Chapter 3.12 – The Most Boring Chapter

Hey guys, it’s been about a week since I closed the heir poll so I figured it’s about time to end Cai’s generation.

Also, I’ve played through half of the next generation already so I want to get it posted.

Grace: Uh guys…I think something’s happened to dad

Az: This is just an elaborate disguise. It’s part of being a super spy!

Super spy? You’re barely a lieutenant.

Az: *Sigh* Is this better?

Um…I guess so. I just wish you’d have put some clothes on.

Grace: Catch the piggy Belle, c’mon catch it.

Belle: Do I look like an angry bird to you, Human?

Night: I can’t watch this train wreck

How’s it going girls?

Indie: How’s it look like it’s going

Couldn’t you have done your homework at the table?

Hayl: Nope, I’m a rebel for life, yo!

Indie: Hayl, tell me the answer to question 5

Hayl: You’re actually doing the questions? I’m just doodling in the margins.

Jace: Aren’t teddy bears the best? They make me smile.

Hayl: What the heck has that got to do with…damn it, now I’m drawing teddies!

Az: I may have, possibly, gotten a promotion.

Cai: That’s great, come back when you’ve done anything interesting.

Az: *Sad face*

Sorry, but every time I see this interaction it just seems so sarcastic to me.

I can’t remember turning autonomous woohoo back on but I must have at some point.

Cai and Az are the first to take advantage of that.


Jace: It’s how I keep fit.

Cake for breakfast, Cai?

Cai: I’m celebrating! My freedom is so close, I can almost taste it.

I’ll leave you to it then.

Cai: Yeah, you go ahead and do that.

I must’ve left the game late at night last time because everyone is soon in their beds except Hayl and Grace.

Grace soon retreats to her bed too, leaving Hayl alone with her reading.

I swear, this family is gonna turn into cake if they keep going.

It’s like the only thing they eat now.

Hayl: Leave me and my cake in peace. We’re having a moment here.

Envy: What a good doggy

Night: Food! Food! Is she gonna give me food?

Why, Ayden, why?

Ayden: zzz…Ced’s an asshole…zzz…poisoned me.

Yeah, right then, you just went to work without any sleep -5

Ayden: Soooo tired

Go home and go to bed!

Ayden: Nope, I don’t think I will.

Ayden: This is my new bed now.

Fair enough, at least you’re not passing out anymore. Although why you went across town to sleep on a bench instead of coming home to your bed, I’ll never know.

Having fun playing on your lonesome?

Freya: Everyone else is too boring to come play with me.

I can wholeheartedly agree with that, everyone is so boring this chapter.

Az: Vroom vroom

Nessie goes vroom?

Az: Maybe Secret telling smile

Jace: Watcher move the window, it’s blocking the toilet!

Seriously? I thought you were smarter than that.

Jace: Please, I really need to pee


Indie: WTH, who would put something like that on the computer?!

Booby trap?

Indie: Don’t look at me, I didn’t do it.

Looking through the teen’s moodlets I discovered Grace to be the pranker. I’m surprised because she doesn’t seem the type.

Grace’s pure gorgeousness appreciation Red heart

This is genuinely the first time I’ve realized how pretty Grace actually is.

Grace: WTH is that thing?

‘That thing’ is your brother.

Grace: Eww, can I get rid of him?

Nope, you’re stuck with him (at least for a little while longer).

Not you too Freya, I had so much hopes for you.

Freya: You know ‘nuthin’ ‘bout my life

You guys are gross.

Cai: Can’t hear you, I’m too busy f…

No, no, no, I don’t even want to hear the rest of that sentence.

No, Ayden, don’t!

Ayden: Why not, it’s my bed

I’m not even sure you wanna know.

Ayden: Well, if you’re not gonna tell me then I’m gonna go to my bed.

Cai: Why is she on my ballet barre? It’s for my use only!

Freya: Get off your high horse, it’s for everyone!

Cai: But it’s mine

Cai: Stupid daughter taking my things, it’s no wonder I drink.

That’s a bit of an over reaction, don’t you think?

Cai: Definitely not.

No exaggeration here but as soon as Freya left the ballet barre Cai ran straight back inside to it.

Cai: Oh yeah, who’s the best? That’s right, I am!

I’m beginning to think the dogs are secretly trying to kill my Sims since them sleeping in front of the fridge is happening more often.

Milo: If I can’t have the chicken leg then neither can the humans.

I haven’t really played with the Loser trait a lot so this is new for me.

Poor Jace though.

It’s at this point that I realize the family now has over £100,000 in the bank +20

Grace: Why is homework so hard?

Jace: It isn’t, you’re just looking at it wrong

Grace: Grandpa is the Emperor of Evil, why doesn’t he just do away with it?

Because he actually likes torturing people?

There is constantly a queue for the beer keg now.

This family is turning into a bunch of alcoholics.

Ayden: Someone help, I can’t get my cake cause the dogs in the way.

There is more than enough space to pull the chair out to get to your cake.

Ayden: But the dog…

I’m sure Ayden is getting defective in his old age.

Ouch, that looks sore.

Jace: You think! My shoulder’s been stuck like this for 2 hours now!

Grace: Hey, I think you’re a werewolf.

Freya: Is she serious right now?

Unfortunately so.

So that’s where all the puddles in the house are coming from.

Night: This is a good place to pee, I think.

Cai: I don’t get paid enough to be doing this.

You don’t get paid at all.

Cai: My point exactly

The day I’ve been dreading has finally arrived.

At exactly 40 days on a 40 day lifespan Milo dies.

Grim: It’s time to come with me, Puppy.

Milo: Don’t even think of trying anything funny, I’ve got my eye on you.

Grim: Up you go, Milo Holly.

The whole family was there to mourn Milo’s passing, except Cai and Ayden who were at work.

It feels like Milo has been part of this family for ages so I’m really gonna miss him.

Milo’s grave is put outside beside the remains of the first generation and their pets.

Just as Milo is dying I get a pop-up that Daryl’s twins, Joanna and Roswell, have aged up. I was really curios to see what they looked like cause Daryl kind of looks weird to me so I wanted to see if they were the same.

I was so wrong. They are absolutely adorable and I might just have to save them for future use.

While checking out the twins I find Night’s litter mate Day. This is the first time I’ve seen him since he was a pup. He aged up exactly how I thought he would and I’m glad I picked Night as dog heir.

Az: Are you making breakfast?

Freya: Yeah cause there’s no leftovers left

Az: I bet you wish you’d had some of Envy’s delicious food before I finished it all.

Cai’s evilness is really starting to rub off on you Azlan.

Freya: Darn it!

What else did you expect, you literally have no cooking skill at all.

Cai: Daddy why did he have to go and die?

Ayden: That’s just the way the world works, everything dies no matter what.

Cai: Not you though, you’ll live forever, won’t you daddy?

Ayden: Sure I will Sweetie.

I really don’t see Ayden keeping that promise since his life bar is officially full now.

After all the sadness is past Cai and Ayden play Frisbee behind their work.

Back home Cai autonomously baths Night for the first time ever.

She must be taking Milo’s death really hard.

Milo: Let’s just shake myself off here.

Really Night, is it not enough that you’re peeing everywhere but now you’re making puddles from this too!

Spare babies! I honestly can’t wait to see what an Elijah/Winchester baby will look like.

This is Dahlia’s 2nd kid and Elijah’s first. Dahlia has only boys so far.

Hayl: Why did I ever agree to tag along with them, this is so boring!

Indie: Go home then if it’s so boring.

Grace: Shhh, I’m trying to read this pregnancy book without any interruptions.

Pregnancy book? Where they heck did you get that?

Grace: The bookcase at home, duh.

Fair enough.

I literally have no idea why they are outside a restaurant instead of at school but there you go.

Uh Cai…do you mind not point that at me?

Cai: But that would ruin it. I wanna see if there’s any way to hit you with the arrow.

Yeah, no, that’s never gonna happen.

OMG, one of you are actually cleaning without me making you! I’m completely shocked right now.

Grace: This thing was growing it’s own ecosystem here, of course it needed cleaning.

Awesome, keep it up.


Milo: This family is still complete trash.

Freya has her first werewolf transformation since becoming a YA.

Freya: Grrrr

Oh, so scary Eye rolling smile

Ayden and Az: Oh Milo, why did you have to leave us.

Guys he’s literally sleeping outside.

Freya: Don’t even think about sitting there! That’s my seat.

But you’re sitting down already.

Freya: It’s still my seat, it has my markings on it.

Freya: Stupid Grandma, taking my seat. I’ll just mark another seat for my own.

At this rate you’ll have marked up all the furniture in the house by the time you’re kicked out.

Ever since Milo’s death Cai has been spending more time autonomously with the dogs.

It’s kind of adorable.

In fact she spends so much time with them that she doesn’t take care of her own needs -5

It’s kind of disappointing since Cai’s the only one I’m able to take care of and yet she still fails Laughing out loud

Azlan comes home with a shiny new promotion. Maybe he will make his LTW after all.

With his new promotion Az needs more athletic skill so it’s up to Cai to train him.

Cai: Run faster you worthless maggot!

Az: I’m running as fast as I can

Cai: it’s not fast enough

Randomly, since I didn’t even know Grace knew this kid, Gill Pham asks Grace out on a date.

He’s pretty cute.

He’s the son of Young Jae Sung (Dahlia’s husband) and Trang Pham (a MH Townie).

Whilst on the date I get a pop-up that Gill’s mum has passed away. I knew she was old but I didn’t think she was that old. It doesn’t seem to be bothering Gill at least.

Part way through the date I get dragged back to the house for Cai’s adult birthday.

Cai: Woo, I’m getting old…actually I don’t think I’m too keep on this idea now.

Tough, there’s no going back now.

Okay I know what you’re thinking, that I turned Cai into a human like I did with Envy, but that isn’t the case.

Thanks to The Dysfunkshinal Legacy and A Little Pizzaz I’ve finally realized how to use DebugEnablers Deghostify option.

I also used it on Freya because I was seriously tired of not being able to see the ghosts faces.

Because of Cai’s birthday by the time I get back to Grace’s date Gill’s left and Grace is on her way home.

When she gets home she goes straight to bed.

Freya: Mum, do you feel different now?

Cai: Nope, must just be you

I’ve never been more happy with a decision than I am right now.

Now I can actually see Freya’s pretty face.

Another day and Cai sets Azlan and Freya to working out before she starts logic training with Ayden.

It’s all about the skilling in this house.

Thanks to that little workout session Freya has maxed the Athletic skill +5

She got all that skill (apart from the last little bit) on her own so I’m so proud of her.

It’s almost time for the next heir to take over so I have Cai whip up some elixirs to make next generations spouse into a werewolf since that’s the supernatural state I rolled for next generation (yes, I have all the supernatural life states on a randomiser app for this generation and generations to come).

It doesn’t seem like long ago Dahlia gave birth to her 2nd kid but she’s now pregnant with her 3rd.

And now, the moment I’ve been looking forward to but also dreading all chapter, Grace’s birthday.

Everyone is there to watch the newest Holly heir grow up and take over the reigns of the legacy.

She rolls the Proper trait to round off her traits. They are okay traits and I can definitely work with them.

She also rolls the Heartbreaker LTW which I haven’t done in ages so that’s awesome.

Since you guys now know the results of the heir poll I figured I’d show you exactly how close the race was.

Poor Indie didn’t get any votes but Jace and Hayl did pretty well for a while. Thanks guys to everyone who voted.

That’s it for this chapter, join us next time for the start of Grace’s reign as heir.


Self wetting (7) -35
For each sim failing school (1) -5
For every game induced visit from a police officer, firefighter or babysitter (when you don’t call them but the game makes them come)  (1) -5
Passing Out (12) -60
Accidental Deaths
Social Worker Visit

Every Birth (7) +35
Every Twin Birth (3) +30
Every Triplet Birth
Fulfilling LTW (4) +160
For each Sim that gets on the honor roll (9) +45
Randomizing every LTW choice and trait for a whole generation of children (1) +10
Not using spares Happiness points for a generation (2) +20
Every 100,000 dollars (1) +20

Every sim to master a skill (9) +45

Every sim to max their career (2) 20

Painting of Torch holder somewhere in the house (0)

Total points: 275


2 thoughts on “Chapter 3.12 – The Most Boring Chapter

  1. Ooh, deghostify, great option! Love to see the purty faces. But glad Grace is heir, genie babies ftw!

    OMG, you are so right, Winchester/Holly babies will be so gorgeous. In my experience, Winchesters are incapable of making ugly babies.


    • Yeah, deghostify is an awesome option that I would never have thought of using until I saw it used in the mentioned legacies.
      I may or may not have played ahead and saw how absolutely adorable that baby is. You’re right, it seems the Winchesters can’t make ugly babies.


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