Generation 7 Heir Poll

Is it really that time again? It feels like the last heir poll was yesterday. Maybe that’s because Shiloh’s generation was over pretty quickly (His first chapter was posted 6th Sept and his last was posted today 13th Oct)?

Anyway, it’s time to move onwards to Generation 7 and one of Shiloh’s 3 daughter. I have more plans for some of the girls than the other but I really don’t mind at all which girl leads the next generation since I love them all.

I am going to let this poll run for a week whilst I’m away (I’m away 14th – 21st) so hopefully we have a clear winner for me coming back.

First up, of course, is oldest daughter Uxie.

Uxie: Alien
Traits: Slob, Perfectionist, Virtuoso, Animal Lover, Friendly, Pyromaniac (H), Can Salute (H).
LTW: The Zoologist
Gender Preference: Gay
Potential Spouses: None yet
Days ’til YA: 0

After Uxie we have Visenya, the middle child, and most probably the best genetics mix of this generation.

Visenya: Alien
Traits: Good Sense of Humour, Hates the Outdoors, Rebellious, Virtuoso, Lucky, Pyromaniac (H), Can Salute (H).
LTW: Master Magician
Gender Preference: Straight
Potential Spouses: Brasher Nieves (Wren’s IF) or Winter Bloesem (Visenya’s IF)

Days ’til YA: 0

And finally, we have the baby of the family, Wren.

Wren: Alien
Traits: Unlucky, Family Oriented, Genius, Evil, Heavy Sleeper, Pyromaniac (H), Can Salute (H).
LTW: Pervasive Private Eye
Gender Preference: Straight
Potential Spouses: Brasher Nieves (Wren’s IF) or Winter Bloesem (Visenya’s IF) or *drum roll* Nyx Alexander (who was the ‘big bad evil’ for Gen 7 of my only other legacy to reach Gen 7. It only seemed fitting tbh).

Days ’til YA: 0

And that’s it for the heir poll. Good luck with choosing because I could never make the decision.

Also, do you guys see why I may have to make a spouse poll too depending on who is heir? Winter and Brasher screwed up everything with their flirting.

Good luck with the voting, I’ll see you guys in a week.



Generation 6 Heir Poll

Ok guys, here’s the deal with this heir poll. I’ve decided to let 8 kids run this time ‘cause I’d already planned to do that in the first place before I knew there were 4 Marissa clones but in future if there is a clone then it will be excluded from the heir poll.

Being super honest here I’d rather one of the clones wasn’t the heir since I’ve already planed through Marissa but if one of the clones are voted heir then I will accept that and play them as I would play any heir. With that in mind let’s get started.

Also, I’m doing this heir poll slightly different with more pictures and stuff instead of me having to fail at descriptions. Let me know if you prefer this way or the old way.

Persephone: Alien  –  Eldest Child of Marissa and Demir. Likes to paint but rolled an athletic LTW.
Traits: Pyro (H), Immune to Fire (H), Flirty, Neurotic, Good, Loves the Cold, Artistic.
LTW: Master Acrobat
Gender Preference: Straight
Potential Spouses: Nolan Terrey-Rourke

Days ’til YA: 0
Genetics: For this part I’ve decided to just put the kids pictures side by side with their parents and you guys can see the genetic comparison for yourself. Also, for the girls I’ve made Demir into a girl for better comparison and for Roux and Shiloh I have made the mums into guys for the same reason. Also, I should mention that the kids with pure alien eyes have Marissa/Devan’s blue eyes underneath.

Next up is Quinn.

Quinn: Alien  –  Eldest Child of Niska and Zen. She hasn’t really developed a taste for any specific skill.
Traits: Pyro (H), Can Salute (H), Night Owl, Genius, Heavy Sleeper, Friendly, Computer Whiz.
LTW: Forensic Specialist: Dynamic DNA Profiler.
Gender Preference: Straight
Potential Spouses: None as of yet. She is the only one of the kids where I just couldn’t find a spouse that fit so if she’s heir it will be spouse hunting for her.
Days ’til YA: 0

With the elder girls out of the way it’s time to move onto Marissa’s Quads.

Rosa: Alien  –  Second Eldest Child of Marissa and Demir and Eldest of the Quads. Marissa’s favourite.
Traits: Pyro (H), Hates the Outdoors, Neurotic, Over-Emotional, Perceptive.
LTW: None yet
Gender Preference: Bisexual
Potential Spouses: Olivia Cote

Days ’til YA: 3


Rio: Alien  –  Third Eldest Child of Marissa and Demir and Second Eldest of the Quads. A non rebellious rebel.
Traits: Pyro (H), Loves to Swim, Slob, Rebellious, Eccentric.
LTW: None yet
Gender Preference: Straight
Potential Spouses: Joey Skipton

Days ’til YA: 3


Roux: Alien  –  Second Youngest Child of Marissa and Demir and Second Youngest of the Quads. Loves playing with the instruments.
Traits: Pyro (H), SPN Fan, Couch Potato, Virtuoso, Dog Person.
LTW: None yet but I foresee him rolling One Sim Band.
Gender Preference: Straight
Potential Spouses: Pagan Ross (Cousin to Rhaenys -Shiloh’s potential spouse- and also a Reaper baby). She and her cousin aren’t townies but Sims born into one of my undocumented legacy challenges.

Days ’til YA: 3


Rae: Alien  –  Youngest born to Marissa and Demir and Youngest of the Quads. She is very into Chess and Painting and has a very geeky personality in my head.
Traits: Pyro (H), Immune to Fire (H), Bookworm, Genius, Family-Oriented, Artistic.
LTW: None yet
Gender Preference: Straight
Potential Spouses: Jalen Vanillabeam

Days ’til YA: 3

And finally, with the Quads out of the way it is time for the youngest of this Gen.

Sabine: Alien  –  Middle Child of Niska and Zen and Eldest of the Twins. Very creative minded, into things like painting and sculpting.
Traits: Pyro (H), Can Salute (H), Genius, Artistic, Easily Impressed, Computer Whiz.
LTW: None yet
Gender Preference: Straight
Potential Spouses: Les Ellis-Terrey

Days ’til YA: 3


Shiloh: Alien  –  Youngest Child of Niska and Zen and Youngest of the Twins. He hasn’t really shown any interest in any specific skills yet.
Traits: Pyro (H), Can Salute (H), Neurotic, Slob, Adventurous, Irresistible.
LTW: None yet
Gender Preference: Bisexual
Potential Spouses: Rhaenys Ross-Snow (5th Gen heir from my undocumented MidnightSun Challenge and Cousin to Pagan)

Days ’til YA: 3

And that’s it for this heir poll. Choose carefully because there are so many options this generation (which is why I added the spousal options this time to make the decision easier).

Good luck with the vote because I definitely couldn’t make this decision.

The Poll will run from today until Friday 4th Aug because I’m going away to Spain in 2 days for a week.

Generation 5 Heir Poll

It’s heir poll time again. I don’t envy you guys one bit this generation because I love all the girls.

I do have a favourite this gen but you guys probably already know that. That being said, I’d still be happy if any of the girls won.

I should also add that I don’t have any spouses lined up for most of the girls so if any of you have any supernatural suggestions for spouses I’m all ears.

Kamille (Kami): Genie
Traits: Hates the Outdoors, Loves the Cold, Eccentric, SPN Sceptic, Pyro (H), Immune to Fire (H), Burglar (H).
LTW: None yet
Gender Preference: Straight
Potential Spouses: Jake Carter
Days ’till YA: 1
Genetics: Kami is mostly Grace facially with Grace’s face and nose shape. She also has Grace’s skin. Her lip and eye shape (and colour for eyes) are from her father, Cedrick Winchester. She also inherited the Winchesters famous red hair.

Linden (Lin or Lindy): Genie/Werewolf Hybrid
Traits: Excitable, Loves the Cold, Angler, Technophobe, Pyro (H), Immune to Fire (H), Can Apprehend Burlars (H).
LTW: None yet
Gender Preference: Straight
Days ’till YA: 5
Genetics: Like Kami Linden is mostly Grace facially with her face and nose shape. Also like Kami she inherited her eye shape and colour, her lip shape and her hair colour from her father, Rodney Holden-Limb.

Marissa (Missy): Genie/Werewolf Hybrid
Traits: Grumpy, Brave, Computer Whiz, Heavy Sleeper, Pyro (H), Immune to Fire (H).
LTW: None yet
Gender Preference: Straight
Days ’till YA: 8
Genetics: Missy is pure gorgeousness. She is also one of those Sims where I can’t quite place her genetics. Her nose shape is definitely from Grace and her lips are from Devan.

Also like her older sisters she inherited her father’s hair and eye colour. She also got Devan’s skin but because he is also on a rainbow slider she is purple like the majority of the family.

Niska: Genie/Werewolf Hybrid
Traits: Loves the Cold, Athletic, Loves to Swim, Animal Lover, Pyro (H), Immune to Fire (H).
LTW: None yet
Gender Preference: Bisexual
Days ’till YA: 11
Genetics: Niska is a good mix of her parents with Devan’s lips, nose, eye shape hair and skin and the rest from Grace. She is also the only one of the kids to inherit Grace’s eye colour.

Oriana (Ori): Genie/Werewolf Hybrid
Traits: Couch Potato, Loves the Outdoors, Rebellious, Diva, Pyro (H), Immune to Fire (H).
LTW: None yet
Gender Preference: Straight
Days ’till YA: 14
Genetics: Ori is the only kid to mostly take after Devan facially. I don’t think she has anything from Grace in her face at all. She got Grace’s skin, Devan’s eyes and Azlan’s gorgeous blue hair (which I thought I’d lost when Hayl and Jace moved out).


Well that’s all the kids this time around. Good luck with the vote Who me?

Generation 4 Heir Poll

Hi guys, it’s that time again. Yep, heir poll time. I probably should’ve reached this point before now but…well I don’t really have any excuses on why I haven’t finished this by now but oh well, on with the poll.

Freya: Werewolf/Ghost Hybrid
Traits: Athletic, Brave, Hydrophobic, Brooding, Born Saleswoman.
LTW: Firefighter Superhero
Gender Preference: Straight
Potential Spouses: Marcus Holden-Limb or Omen Langurd
Days ’till YA: 0
Genetics: She is pretty much all Cai, although she may have Midori’s jawline and lip shape. She has Envy’s skin, Ayden’s hair and Midori or Envy’s eyes (I can’t remember which).

Grace: Genie

Traits: Genius, Grumpy, Supernatural Fan, Flirty, Pyromaniac (Hidden) and Immune to Fire (Hidden).
LTW: None yet
Gender Preference: Straight
Potential Spouses: Possibly a werewolf (I want hybrid babies)
Days ’till YA: 5
Genetics: Like Freya she is also mostly Cai, although looking at her now I can see Azlan’s eye shape so not as much of a clone as I thought. She has Azlan’s skin and eyes and Envy’s hair.

Hayl: Human

Loves the Heat, Brave, Loner, Bot Fan, Pyromaniac (Hidden)
Ltw: None yet
Gender Preference: Straight
Potential Spouses: None yet (may open up viewer spouseship for her and Indie).
Days ’till YA: 7
Genetics: Hayl is pretty much the stand out genetics-wise of her sisters since she takes after Azlan more than she does Cai. She has Cai’s skin, Envy’s eyes and Azlan’s hair.

Indie: Human

Slob, Easily Impressed, No Sense of Humour, Computer Whiz, Pyromaniac (Hidden).
Ltw: None yet
Gender Preference: Straight
Potential Spouses: ?
Days ’till YA: 10
Genetics: Indie is even more of a clone of Cai than even Freya is. The only good thing going for her is her bright colour scheme since Azlan was on the rainbow slider. She has Azlan’s skin (only a different position on the slider), Envy’s eyes and Azlan’s hair.

Jace: Genie

Neurotic, Couch Potato, Neat, Loser, Pyromaniac (Hidden), Immune to Fire (Hidden).
Ltw: None yet
Gender Preference: Straight
Potential Spouses: a really cute sim that I have from another legacy of mine but her identity will remain a secret for now.
Days ’till YA: 14
Genetics: Whereas his sisters are mostly clones of Cai (except Hayl) Jace is a complete clone of Azlan. The only difference between them is the eye colour which is Cai’s and the skin which I think is also Cai’s.


Side Note: I do have my favourites this generation but I’ll keep that to myself so I don’t influence your vote. I really don’t mind who you guys pick though and if you are unsure who to pick make sure to read the past 2 chapters where there characters all shine through.

Generation 3 Heir Poll

Hi guys and welcome to the Generation 3 heir poll. I actually can’t quite believe that we are already set to move onto generation 3. It seems like just yesterday Ayden was taking over and now one of his kids will be. I love Ayden to pieces and it’s gonna be sad releasing him to free will but I’m so excited about the start of a new generation. This has literally been the quickest I’ve ever played a whole generation before, I checked when Ayden’s first chapter was posted and that was exactly 3 weeks ago today. I tried to do my best with the kids personalities this time around which I hope came out in the 2 recent posts which can be found Here and Here. Oh, and another note, this generation I may open up for readers to send in Sims to be spouses, depending on who is voted heir (I’ll make a separate post if I go ahead with it).

Lets start this off with Cai, the eldest daughter and twin to Clara, she is also a ghost like her mum.

Cai was pretty much spoiled by her grandma Pep and her dad growing up so she is now determined that she’s a shoe in for heir.

Cai does have a strange jawline that she inherited from Ayden and Pep but she should grow into it as a YA.

She hasn’t rolled a LTW yet but when she ages up I will pick the first one that comes up.

Potential spouses: Eugene Salas (although I’m not completely certain about that).

Next up is Clara, twin to Cai and human.

Clara is face clone of Ayden with most of Envy’s colouring which is a little disappointing.

I admit I don’t know Clara as well as I know the rest of the kids because Ayden sent her away to boarding school as a child.

She hasn’t rolled a LTW yet but I will pick the first one when she ages up.

Potential spouses: None yet (although she is bisexual so technically her spouse could me Male of Female)

Next up is Daryl, eldest boy and twin to Dahlia, he is also a ghost.

To be honest Daryl is kind of a mystery to me. He doesn’t really have any bad traits but he spends most of his time scaring people which means he has very bad relationships with the whole family.

Daryl has the same strange jawline as Cai so I’m hoping he grows into it when he gets older. I do love that he is the only one out of both gen 2 and gen 3 to get Pep’s eyes.

He hasn’t yet rolled a LTW but when he grows up I’ll pick the first one available.

Potential spouses: He hasn’t got anyone yet but he is gay so when he does find someone it will be a male.

Second to last is Dahlia, twin to Daryl and human.

Dahlia is the sweet natured one of the kids. She doesn’t really have a bad relationship with anyone in her family.

To be completely honest Dahlia is my favourite looks wise this generation but my opinion really doesn’t count for much here, huh? Open-mouthed smile I do think she may look more like Envy than Ayden though.

She has yet to roll a LTW but when she ages up I’ll choose the first one available.

Potential spouses: She doesn’t have one yet but she is straight so her spouse will be male.

Lastly, we have the baby of the family and only single birth of this generation, Elijah.

Elijah has been ignored by most of his family for the majority of his toddler and childhood years.

Elijah is my baby and I really love his little face. I also love the combination of Envy’s green eyes with Ayden’s red hair.

Elijah has just aged up to teen so he hasn’t had a chance to really shine, personality wise.

He hasn’t rolled a LTW yet but when he grows up I will pick the first one available.

Potential spouses: He has none yet and I haven’t gotten around to getting Ayden to ask what gender he prefers so I have no idea who he will eventually marry.


Side note: The genetic diversity this generation was much better and I really don’t mind who is heir for once. I really don’t have a preference. I’m just glad I don’t have to pick. Just vote for the kid you like the most Thumbs up

Generation 2 Heir Poll

Hey guys and welcome to our first heir poll. I can’t believe that I’ve made it this far, I normally give up in legacies by now. Anyway if you haven’t read the latest chapter which only came out just before this then go ahead and read it, I think you will get a much better idea of the kids personalities. It’s here for anyone who wants to read it.


Let’s start of with Ayden, the oldest and only boy of Peppermint and Ivan’s kids.

He was pretty much doomed from the start after being born with the evil trait combined with his crappy parents but he’s got an awesome personality and I really like following him around.

He hasn’t rolled a LTW yet but when he ages up I will pick the first one that comes up (most likely one of the evil ones because of his evil trait)

Potential spouses: Frieda Salas, Ada Winchester or if those two don’t work out I’ve got another surprise sim lined up.


Next up is Alyssa, Ayden’s twin sister and eldest girl.

She has been pretty boring thus far but she did develop some personality in the last chapter.

She is the only one of the kids to roll a LTW so far (It also doesn’t hurt that it goes along with the geeky image of her I have in my head).

Potential spouse: Gerald Sung-Lau (This one is for definite since she’s already rolled to move in with him).


And lastly we have Bay, the youngest out of all the kids.

She hasn’t really had her chance to shine since she only became a teenager at the end of the last chapter but I couldn’t wait any longer.

Like her older brother Bay also hasn’t rolled a LTW and with her random traits I’m not sure what she will roll upon aging up.

Potential spouses: I’m not quite sure yet because she has just aged up but maybe Frieda Salas’ younger brother Jay (who is also a ghost) or if that doesn’t work out the surprise sim I have waiting for Ayden.


Side note: It doesn’t really matter looks wise who you pick since they are all identical to each other apart from Bay’s skin (way to go genetics) so just vote for your favourite personality Open-mouthed smile