Chapter 1.0 – Hello World

Hello fellow humans,  welcome to Midnight Hollow where all your dreams come to die.

Nah, I’m just kidding. This is Midnight Hollow, home to the new Holly ISBI (so I guess my previous statement still stands).

This is a first for me (both playing in Midnight Hollow and playing an ISBI) so I’m not entirely sure how it will go.

I’m a control freak by nature and like to micromanage my sims every move so this is probably gonna be torture for me.

Feel free to watch me be slowly be driven to madness by my sims Open-mouthed smile

With the introduction out of the way I think it’s high time we met our founder; Peppermint Holly.

As you can see from her crappy title card she is Insanely good hopeless romantic who loves animals and charming the pants off people.

I randomised her traits when I created her and I only added the Insane trait, as per the ISBI rules.

Not that it really matters but her favourites are white, crepes and songwriter and her LTW is Seaside Saviour (which is to save 50 people as a lifeguard).

What’s that face for Peppermint?

Pep: I don’t want to be your founder

Tough luck cupcake ‘cause you’re stuck with me

Pep: Fan-bloody-tastic

Uh, Pep, your house is over there.

Pep: I don’t like it

*Sigh* Of course you don’t. Anyway I built this box house myself so it is kind of crappy since I suck at building.

****Obligatory House Tour****

****End of House tour****

Pep: UGH!

What’s wrong now?

Pep: This window sucks! and I want to take a cooking class.

Random but okay, I’ll get right on that.

Pep: Hold that thought, I need to check Tumblr first.

Girl has her priorities I’ll giver her that.

What’cha doing now, Cupcake?

Pep: I’m reading a book on my awesome chair thing.

No duh Captain obvious but what about your cooking class?

Pep: I’ll get to it later Bella and Edward are having their first kiss.

Really, I thought you had better taste than that Pep, I’m ashamed to call you my sim.

Pep: Hopeless romantic, remember


OMG, don’t do that! The camera just randomly panned away from Peppermint to this guy while I wasn’t paying attention and scared the crap out of me.

I really hate these Uni mascots with a passion!

Creepy mascot: What’cha gonna do about me, huh? I know where you live!


PEPPERMINT! C’mon your going to that cooking class now and hopefully when we get back he’ll be gone.

Pep: This isn’t the diner

I know but you also had a wish to become a lifeguard so that’s what your doing

Pep: Meh

There, you happier now? Your finally on your way to your precious cooking class!

Pep: I guess…

Wait a second, hold that though, I think I’ve spotted something

Yep, definitely spotted something!

This is Ivan Moore who was made for me by the super wonderful cawthorntales over at Tumblr.

I slightly tweaked his nose (‘cause his old one didn’t really blend that well with Pep’s in my CAS testing). I hope that’s okay with you Joseph.

Pep: Hey, pink hair, get your cute butt over here!

Pep, you can’t say that! You want this boy to like you not run a mile!

Pep: Tough luck, I just did.

Ivan: Uh, hi random person, nice to meet you, I’m Ivan.

Pep: Peppermint

Pep: Also, you’re kind of hot

Ivan: Ditto to you

I guess the hearts never lie.

Pep: Is that a snake in your pants or are you just happy to see me?

Pep-Oh, you know what, I give up trying to control what comes out of her mouth.

Ivan: You’re pretty

Then Pep being Pep went and made an already weird moment even weirder by sharing a dose of her crazy with Ivan.

Pep: Don’t trust toothbrushes Ivan, one day they’re gonna rise up and kill us in our sleep

Ivan: Is this chick serious

Unfortunately so Ivan, unfortunately so.

Ivan: Nope, I’m done with this crazy

Sorry bud but you’ll have to get used to it as a legacy spouse.

Ivan: A legacy what?!

Pep: Wait, don’t go, did you know we’re both good sims?

Clutching at straws there, aren’t you Pep?

Pep: Shut up Voice!

Ivan: What was that?

Pep: Nothing, nevermind!

Pep: *loud whispers* Y’know there’s this weird paparazzi lady standing waaaayyyy too close to us right now.

Ivan: Orly?

The paparazzi eventually disappeared which left Pep and Ivan to their own devices.

It wasn’t long before Pep started rolling romantic wishes. I obliged so be prepared for the incoming PepxIvan spam.

Spam commencing in 3…2…1…

Aww, how adorable are they?! I can’t wait to see what cute babies they make!

And finally a kiss goodbye before Peppermint runs off to, finally, take part in her cooking class.

She did get this wish as soon as she left Ivan which I thought was absolutely adorable since Ivan’s an athletic sim and Pep isn’t.

Pep: *Unenthusiastic* Yay

Man, are you always this grumpy?

Pep: You made me give up time with Ivan for that?

Hey, you wished for it. I only do what you want.

She then proceeded to whip her phone out and text Ivan because apparently being 5 minutes without him is torture *eyeroll*

You gonna sit there all night?

Pep: I’m waiting on Ivan.

Newsflash, he’s not coming! He’s at work.

She proceeded to mope until this guy came along. I’m pretty sure he is Young Jae Sung but don’t quote me on that.

She heart farted over him so I promptly sent her home so that she didn’t get herself into any trouble.

I think I just took this picture to show you how pretty her formalwear is.

Once she got home the first thing Peppermint did was make herself a nice tofu hotdog. Why tofu I have no idea since she’s not a vegetarian.

She managed not to burn it so she was able to have a nice dinner before she headed to bed.

Headed to bed in your athletic wear, huh Pep? Confused smile

Pep: Shhhh sleepy.

The first thing Pep does the next morning is take a nice relaxing shower in her outerwear.

(That’s probably my own fault though since I put in the outdoor shower without thinking)

You’re still as adorable as ever!  Red heart

She then proceeded to boogie all over the living room until about an hour before her work when she decided to make herself some pancakes

Pep: Hurry up and cook, I’m starving!

Carpool: *honk*

Pep: Damn it!

Nice outfit, Cupcake

Pep: Not in the mood right now

Someone’s grouchy this morning

Pep: You’d be too if you had to work an 8 hour shift without breakfast


Nothing much really happened when Pep was at work. Nobody needed saving so I spent most of the time watching these two play in the water.

The blonde sim is David Ziggfield but I’m not sure who the other is.

Pep did run into and have a nice conversation with Tatiana Salas which was mildly interesting to me (mostly because she’s a ghost) before her shift ended.

After talking for a while with Tatiana I had Peppermint run home so she didn’t starve to death.

How lame would that have been, to fail at this challenge 2 days in because I forgot to feed my torch holder.

She then ran to bed, ready to start it all over again the next day.

Points (None yet but get used to this):

Self wetting 
For each sim failing school 
For every game induced visit from a police officer, firefighter or babysitter (when you don’t call them but the game makes them come) 
Passing Out 
Accidental Deaths 
Social Worker Visit 

Every Birth 
Every Twin Birth
Every Triplet Birth
Fulfilling LTW
For each Sim that gets on the honor roll
Randomizing every LTW choice and trait for a whole generation of children
Not using spares Happiness points for a generation 
Every 100,000 dollars 

Painting of Torch holder somewhere in the house

Total points: 0


10 thoughts on “Chapter 1.0 – Hello World

  1. Found your blog through Jenn’s Tarts, and I love it thus far! Pep is adorabley crazy – she kind of reminds me of Raspberry Sorbet (and not just the colours). Can’t wait to see how things progress with Ivan 🙂


    • I’m so glad you like Pep. I’m really not sure how the lifeguard career will go, especially when Pep has kids. I guess I’ll just have to play it by ear.
      I’ll definitely check out your ISBI when I get some free time 😀


  2. I love Pep. She is the perfect founder for an ISBI. Her wishes are so random so you made a really good choice. Do you have a skin on her that makes her look like an android/ doll or are they sleeves and leggings?


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