistle (who you guys seen in this chapter) also had her baby.

I guess Leedle decided not to pursue a relationship with Tess and instead went after a simself.

Aw, sweet. I’m so glad these two stuck together. Now go make cute babies.


Self wetting (11) -55
For each sim failing school (1) -5
For every game induced visit from a police officer, firefighter or babysitter (when you don’t call them but the game makes them come)  (1) -5
Passing Out (33) -165
Accidental Deaths (1) -10
Social Worker Visit

Every Birth (12) +60
Every Twin Birth (3) +30
Every Triplet Birth
Fulfilling LTW (8) +320
For each Sim that gets on the honor roll (11) +55
Randomizing every LTW choice and trait for a whole generation of children (3) +30
Not using spares Happiness points for a generation (4) +40
Every 100,000 dollars (2) +40

Every sim to master a skill (12) +60

Every sim to max their career (5) +50

Painting of Torch holder somewhere in the house (0)

Total points: 430


4 thoughts on “Chapter 5.4 – Where Are All My Friends?

  1. Aw, I love seeing my sims in other people’s games. So glad Frank has found love with a Terrey. I keep trying to get them into the family and the polls never co-operated. (Freya is winning the gen 9 spouse poll though, so we will likely bring the Hollys into the family!)

    I love the charisma skill challenges, everything is *so* easy with people after that. All the opportunities with travelling and getting people to do things are just done! Looking forward to seeing what Marissa does next, she’s done so much and not even had kids yet.


    • I barely ever see my sims in peoples games, I always internally fangirl everytime it happens, so I totally get how great it is to see your sims in others games.
      Awesome, I’m sure Freya will fit in well with the Rourkes.
      I really wish I’d discovered the Charisma skill challenges before, it just makes everything so much easier.
      Kids should be appearing within the next few chapters and, can I say, they are just the most precious things ever ❤


    • I’m so excited to be able to show Missy/Niska kids off soon.
      I’ve played ages ago until the eldest is a child and my gosh, they are most precious things ever ❤


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