Hey Guys

Okay, so I know that the last chapter was almost a month ago but a new chapter is definitely on it’s way (when I can get the time to sit down and write it that is).

Anyway, the point of this non chapter post is that I’m thinking of making another documented legacy in the same style as this ISBI that will run alongside this legacy. I figured I could play the other legacy when I get bored of playing the Holly’s (which happens more than you’d think).

The legacy I’m thinking of starting is one I was meant to start on Tumblr but just never got around to it. The original post is –Here- if you want to check it out.

What do you guys think? Would you be interested in me starting that type of legacy? Would anyone read it?

(Oh, I should also mention that if I do start it it will be on a separate blog to keep things tidier)

Let me know your opinion, it really helps me out.


17 thoughts on “Hey Guys

  1. I’d read it! I know exactly what you mean about getting bored with doing just the one legacy, that’s why I do two! ISBIs in particular can get annoying when the idiots are being really idiotic, so having another game where you can control everyone is definitely a plus.


    • ISBI’s IMO are just the worst for getting bored with, especially when your sims just tend to their needs and do nothing else.
      You’re right, it might be just what I need to control everyone again to make things less boring 🙂


      • It’s so weird that in some games the idiots just tend to their needs and in other games they’re…well, idiotic. As much as I’d get frustrated with failing all the time, it’s way more entertaining than “and then she ate and peed and went to sleep”.


      • Ikr, it feels like all the ‘idiots’ do is just stand around when they are not tending to their needs.
        I’ve seen sims in others ISBI’s and they are so much more entertaining than mine (heck, even in the other legacy I just started playing they do more things autonomously).


    • I’ve read a few which got me really into the idea but didn’t think I had the time with the ISBI but I think if I go ahead with it I’ll just play 1 one week and the other the next.


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