Chapter 4.13 – You’ve Got To Be Kidding Me!

Hey Guys, I don’t really have anything to say here since the last chapter was literally posted 2 days ago so let’s just jump right in, shall we?

I really should’ve been expecting this since she reached the end of her lifebar days ago but I wasn’t ready for Cai to go.

Also, why I started a new chapter with something like this I’ll never know.

I feel bad that out of all the Holly’s to die so far Cai has the worst gravestone when she probably had the most LTH points. Is it cause she was born a ghost?

WTH?! How is this even possible?

Kami: You shouldn’t have left me on my own with Jake on our date

Damn it, I thought I had those settings turned off

Kami: Apparently not

I was so in shock about Kami that I forgot it was Linden’s birthday. Oops.

Linden: Don’t worry about it, I’m used to being forgotten *dramatic sigh*

And of course she had to age up with Dramatic. As if she wasn’t bad enough before Eye rolling smile

Linden: I resent that!

She also rolled the Perfect Aquarium LTW.

Thankfully, with no votes, Linden isn’t the heir so I don’t have to even think of completing that LTW.

Missy spends most of her time in human form with the dogs so at least their needs aren’t dropping (the still persisting on peeing indoors though).

As demonstrated last chapter Niska is the only one who uses the workout equipment autonomously

Niska: Just a…little…more

Since Grace has maxed logic she now wishes to learn all the potions so she’s set to working on that.

*Sigh* Do I even need to say anything anymore -5

Az must’ve taken over where Cai left off because he’s constantly scaring people now.


Ghost!Ayden is out and somehow he’s able to keep his zen whilst his great-granddaughters are fighting in the background.

Az: Woo Ayden, you’re a boss!

Ayden: *Sigh* Why do I deal with these peasants when death is so much cooler.

‘Cause I miss seeing you?

Ayden: …Nope…

Crying face

Grace isn’t doing so well with the potions, she keeps blowing herself up.

Instead of her trailing all the way through the house for a shower I shove a shower in the skill room (I really should’ve done that when Kami was on fire last chapter but better late than never).

Speaking of Kami (I know, best segue ever, right?).

I hope you’re happy with yourself, isn’t there enough idiocy around this house without adding more to that?

Kami: I’m extremely happy, thank you very much

Finally, she makes her first potion, a young again potion (not that we’ll really need any of them since everyone lives way to long anyway).

Niska: Are you sure you’re even trying?

Linden: Oh, shut up

Niska: You should go to bed and come back when you’re brain starts working again.

Do you think he’s actually missing Cai or is he just glad to get the double bed to himself? Laughing out loud

Ori: Why can’t you get off your lazy ass and pick up a dish or two to clean

Linden: Because that’s for underlings like you to do, not for someone of my standing.

Linden, I hate to break it to you (actually I really don’t, what am I saying) but you are no better than your sisters (actually you’re worse ’cause you’re boring).

Random werewolf transformation is random.

I missed the pregnancy pop-up but Jace had another baby with Lysette Stewart.

WOOOO! I can’t believe Niska managed to max athletics as a teen +5

Niska: That’s ’cause I’m flawless

Don’t get too cocky, your aunt Freya did the same thing.

Niska: I’m still flawless

Oh, I guess that’s why Linden and Oriana transformed earlier; it’s the full moon.

Also, Ori peed herself even though her bladder need bar was full -5

Obligatory werewolf fighting picture.

Moon has fleas so into the scary washing contraption for him.

Moon: I’ve seen things, man.

Hmm, this couldn’t possibly be because Kami’s pregnant  with his baby, could it?

Also, I guess they got married while I wasn’t paying attention. Oh well, there goes Kami’s chance with him.

Ori: How dare you try to destroy a happy marriage

Kami: Shut it pipsqueak, you don’t understand, I love him

Ori: He’s our cousins husband

Kami: No, he’s mine. I love him and he loves me.

I literally have no idea if she’s channelling Peppermint here or if she’s just that stupid.

Linden seriously has something against that dinning chair. It’s always the same chair she scratches.

Moon is the first dog I’ve had since Cat who has wished to learn the hunting skill. He’s currently L4.

Sky: I don’t understand what just happened

Don’t worry Dear, just keep being adorable.

Daytime drinking Linden, really?

Linden: Tis the only way I can deal with the crappy hand I’ve been dealt in life.

I STG, you are so freaking weird now, please go back to just being semi-weird.

Go figure, Kami’s actually a big help around the house now that she’s pregnant. Weird.

Kami: I can’t have my precious true love baby born into this filth

Not true love but I’ll ignore that if you keep cleaning and being helpful.

Labour time already? It doesn’t feel like you’ve been pregnant long enough.

Kami: Tough, it’s coming and it’s coming now!

She gives birth to a genie girl named Amber (suggested by my little sister).

Amber has Hydrophobic locked in and rolls absent-minded as her other trait. She also has a few hidden traits.

Because she isn’t technically part of the legacy she is aged up right away.

She is super cute but seems to have only inherited her eyes from her dad which is a bit of a disappointment.

I didn’t think and only bought a swing for Amber. Probably a bad move on my part, I’ll admit.

Amber: This swing is icky, I want a proper bed!

I guess a hard wooden floor will also substitute as a bed.

I can’t remember if I count toddler fails so I’ll just count thing one anyway -5

Literally 1 sim day after Cai’s ‘death’ Azlan passes on.

I know we just had a new kid born into the house but why does that always mean someone has to die

He begs Death for more time but that’s not happening. He was 100 days old on a 96 day lifespan.

After reaping Azlan Grim helps himself to the family’s beer supply.

Grim: What can I say, this job has to have some perks somewhere.

True that.

Az is promptly placed outback beside his wife and the rest of the family.

(Cai’s headstone looks even crappier beside her husbands awesome one).

Linden: Hey Grim, do you need a queen to help you rule the underworld.

Grim: Nah, I’m good thanks

Linden: But I would make the most amazing Queen. I was born to be queen.

Grim: Yeah…No. I’m out of here *disappears immediately*

Linden: Damn it, I was so close

Kami: You’re an idiot!

D’aww, Kami’s actually a really good autonomous parent.

Kami: What else were you expecting?

Honestly, I didn’t think you’d bother with her so I’m pleasantly surprised it’s the opposite.

Why is it always you Niska? -5

Oh, I guess it’s Devan’s birthday. I should really keep better track of these things.

How is it possible that he looks even younger than before. What is this sorcery?

I should also mention that when Devan aged I took away his occult status so he’s a normal human now. Grace will be aged when he is from now on so that they don’t live for too long. I will be doing this with all occult couples in this ISBI from now on.

Since the whole aging at the same time thing is now kicking in Grace gets to have her birthday too. She doesn’t look to different but she didn’t age as well as her husband. Strangely Grace gets a MLC but Devan does not.

OMG, someone actually left her in there long enough for her to fall asleep!

Have I mentioned before how cute Amber is, ’cause she totally is.

I feel kind of bad for Linden ’cause Azlan was her closest friend in the house.

Linden: Why couldn’t Grim have taken me as his Queen then I could still see Grandpa?

Let’s get away from all this sadness and get onto something more joyful.

It’s Marissa’s birthday.

I’m not super sure about that hair on her but she is still really pretty.

She rolled Irresistible as her last trait and got the Leader of the Pack LTW.

With almost half the votes in the heir poll Marissa is the new heiress of Generation 5.

This is originally where I was going to stop this chapter but then I realized I’d have to start the new gen in the same town if I did that and I wanted to move them for that. I also wanted everyone to be aged up before the move so yeah, now this chapter is longer so that can happen and they can move in the next chapter.

Missy: Why am I not heir yet?

I’m not repeating myself so just because.

I missed it happening but Devan’s moodlet tell me he passed out -5.

Just some random Amber cuteness.

Why is it that anytime I have some faith in these idiots they go on to do crap like this? -5

Cool, Grace’s finally learnt all the potions on the potion station. Sure took her long enough.

Grace: I’d like to see you do this any quicker.

She is then put to making a couple Imaginary friend potions for future generations.

I don’t really like IF’s but if I’m using all Occults in this then they need to be included to, no?

Kami dropped the ball with Amber after teaching her to walk so Grace is tasked with the talking and potty skills once she’s free from making potions.

Grace: Be thankful you can’t be the heir to a legacy, Sweetie, cause being heir is literal garbage.

No Grace, you are garbage, actually you’re boring garbage which is worse.

I think this is still about Azlan…I can’t even remember anymore.

Look at Niska being all compassionate and sisterly though Red heart

Kami: What’s all this about unicorns? They don’t exist, can’t people see that already?

Missy: You are literally a Genie and you’re saying Unicorns don’t exist?

Linden: Leave it Marissa, you’ll never get through to her. She inherited the stupid gene.

Way to go Ori. She’s only the 2nd kid this gen to get on the honor roll +5

At the same time Ori’s getting on the honor roll Grace and Dev both get promoted at work.

I think this is Lv4 for her and Lv8 for him.

Why do we always meet here Niska? -5

At this point I’m sure she’s plotting to take away any point I earn singlehandedly.

Kami: I can’t believe they voted for you as heir. You don’t even have a brain, how are you meant to run a family?

Missy: Can you please take your trashy self out of my house and never come back

I now understand why Linden drinks as much as she does, I would too if I had a family like this.

All the dogs love Marissa for some reason, maybe ’cause she’s the only one not doing anything?

Amber continues to be adorable.

Amber: Vroom vroom make car go faster

More werewolf stupidity.

I mean, who would really stand for getting hit with a newspaper?

I can’t seem to escape Amber, can I?

I’m gonna miss her when we move town and she moves out with Kami.

Missy: Why are you hitting me, I didn’t do anything!

Ayden: What have you done with my great-granddaughter you mangy mutt?

Ayden you have reached all new heights of stupidity.

Marissa soon gets over her ordeal to go spend some time with her niece.

Missy: You are prefect, can I keep you forever?

My sentiments exactly

Grace: What if he doesn’t love me anymore ’cause I’m all wrinkly?

You’re being stupid now, Devan will always love you.

See Red heart

Ok, this was originally meant to just be a birthday for Niska and Amber but my town was starting to get glitchy so instead of waiting the extra 3 days for Ori to age up I just aged her up with the other 2.

Niska rolls Hopeless Romantic as her last trait and gets the Superstar Athlete LTW.

I love you Niska, you are indeed flawless and I hope you never change Red heart (favourites, who says I have a favourite?)

Ori rolls Star Quality as her last trait and gets Lifestyle of the Rich and Famous as her LTW.

Ori looks pretty too but she also constantly looks pissed off too which kind of ruins it.

And finally, littlest baby in the house, Amber ages up with the Loner trait.

Amber is an almost clone of her mother with only her dads eye shape and colour to differentiate. It’s a shame really, she had so much potential.

Anyway, we have finally come to the end of this long ass chapter. Next time I’ll be posting a tour of the new house and then the first chapter of Gen5 so bye until then.


Self wetting (9) -45
For each sim failing school (1) -5
For every game induced visit from a police officer, firefighter or babysitter (when you don’t call them but the game makes them come)  (1) -5
Passing Out (32) -160
Accidental Deaths
Social Worker Visit

Every Birth (12) +60
Every Twin Birth (3) +30
Every Triplet Birth
Fulfilling LTW (6) +240
For each Sim that gets on the honor roll (11) +55
Randomizing every LTW choice and trait for a whole generation of children (3) +30
Not using spares Happiness points for a generation (4) +40
Every 100,000 dollars (2) +40

Every sim to master a skill (11) +55

Every sim to max their career (4) +40

Painting of Torch holder somewhere in the house (0)

Total points: 360


Chapter 4.12- Hotter Than Hell

Hey guys, welcome back to the weirdness that is the Holly legacy.

Firstly, I know this chapter is seriously overdue so sorry for that.

Secondly, most of you probably seen that I’m planning to start a new legacy alongside this one.

I’ve already played through the first 3 chapters but I’m not gonna post it until I’ve finished posting Gen4 here.

With that being said, let’s get started Smile

Kami is awfully boring lately, she barely does anything interesting anymore.

Missy is pretty boring too lately (although she does skill a little by playing chess on the PC).

Niska proves she’s the most interesting of the kids right now by discovering the trampoline.

Niska: Weee, this is so much fun!

Grace continues to try fix her relationship with her boss. At this point I’m starting to think it’s a doomed effort.

Damn werewolf transformations!

Tbh, I’m kind of over the whole uncontrollable werewolf thing. It’s super annoying.

Ori: Whoa, whoa, whoa, you made us like this Lady so you’ll just have to deal

I could just cure you all, you know?

Ori: You wouldn’t?!

Try me Devil

Cai: The Watcher doesn’t like you and is gonna make you a boring human!

Niska: No! Not my werewolfness, I need that for working out!

Ori takes her werewolf anger out on the poor dog gnome.

I don’t think this gnome even has a name (I gave up on that after the first couple)

The werewolf transformations might be annoying but some of the actions are really funny.

Missy: How dare you growl at me, I’m your elder! Show me some respect *smacks with newspaper*

Without any actual kids around to take care of Devan no longer knows how to function.

He went to bed only to get up and pass out -5.

Oriana’s a very mean werewolf.

Ori: *Growls*

Sky: I submit, I submit

Everyone’s off to school/work for the day except Devan and Cai cause they work later.

Side note: The werewolf running animation is ridiculous Laughing out loud

After school that day Marissa gets herself on the honor roll +5

She’s the first kid this Gen to manage that.

Niska isn’t even in her werewolf form but somehow she still manages to pass out after school and her werewolf sisters do not (they all had seriously low energy from not sleeping the night before) -5.

Niska literally doesn’t have sense. Instead of going home to sleep she stays out hunting.

You can see the legacy house in the background, that’s how ridiculous she’s being.

Niska does eventually come home to join the rest of the family in celebrating Kamille’s birthday.

All the family (apart from Ori) are there to see the oldest of Gen4 become a Young Adult.

She aged up into a wedding dress which my little sister thought was hilarious so I had to show you guys.

After a quick make-over she looks much better.

She rolls Natural Cook as her last trait and gets the Monster Maker LTW.

Also, with only 2 votes in the heir poll Kami is not the heir but she will be sticking around for a while since the family will be moving towns when the heir does age up.

Since Kami will be sticking around for a while longer I used her one YA action to start on the inventing skill.

I’m not sure if they can invent autonomously or not but at least I gave her a head start.

Niska passes out again which shouldn’t really surprise anyone since she won’t go to bed -5.

When she wakes up she scratches up one of the dining chairs.

What have these kids got against the dining chairs? One of them is always scratching them up.

Really Niska? GO TO BED!

Niska: But this is much more fun


Niska: It wasn’t me

The Zzz’s don’t lie -5

Since this Generation is rapidly coming to an end and we will be moving and leaving everyone behind when it does I figured it was time to catch up with the spares kids.

From L-R: Freya’s kids Laureen and Earl, then Hayl’s only child Dante (Hayl makes some ugly babies).

Next is Indie’s daughters Beth Ann and Haley and then Jace’s only child (so far) Veronica.

I don’t know what’s going on with Beth Ann’s face since she and Haley have the same dad but Haley is gorgeous!

Come morning in the legacy house the kids, thankfully, turn back into their human form.

Kami finds the claw machine.

Spoiler alert: She wins nothing

Crap, crap, crap!

Grace is at work too so I can’t even put her out.

Thankfully Marissa arrives just in time to save her big sister.

I was seriously panicking there because her timer was literally into the last minutes when Missy put her out.

After being a hero Marissa then dashes off to prom in her pretty formal wear.

The other teens are in bed so don’t go to prom.

Nothing interesting happened at prom though.

I guess Linden isn’t in bed after all; she found sleeping on a bench outside the school when I followed Missy to prom.

Cai: How’s it feeling being extra crispy

Real sensitive Cai

Cai: Sensitivity’s not my style

Grace is still working on her relationship with her boss.

Yes, this is how boring Grace is now.

Cai and (a still very burnt) Kami have a game of keepy-uppies in the skill room.

I don’t understand how everyone is addicted to the basketball arcade machine but even Devan is now.

Hey, look, Kami finally went in a shower!

Way to go Devan! I’m so proud of you skilling on your own.

What you up to Niska?

Niska: Plotting ways I can make myself heir

Oh, for a moment there I thought you were actually doing your homework. Also, the heir poll’s been closed for ages now.

Niska: Damn!

Would you quit that Ori?!

Ori: But it’s so fun

It’s a shame on the poor dogs.

Ori: They need to learn that I’m the one in charge though

No, just stop!

Niska: Must…keep…pushing…to be…the best

Niska: This is a lot harder than it looks on TV

Kami gets asked out on a date by Jake Carter so she’s off to the swimming pool to meet him.

Either Kami’s going insane or Jake is invisible.

A quick dip in pool fixes Jake’s invisibility issues.

While on the date Kami wishes to kiss Jake for the first time.

So sweet but so sad cause he started dating her cousin Laureen just before the date started.

That doesn’t seem to stop Kami though.

I missed it because I was people watching but Kami HOTM kissed Jake and he accepted.

Everything’s going well on Kami’s date so I leave them to their own devices to check on the rest of the family.

Everyone is fine but one of the kids have ruined one of the dining chairs (again).

Wow, Elijah’s still got it.

He has a kid with Jessie and then dies a couple of hours after the birth.

So little to go before both Cai and Grace are L10 in logic.

Like expected, it didn’t take Grace long to get that last little bit of the skill bar +5

Cai still has half a bar to go though so she’ll be a little while longer.

More werewolf fighting?. This time featuring Marissa and Devan, I think.

You’re kidding me, right?! My heir, the one sim I can actually control, is the first sim to have a pee fail in ages -5.

I think this is as good a place as any to end the chapter. Join us next time for the end of Gen4 and an unexpected birth.


Self wetting (8) -40
For each sim failing school (1) -5
For every game induced visit from a police officer, firefighter or babysitter (when you don’t call them but the game makes them come)  (1) -5
Passing Out (26) -130
Accidental Deaths
Social Worker Visit

Every Birth (12) +60
Every Twin Birth (3) +30
Every Triplet Birth
Fulfilling LTW (6) +240
For each Sim that gets on the honor roll (10) +50
Randomizing every LTW choice and trait for a whole generation of children (2) +20
Not using spares Happiness points for a generation (3) +30
Every 100,000 dollars (2) +40

Every sim to master a skill (10) +50

Every sim to max their career (4) +40

Painting of Torch holder somewhere in the house (0)

Total points: 375

Generation 5 Heir Poll

It’s heir poll time again. I don’t envy you guys one bit this generation because I love all the girls.

I do have a favourite this gen but you guys probably already know that. That being said, I’d still be happy if any of the girls won.

I should also add that I don’t have any spouses lined up for most of the girls so if any of you have any supernatural suggestions for spouses I’m all ears.

Kamille (Kami): Genie
Traits: Hates the Outdoors, Loves the Cold, Eccentric, SPN Sceptic, Pyro (H), Immune to Fire (H), Burglar (H).
LTW: None yet
Gender Preference: Straight
Potential Spouses: Jake Carter
Days ’till YA: 1
Genetics: Kami is mostly Grace facially with Grace’s face and nose shape. She also has Grace’s skin. Her lip and eye shape (and colour for eyes) are from her father, Cedrick Winchester. She also inherited the Winchesters famous red hair.

Linden (Lin or Lindy): Genie/Werewolf Hybrid
Traits: Excitable, Loves the Cold, Angler, Technophobe, Pyro (H), Immune to Fire (H), Can Apprehend Burlars (H).
LTW: None yet
Gender Preference: Straight
Days ’till YA: 5
Genetics: Like Kami Linden is mostly Grace facially with her face and nose shape. Also like Kami she inherited her eye shape and colour, her lip shape and her hair colour from her father, Rodney Holden-Limb.

Marissa (Missy): Genie/Werewolf Hybrid
Traits: Grumpy, Brave, Computer Whiz, Heavy Sleeper, Pyro (H), Immune to Fire (H).
LTW: None yet
Gender Preference: Straight
Days ’till YA: 8
Genetics: Missy is pure gorgeousness. She is also one of those Sims where I can’t quite place her genetics. Her nose shape is definitely from Grace and her lips are from Devan.

Also like her older sisters she inherited her father’s hair and eye colour. She also got Devan’s skin but because he is also on a rainbow slider she is purple like the majority of the family.

Niska: Genie/Werewolf Hybrid
Traits: Loves the Cold, Athletic, Loves to Swim, Animal Lover, Pyro (H), Immune to Fire (H).
LTW: None yet
Gender Preference: Bisexual
Days ’till YA: 11
Genetics: Niska is a good mix of her parents with Devan’s lips, nose, eye shape hair and skin and the rest from Grace. She is also the only one of the kids to inherit Grace’s eye colour.

Oriana (Ori): Genie/Werewolf Hybrid
Traits: Couch Potato, Loves the Outdoors, Rebellious, Diva, Pyro (H), Immune to Fire (H).
LTW: None yet
Gender Preference: Straight
Days ’till YA: 14
Genetics: Ori is the only kid to mostly take after Devan facially. I don’t think she has anything from Grace in her face at all. She got Grace’s skin, Devan’s eyes and Azlan’s gorgeous blue hair (which I thought I’d lost when Hayl and Jace moved out).


Well that’s all the kids this time around. Good luck with the vote Who me?

Chapter 4.11 – Bring It On!

Hey guys, I know this chapter was meant to be posted on Wednesday but I was bored and I’m always super busy on a Wednesday so this was easier for me.

Also, this chapter is slightly longer because I wanted to get to the point I could post the heir poll.

With that being said, let’s get started.

I figured we should start this chapter of with Marissa’s first transformation into her werewolf self since she became a teen.  She looks really strange and I might need to tweak her werewolf face a little to make her look better.

Poor Oreo kept getting shooed off the multiple beds he chose to sleep on.

I guess he just decided to give up on bed sleeping for now since he’s been sleeping on the unused egg chair in Kami and Linden’s room a lot lately.

Linden: Let’s fight

Marissa: Bring it on

Linden: You’re going down

Marissa: You wish it was that easy

I hate to break it to you Missy but she’s kind of right.

In the end Linden did win but that shouldn’t be surprising since she’s got the higher athletic skill.

Also, I think this is a werewolf thing because it put their relationship up not down which I’ve never seen before.

Dev: See the cake? You stick your face right into it and start eating as fast as you can.

Niska: Like this daddy?

Devan: Perfect

After her fight with Linden Missy gets in a quick game of hoops with Ori before heading off to school with the rest of her sisters.

Missy: I’ll show her. I’ll get my athletic skill way up and the next time we fight I’ll be the winner.

I hate to say it but Grace is boring me a little because I really don’t have anything to do with her anymore so on a whim I got her a job in the business career ’cause I figured it suited her Formal trait. I’ll probably live to regret this decision but for now it keeps her busy.

There is only one flaw with that plan. Her new boss is one of her old enemies from when she was doing her LTW. She is quickly set to rectifying that since her promotion depends on her relationship with her boss.

Grace: *eyeroll* It’s not my fault he obviously preferred me to you, you should’ve learnt how to keep your man safely netted.

You’re never gonna get promoted if you keep going like that

Grace: Ok boss, I’m sorry I said that. I was horrible and I’ve learnt from my errors in judgement in the past.

Much better.

Missy: I wish this homework was more about working out. That would’ve been so much better than stupid Maths.

Niska: Is that all you care about now?

Missy: I’m going to beat Linden even if it kills me.

Niska: You are so dumb

Ori discovers the jungle gym and spends most of the night playing on it instead of going to bed like a sane person.

Kami: They’ll never know it was me who set this trap.

Yeah, you’re doing it out in the open without even trying to hide it but sure, they’ll never know.

Ori rediscovers her IF as a child. Hopefully she doesn’t put it down to make it come to life.

Kami tries out the sketching table for the first time. She is the first of this whole legacy to touch it.
She ends up drawing a random half arm thing.

Believe it or not but these two are both watching the TV but apparently Marissa decided it was better to watch it from way over to the side instead of on the sofa right in from of it. Sims logic.

Niska: Hey, this athletic thing isn’t actually that bad. Marissa might’ve been onto something.

Man, this generation really is into sports.

Ori out of the blue takes an interest in Sky. Isn’t it strange how it’s always Sky who gets the attention in this house? I feel kind of bad for the other dogs ‘cause they are mostly ignored.

Elderly Az sets of Kami’s earlier booby trap.

Az: Who would do such a thing? My poor heart can’t take that kind of shock!

Thank goodness, Grace finally wished for something useful (she wished to learn to paint).

I was randomly checking where Azlan was and discovered that he is barely friends with Cai anymore for no reason I can think of. That’s pretty sad since they used to be all over each other.

Marissa is still trying to boost her athletic skill.

Missy: Ugh, this is a lot harder than it looks.

She is getting better the more time she spends out there though.

Missy: She shoot, she scores!

This just made me laugh so much since they are both formal but their whole relationship has the gender roles reversed.

It’s Niska’s birthday.

Some of the family turn up to help her celebrate but everyone else apparently had better things to do.

Wow, she is so pretty and so unique too.

I can’t say enough how much I love the genetic diversity this generation.

Niska’s animal lover trait really shines through straight away, and what would you know, it isn’t Sky that gets her attention.

Linden: I am the alpha werewolf in this house and you better all get used to it.

Kami and Ori: She is so fully of herself.

Cai: Your kids are so weird

Grace: I know, right?

Ori: I can hear you, you know

Grace: *whispers* Still so weird.

Are you gonna be attached to the dogs from now on Niska?

Niska: Someone needs to make sure they are taken care of

Niska is the most recent of the kids to take up the basketball arcade game.

Kami: Boo Niska, you suck!

That’s not very nice

Kami: Come on, she can’t even make the shot

Some people haven’t been playing the game since they could walk, like you.

Kami: Well she could still try harder.

Ori shouldn’t you be going to bed?

Ori: Nope, I can stay up as long as I wanna. I’m the King of my domain!

Shouldn’t that be Queen?

Ori: Whatever. I can be King or Queen, it doesn’t change anything.

Devan: Boo, Cai’s the most evil person in the world

Cai: Why thank you, it’s not often I get such wonderful compliments

What’s with everyone booing everyone else today?

Missy: Listen Kami, you need to train me to beat Linden. It’s really bugging me.

Kami: Sorry but I’m not a werewolf so I can’t help you. You should try SimTube though, there’s some killer video’s on there.

Missy: Eureka, Kami was right, this is how I’ll finally beat Linden!

Marissa please never put that face again, it’s super unnerving.

Niska: My new room looks freakin’ awesome, thanks mum

Grace: No problem

It’s surprising how much a different wallpaper can totally change a room.

Grace heads out on her first day of work.

Grace: This better be worth it

It’s worth it for you to be doing something productive for once.

Before her first day is even over Grace is offered to switch into politics but since she won’t heir soon and charisma is pretty hard to get on her own I keep her in business instead.

Kami comes out of school and passes out –5

Marissa: Please don’t let anyone I know walk by and see this.

Niska: Just pretend you don’t know her, that’s what I’m gonna do.

Marissa and Niska do their homework in the small school courtyard (or whatever it’s called) after watching Kami pass out.

Because she never slept the night before Ori was forced into her werewolf transformation after school because of low mood but she’s smart enough to nap on the bench outside of school instead of passing out.

Instead of going home to sleep like a normal person, Kami goes on a date with Rowley Flynn-Carter (who is dating Dahlia’s youngest daughter Brenna). I can’t see this ending well.

Jake Carter (Kami’s date from the last chapter) also shows up and Kami seems to prefer him to Rowley.

Kami has another pass out while out on her date –5

How is it that my actual werewolves, who’s energy bars don’t really fill, are able to not fail but my genie, who has no problem with her energy bar refilling, is causing me the most fails?

I was dragged back to the house (I panicked cause I though Cai was dying) but it’s only for Oreo’s elder birthday.

He’s a little greyer around the face but that’s the only difference.

It was also Sky’s birthday too but she didn’t change at all.

I can’t remember if I mentioned it before but for a while I was finding vomit piles outside the front door but I wasn’t sure which dog was leaving them. Well, I’ve finally found out it was Moon. I should’ve guessed with him having the piggy trait but I didn’t think.

I have no idea how Linden got out the house but she was found half way across town, fishing in a creepy pond.

Kami eventually makes her way home and into a bed (not her own bed but I can overlook that cause she’s not failing for once).

Oriana also makes it home and into her own bed without failing.

I’m really starting to hate when the kids moods drop low because it forces them to instantly change form.

Poor Niska is forced to nap on the sofa because Kami stole her bed (even though Kami’s bed is now free).

Her napping doesn’t last long before she gets up and runs out of the house to go hunting.

Marissa has a very, very, pretty face Red heart

I must’ve missed the pop-up that Jace was having a baby but apparently he had one with Lysette Stewart, making him the last of Gen 4 to have a kid.

Also, how funny is it that Elijah managed to finally outshine his older sister. I bet Ayden would finally be proud of him.

Ori passes out after coming out from her school field trip to the theatre -5

It doubly sucks cause it’s also her birthday.

She comes home from her pass out and blows out her candles.

Ori: Hmm, what should I wish for? Maybe a unicorn? Or maybe I’ll wish to be free of these idiots?

Can you hurry it up a bit before you lose me more points?

Ori: Alright, alright, I wish to grow up really pretty

Wish granted.

She looks so dark and mysterious and I just love her, also, doesn’t the diva trait just suit her so much?

Ori: I am so tired, I could drop right here.

I think I’m going to end it right here ‘cause I don’t want anymore fails.


Self wetting (7) -35
For each sim failing school (1) -5
For every game induced visit from a police officer, firefighter or babysitter (when you don’t call them but the game makes them come)  (1) -5
Passing Out (23) -115
Accidental Deaths
Social Worker Visit

Every Birth (12) +60
Every Twin Birth (3) +30
Every Triplet Birth
Fulfilling LTW (6) +240
For each Sim that gets on the honor roll (9) +45
Randomizing every LTW choice and trait for a whole generation of children (2) +20
Not using spares Happiness points for a generation (3) +30
Every 100,000 dollars (2) +40

Every sim to master a skill (9) +45

Every sim to max their career (4) +40

Painting of Torch holder somewhere in the house (0)

Total points: 385

Chapter 4.10 – The Dapper Werewolf

Greetings Earthlings, welcome back to the Holly Legacy.

The last chapter was just posted yesterday so I shouldn’t have to go over what happened, right?

Good, let’s get started then.

Like most of my chapters this one starts where the last one finished, with most of the family sitting around the dining table eating birthday cake.

I think the only ones missing are Grace, Devan and Oriana.

After eating her fill of the birthday cake Kami proves she’s actually useful and cleans up after her family.

Kami: Someone has to do it ‘cause they certainly won’t

True that.

Niska lives up to her athletic trait already and jumps straight on the trampoline after eating.

That’s probably not the safest thing to do but this is Sims so whatever.

Linden also decides it’s a good idea to be athletic on the basketball court.

This family is very athletically minded I’m just realizing.

Kami: Okay Ori, it’s time for bed

Ori: But I just got up

One thing I’m starting to hate about ISBI’s is that the idiots keep putting toddlers to bed even if they’re not tired. It’s super annoying.

I foresaw a lot more passing outs from the idiots (since most of their sleep bars were in the red) but as usual they are too smart for me and manage to put themselves to bed.

Az: And then Mr Green said to Miss Silver ‘Oh baby. Welcome to my world’

Azlan please stop, those words should never be uttered whilst playing with kids toys, ever!

When I said everyone’s sleeping schedule is jacked up in the last chapter I truly meant everyone.

Even Oriana is effected and is left on her own most times whilst the others sleep.

Most of the time she is quite happy with her IF.

But then there’s those other times when she really needs something but no-one’s around to care for her.

Ori: *cries* Why won’t anyone come and soothe my cries of anguish?

Um…if you hold on I’m sure Cai will get to you soon (if she can get out of jail that is).

Oh, wait, I guess Devan wasn’t home either.

He must’ve had a hard time at work because as soon as he leaves he transforms into his werewolf self.

Dev: Oh, the indignities I have suffered

Luckily he’s still himself enough to come home and take care of his infant daughters needs.

Ori: No like daddy, put me down

Dev: This pup’s heart rate is accelerated, must be from excitement.


Well that’s new.

Cai: Stupid cops! Who do they think they are busting me? Don’t they know who my father was? Don’t they know who I am?

I’m pretty sure they know exactly who you are which is why they busted you also what’s the fact you got arrested got to do with the poor dollhouse?

Cai: The cops pissed me off so I’m taking my frustrations out on it, ok?!

I’m not sure what’s going on but some of the kids are finally being interesting and doing non-sporty things.

Devan cracks me up, he’s a werewolf but he has to be a dapper werewolf with his little umbrella.

Dev: I might have claws but that does not change proper etiquette.

Kami: Jump you stupid bunny, jump!

Linden: *writes* Day 5, it seems my sister is becoming just as mindless as the machine she’s attached too

Linden it’s not right to write about your sister without asking.

Linden: I’m just documenting her descent into arcade madness. Future generations will be grateful.

One of the girls brought a kid, Billy Lau-Simon, over after school. He’s pretty boring though and just does some homework with Niska.

Missy: Come on Billy, don’t be a stick in the mud. Sky can play with us both.

Billy: No thank you Marissa. I am quite enjoying this homework session with your sister.

Niska: Yay! My homework is more enjoyable than playing with the dog.

So much for the dapper werewolf *eyeroll*

Dev: The technology…it’s hacked my brain…

Nice cover but it’s not gonna fly –5

Niska: Watcher on the starboard

Shouldn’t you be in bed?

Niska: Ahh, the great Watcher is coming to get me, ready the harpoons!

Someone’s been reading to many books (not a sentence I ever thought I’d say).

Kami: Ugh, why is cheese so annoying to cut up?

Why are you cooking, there are literally tons of perfect leftovers in the fridge.

Kami: Well maybe I felt like fresh food for once!

Kami: Damn it all!

Do you prefer the leftovers now?

Kami: No! I will never surrender!

I give up

Enjoying your last day as a child, Missy?

Missy: Muffin is going to miss me so much when I’m gone Crying face

Aw, poor Muffin, you’re still growing up though.

Missy: Darn!

Kami marks the first of the Gen 5 kids to be asked out on a date.

Jake Carter is her date. He is the youngest son of MH Townie Kara Carter which makes him the half brother of Cai’s brother Daryl’s twins.

He looks the double of his mum but had a very unfortunate wardrobe so I took pity on him.

I changed his hair and lowered his lips slightly. He looks so much better now imo.

Kami, of her own accord, runs straight to him and starts chatting with him.

She can’t flirt with him though because he is a YA.

They seem to get on well and he could be a potential spouse for her if she’s heir.

The date ends with Kami doing her homework in front of the theatre while Jake goes home.

A very boring end to a pretty boring date but now I know Kami has spousal prospects if she’s heir.

Niska: This is strange and uncomfortable

Grace: Agreed

I’ve just realized how awkward the hugging animation is in this game.

It would’ve been okay if the adults head didn’t turn so weirdly.

Niska had a wish to learn painting so I used her one child action to get her started.

Here’s hoping she manages to finish it on her own.

It’s the full moon so all the kids (and Devan) are transforming into their werewolf forms.

Linden: Oh no, a werewolf *faints*

*SMH* You do realize you’re a werewolf too, right?

That is seriously ridiculous, she literally transformed and then fainted at the sight of Missy’s transformation.

Mattie: I have finally found one of my own kind

She’s a werewolf, not a dog

Missy: Mother, is that you?


Kami and Ori are the only kids not to transform on the full moon (Kami cause she’s only a genie and Ori ’cause she’s too young).

Kami: What do you mean ‘only a genie’? Genie’s are badass!

Grace: Calm yourself down, your hybrid siblings are far superior, end of story.

Kami: Sad smile

Cai and Dev: Ew, a ghost, you’re gross

Ivan: Granddaughter you are a hypocrite and you can’t talk either wolf-boy

I actually can’t argue with that.

A little late night hunting for the prissy Linden. She is literally the last of the kids I expected that from.

She just strikes me as the kind of person who’s scared of a little dirt on her clothes.

Idk, maybe that’s just me that sees that.

Missy has a quick nap before school but because she’s in her werewolf form her sleep bar doesn’t go up any and she’s still in the red. This will not end well.

Who gave you that milk, Ori?

Ori: Lindy did. Why?

You look way to happy for that to just be milk.

Ori: Is not, is chocolate.

Kami: Sorry Jake I can’t come on another date with you. The watcher says I have to go to school instead.

Kami: I know, she sucks. She’s the worst watcher to ever live.

It was at this point that my game kept crashing. I figured it was because I had to many Sims in the house so Sun was moved out into Jace’s house and Mattie was killed off since she was at the end of her life bar anyway. My game is running much more smoothly now so I guess it was for the best.

What an ominous way to stare at a baby. Back away from the baby slowly and no-one will get hurt.

Grace: Stay out of this, if Oriana wasn’t here then Mattie still could be.

Get over it, she was probably gonna die soon anyway. I just sped up the process a bit.

To calm herself down Grace takes the, long forgotten, baby dragon Casifer out in the front yard to have a fly around.

Whilst Grace is flying the dragon Az comes home and passes out -5

Az came home just in time for a double birthday.

Is it just me or are there a lot of double and triple birthdays this generation?

Of course since she’s older Marissa goes first, closely followed by Oriana.

Yes, no more babies in the house!

Marissa ages up into a complete beauty. I don’t think you guys understand how much love I have for this sim.

She also rolls the Heavy Sleeper trait.

Ori also grows up really prettily too. All the kids this generation are so amazing genetics-wise.

Anyway, I think this is a good stopping point for this chapter so I’ll see you guys on Wednesday for the next chapter followed by the Gen 5 heir poll.


Self wetting (7) -35
For each sim failing school (1) -5
For every game induced visit from a police officer, firefighter or babysitter (when you don’t call them but the game makes them come)  (1) -5
Passing Out (20) -100
Accidental Deaths
Social Worker Visit

Every Birth (12) +60
Every Twin Birth (3) +30
Every Triplet Birth
Fulfilling LTW (6) +240
For each Sim that gets on the honor roll (9) +45
Randomizing every LTW choice and trait for a whole generation of children (2) +20
Not using spares Happiness points for a generation (3) +30
Every 100,000 dollars (2) +40

Every sim to master a skill (9) +45

Every sim to max their career (4) +40

Painting of Torch holder somewhere in the house (0)

Total points: 400

Chapter 4.9 – Wow, Sarcasm! That’s Original!

Hey guys, I know this chapter’s super late since it was meant to be out on Wednesday but I just couldn’t be bothered writing until now. Anyway, it’s here now so let’s get on with the chapter Winking smile

Az: Behold my awesome genie powers!

Wow, so impressive *eyeroll*


You happy now?

Grace: I’d be even happier if I had a girl

Another one, really? Don’t you want a boy since this is your last baby?

Grace: No thank you, I’m happy with just girls.

Cai: I think I’ll just stand here all night and see if I get noticed.

You are definitely getting creepier in your old age Cai.

Cai: Why thank you. If I’d known that would’ve happened I would’ve got old years ago.

Cai: Grandma going down

Seriously Cai?! –5

Cai: Nyah-Nyah

Freya and her elderly husband are finally expecting their second child.

I half expected them only to have the one since Todd is so old now.


Missy? Marissa?

Missy: Huh?

You know that’s not even your room let alone your bed, right?

Missy: It doesn’t hurt to be extra thorough.

Missy: Ahhhhhh! Save me from the monsters!

*Facepalm* Why go looking for monsters if you don’t expect to find them?

Really, you find monsters and yet you don’t even run out of the room?

Missy: I couldn’t leave Sky to deal with them on her own

You are so weird.

Grace: Hey Mattie your grandpup is soooo cute!

Mattie: That’s great dear but I’m busy not caring

Grace isn’t wrong with how cute Moon is though Red heart

Poor Niska is left alone a lot during the day because everyone’s sleep schedules are totally jacked up.

Grace does eventually get up and tend to her though.

Niska: Ah, sweet freedom, I can almost taste it.

Niska: This isn’t the freedom I desired.

Grace: Please be quiet

Niska: Tantrum to end all tantrums beginning in 3…2…1

Is it bad that I can’t even tell which pup that is?

Either way, one of the pups are getting some bonding time with their mum.

Is this the freedom you so desperately fought for, Nisk?

Niska: Not quite but it’s better than nothing.

Really Missy? I know school’s a pain but your bed is literally right there –5

Missy: Shh, I’m too busy sleeping to be bothered by logic.

Sun: Dad, dad, dad, daddy, dad

Oreo: What is it, my Sun.

Niska: Ugh, can these dogs not get a life and get out of my space? They’re distracting me from my music.

I’m a terrible simmer and didn’t realize Kami hadn’t come home from school until everyone else was in bed.

She was found across town, in the snow, doing her homework.

After finishing her homework she makes a couple of snow angels before heading home.

Kami: Ugh, it doesn’t half stink out here

You are literally the only one out there, everyone else is in bed.

Kami: Forget it then, I must’ve been imagining it.

Yeah, or the stinks coming from you.

Kami: Watcher I think there’s something wrong with me, I can see Zzz’s above me head.

Nope, you’re just giving me yet another fail –5

Kami: Oh, is that all, I was worried it was something serious.

Sims, the only place where you can have a meal with a dead ancestor without blinking an eye.

Pep: How’s life treating you since I’ve been gone?

Grace: I’m not sure how I’m related to you since I’ve never met you but my life is wonderful.

I’m not sure if it’s an elder thing or Cai just being weird again but since she got she’s started spending a lot of time with the dogs. I guess someone has to because no-one else really does but it still seems a little out of character.

Devan: Darling, you know I love you, right?

Grace: Come here *Dips* of course I know.

Kami: Marissa move your ass before I kick it from here to Sunset Valley.

Missy: Stop being mean and I’ll maybe consider your offer.

Kami: You are so dead when I’m free

Missy: That’s no way to get on my good side and make me move.

Grace and Devan’s almost constant flirting is interrupted by Linden destroying one of the nursery rugs.

She is literally the only kid so far that’s taken to scratching up things in her werewolf form.

Grace: Seriously Linden, why can’t you just be normal like your sisters?!

Linden: Because I’m special, I’m the queen of this house!

Grace: Well we’ll see how well the queen like being in time out

Linden: You can’t be serious

Linden: I can’t believe she was serious.

What can I say, your mother can be quite testy when it comes to her flirting time being interrupted.

Linden: This is so unfair. I’m the queen, I shouldn’t have to endure these atrocities.

Just endure it, it’ll be over before you know it.

Poor Grace isn’t getting a break when it comes to her flirting time.

As soon as Linden had been put in time out Grace goes into labour with baby O.

She gives birth to yet another little girl, fulfilling her earlier wish.

This kid, like most of the other kids is a genie/werewolf hybrid with hidden traits.

Also, because she’s the last kid I aged her up straight away so I could see her genetics.

I love her already just simply for the fact she inherited Azlan’s hair colour.

Oriana isn’t even an hour old when Kami snatches her up and starts teaching her to talk.

Kami: The theory is that the whole series will reboot and everything will come together in this one game.

Ori: Am I meant to understand what she’s saying to me?

Nope, I don’t even have a clue.

I’m starting to think we have way too many dogs in the house but I don’t want to get rid of any of them.

There’s Mattie (Oreo’s mum), Oreo, his mate Sky and then their 2 pups Sun and Moon.

Kami doesn’t seem to agree with my assessment.

Kami: You’ll have to pry them from my cold dead hands if you think you’re taking any of them.

Kami also seems to have broken the computer so because she’s TH Grace is tasked with fixing it.

Grace: Are you sure she’s not secretly rebellious

Idk, she’s your daughter, you tell me.

After successfully fixing the computer Grace takes a shower and triggers one of Kami’s booby traps.

Grace: If this doesn’t wash out, I swear to all that is sacred, that I am disowning that girl!

Luckily the dye washes right out and Grace goes back to being blissfully ignorant.

Grace: Come on Ori, come to mummy

Kami: That’s not how you teach a baby to walk. You need to walk holding her hands so she doesn’t fall.

Grace: Remind me why I ever thought it was a good idea to have kids

I see you’re free again

Linden: I staged a prison break.

What if your mum finds out?

Linden: Why do you think I’m hiding out in the skill room, duh!

Kami is obsessed with the basketball arcade machine. She has like 3 athletic point because of it already.

I swear, this chapter wasn’t meant to focus so much on Kami, it’s just turning out that way.

Ori’s a very whiny baby and cries for no reason all the time.

Ori: I just want a little attention, is that to much to ask?

We already have an attention hog in Linden, we don’t need another, thank you very much.

Niska on the other hand is a very content toddler and takes care of herself most of the time.

Niska: I is good?

You is amazing Left hug

Aren’t you meant to play that game with other people?

Kami: What would be the point in that? At least this way I can always win.

Fair point, I guess.

One last picture of the pups as pups before they grow up and Sun leaves to live with a very lonely Jace.

Sun had the default coat for dogs so I edited it slightly to make him have actual fur.

He looks much better now Imo.

And of course, Moon is the dog heir for this generation and will be staying here with us.

He is so cute, although I do wish he looks more like his mum.

Freya gives birth to a baby boy named Earl. She now has a girl (Laureen) and a boy (Earl).

I actually have to get pictures of the spares kids since they are all getting older now.

Ori has found the dreaded IF but it actually keeps her quiet so I’m gonna let her keep it for now.

It’s not as if she can make it real anyway.

Lastly, before the chapter ends, a double birthday for Linden and Niska.

Linden goes first and ages up wonderfully. She rolled Technophobe as her Teen trait (I just forgot to take a photo).

Linden: I can’t believe I have to share a birthday. This day is meant to be all about me!

Welcome to the life of a legacy kid, where you never have anything to yourself Rolling on the floor laughing

Niska goes up next and rolls Loves to Swim.

Linden *of screen*: Of course you remember her trait picture

Anyway, I think this is a good place to stop and if nothing goes wrong I should have the next chapter up tomorrow.


Self wetting (7) -35
For each sim failing school (1) -5
For every game induced visit from a police officer, firefighter or babysitter (when you don’t call them but the game makes them come)  (1) -5
Passing Out (18) -90
Accidental Deaths
Social Worker Visit

Every Birth (12) +60
Every Twin Birth (3) +30
Every Triplet Birth
Fulfilling LTW (6) +240
For each Sim that gets on the honor roll (9) +45
Randomizing every LTW choice and trait for a whole generation of children (2) +20
Not using spares Happiness points for a generation (3) +30
Every 100,000 dollars (2) +40

Every sim to master a skill (9) +45

Every sim to max their career (4) +40

Painting of Torch holder somewhere in the house (0)

Total points: 410

Chapter 4.8 – Where Oh Where Has Chazy Gone

Hey guys, welcome back to another, on schedule, chapter of the Holly Legacy.

Like the title suggests this is the chapter where I left the game for over a month half way through so if it’s a little jumbled it’s because of that.

Lets start on a slightly positive/weird note because why not.

She finally tops her career (which isn’t that bad since she got a late start) which gains me +10

That would’ve been fantastic if she hadn’t then instantly gotten demoted.

This keeps happening to her for some reason and I don’t know how to fix it.

Also, I’m thinking on adding more point loss options since my Sims don’t seem to be failing much, what do you guys think?

Dev…Dev do you really want to go to work like that?

Dev: Why ever not?

I’m not sure people will want a half dog-man taking care of their medical needs?

Linden and Mattie just don’t get on at all. Mattie is always knocking Linden down.

Mattie: This game is fun, we should do it more often

Linden: Please just leave me alone!

Someone (probably the ghosts) built an alien snowman out at the graves. That’s awesome!

I wish my actual Sims were that awesome.

Little Lindy you should really be at school

Linden: How dare you address the queen in such an informal manner. I will have your head for this!

Geez! I’m gonna just go and check on some who isn’t completely delusional.

Grace brings out Casifer for the first time since she got him…

…but the visit is promptly cut short when she goes into labour.

Linden: What do I do?! The queen should not have to suffer through this!

Grace: If you don’t get out of here right now I will show you what true suffering really is!

She has another baby girl who she names Niska. Niska, like Marissa, shows up as pink in the little side panel but is pale white in game. We’ll see how she turns out as a toddler.

Niska is also a werewolf/Genie like the majority of her sisters and has a couple of hidden traits too +5

Aww, such cuteness Red heart

Also, if anyone was wondering Niska was named after Niska from Humans (I really love that character).

Devan comes home from work and Grace tracks him down to the bathroom to hit him with a newspaper.

Devan: I don’t quite understand what I did wrong here.

Grace: How dare you go to work and make me give birth to your newest daughter on my own!

Wow Kami, isn’t that like the first time ever that you’ve actually done your homework

Kami: If you’d stop being sarcastic long enough you’d realize I’ve done it before, you just haven’t gotten a picture before.

Grace: And on this sacred day the princess in the high tower realized she didn’t need anyone to save her, she was more than capable of saving herself.

Missy: Princess is pretty

Grace: The princess if very pretty Missy but that wasn’t the point I was trying to make.

Grace: Ok, lets try this one. A long time ago in a village far from here lived a monster…

Missy: Oh, this story’s much better.

I’ve developed a very special love for Missy. I love all her siblings but I love Missy the most Red heart

Azlan really is the best autonomous sim ever. Every time one of the kids needs anything Az is the first to respond, much to the annoyance of Devan.

Devan: That’s not fair, I wanted the baby.

Az: Next time be faster.

Just a little puppy spam to show off how utterly adorable they both are.

Damn, I almost missed Cai’s birthday because she was at work when it got triggered.

Luckily the camera panned just in time for me to catch it.

I can’t believe she’s an elder already, it seems like just yesterday she was a teen annoying the crap out of everyone.

Cai: I don’t like it, change me back already.

Sorry, no can do this time.

Cai: What, no! So I’m stuck like this forever now?!

Afraid so.

The next morning is Niska’s birthday. For some reason she didn’t get a cake but it’s cool ‘cause she’s super cute.

She is also the only one of the kids to inherit Az and Grace’s eyes.

Grace: Did you know you have another new baby sister?

Kami: No mum, I just walk around the house with my eyes closed

Grace: You really shouldn’t do that. You could get hurt.

Kami: *To self* Is she serious?


It was at this point that I saved my game and didn’t go back for over a month.

When I came back I had no idea what was going on or which kid was which. I got it sorted out though and continued on.

Grace: How dare you abandon us for so long. We thought you were just gonna forget about us like all your other failed legacies.

Keep up the sass and I might just do that.

Grace: Ok, I’ll stop *mumbling* I still don’t forgive you though.

I check through the age bars to get a grip of what’s going on and there is going to be a double birthday in 1 sim day for Kami and Missy.

Kami: I should go build a snowman before I’m too old.

You’re never too old to go play in the snow

Kami: I know, I just wanted to sneak ‘build a snowman’ in cause I know every time you hear that it makes you think of Frozen.

Yep, even after all this time every time I hear that line all I can think about is that stupid song.

Youngest kid Niska is found outside in the snow with puppy Sun. I have no idea how she got there.

Niska: Lindy said it would be fun. She was wrong, it’s cold not fun.

Of course both Grace and Devan are far too busy playing chess to go rescue their freezing child.

Niska does eventually manage to get herself back into the warm house so I guess it’s all good.

Dev: ~I remember when you were all mine~

A little singing while making dinner makes things go infinitely faster, trust me.

Dev’s newfound love of cooking is a bit of a wasted effort when his wife can just poof perfect meals out of thin air.

Grace: Everyone, dinner’s ready!

Unsurprisingly, since he has no cooking skill, Devan burns his waffles to the delight of overlooking Cai.

Devan: This didn’t go as planned

Cai: His suffering is like a drug to me

Did anyone ever tell you that you are extremely creepy Cai?

Missy may be one of the middle children but Grace makes sure she still gets attention too (aka she gets all the attention while the others are ignored).

Someone save me, I’m dying of cuteness overload.

I didn’t realize that Niska didn’t know how to walk yet so I got a surprise when Az autonomously started to teach her.

Are you sure you don’t want to be a musician instead of a doctor Devan?

Dev: No, I’m fine as I am although I do have a wish for you.

Oh really?

Dev: Yes, I want another baby.

Seriously man? Isn’t 4 kids enough?

No, I want another of my own since I only have 2.

Well why the hell not, I guess you can have your last baby…but this will be the last, understood?

Dev: Understood perfectly.

Niska: Look Watcher, I can make the block float

Wow, what kind of sorcery is this Laughing out loud

Niska: Is a secret.


Devan is an awesome autonomous parent tbh which is pretty much why I agreed to let them have another kid.

Kami: You are quite tiny, Sky, almost like a big bug.

Sky: Please don’t turn into a yeti monster and eat me.

Dev: Night night Princess, have lots of sweet dreams.

Missy: Love you daddy

Red heart

In case you guys were wondering Linden is still around, she’s just not been that interesting lately.

Linden: I resent that

You can resent it all you want, doesn’t make it any less true.

Attempts at making baby No5 are officially underway.

Out of all the perfect meals in the fridge Grace chooses to eat Devan’s burnt waffles.

Aww,that’s kind of sweet.

Nope, Devan definitely doesn’t have a favourite child.

Ghost!Pep comes out and plays with the lazer-rythm-a-con which I’ve none of my actual Sims have used.

Why are my actual Sims so useless.

Wow, we’re just rolling in point gains this chapter. Az tops his career which grants +10 and it also completes his LTW which grants +40.

It’s finally double birthday time for Kamille and Marissa (third cake is for Azlan when he gets his butt back from work since I’m keeping him ages with Cai).

Lol, Kami rolls supernatural sceptic as her teen trait which is ironic since she’s a genie.
She is also eccentric so I decided to do something different with her teen look.

Missy is still as adorable as ever Red heart

Some mother-in-law/son-in-law bonding takes place with Devan and Cai building a snowman.

They make the grim reaper snowman which is the first time I’ve seen that one in my game.

That is pretty frickin’ amazing!

Finally Az gets his butt home for his birthday.

Az makes an adorable (albeit stinky) old man. Is it just me or does he not look any different from his Adult self?

Anyway, that’s it for this chapter. See you guys next time.


Self wetting (7) -35
For each sim failing school (1) -5
For every game induced visit from a police officer, firefighter or babysitter (when you don’t call them but the game makes them come)  (1) -5
Passing Out (15) -75
Accidental Deaths
Social Worker Visit

Every Birth (11) +55
Every Twin Birth (3) +30
Every Triplet Birth
Fulfilling LTW (6) +240
For each Sim that gets on the honor roll (9) +45
Randomizing every LTW choice and trait for a whole generation of children (2) +20
Not using spares Happiness points for a generation (3) +30
Every 100,000 dollars (2) +40

Every sim to master a skill (9) +45

Every sim to max their career (4) +40

Painting of Torch holder somewhere in the house (0)

Total points: 420