Chapter 2.2 – University, Here We Come!

Hey guys welcome back to this silly little legacy. Last time Ayden took over as Torch Holder and fell in love with a ghost named Envy Grace. We left off with Ayden and Envy heading on their way to University so let’s get started with that shall we.

Oh, before we properly start this chapter I promised somebodysangel13 that I would post a

non-ghost picture of Envy so here she is.

‘Kay let’s continue with the actual chapter now, shall we?

Of course I have to show the lovebirds when they first arrive at their new dorm.

In typical Ayden style 2 seconds into Uni Ayden get’s into an argument with one of his dorm mates.

Dormie: You’re trash

Ayden: Listen chick, you’re picking on the wrong guy. I could crush you to dust without blinking.

Wow Ayden, that’s actually scarily accurate O_o

Ayden’s a lot like his mum when he’s pissed. His go to relaxer is shouting at someone whilst

they’re exercising. Of course if you asked him he’d say he was helping them train.

Once he’s sure Envy’s working hard enough on the treadmill Ayden then turns his attention to the

chin-up bar (or whatever it’s called).

Their impromptu training session got interrupted by them being forced to go to the student

meet and greet. Ayden’s first autonomous action was to attack the soda machine.

Fortunately he didn’t get squashed by the machine. He even got a free soda out of it.

After the soda machine incident I wasn’t gonna push my luck any further in case he somehow

killed himself so I sent Ayden downstairs and he started a conversation with this guy.

I can’t remember what is name is but he and Ayden talked for a while. Ayden even got a party

invite whilst they were talking.

Whilst Ayden’s making me panic about his life Envy is safely playing pool. Why couldn’t Ayden

have done something safe like that.

I sent Ayden and Envy to the party that Ayden was invited to not long after.

Their cute picture in front of the party house is sort of ruined by the intermingling stink clouds.

Wow, Envy sure is strong. She managed not to drop him the entire time.

Ayden’s really taking the whole college party thing to heart isn’t he?

Actually not long after this he gets a dare to get juiced/drunk.

Envy get in on some of the action too.

That guy in the background doing the keg stand is the person throwing the party btw.

Ayden’s steadily making his way to drunk. I think he was officially ‘buzzed’ here

(or so the moodlet said).

You’re the one who’s lame, random guy.

She got kicked out for taking a shower. I can think of worse things to be kicked out for.

Ayden completed his dare. I didn’t have him stick around long enough to see what the effects were.

I sent him home because he was getting tired.

I’m really glad Ayden ‘picked’ Envy ‘cause they are the sweetest.

Oh, and look, Envy finally realised how to actually sleep IN a bed instead of just napping on it.

Ayden and Envy spent almost the whole day in classes so there wasn’t much to document.

This was one of Ayden’s outdoor classes.

I can’t decide if this is creepy or cute.

Oh, I can’t remember if I mentioned it but both Ayden and Envy are doing the Physical Education


After classes end it’s back to the grind for Ayden. This actually helps him keep his grades up.

Another day of classes for Ayden and Envy.

Just look at that smug face, he knows he’s doing well.

His girlfriend on the other hand is struggling. She’s so exhausted she has to nap on public benches

between classes.

Just rub it in Ayden.

Ayden: Hey, it’s not my fault I’m fabulous.


Somehow Envy finds the energy to cook some dinner (probably ‘cause her dorm mates won’t).

Please don’t burn it or start a fire Disappointed smile

Envy: Don’t worry, I got this

Yay, she did it!

Envy: Told ‘ya I had it

Yes you did and I love you even more for it.

The next morning Ayden had his first lecture. See him sitting in the back trying to act like one of

the ‘cool’ kids. You’re not fooling anyone Ayden.

When they’re not at classes these two can often be found out here working on their skills.

At the end of the workout session Envy reaches level 4 in athletics and Ayden reaches level 8.

Both Ayden and Envy rolled this wish. I hadn’t planned to bring them back once this term was over

but because Ayden wished for it I will have to now.

Schools so stressful that it’s driving Envy to drink.

Don’t worry sweetie, it’s nearly over (this term anyway).

Told you.

Envy looks so please to finally be out of here. I’m sorry she has to come back.

While Ayden looks unsure about his grade.

Ayden: Please let my bribing the teacher have worked.

Wait, you bribed the teach…actually knowing you that isn’t surprising.

Wow, Envy actually did a good job for being completely on her own.

I guess Ayden’s bribery worked ‘cause he did really well too (that or all his working out).

They travelled back to Midnight Hollow (and got uncomfortably close) for about 5 seconds

before I sent them back to Uni. I want this degree over and done with before kids come along.

Ayden: Wait, weren’t we just here?

Yeas you were but you wished to complete your degree so you’re back.

Envy: But…

No buts, you’re staying.

Back to Uni means back to skilling for these two. The training interaction really comes in handy,

especially as once Envy’s started working out Ayden can just walk away and do his own thing.

Ayden gets to level 10 +5

Envy also gets to level 6 so she’s progressing too.

Envy glitches getting off the treadmill. Maybe all that working out had finally gotten to her?

She manages to unglitch herself to play a game of table tennis with one of the dormies.

At least it’s not beer pong (or whatever it’s called in this game).

Back to classes for Ayden and Envy.

Also, is it just me or does that statue look kind of Sims 4 ish?

On his free time I start Ayden on the martial art skill because I figured that when he got to a

certain level he’d be able to train Envy like with athletics.

Did anyone know that playing around with the skeleton thingy it raises the science skill?

I didn’t realise that until during one of the outside classes Ayden gained the skill.

During her outside class Envy started up a conversation with this guy instead of doing her actual

work. Oh well, this is actually one of the only people to talk to her without freaking out ‘cause

she’s a ghost.

Some late night/early morning dancing Red heart Red heart

Ayden makes some early morning friends with a scantily clad Carlee Beauty.

After being boring Ayden then goes to another lecture where he decides to fall asleep. It

doesn’t seem to matter ‘cause he’s the only one that turned up.

These two are still working away on their skills. Ayden got to level 3 in MA after this.

I may have splurged and spent the rest of the household funds on a better bed for Ayden and

Envy ‘cause they weren’t getting enough sleep in the old one.

Envy is really drawn to the poll table. I don’t think this trick is entirely safe though.

One of the dormies, Rebecca Lyn, started a fire while cooking. Envy really should stick to the

cooking. At least she doesn’t set the kitchen on fire.

Ayden was made to stop working on his skills to put the fire out.

Ayden: WTH were you thinking? I’m too busy for this crap!

Ayden looks entirely too happy about that fire.

Also Rebecca is really pretty. If Uni Sims don’t age like WA Sims I may use her for a future spouse.

Ayden’s now high enough level in martial arts to meditate (along with listening to a handiness


YAAAAS! Now he can start training Envy. Maybe she will complete her LTW after all.

Someone’s acting especially cute today.

Ayden: I’m not cute, I’m bad ass.

Yeah, you keep telling yourself that, baby face Laughing out loud

His cuteness is gonna kill me before the end of the generation.

The day before graduation Envy gets on the Dean’s list. Well done, Envy Smile

Ayden: Is it that time again?

Yes, yes it is.

Envy looks so shocked at her results which isn’t surprising; I was shocked when I seen them too.

I didn’t expect a sim I wasn’t controlling to do so well.

With the results in both Ayden and Envy’s wishes to complete a degree are fulfilled.

Seriously Rebecca?! This is the second fire you’ve started.

Ayden is made to put it out again. He looks so pissed, I’m surprised he didn’t just let her burn.

It’s graduation time! Envy’s on her way too but because of the ghost walk she’s much slower.

A word of warning, never take a ghost to Uni. They are slow as heck and end up missing half

their classes.

I invited the family to Ayden’s graduation and a very pregnant Alyssa was the first one to turn up.

Peppermint and Bay turn up next. It is really good to see them again. I know it’s only been 3 sim

weeks but I missed them. I waited and waited for Ivan to turn up (since Ayden invited him too)

but he never did. Jerk.

While Ayden was inside getting his degree/diploma this random horse family decides to give me

something interesting to take pictures of. I didn’t even know stray pets could roam around Uni.

I really need to pay more attention when I’m playing.

D’aww my little baby is a college/Uni graduate Party smile

He rolled the athletic trait for graduating.

Even at her only sons graduation Pep’s animal lover trait still shines through as strongly as ever.

That poor foal looks so scared. I don’t blame it, if someone shoved their hand in my face for me

to sniff I’d probably be freaked out too.

Despite their mothers antics Alyssa makes some time to congratulate her twin brother.

Alyssa: Congrats baby brother

Ayden: Less of the baby brother or I can make your boyfriends life really difficult.

Alyssa: *immediately shuts up*

Was that really necessary?

Ayden: Hey, she started it, I’m just finishing it.

Yay, Envy finally made it to graduation too.

She rolled the brave  trait. She’s gonna need it staying with the Holly’s let me tell you.

Before the moving truck came to take them home Ayden decides he want to spar with Envy.

They are both getting really good at it too.

I’m sorry this chapter was pretty boring but Uni is pretty hard so I didn’t have much time for

photo taking. Anyway, join us next time to see what this pair get up to when they finally get

back home.


Self wetting (2) -10
For each sim failing school (1) -5
For every game induced visit from a police officer, firefighter or babysitter (when you don’t call them but the game makes them come)
Passing Out (1) -5
Accidental Deaths
Social Worker Visit

Every Birth (1) +5
Every Twin Birth (1) +10
Every Triplet Birth
Fulfilling LTW (1) +40
For each Sim that gets on the honor roll (4) +20
Randomizing every LTW choice and trait for a whole generation of children
Not using spares Happiness points for a generation
Every 100,000 dollars

Every sim to master a skill (3) +15

Every sim to max their career (1) +10

Painting of Torch holder somewhere in the house

Total points: 80


5 thoughts on “Chapter 2.2 – University, Here We Come!

  1. Wow, so impressed that the idiot managed to get an A for her degree. I guess if you can’t control her you won’t cancel out the ‘go to class’ pushes *whistle*

    Uni looks like fun with idiots, they get to do all the fun stuff that the controllable sims can’t do since they’re too busy studying.


    • I was seriously shocked when she got an A too. Apart from being really slow ’cause she was a ghost Envy was really good at going to her her classes.
      I would like to do Uni again at some point in this challenge but maybe as more of a spouse hunt exercise so I can explore more.

      Liked by 1 person

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