Chapter 3.2 – Hungry Like The Wolf

Hey guys, welcome back to the Holly ISBI.

Last time Cai took over as heir and tormented her younger brother Daryl relentlessly.

The D Twins also aged up and Daryl was promptly kicked out while Dahlia was kept around for a

little while longer.

Let’s kick this chapter off with a picture of Dahlia in the shower.

Can any of you guess what is wrong with this picture?




If any of you guessed that it’s Dahlia showering in her clothes then you are spot on.

My CC must be glitched again.

Dahlia: Why me? Why am I the one stuck here? I want to leave this hell hole!

Sorry Sweet Pea, you are to pretty to lose Red heart

As is becoming the norm around here I use Dahlia’s one YA action to get her a job.

For LTW purposes she gets a job in the medical field.

Meanwhile across the hall Cai has turned into a human/ghost typhoon.

All that twirling around must’ve really taken it out of Cai ‘cause not long after she FAILED on me 5

Ayden and Envy continue to be sickeningly sweet.

As soon as Cai wakes up from her dirt nap outside I make her drink one of the energy elixirs she

carries around.

I usually don’t get many of these pop-ups or when I do I click no but it’s for Elijah and he’s been

pretty lonely lately so I decided why not.

He took of like a bat out of hell as soon as I clicked yes btw.

I wasn’t sure who Maggie Flynn was at first but she’s got an interesting face to say the least.

I think she and Elijah could make a cute couple.

Elijah obviously thinks so too ‘cause moments after meeting her he heartfarts her and rolls this.

E: Listen Maggie, I like you (and I’m invisible to my family) please run away with me.

Maggie: Listen kid, you’re sweet but I’m just not interested.

But you asked him out *facepalm*

Elijah: *to self* Don’t let her see she broke your heart

Maggie: I wonder if I can get this nerd to do my homework for me?

Cai, who was vaguely chaperoning Elijah’s date, ran right over and showed Maggie what happens

when someone messes with her family.

Cai: No one gets to disrespect or mess with my dorky little brother except me and my dad,

understood? *throws lycanthropy elixir*

Elijah: My family is rich, you know? I could give you the world.

Cai: You are so desperate!

I’ve actually got to agree with Cai on this one. Elijah doesn’t even seem to notice that his date

is now a werewolf.

Cai: I’m out of here

On her travels Cai bumps into this guy, Midori Sourz, in front of the police station.

Potential spouse; maybe.

After she introduces herself they heartfart, which I completely expected since the game makes

everyone unrelated (and sometimes related) heartfart.

Cai then starts her potential relationship with Midori the easiest (and fastest) way she knows

how; by throwing a glass jar at his feet.

Nothing like starting a relationship by cutting up someone’s feet.

As soon as they are ‘friends’ Cai rolls this wish.


The kiss couldn’t have been that good though ‘cause Midori ran straight home afterwards.

Cai being Cai obviously followed him.

I found this little cutie in Midori’s backyard. I’m not sure if she belongs to him or his roommate though.

He turned her down for another kiss at home but that doesn’t stop them from running off to the

nearest bed for woohoo.

I should also probably mention that any and all woohoo’s are risky just for the sake of giving

myself a headache and letting the game be as autonomous as possible.

Well crap! I can’t believe I forgot to get Cai to ask if he was single before she jumped him.

In case you forgot, Clara is Cai’s twin sister.

Well he’s definitely out as a spouse option then.

Cai breaks up with Midori post woohoo.

Cai: Hey, I know we were just in bed but you’re history now.

Midori: But I love you!

Cai: Dude, you’re with my twin!

Midori: There’s enough of me to go around

Suffice to say Cai didn’t stick around Midori for much longer.

She autonomously cornered his cute roommate, Azlan Bhása, in the downstairs bathroom.

Of course she heartfarts him too.

I think I’m just gonna leave their attraction score here too and let it speak for itself.

Just to quicken things up Cai throws a friendship Elixir at him.

I am seriously loving these friendship elixirs. They make everything so much easier.

Another successful HOTM Kiss for Cai.

I love this picture of them Red heart

Cai: This’ll show Midori for cheating on me with my sister

Uh Cai…he cheated on your sister with you Eye rolling smile

Cai: It happened how I said it did Devil

I’m pretty sure Cai’s making sure Azlan’s not getting away from her like Midori did.

Aw crap! I wasn’t keeping a good enough eye on her motive bars.

This is actually getting a little embarrassing now. -5

After the pee incident I decided to leave Cai on autonomy to see what she’d do

(I know, stellar idea, right?)

Surprise surprise she drags him off for woohoo (in the bed she’d just been in with Midori Sick smile)

After her woohoo with Azlan Cai sneaks downstairs and takes a bath.

I get a pop-up about inappropriate behaviour but she doesn’t get kicked out.

Yeah, because in Sims you get kicked out for making food or taking a bath but not for sleeping

with 2 roommates one after the other *eyeroll*

To add insult to imaginary injury Cai then goes and grabs a plate of Azlan’s freshly made salad.

After making sure all her motives are full Cai then drags Azlan off for yet more woohoo.

Cai: I’m heading home now but I’m gonna make it official now that you are mine!

Az: I’ll be yours forever more, my love

Have you hypnotised him or something?!

He’s very pretty.

I really want his genetics in my legacy now Red heart (especially his little pointed ears)

True to her word Cai came home to check up on her family as soon as she left Azlan’s.

To my surprise the family was still in perfect working order and had managed to handle

24 sim hours on their own (yes, Cai was out around 24 hours).

She doesn’t even stop to say hi to her family before running of to her precious alchemy station.

Dahlia: Oh my Watcher! Why did you both have to come back?!

We missed you too Dahlia.

Since Daryl’s been away I’ve noticed that Ayden’s spending more time with Elijah.
Their relationship is slowly building through this.

It’s still kind of sad that Elijah’s still wishing to be best friends with his dad.

I never lock it in because it’s never gonna happen on autonomy but every couple of days he

rolls the same wish.

Dahlia really lives up to her Love the Outdoors trait.

She’s constantly outside at the basketball court.

Elijah has discovered the ability to fly Rolling on the floor laughing

Ayden: I’m glad you never fell flat on your face, kid

Elijah: *internal squealing* He loves me, he finally loves me!

Dahlia, who has finally found her on bed, dreams of babies while her sister still has no plans to

bring on the next generation.

Or does she? (crappy segue is crappy)

Cai: Ugh! I need to stay away from the alchemy station

Cai: Grandma, make it go away

Pep: To busy watching Hell’s Kitchen dear

Cai: You suck!

For some inane reason Cai thinks it’s perfectly reasonable to tend to her bees after throwing upSarcastic smile

I guess it wasn’t the alchemy station after all.

You all probably guessed that from the get go but I was actually surprised when I played through

‘cause I wasn’t keeping an eye on her moodlets.

This begs the question though, with Cai woohooing with both Midori and Azlan, who’s the dad?

Cai: I can’t be a mum, I’m not ready for screaming brats. I wanted to get my LTW done first!

Should’ve thought about that before sleeping with everything that moved.

Cai: Not helping Devil

To Cai’s mind of impending motherhood I had her fix the broken shower.

When times get tough for Cai she runs back to her trusty alchemy.

She’s actually getting pretty close to topping the skill at this point.

Dahlia, who hasn’t really done anything interesting lately, finally decides she wants to make

friends with Milo.

While practising Alchemy Cai wishes to go on a date with Azlan.

I wonder if that means he’s the dad?

Because it’s the first wish (I think) that Cai’s rolled for Azlan I had her drop everything to track

him down.

They decide on their date to go to ‘tour’ city hall.

On their way there I find out that Az is a genie. Neat.

After their ‘tour’ I have Cai drag Azlan home with her so I can keep an eye on the rest of the

family too. She does some collecting from the spawners on the lot while she waits for his genie

ass to hurry up.

This is getting pretty common with Cai and men but as soon as Azlan was on the lot Cai dragged

him of to her deceased grandparents bed for some woohoo.

I get she can’t get anymore pregnant so it’s okay.

Since Az isn’t a part of the household yet I’m having Cai throw elixirs at him so I can get her LTW

out of the way. It doesn’t seem to be negatively impacting their relationship yet.

Dahlia didn’t escape the elixirs Cai was throwing either.

Unfortunately she wasn’t quite as lucky as Azlan was.

Cai: Haha, I love your suffering!

Got to love evil sims, huh?

Side note: I was just having her throw elixirs randomly without checking what she was throwing

so it was completely by chance that Az got good ones and ‘Lia got bad ones.

Aww, Azlan must be Childish.

He looks so sweet playing with the long abandoned dollhouse.

I am so glad I decided that Cai couldn’t be with Midori. He and Clara are sort of sweet.

I got another pop-up not long after saying they got married. I hope they have lots of cute babies.

Dahlia: You may be seriously hot but you don’t have a brain

Azlan: How dare you, super cute sister of my girlfriend!

I’m watching you two very closely. Do NOT even think about it!

Ayden: I’m so disappointed in you, you could’ve been a star!

Cai: Stay out of it dad, I’m eating for two here!

Ayden: You’re pregnant?!

And that is how Ayden (and the rest of the family) found out about Cai’s pregnancy.

Cai: Hey, I heard you were after my man *Smacks her upside the head with a brick filled pillow*

Dahlia: Sorry, so, so, sorry Crying face

Taking her chance to get away, Dahlia runs off to work.

The timing just so happened to coincide with Azlan’s work too.

I see Az has decided that his genie clothes are a good work outfit.

You see that? No skill bar!

Yep, Cai’s finally done with the Alchemy skill which means she is 3/4 of the way done in her LTW

since she’s thrown 26/50 elixirs. Maybe she will knock this out before having the baby Thinking smile

The fridge has officially ran out of leftover so Envy has taken over as the new family cook.

So far she’s only made that one salad. I fear the family is doomed to starve.

Cai: Happy birthday littlest bro. Take this *throws random elixir at his feet*

Elijah: *to self* Please don’t be bees, please don’t be bees

I see someone’s been chatting to Daryl Rolling on the floor laughingRolling on the floor laughing

Speaking of Daryl…

I threw a birthday party for Elijah mostly ‘cause I wanted an excuse for Cai to throw around

some elixirs without having to leave the lot.

A few random Sims turned up as did Daryl and Clara.

Cai’s first elixir thrown was a melancholy serum that had Maggie Flynn instantly turning into her

wolf form. It’s kind of funny since it’s Cai’s fault she’s even a werewolf in the first place.

Maggie left after I took this picture Rolling on the floor laughing

Did you really think that Cai invited her eldest brother, and sworn enemy, to a family party out

of the goodness of her heart.

Of course she was gonna throw a few jars of bees his way.

Daryl: I was promised this was over when I moved out. Oh, the inhumanity!

Even at his own birthday party Elijah gets upstaged and ignored.

My sweet little child, it’ll be alright.

See, they did eventually get their heads out of their butts to come see you age.

Cai: Never mind me, just floating through here, not like anything important is happening.

Everyone else (except Ayden): Happy birthday Elijah!

Side note: That kid on the left hand side is one of the MH Doe kids which Cai made into a vamp

with her elixirs. At this rate she’ll have the whole neighbourhood as supernaturals.

Elijah: Don’t mind me, I’m just aging here, nothing important at all Annoyed

I’m sorry Elijah, you have my full attention.

Wow, he turned out FINE.

It’s so weird, I’m pretty sure he’s just a male version of Dahlia but I don’t really see the similarities.

Let me just oggle his precious face for a little longer…………….

Oh, where was I, yeah, he rolled the party animal trait to round out his traits.

BTW, for anyone that’s wanting him (or any of his siblings) they are now all on the download page.

Happy Downloading!

Oh, I also just want to say that I literally have no idea who Cai’s baby daddy is so I guess we’ll have

to find out together next time Hot smile


Self wetting (5) -25
For each sim failing school (1) -5
For every game induced visit from a police officer, firefighter or babysitter (when you don’t call them but the game makes them come)
Passing Out (4) -20
Accidental Deaths
Social Worker Visit

Every Birth (1) +5
Every Twin Birth (3) +30
Every Triplet Birth
Fulfilling LTW (1) +40
For each Sim that gets on the honor roll (7) +35
Randomizing every LTW choice and trait for a whole generation of children (1) +10
Not using spares Happiness points for a generation
Every 100,000 dollars

Every sim to master a skill (6) +30

Every sim to max their career (2) 20

Painting of Torch holder somewhere in the house

Total points: 120


4 thoughts on “Chapter 3.2 – Hungry Like The Wolf

  1. Azlan’s super cute! He’ll give great genetics (especially the ears).
    Now I really want to know who the baby daddy is, haha!
    Poor Elijah. I hope he has a better life away from his family 😛


    • I can’t wait to see what type of genetics Azlan contributes to the next generation!
      Unfortunately for Elijah, he’ll be sticking around for a little while longer like Dahlia ’cause I love him ❤


  2. Midori Sourz, lmao, nice name. I like him and his green hair, too bad Clara snapped him up first. But Azlan is a good alternate – and bonus pointy ears! And he’s a genie. Love him already.

    And you’re right about the elixirs, they’re so addictive once you start using them. Insta-friendship FTW!

    What woohooer settings do you use, my sims never autonomously woohoo (risky or otherwise)?


    • When I made him I literally named him after the 2 types of alchol I had in my fridge at the time 😀
      He is definitely a cutie and I was kind of bummed Clara got to him first but Azlan’s cute too so it’s okay.
      The elixirs are awesome. I don’t need to work at anything anymore with them. I love them.
      I’m not sure exactly what setting it is ’cause I’m not in game right now but I’m sure it’s either under woohoo or risky and there is an option to make all woohoo risky.


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