Chapter 2.8 – Why Won’t He Love Me?

Hey Guys, I’m sorry this chapter took so long to be uploaded. Again RL stuff got in the way. There is only 2 chapters left, including this chapter, before the heir poll so yay!

Let’s start with Ayden fixing the dishwasher. I’ve seen too many death from the dishwasher in legacies so right after I had Ayden upgrade it to unbreakable.

Aww, a lovely daddy/daughter bonding moment whilst mummy cries about her deceased in-laws in the background.

Ayden: And the axe murderer said to the little girl ‘you’re next’

Isn’t that a little…intense to read to your daughter?

Cai: Ignore her daddy, I want to know what happens next

Ayden: Good night Princess, sleep well

Well that slightly creepy story seemed to work the trick and Cai is now safely asleep, in Dahlia’s bed. Y’know, most little girls dream of unicorns but Cai dreams of death.

It doesn’t matter that Cai’s sleeping in Dahlia’s bed for the night because Dahlia and Daryl decides to sleep outside in the treehouse in the dead of winter.

Ayden: *wails* Why did you have to die dad?

You are such a hypocrite Ayden! You were literally in the red with your dad for your whole life!

Ayden: Shut up and let me grieve

Can anyone guess what this random face one is here for?

If you said to drop of our new pets then you’d be completely right.

Keeping with the theme from Generation 1 we got a cat and a dog.

The kitty is a little girl who we named Mags

The dog is a boy named Milo

They were both found in the shelter in game (although when I picked Milo he was a pup but when he came he was an adult). I forgot to write their traits down through.

I love how adorable Mags is. I especially love her markings.

I see you there Daryl

Daryl: Whatever

The house is pretty boring with the kids at school and Elijah, Ayden and Envy sleeping so I watch the new pets socialize for the most part.

Mags: You better now bring any fleas in mutt

Milo: Right back at’cha feline

Ayden still refuses to go anywhere near Elijah unless I force him too.

Ayden: Why is strange child still here? *Dumps Elijah on the rug*

Elijah: Why won’t he love me?

My poor baby, how could anyone not love you? Red heart

Milo: My ball!!

Wow, you really like Cat’s old ball don’t you?

Milo: *chases after ball obliviously*

Thankfully the kids come home from school soon after, it was getting pretty boring without them.

Cai: Why did grandma have to die? Why couldn’t it have been Daryl instead?

Cai isn’t coping very well with Peppermint’s death. She couldn’t care less about Ivan though.

Elijah: ~My bonny rides over the ocean, my bonny rides over the sea~

Milo: Hello strange human, let me sniff you

Dahlia: What’s going on here?

Milo: *sniffs Dahlia some more*

Daryl: How come Cai is the favourite? It should be me, I’m the only boy!

Dahlia: What about Elijah? He’s our brother too

Daryl: I have no clue who you’re talking about

Dahlia: Seriously!

What’cha doing Sunshine?

Dahlia: I’m sick of dealing with my idiot brother so I’m playing on my own now.

Wow, at least one of you has sense in this family.

Daryl: Mrs Red, why does she ignore me?

Daryl: *girl voice* Why Mr Green I do not know. She’s just silly I suppose.

WOW, Daryl’s been a child for how long now and he’s just now finding his own bed.

I lose track of Mags a lot because she’s so small but she’s still incredibly cute.

When I picked Milo I thought he was gonna be a small dog so I bought the small bed which he can’t use now. I need to get around to replacing that with the bigger one eventually but until then Milo can sleep embedded into the ice sofa.

Holy crap, Dahlia finds her own bed too for the first time.

It’s like the Twilight Zone here with all the kids behaving themselves.

Bad kitty! No destroying the furniture!

Mags: *hiss* The table must die

At least it’s good to see that Mags is fitting in with all the other idiots in the house.

Of course Princess Cai does her homework to keep on her daddy’s good side.

Cai: Hey, I’m just doing this so people will vote for me as rightful heir.

Hey, you’re way to young to be worrying about that sort of thing

Cai: You’re never to young

Elijah is still pretty boring but I’m trying to give him as much face time as possible even so.

Damn it! I didn’t have this problem with Cat and Rylee. Every time I see either Mags or Milo being destructive like this I have to get Ayden to stop whatever he’s doing and scold them for it. It’s getting a bit ridiculous.

It’s birthday time again! (It seems like there is a birthday every chapter doesn’t it?)

Daryl: Who’s the loser mum’s holding?

What is it with you and your old man refusing to admit Elijah’s existence?

Cai goes up first. She rolled the Evil trait which by sheer coincidence fulfils Ayden’s wish. I just knew she’s turn out evil. All I can say is her face is very interesting. She is kind of pretty but I really hope she grows into that jaw when she’s older. Also, I don’t know if you can see it in the small CAS picture but Cai’s inherited Pep’s skin (with the doll joints).

Elijah goes up next. He rolls Ambitious and continues to be adorable as heck.

E: Maybe now dad will love me

My poor baby Crying face

Since Elijah is the youngest of this generation and I really don’t want to build any additional rooms I just popped a new bed in the old nursery for him.

Later that night Clara returned home to us. For some reason, although she went to the sports academy, she gained the natural cook trait. I think that might be a glitch but I think the trait fits her so it stays.

The first thing Clara does when she gets home is play in the snow.


Milo: I found a gem Master

Ayden: That’s a good little minion.

Dahlia: My family is completely screwed

What happened to little miss sunshine?!

Dahlia: It’s hard being optimistic when you’re surrounded idiocy constantly.

Daryl: What do you say to blowing this pop stand and going to see a movie?

Dahlia: No thanks big bro, I’ve got stuff to do

Daryl: Fine, I’ll go myself Shifty

Someone, namely Elijah, found the ballet barre for the first time since the Founders used it. He’s practically glued to it now.

Sweet satisfaction! I can’t believe he’s made it to level 6!

I thought it would be interesting to know what the twins gender preferences were for the upcoming prom so I had Ayden go around and ask them. I can imagine that experience was pretty embarrassing. Either way Cai is straight and Clara is bisexual.

Clara: Do you think I’ll get flowers for Prom?

Elijah: *Person Person plus*

Dahlia: *to self* What if I don’t get flowers for prom?

Aww Sweetie, I’m sure you will Red heart

Mags is so adorable curled up like that in her little scratching tower. I love her to bits Red heart

Elijah: C’mon Damien, let’s ride!

Elijah Holly! Have you been talking to Cai again?

Elijah: Yeah, why?

Just don’t do it, she’s a bad influence on your sweet mind.

See, my sweetie finds his bed on the first night.

I really, really love Elijah (although I don’t think he’s my favourite).

The founders bed doesn’t go unused for very long. Envy is still napping and I still haven’t put down a proper bed for Milo so they sleep there quite often.

Cai: Daddy?

Ayden: Yes Princess?

Cai: Can you make me heir?

Ayden: Sorry Princess, you can only be heir if you’re ‘Chosen’ or if you get the insane trait.

Cai: Well, I’m gonna get that trait then. The Holly’s should have a Princess for heir.

Cai: You little twerp! I’ve heard you were talking about me to Dahlia

Daryl: Yeah, so what?

Cai: Mark my words, you’ll be sorry when I’m heir.

Daryl: You, heir? Don’t make me laugh! You are so ugly you should be wearing a paper bag.

Cai: What is your deal little man?

Sibling am I rite?

After arguing with Cai Daryl then leaves to go scare Clara.
These kids are seriously nuts.

Cai: Your brother is a little twerp

Dahlia: I know he is but we have to love him anyway

Cai: You are waaaaay to cheerful

Elijah: It’s been raining in the bathroom and there’s water everywhere.

Clara: Are you serious? It’s not been raining the shower’s broken again *sigh*

Elijah: That makes more sense, I guess.

Clara: Idiot!

Hey, don’t take to my baby like that, he’s precious!

Cai: You’re actually not too bed Kid. When I’m heir you can be my second in command.

Ayden: Oh, I can’t believe she just said that!

Dahlia: That’s an honor, thank you big sis

‘Lijah why are you mopping up when the shower’s still broken?

Elijah: It’s a mess so Clara told me I should make myself useful

Disappointed smile You’re sibling are so horrible to you

Ayden rolled a wish to be good friends with Clara so I sent him to work on that when he had some free time.

Elijah: I can’t believe I let him scare me again

Daryl: Hahaha

How could you Daryl?! He’s so innocent

Daryl: It was fun

Clara: I am so sick of you insisting you are going to be heir!

Cai: What’s your problem? It’s not my fault I’m perfect and you’re not.

Do any of these sibling get along at all.

Elijah is still mostly ignored by the family so he amuses himself with different sporty activities.

Dahlia don’t you think you could be doing an easier, warmer, activity?

Dahlia: I like a challenge

But how is that even possible when the sand is covered in snow?

Later that night Peppermint comes out for her first haunting since she died.

Hi Pep, I’ve missed you so much!

What is everyone’s fascination with playing in the sandbox when its snowing? Even the ghost love it.

Ivan and Cat soon come out to join Pep in haunting the family. The don’t really do much but it was really nice seeing them again.

Envy is still training in Martial Arts. She’s now partway through level 7 now.

Ayden really doesn’t have much time to train her now so I’m not sure whether she’ll make her ltw or not.

Like most of the rest of the family Clara takes a liking to the fixer-upper car. She gains around 1 or 2 handiness points from it.

Let’s end the chapter here since it seems like a good place to stop. Come back next time for more birthdays and then the heir poll.


Self wetting (3) -15
For each sim failing school (1) -5
For every game induced visit from a police officer, firefighter or babysitter (when you don’t call them but the game makes them come)
Passing Out (3) -15
Accidental Deaths
Social Worker Visit

Every Birth (1) +5
Every Twin Birth (3) +30
Every Triplet Birth
Fulfilling LTW (1) +40
For each Sim that gets on the honor roll (4) +20
Randomizing every LTW choice and trait for a whole generation of children (1) +10
Not using spares Happiness points for a generation
Every 100,000 dollars

Every sim to master a skill (6) +30

Every sim to max their career (2) 20

Painting of Torch holder somewhere in the house

Total points: 120 (No change this time)


3 thoughts on “Chapter 2.8 – Why Won’t He Love Me?

  1. I kind of love Clara, even though we haven’t seen her since she was a child. She’s so pretty, and didn’t get the weird jaw like Cai did. Hopefully she’s interesting as a teen!

    Wow, the kids this gen really don’t like one another. Cai is evil, so it makes sense (well, now that she’s a teen it does) – is Daryl Mean Spirited or Evil, I can’t remember. Not sure why else he’d be scaring everyone.


    • I’m still not sure what to make of Clara yet, since I’m kind of fed up of the Pep face. I do like her though.
      Yeah, the kids all hate each other this gen (apart from Dahlia). Daryl doesn’t have any bad-ish traits so that’s not whats making him scare everyone. I’d say it was a ghost thing but Envy doesn’t do it so it can’t be.


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