Chapter 4.13 – You’ve Got To Be Kidding Me!

Hey Guys, I don’t really have anything to say here since the last chapter was literally posted 2 days ago so let’s just jump right in, shall we?

I really should’ve been expecting this since she reached the end of her lifebar days ago but I wasn’t ready for Cai to go.

Also, why I started a new chapter with something like this I’ll never know.

I feel bad that out of all the Holly’s to die so far Cai has the worst gravestone when she probably had the most LTH points. Is it cause she was born a ghost?

WTH?! How is this even possible?

Kami: You shouldn’t have left me on my own with Jake on our date

Damn it, I thought I had those settings turned off

Kami: Apparently not

I was so in shock about Kami that I forgot it was Linden’s birthday. Oops.

Linden: Don’t worry about it, I’m used to being forgotten *dramatic sigh*

And of course she had to age up with Dramatic. As if she wasn’t bad enough before Eye rolling smile

Linden: I resent that!

She also rolled the Perfect Aquarium LTW.

Thankfully, with no votes, Linden isn’t the heir so I don’t have to even think of completing that LTW.

Missy spends most of her time in human form with the dogs so at least their needs aren’t dropping (the still persisting on peeing indoors though).

As demonstrated last chapter Niska is the only one who uses the workout equipment autonomously

Niska: Just a…little…more

Since Grace has maxed logic she now wishes to learn all the potions so she’s set to working on that.

*Sigh* Do I even need to say anything anymore -5

Az must’ve taken over where Cai left off because he’s constantly scaring people now.


Ghost!Ayden is out and somehow he’s able to keep his zen whilst his great-granddaughters are fighting in the background.

Az: Woo Ayden, you’re a boss!

Ayden: *Sigh* Why do I deal with these peasants when death is so much cooler.

‘Cause I miss seeing you?

Ayden: …Nope…

Crying face

Grace isn’t doing so well with the potions, she keeps blowing herself up.

Instead of her trailing all the way through the house for a shower I shove a shower in the skill room (I really should’ve done that when Kami was on fire last chapter but better late than never).

Speaking of Kami (I know, best segue ever, right?).

I hope you’re happy with yourself, isn’t there enough idiocy around this house without adding more to that?

Kami: I’m extremely happy, thank you very much

Finally, she makes her first potion, a young again potion (not that we’ll really need any of them since everyone lives way to long anyway).

Niska: Are you sure you’re even trying?

Linden: Oh, shut up

Niska: You should go to bed and come back when you’re brain starts working again.

Do you think he’s actually missing Cai or is he just glad to get the double bed to himself? Laughing out loud

Ori: Why can’t you get off your lazy ass and pick up a dish or two to clean

Linden: Because that’s for underlings like you to do, not for someone of my standing.

Linden, I hate to break it to you (actually I really don’t, what am I saying) but you are no better than your sisters (actually you’re worse ’cause you’re boring).

Random werewolf transformation is random.

I missed the pregnancy pop-up but Jace had another baby with Lysette Stewart.

WOOOO! I can’t believe Niska managed to max athletics as a teen +5

Niska: That’s ’cause I’m flawless

Don’t get too cocky, your aunt Freya did the same thing.

Niska: I’m still flawless

Oh, I guess that’s why Linden and Oriana transformed earlier; it’s the full moon.

Also, Ori peed herself even though her bladder need bar was full -5

Obligatory werewolf fighting picture.

Moon has fleas so into the scary washing contraption for him.

Moon: I’ve seen things, man.

Hmm, this couldn’t possibly be because Kami’s pregnant  with his baby, could it?

Also, I guess they got married while I wasn’t paying attention. Oh well, there goes Kami’s chance with him.

Ori: How dare you try to destroy a happy marriage

Kami: Shut it pipsqueak, you don’t understand, I love him

Ori: He’s our cousins husband

Kami: No, he’s mine. I love him and he loves me.

I literally have no idea if she’s channelling Peppermint here or if she’s just that stupid.

Linden seriously has something against that dinning chair. It’s always the same chair she scratches.

Moon is the first dog I’ve had since Cat who has wished to learn the hunting skill. He’s currently L4.

Sky: I don’t understand what just happened

Don’t worry Dear, just keep being adorable.

Daytime drinking Linden, really?

Linden: Tis the only way I can deal with the crappy hand I’ve been dealt in life.

I STG, you are so freaking weird now, please go back to just being semi-weird.

Go figure, Kami’s actually a big help around the house now that she’s pregnant. Weird.

Kami: I can’t have my precious true love baby born into this filth

Not true love but I’ll ignore that if you keep cleaning and being helpful.

Labour time already? It doesn’t feel like you’ve been pregnant long enough.

Kami: Tough, it’s coming and it’s coming now!

She gives birth to a genie girl named Amber (suggested by my little sister).

Amber has Hydrophobic locked in and rolls absent-minded as her other trait. She also has a few hidden traits.

Because she isn’t technically part of the legacy she is aged up right away.

She is super cute but seems to have only inherited her eyes from her dad which is a bit of a disappointment.

I didn’t think and only bought a swing for Amber. Probably a bad move on my part, I’ll admit.

Amber: This swing is icky, I want a proper bed!

I guess a hard wooden floor will also substitute as a bed.

I can’t remember if I count toddler fails so I’ll just count thing one anyway -5

Literally 1 sim day after Cai’s ‘death’ Azlan passes on.

I know we just had a new kid born into the house but why does that always mean someone has to die

He begs Death for more time but that’s not happening. He was 100 days old on a 96 day lifespan.

After reaping Azlan Grim helps himself to the family’s beer supply.

Grim: What can I say, this job has to have some perks somewhere.

True that.

Az is promptly placed outback beside his wife and the rest of the family.

(Cai’s headstone looks even crappier beside her husbands awesome one).

Linden: Hey Grim, do you need a queen to help you rule the underworld.

Grim: Nah, I’m good thanks

Linden: But I would make the most amazing Queen. I was born to be queen.

Grim: Yeah…No. I’m out of here *disappears immediately*

Linden: Damn it, I was so close

Kami: You’re an idiot!

D’aww, Kami’s actually a really good autonomous parent.

Kami: What else were you expecting?

Honestly, I didn’t think you’d bother with her so I’m pleasantly surprised it’s the opposite.

Why is it always you Niska? -5

Oh, I guess it’s Devan’s birthday. I should really keep better track of these things.

How is it possible that he looks even younger than before. What is this sorcery?

I should also mention that when Devan aged I took away his occult status so he’s a normal human now. Grace will be aged when he is from now on so that they don’t live for too long. I will be doing this with all occult couples in this ISBI from now on.

Since the whole aging at the same time thing is now kicking in Grace gets to have her birthday too. She doesn’t look to different but she didn’t age as well as her husband. Strangely Grace gets a MLC but Devan does not.

OMG, someone actually left her in there long enough for her to fall asleep!

Have I mentioned before how cute Amber is, ’cause she totally is.

I feel kind of bad for Linden ’cause Azlan was her closest friend in the house.

Linden: Why couldn’t Grim have taken me as his Queen then I could still see Grandpa?

Let’s get away from all this sadness and get onto something more joyful.

It’s Marissa’s birthday.

I’m not super sure about that hair on her but she is still really pretty.

She rolled Irresistible as her last trait and got the Leader of the Pack LTW.

With almost half the votes in the heir poll Marissa is the new heiress of Generation 5.

This is originally where I was going to stop this chapter but then I realized I’d have to start the new gen in the same town if I did that and I wanted to move them for that. I also wanted everyone to be aged up before the move so yeah, now this chapter is longer so that can happen and they can move in the next chapter.

Missy: Why am I not heir yet?

I’m not repeating myself so just because.

I missed it happening but Devan’s moodlet tell me he passed out -5.

Just some random Amber cuteness.

Why is it that anytime I have some faith in these idiots they go on to do crap like this? -5

Cool, Grace’s finally learnt all the potions on the potion station. Sure took her long enough.

Grace: I’d like to see you do this any quicker.

She is then put to making a couple Imaginary friend potions for future generations.

I don’t really like IF’s but if I’m using all Occults in this then they need to be included to, no?

Kami dropped the ball with Amber after teaching her to walk so Grace is tasked with the talking and potty skills once she’s free from making potions.

Grace: Be thankful you can’t be the heir to a legacy, Sweetie, cause being heir is literal garbage.

No Grace, you are garbage, actually you’re boring garbage which is worse.

I think this is still about Azlan…I can’t even remember anymore.

Look at Niska being all compassionate and sisterly though Red heart

Kami: What’s all this about unicorns? They don’t exist, can’t people see that already?

Missy: You are literally a Genie and you’re saying Unicorns don’t exist?

Linden: Leave it Marissa, you’ll never get through to her. She inherited the stupid gene.

Way to go Ori. She’s only the 2nd kid this gen to get on the honor roll +5

At the same time Ori’s getting on the honor roll Grace and Dev both get promoted at work.

I think this is Lv4 for her and Lv8 for him.

Why do we always meet here Niska? -5

At this point I’m sure she’s plotting to take away any point I earn singlehandedly.

Kami: I can’t believe they voted for you as heir. You don’t even have a brain, how are you meant to run a family?

Missy: Can you please take your trashy self out of my house and never come back

I now understand why Linden drinks as much as she does, I would too if I had a family like this.

All the dogs love Marissa for some reason, maybe ’cause she’s the only one not doing anything?

Amber continues to be adorable.

Amber: Vroom vroom make car go faster

More werewolf stupidity.

I mean, who would really stand for getting hit with a newspaper?

I can’t seem to escape Amber, can I?

I’m gonna miss her when we move town and she moves out with Kami.

Missy: Why are you hitting me, I didn’t do anything!

Ayden: What have you done with my great-granddaughter you mangy mutt?

Ayden you have reached all new heights of stupidity.

Marissa soon gets over her ordeal to go spend some time with her niece.

Missy: You are prefect, can I keep you forever?

My sentiments exactly

Grace: What if he doesn’t love me anymore ’cause I’m all wrinkly?

You’re being stupid now, Devan will always love you.

See Red heart

Ok, this was originally meant to just be a birthday for Niska and Amber but my town was starting to get glitchy so instead of waiting the extra 3 days for Ori to age up I just aged her up with the other 2.

Niska rolls Hopeless Romantic as her last trait and gets the Superstar Athlete LTW.

I love you Niska, you are indeed flawless and I hope you never change Red heart (favourites, who says I have a favourite?)

Ori rolls Star Quality as her last trait and gets Lifestyle of the Rich and Famous as her LTW.

Ori looks pretty too but she also constantly looks pissed off too which kind of ruins it.

And finally, littlest baby in the house, Amber ages up with the Loner trait.

Amber is an almost clone of her mother with only her dads eye shape and colour to differentiate. It’s a shame really, she had so much potential.

Anyway, we have finally come to the end of this long ass chapter. Next time I’ll be posting a tour of the new house and then the first chapter of Gen5 so bye until then.


Self wetting (9) -45
For each sim failing school (1) -5
For every game induced visit from a police officer, firefighter or babysitter (when you don’t call them but the game makes them come)  (1) -5
Passing Out (32) -160
Accidental Deaths
Social Worker Visit

Every Birth (12) +60
Every Twin Birth (3) +30
Every Triplet Birth
Fulfilling LTW (6) +240
For each Sim that gets on the honor roll (11) +55
Randomizing every LTW choice and trait for a whole generation of children (3) +30
Not using spares Happiness points for a generation (4) +40
Every 100,000 dollars (2) +40

Every sim to master a skill (11) +55

Every sim to max their career (4) +40

Painting of Torch holder somewhere in the house (0)

Total points: 360


2 thoughts on “Chapter 4.13 – You’ve Got To Be Kidding Me!

  1. I hate it when werewolves pee themselves due to fright – you’re a werewolf, you know what a transformation is, shouldn’t be scared of it! My Rourke werewolves did the same thing.

    Amber is totally adorable, even if she is a spare’s spare. I find toddlers in the swings will only work if they’re not already in the red for needs; red needs means screaming and crying regardless of the music. Which is fun when you don’t have enough cribs (or money) to go around.

    All the YAs are so gorgeous! I’m glad Marissa is heir, but would have loved any of them. Though Ori would be a real handful with her traits; Rebellious and Diva and Star Quality? Watch out, world!


    • Oh, so that’s what that was? I just thought my game was glitched again.
      Amber is so adorable! I didn’t realize that when I bought the swing instead of a crib but I soon realized when she just wouldn’t go to sleep.
      Out of all the kids I am glad Marissa’s heir although I really would’ve liked any of them as heir (apart from Linden, she’s way too boring). I can totally see all the drama Ori would’ve gotten into if she was heir, hopefully she goes easy on the townies in SP.


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