Chapter 7.8 – Holy Smokes

Just 2 chapters left after this one until the heir poll!

I actually can’t believe I’ve gotten a whole generation out in just over 2 weeks. That has to be a new record for me or something!

This chapter literally starts seconds after the last one with the move so these are the kids first actions in the new town.

Xanthe goes to work on the fixer-upper car which hasn’t had much work since Brasher died.

Xanthe: Someone has to keep his legacy alive

Sure, cause a broken down old car was definitely Brasher’s legacy.

Xhasca doesn’t seem to care that we’re in a new town and goes straight to her guitar as usual.

Xhasca: The only thing that would make this guitar better is if it was violet

Yeah, well if you’re heir I might consider recolouring it for you.

Xhasca: Why you lazy…

Moving swiftly on, we have Zuko playing outside with his new IF.

He got it when we moved towns but I didn’t write it’s name down so it couldn’t have been that important.

Is it bad that I can’t really tell these two apart? I think the only difference between them is their eye colour.

I’m regretting my decision not to have Blue as heir more than ever now.

Yuki: You finally finished with that junk heap in the front yard?

Xanthe: Don’t sass me Brat, just wait until I beat your ass at this game

Yuki: Uh…it’s not a multiplayer

Xanthe: Fine, I’ll settle for beating your high score then

Yuki: No, not my high score!

Xhasca: Those two are stupid. Don’t they know it’s me that had the highest score on the arcade machines?

I wouldn’t let them know that if I were you.

Xhasca: Why? I could easily beat them with my eyes closed.

Shiloh: Ugh, why is he still here? Couldn’t we have left the vampire in the last town?

Zero: Please don’t talk about my dad Grandpa or the scary jellyfish monster might just come and eat you.

Shiloh: Nice try kid, but you’ll never stop me from hating your father.

Zuko: Let me out

Xanthe: It’s bed time baby brother

Zuko: No it ‘s not. Let me out!

Xanthe: Goodnight Zuko


Even in the new town these two can’t stop fighting

Taking up a new instrument Xhasca?

Xhasca: Yeah, what of it?

Oh nothing…although maybe you should work on your guitar first before moving on?

Xhasca: You don’t control me, I’ll do whatever I want and you can’t stop me

Aw, look at my special little bubs in their semi-matching beds.

Shiloh: Rise and shine little Zuko.

Zuko: I want to sleep. Put me back to bed this instant!

Shiloh: No time for sleep. There is so much to teach you and so little time.

Zuko: I don’t want to learn…

Shiloh: But…but you’re my last hope of me having a non vampire heir.

Voodoo had her elder birthday and got a fancy new pink collar as a gift.

At least now I should be able to tell her apart from Red since red is collarless.

Since Wren hasn’t gone on an investigator case since she completed her LTW I decided it’s time for her to get a proper career in the new town (mostly ’cause I don’t know what to do with her).

She joins the culinary career since she already has maxed cooking skill.

I’m so glad that Rhaenys and Shiloh are still around.

They may not be my favourite couple of this legacy any more but they are still a very close second.

Zuko: Why are there teeth marks in this block already?

Uh…yeah, that’s probably from one of your older siblings.

Zuko: Why did you not warn me about this atrocity before I let it touch my delicate skin?!

What the…when did you get a bike?

Zero: Ah ha, that’s for me to know and to…

Wren: The Watcher told me that you’ve somehow acquired a new bike

Zero: Yeah, what of it?

Wren: I’m so proud of you!

Zero: So, you’ll help me with this stupid homework then?

Wren: I’ve got a better idea, why don’t we discuss world domination instead

Zero: Um…I don’t know

Wren: Fine, I’ll go talk to Zuko instead…

Zero: No mummy, talk to me about it! I’m listening!

Xanthe: What happened to the keyboard?

Xhasca: It just wasn’t me. It was far to conventional.

Xanthe: Sure, cause the Bass isn’t conventional or anything *eyeroll*

I’m actually genuinely shocked.

This is the first time that Nyx has been arrested since he joined the criminal career.

Ever since joining the culinary career Wren has taken to cooking every meal she eats.

Wren: Can’t have my co-workers thinking I’m a scrub now, can we?

Nyx spent all night in jail but the next morning instead of going home to sleep he picks the closest bench to take a nap on.

I honestly expected it to be Xhasca who cleaned up Wren’s cooking mess but surprisingly Xanthe got there first.

Xanthe: I may not be a neat freak like Xhasca but even I wouldn’t live with this filth.

Zuko’s IF: Come play with me Zuko, forever and ever and ever

Zuko: Thank you for the offer but I don’t think I will

Zuko’s IF: You will have to give in eventually. You are stuck with me for life.

Zuko: This feels like the start of a stupid horror story.

Wren: How’s my baby boy been?

Zuko: Terrible. The stupid IF is being even creepier than usual.

Wren: Do you want me to beat it up for you?

Zuko: No thank you, I think I can deal with a doll by myself

Wren: Oh well, I’m here if you ever change your mind.

Zero: I’m starving! This vast emptiness in my tummy will be the end of me, I am sure of it.

Yuki: Don’t be such a drama queen

Xhasca: Yeah, the kitchen is literally just across the hall

Zero: I’ll never make it!

Yuki: Better?

Zero: This is the best sustenance I have ever had

Yuki: You are such an idiot *eyeroll*

Despite being locked up in jail for the night Nyx still somehow comes home with a promotion.

Xanthe: Who’s the tickle monsters favourite? *tickles*

Zuko: Cease this humiliation…*giggles*…at once *giggles*

Shiloh: I love you dearly Xanthe but you need to stop playing with Zuko.

Xanthe: But he’s my brother

Shiloh: No, he is my last chance at a non vampire heir and you will not ruin it for me.

Wren: Stop being an idiot dad. Play with him all you want Xanthe.

Xanthe: Thanks mum

Some random paparazzi starts eating beans from the jelly bean bush, first time anyone has used it since Grace died.

Apparently Yuki’s decided to take up painting

Yuki: I was bored so I figured why now

That’s the exact reason I started this legacy in the first place

Yuki: Good for you, now let me get back to my art

Zero: Yeah, I’m just about to head to school

Pen pal: I’m so jealous, I’m stuck training my uh…dog, yeah dog, all day

Zero: Maybe I could help one day

Pen Pal: Eh, we’ll see

Didn’t anyone ever warn you about stranger danger Zero?

Zero: Why would they have to, my dad will protect me.

Yuki: So…are you going to meet this boy?

Zero: i don’t know, he doesn’t seem to want to be my friend

Yuki: I’m sure you’re just being over dramatic *draws scissors* haha, I win!

Zero: No fair, you cheated!

Yuki: I did not

Zero: Yes you did, you distracted me!

Yuki:…He’s such a sore loser

Nyx: Do you want me to get him to do your chores for the week, Princess?

Yuki: If you think that’s for the best, daddy.

Zero: Stupid Yuki. Why did she have to go be a snitch *grumbles*

Zuko: I’d hate to be you right now Brother

Zero: Shut up, stupid!

Zuko: Good comeback *laughs*

Zero: If my dad asks you’ll tell him I finished all of the chores, right grandpa?

Shiloh: Anything to spite your father is a-okay with me.

I got pop-ups that all but one of Visenya and Winter’s kids had aged up so I had to go have a look.

Draco continues to be downright adorable and Minerva actually looks less like Visenya than I’d initially thought. She’s still really similar but eyes eye and lip shape is different.

And of course the twins, Luna and Ariana, continue to be the twiniest twins to ever twin.

I got back from checking on Visenya’s kids just in time to see Yuki and Zuko’s birthdays.

Generic family celebration photo is generic.

What isn’t generic though is how absolutely stunning Yuki is.

How did my weirdo Sims ever make a kid as beautiful as her?

Zuko goes up next and, although I don’t quite love him as much as Yuki, he’s still precious.

Zuko: Thank you for telling me how you really feel.

I can’t help it, have you seen Yuki?!

Anyway, I’m going to leave it here. I’m taking a break from posting for Christmas but the next chapter should be up 26th and the last chapter and heir poll the 27th which is right on schedule.

Townie Update:

Since it’s a new town there was only one important townie update.

These will probably eventually come to a stop unless I add more of your guys Sims to this town since I don’t think anybody is interested in EA townies.


Self wetting (17) -85
For each sim failing school (1) -5
For every game induced visit from a police officer, firefighter or babysitter (when you don’t call them but the game makes them come)  (1) -5
Passing Out (44) -220
Accidental Deaths (2) -20
Social Worker Visit

Every Birth (24) +120
Every Twin Birth (6) +60
Every Triplet Birth
Fulfilling LTW (12) +480
For each Sim that gets on the honor roll (17) +85
Randomizing every LTW choice and trait for a whole generation of children (6) +60
Not using spares Happiness points for a generation (6) +50
Every 100,000 dollars (6) +120

Every sim to master a skill (28) +140

Every sim to max their career (10) +100

Painting of Torch holder somewhere in the house (0)

Total points: 875 (No change this time)


4 thoughts on “Chapter 7.8 – Holy Smokes

    • Zuko definitely is super cute. I’m pretty sure Zuko is the only kid to inherit Wren’s eye shape.
      Isn’t she just? For the longest time I thought Rhaenys would be the prettiest sim ever born in my game but Yuki has definitely passed her now.


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