Generation 2 Heir Poll

Hey guys and welcome to our first heir poll. I can’t believe that I’ve made it this far, I normally give up in legacies by now. Anyway if you haven’t read the latest chapter which only came out just before this then go ahead and read it, I think you will get a much better idea of the kids personalities. It’s here for anyone who wants to read it.


Let’s start of with Ayden, the oldest and only boy of Peppermint and Ivan’s kids.

He was pretty much doomed from the start after being born with the evil trait combined with his crappy parents but he’s got an awesome personality and I really like following him around.

He hasn’t rolled a LTW yet but when he ages up I will pick the first one that comes up (most likely one of the evil ones because of his evil trait)

Potential spouses: Frieda Salas, Ada Winchester or if those two don’t work out I’ve got another surprise sim lined up.


Next up is Alyssa, Ayden’s twin sister and eldest girl.

She has been pretty boring thus far but she did develop some personality in the last chapter.

She is the only one of the kids to roll a LTW so far (It also doesn’t hurt that it goes along with the geeky image of her I have in my head).

Potential spouse: Gerald Sung-Lau (This one is for definite since she’s already rolled to move in with him).


And lastly we have Bay, the youngest out of all the kids.

She hasn’t really had her chance to shine since she only became a teenager at the end of the last chapter but I couldn’t wait any longer.

Like her older brother Bay also hasn’t rolled a LTW and with her random traits I’m not sure what she will roll upon aging up.

Potential spouses: I’m not quite sure yet because she has just aged up but maybe Frieda Salas’ younger brother Jay (who is also a ghost) or if that doesn’t work out the surprise sim I have waiting for Ayden.


Side note: It doesn’t really matter looks wise who you pick since they are all identical to each other apart from Bay’s skin (way to go genetics) so just vote for your favourite personality Open-mouthed smile


11 thoughts on “Generation 2 Heir Poll

  1. Not sure if it’s just the slight differences EA made males vs females have, but Ayden’s top lip looks different to that of his sisters. Otherwise, you’re right about them being identical, genetics fail much? I had to vote for Ayden, he’s too awesome.


    • Thanks for the heads up about Ayden’s upper lip. I didn’t even notice that. Ayden definitely is a real treat to watch and I bet he would be so fun to play too. I’m really disappointed in the genetics though (although watch me get a whole bunch of variety next gen lol)


  2. I’m finally all caught up! I love reading other ISBI’s 🙂 anyway I voted for Bay, she has developed into my favorite lol. I can see here now how Ivan has failed with his genetics, wow Bay and Alyssa are identical! There’s always next generation to get the genetic diversity!


    • Thanks for taking the time to read my ISBI. Reading ISBI’s has become a favourite pastime of mine lately so I’m glad you enjoy mine. I totally agree about the genetics; never in my history of playing have I ever had a spouse pass on as little genetics to their kids. I really, really hope it gets more diverse next gen.


    • I’m sorry you missed the poll. I put it up on Friday and got lots of votes in the first 2 days but then they stopped and I haven’t gotten another since so I thought it was about time to close it. I’ll make sure to leave the next one open longer 🙂


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