Chapter 5.8 – Mistakes Have Been Made!

*Wipes brow* Phew, we are finally here; the last chapter.

The last chapter of my 3 month old backlog that is, not the last chapter of the legacy.

I can’t be bothered recapping this time so we’ll just start this chapter.

Do you see what I do?

Can you feel the terror that I do? Probably not but man, am I going to be busy from now on.

Ah, look at little Persi, so blissfully unaware of the sheet hell her mum and aunt have just bestowed upon this house (and me).

If you didn’t count the babies in the first picture try counting the cribs with me now

1 2 3 4 5 6.

Yep, I knew I was going to regret giving everyone the fertility treatment LTR and boy am I ever!

The R quads are Marissa and Demir’s and the S twins are Niska and Zen’s.

Weird fact, even though I took these stat pictures, I thought the quads were all girls. It wasn’t until they aged up that I realized Roux was a boy.

BTW, if you haven’t through this through we now have 8 baby/toddlers in the house. Someone send help ASAP!

Rio is a alien/genie and Shiloh is an alien/werewolf  but the rest of the kids are just pure aliens.

Crap, something’s happened to Zen, she’s completely invisible.

Zen: I’m in stealth mode

Niska: Why is a plumbob talking to me?

I may have cheated slightly by sending her for a shower since I’ve heard that can fix invisible Sims.

I don’t really count it as cheating though since I was fixing a glitch.

Devan: Thank you for giving me so many wonderful grandchildren that I can dote on

Missy: No problem wise old elf, anything I can do to help

Dev: What is wrong with her?

I think her brain shrivelled away when she realized how many kids she has.

Not surprisingly Devan is the first to rush to the babies aide. I think this is Roux (possibly).

Damn, calm it Devan! Aren’t 8 grandkids enough?

Dev: No, it needs to be double figures!

Fine, I’ll lock it in just in case Oriana ever has any kids ‘cause Missy and Niska are DONE!

It’s never ending in this house now, the minute one of the kids is settled a bunch more start crying for things. Is it too late to just go back to just Quinn and Persi?

Niska: Don’t you ever…

I kid, I kid (maybe).

It’s complete madness! At least the idiots are being useful and helping with the kids when they need something.

I’d have been so screwed if it had just been Marissa and Niska dealing with all 8 of the kids.

Demir: My small human

Devan: No mine! Go find your own, there’s enough of them to go around.

Luckily the older girls are much easier to take care of than the babies. It also doesn’t hurt that Devan is very attached to the girls and tends to their every need without fail.

The kids are screaming bloody murder next door, why aren’t you taking care of them?

Zen: I needed to get started on my skilling again.

Demir: This sound…it’s so enchanting. It takes me back to my home planet.

Useless, both of you!

Not you too Devan, I had faith in you.

Devan: Hush that racket up, I’m trying to get the babies to sleep.

Oh, so you weren’t just here to be annoyingly unhelpful. Oops, my bad.

Finally, they start paying attention to the kids.

Devan: Give me the baby, I need to care for her.

Demir: If my calculations are correct there are 7 more small humans needing assistance

Devan: But I wanted that one *pouts*

It took him a while but Devan did finally make his way to one of the other kids in need.

The guys did an ok job but now that Niska and Marissa are awake the kids are all sorted within no time.

Missy: What can I say except “you’re welcome”?

I’m so sorry, I haven’t even seen that movie but my little sisters sing the songs constantly.

Demir: Reach for the stars small human, one day if you are incredibly lucky you will reach the homeworld

You do realize she’s not your kid and since Zen was born on earth she is on her homeworld

Demir: All aliens have a homeworld

I…I’m not even going to argue anymore

Finally, the moment we were all waiting on from the moment the kids were born. I don’t think I can express how much I dislike the ‘infant’ stage.

Anyway here’s Rosa (Orange), Rio (Black), Roux (Blue) and Rae (Aqua). I’m so sad none of the kids got Demir’s alien skin but they are cute nonetheless.

One more thing, Rio glitched so I had to remove her genie occult to fix her. I guess aliens can’t be hybrids.

Obviously if the quads aged up then the twins had to go next.

I know I really shouldn’t have favourites but I can’t help it. These two are so precious (even if Shiloh’s alien eyes have gone missing).

Oh, Shiloh also had the glitch that Rio had so now he’s only an alien too. Because his alien eyes are missing I can see that he has Devan’s pale blue eyes which is cool and he also has Zen’s human dad Equinox’s hair. He’s all about grandparent genetics, this one is.

Hahaha, nope!

The immense task of toddler training 6 kids starts right away(both autonomous and non).

Quinn: Luv you mummy

Niska: I love you too my sweet little pumpkin

Pumpkin and Bean? What’s with your sudden food obsession?

Niska: Shut up!

At this point the idiots are actually doing more good for these kids than my heirs are. Why is that? I blame it on having 8 kids and only 2 heirs.

The kids do manage to occupy themselves when they aren’t being skilled though so in that regard it is easier now than it was when they were infants.

Rio: My bwock!

Don’t you want to share with your sibling/cousins?

Rio: No, my bwock!

Ok then *backs away slowly*

Rio: You ‘tay ‘way from my bwock

Persi: I don’t want your stupid block, I have my foot to keep me occupied

Rio: Good, keep it tat way!

Man, this kid really doesn’t want to share her blocks.

Shiloh: Mama the ‘puter’s broke

Niska: I know, I’ll get aunt Missy to fix it

Missy: If she even asks I will send her to an early grave

Ah, that’s where Rio gets it from

I’m having a really hard time remembering which kid is which. I really shouldn’t be with this one since she’s the only one wearing glasses but I am. *checks earlier in the chapter* Rae, aqua is Rae.

Rae: At least horsy loves me ‘nough to ‘member my name.

Niska: This is my own personal version of hell

Wow Niska, you better watch it; you’re starting to sound an awful lot like Marissa.

Niska: It’s Rio’s fault. She’s rubbing off on me.

Dev: Don’t blame her, she’s just a baby

Niska: You know nothing

Rio: You all stink!

The end of the first day with 8 toddlers with only Marissa and Niska in my control and they are all green and in bed. I’d call that a massive success. Hopefully I can get them all trained before Niska heads back to work in 3 days.

That’s not to say the uncontrollables aren’t a massive help (especially Devan) because they are.

I said it earlier but these kids probably would’ve been taken by the social worker by now if it wasn’t for Devan’s* help.

*The others helped out too but mostly it was Devan.

Since Rosa is the only toddler awake I have Niska take advantage of that to begin teaching Rosa her toddler skills. She manages to learn them all before Niska has to head to bed. Yay, 1 down 5 more to go.

Sabine’s the next tot to start her training. She learns all her skills thanks to Marissa.

It isn’t all toddler training, ok mostly it is, but there are quick sweet moments like this too.

Zen: Here comes the tickle monster, coming to eat you all up

Zen sweetie, I don’t think that’s exactly how the tickle monster works

Shiloh: *giggles anyway*

Not to be left out of the mad skilling action the 2 aliens get involved too.

Rae: Are you and mummy married daddy?

Demir: On earth they call it marriage yes but on my planet they call it the unsacred ritual.

Rae: I prefer mummy’s world

Demir: But…my culture

With Sabine’s training finished Missy moves onto Roux.

Roux: Higher mummy higher

Missy: You’re meant to be learning to walk not having fun

Roux: But I wuv you

Missy: Damn, he knows I can’t resist his cute little face!

Speaking of cute little faces. I see your eyes have returned Shiloh.

Shiloh: Is a miwacle

And with the picture of Rae and Rio learning to walk all the kids are officially all toddler trained. Yay!

I never thought it would actually get done before their birthdays. I deserve some brownie points for this.

I swear, next generation is only going to have 2 kids maximum! This was way too much hard work.

Demir: Rezdak look this way

Roux: *ignores*

Demir: Why won’t he look at me?

Maybe because you’re calling him by the wrong name?

Demir: But Roux is not an alien name. Rezdak is his alien name.

No it is not. You are on earth now so you go by earth customs and traditions; meaning his name is ROUX.

Ah, the sweet bliss of children not screaming.

The tots really are a lot less annoying now that they are all trained up and ready to age.

Well that didn’t last long. I guess Devan won’t be getting those other 2 grandkids he so badly wants.

Devan off-screen: *sobs*

And, just to end this chapter on a good note, I give you the birthdays of the eldest kids.

Both girls are still super cute but (maybe it’s just me) weirdly the look a lot alike which is super odd since Niska and Missy don’t really resemble each other and neither do Zen or Demir. Maybe they will change when they get older.

Anyway, that’s it for this chapter. I don’t know when the next chapter will be out since I still have to play it but until then I’ll leave you with the townie updates for this chapter.

Townie Updates:

Yay, I hoped these two would stay together.

Quit stealing my Sims names!

Katana: Don’t blame me, Tyce is obsessed with him. It’s rather unhealthy actually.

I am loving all these townie babies being born/on the way.

This town is going to be filled with the most amazing Sims by the end of this generation. I can just tell.


Self wetting (11) -55
For each sim failing school (1) -5
For every game induced visit from a police officer, firefighter or babysitter (when you don’t call them but the game makes them come)  (1) -5
Passing Out (34) -170
Accidental Deaths (1) -10
Social Worker Visit

Every Birth (18) +90
Every Twin Birth (4) +40
Every Triplet Birth
Fulfilling LTW (8) +320
For each Sim that gets on the honor roll (11) +55
Randomizing every LTW choice and trait for a whole generation of children (3) +30
Not using spares Happiness points for a generation (4) +40
Every 100,000 dollars (2) +40

Every sim to master a skill (12) +60

Every sim to max their career (5) +50

Painting of Torch holder somewhere in the house (0)

Total points: 465


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