Chapter 7.10 – True Colours

Ha, I had a back up of the photos for this chapter still on my computer so take that photobucket!

I will get this chapter and the heir poll out tonight, even if it kills me.

G7 Ch10 P1

Yuki: Look into my eyes grandpa…

Shiloh: No, not this again

Yuki: Silence servant

Shiloh: As you command

You know, for a GOOD sim Yuki can be downright wicked when she wants to be

G7 Ch10 P2

Shiloh: And so the Greeks placed a huge Trojan horse outside the gates…

Yuki: That’s great grandpa but what does that have to do with the invention of the internet?

Shiloh: In my day the fireplace was the only source of light we had

Yuki: Gah, even under my hypnotism you are useless!

G7 Ch10 P3

It was probably at this point that I realized that the fixer-upper car was broken since the tools and stuff weren’t showing up when Sims worked on it. I did download the fix so after this chapter if anyone uses it the car should be fixed.

G7 Ch10 P4

Xhasca: *Sigh* Why is this crap always happening to me?

G7 Ch10 P5

Wren: Those god damn ungrateful kids wouldn’t be so quick to break stuff if they had to fix it!

Geez, it’s just a sink

Wren: That’s not the point!

G7 Ch10 P6

Wren: Put the perp’s neck here and I’ll show them never to break my stuff again

It’s just a sink!

G7 Ch10 P7

With Nyx’s faster vampire skilling he manages to max athletics +5

G7 Ch10 P8

Wren: You broke my sink, didn’t you?

Xhasca: I knew there was a reason you wanted to jam with me

G7 Ch10 P9

Yuki: Uh…who are you?

Yuki: Oh, hi Lysander…sure, I’ll go on a date with you.

Ah, my little girl’s away on her first date. She’s growing up so quick!

G7 Ch10 P10

Lysander: Yuki, over here!

Yuki: Um…are you Lysander?

Lysander: Yeah, we were in school together. I followed you here when you moved towns.

Yuki: Yeah, that’s not creepy or anything.

G7 Ch10 P11

Yuki: Any creepy thought you ever had of me will henceforth be erased from your mind

Lysander: But…

Yuki: No buts!

Lysander: I have no idea what you’re talking about

Yuki: That’s better

G7 Ch10 P12

Yuki: Can’t I not even go for a swim without you following me?

Lysander: Do you want me to drown myself at your pleasure?

Yuki: No! Just…stop following me

Lysander: As you wish

Suffice to say, Yuki’s date didn’t last too long and she came home soon after.

G7 Ch10 P13

While she was out on the ‘date’ however Zuko has decided to follow in his older sibling footsteps and start working out (ok, he’s dancing but that still counts…sort of).

G7 Ch10 P14

Zero: Stupid Xhasca! Why does she have to make everyone else clean for her instead of doing it herself?

She got you too, huh?

Zero: Duh! Why else would I willingly be cleaning?

G7 Ch10 P15

Luckily Zero was saved from the torture of cleaning but Yuki’s arrival home.

Zero: How did the date go?

Yuki: He was cute but a complete creeper

Zero: Aren’t they all?

G7 Ch10 P16

I completely forget Yuki is shy until she does stuff like this.

It makes her look even more adorable than she already was, if that is even possible.

G7 Ch10 P17

Zero: What is the meaning of this messed up thing we call life?

Rhaenys: Why are all my kids such weirdo’s?

G7 Ch10 P18

Yuki: Can you play ‘The Nutcracker’ Mum?

Wren: On the guitar?

Yuki: Sure, surely you can’t screw up that bad.

Wren: For that you can find your own source of ballet music!

G7 Ch10 P19

Yuki: What should I do Zero, that weirdo Lysander keeps calling me.

Zero: Should we sic dad on him?

Yuki: Not quite yet

G7 Ch10 P20

Prom is coming up and surprisingly Xhasca is the only one to nab herself a date.

G7 Ch10 P21

Nyx: There’s something I wanted to tell you Xanthe…

Xanthe: Go on

Nyx: I…I’m a vampire

Xanthe: No shit. Next you’ll be telling me Wren’s an alien.

G7 Ch10 P22

Nyx: That is your mother and you will address her as such.

Xanthe: I’ll address her as mum when she starts acting like one!

Nyx: Damn ungrateful brats. Should’ve shipped them off when we had the chance!

This argument resulted in Nyx and Xanthe becoming enemies which is only fitting since Xanthe is Shiloh’s favourite grandchild.

G7 Ch10 P23

Xhasca: I’ve just had the weirdest feeling that someone wished to get rid of me…

Don’t worry about it, it’s nothing.

Xhasca: …If you’re sure

G7 Ch10 P24

Visenya’s kids Luna, Ariana and Draco aged up so I have to get pictures of them obviously.

They are all so different and gorgeous!

I swear, I won’t be keeping up with the other spares kids as much as this but I just had to for Visenya and Winter’s kids. I might even save some of these kids for something else down the line.

G7 Ch10 P25

Yuki: It’s Zuko’s birthday. You coming?

Zero: I’d rather not

Yuki: Not sure that’s an option

Zero *grumbles*

G7 Ch10 P26

Zero: *Grumbles*

Yuki: At least pretend to be happy

Zero: Yay, go Zuko. Can this be over now?

G7 Ch10 P27

G7 Ch10 P28

Wow! He’s actually a lot cuter than I thought he’d be.

What was I thinking really, he’s Nyx and Wren’s kid, of course he’d be cute.

G7 Ch10 P29

Straight after Zuko’s birthday Wren rolled this wish.

I was so tempted to give in just this once but the kid would have no chance at heirship so I couldn’t.

G7 Ch10 P30

Zero: Stupid suck up! You’ll never be better than me so admit defeat now.

Zuko: What is your problem? I’m just washing the dishes.

Zero: You’re up to something, I can feel it in my bones!

G7 Ch10 P31

Noo Rhaenys!

Just a few hours after Zuko’s birthday Rhaenys dies at 98 (whilst Shiloh is still kicking at 100).

G7 Ch10 P32

She glitched whist going to talk to Grim so no hand shake or begging, just straight into the grave.

She was kind of useless near the end but I still loved her and am sad she’s gone.

G7 Ch10 P33

Zuko: I can’t believe she’s actually gone

Wren: I’m sure you’ll see her again soon

Zuko: Really not helping mum

G7 Ch10 P34 

Poor Shiloh, he isn’t taking his wife’s death well at all.

All he does is cry, it’s kind of heart-breaking.

G7 Ch10 P35

Xhasca: Why does school have to torture us with a crap ton of homework

Zero: Couldn’t say, mine’s is already done *Smug face*

Xhasca: *Grumbles* Stupid vampire powers

G7 Ch10 P36 

Wren: You complain about your brother again and you will end up in your very own grave

Xhasca: But I didn’t…

Xanthe: I’m outta here. i don’t want to end up like grandma

Xhasca: This family sucks!

G7 Ch10 P37

Nyx gets promoted to level 9.

Just one more to go for him to complete his LTW!

G7 Ch10 P38

Aw, Zero reminds me a lot of teenage Shiloh with his new obsession with the fireplace.

G7 Ch10 P39 

Wren: Aw, don’t be upset dad

Shiloh: She’s gone…

G7 Ch10 P40 

Wren: I know daddy but she wouldn’t want you to be this upset.

Shiloh: I…I guess you’re right. Thank you sweetheart.

Wren: Anything for you

G7 Ch10 P41

More miscellaneous skilling in the hallway whilst Zero and Nyx look on.

G7 Ch10 P42 

Shiloh: You’re mother would be proud of you sweetheart

Wren: I very much doubt that but thanks anyway

G7 Ch10 P43 

It’s prom time for the kids, good job Zuko aged up when he did.

Of course Zero has to go and ruin the picture of the kids before prom by crying *stupid mourning moodlet*.

G7 Ch10 P44

Zero: Quick driver, let’s book it before anyone else can get in

Xhasca: You do realize that’s my twin, right?

Zero: Damn, I thought you were Yuki. On second thoughts you better wait.

Prom Highlights:

  • Unsurprisingly Yuki was named Prom Queen
  • Zero asked a classmate for a dance but got a drink in the face for the effort
  • Xhasca saw someone wearing the same dress as her (probably Xanthe tbh)
  • Zero broke the prom background whilst chasing his crush
  • Xanthe got caught checking out someone’s date which caused a fight to break out
  • Zuko asked his crush to dance but got turned down

G7 Ch10 P45 

Whilst the kids are at prom and Wren and Nyx are at work Shiloh is found playing in the sand pit.

He must feel lonely without Rhaenys around now. Damn, I just made myself sad.

G7 Ch10 P46 

Wren: So…uh…the Watcher wants me to ask you a question

Yuki: What question exactly?

Wren: Uh…what floats your boat

Yuki: Geez, you can’t just ask that!

Wren: Just answer and get this over with

Yuki: Gosh mum, I’m straight, now can this be over with?

Wren: Gladly

G7 Ch10 P47

Aren’t you a little young to be turning to alcohol?

Yuki: I need it to erase that conversation

It wasn’t that bad

Yuki: Says someone who’s never had to go through it.

G7 Ch10 P48 

Wren: So Zero, can I ask you a question…

Yuki: Good luck Zero, you’re gonna need it

G7 Ch10 P49

Wren did eventually get through all the needed conversations so I knew for potential spouses.

I’m actually pretty surprised that the majority of the kids are straight. I may need to modify my SP percentages again with the move. For now we’ll roll with this though.

Anyway, I’m going to end this here because the twins are literally hours away from becoming YA’s.

I’ll have the heir poll out momentarily so look out for that.

Townie Updates:

G7 Ch10 TU1

Tyene gave birth to her latest baby.

I think this makes 3 boys that the pair have now.

G7 Ch10 TU2

G7 Ch10 TU3

Aw, twins Luna and Ariana have found love with brothers Dany and Gary Shue.


Self wetting (17) -85
For each sim failing school (1) -5
For every game induced visit from a police officer, firefighter or babysitter (when you don’t call them but the game makes them come)  (1) -5
Passing Out (44) -220
Accidental Deaths (2) -20
Social Worker Visit

Every Birth (24) +120
Every Twin Birth (6) +60
Every Triplet Birth
Fulfilling LTW (12) +480
For each Sim that gets on the honor roll (18) +90
Randomizing every LTW choice and trait for a whole generation of children (6) +60
Not using spares Happiness points for a generation (6) +50
Every 100,000 dollars (6) +120

Every sim to master a skill (29) +145

Every sim to max their career (10) +100

Painting of Torch holder somewhere in the house (0)

Total points: 885


2 thoughts on “Chapter 7.10 – True Colours

  1. Oh my, definitely save Visenya’s kids, I will take them! Especially love Draco’s face. And the twins find love with brothers, sometimes Sims is so awesome.

    Aw Zuko, you’re cute, but that Socially Awkward trait is a killer. And his other traits aren’t so great, either.


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