Chapter 7.9 – This is How I Die

It’s a little late but I hope you guys had a good Christmas if you celebrate and if you don’t then I hope you had a good day anyway.

Wren: Get your crap together, we’re going for a little drive

Yuki: There’s no need for that, I’ve not done anything!

Wren: What are you talking about? I’m teaching you how to drive

Yuki: Oh *relieved sigh*

Wren: So you just push that little pedal thing and it should work…

Yuki: Did anyone ever actually teach you how to drive?

Wren: No, but it seems pretty straight forward

Yuki: This is how I die, isn’t it?

Zero: Must…get strong…like…dad!

Shiloh: How dare you want to be like him

Zero: He’s my dad

Shiloh: No grandchild of mine will aspire to be a monster like him, got it?

Zero: *Sigh* Yes, grandpa

Zuko: Grandpa?

Shiloh: Yes, my boy?

Zuko: I think you should stop raining on Zero’s parade so much. He just wants to be like our father.

Shiloh: What did I do to deserve such disrespectful grandchildren?

Zero: He can’t tell me what to do! This’ll show him!

Yes, cause I’m sure drinking a blood pack in the kitchen, where he can’t even see you,  will really show him not to mess with you.

Yuki: Good news, I survived mum’s ‘driving lessons’.

Wren: Yes, my plans for world domination are finally in motion!

Yuki: Bad news, I think mum’s lost it and I think my brain has died of idiocy.

Yuki does manage to get home and sets about recharging her brain.

I wasn’t sure how that was going to work with her being a vampire as well as an alien so it’s good to see that she isn’t glitchy from it.

Wren: If you don’t let me win I’m divorcing you

Nyx: You’d never divorce me and we both know it *Smirk*

Wren: Damn, you’ve got me there

It always seems to be the dishwasher that breaks.

Luckily it’s no problem for Wren to fix with her alien mind powers.

It seems Zero is very into exercising now.

Zero: Not really, I’m mostly doing it to annoy grandpa now

Nyx from another room: That’s my boy!

Have you all collectively decided just to piss Shiloh off today or something?

Yuki: What? No, why would I do that?

Well you are drinking blood…

Yuki: Oh, that. It’s tastes better to me now than food.

Fair enough, I suppose.

Have I mentioned before how pretty Yuki is because if I haven’t I really should.

She’s literally the prettiest sim ever born in my game imo.

Xanthe: Hey gramps, you should totally help me rig it so that I’m the next heir

Shiloh: I mean, you’re better than the demon’s spawns

Xanthe: That’s the nicest thing that anyone’s ever said to me!

Shiloh: Who’s a good doggie? *pets*

Red: Unhand me foul human

Shiloh: Why won’t you love me?

Yuki: Here’s a hint old man, it’s because you’re an ass! Now move so I can finish mopping.

Shiloh: Just for that I’m going to sit here all day

Yuki: *Eyeroll* Yep, you’re definitely an ass

Yuki: Look into my eyes

Shiloh: I don’t wanna…

Yuki: From now on you will do my bidding and be nice to my dad

Shiloh: What just happened? I feel oddly violated somehow.

Yuki: Hi grandpa

Shiloh: Hi sweetheart

Wow, it actually worked. I’m impressed Yuki.

Yuki: All in a days work.

Rhaenys: Are you okay Shiloh? You don’t seem like yourself

Shiloh: Don’t worry about it, I’m fine. Now I’m off to go find Nyx.

Rhaenys: Yep, there’s definitely something off here.

Shiloh: Oh shiny!

Uh, Yuki…I think something’s gone wrong with your mind control

Shiloh: Ow, why is the shiny so hot?

What are you looking so smug about?

Wren: My daughter is finally coming into her evil powers and I’m so proud of her

Uh, you do realize she’s good, right?

Wren: Preposterous! No child of mine and Nyx’s would ever dishonour us that way.

Whatever helps you sleep at night, I guess.

Wren: Good. Now that’s out of the way, it’s my birthday!

Really? That came by really fast.

Wren: Oh second thoughts I actually don’t want to get older

Sorry, there’s no way to go back now

Wren: No, I’m old and wrinkly now. Nyx won’t love me anymore *cries internally*

And what does a daddies girl do when she’s got a problem? Run straight to her dad of course.

Wren: I’m so old now dad.

Shiloh: It’s okay sweetheart, you’re just as beautiful as you always were.

Wren: I hope Nyx still thinks so too

For Wren’s birthday she got a new hair cut (which I’ve just realized I’ll need to change next time I’m in game ‘cause it’s the same as Tyene’s) but she got to keep all her outfits since I still like them. She also landed herself with a MLC. Lovely.

Whilst his mum is freaking out about being older Zero manages to get onto the honor roll +5

Zuko: Zero’s right, this stuff is hard.

Wait…is Zero making you do his homework for him?

Zuko: He says it’s too hard for him and that only I can do it because I’m smarter than him.

I don’t even know what I expected from Wren’s kids tbh.

Some miscellaneous skilling in the hallway.

This house has been around since Generation 5 but only now, nearly 3 gens on, is the seesaw finally getting discovered. What can I say, my Sims are kind of slow on the uptake.

Wren gets her first promotion since starting her new career.

Last chapter you got to see the majority of Visenya and Winter’s kids when they grew up but Severus decided to be awkward and not grow up at the same time so here he is. I’m pretty sure he is a Visenya clone with Winter’s hair.

Not to be outdone by his wife’s promotion Nyx also comes home with a promotion of his own.

He’s level 8 in the evil branch now, not long for his LTW.

It’s Zero’s teen birthday, a day I’ve been waiting on since he was born since their genetics really come out then.

Zero: I wish to be just like my dad when I grow up.

Shiloh: What did he just wish for?

Nyx: Just keep cheering Old Man, and acknowledge that you’ve lost

Shiloh: I will never…

Wren: Do as he says dad!

Look at my precious baby boy!

Zero: That’s right, I always knew you loved me

Yuki: You love him more than me now, don’t you?

I love you both…

Zero: …But she loves me more

Don’t listen to him Yuki, you’ll always be my favourite

Yuki: Ha, in you’re face Zero!

Zero: You taught Yuki how to drive, right mum?

Wren: Where’s this going?

Zero: Can you teach me?

Zero: So you’re fine if I crash and wreck the car?

Wren: I’d prefer you didn’t since this is my car

Zero: I make no promises

Wren: This was a mistake

Wow, Wren’s been super productive this chapter.

I’ve noticed that since he’s aged up Zuko seems to prefer being on his own instead of with his family which is kind of sad when you think about it.

Zuko: It’s so much more peaceful without them though.

Xanthe has also started using the basketball machine thing.

Xanthe: Why didn’t anyone tell me this was actually fun?

I don’t know but did anyone tell you that you match it perfectly?

Xanthe: Thanks for making me never want to touch it ever again!

Xhasca: Where did I go wrong? | I lost a friend | Somewhere along in the bitterness

Yuki: Can someone please stop her, she’s terrible?!

Yuki: Well if you won’t stop her I’ll just have to work out until I can’t hear her anymore.

I’m not sure that’s how it works

Yuki: Don’t try and talk ne out of it

Uh…sure, you be you.

Zero: Hey dad, look at my fangs *points to non-existent fangs*

Nyx: That’s uh…great son but if you want to see real fangs look at mine

Zero: Wow dad, they look so sharp and deadly.

Nyx: One day you’re will look like that too

It’s rare when it happened but I always love when my Sims play in the waterfall.

Nyx: How’ve you been Princess?

Yuki: I hypnotised Grandpa the other day, that was pretty great.

Nyx: I’ve never been so proud of you as I am right now.

This family has a seriously weird concept of ‘family bonding’.

Wren: How can I let him see me like this? I’m all old and wrinkly!

I, for one, can’t wait until Wren’s MLC runs out so she stops doing crap like this every 5 seconds.

Red: Let go of my town!

Zero: If you want it come and get it

Red: I will bite you!

Zero: *Drops toy* Geez, why doesn’t anyone know how to have fun around here?

I’ve mentioned before that I don’t really know what to do with Wren anymore so I’m just making her skill for now.

Xhasca: Wait mum, I’ll jam with you

Wren: Nah, I think I’m done now

Xhasca: Why doesn’t she want to spend time with me Sad smile

I really wish Zuko would get tired of that stupid IF.

Zuko: Do not listen to her Crêpe, you are the only person in my life that matters.

Red: I’m disappointed in you child. You showed so much more promise than this.

Zuko: What do you know, you’re just a dog!

Red: You don’t have to be so hurtful, you know.

I thought you didn’t like the taste of human food anymore?

Yuki: I put blood on the base instead of tomato sauce, it’s delicious.

Sounds gross but whatever floats your boat I guess.

Anyway, I’m going to leave it here for now. The next chapter should be out at some point tomorrow and then the heir poll!

Townie Updates:

I’m so disappointed that Aric and Cassidy didn’t stay together. I love Cassidy as a townie.

At least he didn’t stay single for long.

Oh no, not Sabine.

If she’s gone now that means Shiloh doesn’t have long left which makes me sad.

I sometimes forget how much younger than the rest of her generation Tyene is so it was slightly shocking to see her pregnant again until I realized that, duh, she’s not that much older than Wren.


Self wetting (17) -85
For each sim failing school (1) -5
For every game induced visit from a police officer, firefighter or babysitter (when you don’t call them but the game makes them come)  (1) -5
Passing Out (44) -220
Accidental Deaths (2) -20
Social Worker Visit

Every Birth (24) +120
Every Twin Birth (6) +60
Every Triplet Birth
Fulfilling LTW (12) +480
For each Sim that gets on the honor roll (18) +90
Randomizing every LTW choice and trait for a whole generation of children (6) +60
Not using spares Happiness points for a generation (6) +50
Every 100,000 dollars (6) +120

Every sim to master a skill (28) +140

Every sim to max their career (10) +100

Painting of Torch holder somewhere in the house (0)

Total points: 880


5 thoughts on “Chapter 7.9 – This is How I Die

  1. Be still my heart…Zero is hawt! But Yuki is still so gorgeous…I have a feeling we may need to do another duel heirship, no way we could choose between those two.

    I laughed so hard at Yuki hypnotising Shiloh, go Yuki!


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