Chapter 2.10 – Spring Fever

Greeting fellow earthlings, I hope you all had a very happy Christmas (if you celebrate it that is). This post was actually meant to be posted before Christmas but I didn’t have time to write it out ‘cause my mum’s in the hospital and I’m having to help out with my younger sisters. On the plus side my littlest sister is being born tomorrow morning to that’s good. Anyway, onto the actual Sims stuff.


Since it’s been so long since I last posted (not really but it feels that way for me) I decided that I should just get the heir poll results out of the way. As you can see Cai won by a landslide. I’m a little sad Dahlia or Elijah didn’t win but I think Cai will be fun to play. If you’re on tumblr you might’ve already known Cai was heir since she and her future spouse have applied to adopt on Babysweetadoptions, which means after this chapter there will be another break until I find out whether they are accepted or not.

Dahlia continues to make me proud by getting on the honor roll. +5

Envy: Scrub, scrub, scrub, all the livelong day

Milo: I’m gonna splash her

Don’t you dare!

Milo: Spoilsport

How’s life treating you my precious baby?

Elijah: It’ll be much better when I’m out of here

How’s it feel to be the new heiress Princess?

Cai: It’s nothing less than I deserve

Elijah: *coughack* I can’t believe you’re handing this legacy over to her!

Poor little lonesome Milo. I really need to find a mate for him.

Once again Elijah’s only friend happens to be the dog.

E: Come here Milo. You have to like me, I slathered my hand in bacon bits!

Cai: I think when I takeover I’m gonna pack you off to the moon.


Cai: Do you think I could set mum on fire and get rid of her that way?

Clara: She’s already dead, idiot!

Cai *to self* You’re next on my list now

Dahlia: …and then she threatened to set mum on fire, it was terrible

Ayden: Don’t worry ‘Lia, I’ll speak to her

Yeah right, Cai’s got you wrapped around her little finger. She can get away with anything.

It’s nice to see these two can still make time for each other.

Rylee has her first haunting since she died. It’s been so long that I didn’t think she’d ever come out.

Mags came out to greet the other cat but she tripped before she could.

Rylee: Little kitten take care of the family for me

Mags: I can’t even get back up how can I manage that?

Elijah uses this thing almost compulsively now.

Elijah: Must get stronger and impress dad.

Broken heart Crying face

And what is Ayden doing whilst his youngest is trying to impress him? Completely ignoring Elijah’s efforts and playing chess with his other son, of course.

Cai: Bwahaha, Come here my precious! If this keeps up I’ll have an army of ghost pets at my disposal!

Yeah, uh, good luck with that plan.

Dahlia is the first (I think) to find and use the basketball court. She was actually pretty good at it too.

After playing outside all day Dahlia comes in for a shower but before she can Clara interrupts her.

Clara: I should’ve been heir, don’t you think so Dahlia?

Dahlia: This conversation is so boring *yawn*

Clara: That’s a bit of an overreaction isn’t it?

Dahlia *to self* Maybe if I pretend I’m dead she’ll go away.

This wasn’t actually a pass out fail btw, Clara bored her and then she fainted.

Is that…? Do you have something to tell me Daryl?

Daryl: Nope, nothing at all

Then why are you reading a pregnancy book?!

Daryl: It never hurts to be prepared.

It looks like Dahlia has finally gotten some company in the sandbox.

Clara is the first person to use the trampoline since Ivan.

Elijah: I’m pretty sure you don’t upgrade the cooker by hitting it with a hammer.

Ayden: Why is this kid still here again? Surely his parents are missing him by now.

Dahlia finally seems to be living up to her Natural Cook trait.

By some miracle she manages not to burn her first meal.

Clara: Hey, give me some credit here

Ayden: Hey kid, you must have some crappy parents for them to not care about you.

Elijah: You wouldn’t believe me if I told you

Ayden: Well it’s there loss, you’re always welcome here.

Elijah: *internal screaming*

Well it’s not quite what Elijah was hoping for but at least it’s progress.

I turn my back for 2 seconds and these two get into a fight in the living room.

Daryl: Take that you spoiled brat!

Cai: You will regret this when I take over.

I think he’s regretting it now, don’t you?

Daryl: Stupid daddy’s girl, getting me in trouble

Cai: Daddy!

Daryl: Ok, I’ll shut up.

True story, only Daryl got into trouble for the fight from Ayden. Cai got off scot free.

Dahlia is being a nice big sister and playing with her youngest brother. She bet him but it’s the thought that counts, right?

After D and E’s game I packed up the whole family and sent them to the spring festival. I’ve never sent any of my Sims to these festivals so this should be fun.

The first thing I did when they got there is have Ayden take them all into the photobooth and get a family picture done. Of course Clara had to block her mother out.

After the photo was done all these idiots started queuing up for the only food stand as if they’ve never seen food before. They stood there for hours before they were all served.

Clara chose to stay out of the scramble for food and found herself a comfy rocking chair to spend the rest of the festival in.

Clara: We need to get one of these at home.

Not on your life missy!

Envy spends her time playing horseshoes whilst Dahlia dances away in the background.

I was curious so I had Ayden tend the kissing booth for a couple of hours but he didn’t get a single sale.

Ayden: I’m to hot to handle that’s why.

Yeah, sure, lets go with that Rolling on the floor laughing

After his failure at the kissing booth Ayden went to spend some time with his loving wife. They tried out the love tester and got the highest score. Not long after that they ran home.

By this point everyone else had gone home except Dahlia.

Dahlia: Sweet freedom!

Back at home little Mags is becoming not so little anymore. Her head is a little weird shaped compared to her body but apart from that she’s still adorable.

It seems it’s the day for birthdays because Alyssa’s youngest son Titus also aged up.

He’s pretty much a clone of his mum.

Daryl brings this girl, Jade Owen, home from school. I briefly consider her for Clara’s spouse

But she goes and ruins it when she rejects Clara’s flirt.

I used Clara’s one teen action for this.

Clara*In the background*: Why won’t you love me?

Elijah: Should we just ignore this?

Daryl: Definitely

It was at this point that I realized that Cai hadn’t come home with the rest of the kids. I found her outside the school on the jungle gym.

Cai: Curses, I was trying to escape you while I’ve still got that choice!

Most of Elijah’s interactions are based around working out nowadays but his all-time favourite pastime is still the ballet barre.

It seems we have a new paparazzi. Creeper Jay Salas came into the house and took pictures of Dahlia at like 4am when she was doing her homework.

Cai has her own set of creepers too. The girl behind her stood there staring at her for hours whilst she was on her smart phone.

Envy is still slowly working on her LTW. She only has a point or 2 to complete it.

Mags: Who is this peasant?

Elijah: Love me please!

I can’t remember why I took this picture again.

Cai: Are you done yet, you’re blocking my TV!

Ayden works on his logic for his job. I’m really hoping he can top it before Cai becomes heir.

Dahlia: How much do you think our inheritance will be? I hope it’s a diamond.

Elijah: Sorry to break it to you but I’m pretty sure we’re not getting any inheritance.

And who said you guys will ever get to leave. I love you too much!

Dahlia and Elijah: We take it back, we don’t want any inheritance if we are allowed to leave.

Laughing out loudLaughing out loud

Elijah: *to self* Maybe if I piss off the heiress she’ll kick me out.

Don’t count on it Sweetie, but she might make your life here much harder.

After what feels like forever Ayden reached level 9 of his career. Only 1 to go and he’s completed his LTW!

Actually, as soon as he got promoted he rolled this wish. That’s my boy!

Speaking of LTW’s 3 of the kids finally rolled theirs.

Clara rolled Leader of the Free World (Politics)

Dahlia rolled World Renowned Surgeon (Medical)

and Elijah rolled Master Acrobat (Acrobat).

Cai and Daryl have yet to roll one.

Out of all the LTW’s I think Elijah’s is most fitting with all the exercise he does.

Envy reaches level 9 in Martial Arts. She’s so close to completing her LTW now.

Ayden and Envy have one last moment of coupley bliss before my game decides to fuck up completely.

Just before my game exploded both Cai and Elijah made it onto the honor roll but I missed their pop-ups +10

After the great explosion which actually happened to be my having corrupt CC in my game I packed all the family up (or I thought I had) and popped them down in a fresh save of Midnight Hollow (‘cause I have a serious love for this town). Only when they got to the town did I realize that Pep and Ivan’s tombstones didn’t make the journey even if Cat and Rylee’s had. I’m not sure at this point if I’ll go back and pick them back up but for now it’s just the main family. Hopefully my Sims will now be interesting instead of just standing around doing nothing.

The first duty in the new town is the elder twins birthdays. I tried in the old save but they wouldn’t age up. Here’s hoping it goes better this time around.

Ladies and gentlemen, your new heir.

She rolled Snob as her final trait joining her Perceptive, Adventurous, Evil and Couch Potato.

She also rolled the Alchemy Artisan LTW.

Thankfully she sort of grew into her jawline.

Clara, as the second eldest, goes up next.

She rolls the Brooding trait to join her No sense of humour, Disciplined, Natural Cook and Easily Impressed traits.

She is very pretty for being a clone and I actually quite like her. She’ll be sticking around until the D twins age up and she can move out with them.


(Sorry but that’s what his face reminded me of).

Llama man: I despise you little cat thing. You are worthless compared to the mighty Llama!

Mags: Is this thing for real? He’s not getting my cat condo!


And with that I shall leave you until I find out whether Cai is accepted to adopt.

Joins us next time for Cai’s reign to officially begin.

Oh, yeah, I should probably link to the new download page I set up. It’s here for anyone who wants a Holly.

I hope you all have a happy new year when it comes Open-mouthed smile Party smile


Self wetting (3) -15
For each sim failing school (1) -5
For every game induced visit from a police officer, firefighter or babysitter (when you don’t call them but the game makes them come)
Passing Out (3) -15
Accidental Deaths
Social Worker Visit

Every Birth (1) +5
Every Twin Birth (3) +30
Every Triplet Birth
Fulfilling LTW (1) +40
For each Sim that gets on the honor roll (7) +35
Randomizing every LTW choice and trait for a whole generation of children (1) +10
Not using spares Happiness points for a generation
Every 100,000 dollars

Every sim to master a skill (6) +30

Every sim to max their career (2) 20

Painting of Torch holder somewhere in the house

Total points: 135


Generation 3 Heir Poll

Hi guys and welcome to the Generation 3 heir poll. I actually can’t quite believe that we are already set to move onto generation 3. It seems like just yesterday Ayden was taking over and now one of his kids will be. I love Ayden to pieces and it’s gonna be sad releasing him to free will but I’m so excited about the start of a new generation. This has literally been the quickest I’ve ever played a whole generation before, I checked when Ayden’s first chapter was posted and that was exactly 3 weeks ago today. I tried to do my best with the kids personalities this time around which I hope came out in the 2 recent posts which can be found Here and Here. Oh, and another note, this generation I may open up for readers to send in Sims to be spouses, depending on who is voted heir (I’ll make a separate post if I go ahead with it).

Lets start this off with Cai, the eldest daughter and twin to Clara, she is also a ghost like her mum.

Cai was pretty much spoiled by her grandma Pep and her dad growing up so she is now determined that she’s a shoe in for heir.

Cai does have a strange jawline that she inherited from Ayden and Pep but she should grow into it as a YA.

She hasn’t rolled a LTW yet but when she ages up I will pick the first one that comes up.

Potential spouses: Eugene Salas (although I’m not completely certain about that).

Next up is Clara, twin to Cai and human.

Clara is face clone of Ayden with most of Envy’s colouring which is a little disappointing.

I admit I don’t know Clara as well as I know the rest of the kids because Ayden sent her away to boarding school as a child.

She hasn’t rolled a LTW yet but I will pick the first one when she ages up.

Potential spouses: None yet (although she is bisexual so technically her spouse could me Male of Female)

Next up is Daryl, eldest boy and twin to Dahlia, he is also a ghost.

To be honest Daryl is kind of a mystery to me. He doesn’t really have any bad traits but he spends most of his time scaring people which means he has very bad relationships with the whole family.

Daryl has the same strange jawline as Cai so I’m hoping he grows into it when he gets older. I do love that he is the only one out of both gen 2 and gen 3 to get Pep’s eyes.

He hasn’t yet rolled a LTW but when he grows up I’ll pick the first one available.

Potential spouses: He hasn’t got anyone yet but he is gay so when he does find someone it will be a male.

Second to last is Dahlia, twin to Daryl and human.

Dahlia is the sweet natured one of the kids. She doesn’t really have a bad relationship with anyone in her family.

To be completely honest Dahlia is my favourite looks wise this generation but my opinion really doesn’t count for much here, huh? Open-mouthed smile I do think she may look more like Envy than Ayden though.

She has yet to roll a LTW but when she ages up I’ll choose the first one available.

Potential spouses: She doesn’t have one yet but she is straight so her spouse will be male.

Lastly, we have the baby of the family and only single birth of this generation, Elijah.

Elijah has been ignored by most of his family for the majority of his toddler and childhood years.

Elijah is my baby and I really love his little face. I also love the combination of Envy’s green eyes with Ayden’s red hair.

Elijah has just aged up to teen so he hasn’t had a chance to really shine, personality wise.

He hasn’t rolled a LTW yet but when he grows up I will pick the first one available.

Potential spouses: He has none yet and I haven’t gotten around to getting Ayden to ask what gender he prefers so I have no idea who he will eventually marry.


Side note: The genetic diversity this generation was much better and I really don’t mind who is heir for once. I really don’t have a preference. I’m just glad I don’t have to pick. Just vote for the kid you like the most Thumbs up

Chapter 2.9 – So Many Birthdays

Last time (which was literally yesterday) the C twins aged into teens and Cai got even cockier than ever and poor, ignored, Elijah aged into a child.

I figured what better way to start a new chapter than a twin birthday.

Dahlia steps up first even though Daryl was technically born first.

Blame his slow ghostiness for that.

Daryl goes up next.

Dahlia: Stupid brother cancelled my birthday

Yep, I’ve been having this problem for about a year now, every time I try to age up a sim at the same time another sim ages up it cancels the interaction.

Dahlia: I’m never gonna be able to age up am I?

Of course you will Sunshine, even if I have to reload my game all night until you do.

I finally came to the realization that my aging problem was caused by something in my merged CC so I’ve removed some for the time being to help solve my problem.

After around 10 frustration filled times of reloading my game Dahlia finally aged up.

It was so worth it though, she is absolutely freakin’ gorgeous.

She rolls the Lucky trait.

Daryl continues to be a problem for me as his cake catches the table on fire.

Get away from the fire you idiots!

Although Dahlia does look oddly pretty in the glow of the fire.

Envy: Awesome, it’s a fire!

Envy you really are a genius, did anyone ever tell you that?

Envy: Why thank you


Ayden: Why is it always me who has to deal with these fires?

It is becoming a recurring theme, isn’t it?

Take two for Daryl. Hopefully he doesn’t set another fire.

On the second turn Daryl ages up with no problem. He rolls the Daredevil trait.

He is another kid that I hope grows into his jaw but overall he looks okay-ish.

Clara: Dude, she means you look ugly

Daryl: At least I’m not a clone!

Cai: Mwahaha, I’m one step closer to becoming heir!

Seriously, enough with the heir thing. You’re worse than your dad ever was.

This family may not be the most functional but at least they can bond over their mutual love of cake.

Daryl: Hey dad, it’s my birthday today.

Ayden: Really, I was wondering why we had cake

Daryl: Sad smile

After being rejected by his father Daryl goes and works on the car.

I’m not sure what’s up with Ayden he loved (most of) the kids as toddlers but as they got older he picked a favourite and spends zero time with the rest.

I haven’t ever seen this interaction before but then again I’ve not really played with ghosts for years. Whatever it was they both got a positive relationship boost so I’m thinking it’s kind of like the fairy interaction that came with Supernatural.

Milo is gradually taking over everything that used to be Cat’s which makes me a little sad.

I still miss Cat and look forward to her hauntings.

Envy: How dare you set a booby trap? Did you think you’d get away with it?!

Cai: Woah, chill out mum! Daddy tell her it was a joke.

Ayden: Sorry Princess, I need some food so you’re on your own.

Cai: I swear, when I’m heir I’m gonna blow this place up.

Disappointed smile But if you blow up the house then you’ll have no where to live.

Cai: Fine, I’ll just ship mum and the kids off to live as far away from me as possible.

Elijah: Hi doggy. You’ll be my friend won’t you?

Milo: You smell like flowers little human. I like flowers.

How sad is it that the only person Elijah considers his friend is the dog

Dahlia: Listen Cai I know you dream of world domination but maybe you can free the world instead?

Cai: I am seriously re-thinking this second in command thing.

Dahlia: Sad smile

For some reason Frieda Salas and her toddler daughter Camille randomly turned up on our front lawn. I only found out when I found Elijah showing off his ballet moves to Frieda.

I think this is the first time I’ve ever seen the four oldest kids together.

Clara: This heir thing is complete trash, let’s revolt!

Cai: *is smug* That’s only ‘cause you know you have no chance of winning.

The younger twins wisely stay out of this discussion.

Bad Daryl, you know better than to feed Milo scraps from the table I don't know smile

Dahlia may have grown up physically but she still loves playing in the frozen sand pit.

Envy: Why are you taking a picture of me on the toilet? You should be more concerned by the broken computer.

I’m just making sure you’re still not failing me.

In real talk though I actually feel like I haven’t had a fail for ages. Is that weird?

My Sims are starting to bore me a little so in hopes that they’d start amusing me again I added some skilly/fun type things to the extra space in the basement.

*sigh* When will this car be done so they can move onto something else?

Mags is still around and still tiny. I think she has actually got more days as a kitten because of Ayden’s longer animal lifespan reward.

Cai: When I’m heir you’re getting shipped out of this house for good!

Envy: Geez Cai, why are you so mean?

Cai: Duh, I’m Evil!

Cai ran away to scare someone else which left Envy to take her frustrations out on the MA stick.

Envy: Take that, stupid, ungrateful, daughter.

I’m not sure when Cai and Mags became friends but apparently Cai can now pick Mags up.

Elijah is still working away on his ballet barre. He is literally the only one to touch it now.

*Wolf whistles at naked Ayden in the mirror*

Yippee, someone found the new stuff I put in downstairs!

Clara: Do you mind keeping it down, I’m trying to concentrate.

Geez, artistic types

I really love when Ayden autonomously takes time from everything I have him doing to spend time with Milo since I got Milo with Ayden in mind, hence the spiked collar.

After school these two do their homework, Cai in her quite bedroom like a smart person and Clara in the busy living room. They are actually doing pretty well in school so far. Oh, and see the chair that Cai’s sitting in, yeah, my little sister wouldn’t let me finish decorating the twins room until I put it in.

I see you there trying to be sneaky Daryl!

Daryl: Shut it or I’m gonna get caught *sneaky smirk*

You kids never learn SMH

Daryl does eventually knuckle down and do his homework.

Envy: Take this you little brat!

Cai: Hit me if you can!

Such love

Ayden finally gets the promotion he needs to pick his branch of the career. Of course in accordance with his LTW I chose the Evil branch.

Elijah: Hi ho Silver, away!

Stay sweet my darling baby boy Red heart

Ayden wished to level up in logic as soon as he got promoted so I sent him to do that.

Maybe he thinks he’ll level up quicker in his new career outfit.

I completely forgot it was prom time for the teens.

Nothing terribly exciting happened so I never took pictures of the pop-ups.

Here’s the main things that happened:

Clara was named prom Queen and Daryl was King. Awkward.

Cai got into several fights which I totally expected.
Daryl asked a guy out but was rejected (does that mean he’s gay? I’ll have to get Ayden to find out).

Cai also came away from prom with a romantic interest by the name of Eugene Salas. He’s the son of the MH townie Sandra Salas. I’m not sure if that will go anywhere if she’s heir though.

Mags: Dis is mine, all mine! *stretches all over the rug*

After the prom incident I had Ayden go around and get the gender preferences from the D twins.

Dahlia is straight and Daryl is gay (as I thought).

Ayden wished to become best friends with Dahlia when she was a child but he’s just now getting time to actually spend time with her. Right now it seems that Cai and Dahlia are his favourites.

Pep: Eww, a ghost!

Cai: Right back at you, you old spook!

Ayden manages to get himself another promotion. He’s actually getting better at his job instead of getting arrested everyday.

I swear, these are the last birthdays of the chapter.

It’s time for ignored Elijah to join his siblings in becoming a teen and time for the TH and his spouse to become fully mature adults (they’re only getting cakes ‘cause Elijah is).

Your Elijah is evolving…

…Your Elijah evolved into TeenElijah

E is pretty damn adorable but I’m afraid he may be a face clone of Envy.

Bahahaha! Rolling on the floor laughing

Ayden: You better fix this right now! Devil


Ayden: Much better, I’m sexy again

In your dreams *eyeroll*

Envy: What’s this feeling, it feels super weird?

Well that’ll be because you’ve never aged before.

Envy is still really pretty as an adult. She actually doesn’t look much different.

Looking at her CAS picture I’ve realized that none of the kids inherited her eyes shape, which is a real shame ‘cause I kind of like the shape.

Let’s end the chapter here shall we? I’ll post up the heir poll soon.


Self wetting (3) -15
For each sim failing school (1) -5
For every game induced visit from a police officer, firefighter or babysitter (when you don’t call them but the game makes them come)
Passing Out (3) -15
Accidental Deaths
Social Worker Visit

Every Birth (1) +5
Every Twin Birth (3) +30
Every Triplet Birth
Fulfilling LTW (1) +40
For each Sim that gets on the honor roll (4) +20
Randomizing every LTW choice and trait for a whole generation of children (1) +10
Not using spares Happiness points for a generation
Every 100,000 dollars

Every sim to master a skill (6) +30

Every sim to max their career (2) 20

Painting of Torch holder somewhere in the house

Total points: 120 (No change this time)

Chapter 2.8 – Why Won’t He Love Me?

Hey Guys, I’m sorry this chapter took so long to be uploaded. Again RL stuff got in the way. There is only 2 chapters left, including this chapter, before the heir poll so yay!

Let’s start with Ayden fixing the dishwasher. I’ve seen too many death from the dishwasher in legacies so right after I had Ayden upgrade it to unbreakable.

Aww, a lovely daddy/daughter bonding moment whilst mummy cries about her deceased in-laws in the background.

Ayden: And the axe murderer said to the little girl ‘you’re next’

Isn’t that a little…intense to read to your daughter?

Cai: Ignore her daddy, I want to know what happens next

Ayden: Good night Princess, sleep well

Well that slightly creepy story seemed to work the trick and Cai is now safely asleep, in Dahlia’s bed. Y’know, most little girls dream of unicorns but Cai dreams of death.

It doesn’t matter that Cai’s sleeping in Dahlia’s bed for the night because Dahlia and Daryl decides to sleep outside in the treehouse in the dead of winter.

Ayden: *wails* Why did you have to die dad?

You are such a hypocrite Ayden! You were literally in the red with your dad for your whole life!

Ayden: Shut up and let me grieve

Can anyone guess what this random face one is here for?

If you said to drop of our new pets then you’d be completely right.

Keeping with the theme from Generation 1 we got a cat and a dog.

The kitty is a little girl who we named Mags

The dog is a boy named Milo

They were both found in the shelter in game (although when I picked Milo he was a pup but when he came he was an adult). I forgot to write their traits down through.

I love how adorable Mags is. I especially love her markings.

I see you there Daryl

Daryl: Whatever

The house is pretty boring with the kids at school and Elijah, Ayden and Envy sleeping so I watch the new pets socialize for the most part.

Mags: You better now bring any fleas in mutt

Milo: Right back at’cha feline

Ayden still refuses to go anywhere near Elijah unless I force him too.

Ayden: Why is strange child still here? *Dumps Elijah on the rug*

Elijah: Why won’t he love me?

My poor baby, how could anyone not love you? Red heart

Milo: My ball!!

Wow, you really like Cat’s old ball don’t you?

Milo: *chases after ball obliviously*

Thankfully the kids come home from school soon after, it was getting pretty boring without them.

Cai: Why did grandma have to die? Why couldn’t it have been Daryl instead?

Cai isn’t coping very well with Peppermint’s death. She couldn’t care less about Ivan though.

Elijah: ~My bonny rides over the ocean, my bonny rides over the sea~

Milo: Hello strange human, let me sniff you

Dahlia: What’s going on here?

Milo: *sniffs Dahlia some more*

Daryl: How come Cai is the favourite? It should be me, I’m the only boy!

Dahlia: What about Elijah? He’s our brother too

Daryl: I have no clue who you’re talking about

Dahlia: Seriously!

What’cha doing Sunshine?

Dahlia: I’m sick of dealing with my idiot brother so I’m playing on my own now.

Wow, at least one of you has sense in this family.

Daryl: Mrs Red, why does she ignore me?

Daryl: *girl voice* Why Mr Green I do not know. She’s just silly I suppose.

WOW, Daryl’s been a child for how long now and he’s just now finding his own bed.

I lose track of Mags a lot because she’s so small but she’s still incredibly cute.

When I picked Milo I thought he was gonna be a small dog so I bought the small bed which he can’t use now. I need to get around to replacing that with the bigger one eventually but until then Milo can sleep embedded into the ice sofa.

Holy crap, Dahlia finds her own bed too for the first time.

It’s like the Twilight Zone here with all the kids behaving themselves.

Bad kitty! No destroying the furniture!

Mags: *hiss* The table must die

At least it’s good to see that Mags is fitting in with all the other idiots in the house.

Of course Princess Cai does her homework to keep on her daddy’s good side.

Cai: Hey, I’m just doing this so people will vote for me as rightful heir.

Hey, you’re way to young to be worrying about that sort of thing

Cai: You’re never to young

Elijah is still pretty boring but I’m trying to give him as much face time as possible even so.

Damn it! I didn’t have this problem with Cat and Rylee. Every time I see either Mags or Milo being destructive like this I have to get Ayden to stop whatever he’s doing and scold them for it. It’s getting a bit ridiculous.

It’s birthday time again! (It seems like there is a birthday every chapter doesn’t it?)

Daryl: Who’s the loser mum’s holding?

What is it with you and your old man refusing to admit Elijah’s existence?

Cai goes up first. She rolled the Evil trait which by sheer coincidence fulfils Ayden’s wish. I just knew she’s turn out evil. All I can say is her face is very interesting. She is kind of pretty but I really hope she grows into that jaw when she’s older. Also, I don’t know if you can see it in the small CAS picture but Cai’s inherited Pep’s skin (with the doll joints).

Elijah goes up next. He rolls Ambitious and continues to be adorable as heck.

E: Maybe now dad will love me

My poor baby Crying face

Since Elijah is the youngest of this generation and I really don’t want to build any additional rooms I just popped a new bed in the old nursery for him.

Later that night Clara returned home to us. For some reason, although she went to the sports academy, she gained the natural cook trait. I think that might be a glitch but I think the trait fits her so it stays.

The first thing Clara does when she gets home is play in the snow.


Milo: I found a gem Master

Ayden: That’s a good little minion.

Dahlia: My family is completely screwed

What happened to little miss sunshine?!

Dahlia: It’s hard being optimistic when you’re surrounded idiocy constantly.

Daryl: What do you say to blowing this pop stand and going to see a movie?

Dahlia: No thanks big bro, I’ve got stuff to do

Daryl: Fine, I’ll go myself Shifty

Someone, namely Elijah, found the ballet barre for the first time since the Founders used it. He’s practically glued to it now.

Sweet satisfaction! I can’t believe he’s made it to level 6!

I thought it would be interesting to know what the twins gender preferences were for the upcoming prom so I had Ayden go around and ask them. I can imagine that experience was pretty embarrassing. Either way Cai is straight and Clara is bisexual.

Clara: Do you think I’ll get flowers for Prom?

Elijah: *Person Person plus*

Dahlia: *to self* What if I don’t get flowers for prom?

Aww Sweetie, I’m sure you will Red heart

Mags is so adorable curled up like that in her little scratching tower. I love her to bits Red heart

Elijah: C’mon Damien, let’s ride!

Elijah Holly! Have you been talking to Cai again?

Elijah: Yeah, why?

Just don’t do it, she’s a bad influence on your sweet mind.

See, my sweetie finds his bed on the first night.

I really, really love Elijah (although I don’t think he’s my favourite).

The founders bed doesn’t go unused for very long. Envy is still napping and I still haven’t put down a proper bed for Milo so they sleep there quite often.

Cai: Daddy?

Ayden: Yes Princess?

Cai: Can you make me heir?

Ayden: Sorry Princess, you can only be heir if you’re ‘Chosen’ or if you get the insane trait.

Cai: Well, I’m gonna get that trait then. The Holly’s should have a Princess for heir.

Cai: You little twerp! I’ve heard you were talking about me to Dahlia

Daryl: Yeah, so what?

Cai: Mark my words, you’ll be sorry when I’m heir.

Daryl: You, heir? Don’t make me laugh! You are so ugly you should be wearing a paper bag.

Cai: What is your deal little man?

Sibling am I rite?

After arguing with Cai Daryl then leaves to go scare Clara.
These kids are seriously nuts.

Cai: Your brother is a little twerp

Dahlia: I know he is but we have to love him anyway

Cai: You are waaaaay to cheerful

Elijah: It’s been raining in the bathroom and there’s water everywhere.

Clara: Are you serious? It’s not been raining the shower’s broken again *sigh*

Elijah: That makes more sense, I guess.

Clara: Idiot!

Hey, don’t take to my baby like that, he’s precious!

Cai: You’re actually not too bed Kid. When I’m heir you can be my second in command.

Ayden: Oh, I can’t believe she just said that!

Dahlia: That’s an honor, thank you big sis

‘Lijah why are you mopping up when the shower’s still broken?

Elijah: It’s a mess so Clara told me I should make myself useful

Disappointed smile You’re sibling are so horrible to you

Ayden rolled a wish to be good friends with Clara so I sent him to work on that when he had some free time.

Elijah: I can’t believe I let him scare me again

Daryl: Hahaha

How could you Daryl?! He’s so innocent

Daryl: It was fun

Clara: I am so sick of you insisting you are going to be heir!

Cai: What’s your problem? It’s not my fault I’m perfect and you’re not.

Do any of these sibling get along at all.

Elijah is still mostly ignored by the family so he amuses himself with different sporty activities.

Dahlia don’t you think you could be doing an easier, warmer, activity?

Dahlia: I like a challenge

But how is that even possible when the sand is covered in snow?

Later that night Peppermint comes out for her first haunting since she died.

Hi Pep, I’ve missed you so much!

What is everyone’s fascination with playing in the sandbox when its snowing? Even the ghost love it.

Ivan and Cat soon come out to join Pep in haunting the family. The don’t really do much but it was really nice seeing them again.

Envy is still training in Martial Arts. She’s now partway through level 7 now.

Ayden really doesn’t have much time to train her now so I’m not sure whether she’ll make her ltw or not.

Like most of the rest of the family Clara takes a liking to the fixer-upper car. She gains around 1 or 2 handiness points from it.

Let’s end the chapter here since it seems like a good place to stop. Come back next time for more birthdays and then the heir poll.


Self wetting (3) -15
For each sim failing school (1) -5
For every game induced visit from a police officer, firefighter or babysitter (when you don’t call them but the game makes them come)
Passing Out (3) -15
Accidental Deaths
Social Worker Visit

Every Birth (1) +5
Every Twin Birth (3) +30
Every Triplet Birth
Fulfilling LTW (1) +40
For each Sim that gets on the honor roll (4) +20
Randomizing every LTW choice and trait for a whole generation of children (1) +10
Not using spares Happiness points for a generation
Every 100,000 dollars

Every sim to master a skill (6) +30

Every sim to max their career (2) 20

Painting of Torch holder somewhere in the house

Total points: 120 (No change this time)

Chapter 2.7 – Three Deaths and a Promotion

Hey guys, welcome back to Berries of Insanity. The title of this chapter is a bit spoilery so try to act surprised when the actual events happenWinking smile

Spot the one thing wrong with this picture.

Internet cookies if you said the 90 year old man jumping on the trampoline.

I didn’t show it last chapter but I gave the D twins room a quick child make-over.

It’s still very boy centric but Dahlia will have to deal with that ‘cause I’m not adding on to the house again.

It doesn’t really matter anyway since the D twins refuse to use their room.

Daryl much prefers the treehouse and you’ll see where Dahlia choses to sleep later in the chapter.

Cai comes home from her first day of school but her mood is through the floor.

She’s starving, exhausted and very smelly from her pee incident last chapter.

Apparently going for a bath it at the top of her priorities instead of y’know, eating or sleeping.

Cai: Hey, a Princess needs to always look fabulous.

Yeah, I guess that explains why you went to school with clothes smelling of pee Eye rolling smile

Cousin Austin (Alyssa’s eldest) came home with Cai.

Hey Austin *waves*

Austin: Why does mum insist I come over here again?!

Finally one of the kids rides the non creepy spring rider.

Dahlia: Giddy up Buttercup, we’re almost to the crystal city.

It’s nice to see one of you kids being sweet without being terrifying at the same time.

Dahlia: Do you want to join me Voice?

No thanks sweetie but I love you anyway for asking Red heart

Damn it Cai! Why did you have to go for a bath instead of going to bed?! –5

Austin: Eww, a ghost!

That ghost happens to be your little cousin, you jerk!

Austin: But she’s passed out on the lawn.

I’m well aware of that fact, thank you very much. Now please keep your opinions to yourself.

Thankfully Cai did run to her bed as soon as she got up from her literal dirt nap.

All I can say is that I am super glad I don’t have to grant that wish.

No more kids for you two if I can help it!

I was slightly more prepared for Rylee’s death than I was for Cat’s ‘cause Rylee was kind of old when we got her but it’s still kind of sad.

For anyone interested these are my two cats, Button (the dark male) and Evie (the smaller white female). They are only 2 and 1 but I’ve had them since kittens and I would seriously be devastated if any of them passed. Animals; they are always my downfall.

Ayden: Haha, you’re a wimp over your silly little cats *evil laugh*

Do I need to remind you who’s pet it is that’s actually dying here?

Dahlia: No not Rylee

Austin: What’s her problem?

Austin you do realize her cat family pet just died, don’t you?

Austin: Yeah, so what?

Disappointed smile

Death: Come here kitty, let’s get you away from all these crazies.

Rylee: I can fly!

Pep: Noooo, not my last baby

Poor Pep, I’m still convinced she loved those animals more than her actual kids.

Moments after Rylee and Death disappeared this little witchy gnome popped up.

I thought you could only get them when you actually had witches so it’s kind of weird one just popped up. Either way in honour of our dearly departed cat I named this gnome Rylee 2.0.

My precious little cinnamon roll, I’m so sorry.

I’m weird and hate seeing my Sims sad but Dahlia’s face just breaks my heart.

What’s wrong with you Mr emotionless?

Ayden: I’ve just realized the cat died *loud sobs*

*facepalm* You think!

Rylee died 3 days over the age limit at 54 days old. She takes the other side of the computer desk beside Cat until the Founders die and I build and actual graveyard place in the yard.

Pep: Aww, don’t be upset Princess, she’s in a better place now with Cat.

Cai: Have you forgotten to take your meds again Grandma?

Cai literally slept through the whole death and didn’t even get a mourning moodlet afterwards. Weird.

Since Rylee’s death I’ve been a little worried about these two so I checked their lifebars.

Pep’s is full and Ivan’s is a day or 2 off being full too. Crying face

Ivan: What are you talking about, I’m a spring chicken!

Pep: *to herself* in his dreams

Even while grieving Cai manages to do her homework. I instantly forgive her earlier fails.

Instead of using her own perfectly good bed Dahlia decides to use her big sister Clara’s.

I don’t mind right now ‘cause it’s no being used but that’s probably gonna be a problem when Clara comes home.

Ayden: Give me a kiss gorgeous

Envy: Ew, no! I’m still grieving the cat.


And fight they did.

Fighting isn’t exactly a normal reaction to rejection but hey, I never claimed this family was normal.

Envy: Never become a criminal son

Elijah: Why mama?

Envy: ‘Cause you’ll end up getting arrested every night like your father.

Ayden from the other room: *shouts* Hey, I heard that!

Envy: *shouts back* good!

Uh oh, it looks like there may be trouble brewing in paradise.

I caught the tail end of Cat’s first haunting. I was so happy to see her.

Cat: I wish I’d had chicken when I was alive.

The D twins join their big sister in school.

Dahlia: What’s school like Cai? D’you think the teachers will like me?

Cai: Why am I stuck sitting beside the nerd?

Daryl: Don’t look at me, I got stuck back here ‘cause I was throwing gum at the driver.

I guessed I should give Elijah a little screen time since his older sibling have been hogging the spotlight. Of course, him being a toddler, he doesn’t do anything terrible entertaining.

Ayden: Push it honey, you can make it!

Envy: Shut up or I’m gonna shove this stick where the sun doesn’t shine!

I literally have no idea what level Envy is right now since I didn’t write it down but she definitely in the latter part of the MA skill.

I got this pop up after the kids finished school so of course I said yes. I’m kind of eager to see where Alyssa lives.

Ayden: Fine, if she doesn’t want my help she’s not gonna get it!

Are you really sure this is a good idea Ayden?

Ayden: It’s an awesome idea and no one if talking me out of it.

Since Ayden (as well as Cai now) is a celeb when the paparazzi break in now they generally take pictures of him.

Over at Alyssa’s house with Cai I find Alyssa holding her toddler son Caiden.

I’m not sure where she got the maid outfit but she’s rocking it.

This being the Sims and Alyssa not having a crib in the house little baby Titus gets left on the floor. Good grief, that red hair is dominant.

Cai: Your grandma is not as good as my grandma

Austin: Say it isn’t so

Austin you do realize you have the same grandma, right?

Alyssa: Kids, play nice.

Cai spent the rest of the night crying out in the hallway before heading home.

He’s halfway to his LTW now. With how slow he’s been I didn’t think he’d ever get to this point.

Daryl: The Ooga Booga monster is coming to get you!

Ivan: No! It’s not my time yet!

Daryl, don’t be a little shit. You’re gonna give him a heart attack.

Ivan finds solace in the grandson that doesn’t scare him once he’s recovered.

Ivan: Who’s the greatest little boy in the world who doesn’t go around scaring his old grandpa half to death?

Elijah: I is?

Ivan: Yes, you are little ‘Lijah *bounces Elijah up and down in his arms*

Ayden: Do I really have to do this?


Ayden: The voice told me that you need to go to bed so get going.

Daryl: But dad…

Ayden: No buts, get your ass to bed!

I can’t get over how cute Elijah is. I was all prepared for him to just face into the background with how adorable the other kids are but he’s proven me wrong.

What’cha doing ‘Lia?

Dahlia: Just doing my homework on the new tablet daddy gave me.

That’s my good little girl.

Pep: I know I don’t tell you this enough but I love you Ivan Holly.

Ivan: I love you too Peppermint.

Aww, such a sweet moment between my founders.

Ayden: Have I ever told you I hate being your stupid TH?!

Several times now get back to upgrading the new appliances.

Cai: I’m daddy’s favourite kid.

Daryl: *dramatic gasp* Why would you say something like that?

Cai: Serves you right for scaring grandpa

I guess Daryl didn’t like the little taste of his own medicine maybe this’ll teach him not to scare the elderly again.

Ayden: …and you better get that homework done.

Dahlia: I’m already doing that daddy

Ayden: Good, I want to see an A from you in your report card.

Wow Ayden, talk about overcompensating I don't know smile

Meanwhile outside something I was totally unprepared for was happening.

Pep: What’s this strange feeling. I feel so light and floaty

Pep: Is that you Cat?

*sniff* I wasn’t ready for you to die yet Pep. I wanted you to be around to see in Gen3 as TH.

Death: It’s your time to go Peppermint Holly.

Pep: No, I’m not ready! I still have so much left to do!

Death: No can do Grandma, get in the urn.

This is probably the saddest picture I’ve ever taken. I couldn’t believe that Cat was out haunting and had to see her owner and closest friend die.

Peppermint Holly lived a good life and died at 92 days old. She is survived by her husband Ivan, her son and daughter Ayden and Alyssa, and her 8 grandkids.You were an awesome founder and you will be missed.

Dahlia: I can’t believe grandma’s dead.

Cai: Shut up, you barely even knew her! *cries internally*


It’s not even 24 hours after Pep’s death.

Envy: I can’t believe Ivan’s dead.

Ivan: It’s okay Envy, I’m going to be with Peppermint again.

And with that sweet moment we say goodbye to our dear co-founder.

Our two founders now lay in this nice little fenced in area in the yard with their beloved pets.

This has been kind of a bummer of a chapter but join us next time when things will hopefully look up (I think since I haven’t played that far ahead yet).


Self wetting (3) -15
For each sim failing school (1) -5
For every game induced visit from a police officer, firefighter or babysitter (when you don’t call them but the game makes them come)
Passing Out (3) -15
Accidental Deaths
Social Worker Visit

Every Birth (1) +5
Every Twin Birth (3) +30
Every Triplet Birth
Fulfilling LTW (1) +40
For each Sim that gets on the honor roll (4) +20
Randomizing every LTW choice and trait for a whole generation of children (1) +10
Not using spares Happiness points for a generation
Every 100,000 dollars

Every sim to master a skill (6) +30

Every sim to max their career (2) 20

Painting of Torch holder somewhere in the house

Total points: 120

Chapter 2.6 – Well, That Was Unexpected

Welcome back guys! Last time Envy gave birth to another set of twins and found out not long after that she was expecting again. The older set of twins also had their child birthdays. Now that you’re all caught up let’s jump into this chapter, shall we?

Since Cai and Clara are now children and can no longer fit in their cribs I thought I better make them their own rooms. I’m not really good a decorating normally but I’m actually really proud of this room.

I also added a sort of playground area outside in hopes that the kids this gen will be more interesting than Alyssa and Bay were as kids.

I looks like Cai was the first twin to claim her new bed.

Aww look, my first ever semi-awkward family dinner (minus Ayden and Cai).

Envy: Can you please put on some clothes Peppermint?

Pep: I don’t know what you’re talking about dearie, I’m wearing the finest clothes around.

Clara: *Must eat as fast as I can so I can escape*

Ivan: *Blissfully ignorant*

The picture of normality this family is.

Why did you have to go and roll that? Now I have to grant it and I don’t want Clara to leave.

Ayden: I have to many kids so I want to get rid of 1 or 2.

You should’ve thought about that before having all of them *locks in wish anyway*

I’m really gonna miss your sweet face around Clara, even if you are your dad’s face clone.

Clara: I’ll miss you too strange voice in my head

Elsewhere, Daryl continues to be too cute to function. I may be slightly biased though because of his namesake.

Well I’m sure that’s the most appropriate place in the whole house to give birth, just let your daughter see you giving birth. I do find it slightly hilarious that Dahlia is obliviously thinking of Pep whilst her mother is in labour right behind her.

Envy: Until you know what this pain’s like you can shut your face!

Just make sure it’s not multiples again or you are going back into your grave to make space for them Devil

Envy: I *pant* hate *pant* you!

Love you too Sweetie

Not content with scarring just one of her daughters Envy make sure she screams loud enough for Clara to hear and come running.

Clara: What do I do, what do I do?

Envy: Get your father to take me to the damn hospital!

No can do, he’s working again.

Envy: This can’t be happening?!

No kidding you, ever single time Envy has gone into labour Ayden has been at work or on his way to work.

Envy: Damn it! Why isn’t it a girl?

Well that’s a lovely way to welcome your new baby into the world.

Both Ayden and Envy wished for a girl but unfortunately for them I’m not allowing anymore pregnancies this gen.

This little one is Elijah and he was named after Elijah Mikaelson from both The Vampire Diaries and The Originals.

Yeah, Bay finally gets herself a romantic interest. They became serious shortly after this pop-up. I’m glad to see her with someone since I didn’t set her up with anyone.

Here we find Daryl being as absolutely adorable as usual…wait, WTH happened to Dahlia? I’ve never seen this glitch before. It’s weird.

This picture is here for 2 reasons.

1) To show Clara found her new bed too

2) To show how absolutely adorable she is sleeping with her teddy.

Cai: Nope, this isn’t happening

What’s wrong with your face?

Cai: I shall not step a foot further into this mess. A Princess such as myself deserves sparkling cleanliness everywhere.

Once again Ayden’s ego has reigned supreme.

Cai: Mother Aunt Bay is coming with her phantom blaster to capture you


Cai: And then I tried to scare her but it didn’t work

Pep: That’s nice Princess

Oh, so you’re where she’s getting the Princess idea?

Pep: Of course, she is my special little Princess after all.

I swear, at this point Cai is better friends with Pep than she is with anyone else in the house. They are nearly best friends because of all the time Pep spent with her as a toddler.

I’m not sure who it was but someone finished the body work on the fixer-upper car.

As soon as Envy gets a free minutes now that she’s not pregnant any more She’s straight down to the Martial Arts equipment.

Dahlia: thomeone get me out of thith boys room (I imagine she’s got a lisp in my head for some reason)

Side note: It really bothers me when toddlers get put in the wrong cribs. I wish we could assign them like the beds.

Envy: Come here my special little angel, mummy’s got you.

Dahlia: Freedom, sweet freedom.

Dahlia: fwood!

Good to see someone’s happy again.

Arrested again Ayden? What is this your 4th or 5th time? You are the furthest thing from evil I could ever imagine.

Ayden: I…

Policeman: No talking to outsiders criminal!

Rolling on the floor laughing Rolling on the floor laughing

Ayden: *frustrated sigh*

Back at home Cai has discovered the spring riders I placed outside. Of course she would pick the creepy cat one.

Cai: Ride on Damien, together we can conquer the world.

I STG she is eviler than Ayden at this point.

Clara discovers the playground too after her sleep.

Clara: I can see you voice lady

This is all an illusion *backs away slowly*

What on earth are you doing Cai?

Cai: I’m recreating this years John Lewis Christmas advert.

I really need to keep you away from the TV.

Why do you and your sister insist on only using the creepy spring riders instead of the pony one?

Clara: Don’t call Handles creepy, he’s special is all.

This kids are insane!

Cai: Hello, Man on the Moon, are you there?

Clara: There’s no one there you idiot!

The girls played outside all night (good job this is the Sims and not RL or they both would’ve been frozen) and in the morning Clara had to run off to her new boarding school. I’m really gonna miss her and the first opportunity I have to bring her back I’m taking it, even if that’s when she becomes a teenager.

Even though one of the eldest kids is leaving no fucks are given by the family.

Ayden: Lookout Daryl, the claw’s coming to get daddy’s little man!

Daryl: Naaaawww

Ayden: *tickle tickle*

Daryl: Naaaawww daddy, make it stop *giggles*

Look at the sheer joy on Ayden’s face, he’s really a big teddy bear, no one can convince me otherwise.

Cai: Knock knock?

Ivan: Who’s there?

Cai: The Grim reaper, here to collect your soul

Ivan: Not my soul, I’m too young to die

Shame on you Cai, scaring your poor grandpa like that. He had enough of the when your dad was growing up!

Cai: Daddy you need to buy me a new high spec computer with a gaming mouse.

Ayden: And why would I do that?

Cai: ‘Cause I’m your little princess *gives Ayden the puppy dog eyes*

Ayden: I’ll get it ordered right away Princess.

Cai: *to self* My job here is done

Ayden you do realize that you’ve just been played by a 6 year old right?

Rylee hasn’t been getting much screen time lately and I’m scared she’s gonna die soon so here’s a picture of her being adorable.

What’s up with your sourpuss?

Pep: Why couldn’t it have been a girl?

Sorry but that’s just how it worked out.

Pep: *grumble* I wanted a girl

Now here’s something that a little girl your age should be doing.

Cai: I’m just taking her as a snack for Damien.

Why did I ever expect normalcy in this family?

Cai: Mother daddy said we can go on vacation to somewhere nice and sunny.

Envy: Nice try sweetie but your dad’s at work.

Cai: Curses!

Cai: Grandma?

Pep: Geez, don’t sneak up on me like that! My hearts not as strong as it used to be.

Because of her habit of scaring people Cai and Pep’s friendship has drastically declined. That doesn’t stop Pep from trying to fix it though.

Pep: Hello Princess

Cai: Sorry, only famous people are allowed to speak to Princess Cai.

That’s a little harsh, she’s your grandma.


Long story short, this is what happens when you forget to feed your cowplant; it eats your Sims.

I seriously thought Ivan was a goner for a minute there but luckily Betsy (the cowplant) spat him back out.

Alyssa gave birth to another little boy whom she named Titus, odd name but then again this is an odd family. That’s 3 boys she and Gerald have now.

Daryl: I’m stinky

Pep: C’mere baby boy, let grandma change you

Ayden: I wanted that baby *throws strop*

Ayden: I know how to deal with this

And what exactly is that oh Evil Mastermind?

Ayden: *on the phone* Hi I would like to have a birthday party for my youngest twins.

That really doesn’t fix anything

Ayden: If I can’t have him that no one can.

Ayden: I’ve just organized a birthday party for D&D so my mum can’t snatch them from me anymore.

Cai: Ingenuous idea daddy

You are both morons *facepalm*

Cai: Oh daddy, do you wanna pillow fight with me?

Ayden: Sure Princess, anything for you

She’s got you wrapped around her little pinkie


Was it now? Was hitting your dad with a pillow really worth the fail? –5

Ayden: Who left their baby here?

That’s your baby dipshit

Ayden: I don’t believe you but here, little stranger child, have a nice warm bottle.

I…I give up with you. You’re dumber than a sack of hammers.

Little ghosty Cai is headed to her first day of school.

Cai: I can’t believe daddy is forcing me to do this!

Seriously Ayden, I can’t even leave you alone for 2 minutes.

Ayden: What, he’s not gonna miss it

Just look at his smug face. Sometimes I wish I could reach through the computer screen and slap him. What’s weird is that he’s never done this to any of his other kids.

Ayden: I told you, he’s not my kid.


He pocketed the candy before leaving poor Elijah to scream his lungs out.

The party guests started to arrive while Ayden was showing his evil side. Bay was first through the door.

Bay: Boo dad, you suck!

Stupid false celeb rumour.

Bay: What celeb rumour, he just sucks!

Bay: Take that you stupid gnome!

I guess she just has a lot of anger locked up inside.

Next to arrive was Alyssa, who was much calmer than her sister, and a random teen party crasher. I didn’t write down her name so she couldn’t have been important.

Crasher: But I brought invisible food.

Damn it, I forgot to feed Betsy again! I didn’t even seen who got eaten.

No! Not Bay!

Ayden: Can I stop pretending to be sad now?

Grim: Nope, still here.

Bay is the first of the human Holly’s to die. She leaves behind a cat and an old man boyfriend, also her legacy as a ghost hunter. I wonder since she was a ghost hunter will she now hunt herself?Thinking smile

Side note: As soon as Grim leaves I sell Betsy. I don’t want any of my idiots dying because I forgot to feed the damn thing.

I was so preoccupied by Bay’s untimely passing that I completely missed Elijah’s aging up pictures.

He is adorable, as are all the kids this generation, plus he got Envy’s eyes which go really well with Ayden’s hair.

Elijah: I is adowable?

Yes, yes you are.

I did manage to get the twins cake pictures. I was really surprised when Envy and Ayden each took a twin to the cake. I guess Daryl really is Ayden’s favourite.

Cai at school: I resent that!

Daryl and Dahlia continue to be completely precious.

Daryl rolled Grumpy as his child trait and Dahlia rolled Loves the Outdoors.

I think we should end this chapter here. I’ve got enough pictures for another chapter before I have to play again so that should be out soon as well. Join us next time for more crazy antics from Cai (and the rest of the kids) and the death of a family member (I’ll leave you to guess who).


Self wetting (3) -15
For each sim failing school (1) -5
For every game induced visit from a police officer, firefighter or babysitter (when you don’t call them but the game makes them come)
Passing Out (2) -10
Accidental Deaths
Social Worker Visit

Every Birth (1) +5
Every Twin Birth (3) +30
Every Triplet Birth
Fulfilling LTW (1) +40
For each Sim that gets on the honor roll (4) +20
Randomizing every LTW choice and trait for a whole generation of children (1) +10
Not using spares Happiness points for a generation
Every 100,000 dollars

Every sim to master a skill (6) +30

Every sim to max their career (2) 20

Painting of Torch holder somewhere in the house

Total points: 125

Chapter 2.5 – This is Insane

Hey everyone, I’m sorry this chapter took so long to get out. I honestly meant to get it out a day or two after the last one but RL family stuff got in the way. Anyway I think I’ve kept you all in suspense long enough so I’ll get on with the chapter.

Of course I had to start the chapter off with the twins age up photo’s.

Facially so far Cai seems to be a good mix of her parents (although she got all Ayden’s colouring)

Whereas Clara is her dad’s double with most of Envy’s colouring.

I’m pretty please with the twins genetics so far, even if Clara is a clone.

As soon as their birthday was over the twins headed straight back to bed. It must be tiring being a newly aged up toddler Laughing out loud

Aww, poor baby Ayden is still crying over Cat’s death last chapter.

I’m sorry Bud but she was older than you. What did you expect?

Ayden: Shut up and let me grieve

Fine Mr Grumpy-pants. I swear, your mood swings are worse than Pep’s.

Speaking of Pep, I found her trying to teach Clara to walk* in the nude. Poor Clara looks terrified.

Pep: Come to grandma Sweetie

Clara: Nooooo

I don’t blame her, if my gran had done that I wouldn’t have gone to her either.

*I have a mod that lets Sims teach toddlers their skills autonomously.

Righty: Imma coming to get you Lefty

Lefty: Come ahead

Um…Ivan what’cha doing?

Ivan: I’m watching Left and Righty fight for my heart

Oh, carry on then (weirdo)

After being scarred for life by her grandmother hides away with her blocks.

Clara: If I stay quiet enough she won’t find me.

I feel so bad for these kids already

Eating your feeling there Envy?

Envy: Remind me why I married into this mad house!

‘Cause you love Ayden

Envy: I do but I didn’t agree to take on his nutty parents

That’s just how a legacy works unfortunately.

Geez Pep, wasn’t it enough to scar one of your grandkids, now you’re scarring the other too?

Pep: I don’t no what you’re talking about, I’m just teaching little Catie to walk


Pep: What?

Her name is Cai, not Catie *SMH* You are definitely going senile.

Clara: Must not look at naked grandma

Envy: Just ignore her, she’ll go away soon enough

Clara: I hope so

Envy: If she doesn’t go away we could always box her

Clara: Really mummy?

I’m not really sure that’s the best lesson to be teaching her Envy.

Envy: It’s effective isn’t it?

I…You’ve got me there

Someone’s been taking tips from her sister after escaping Pep.

Cai: Scarred4Lyfe

Bump watch. She’s pretty close to giving birth at this point.

Cai managed to evade her grandma so now she’s sweetly playing with with the little block table.

Cai: Must eat block

Or, y’know, not so sweetly.

Her little bit of peace and quiet was eventually disrupted by Envy who tried to teach her how to talk.

Envy: Fire is a good means of getting what you want

Wow, hold on there you little pyromaniac! Someone get this precious baby away from all these idiots.

So she can be a good mum when she isn’t talking about fighting and fire.

Clara: Please don’t let her drop me

Ayden is sooooo close to maxing Martial Arts here. I think it’s only a tiny sliver away. Same for Pep teaching Clara how to walk (in the nude again). I swear she refuses to get dressed anymore.


Ivan: What do I do? What do I do?

Calm it Ivan, it’s not like you’ve never been through this before!

Ivan: I didn’t know what to do then either *panics*

And where was Ayden whilst Envy was in labour I hear you ask, well of course he was on his way to work. I’m beginning to sense a pattern here. Oh well, at least he’s graduated from the graduation robes.

Ivan eventually gets tired of panicking and goes to find one of the twins. This is actually the first time I’ve seen him interact with either of them. Either way he finishes up teaching Clara to talk.

Ivan: If you believe really hard then the magical unicorn will come.

Clara: Unicorns are real?

Ivan: Absolutely

Meanwhile Envy gives birth in the main room to a little ghost boy who we name Daryl.

He is named after this handsome devil, Daryl Dixon, who is one of my favourite characters from The Walking Dead.

But of course Envy couldn’t just finish there. No she had to give me another human girl who we *eventually* name Dahlia. The same thing happened as happened with Clara, I wasn’t expecting twins so I didn’t have a name prepared hence the crappy photoshop edit. +10

Dahlia was named after The Originals aunt Dahlia from Season 2 of The Originals.

At this point I took a break from playing for a couple of days. I hadn’t expected twins again since neither Envy nor Ayden have fertility treatment and no kids TV or music was on during either pregnancy. I’m not complaining ‘cause I did plan for this generation to be a big one but I didn’t want all the kids at once.


********************AFTER A FEW DAYS BREAK***************************

I came back into game and found newly born Dahlia floating in the air.

This next segment is brought to you by Ivan being an incredibly caring grandpa and taking care of the kids instead of tending to his own needs.

/End segment

He does manage to find his bed instead of failing on me.

Maybe he’s trying to earn my love back?

Ivan: Is it working?

Sort of Embarrassed smile

Hey look, Pep found Daryl and she’s got close on to boot! Party smile

Envy however isn’t adjusting as well to being a mother of 4.

Envy: Can I please put it back?

Try actually tending to her and you’ll find she’ll stop crying.

Ayden: *grumble grumble*

What’s up?

Ayden: Being TH sucks ass!

I’m sorry Sweetie but it’s your job until one of your kids is old enough to take over.

Ayden: I can’t wait until that day!

Hell must’ve officially frozen over. I can’t believe Pep is finally wearing clothes whilst spending time with her grandkids.

Pep: If you work really hard you can be a doctor and save my life when I die.

Cai: No wanna doctor

Pep: You’ll do what I say!

Pep: Come here little one, grandma wants a cuddle

Envy: I wanted that baby Peppermint!

There are 3 more, pick one and move on.

Talking about the other kids in the house; Clara is now walking around the house on her own.

My 4 year old little sister actually picked her outfit and I think it’s super cute.

Too late again Envy. Ayden scooped up his one and only little boy just before she could.

Ayden: You’re daddies special little man, aren’t you Daryl?

You seem to have gone soft in your old age Ayden.

Ayden: Shove it, I’m allowed to be nice to my kids.

The only skill I haven’t seen the other adults attempt to teach the twins yet is potty training so Ayden is tasked with that job.

Ayden: You really hate me don’t you?

Just look at that little face and tell me you won’t do it

Ayden: *heart melts* I…I can’t.

I finally got pictures of Alyssa’s boys. Austin (child) is the double of his mum (and the Holly’s so far) and Caiden (toddler) is the double of his dad. C’mon game, where’s the genetic diversity?!

The paparazzi is still coming around frequently. I’m surprised Sweetpea isn’t on maternity leave, I guess pap’s don’t get it, either way I can’t wait to see this kid.

Oh, I guess Ayden needed more than a sliver earlier. It doesn’t really matter since this sparring match pushed him up to level 10. +5

Looking snazzy Winking smile

Ayden: The claw is coming to get you

Cai: *is unimpressed*

Cai: Nooo daddy stop it *giggles*

Ayden: *wishes to see Cai grow up Evil*

Well that’s a new one, I’ve never had that wish before.

After spending some quality time with his daughter Ayden is also tasked with potty training her.

Ayden: Please let this be as easy as it was with Clara.

Cai: Yes daddy *learns to potty seriously quick*

Like seriously, she learned in half the time it took with Clara.

Last minute cuddles with daddy Ayden and his little boy before the second twins birthdays.

Yep, it’s the second set of twins birthdays.

Sparkle shots

These two kill me with their intense cuteness. I love that Dahlia got Envy’s eyes and Daryl got Peppermint’s. I was more than a little sad to see that none of them got Ivan’s hair though.

Of course it would be Ayden who picked Daryl up straight after his birthday. I can say without a doubt that Ayden’s favourite kids are the ghost ones.

Ayden: Hey, that’s not true

Why do you spend most of your free time with them them?

Ayden: …

See you can’t answer Nerd smile

I learned my lesson about teaching the kids to potty train early so I got Ayden to train Daryl straight away.

Oh my gosh! This little girl is so precious. I just love her cute little face Red heart

Dahlia: You wuv me?

I do sweetheart

I may be insane but this pregnancy is my fault. I wanted as much genetic diversity as possible this generation so that means as many babies as possible. I swear this is the last pregnancy though so I really hope it isn’t multiples again.

It’s good to see Alyssa’s relationship is still going so well. This is her third kid with Gerald. They still aren’t married yet.

Ayden: I want that baby

Ivan: Tough luck, she’s hungry and I’m feeding her

I know Ayden, just let him feed her

Ayden: But I’m trying to prove I’m a good dad to my human kids too *diva strop*

Just go to bed!

He listened! This is the first time Ayden and Envy have been in bed together for aged since they are on different schedules normally.

I have nothing to say here apart from Dahlia is adorable!

Dahlia: You know it

And she’s inherited Ayden’s ego too.

Ayden: When you’re older you’re gonna be a heartthrob son. Can you say heartthrob?

Daryl: Heartbreaker

Ayden: Eh, close enough

Dahlia get’s some of mummy’s attention while daddy is busy with her twin.

Envy: C’mon Dahl, as soon as you can walk I can get back to eating cake.

I guess that’s her pregnancy go to food, either that or there is too much in the fridge.

I literally panicked for a moment that he’d actually peed himself but the moodlet said he was falsely accused *few*

So you managed to pry Ayden away from Daryl?

Ivan: Only ‘cause he’s busy with Dahlia

Oh, that actually makes more sense

Ayden: This house is trash

Hey, I’m not a builder but I tried my hardest!

Dahlia: I wike dis house

Thank you sweetie

It seems Bay is doing really well in her career as a ghost hunter. Maybe we shouldn’t inviter her over though, I don’t want her hunting my ghosts.

It looks like the napping bug has caught on as Pep succumbs to it.

Another maxed skill from Ayden all thanks to the tabcast +5

A quick HOTM kiss for these two before Ayden has to run out to work. I feel bad that they don’t get to spend as much time together as Pep and Ivan but with 4 toddlers and another on the way there just isn’t any time.

Ayden got arrested yet again and somehow he managed to get his first celeb star whilst in jail. I wonder who he ran into in there that got him his newfound status.

While Ayden’s in the jail gaining celebrity friends Clara is at home starving ‘cause no one else is awake.

Clara: Someone feed me please *puppy eyes*

Sorry sweetie, you’ll have to wait until someone wake up

In other news, Bay adopted herself a tiny kitty. She still hasn’t found a partner or had kids yet though.

Peppermint does finally wake up (after 3 or 4 hours of Clara screaming bloody murder) but of course she decides to feed the wrong toddler *headdesk*

Straight after getting out of jail Ayden gives me my first fail in a while 5

This house is utter chaos with 4 toddlers. I can’t wait until they grow up (which for the older twins is very soon).

Told you it was very soon. This is actually a couple of sim days after the last picture but the house was too hectic for picture taking.

*sparkle sparkle*

Cai aged up first. She she knew all her toddler skills she  got to roll her trait.

Clara was second and she too got to roll her trait. They are both really pretty and I’m glad I its not up to me to choose the heir.

I think this is as good a place as any to end this chapter. Join us next time to see the birth of the newest baby/ies and whatever else these idiots get up too.


Self wetting (2) -10
For each sim failing school (1) -5
For every game induced visit from a police officer, firefighter or babysitter (when you don’t call them but the game makes them come)
Passing Out (2) -10
Accidental Deaths
Social Worker Visit

Every Birth (1) +5
Every Twin Birth (3) +30
Every Triplet Birth
Fulfilling LTW (1) +40
For each Sim that gets on the honor roll (4) +20
Randomizing every LTW choice and trait for a whole generation of children (1) +10
Not using spares Happiness points for a generation
Every 100,000 dollars

Every sim to master a skill (6) +30

Every sim to max their career (2) 20

Painting of Torch holder somewhere in the house

Total points: 130