Generation 7 Heir Poll

Is it really that time again? It feels like the last heir poll was yesterday. Maybe that’s because Shiloh’s generation was over pretty quickly (His first chapter was posted 6th Sept and his last was posted today 13th Oct)?

Anyway, it’s time to move onwards to Generation 7 and one of Shiloh’s 3 daughter. I have more plans for some of the girls than the other but I really don’t mind at all which girl leads the next generation since I love them all.

I am going to let this poll run for a week whilst I’m away (I’m away 14th – 21st) so hopefully we have a clear winner for me coming back.

First up, of course, is oldest daughter Uxie.

Uxie: Alien
Traits: Slob, Perfectionist, Virtuoso, Animal Lover, Friendly, Pyromaniac (H), Can Salute (H).
LTW: The Zoologist
Gender Preference: Gay
Potential Spouses: None yet
Days ’til YA: 0

After Uxie we have Visenya, the middle child, and most probably the best genetics mix of this generation.

Visenya: Alien
Traits: Good Sense of Humour, Hates the Outdoors, Rebellious, Virtuoso, Lucky, Pyromaniac (H), Can Salute (H).
LTW: Master Magician
Gender Preference: Straight
Potential Spouses: Brasher Nieves (Wren’s IF) or Winter Bloesem (Visenya’s IF)

Days ’til YA: 0

And finally, we have the baby of the family, Wren.

Wren: Alien
Traits: Unlucky, Family Oriented, Genius, Evil, Heavy Sleeper, Pyromaniac (H), Can Salute (H).
LTW: Pervasive Private Eye
Gender Preference: Straight
Potential Spouses: Brasher Nieves (Wren’s IF) or Winter Bloesem (Visenya’s IF) or *drum roll* Nyx Alexander (who was the ‘big bad evil’ for Gen 7 of my only other legacy to reach Gen 7. It only seemed fitting tbh).

Days ’til YA: 0

And that’s it for the heir poll. Good luck with choosing because I could never make the decision.

Also, do you guys see why I may have to make a spouse poll too depending on who is heir? Winter and Brasher screwed up everything with their flirting.

Good luck with the voting, I’ll see you guys in a week.



6 thoughts on “Generation 7 Heir Poll

  1. Visenya is prettier, but I had to vote for Wren. An evil PI with the possibility of the cool looking Nyx as spouse? I couldn’t resist :).


  2. Oh man, how do I even choose? You write (or the sim autonomy creates) such great personalities, I almost don’t care whether they’re a clone….almost.

    I know I keep asking about such, but where do you get your makeup? I really love Wren and Visenya’s eyeliner/mascara combos.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. This was really hard because all three of the girls are gorgeous and amazing. Ultimately, I decided to vote for Wren because she has one of the BEST trait combinations I have ever seen and three possible spouse options. Second choice would have been Uxie. Kind of unrelated but not really but can you truly be a perfectionist if you’re a slob? Unless you plan to perfect the art of slobbetry. I know that’s not a real word but it’s the one I’m sticking with.

    To second somebodysangel13, where do you get your makeup and patterns? Hopefully SP is kind to the spares and hopefully you have a wonderful trip! 😀


    • I know, I was so glad that the choice wasn’t mine since I never would’ve been able to chose.
      Wren’s trait combination is definitely something else 😀
      I literally have no idea where I get most of my patterns since I’ve been collecting them all for years now (also my memory sucks) but I have answered somebodysangel13’s make-up question.


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