Chapter 2.1 – Puppy Love

Hey guys, welcome back to Berries of Insanity. Last time our new heir, Ayden, became a YA and Peppermint’s reign as TH came to an end. I don’t know about you guys but I can’t wait to see what Ayden gets up to as TH.

Since I didn’t get Alyssa’s make-over picture last chapter here it is now. I really like her new look tbh.

I got her a job in the Science career, as per her LTW, before I kicked her out. Almost immediately I

got a pop-up that she’d moved in with her boyfriend.

That also reminds me, if any of you want any of the Sims from this legacy just let me know and I’ll

upload them Open-mouthed smile

After kicking Alyssa out I realized I had enough money now to upgrade the legacy house. My little

sister may have helped me decorate (she’s 8) so if anything looks weird it’s ‘cause of her.

I’m waiting to add furniture until the next generation are born.

There is also a, mostly, empty basement under the house for skilling items.

Since Frieda doesn’t seem to be interested in Ayden and Ada has got red hair (which we’ve seen enough of) I added some ghostified lady Sims from my bin.

The Purple-ish ghost is Sweetpea Pixel Twilight, a spare from gen3 of my cancelled Genetics challenge on Tumblr.

The ice blue ghost is Sun-Ye Lau, a born in game sim from a very old undocumented legacy of mine.

And finally, the pink-ish/blue ghost is Envy Grace Twilight, the gen8 heir to the original Twilight legacy which also got cancelled halfway through gen1 (the documented part anyway).

I immediately sent Ayden over to meet them.

Sun-Ye: Ew, a ghost

I…I don’t even know what to say to that.

Ayden greeted Envy Grace first, because she was the closest.

After a few interactions together I got these pop-ups. Envy’s definitely an option then.

I was about to send Ayden to meet the other 2 but before I could they ran off. It was okay though

‘cause Ayden had also wished to be good friends with Envy so I got to work on that.

Envy is such a cutie.

They are kind of sweet together. I’m keeping my options open just in case though.

And with this pillow fight Ayden’s wish was fulfilled. After that I sent Ayden home (which is next door).

No flirting went on between Ayden and Envy just yet ‘cause I want to give the other 2 a chance too.

Between the ghost house and home Bay managed to get on the honor roll +5

I’m so proud of her. I didn’t think she’d ever manage it.

I was surprised when Ayden got home to find Sweetpea Pixel there. It turns out she ran off earlier

to get a job as a paparazzi. Ivan’s one of the very few celebs in town she she’ll probably be around

a lot until he dies. Ayden didn’t heartfart her and I checked and there is no attraction between them.

That’s her out of the running for spouse then.

Frieda  Salas was still there too from the birthday party so I decided to see what their attraction was.

It’s actually really good but she stood him up for prom and then got herself a boyfriend (he also

didn’t roll any wishes for her at all) so I decided she was out of the running too.

That leaves Envy Grace and Sun-Ye.

Without me constantly micromanaging her interactions Peppermint now has time for the easier things

in life, like painting. She’s not very good but at least she’s trying.

After a very busy day of spouse hunting Ayden heads to his new double bed for a long sleep.

Dashing my last hopes of securing Sun-Ye as spouse she goes out and gets herself a girlfriend whilst

Ayden’s sleeping. Envy Grace it is then. I’m actually not as bothered by that as I thought I would be.

Of course it would be Ivan who is the one idiot to use the basement bathroom to wash the dishes

instead of using the 2 perfectly fine sinks upstairs.

Oh, I see why Ivan didn’t use the kitchen sink now. I’ll have to get Ayden to try and fix it when he

wakes up.

Also, is it just me or does it look like Pep’s gotten herself a tan?

Even as an idiot Pep still manages to stay on my good side by finding her bed.

Bay’s still around. She’s always doing boring stuff like playing on her tablet so that’s why she’s not

pictured so much.

Ayden: Can I just go back to being a teenager, this life sucks!

Sorry sweetie but unfortunately this is your life now, until your heir takes over Crying face

Ayden: Do I really have to do this?

You’re the only one who can.

Bay: Suck it up and get it fixed you big baby

Wow, tell him what you really feel Bay

Ayden: I’ll show Bay who is the baby

Ayden: Damn it! She was right, I can’t do this *frustrated groan*

It’s graduation day and Pep get’s a phone call from her eldest daughter. It’s nice to see that they

still stay in touch after moving out.

Side note: Pep’s definitely gotten a tan. It’s kind of pretty.

Ayden: Nope, no I refuse to graduate. If I don’t graduate I won’t be an adult. You can’t make me TH.

You keep telling yourself that Ayden but you’ll still be TH.

Ayden: Damn it!

Instead of going to her big brothers graduation Bay instead ran off on a date with Aden Ziggfield.

He doesn’t turn up so Bay eventually goes to Ayden’s graduation.

Ayden graduated with most popular. That I didn’t expect since he’s evil and all but I guess they can’t

all be accurate.

Someone looks a little too happy after claiming they didn’t want to graduate.

Ayden:…Shut up!

I caught Alyssa at graduation too. It’s nice to see her again.

After the ceremony I had Ayden take the family to the diner ‘cause they were all hungry.

Post graduation meal Ayden heads home to fix up the appliances before the family comes home.

This time he does manage to fix the sink.

He’s also able to fix the computer.

The apple really doesn’t fall far from the tree with this family. How on earth does one expect to

fix a computer with a screwdriver?

Ayden: It’s magic

It would have to be ‘cause that doesn’t make any sense. Either way he fixed it and gained 2

handiness points.

This boy is all about skilling today it seems. After finishing with the computer Ayden literally ran

down to the, mostly, empty basement and jumped on the treadmill. He reached level 5 in

athletics by the time he finished.

Yay! My first spare is having a baby Party smile

Ayden is the second person to discover the basement bathroom.

Ayden: You know you only took this picture to show off my amazing body

Like I don’t have better things to take pictures of. Your ego is getting the better of you again.

Ayden: Whatever you say Angry smile

In other news, Peppermint loves her flowers so much that she’s willing to become one with the

computer desk for them.

At some point she does manage to separate herself from the desk but I think it’s done permanent

damage to her brain. She now think she’s a dog *facepalm*

Pep: Woof Woof *whines softly*

Ew, that’s nasty Sick smile

This family is obsessed with this car. Almost everyone has had a turn of working on it.

NO! NO! NO! NO! You are my last option for Ayden’s spouse so I’m not about to let you get away.

As soon as Ayden wakes up I get him to invite Envy over. He looks like a love sick puppy when he’s

calling her. It’s so sweet Red heart

Envy comes over soon after Ayden call her. Not hesitating anymore ‘cause I don’t want to lose her

I get Ayden to start flirting with her. She is very receptive.

D’aww, first kiss

Envy: So you’re a criminal?

Ayden: So what if I am?

Envy: It’s cool, just don’t go getting yourself killed.

Ayden: *falls in love instantly*

Just look at how his little face lights up when he’s talking to her. I’m so glad she is gonna be the

spouse. They are so adorable together.

*dies from adorableness*

Ayden: I know we barely know each other but will you be my girlfriend and move in with me and

my crazy family?

Envy: Of course I will, that’s all I’ve ever wanted.

Queue cheater pop-up.

That doesn’t even make sense because I had Ayden ask her to break up with her current BF before

they got together and she doesn’t have any other RI’s. Stupid game!

Since he got the girl Ayden decides that he wants to go to Uni. I’ve never really played Uni much

because it’s hard enough with Sims under your control let alone on free will but I promised to

fulfil my TH’s wishes so I guess we’re going.

First things first, Ayden has to take the aptitude test.

I honestly expected him to do better since his athletic skill is pretty high but we’ve got enough

money so it’s okay.

I forgot to mention Envy’s traits so here they are.

She is Disciplined, Night Owl, Good, Daredevil and Neat.

Her LTW is Physical Perfection (Master Athletics and Martial Arts).

I used her one YA action to get her started on Martial arts. I’m hoping that if she has the skill she’ll

use the equipment herself.

Her effort paid off and she got her first level (and belt).

Peppermint completed her painting (for a while there it looked like she wouldn’t). It’s worth $13.

Can anyone spot what’s wrong with this picture?

Internet cookies if you said it’s Envy napping on Ayden’s bed instead of sleeping.

Pep still takes care of her pets which pleases me. I was slightly afraid we’d lose them because

Ayden doesn’t have the time to care for them with all the skilling he’s doing but Pep’s stepping up.

In other parts of the house Envy is meeting her soon-to-be father-in-law for the first time.

Ivan: So you’re the ghost that’s got my boy all flustered?

Envy: *sad face*

Some tact and sensitivity would be nice Ivan. Can’t you see she’s sensitive about the ‘G’ word?

Ivan: I don’t know what you mean; sensitive is my middle name.

Just…just try and be nicer, okay?

Bay surprises me greatly by coming off her tablet for once and trying out the martial arts equipment.

So they can woohoo in the car? I did not know that.

After their first woohoo the young lovebirds are off to Uni.

(Envy wished to go too so I let her).

Join us next time when we’ll find up what this crazy pair will do at Uni.


Self wetting (2) -10
For each sim failing school (1) -5
For every game induced visit from a police officer, firefighter or babysitter (when you don’t call them but the game makes them come)
Passing Out (1) -5
Accidental Deaths
Social Worker Visit

Every Birth (1) +5
Every Twin Birth (1) +10
Every Triplet Birth
Fulfilling LTW (1) +40
For each Sim that gets on the honor roll (4) +20
Randomizing every LTW choice and trait for a whole generation of children
Not using spares Happiness points for a generation
Every 100,000 dollars

Every sim to master a skill (2) +10

Every sim to max their career (1) +10

Painting of Torch holder somewhere in the house

Total points: 75


6 thoughts on “Chapter 2.1 – Puppy Love

  1. Envy is adorable, can’t wait to see what their babies look like. It would be cool if we could see her as a non-ghost too (if you use the salon station she should be a human in there). Ayden definitely loves her, great choice.


    • I completely forgot to show non-ghost Envy. I’ll add a picture of her to the next chapter.
      I’ve seen their kid(s) because I’ve played really far ahead and I’ve got to say they are the most precious things ever ❤


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