Generation 5 Casting Call

Hey guys, like the title above says this post of for a casting call for Generation 5.

heir poll results

The Results for the heir poll are in and, although I won’t be revealing who won until she takes over, I can say that the legacy will be moving town (hence the casting call). I think I’ve finally had enough of Midnight Hollow for now so I want to try out a new town with new Sims.

Which brings me back to the original point of this post, I want you guys to send me your legacy Sims or simselves or really any Sims you have lying around who you want to see interacting with the Holly’s. This was meant to happen way back in Gen 1 but I kept forgetting to make a post but better late than never I guess.

Anyway, if you have a sim to send me or even know of a sim from another legacy that would fit into this crazy blog leave me a comment with the link and I’ll add them to the new town.

See you guys in the next chapter In love


16 thoughts on “Generation 5 Casting Call

  1. You can grab any of my D’Amores and/or my simself! They’re all on the downloads page of What Are You Even Doing? 🙂 And you can do whatever with them that you want, colorize or change their occult state or anything~
    I also have one from my Shade legacy if you want her, too. I also have some other random sims if you’re interested in any of them!


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