Chapter 4.2 – Room to Grow

Hey guys, I know I’ve posted a bunch of chapters recently but I’ve played really far ahead so I want to get them all posted before I play anymore. That’s why I’ve made a provisional posting schedule of Sunday and Wednesday for the next couple of weeks until I’ve caught up. The chapters might not be posted on exactly those days if real life gets in the way but I’m going to try and stick to it. With that said, lets move onto this chapter.

The first thing we find is Azlan scolding Jace for setting a booby trap in the sink.

Az: That is it! I have had it with you! You’re banned from using the computer until further notice.

Jace: But that’s not fair! I didn’t even set the trap.

Az: I was literally standing right there and saw you set it.

You can’t really argue there Jace

Az and Jace: No one asked for your input!

Milo shows up for one of his (mostly regular) nightly hauntings. I guess he missed us as much as I missed him.

Milo: Haha, think again, I only missed my chew toys. Grim doesn’t let us have any in the underworld.

It’s like Envy’s playing magical beds.

As soon as Freya moved out Envy stopped using her and Ayden’s old bed and started using Freya’s.

Dahlia gives birth to her 3rd child and first girl, Brenna. I wonder if she’ll look more like Dahlia or Young Jae?

Grace: Can I just stop now? It’s never gonna happen

No. You’ll keep going until you get me one of those cool ghost gnomes.

Grace: Yeah, right then. This sucks, I’m away to do something better with my time.

And this is a better use of your time how?

Grace: Because I wanted to do it and Belle doesn’t bug the crap out of me like you do.

Kind of out of the blue Azlan gets offered to switch his job. I had to say no because of his LTW though.

Okay, so I may have said that none of Grace’s boyfriends were pre-planned, well this one this one was.

From the moment Grace rolled the Heartbreaker LTW I knew that Cedrick Winchester would have to be one of her boyfriends. I need his genetics in this legacy!

Luckily neither Grace nor Cedrick had any objections to my plans and she scored Ced as Boyfriend No4.

I should also mention here that I’ve planned for there to be only 3 pregnancies this gen and I’ve already decided which BF’s are gonna be the daddies but I’ll keep that a secret just now so you guys can be surprised (obviously you already know Ced will be one but the other 2 will be a surprise).

I kind of like these two together. They just make a really nice looking formal-ish couple.

Grace has a little woohoo with Cedrick before she heads out. He is still her boyfriend when she  leaves.

I’m not quite ready to have kids in the legacy yet (cause of Grace’s extra long lifebar) so we’ll keep Ced hanging until I am ready for more Holly babies.

Speaking of Holly babies; this is Elijah’s daughter Polly. She looks a lot like her mum right now but she is downright adorable!

Oh, I may have forgotten to mention this. The supernatural life state this Gen is werewolf and since Ced will be one of the baby daddies he gets one of the werewolf elixirs Cai made thrown at him.

There really isn’t much to do while I’m waiting on Indie and Jace leaving the house so Grace just goes around on her own being adorable.

It’s while at the park with Grace that I find the perfect mate for Night, Mattie Lau.

She looks so grumpy and I just love her little face.

Mattie: What’cha looking at Punk?!

I send Night over to woo her right away and by the end of their encounter Mattie is expecting pups.

It is a little quick but I need puppies pretty soon with Night being an elder already.

I get a pop-up that Bart I mean Ian (Dahlia’s eldest) is now a teenager.

I showed my sister this picture and she said he looks like a Simpson so now all I can see is Bart when I look at him.

BartIan: Don’t have a cow, man!

Grace: Yeah, I’ve seen him. All her offspring look like that. I think they have ‘Simpson’s disease’.

Grace: ‘Kay, see you soon Ced.

It’s kind of sweet that Cedrick calls Grace every day. It’s gonna be so sad when she needs to break up with him Broken heart

Grace: I never would’ve thought to do that

You’re playing the PC, it’s made to do good moves.

Grace: Actually I’m playing against Ced online

Seriously? Don’t you guys ever do anything separately anymore?

Grace: Dear Cedrick, I can’t wait to see you again and spend the rest of my life with you. My heart is your eternally. Love forever Grace.

Grace dear, I hate to break it to you but you will need to break up with him as soon as you have his kid.

Grace: A girl can dream, can’t she?

Do you guys remember the girl Jace was hitting on at Grace’s graduation?

Well, she finally caved and asked him out on a date, only for him to run off to school seconds after arriving.

Abigail: I knew I shouldn’t have given that little shit the time of day.

Az: She ripped the TV from the wall in a state of frenzy…only for it to turn itself back on.

Grace: Is he serious? I’ve heard scarier stuff from the dogs.

Finding her fathers story to boring Grace ventured out on her own and ended up dumpster diving.

This is literally the first time I’ve ever seen a sim of mine go dumpster diving.

Trust it to be Grace that does this when this is exactly the opposite of her proper trait.

Grace: I don’t play by no one’s rules.

After coming out of the dumpster she runs into Rodney Holden-Limb from last chapter.

I’ve kind of been mulling it over but I love his little face and I want his genetics so Grace throws werewolf elixir No2 at him. I’m doing really crappy at keeping the baby daddies identity’s a secret, aren’t I?

After turning Rodney she then comes home and is tasked with collecting all the gems that have built up around the board breaker.

Grace: Why couldn’t you have gotten Mum to do this when she was heir?

I didn’t feel like it, that’s why.

Grace: You suck!

Since Envy is now consistently sleeping in Freya’s bed the dogs have decided it’s their turn to take over the empty bed in Ayden and Envy’s old room. They are fine where they are, I guess, at least until I make the room over and move Grace in there.

Oh no Freya. You can do much better than your sisters leftovers.

Az: So what we need to do is set the house on fire, make it look like an accident, and claim the insurance then we can take the money and start over in a new town.

Cai: I love that plan so much.

I really think I need to separate you to permanently. Cai your evil personality is starting to rub of on Az way to much.

Cai: Just try and take my husband, see what I do.

Okay, moving onto less homicidal things.

Cedrick asked Grace out on a date. He asks her out multiple times a day but I never let her go. I was bored this time though so I let her go.

What’s up with you grumpy-face?

Grace: I don’t like his face. It’s not glowy anymore.

That is kind of weird. Maybe when you changed him into a werewolf it overrode whatever overlay the MH Townies have by default?

Grace: I don’t like it, change him back.

Nope, I actually prefer him this way.

Grace soon gets over her problems with Ced’s face when I send the pair of them to the beach where Pep used to work.

Does he just never take off his suit or doesn’t he own a bathing suit? I guess we shall never know.

Jennifer Doe: I am so proud of my little sibling graduating.

Ced and Grace: *Synchronised freak out*

Grace: Ugh, who care about your sibling, it’s just high school!

Ced: Get out the way Woman, you are ruining my date!

Crap, I totally forgot it was Indie’s birthday. I seem to have forgotten a lot of the kids birthdays this gen. I’ll try to do better with the next set of kids.

Indie: It’s cool, I’m used to being forgotten.

Indie rolls Clumsy to round of her kind of crappy set of traits. She also rolls the More than a Machine LTW which wasn’t exactly expected but it’s still kind of cool.

Cai: I think I’m gonna take you with us when Az and I go through with our plan, yes I am, yes I am.

Belle: This lady’s a psycho…but oh, can she rub my belly just right.

Grace: So mum bought it? She’s really gonna run away with you?

Az: Yes, she is all packed to go

So it was you who put that idea in Azlan’s head, not Cai! You better fix it right now, Missy!

Grace: *Sigh* Sorry dad, you’ll need to change her mind, it was all a joke.

That’s better.

You guys are so totally adorable Red heart

Cai: Ha, look Az, there’s the Watcher. If you look close enough you can see through her computer screen.

Az: Oh yes, I see it too.

Fourth wall guys!

Cai: I’m too awesome for any fourth wall to contain me.


Envy: I’m a little stuck here


Where are you of to at this late hour?

Indie: I’m off on a date!

Her date is Wade Lau-Simon. He has an interesting face but so does Indie so they could be cute together.

Freya turns up at the gym where Indie was having her date and apparently she’s a paparazzi now.

Freya: That’s right Indie, hold that pose, you’ll be a celeb in no time.

Since this is the first date Indie’s had I thought I’d go for it and use her one YA action to flirt with Wade.

Apparently he’s too good for her and rejects her advances.

Spare updates!

Hayl is now dating Landen Doe and Freya has moved on from Grace’s Ex and onto Todd Landgraab (This I approve of cause he’s cute).

To end off their date Indie and Wade work out together.

Grace gets asked on a date by Drake Lau-Yates. I hadn’t considered him before because technically he’s still a teen but I click yes anyway.

Grace: Listen Kid, I don’t know why you asked me on a date cause you’re way too young for me but maybe you’ll have a shot when you’re older, who knows.

Drake: Awesome, I’m totally in there when I get older *stares creepily*

Grace: Okay, you’re starting to get creepy now so I’m gonna go.

I’m not sure how Freya found Grace but she followed her home.

Freya: Over here Grace! Do a sister a favour and turn around so I can get a picture of you and lie about what you were doing in it.

Grace: Go burn in hell Freya!

Hayl is also a Paparazzi now and followed Grace home. She’s rocking the bot costume.

I’ve never actually caught Envy and Azlan flirting but I get this pop-up quite a lot.

The funny thing is that it’s only for Envy, Azlan never gets this pop-up. Weird.

Either way it doesn’t seem to effect Azlan and Cai’s relationship so I can live with the weirdness.

Jace: I’m so glad you were chosen as heir and we are finally rid of ghosts in this family.

Grace: Uh Jace…

Cai: How dare you badmouth my species. I’ll kick your ass!

Jace: Holy crap! I’m sorry mummy, I didn’t mean it, I swear.

Mattie (Night’s mate) glitched up and didn’t give me the puppies she was pregnant with so I added her to our house to get puppies.

She was no longer pregnant when she moved in so the whole ordeal had to be redone.

This time we’ll definitely get puppies, one way or the other.

Finally! I’ve literally been waiting on this moment all chapter.

Jace: Do you really want rid of me that badly?

Meh, I’m indifferent either way.

Holy crap! He’s kind of hot (in a pixelly way). Lets all take a moment of silence to mourn the loss of his genetics


Okay, moment over. Jace locked in Avant Garde as his final trait and rolled Street Credible as his LTW.

And with Jace now a YA I move him and Indie in with Freya and Hayl so Gen 5 can start.

I’ve also added Indie and Jace to the downloads page so go grab them if you want them.


Self wetting (7) -35
For each sim failing school (1) -5
For every game induced visit from a police officer, firefighter or babysitter (when you don’t call them but the game makes them come)  (1) -5
Passing Out (13) -65
Accidental Deaths
Social Worker Visit

Every Birth (7) +35
Every Twin Birth (3) +30
Every Triplet Birth
Fulfilling LTW (4) +160
For each Sim that gets on the honor roll (9) +45
Randomizing every LTW choice and trait for a whole generation of children (2) +20
Not using spares Happiness points for a generation (3) +30
Every 100,000 dollars (1) +20

Every sim to master a skill (9) +45

Every sim to max their career (2) 20

Painting of Torch holder somewhere in the house (0)

Total points: 290


2 thoughts on “Chapter 4.2 – Room to Grow

    • Jace is just the most amazing born in game sim. All the kids this Gen have been really good genetics wise though.
      From the moment I started this legacy in MH I just knew I needed to use Ced’s genetics somewhere in the legacy.
      I didn’t even think about the Insane trait but now that I do it makes a lot of sense.


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