Chapter 3.3 – Enter the Dragon

Happy Easter guys! I hope you all have an awesome day!

Last chapter Cai completed the Alchemy skill. She also slept with 2 guys in the one day and got herself pregnant without knowing the who the father is. Hopefully this time we will find out.

This will be the last chapter for a week 1/2 – 2weeks ‘cause I’m away on holiday from tomorrow and won’t have my computer with me.

With that out of the way let’s get on with the chapter, shall we?

Cai: I’ve only known you for 3 days but I’m pregnant and you’re taking the fall for being the dad.

Azlan: Wow, that’s so exciting! I can’t wait to be a dad!

Cai: *to self* Not sure if it’s yours but okay then

Cai: Now that we’re gonna be a family you need to move in with us.

And that is how Azlan officially became part of the Holly household.

He also brought his dog (the dog we found in the last chapter) with him.

This dog is Belle and she was downloaded from HERE

She is so cute and I really want her and Milo to have some cute puppies.

As I said, I want puppies, so I quickly set the two dog to interacting with each other.

I’m actually not sure how pet breeding works in this game (I’m a noob, I know) but I’m sure I’ll

figure it out.

Daryl’s been out of the legacy house for a while now but this is the first pop-up I’ve had from him.

Apparently he’s started a relationship with MH townie Kara Carter.

She’s cute so I hope they have babies together.

Even with Azlan staying with the family now Cai still prefers to sleep in her bunk bed.

Cai: *dreaming* I should go into politics, I’d be rich!

Ayden gets his final promotion that night while everyone is sleeping thus completing his LTW. +40

Ayden: Bow down to the Emperor of Evil!

Yeah, your missing your red glow there Ayden

Ayden: Shut up, I know it

For some reason the red glow hasn’t yet appeared on Ayden. Maybe my game is glitching again.

When Ayden came home I went around checking everyone (most were in bed) but I found Azlan

skinny dipping in the hot tub out back with Mai Lau who came to Elijah’s birthday party and never


Cai’s not gonna be happy about this.


You aren’t gonna be so smug when Cai get’s her hands on you Az.

Azlan: *smug face drops*

My plan was to get Cai to interrupt but when I woke her up she went into labour.

Oh well, I can’t wait to see the baby. It feels like forever since there were babies in the house.

Cai: That’s nice and all but GET THIS THING OUT OF ME!!!!!!!!!!!!

Say hello to the first born of Generation 4; a little girl who we named Freya. +5

Baby Freya was named after Freya Mikealson from The Originals.

Freya is obviously a ghost like her mother but she also has another occult too.






She’s also a werewolf like her father.

Which means Midori is her father.

That is some jacked up family tree though. Clara is both Freya’s aunt and step-mother now.

As soon as Freya’s born Cai rolls this wish. Here’s hoping she’s not to mad at Azlan then Disappointed smile

Doting aunt Dahlia is the first to discover the new baby.

If you’ve watched the Originals you know why that’s a little bit creepy and ironic.

She is soon snatched back by her doting mum for a quick hug before Cai goes back to being herself.

After putting the baby back in her crib Cai runs (floats?) out to the backyard, where Azlan and Mai

are still in the hot tub, and steals Az’s  clothes.

Before getting him out of the tub to flirt with him in front of Mai.

She did the flirting autonomously btw

Cai: Take that bitch, he’s mine Devil

I’m not sure how they ended up in the bathroom but Cai decided it would be a good place to


Cai: You’re marrying me, end of story!

Azlan: *girly squeal* OMG, of course I will

Cai: You don’t have a choice in the matter

And like her parents and grandparents before her Cai ties the knot in the bathroom off the living


Azlan: I love you Cai

Cai: Haha sucker, you’re stuck here for life!

Nice Cai, real nice

I knew it wouldn’t be long before Cai was dragging Azlan off for woohoo.

It serves her right if she ends up pregnant again. All woohoo is still risky fyi.

I can’t get over how precious and adorable Belle is. I’m expecting very cute pups from her Red heart

Ayden: Who’s this jerk sitting at my table, eating my food?

Envy: That’s our daughter’s new husband, dear

Ayden: How dare he marry my Cai without asking

Azlan: Boo Ayden, you suck, it’s 2016 not 1950

Envy: * to self* Wow these waffles are delicious and a great way to avoid the ass wooping my

new son in law is gonna get.

In other news Azlan’s managed to make Ayden so mad that his EoE glow has kicked in.

Dahlia is always the first one to tend to Freya whenever she needs something. At least I know#

that if Cai has to go out someone will take care of Freya.

Dahlia: Hush little baby

Cai: *Mama bear mode* I’m watching you Dahlia

Dahlia: Duly noted, sister

Cai’s learned all the elixirs from the alchemy station so now she’s learning the rest the old

fashioned way. She’s really liking that, can’t you tell Sarcastic smile

I’ve never really played with dragons in this game before so I decided it would suit Cai’s

personality to have one.

Cai stood outside talking and cooing at the egg as if it could actually understand her.

She seemed to be having fun so I left her to it.

One word; Puppies!


Belle: Been there, done that.

Ayden: Here girl, let me take extra good care of you

Yep, Ayden is definitely going soft in his old age.

Just another example.

Ayden: Who’s grandpa’s little angel? Freya is, yes she is *baby talk*

Azlan: Hey, no fair! I wanna hold the kid

Ayden: Keep walking or I’ll shove you back in the lamp you came from *goes back to baby talk*

After the longest 6 hours in the history of ever the dragon egg started to hatch.

I really wonder which dragon it’ll be.

It’s the black armoured baby dragon. SO cute Red heart

Because I’m complete Supernatural trash I named him Casifer. It seemed fitting at the time.

I hope Cai having him won’t count as cheating.

This is how he sleeps. It looks pretty neat.

Cai seems to really like her new pet.

Doesn’t he just suit sitting on her translucent arm like that?

Cai: Who’s mummy’s new favourite? *scratches Casifers head*

Cai that’s terrible! What about your daughter?!

Cai: She’s good too but she can’t curse the world for me

I think everyone apart from Azlan (and Elijah who is still around btw) has now held Freya.

They all seem to love her. I love her to tbh, she’s my first ever hybrid.

Looks like Milo’s just realized that he’s going to be a daddy.

Milo: Nope, I’ve just realized I’m living in a house full of ghosts

Wow, real quick on the drawn there, Bud.

Cai discovered the recipe for the procreation elixir a while back so I decided to try it out.

I had her drink one then had her throw one at Azlan. I really must like stressing myself out.

I can’t imagine any less than triplets coming from this moment of stupidity.

Obviously the actually baby making part had to be done afterwards.

This is Pep and Ivan’s old room that I made over for Cai and Azlan btw.

I already knew Belle was pregnant but it’s good to have the confirmation anyway.

I can’t wait to see these precious little fur balls.

Azlan: I want to hold the baby

Cai and Envy: Dream on Laughing out loud

Azlan stop being a creeper!

Leave my babies to be cute together Red heart

Told ‘ya Elijah was still around. He just likes to keep out of my way.

My cute little dork is still as adorable as always. Look at him try to dance Red heart

Azlan: Hello little baby, I’m your daddy and I love you very much



It’s getting a little boring at home and Cai hasn’t thrown any elixirs in a while so I send her out to

do just that.

The first unlucky recipient is Olive Specter. I can’t remember what was thrown though *I suck*

Followed swiftly by her son, Nervous Subject. I do remember that Cai turned him into a witch.

Cai: Hold still Kid

Nervous: MUM!

Nervous: What did you do to me, I suddenly feel oddly powerful

Cai: You’re welcome

She also turned this guy, Young Jae Sung (who you’ll remember that Pep heartfarted back in the

very first chapter of this legacy. That seems so long ago now), into a vampire.

While I was checking out the newly vampirified Young Jae I got distracted by the talking sidewalk.

I’ve never had this glitch before (that I can remember). Does this mean my game is about to explode?


I leave you alone for a couple minutes to check out the talking pavement and you are cheating

on your husband. I’m very disappointed.

It’s a good think he had enough sense to turn her down.

‘Cause she’s a celeb rumours started that she’d been cheating.

Funnily she chose to dispel those rumours to Young Jae while a paparazzi noted everything down.

Cai: Look Young Jae, I would never cheat on my husband so whoever told you that is talking crap.

Young Jae: Yeah, I totally get it. Stupid people trying to ruin your reputation.

OMG, he actually bought it *Jawdrop* Only in the Sims Folks.

Since Young Jae bought her story I thought it would be funny to send her to city hall to sue for

slander. Man, she must be a frickin’ hypnotist or something ‘cause even they believed her.

I send her straight home afterwards to keep her out of trouble.

Envy: Watcher, the sink is broken again

So fix it then

Envy: Can’t. To busy not giving a crap.

Cai twirls into her maternity wear in front of her beloved bee boxes yet again.

She also rolls the wish for a girl which I lock in.

Damn it Daryl! You couldn’t even have 1 baby for me to fawn over.

Only seconds before I got a pop up announcing their engagement so something must’ve went

rapidly wrong. I blame Daryl.

Keep it plutonic you guys. I don’t want a repeat of Cai’s misdeeds.

Every time Azlan hangs out with one of the female family members I get really panicky that he’ll

cheat since that time he heartfarted Dahlia. It stresses me out ‘cause I can’t stop it if he does.

Hai ‘Lijah in the background.

Cai’s unfaithfulness and Az’s betrayed moodlet don’t seem to dampen their affections for each

other anyway. They haven’t exactly got a conventional relationship but somehow it works.

Damn…actually I can’t hold this against you Ayden ‘cause you’ve been pretty good recently.

I just wish you wouldn’t chose to scare your wife.

It seems like it was only yesterday that Freya was born and now it’s her birthday.

I’m so excited to see how her genetics have worked out.

Damn, that red hair again. Why couldn’t she have gotten Midori’s green or Envy’s orange?

She does have Midori or Envy’s eye colour though so not a complete genetic let down.

I do love her though, despite her lack of genetic diversity.

The party isn’t even over before Cai swoops in and starts teaching Freya to walk.

She better enjoy just having one while it last, that’s all I’m gonna say.

Well that’s the chapter guys, I hoped you enjoyed it. Join us next time for…um…the birth of the

next Gen 4 babies (maybe) and the puppies. I’m not actually sure ‘cause I haven’t played any

further but I’m sure it will be as crazy as usual.


Self wetting (5) -25
For each sim failing school (1) -5
For every game induced visit from a police officer, firefighter or babysitter (when you don’t call them but the game makes them come)
Passing Out (4) -20
Accidental Deaths
Social Worker Visit

Every Birth (3) +15
Every Twin Birth (3) +30
Every Triplet Birth
Fulfilling LTW (2) +80
For each Sim that gets on the honor roll (7) +35
Randomizing every LTW choice and trait for a whole generation of children (1) +10
Not using spares Happiness points for a generation
Every 100,000 dollars

Every sim to master a skill (6) +30

Every sim to max their career (2) 20

Painting of Torch holder somewhere in the house

Total points: 170


2 thoughts on “Chapter 3.3 – Enter the Dragon

  1. The talking sidewalk just means you have a sim with a glitched outfit – if you can figure out who it is, you can use MC to force an outfit change, and they will usually become visible again. It happens in my games all the time, EA broke the career outfits and there is no permanent fix.

    Ghost-werewolf baby is so cool! I can’t wait to see the toddler, you may have to use her toddler action to do the cute werewolf actions, just for the pics 😀 And Freya is *so* adorable, love those green eyes.


    • Phew, at least it’s not my save about to explode. I’ll just have to try and figure out who it is so I can fix them next time.
      Ghost-werewolf sounds like a really cool combination. I can’t wait to see her toddler self in action.
      I might just do that ’cause I haven’t really played with hybrids (or werewolves) before so I can’t wait to see how they work.
      I am so glad Freya got green eyes instead of purple. I loved Ivan’s eyes but they were getting a bit much tbh 🙂


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