Chapter 3.9 – Party Poopers

Hey guys, 2 things, first I’m a couple days late but this legacy is now 1 year old. I honestly thought I’d have been farther on by now but I’m happy with where I am right now, and second I’m sorry about the wait between the last chapter and this one. I’ve honestly been so preoccupied by going out and playing Pokémon Go everyday and when I’m not out I’ve been reading The Game of Thrones books or playing Sims2 which hasn’t left me with any free time. Anyway, with that out of the way let’s get on with the chapter.

The adults are still away from last chapter so Freya takes it upon herself to teach her baby brother to walk.

Freya: Just a little bit farther Jace

Jace: That’s easy for you to say!

Hayl: What’s it like being a kid so far?

Indie: It’s alright, I guess, I can’t wait to try whole food instead of baby mush now!

Hayl: You should start with a chicken leg, that is the best food ever!

Indie: *Person Person Plus*

Who’s got two thumbs and completely forgot it was their sim!dogs elder birthday?

This simmer right here *facepalm*

My poor Milo looks so old now Crying face

Milo: I still look sexy, right Belle?

Belle: Yeah, sure you do *doggy eyeroll*

I think the younger two kids are determined to get Freya in trouble with the adults when they come home.

Either that or they’re trying to lose me points.

They stayed up all night playing on the various toys lying around the house instead of going to bed like everyone else.

Speaking of the adults; they’re back home!

Luckily the youngsters don’t pass out before they have to go to school and their parents come home.

Sadly the vacation wiped out the adults wish panels so Ayden lost his wish to see Cai become a Criminal

Mastermind. She’s still gonna do it though.

Is anyone really surprised by this pop-up? Can Daryl even have a lasting relationship?

We shall probably never know.

Cai: This sucks ass! I wanna be free again!

Suck it up, you’ve just been away on a vacation now it’s time for your work to begin again.

Cai: Couldn’t you have at least made me do something interesting?

Nope, both your father and your husband need logic for their jobs so since you’re the only one I control it’s

your job that they learn it.

Cai: I hate my life!

Freya: I’m free!

Don’t sound so happy about it

Freya: I said I’m FREEParty smile

Cai: Take that, you mortal!

Envy: What the…

Funny story, I keep getting confused by all the ghosts in the house so there are time where I *almost* think

Envy and Freya are Cai which nearly screws up my whole ISBI thing so to partially remedy this situation Cai

is tasked with making her mum human. If Freya isn’t heir she will be turned human before she leaves too.

Envy is really pretty as a human but a part of me instantly regretted making her human. It soon passed though.

Az: What does our Watcher and this toilet have in common?

Envy: They both stink?

Az: Hey! You stole my joke.

Envy may be a human now but she’s still as klutzy as ever. I can’t even count how many times she’s broken this

sink now.

For some reason or another I was randomly going through relationship panels and I came across this in Ayden’s.

I’m not sure how he’s completely in the red with Azlan and Envy or why he dislikes Midori either since he’s

never had any mean interactions with any of them (apart from the odd scare here and there).

How’s it going Ind?

Indie: Arya!

This again? Okay then, what is young Arya up to today, may I ask?

Indie: You may, I’m currently crushing all my foes with one fell swoop. Then there’ll be no one to oppose me.

O.o You are nuts!

In less weird news, Dahlia and Young Jae are going to bring me adorable babies!

Cai: And my kids aren’t adorable?!

It’s not the same thing and you know it.

Cai: And then she said that our kids weren’t cute enough…

Az: Do not worry My Love, I will deal with this insolent Watcher for you.

You are such a liar Cai *eyeroll*

Please tell me this isn’t how you play to deal with me Azlan?

Az: Shhh, I’m hiding from Cai so she will not know I failed to deal with you like I said.

Stellar plan that is.

Watch out Az.

Az: It’s Cai isn’t it? I’m so sorry My Love, I didn’t mean to.

Ayden: Raaaaaaaaghhhhhhhh

Az: *almost jumps out of his skin*

Not cool Ayden, not cool!

Ayden: …and then you jump up and roar a mighty roar. That will scare even the fiercest sim.

Jace: Wow Gwampa, that’s coowl. Roar

WTH is wrong with you Ayden?!

Still loving the freedom, I see.

Freya: I am never coming back inside!

Good luck with that, just don’t get frostbite and die on me before the heir pool kthxbye

Damn it Azlan. –5

Az: Too many scary people in this house

You’re a GENIE! Man up or something!

Az: I’m good sleeping on the floor here thanks.

Ayden: AAAAAAAAhh someone help me!

You okay there Ayden?

Ayden: If I was okay I wouldn’t be screaming for help, would I? This thing is a death trap, I could’ve broken something.

I somehow doubt that.

Ayden: What was that?

Nothing, would you like me to to sell it and buy a normal shower instead?

Ayden: What do you think?!Steaming mad

Someone how Ayden was able to regain his composure enough to join his granddaughters birthday.

Ayden: Dad move your ghostly ass out of my way, I can’t see my favourite granddaughter age up!

Ivan: *Pretends not to hear and continues cheering for Grace*

Ayden and Ivan: Woo, go Grace!

Grace: Jeez guys, can’t a girl age up in peace?

She is soooooooooo pretty! I Red heart her!

She rolled Flirty as her teen trait.

Cai: I hate you! I’m your HEIR, I shouldn’t have to work!

At least you get to go to work in style.

Cai: That’s the only good thing that came out of this farce.

Looking fierce Envy. Any particular reason you’re standing there?

Envy: I’m protecting the dishwasher from getting broken.

Let’s not tell her that she’s the only one that breaks stuff in this house.

Grace may be a teenager now but she’s still as addicted to playing chess on the PC as she was as a kid.

Grace: Can you take your narrating somewhere else, I’m about to beat this loser into oblivion.

*Sigh* Fine, i can see where I’m not wanted!

Hi Freya, you want me around, don’t you?

Freya: Not really…

Tough luck, you’re stuck with me!

Freya: C’mon Jace, let’s leave her and her crazy alone.

I love my new computer, my Sims do some much stuff now e.g Envy breaking space rocks on the board breaker.

Jace is either on his own or with his older siblings, none of the adults really bother with him too much but he

doesn’t seem to care either way.

Jace: *Plays this tune on the xylophone*

Freya: Kid, can I ask you to do something for me and I’ll be in your debt forever?

Hayl: Depends what it is you want

Freya: I just want you to do my homework for me until I graduate.

Hayl: I…I don’t think so. Maybe you should ask Grace, she’s really smart.

Freya: But I don’t wanna

Hayl: I think I’m just gonna take my cake and go somewhere less weird.

Belle: You are the dog of the house now Night, it is up to you to care for us lesser canines now.

Night: But dad…

Belle: Your father is too old, it is your job now so find yourself a mate and give us grandpups

Night: Okay mum Sad smile

Grace teaches little Jace to talk.

Jace: I is orphan?

Grace: No you’re not. Your parent’s are just lazy bums!

Speaking of said lazy bums.

Cai: No more clocking in for work, I quit!

Az: You are king, Oh Great and Powerful Night, save us from this destruction!

What is this you see? Nope, it’s not some trick. Hayl is actually playing the piano thanks to these mods.

I love these mods so much and imo they’ve just fixed something that should’ve been in the game from the beginning.

Envy: It’s okay Milo, I still love you even if no one else does *scratches Milo’s belly*

I love you too Milo and I hope you live for ages cause I don’t want you to die Crying face

I really need to to put my no listening to instruments mod back in cause everyone keeps watching Hayl play

the piano instead of doing anything interesting themselves.

The rest of the family might be being boring but Hayl getting her first skill point in Piano as a child is pretty

impressive to me.

Hayl: You know it, I’m the awesomest!

Freya: Don’t push it.

Grace: Who does she think she is? I’m much more awesome than her

Sure you are Grace, sure you are

Grace: I am too!



You okay there Grace?

Grace: Leave me be, can’t you see I’m busy eating my feelings?!

At some point Clara gave birth to her and Midori’s second child, another little boy, named Al.

Hopefully this one looks more like Midori.

What’cha up to Indie?

Indie: Just making sure Grandma’s arrows don’t go astray.

Aren’t you facing the wrong way then?

Indie: *Gets flustered* That was on purpose!

Ayden: Up you go little man!

Jace: Ugh, Gwampa I’m gonna be sick.

On Ayden’s request earlier I replaced the sonic shower with an all-in-one bathroom.

Cai’s the first to try it out.

Freya: If I make this basket then I’m free for good and won’t have to be heir.

Yeah, you keep telling yourself that but you can make as many baskets as you want and still win the heir poll.

Freya: Damn it all!

Freya: Who’s a pretty doggy? Belle is, yes she is.

Belle: Just give me the treat Human.

Freya: Does the pretty doggy wanna come with me when I move out. You can join my pack.

You still don’t know you’re moving out yet.

Freya: A girl can wish, can’t she?!

Grace: What is even the point of being a ghost? You are literally dead and you can’t do anything special so

what’s the point?

Freya: You seem to forget that I’m a werewolf too and could rip your heart out whenever I want to.

Grace: Yeah right, I’d like to see you try. I could use my awesome genie powers to banish you for good.

Freya: Do you wanna take that bet? *growls*

Girls, girls, stop fighting! This is getting slightly ridiculous.

Cai: Nice work dissing Freya like that, you’ve done me proud!

Grace: *to self* She’s talking to me, she’s actually talking to me.

I don’t recall Cai throwing a party but apparently she did and her invited guests were too busy to turn up.

Oh well, our imaginary party was to good for them anyway Laughing out loud

Freya and Hayl: *Plays rock, paper, scissors loudly*

Grace: Do you mind, I’m trying to win here!

Freya: Oh I’m sorry ‘your highness’ *starts shouting rock, paper, scissors louder*

Freya: Am I doing anything? Nah, I can talk.

Grace: *aggravated sigh*

Hayl: This is too much for me, I’m outta here.

This chapter should really be called the chapter with all the forgotten birthdays for all the birthday’s I’ve missed.

First Milo and now Envy. At least it wasn’t anyone important.

Envy: It’s nice to see I’m not important to you.

You’ve done your job and your time has now passed so no you’re not important anymore.

Az: Wow, that’s harsh.

You hush or you can be made equally as unimportant. I’ve had your genes so I don’t need you anymore either.

Hayl: Going down -5

Freya: Sucker!

I seem to recall you failing a bunch when you were a kid too so I wouldn’t be so cocky if I was you.

Ayden: Ooga Booga!


Grandpa Ayden has a new favourite in Baby Jace. Cai isn’t gonna be happy when she finds out.

I worry for poor Jake’s future with a mentor like Ayden.

My youngest baby from last generation has finally moved on from his brothers ex onto Odessa Winchester.

I wholeheartedly approve. Now go make pretty Winchester-Holly babies!

Indie: Do you think if I took up sculpting it would make me more popular with the Watcher?

Envy: I highly doubt it , you just aren’t that interesting and you never will be.

Indie: I will have all your heads for this!

Az: Just a thought but maybe if you dropped the weird GoT persona thing the Watcher would like you better?

Indie: Never I tell you, never!

With all the older kids away at school and half of the adults away to work I’m only left with Jace and the elders

to entertain me. Suffice to say Jace’s cuteness was enough to entertain me for a while.

With everyone being out it falls to the grandparents to celebrate Jace’s birthday.

I don’t count this as an actual action for Ayden since I didn’t send him to do it. I just clicked on the cake.

Even derping out Jace is a cutie!

Of course he had to go roll a useful trait to put himself firmly back in the running for my favourite this Gen.

Since I love you all here’s a non-derpy picture of Jace for you. He looks so different from his sisters which I adore.

Join us next time (hopefully no more than a couple weeks away) for more birthdays, more fails and the general

craziness that is the Holly’s.


Self wetting (5) -25
For each sim failing school (1) -5
For every game induced visit from a police officer, firefighter or babysitter (when you don’t call them but the game makes them come)  (1) -5
Passing Out (8) -40
Accidental Deaths
Social Worker Visit

Every Birth (7) +35
Every Twin Birth (3) +30
Every Triplet Birth
Fulfilling LTW (4) +160
For each Sim that gets on the honor roll (7) +35
Randomizing every LTW choice and trait for a whole generation of children (1) +10
Not using spares Happiness points for a generation (2) +20
Every 100,000 dollars

Every sim to master a skill (7) +35

Every sim to max their career (2) 20

Painting of Torch holder somewhere in the house (0)

Total points: 265


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