Chapter 1.5 – Blueberry Ayden

Hi everyone and welcome back to another chapter of Berries of Insanity a.k.a The Holly ISBI. Last time the twins aged into adorable children and a new baby girl was born and aged up. Nothing much else happened so let’s dive into this chapter shall we.  Warning: This chapter is double the length of my usual chapters (around 100 pictures).

And for the second chapter in a row let’s start with an adorable toddler. Although she’s not as cute as her siblings Bay’s still precious.

I feel bad whenever I do a legacy ‘cause I always tend to get super attached to the first born kid and then ignore the others. I’m trying to remedy that with Bay though.

Even if I’m not super attached to Bay yet Pep definitely makes up for my lack of affection. Her and Bay are always together.

Skilling to me is the hardest part of having a toddler, especially in an ISBI, so I’m trying to get it out of the way ASAP.

Bay: Momma no go

Pep: I’ll see you in the morning sweetie

And here we finally see a sensitive side to Peppermint. See she can be nice when she wants to be.

Pep: Shut it or I’ll show you what you can do with your ‘niceness’

0_o I definitely see where Ayden gets his attitude from.

Talking about Ayden I found him and Alyssa talking in the main room when they should be in bed.

Alyssa: How awesome is the cold, I love it.

Ayden: You’re talking trash.

Ayden: If you love the cold so much maybe you should go outside and stay there until you freeze.

Wow Ayden, you are so charming.

Immediately after telling his sister to freeze he ran outside himself and started cackling like a lunatic.

Whatever you’re planning Ayden just bare in mind that we still need Alyssa until after the heir vote.

Ayden was starting to creep me out with his constant cackling so I went to find some other, less creepy, family member.

As usual I found her with one of her two favourite people. I swear, if she’s not with Bay she’s with Cat.

Someone *coughIvancough* decided to wake up Bay and take her out of her crib after she’d only been sleeping for a couple hours.

Luckily she went straight to the block table and occupied herself.

Good thing too since her brother and sister were sleeping not far from her.

I seriously wouldn’t have been happy if she’d woken them up.

They do both eventually wake up, fully rested thankfully, and go straight for the leftovers.

Neither picked very appropriate breakfast foods but it’s better than them starving so it’s fine in my book.

After ‘breakfast’ the twins continue to prove why they are my favourites by doing their homework.

They must’ve done it in the past since Ayden is on the honor roll but I’ve just never caught them before now.

Bay: Brudder wuv you

Ayden: *Yoink*

Was that really necessary Ayden?

Come to think of it how the heck did Bay even have a lollipop that big to begin with?

Aww Ayden look what you’ve done. Poor Bay.

Pep’s mother instinct must’ve triggered or something ‘cause she was over giving Ayden a telling off within minutes.

Pep: Don’t you ever be mean to your little sister like that again young man!

Ayden: *thinking* Stupid Bay getting me in trouble!

Pep: Say ruby Bay

Bay: …

Pep: Say Ruby, like our hair.

Bay: …

Pep: *sigh*

Pep: *frustrated groan* Shut up Ayden or you’re gonna wish you were dead.

Bay: Death to Ayden

Dammit Pep, why did you have to teach her that? I seriously worry for your kids.

Ayden: I heard what you said about me brat *takes candy*

Where is she getting all this giant sized candy?

Seriously though, it is never ending with these two. Ayden really doesn’t like his littlest sister.

I can’t get a grip on Ayden yet. One minutes he’s doing something horrible, like taking Bay’s candy, and the next he’s doing something nice like cleaning.

Ayden: Just ‘cause I’m evil doesn’t mean I’m a slob.

The camera panned over to Pep and I almost had a heart attack thinking that she’d somehow gotten herself knocked up again but fortunately it was only her birthday.

Nice look Pep Rolling on the floor laughingRolling on the floor laughingRolling on the floor laughingRolling on the floor laughing



Pep: Much

I figures since she was an adult now I’d give her a more mature look. I think it suits her.

After Pep’s impromptu party Alyssa decides it’s a good idea to fall asleep on the ice sofa.

I swear, it’s a good thing she loves the cold ‘cause that thing must be freezing.


Chill demon child. I’m sure someone will come along and get you soon enough.

Told ya

Bay: Dada!

Ivan: Bye Bay, I’ll see you after work

Someone finally managed to master the potty.

Bay: Stupid Ayden *pulls dolls head*

I seriously wouldn’t be surprised if she somehow ended up evil too. I guess Ayden isn’t the only one with a grudge, it appears to go both ways.

This is just to show that Cat is still around since she hasn’t had much screen time since she’s been busy hunting.

I still ❤ her though.

I am starting to lose my patience with this kid. She constantly cries even when there is nothing wrong with her.

Her crying wakes up Ayden who was sleeping in the same room.

I’m starting to get why he doesn’t like her.

Ayden then goes outside and takes hi frustrations out on his poor, unsuspecting, dad.

He looks so smug in the first picture that I couldn’t help laugh when he got with the balloon.

This is the first time I’ve seen Alyssa’s slob trait come out. At least it’s a fresh-ish dirty place and hasn’t got flies around it.

Ivan’s spending some time with Cat whilst she’s in.

Ayden: Mum I’m gonna wrap Bay up in bandages like a mummy, K?

Pep: WTF have I created?!

My sentiments exactly Pep

After scaring his mum for life Ayden then goes and ‘causes his dad a heart attack while his twin watched on.

I’m starting to think that everyone has just learned to ignore Ayden now.

Seriously Ayden, I can’t keep up with you!

This is so cute Red heart 

I’ve never seen this before. Ayden was ‘residing over the royal court’ and Pep just randomly bowed to him. It’s so adorable.

Everyone was getting stir crazy so I decided it was about time for a family outing. I’m not sure why but I hardly ever take my Sims out so this is sort of a new experience for me.

I sent them to the pool since we don’t have a park or anything in MH. At the pool I found The Ziggfields. I seem to bump into them a lot when Pep’s out.

As soon as they hit the pool Alyssa changed into her swimsuit and ran straight for the diving board. She was actually pretty good for her first time.

Ayden however ran straight upstairs to the top level of the pool building and settled himself into one of the loungers up there.

Peppermint, much like her eldest daughter, dives right in. In her athletic wear nonetheless.

She looks like she’s regretting every decision she’s ever made.

That doesn’t stop her from trying again in her pretty formal dress. Way to ruin a perfectly good dress and pair of shoes.

What else did you expect?

She always looked so shocked after she’s jumped into the pool. It’s actually kind of precious.

Pep gave up with the pool after her attempt in the dress. She went and picked Bay up, who had been sitting at the pools entrance the whole time, and took a seat on the second floor overlooking the pool. It’s hard to tell but Ayden eventually went down and joined his sister in the pool.

Ayden got into a splash fight with one of the Ziggfield kids. I forgot to take note for this play through so I don’t know what her name is.

He looks a lot like Peppermint.

While everyone else was having fun at the pool I decided to go back home and check on Cat and Ivan. I couldn’t find Ivan but I found Cat growling at nothing. She is way to cute to ever be fierce.

When I went back to the pool to find Peppermint I found her on her way home with Bay. She stopped just outside the house and spoke on her phone to Tatiana Salas. I can’t believe they are still friends after how rude Pep was last time they met.

Ayden the rest of your family is away home, why do you need to be the odd one out?

Ayden: That’s just how I roll

*sigh* I tell you by the time Gen 2 rolls around I’M gonna be the one that’s insane.

Pep still carries on with her exercise regime whenever she can find time.

She’s actually pretty far in her career because of that.

Meanwhile inside it’s time for Ivan to catch up with his wife in age.

Weirdly enough I actually like his face better as an adult. This is the first time that’s happened to me.

Thanks in part to Peppermint’s weekly stipend I was able to expand the kids room and get bunk beds for the twins so that they have actual beds now instead of sleeping bags.

This is what their house looks like now. You can probably tell I build it ‘cause it completely sucks. I’m rubbish at building.

Oh look, the wanderer returns.

I’m not sure what that face is about though.

Alyssa: How did you escape the curfew police?

Ayden: *Sarcasm* I’m magic

Ayden always looks so bored whenever he’s talking to Alyssa. It doesn’t stop her trying to bond with him though.

This is a rare sight indeed; they are both normally too busy to spend much time with each other.

See, they are always busy.

Ivan: Whoa, who broke the TV?

That would be you genius *eyeroll*

Good to see not everyone in this house is an idiot (yet).

I’m not sure if I’ve said this yet but I love her little shoes.

Wow, she’s useful as well as being cute.

Although, I’m not too sure how smart she’ll be after being impaled by Cat’s thought bubble.

I’m not sure how Ayden ended up at the library but whilst there he spoke to a random teen kid (damn I really need to start taking notes). Ayden soon makes himself home (is it just me or does he look like a monkey in the second shot?).

This little girl came home with one of the twins. Because of my lack of notes I don’t have a clue who she is. By her looks alone though she looks like she may be a Ziggfield (I may be wrong though).

The unknown girl quickly makes friends with Alyssa. Awesome, it’s good to see ‘Liss getting a friend autonomously.

I was worried she’d have to grow up without friends ‘cause I can’t control her.

Since her husband broke the TV, which is one of the easiest ways for these idiots to raise their fun bar, I had to get Pep to fix it.

Alyssa found her new bed. Hopefully she keeps using it from now on.

Pep: *grumble*Stupid people interrupting my shows *to caller* Sorry you’ve got the wrong number *clicks off*

You are such a nice person Pep, has anyone ever told you that?

Ayden: I am so tired of this!

I can’t believe you broke the sink! Why is everything breaking recently?

Ayden found his bed too. I’m so proud!

Cat’s gem collection so far. She’s doing pretty well but I’m waiting on a bigger collection before I sell any of them.

Alyssa hadn’t even done anything wrong here to Ivan was just freaking out about nothing.

Poor ‘Liss, all she wants to do is do her homework.

Despite how busy Peppermint constantly is thanks to her idiots she always makes time for her puppy, even if it’s just to give her a belly rub.

Some much appreciated daddy daughter time. He doesn’t spend as much time with Bay as he did with the twins so when he does it’s always nice to see.

I’m not sure when I just decided that fuck it I’ll just document everything but this is Pep upgrading the toilet to self-cleaning.

Alyssa likes spending time with her little sister too. It good to see they have someone to play with since Ayden definitely isn’t gonna play with either of them.

The only time that Ivan really has to exercise now is when all the kids are in bed so he makes the most of it.

With the amount of time Ayden spends outside I’m starting to think that he should’ve been the one with the loves the cold trait instead of his sister.

That being said Ayden really does suit being blue, doesn’t he?

It seems like Bay’s been a toddler for ages so it well past time that she aged up.

She doesn’t get a cake because her birthday was done quickly before Pep had to run off to work so I didn’t have to hire a babysitter for her.

Shocker, she looks a hell of a lot like Alyssa. She rolled the inappropriate trait.

Her first interaction as a child is surprisingly not with Peppermint like I’d thought but with Ivan.

Bay: Daddy planets are cool

Ivan: Radical sweetie

Pep is back at work for the first time *goes to check* since before the kids were born. As you can see her career outfit has screwed up.

The first person she saved was this old woman in a winter coat and boots. Why she is at the beach in a winter coat and boots is beyond me. This is where I found out that this type of saving people doesn’t count towards Pep’s LTW so it’s probably not gonna get completed before Gen 2 takes over.

Odessa Winchester was the second (and last) person who Pep saved. This one did count towards her LTW thankfully.

After Odessa emerged from the water she passed out and needed saving again.

I played a little bit further but this chapter is already long enough so I’m gonna end it here.

Joins us next time to see the twins age into teenagers and maybe Bay too (depending on how long I play).


Self wetting (1) -5
For each sim failing school
For every game induced visit from a police officer, firefighter or babysitter (when you don’t call them but the game makes them come)
Passing Out
Accidental Deaths
Social Worker Visit

Every Birth (1) +5
Every Twin Birth (1) +10
Every Triplet Birth
Fulfilling LTW
For each Sim that gets on the honor roll (1) +5
Randomizing every LTW choice and trait for a whole generation of children
Not using spares Happiness points for a generation
Every 100,000 dollars

Painting of Torch holder somewhere in the house

Total points: 15


4 thoughts on “Chapter 1.5 – Blueberry Ayden

  1. Bay is gorgeous, even if she does look a whole lot like Alyssa. I think it’s going to be a choice between one of the two girls for heir, since Ayden is almost a clone of his mom – too bad, since atm Ayden is the one with the most personality.


    • Ayden’s personality really jumps out at me, the girls not so much yet since they haven’t done anything interesting yet.
      Both girls are really pretty though, definitely the best combination of genetics I could’ve hoped for (although they do look pretty similar).


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