Chapter 5.11 – Burnt Waffles

Hey guys, this chapter was originally meant to be posted last Saturday but I kept getting distracted and never got around to writing it. Anyway, it’s here now so please tolerate enjoy this mess.

Um…Marissa are you alright?

Missy: Perfectly fine, why do you ask?

Oh no reason…except it looks like you’ve broke your freaking wrist!

Missy: Oh that, it’s nothing.

Rae: Wow, someone’s in denial.

Meanwhile Devan is still keeping up his legacy of playing football in the house. Thankfully there’s nothing breakable sight.

Dev: Being a doctor is great, isn’t it? I’ve saved several lives on my own this week.

Zen: *Yawn* Come talk to me when you have something interesting to say.

Dev: *Sad face*

Poor Devan, no one wants to talk to him anymore.

Rosa: Watcher, I can’t get through the door because of Shiloh and his big butt!

Shiloh: Pot meet kettle

Why are you starting yet another painting Persi?

Persi: It’s a little thing called free will. I can do whatever I want and nobody can stop me.

Glad one of you has finally came to that realization.

Rae, taking after her big sister, has also taken to painting.

It’s pretty boring in the house now with all the kids at school and all the adults (except Missy) at work so Missy is set to upgrading all the appliances in the house in the meantime.

Missy: This is completely unfair. Someone as awesome as me shouldn’t have to do manual labour!

Thems the breaks until you get a job like the others

Missy: *Mutters* I think I’ll stick to the manual labour

I don’t really know why Zen came home from work singed but here she is.

Tiff: Can I eat this charred flesh? It smells delicious!

Zen: Try it dog and you’ll be back in the pound before you can even blink.

Shiloh: Don’t you dare turn my mummy into a ghost, dog.

Quinn: Calm it Shiloh. Mum’s not that great, her music sucks. Leave the dog alone.

Shiloh: But mummy…

Quinn: Drop it!

I’m going to admit that I didn’t really like Roux all that much because he was a complete clone of Missy but he’s slowly starting to grow on me because of his affinity for learning skills autonomously.

Uno: Let’s put our paws together and give the boy a round of applause.

I honestly can’t even tell if you’re being sarcastic or not anymore.

All that upgrading has really paid off and Marissa has maxed yet another skill +5

Missy: So am I finished with this upgrading crap now?

Nope, get back to work *cracks whip*

Oh, who are you?

*Checks notes* Ah, you’re Caesar, Kamille’s youngest. I really should’ve known that since he’s a complete face clone of her.

Out of all 8 children Rio is probably the last one I would’ve expected to actually sit down and do her homework. I don’t know why but she just seems like a rebel to me

Rio: You don’t know anything about me!

See, doesn’t she just scream ‘rebel’?

I’ve got a feeling that this isn’t the first time these kids are going to disappoint me -5

Caesar: Can’t you just see it, little cuz, a world without school. That would be so awesome!

Roux: No, no, no! We need school to function. It’s like having a painting palate without red in it.

Caesar: You are so lame, I wish you weren’t my cousin.

Roux: Feeling’s mutual!

Roux: Woo hoo, the loser finally went home so I don’t have to deal with him anymore!

That’s not very nice, he’s your cousin.

Roux: I have enough cousins thank you very much, I don’t need any extras!

Woo, go Niska!

This is her 4th promotion. She’s not doing as well as I’d initially hoped but she’s not doing terrible either so I guess I can’t complain.

Zen sweetie…I think you might have a slight problem.

Zen: No, my life is perfectly normal and well adjusted

You keep telling yourself that

Shiloh: It’s been days now mummy. We’re all worried about you.

Zen: I don’t know what you’re talking about son, I’m perfectly fine.

Shiloh: You haven’t had a shower in days.

Zen: It’s fine, I’m fine.

This chapters title really should’ve been the chapter of denial.

Shiloh: Mum there’s something wrong with mummy

Niska: I know darling but you must finish your homework first

Persi: Can I help you?

Random Paparazzi: I want to know everything about your family.

Persi: Uh…sorry but I’m not allowed to talk to strangers, especially strangers in their underwear.

Roux: Mum? Mum? Mummy? Mom?

Missy: Go away Roux, mummy’s busy right now.

Roux: But…

Missy: Beat it kid!

You know you really shouldn’t be out in public like that, right?

Zen: I really don’t know what you are talking about.

The denial is strong in this one.

Rosa: My teacher looks suspiciously like Professor Xavier

Shiloh: No way

Rosa: I’m deadly serious! He’s going to give me my letter to Hogwarts any day now, I can feel it!

Shiloh: You are so wrong there. Professor X is from X-Men not Harry Potter, sorry Rosa.

Rosa: Thanks for ruining all my dreams you loser!

Quinn: You are both losers now get over here and help me make these cakes!

Rosa: Not now Quinn, I’m having a debate with your baby brother

Quinn: *Whispers* Yeah, a debate that you’re never gonna win

Shiloh: Hey, I’m not a baby!

Rosa: Are too

Shiloh: Am not!

Rio: Can you believe Rosa’s going around saying she’s going to Hogwarts?

Rae: I know, right. She’s such a dork.

Rio: We should totally write a fake letter just to mess with her.

Rae: Isn’t that going a little too far?

Rio: Nope, it’s just far enough for my liking.

Man, the sibling rivalry between these kids this generation is real.

Now that all the kids are *mostly* grown and able to fend for themselves Devan has been rendered useless again. He spends most of his time hanging out in that rocking chair.

Oh look, the dogs are still around and Tiff is having her birthday.

I still sometimes forget about them entirely. My bad.

Tiff: my whole life is one epic failure.

Well I can’t really argue about that.

Persi: For all those suckers that say console games are better they are totally wrong.

Rae: How can you say that. Have you even tried to play Crash on the PS4? You can’t beat it.

Persi: No thanks, I’d rather play Life is Strange on my trusty computer. It’s so much better.

Rae: You lie!

Girls, girls, both platforms have their merits.

Persi and Rae: But…

No buts!

Persi and Rae: Fine

Persi: *Under breath* But PC is still better

*Throws hands up* I officially give up

A still unwashed Zen comes home from work with her 3rd promotion.

Devan: When I was a werewolf I once caught a fish thiiiiiiiiissssss big.

Rio: Wow, so impressive. Can I go now?

Dev: But bonding…

Rio: Another time old man

Dev: *Sad face* Why does no-one want to spend time with me?

OMG, it’s a freaking miracle! Zen’s finally having a wash. For a while I didn’t think this would ever happen.

Zen: My boss told me I can’t come back into work until I have a bath so I’ve no choice.

Thank you Zen’s boss for finally talking some sense into her.

Well that’s…interesting.

Persi: Don’t. Just don’t. Dad made me paint it for him. Said it reminded him of his homeworld or something.

Dev: You really shouldn’t eat cake for breakfast young one.

Persi: You’re really one to talk, you’re doing the exact same thing.

Dev: But…my medical opinion.

Persi: Yeah, sorry, don’t take lifestyle advice from hypocrites.

Roux: *Plays Oracion*

I really can’t remember but I’m starting to think Roux might be a virtuoso. He flits between all the instruments constantly.

Missy: I made breakfast

Missy: I’m starving but even I wouldn’t eat this trash.

Aha, I was right!

Missy: You heard nothing

Oh well, at least Missy won’t have to go hungry for too long since there will be an over abundance of cake in a few minutes.

Rosa: Can you hurry up, I want some cake!

Quinn: Cool it Rosa or you won’t get any.

Persi: Just give me a few minutes. I have to decide whether I want to be pretty or not.

Rosa: You’re already pretty…now move and give me cake!

Well Rosa was right about Persi being pretty. Unfortunately she seems to be a complete face clone of Marissa.

Quinn on the other hand is a nice, unique, mix of both of her parents.

No joke but Demir’s career is going so slowly. I don’t know if that’s just how the fortune teller career goes or not because I’ve never played it before but it is taking forever. This is only his 2nd promotion whilst Niska and Zen are on their 3rd and 4th.

No, no, no, no! Go away creepy mascot man!

CMM: I just came to recruit more lost souls kids for college

Not from this house you won’t.

Wow, harsh Marissa. Why do you keep wishing to send all your kids to boarding school.

Missy: Simple, I don’t want to have to deal with them, duh.

Persi: Love you too mum

Now that the older girls only need brain power instead of sleep they spend their nights skilling. Persi has also started painting some of the nicest paintings I’ve ever seen in my game.

I think that will be it for this trainwreck of a chapter. It sucked but I hoped you enjoyed it nonetheless. Until next time I’ll leave you with the townie updates.

Townie Updates:

That’s one relationship I didn’t see coming.

No, not you two. I wanted you to make cute babies together. Why can’t any of my townie couples stay together?

Ah, I see now why Ernest and Mooncake broke up, it’s because he wanted to be with Livy.

Please stay together and make cute babies for future spouse options.

Oh, I’ll need to watch out for this kid when she gets older to see if she could be a spousal prospect (when I say it like that it just sounds creepy but you know what I mean).


Self wetting (11) -55
For each sim failing school (1) -5
For every game induced visit from a police officer, firefighter or babysitter (when you don’t call them but the game makes them come)  (1) -5
Passing Out (36) -180
Accidental Deaths (1) -10
Social Worker Visit

Every Birth (18) +90
Every Twin Birth (4) +40
Every Triplet Birth
Fulfilling LTW (8) +320
For each Sim that gets on the honor roll (11) +55
Randomizing every LTW choice and trait for a whole generation of children (3) +30
Not using spares Happiness points for a generation (4) +40
Every 100,000 dollars (2) +40

Every sim to master a skill (14) +70

Every sim to max their career (5) +50

Painting of Torch holder somewhere in the house (0)

Total points: 465 (No change this time)


2 thoughts on “Chapter 5.11 – Burnt Waffles

  1. Haha, prospective spouses are now not even born and we’re considering them. If it was anything but Sims, it would be way creepy. But srsly tho, townies need to make us some cute babies!

    Quinn is indeed a great mix, she’s definitely my favourite at this stage. Though we have plenty of other kids to teenify, someone else can still overcome her.


    • Yeah, spouse hunting is srs bsns in this game. Anywhere else it would be creepy as anything but Sims it’s totally cool haha
      Quinn is great and now that you mention it I do see how good a mix she is of her parents but unfortunately I’ve kind of unintentionally overlooked her so far. Hopefully that changes in future chapters.
      So many kids to teenify, all great in their own way 😀


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