Chapter 1.4 – Hello Nooboo

I can’t believe it’s been a month since I last posted an update here. I got preoccupied by a bunch of things, mainly moving house (and not having internet for a week) and Hair retexturing (which took up a bunch of my time since I’m a perfectionist and nothing I ever do is good enough). These pictures are from nearly 2 months ago when I last played so bare with me if I can’t remember what the heck happened. I’m also watching The Walking Dead whilst writing this so if I seem a little over-emotional that’s why.

Let’s start this chapter with the best way to start a chapter shall we; adorable toddlers.

Someone really doesn’t like using the ‘big boy’ potty.

I sometimes forget Ivan’s childish but then he does something like this…

Ayden finally got over his bad mood at having to use the potty and was the first person to discover the playhouse Pep rolled a wish for when the twins were born.

N’aww doesn’t he look precious!

Business as usual, at least in this house.

It seems Ayden wasn’t too keen on being dragged away from his new toy to be taught how to speak.

These two pictures happened within hours of each other. I’d actually feel sorry for Pep if it wasn’t her own damn fault.

More skilling time for mommy.

Side note, I’m pretty sure this is the 3rd or 4th time Cat’s destroyed that rug. She never goes for anything else though.

Nooboo confirmed.

It better just be one in there, I stg! We can barely afford the two we have now nevermind more multiples.

Straight back to skilling for Pep whilst Ivan relaxes with his kids toys. All things considered these two are actually pretty good parents.

I’m sensing a new tradition starting here. Every time Pep’s pregnant she takes it out on Ivan by forcing him to work out.

Look no skill bar! Just in time too since the twins birthday is rapidly approaching.

I can’t exactly remember what I took this picture for but I’m guessing it was to show that Pep’s upgrading the shower because I’m sick of it always being dirty.

Is it that time already?

Please let it be one, please let it be one!

Pep: Are you quite done yet, I’m in pain here!

Well excuuuse me if I don’t want a house full of kids for my first generation.


Only one baby was born, a little girl named Bay who was born a disciplined clutz. +5

If you can’t tell by now my naming theme is the Alphabet but since I didn’t want 26 generations I’m doing every child under a different letter (unless they are multiples).

I was doing so well, don’t you dare give me my first fail!

Thankfully she made it to the toilet in time.

Yay! Birthday time for the twinsies.

Of course Pep does the honors, since she has the highest relationship with them because of skilling, whilst Ivan cheers in the background.

Sparkle butt Open-mouthed smile

(I may have forgotten to get a picture of Alyssa’s transition)

Ayden no, please don’t!

Anyway because he learned all his toddler skills I got to roll for his new trait.

He got *drumroll* Disciplined which joins his current Excitable and Evil traits.

Damn it Ayden! There goes the points I got from Bay’s birth –5

Whilst her twin was inside giving me my first ever fail Alyssa finished growing up outside.

I was able to roll her trait too so she got Loves the Cold which joins her Disciplined and Slob traits.

Ayden: That cake’s gonna make you fat

Alyssa: And that big mouth’s gonna get you no friends

Ah sibling, just aged up and already mocking each other.

Ayden: All parties are cancelled forever Angry smile

Ivan: Not my parties! What am I going to do with all my funny masks?!

Ayden: All hail the mighty King Ayden, ruler of all!

Ayden please be quiet, your sister is trying to sleep Sleepy smile

It was around about this point I realized we didn’t have enough money for beds or a room for the twins so they have sleeping bags in their favourite colours for now.

I can’t remember why Alyssa was woken up here but doesn’t she look adorable Red heart

Eventually everyone gets their butts to bed.

Pep’s still around and as gorgeous as ever

Pep: Damn straight

Her ego hasn’t shrunk any either I don't know smile

For once it isn’t Pep screaming at her crying infant. The rest of the family however are a different story.

I really need to rethink having Bay in the same massive room as everyone else.

Ivan eventually gets over his temper tantrum and deals with daughter but he took his sweet time in doing it.

Alyssa: How are you Ayden? Are you looking forward to going to school? I know I am! I’m gonna make so much friends…

Ayden: *to self* I wonder how much I’d get if I sold her.

After Alyssa’s attempt to bond with her brother he took her outside and pounded her with water balloons. She threw balloons at him to but none of them hit.

First day at school for the twins! Are you guys excited?

Ayden: Keep your eyes on her, watch her every move

Alyssa: Definitely

It worries me how much you distrust her

Ayden and Alyssa: Never trust a bus driver.

I think she should be more worried about you Ayden with you being evil and all but I digress.

I finally got around to building another room. As you can see I’d originally planned it for Ayden and Alyssa, hence the green and orange, but because Bay was constantly waking everyone up this is where she’ll sleep for now.

The family is still really struggling for money so Cat is still honing her hunting skill.

That hole is massive Cat! What are you planning to dig out of it, a T-rex?

Wait, can you actually dig out skeletons? That would be awesome!

On her journeys Cat found these two sleeping by the mail box. I don’t really blame them for not wanting to sleep in the house with Bay’s crying but they are seriously gonna freeze out there.

Way to go Ayden +5

Alyssa rolled this at the same time. I wasn’t sure if I was allowed to lock it in or not and if I did would it still count as randomising a whole generation.

Either way I locked it in since she wished for it.

I knew you’d freeze! Alyssa had already woken up and retreated inside the house but Ayden was still sound asleep outside. I was seriously panicking. I didn’t want to lose the kids!


And what were the doting parents doing whilst their son was freezing to death outside; exercising. Was there ever any doubt Sarcastic smile


After working out until he was fatigued Ivan then plopped himself down in front of the dolls house.

Ivan: Hey Mr green shirt, you remind me of someone

Could it be your son? Y’know, the son who is freezing to death outside?
Ivan: Nah, he’s fine in his bed.

*headdesk* Idiot!

Thankfully Ayden made it inside on his own a little while later. He skin was blue for a little while which worried me but he then went back to normal so it was all good. That is an experience I don’t want to repeat though.

Alyssa, who’s been in the house nearly all the time blissfully plays with her toys.

I love these kids! They tend to do their homework close to each other. It’s probably so Ayden can steal his sisters answers but it’s still precious.

Ivan: Is daddy’s little girl gonna stop crying? *Nervous tick* You gonna be a good girl and let us sleep?

Bay: *Baby babble*

Happy Birthday Bay!

Ivan looks deliriously happy for her to be growing up.

Ivan: Yay *to himself* I can finally get a good nights sleep

Please have pink hair! Please have pink hair!

Damn it!

Oh well, here’s Bay, who looks a whole lot like her big sister.

I’ll leave it here since I still need to edit the rest of the pictures I have. Expect the next chapter to be out sooner than this one since I’ve nothing to preoccupy me now.


Self wetting (1) -5
For each sim failing school
For every game induced visit from a police officer, firefighter or babysitter (when you don’t call them but the game makes them come)
Passing Out
Accidental Deaths
Social Worker Visit

Every Birth (1) +5
Every Twin Birth (1) +10
Every Triplet Birth
Fulfilling LTW
For each Sim that gets on the honor roll (1) +5
Randomizing every LTW choice and trait for a whole generation of children
Not using spares Happiness points for a generation
Every 100,000 dollars

Painting of Torch holder somewhere in the house

Total points: 10


4 thoughts on “Chapter 1.4 – Hello Nooboo

  1. It stinks when you get your first fail… because you know it’s kinda all downhill from there. Hopefully it won’t be as bad for you as it has been for me. XD

    The kids sure are cute! Not sure who my favorite yet though.

    And I just looked at the points, shouldn’t you be at +20 or so..? Unless my math is wrong.


  2. Aw, your first fail. At least it wasn’t the TH, that’s more embarrassing.

    Alyssa’s Loves the Cold trait will be helpful if the kids decide to continue sleeping outside – it will take a lot longer for her to get the “too cold” warning. I’ve had sims with that trait hang outside in the snow all night, and they only had the “pleasantly chilly” moodlet.

    Does Bay have her mother’s skintone? Or maybe just a lighter position on Ivan’s skin ramp. Alyssa also looks way lighter than Ayden and Ivan. But all the kids are adorable, I especially love Ayden’s minion PJs!


    • I’m really glad it wasn’t Pep that ’cause my first fail, I was a little concerned about that actually. I really wish Ayden had gotten that trait instead of Alyssa ’cause he’s the one that’s always outside while Alyssa is always inside. It’s good to know that if she’s outside she won’t freeze though.
      I wasn’t actually sure about skintones so I checked and Bay is the only one with Peppermint’s skintone. Alyssa is just a lighter tone on Ivan’s ramp.


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