Generation 3 Heir Poll

Hi guys and welcome to the Generation 3 heir poll. I actually can’t quite believe that we are already set to move onto generation 3. It seems like just yesterday Ayden was taking over and now one of his kids will be. I love Ayden to pieces and it’s gonna be sad releasing him to free will but I’m so excited about the start of a new generation. This has literally been the quickest I’ve ever played a whole generation before, I checked when Ayden’s first chapter was posted and that was exactly 3 weeks ago today. I tried to do my best with the kids personalities this time around which I hope came out in the 2 recent posts which can be found Here and Here. Oh, and another note, this generation I may open up for readers to send in Sims to be spouses, depending on who is voted heir (I’ll make a separate post if I go ahead with it).

Lets start this off with Cai, the eldest daughter and twin to Clara, she is also a ghost like her mum.

Cai was pretty much spoiled by her grandma Pep and her dad growing up so she is now determined that she’s a shoe in for heir.

Cai does have a strange jawline that she inherited from Ayden and Pep but she should grow into it as a YA.

She hasn’t rolled a LTW yet but when she ages up I will pick the first one that comes up.

Potential spouses: Eugene Salas (although I’m not completely certain about that).

Next up is Clara, twin to Cai and human.

Clara is face clone of Ayden with most of Envy’s colouring which is a little disappointing.

I admit I don’t know Clara as well as I know the rest of the kids because Ayden sent her away to boarding school as a child.

She hasn’t rolled a LTW yet but I will pick the first one when she ages up.

Potential spouses: None yet (although she is bisexual so technically her spouse could me Male of Female)

Next up is Daryl, eldest boy and twin to Dahlia, he is also a ghost.

To be honest Daryl is kind of a mystery to me. He doesn’t really have any bad traits but he spends most of his time scaring people which means he has very bad relationships with the whole family.

Daryl has the same strange jawline as Cai so I’m hoping he grows into it when he gets older. I do love that he is the only one out of both gen 2 and gen 3 to get Pep’s eyes.

He hasn’t yet rolled a LTW but when he grows up I’ll pick the first one available.

Potential spouses: He hasn’t got anyone yet but he is gay so when he does find someone it will be a male.

Second to last is Dahlia, twin to Daryl and human.

Dahlia is the sweet natured one of the kids. She doesn’t really have a bad relationship with anyone in her family.

To be completely honest Dahlia is my favourite looks wise this generation but my opinion really doesn’t count for much here, huh? Open-mouthed smile I do think she may look more like Envy than Ayden though.

She has yet to roll a LTW but when she ages up I’ll choose the first one available.

Potential spouses: She doesn’t have one yet but she is straight so her spouse will be male.

Lastly, we have the baby of the family and only single birth of this generation, Elijah.

Elijah has been ignored by most of his family for the majority of his toddler and childhood years.

Elijah is my baby and I really love his little face. I also love the combination of Envy’s green eyes with Ayden’s red hair.

Elijah has just aged up to teen so he hasn’t had a chance to really shine, personality wise.

He hasn’t rolled a LTW yet but when he grows up I will pick the first one available.

Potential spouses: He has none yet and I haven’t gotten around to getting Ayden to ask what gender he prefers so I have no idea who he will eventually marry.


Side note: The genetic diversity this generation was much better and I really don’t mind who is heir for once. I really don’t have a preference. I’m just glad I don’t have to pick. Just vote for the kid you like the most Thumbs up


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