Chapter 8.3 – Uni Misadventures

Another day another update for these idiots.

How’s it going people of the interwebs?

Hope you’re all ready to read about 3 doofus’ at uni because that’s all this chapter is pretty much.

Oh well, the quicker we can get this over with the quicker we can get onto the important things like babies (only in the Sims will that ever be appropriate to say haha)

Of course said doofus’ aren’t at uni yet. They are enjoying some chill time before all the hard work starts.

Wren: Good luck at Uni, you’re going to need it Bitch

Gladion: Whatever, at least I know I won’t end up a bitter, lonely old woman

Zero: *Sigh* Do I really need to referee you two again?

You might wonder why there’s some random baby plopped into this chapter. The answer is simple.

This is Tristen, the baby Xhasca had last chapter. I got a pop-up he’d aged and was curious what he looked like.

He’s kind of cute for an incest baby (not a sentence I ever thought I’d have to say).

Yuki: I need to book a moving truck ASAP

Wait, you’re telling me the actual uni part of this uni chapter is about to start?

Yuki: No need to be a smartass

As you can see Yuki couldn’t wait to leave her ancestral home. Zero on the other hand was far less eager.

Yuki: Zero, Gladion, hurry both you’re asses up or I’m leaving without you!

Zero: But mum…

Yuki: 3…2…1

Zero: Fine, we’re coming

I don’t know why but I always seem to dump my Sims into the exact same dorm.

Yuki, Zero and Gladion were no exception to that.

Zero’s first action upon arriving was to introduce himself to his first roommate, Tiffany Angles.

Zero: Hi, I’m Zero Holly and I’ll be your roommate for the next 2 weeks

Tiffany: Hi legacy sim, I’m just an NPC and will probably not be seen again on your stay here

Zero: 0.o

Of course they go to the mandatory meet and greet as expected and Yuki grabs herself some free stuff.

Yuki: Hmm, let me grab some of these candy bars

You don’t even eat!

Yuki: So. You never know what dumbasses I’ll have as roommates. I could make some money by selling these gross candy bars to them.

Whilst Yuki is doing that Zero does exactly what he does at home; finds an arcade machine to play.

At least the other 2 are sticking to character.

Mr Loner here actively went out of his way to corner this girl and start a game of table tennis with her.

Gladion: What? I promised Lillie I’d get the full Uni experience whilst I was here.

As soon as Gladion is finished Zero takes over with another nameless uni student.

Yuki also finds an easel to paint on.

What’s the point in being at Uni if you’re just gonna do what you did at home?

Yuki: Bite me

Yuki: …And that is why cats will always be better than dogs

Don’t you own 3 dogs?

Yuki:…Shut up

Zero: She does have a point

Yuki: Don’t you start *Grumble*

They do eventually all go home just in time for Gladion (and the human dormies) to head to bed.

The aliens stay up at night on the computers.

First day of classes for all of them.
I forgot to say but Yuki is doing Technology, Zero is Physical education and Gladion is Communication.

While everyone is at class the stove catches fire.

One of the dormies must’ve left some food cooking when class started.

Since no one was around to put out the fire a fire-fighter was called -5

Fire-fighter: Stupid party kids, should turn the oven off when they go out *grumble*

When Gladion comes he home makes some hotdogs for dinner. Please don’t set the kitchen on fire again!

Gladion: How exactly do you suppose I set the kitchen on fire with a microwave?

I don’t know, just don’t!

Yuki sneaks some study time in in the morning before class.

Yuki: I already know all the crap, why am I even bothering?

Maybe there’s stuff you don’t know?

Yuki: Nope, I should be the teacher if this is all they’re gonna give me.

I mean…at least the girl knows how to go after what she wants. Amirite?

Meanwhile Zero goes to his first outdoors class.

Please don’t stay out in the sun too long

Zero: Don’t worry, I got this

Why doesn’t that make me feel any better

After she’d finished teaching her class Yuki hurries off to join her outside class too.

After Nyx I am seriously paranoid any time my vampires are out in the sun.

Luckily neither of my heirs died (this time at least).

In his down time Zero has done quite a bit of social climbing (playing video games basically) since being at Uni and manages to snag a new trait.

Zero slept through his first lecture which was pretty funny to me since he doesn’t sleep through being an alien.

Zero: Zzzz…Shh, they don’t know that…zzzz

Are the lectures really that boring?

Zero: Zzzz…I’d rather be dead…zzzz

Gladion on the other hand has turned to alcohol from the stress of Uni life.

Gladion: This whole mingling this is much harder than Lillie made it out to be

You’re telling me

Gladion: Isss tat a new Pokémans? I shood tell Kukui

Uni Guy: Nah man, its the social bunny

Gladion: Wassa Social Bunny?

That’s enough Gladion, I think you’re a bit drunk

Gladion: Am not

Gladion: Little genie men live in clouds. Iss terri-scary, right?

You’re wasted Gladion, go to bed

Gladion: Make me

At the end of the first week all 3 pass their exams with flying colours. All 3 also get on the Dean’s list.

I’m only controlling Zero and Yuki so it’s surprising that Gladion is doing so well on his own.

To celebrate ending their first term successfully Zero and Gladion have their first ever woohoo together since Zero’s had 2 wishes for it since Gladion moved in.

Straight afterwards Gladion gets out of bed to pass out beside it 5

Yuki: I don’t even want to know what’s going on here

That’s probably for the best tbh

What you up to Yuki?

Yuki: It’s the weekend so I’m throwing the biggest kegger this campus has ever seen

You are?

Yuki: Damn straight I am

Gladion: I heard there was beer

The party hasn’t even started yet

Gladion: Doesn’t matter, I have beer

Yuki: This party is gonna be hella lit

Some random faceone crashed the party but she brought chocolate gnomes so for the she can stay.

Yuki: Higher Gladion, I’m not getting enough beer

Gladion: You’re still helping me next, right?

Yuki: Yeah, sure

Gladion: That doesn’t sound very sincere

Yuki: Shut up and lift

Hey look, Tiffany, the girl Zero first talked to when he arrived at uni, was actually seen again.

Tiffany does eventually put her clothes back on but not before 2 others decided to copy her.

I’m not sure what’s different in this picture but I really love how Yuki looks.

Maybe it’s the slightly bluer tint to her skin?

Yuki: Or maybe I’m just naturally this gorgeous?

I can’t argue with you there

The party was pretty good as a whole, nothing too interesting happened apart from the streakers.

Zero: This is going straight on SimBook

Gladion: *Literally too drunk to care*

I love how in love these two are, it’s adorable.

Is that really a good idea in your condition?

Gladion: What do you mean? I can see fine…why are there three white balls on the table.

Yeah, you definitely can see fine

Damn it! I was too busy watching Gladion and his antics with the pool table that I didn’t notice Yuki needed to pee -5

Yuki: Yeah, it’s definitely your fault this happened

After her little accident Yuki goes to find her brother.

Yuki: How’s uni going for you?

Zero: it’s wonderful Yuki. I love it here.

Yuki: Ok, who are you and what have you done with my constantly in a bad mood little brother?

Yuki: No seriously, what have you done with him. Let me just examine your brain for a sec.

Zero: It’s still me

Yuki: God damn, it really is

It’s the first day back at classes for the kiddos after their weekend off.

Zero: Nooo! Why can’t the other Zero take my classes for me?

Yuki: There’s no other Zero you dumbass

I regret buying the keg now since Yuki’s obsessed with it, even with classes in a few hours.

I sometimes regret marrying a vampire into the family because look at how much fun Gladion is having playing outside in the leaves

whilst his boyfriend has passed out because of too much sun exposure -5.

Please don’t die on me Zero.

I think this is about the point that I installed a daywalkers mod so that Yuki and Zero wouldn’t die since they have classes outside so often but it didn’t work and they were still passing out left and right.

Damn it Yuki, stop flirting with the plantsim, you have a boyfriend!

Yuki: I told you before, I don’t have a boyfriend I have a complication. I made no commitments.

Gladion eats chocolate with a fork. The savage!

Gladion: I’m no savage, I’m just far more technologically advanced than you are

Yeah, sure, cause a fork is the height of technological advancement.

Professor: …So in conclusion there are 9 planets in our current solar system

Yuki: Ugh, why is everyone around here so stupid? Everyone knows there’s only 8 planets in the solar system!

Nope, there’s no way I’m starting that argument up again. I’ve had enough of that with my little sister.

Purple haired girl: Woohoo before marriage is not tolerated around here. it is wrong!

Yuki: Shit Gladion, do you think she knows about you and Zero?

Gladion: Just shut your big mouth and keep walking.

Last exams go passed and they all pass with flying colours again.
To celebrate the end of term this time they all go bowling since I’ve never done that in game before.

Whilst they are bowling the boys complete their LTW’s +80

What’s the mega creepy smile for?

Yuki: I got an A! That’s got to show those shitty professors that I’m better than them!

They are literally the ones that gave you that grade dingus

Yuki: Silence!

Surprisingly all 3 managed to get A’s.

I was pleasantly surprised about Gladion results since he was completely on his own.

Before they leave the uni campus Yuki paints a really cute painting that I think I ended up taking home and putting up.

Yuki: Wooo! No more school for me!

All 3 get a new trait from graduating.

Zero gets Hopeless Romantic.

Yuki somehow rolls Commitment Issues which is a glitch since it conflicts with her Hopeless romantic trait so the trait disappears. That’s a shame. What I’m going to do though since she technically rolled the trait is swap out her hopeless romantic trait for the commitment issues one since she’s obviously trying to tell me something. This will change my plans for her and Guzma but it’s fine. I can work around that.
Gladion gets Night Owl as his new trait.

Since all 3 will be heading home now I think it’s best to end the chapter here. See you all in the next one ❤

Oh, I should probably mention that I have uploaded Xanthe, Xhasca, Yuki, Zero and Zuko along with Visenya’s kids Minerva and Severus on the download page so go grab some idiots.

Townie Update:

The only update we have from town this time is Winter and Visenya finally tying the knot. It’s about time. They’ve literally been together since the beginning of generation 7 and have 5 kid together. The only surprise is this didn’t happen sooner.


Self wetting (18) -90
For each sim failing school (1) -5
For every game induced visit from a police officer, firefighter or babysitter (when you don’t call them but the game makes them come)  (2) -10
Passing Out (47) -235
Accidental Deaths (4) -40
Social Worker Visit (0)

Every Birth (24) +120
Every Twin Birth (6) +60
Every Triplet Birth (0)
Fulfilling LTW (14) +560
For each Sim that gets on the honor roll (19) +95
Randomizing every LTW choice and trait for a whole generation of children (6) +60
Not using spares Happiness points for a generation (6) +50
Every 100,000 dollars (6) +120

Every sim to master a skill (31) +155

Every sim to max their career (10) +100

Painting of Torch holder somewhere in the house (0)

Total points: 935


2 thoughts on “Chapter 8.3 – Uni Misadventures

  1. I use the same dorm when my sims go to uni! It’s the closest one to the class buildings.

    Do Zero and Yuki have the same skintone? You’re right that Yuki seems much more blue-toned than Zero. I agree it’s prettier.

    Woot, baby time, can’t wait!


  2. All caught up now!
    Nyx was my favorite sim spouse ever. I loved his personality and how dedicated he was to his kids. It sucked when he died!
    I adore Zero and Yuki! Zero is so cute with Gladion. It makes me heart so happy.
    Reading your ISBI has made me really want to go on a CC binge! Your game is absolutely stunning!


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